Digital Marketing 101 | The Power of Online Reviews and How to Dominate Internet Marketing (with Christian Pillat)

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The CEO of Adfinitely teaches how to dominate internet marketing, the importance of having a digital marketing checklist and much, much, more.

  1. Thrive Nation on today’s show we are interviewing an entrepreneur who has been focused on providing technology-based marketing for startups since 2010. Christian Pillat is currently the CEO of Adfinitely. Adfinitely was recently named a Top 5 Marketing Supplier for Franchise Brands by Entrepreneur Magazine and is one of the fastest growing companies providing marketing services to multi-location businesses. Christian is also a multi-unit franchisee of Cherry Blow Dry Bar, with 3 stores in Atlanta. Christian is a member of the International Franchise Association, an avid supporter of Franchising Gives Back and a Steering Committee Member for UNICEF NextGen in Atlanta. Christian is proficient in German and loves to travel internationally in his spare time. Christian also loves playing soccer, and is a supporter of Atlanta United, loves sailing and is an off-road unicyclist! Christian Pillat, welcome onto The Thrivetime Show, how are you, sir?
      1. Being Top in Google Search Results is the #1 Piece of Real Estate in the World Today
      2. Digital Marketing Online Presence Checklist
        1. Make sure your local website has optimized keywords in the first 165 words of content
        2. Make your contact number very prominent
        3. Make sure your testimonials are obvious
        4. Optimize your Google My Business
      3. Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  2. Christian, I’d like to get your feedback on the lowest cost search engine optimization options on the market today versus high quality firms like yours.
  3. Christian Pillat, on today’s show I would really like to deep dive into your wisdom as it relates to improving local search engine results and rankings?
  4. Christian, from your perspective, where do most people get it wrong when it comes to local search engine marketing?
  5. Christian, for the listeners out there that are not as familiar with your personal entrepreneurial journey, I would love for you to share with our listeners how you first became an entrepreneur?
  6. Christian, according to Forbes 90% of small businesses fail. I would like to get your take on why your business has not failed when in fact most businesses to fail?
  7. Christian, I’ve infinitely interested in business “best-practice” processes and systems that actually work so I would love for you to share with our listeners a few of the “General Start-Up Best Practices” that you have found to be most effective during your career as an entrepreneur?
  8. Christian, from your perspective, what does the future of digital marketing look like and why?
  9. Christian, I would love to tap into your wisdom about “customer experience” and what the customer service experience of future looks like in your mind?
  10. Christian, my understanding is that you are actually a franchisee as well as being a free-wheeling entrepreneur. I would love for you to share with our listeners about what life looks like as a franchisee?
  11. Christian Pillat, you’ve been able to help many companies to achieve massive online success as a result of your digital marketing strategies. I would love for you to share with the listeners the details about a client that you’ve been able to help?
  12. Christian, before you started helping this client with their digital marketing, where did this client find themselves to be perpetually stuck?
  13. In terms of monthly fees, on average, what is the monthly amount that you charged your client while helping them?
  14. Christian from a results-based perspective, how much was your client able to improve their actual sales totals as a result of working with you?
  15. Christian Pillat, for our listeners out there that would love to learn more about you and the projects that you have helped your clients on, what is the website that you would want to direct our listeners to check out?
  16. Christian Pillat, our listeners are voracious readers who love to both buy and devour books. Christian what are a couple of business books that have most impacted your business life and why?
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If you have ever wanted to dominate Internet marketing, then this is the show for you. On today’s show, we are interviewing an entrepreneur who has been focused on providing technology-based marketing for startups since 2010 Christian pill. It is currently the CEO of a company called ad minutely. Add prudently, was recently named as a top five marketing supplier for franchise brands by Entrepreneur magazine and it’s one of the fastest growing companies providing marketing services to multi-location business is

All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to another exciting edition of the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download and Dr. Z. I’m very, very excited to have today’s guest on because a Christian Pillat is an expert in the world of digital marketing. Now, Dr Z, you and I both met a lot of charlatans. I’ll call them a millennial with a laptop who call themselves a coffee shop marketing a marketing expert or a social media guru. It’s pretty much any millennial at a coffee shop with a laptop. SBM mcentire,

bro, bro, bro, bro, bro, Bro, I can help you out, bro. Bro. I’m unbelievable rise. And Are you satisfied with your business? I’m your business guy. It

has actually implemented here’s proven digital marketing systems and has really helped a lot of multiunit franchisees and franchisors out there were, you know, if a franchise has 200 locations, they want to hire a proven expert to help them with their digital marketing. They don’t want to be doing a try it sort of see what we have here is kind of a big deal. He’s a big deal. Okay. So Christian Pillat, welcome onto the show. How are you, sir? I’m doing great. Thanks for having me. Christian Pillat. Uh, uh, again, your career sort of speaks for itself. Um, you’re, you’re, you’ve built a big name for yourself in the world of franchising. Um, you’re very good at helping companies to, uh, have a massive and productive digital presence when it comes to marketing. Can you please explain to the listeners out there how your approach to digital marketing is different from that of the average digital marketing agency?

You guys really nailed it with the, uh, what, what you’ll find is that most, uh, most people do in digital marketing are out there with a laptop and you know, they’ve read a couple blogs and other experts. Uh, so what I’d say is very different from our approach is, first of all, it’s proven step by step. And what we do is we start with your most important thing. So any, anytime you’re talking about online marketing, the first place that customers go to your website, uh, so on the website, that’s action item number one, you basically want to check all the boxes to make sure that you’re setting yourself up for success. It, it’s a prescription plan. There are about 10 things every small business should do. Every multi location business should do. That’s gonna set you up for success. A second thing is focusing on off your site, so the world’s most valuable piece of real estate is the first page of Google and focusing on things and make people happy.

You primarily now google my business and then from there go into going to off page SEO techniques, uh, and really building backlinks and just doing step by step, adding in social media. The amount of social life he has is important. Uh, the frequency and activity post is important. Uh, but collectively I’d say the one thing that really makes the approach different than, than other vendors is online marketing as a whole is about trust. It’s do the search engines trust who you are, who you say you are, who you’re trying to be, and that visitors are actually getting a good experience when they, when they go to your site. So the one thing that we do, which is something that not many people in the industry talk about, we literally just try to check all the boxes. We try to do all of the activities and I think that’s what makes our program special.

You just dropped aZ , I believe three consecutive knowledge pumps treat does that was one bond Z, but to I do the third please. Oh, okay. So digital marketing presence one on one you just mentioned that being top in the Google search results is the number one piece of real estate in the world today. For the listeners out there that don’t understand what you meant by that, what do you mean when you say being top in the Google search results,

so every time someone does a search on Google, they’re given a list of results and there are a couple of ways to be at the top. Number one is you pay for it can be very expensive and there are a lot of people is going to waste a lot of money getting you there. The number two place you show up typically for local small businesses there’s pack and the third place when you do a search is organic seo results and being in all three of those places are at least two of the three is the most valuable piece of real estate on the Internet and arguably in the world because that those top positions, we’ll get the most clicks resulting in the most business for those companies

being top in the Google map pack. Just so we’re clear, if you were to type in carpet cleaning quotes right now, if anybody out there listening, if you’ll type in carpet cleaning quotes, I’m going to type it in real quick. I pull it up, I drag it to the big screens. Everybody in the studio can see this as well. Oxi fresh comes up top in the world with 144,385 reviews in the world. If you type in Tulsa men’s haircuts, that’s our haircut chain. Elvin the room. We’d come up top with 656 reviews. Our closest competitor has 38 reviews matter. Can you please help the listener out there, Christian Pillat, who’s going? I don’t know. It’s so hard to get reviews. People don’t want to leave reviews. I don’t even think my customers read reviews. Why is it so important to gather reviews?

Difference in the world? We have this conversation with our clients all the time, and you’re right, it is difficult to get reviews. What we find though is most small business owners are simply afraid to ask for those reviews. So reviews. We’ve, we’ve done study after study and as soon as you get more than 30 reviews on Google a, your business starts to show up at the top. And that’s regardless of a lot of other things that are happening. Uh, so focus on what we’ve done. And this is also me being a Franchisee, a Franchisee of Cherry blowdry bar, salon chain, but for each of our locations, we told our managers that they needed to ask every member that we have in our business, every happy member for review. And the simple asset, the simple act of asking will drive those reviews. They’re easy to get and you just can’t be afraid to ask for them. A lot of people don’t want negative feedback. It’s a psychology thing, uh, but a lot of times you’ll get great feedback and people are happy to help out a local business owner. So as ask for those reviews.

Now the digital marketing online checklist, I noticed a big checklist and the reason why there is a checklist, a z is because when there are many, many things I can’t possibly remember all of them, which is why you put it on a list. So I’m not trying to paint you into a corner a Christian and make you say what all of the items on the checklist, but what are some of the things on the digital marketing online presence checklist that most business owners absolutely completely 100 percent of the time miss out on where you go, wow, this is on the checklist. You’re definitely not doing that. You need to be doing this.

I’ll give you exactly what we tell our our clients, especially when they’re opening businesses. So we have first art programs for new businesses that are opening a, each business, it’s opening, should go out in nature by 1000 facebook likes, you go run a facebook ad campaign and you get a thousand facebook likes businesses with over that amount of likes we see, just tend to organically do better. And it’s a social signal for google. Second thing, you want to focus on reviews, uh, so as soon as you start getting customers coming in, third year reviews as quickly as possible, uh, on your local website, this probably should’ve been the first on the checklist on your local website. You need to make sure that in about 10 different places, uh, it’s called title tags headlines, very visible on the website. First 165 characters of content you to have the keyword that you want to rank for.

So if you’re a men’s hair salon in Tulsa, Oklahoma, uh, you say men’s haircuts, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and you say it in 10 different places on your website, and then it needs to be very easy to contact you. So you will have to have a contact number that’s prevalent, uh, you need to have testimonials on your site because not everyone wants to go off your site to figure out who you are and what your reputation is. A so beyond that, things that we recommend that not everyone’s going to do is setting up tools to also monitor that president. So when you get a review, you have to respond to that review. Uh, another, another thing with the Google my business page that most people don’t do it. They’ll put one picture of their business up and it’s a picture that’s taken on an iphone that anyone could have taken and it, it’s not a great representation of their business.

Are you in front of a computer?

I am.

Can you do me a favor real quick? This will be just real time feedback. Can you Google search real quick? Tulsa men’s haircuts. Can you pull that up real quick? Here? Is that cool? Tulsa men’s haircuts. And you’ll see the elephant in the room. A listing coming up. Do you see that coming up there in the Google map? Okay. First Place. Let’s click on that real quick and I’d like to do is I’d like to click on the first one that comes up. I think it’s called elephant in the room. Men’s grooming lounge of Tulsa, men’s haircuts. Do you see that listing there? I think the address is eight, nine, three. One south ALDC that.

Got It.

Okay, so I’m going to click on this and I hear this everyday, so this is like me anecdotally, anecdotally saying this, I want to get your feedback on this. People tell me all the time, dude, I clicked through your photos and they don’t call me the car and call center, but I clicked through your photos. I read the reviews and I watched the video testimonials or I went through the three d tour there. Can you explain why that is so effective? Because I think so many people are pushing back on this idea. I’ve got a three d tour. I’ve got photos, I’ve got tons of testimonials. Why you’re looking at ours right now. I just queued up a video. This is a video testimonial player.

Fantastic. Another one, my name is Darren Anderson and I found them through an online google review. You will love your first experience at all

coming in hot. Why? Why do people respond so well with customer video reviews and Google reviews and photos? Why does that work?

People want to see and feel the experience that they’re going to have when they go and what you’ve done by having these customer, by having good pictures, you’re showing people exactly what they’re going to have and there’s no doubt in their mind that they want to spend time there and that they want to spend their money there are there. There’s an ancillary benefit to that’s the customer experience. A secondary benefit of putting the videos up. Google search engines are all about trust, so do they say are when you put up 40 pictures about men’s haircuts and you save image as men’s haircuts in Tulsa, that Google is going to trust that you are who you say you are. A Sea of customers saying you are who you say you are and that they want to be there, and then you’re telling the search engines exactly the same thing and that’s what creates a great online presence.

Marshall, you work with business owners all the time who have medical businesses or some kind of business in some sort of industry who pushed back about this. Contractors, dentists, doctors, lawyers, and they go, gosh, I don’t have the time. Clay, I realize you, you and Dr z have multiple successful companies. You have probably all the time in the world to put a three d tour and photos and videos, but I don’t have the time to get reviews. Can you. What question would you have for Christian on behalf of clients you’ve worked with who maybe giving you pushback about gathering reviews and enhancing their google map? So a Christian Pillat. The question that I have is, is our google reviews only relevant to a specific industry or business to consumer or business to business? Because I hear this a lot. Oh, I’m a commercial contractor. Nobody goes and reads reviews or I only work with other businesses. So people are not evaluating reviews for every industry. Can you speak to why reviews matter across industries and across maybe business types, whether it be a product or service, you know, universally,

absolutely. So human interaction, but first impressions are lasting and when someone comes and sees a great review. So there’s this thing about trust. Where about the last number I saw was 93 percent of people trust what total strangers are saying about another business and whether you’re a contractor, whether you’re a dentist, whether you’re in a, in a, b, two c industry, the first thing that’s gonna show up most times on Google. Is there a review or rating about a business? And especially if it’s a local business that’s going to be the number one thing that shows up your reviews. Speak to why someone would call you without them having to go through the process of calling you ahead of time and evaluate that piece of it. So it already checked the box of validation prior to a customer calling you. And, and, and again, that’s in every single industry. Another quick point I’ll make is with reviews. Some businesses, carpet cleaning, haircut haircuts, some industries are going to have tons of reviews, some will have very few. As long as you have more than your competitors, you’re doing well.

Wholehearted agreement for me that we need reviews from a selfish standpoint, as someone who’s tried to go get reviews, I’ve threatened employees, I paid employees, I’ve tried to move mountains to get the reviews without giving up any trade secrets that be frustrating for guys like you and Dr. z who have years, decades of experience, and you’re trying to get your teammate to gather reviews. Your teammates, your client comes to you and say, I’m trying. I’m trying. I’m trying. You have any suggestions for our listeners about any kind of tricks to get the reviews?

A couple of tricks that someone’s most likely to give you a review is directly after a service that they’re happy with, so you. The same thing with sales. If you don’t follow up with someone for two weeks, the chances of you getting that sale is going to be more difficult. If you wait for two weeks to ask someone to give you a positive review, they’ve forgotten about the experience they had. So, so the amount of time that you wait in between asking a is going to impact the number of results you actually get. A, there’s a, there’s another thing that you can do it with their tools on the market. My personal favorite a is a tool called listened 30, 60. A lot of franchise brands use it and what it does is it pulls customers after their visits or after their services and it says, how would you rate a sound scale of one to 10? And then, uh, if they rate you with the 10, it will ask for, it’ll send an email saying, hey, would you mind reviewing us on Google, yelp, or any of the other review sites?


Two simple things to put in there.

Christian Pillat I have a question because I hear this from a lot of my clients.

Marshall, give us the tough questions. Okay. I have clients that will go out blood, sweat, tears there. Finally asking their clients for review and they feel like they have moved the mountains to get a review. They watched the client go give, gave a review, so they go out and get 10 reviews. Yes, but only six are showing up on Google. What do you have to say and why do you have to continue getting review? Even though Google might not show them where they might take reviews away, why is it important for the diligence of continuing to get reviews week after week, day after day consistently rather than be discouraged by google, might not be displaying them or taking them away.

You have to do this on a daily basis and it has to be part of your process. Google, Google, yelp will take things away that they don’t trust again. Every time I talk to clients it talks about trust. So does Google trust here. You say you are, and that also goes with reviews. If it’s Google feels like you’re going out and getting reviews that are solicited or fake, they’re going to remove those and Google has a very good idea of where our user is at a certain time. So if you say, Hey, I want to enter this place yesterday and you happen to be in another state, Google is going to be pretty confident that you were never there to. Those reviews are going to go away. Um, the, the other thing about having, having a process and just following up, there’s, there’s an enterprise concept. It’s a, something consultants talked about a lot. It’s recency, frequency, and monetary value of a customer, but it applies to Google as well. The recency and frequency with which you’re getting reviews is directly going to impact your online presence. If you get 200 reviews in three days and then you don’t get another one for a year and a half, Google is going to be like, there’s something wrong here.

Can I tell you that this is a huge problem I have share with you a Cathartic, as a Cathartic, just one of your problems or how many are you going to go through? Just go through two problems. Two. Oh, two problems. Six. Let’s go like two and a half. I have a lot of clients who I work with. So West card will be an example. I sincerely pay West Carter. I think Carter on a weekly basis from winters and king would probably be my top paid person because we have a lot of legal stuff we pay you guys to do and I’m very happy to pay you because you do a good job, but you’re also a client. We help you with marketing and you guys help us with legal. So we pay you. I think right now we pay you more than you pay us.

There’s sometimes you pay us more than we pay you, but the point is there’s money going back and forth. So I have written you a sincere objective review based upon my experiences. And you’ve done the same for me, right? Well, Google looks at it. It’s kind of incestuous Christian. They say, look, Clay Clark, everybody who’s writing a review about you, you have written a review about them. So in another example, Dr Zellner, uh, you and I are partners, but I buy my glasses from you and you give me an unbelievable discount what I was going, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, whoa, Whoa, whoa. By as a kind of a captured term, explain this, the stores a time my wife worked for you, she was an employee. And what is the employee discount for the employees who work for you? Can you explain that? Well, they get one pair of glasses a year free write and then I stopped working for you for probably I think about 17, 18 years and I would just go back in there because you were so nice to my wife.

Seriously. So I would buy glasses from you and then now you. Can you give me the low, low price of free pair of glasses? Correct. So all I want to make sure the listeners get. There’s I, I have bought from you but we’re also partners. So I’ve left you reviews, said Dr. [inaudible] been super kind to my family has helped me out numerous times. I also know of many people in need that you’ve given glasses too. I wrote that yes. You’ve also left a favorable, favorable review for our companies and Google goes, listen here, you Google Review Google, but you guys are all leaving each other reviews. It’s like you’re some sort of VI scamming network of Google reviewers and Google’s going to remove that. What Krista can you explain for listeners out there? Why does Google remove reviews when it looks as though a bunch of buddies have colluded to write each other good reviews.

What Google is looking for? Circle of trust. This person scratching this person too connected. They feel like you can’t objectively give a review. Everything been subjective, right? So Google wants to. The reason people trust online reviews is because the sites are out there and they’re filtering out reviews which are way too positive, but they also feel filter out reviews that are from competitors. So this works both ways,

right? I agree. I agree. And I would just say this, I. I have lost many good reviews because many clients of mine who I also buy from them, if it seems weird that I would buy from someone who buys from me, but they reviewed, they removed those reviews and you just have to move on. And so Marshall, that’s an idea that the. This is what you said, Christian is so profound. The only reason we use Google is because they do these things. If Google didn’t filter out reviews in, anybody could go up there and spammed their way of all kinds. You skip. You stole my question number two, why can’t people just go on Fiverr and pay for reviews? I see so many business owners who say, why can’t I just go on Fiverr and pay for reviews? Why not?

Yes, Google is very good at figuring out who to trust and who not to trust yelp. Don’t want to leave them out of the conversation, but those those services are they’re tracking where you are. They know where a person is. They know if likelihood of so infrequent in business and they know that if it’s going to be a fake review, that it’s not going to be a good user experience for the person, the actual user of Google who’s going there because they trust Google’s results, so if you go to fiber, you’re going to get people who likely aren’t even in theu , s or near Your Business, who are happy to post as many reviews as possible. Happy to get you as many likes or as many followers as possible with thousands of people in a room clicking like on your page on hundreds of thousands of phone, but those are going to be taken away very quickly and it’s because the location services is a real thing and a peep. Unfortunately, a big brother knows where you are and they use that to filter out things that aren’t real.

Search engine optimization. There are many firms, Marshall, you’ve dealt with this route there. They’d say say for $399 a month, we’re going to get you to the top of Google and we’re going to help you. And it really almost never delivers. Then there are firms like yours Christian, where you’re working with big franchises. You know, you work with a company like oxy fresh where there are 386 locations. And uh, as controversial as it may be for the listeners out there, I mean, z. This might be a controversial idea. Could this just when Jonathan Barnett Nih with oxy fresh, we’re contemplating the expense involved in hiring Christian Pillat and the team, we realized we’d have to pay them. So you guys, I mean, you guys actually charge a fee, whereas a lot of companies you’re like, oh no, for as little as $299 a month will get you to the top of Google. Can you please explain the difference between what your firm does and the average firm and maybe introduced people to the name of your firm and what you guys do, but contrast what you do versus the low budget firms based typically in a third world country.

You believe the future of marketing. And we’re developing technology to get there. Uh, with was this question though, you know, why? Why does in three $99 get you anywhere? If you look at oxy fresh collectively, you said 386 locations. So each one of those locations effectively paying 99 bucks a month, uh, when, when you do the math on that, you’re up in the $36,000 range. Uh, so it’s, it’s a collective. And the collective budget from all of those that really allows us to go and make the tweaks, changes that are needed both on page and off page to, uh, to get oxi fresh at the top. I mean, they, they’ve ranked literally number one in for, for almost every keyword that relates around carpet cleaning their ranking extremely well. And it’s because we follow a process and what we’re doing, not only do we follow a process, but we check every box, every seo activity, uh, and it’s, we don’t take shortcuts and there’s mental work that’s involved at each step of the equation. So when you outsource a, you get basically a process that’s cookie cookie cutter for any of the small businesses in the US. When you work with a firm like ours, you get a process that’s cookie cutter for that exact business. Uh, so it’s not cookie cutter at all. We’re, we’re developing a specific process that relates to them to their competitors and where we need to do, where they need to be listed, what activities we need to take on the website, what content we need to create that’s going to grip them above their competitors.

A lot of clients. I want to get your take on this and I also want to get Dr [inaudible] take on this Marshall. What hot and fresh question do you have for ms dot [inaudible]. Mr Christian pillet. I keep hearing from digital marketing strategist all around the world. That content is so important and if content is so important, why can’t I just go, you know, overseas to some type of third party content, content spinner and spin cycle. You know that content and put it onto my website. Copy content editor. Why can’t I just like, you know, take my competitor’s content or maybe I found an article that I really liked. Why can’t I just pays it onto my website? Why can’t I do that? Oh,

the top drivers of the search engine results. Number one, direct traffic. So how popular your brand is. Apple is always going to rank, even if they have a one page website, don’t have to have a lot of content, a number two. It’s the experience that people get when they go in there. Google had this thing called Google analytics tracks how long people are on your website and what you need is actual. You need engaging content that speaks to the business problem, the challenge that you’re trying to solve in a way that engages people in a, in a, in a storytelling way. So the content has to be engaging, it has to be on point, and then all of the signals behind the content has to be good. A second part of this, there’s the content on your site and you can pay for great content on the site. And then what a lot of people will do is they’ll go pay for content off the or people to go get them lifted off the site and they’ll go pay for these contents. Vendors to do that in other countries. Uh, but what’s important is that you’re generating content, not just on your site, but on sites, a industry, sites and local sites in your area, generating content for those people to that point back to your website.

Does that make sense? A good example would be, let me just give you example. The Tulsa world has written many favorable articles about Dr Zellner over the years because as you’ve grown your practice, you’ve decided to give back to the community. And so I’m going to Google search a Dr Zoellner Tulsa world, like googled it right now. And when I Google search it, I see the Tulsa world article here. Let me pull it up here real quick. And this article in politico here, this article went live on September eighth of 2014 and it says Dr Robert Zoellner and associates. And when you pull it up, it’s an article of a z about why you decided to become an optometrist. Other then there’s a five questions with Dr Robert Zellner featured in the Tulsa world where you talk about how you balance family business in philanthropy and those, uh, those articles link back to your website. And because it’s the Tulsa World, which is a Warren Buffet Company, now you can’t buy your placement there. Those are legitimate articles. And therefore a backlink from those news sources rank your site higher Christian, is that what you’re explaining?

One hundred percent correct content in places that money can’t buy, are going to directly point to your site, are going to directly impact the effectiveness of your overall Seo.

So Dr Z, you are a, if nothing else, you are very pragmatic man who is value driven. You, you, uh, want to offer your customers the best value possible. And your old school where basically your word of mouth was what was driving the bus, who advertised with radio commercials, billboards, but the word of mouth that drove the business for years. And now what in the last probably two years, all of a sudden, Google reviews matter. What questions would you have for Christian Pillat about digital advertising? Old School versus new school because you’ve done a great job of going from old school to new school. But what questions would you have either on behalf of yourself or the peers that you know in the, in the, in the optometry game, for, for Christian, he’s a digital marketing.

I know we’ve talked about places to start and things we needed to do. So if someone’s listening out there that already has a business and has been operating for 20 plus years and now this google thing, it could be a silent g, could be google, I don’t know. It could be. Is it Google or is it group? Anyway, this top of the line page one, top of the list, all this stuff. It gets a little overwhelming. This search engine optimization guys driving the car right now and going what in the what, you know, and, and it’s, it’s a real deal. It’s here to stay. It’s just going to get bigger and bigger and bigger. We know that. So if someone is out there and they have a business 20 years old and they, they want to keep up that one and I’ll go to the next level. They want to be on page one. What are some action steps they can do? Um, is it to call you, get on your website, w what, what can they do? I mean I’ll go just ours. Just start, just start kind of cruising coffee shops like for millennials with laptops, I don’t know what the move here for them to do.

Good news for those people is that if they’ve had a domain for that domain is going to carry more strength than the one that I registered for at generally three years ago.


I already have a leg up.

Oh, see, that’s comforting for us. Old Guys, snappers snap got chat.

Exactly beyond that number number one thing you need to do is at least create a one page website, preferably five pages and list your services. And, and I went through, my dad owns an MMA accompany or MNA company. I went through this with my dad. He had the same website since 2003 and it was like, dad, you really need to update your presence here. You’re never ever going to get found a. and also his website was only built for desktop computers and we know that the majority of searches are now done on mobile. So the first thing you need to do, create a website, list your five services and it doesn’t have to be fatality or you don’t have to take over the world with one website, a, list your services out and make it mobile friendly so that people who hear about you, who meet you in person can look you up and see that you’re a legitimate business.

Uh, the second, second action item is each business owner has thoughts and their thoughts about their business. They have thoughts about their industry, a writing, writing consistently and frequently updating that website. And this is where content comes into play. I don’t care if it’s 200 words and it’s a weekly thought. I think that golden does like 150 word updates or 200 word updates. But just writing consistently and posting it up on that website is going to make a huge difference. Then the other other action items are just start to manage your online presence. If you’re a business, someone’s review. When I see businesses with no reviews on Google, as a consumer, I’m, I’m a little bit skeptical of that business, uh, to go get a review as your customers for years and manage the ones that you have had a and I, and I’d say for the other people that aren’t digitally savvy, I know we talked about why these companies that were in key number one for three 99 are not a great bed at, at least engage with a company that’s going to start doing the right activities and we’re happy to take your calls, but at least engaged with a company that’ll do the right activities to get you going forward.

It’s not a process that’s going to change overnight, just like they started their business 20 years ago and it’s probably grown. They need to start their online presence somewhere and grow that as well.

I’m a business owner. I’m driving down the road. If I had my business for 20 plus years and I’m sitting there thinking he lost me at build my website, who do I call? How do I get in touch with you? How can you guys help me? Come on, I want to grow this thing. I’m going to be, want to be top of Google page one. I want to dominate as I did back in the back in the early two thousands when, you know, hey, you could dominate a little radio ad and a couple of flyers and, you know, come on door to door knock and I mean, you put a patch on the. Yes, you know, come on. I mean, so it’s changed. It’s changing. So, um, you lost me and build a website. One page, five page MTA. I’m what? I don’t, I don’t even know where to start. So I want to hire someone. I don’t want to do this. I’m gonna try to. I didn’t want to try to reinvent the wheel if someone out there has the paraders when you get in front of it. So who, how do I get in touch with you? What do, what do I do

to get in touch with us at www dot [inaudible] dot Uh, and that’s submitting a form on our website contacting us. That is the easiest way. Um, again. Yeah, we’d be happy. We’d be happy to work with.

Do that website one more time. Really slow because I’m driving. I’m trying to. I’m trying to write when I’m want to.

Www dot f I n I t e l is our website and it is mobile optimized so you can look it up on your phone

while I’m eating my battery.

Now West quarter. Final question for you, my friend. You’re talking to a digital marketing expert here who has seen many companies get it wrong. What final question do you have your. You’re a top attorney. You’re talking to a top digital marketer. What question do you have for Mr Christian pill it. I hope this was in your wheelhouse because I know you talked about multiple location franchises, so with people you know, like in my industry are many industries. Some of our services are local base, so I’m, I’m optimizing for Tulsa, certain law services. Many of my clients claim engine all over the country. So are there unique challenges with optimizing for a nationwide service as to a local

service? That’s something you guys handle?

We do handle that. I can give you an example. Client is cmit solutions and they are a franchise Dave, about a 220 territories I think across the US. I hope I got that right. Uh, but they, they can serve as any area. There are an it solutions company. It just like add Senate Lee where you can service any area that they can serve any areas as well. And our franchisees have specific territory with that company. What we’ve done is taken a local strategy to make sure in the areas that they are, they rank and rank for the keywords they want to show for nationally. Uh, what people do is they go in and they type in it support and it’s not. I teach support isn’t necessarily a local term. It’s a national term that Google’s going to show big results for a national. Would you want to do is figure out your target keywords, have those placed on again on your website.

And then it’s about the off page strategy when you’re talking nationally. How many of these big sites. So you’ve got the Tulsa Tribune, I think it was Tulsa world. So you’ve got Tulsa world in Tulsa, but you’ve got a Wall Street Journal USA Today and those are the sites when you’re talking about a national strategy that you need to start getting links from and you need to go out and start to get content in there and getting content in there typically requires knowing someone and it typically requires a very, very strong content writer. So for those people who want to rank nationally, that’s when you’re talking about spending 10, $20,000 a month.

Real quick, real quick, because this is not a back handed compliment for you, but I have interviewed people on the show, Bruce Clay who writes search engine for dummies. We’re going to have gary on with Seo Inc fairly soon here. You guys are charging 10 to $20,000 a month to your clients to be top nationally and people are willing to pay it and in fact they pay it year after year, month after month because they’re happy with the results. Why does it cost so much money?

So a part of the money comes from reputation and it’s paying for context half the time with the local, with the Seo Industry and those contacts that we’ve had, we’ve generated over years, allowed us to get people into places where they might not otherwise be seen. Uh, and it’s also just the knowledge of having worked with different business types and knowing what works and what industry that it, what happens is you pay 20 slash 10 slash $20,000 a month and you get less mistakes. Um, the other thing you’ll find is when you’re in these highly competitive markets, that means your business is doing quite well and if your business is national, your business is typically doing pretty well. Your competitors are out there paying 30, $40,000 a month and it’s, and this isn’t something you turn off and on and it’s, it’s about finding a partner again and you trust and getting someone one who you know is gonna make the right recommendations and also someone who isn’t so stuck in their ways that can be innovative and move quickly as the industry moves. Um, so google changes stuff everyday. Facebook updates their, uh, their algorithms every day and you have to find a partner that stays on top of it and can move as quickly as they are,

you know, just as an example, Dr Z, we’ve been working on this for a long time, but we just hit a page one for the phrase best business workshops. I want to say it’s like a four year quest of adding high quality content. We’ve been featured in Bloomberg, Forbes Fast Company. We’ve never lost faith, but it is a grind. And if you’re out there and you’re saying, you know what, I lost in the wilderness of local search engine optimization, I need help. What does it cost? Minimum, uh, uh, Mr Christian to get in the game. If somebody is out there and they’re a fairly competitive market and they need some help with local search engine optimization, you know, they’re competing against competitors that are fairly established incumbents. How much is the, is the minimum average for a local client?

A great example, a commercial furniture company that we work with, they spend $10,000 a month. They only distribute to the Atlanta area. But uh, and this what’s great about digital, as you can see the value and you can see the context of what you’re getting. Each one of their customers spends about 100 to $150,000 average sale. They get a new customer. So if our $10,000 a month gets them 10 sales a month, then they’re making a million dollars a month off a $10,000 investment. If anyone tells me I can spend one percent of my budget on marketing and get that kind of growth investment, I’m taking it every day.

Z, my mind has exploded. But I looked at was I duct taped to my skull before today’s show. So I’m able to keep in the gray matter. That took a lot of duct tape. We contacted human. Human head is about 11 pounds. Do you seriously? We’ve got the record is 27 pounds. It’s record. I mean, you do probably have the biggest melon and gourd is impressive to even our almighty Lord. My Dome is unbelievable. It’s a massive wig. And so A. Chris, I appreciate you hopping on today’s show and in educating us. And expanding our minds and we like to end every show with a three, two, one, and then a pool. Because boom is stands for big, overwhelming, optimistic momentum. Christian Pillat, are you prepared to give us a boom the west? Are you prepared? Marshall? Are you psychologically prepared? One hundred percent, zero. You physically prepared apps zero.

You metaphysically prepared. Without further ado, if you are like most humans that I know when you see two gas stations and one sells gas for a little bit less and they’re next to each other, you might go for the one that sells gas for less money. It, it, it makes sense, you know, every little bit can help, you know, I don’t really agree with that. I like to spend as much money as I possibly can on fossil fuels. It just something I’m into. But here’s what’s weird though. Sometimes we save a few pennies here and there and ignore opportunities to save huge money. I’m talking about life changing money. If you switch today as an example to medicare for your healthcare, it could be a massive savings for you and your family. The typical savings for a family is about $500 a month. I repeat $500 a month.

Ah, so okay. I have a quick question. So when you said you could say like $500 a month, I mean, are you talking about actually being able to save $500 a month? Yes, that’s why I said the number you can actually save $500 a month. Just think about that for a second. What would you do with all that extra money? Thrivers you can be buying a flat screen every single month. That’s 12 flat screens a year, $6,000 per year or 12 flat screens per year where I have been trying to save up for 12 flat screens and this seems to be the most reasonable prudent way to do it. And yes, people love it. They love it because it works. It’s believers who share each other’s health care costs and now with over 400,000 people, a k, eight members of medishare, again with over 400,000 members, there’s proof it works and it’s growing like crazy. It would be like having a seven foot tall third grader in your family. It’s like growing like a weed. It is. Taking off. Find out how much you could save and why Medicare is so popular. Go to, forward slash clay. That’s Medicare m, e, D, I forward slash clay, or call them at eight, four, four to five. Share for more info. That’s eight, four, four, two, five. Share.


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