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Do your team members know what your standards are? Do they understand that the focus has to be on the customer and not their phone? If you need help in these areas then this is the podcast for you. Listen in as Clay Clark sits down with the former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed over 40,000 cast members (employees) at one time

The Focus Has to Be On the Customer When They Are At Your Business

  1. Be relentless about details
  2. Keeping your promises
    1. You must keep your promises even if you are sick and do not feel like working.
  3. Being reliable in the world of business
  4. The mindset of coachability. You can always get better.
  5. If people don’t like you then they will not want to work for you
    1. What are people saying about you behind your back?
  6. You MUST have a to-do list.

What testing for the center of the business conferences universe and the thrive15. Com world headquarters, alright I’m walking back to the conversation. This is our opportunity to sit down with a v lee cockrell, the former executive vice president of walt disney world resorts, who won this man is over 40,000 employees. He managed over 40,000 employees and they had over a million customers a week, 1 million customers a week that you said any of that is just mind-boggling about that. So how do you keep a high level of customer service? We have that many customers do a lot of business to say. Well, we we can. We grew too fast because we’re big that’s why the quality went down. They have intense processes and policies. One of those policies is at disney world. You cannot bring your smartphone to the workplace, you can’t do it and if your business is great and you’re growing like disney and you can let your people have cell phones, it doesn’t affect your culture. Doesn’t distract your business conferences teammates doesn’t create problems, then maybe there’s a president to do that. But if not I would strongly recommend that you listen to this powerful training by lee cockerell, the former executive vice president of walt disney world resorts. So what about the thing is serve to win serve to win win stands for what’s important. Now when stands for what’s important now and I would say in your whole life, if you can get used to working on what’s important right now, you went so what’s important when a customer walks in the store. The only thing it’s important to focus on the customer not to keep talking to each other not to not to be screwing around over with folding the shirts. What about me not texting, texting and you’re texting when I start to walk to the disney store happened at disney.. I lied to have your cell phone on you when you’re on duty, boo-boo, boo-boo, boo-boo definition of your phone out and you’re on duty out, while you’re on duty at disney. You can go off stage, you can wear the phone go, but you better not have it out i, don’t know how many points you get. You will be disciplined because can you just visualize all these disney cast members in most places again, I see that there’s one that comes to my mind. It’s on east coast to retail shop at its and work with it. It’s, a retail store. They sell retail products in people text all the time. During their shift and I told the owner. I said you cannot have texting as well. You don’t understand. People need to be able to reach their spouse for an emergency. I should call the main number on duty to win. What’s important.

Now it’s not start with little I mean it is sad what people they just totally ignore you at business conferences and I mean they don’t even know you’re at the store, pick up its side, drive in and take people to cuss why you get so deep into what you’re doing that you can’t even the environment. You can’t tell anybody there anymore, you don’t even hear him come in and you don’t see them so so yeah I know what’s important. What’s important now, when I walk in the door or is it your kids for the next 20 minutes? You come home from work things your mind, you’re dealing with, and your kids wanted to say:i didn’t know if you’re thinking about something else, and so I’ve had to get to the point where I don’t do it I’m getting better at it, I’m, not a hundred percent where I want to be, but just leaving the phone in the car, because otherwise it just won’t stop and I’ll. Send you a sign you put on the garage door what’s important that I need to go in my house or support you walk in and tell your wife. You love her day of the children. That’s what’s important, then a dinner what’s important, now not having a grown-ass kids, what their grades were just be careful to make sure you’re doing a proper things at the appropriate time and pick those, and then you win and always tell the most important thing with a customer and the environment is to customer nothing else, nothing. You said make asap or standard deadline. What does that mean? I say today in this age we live in. When do you? When do your customers wanted yesterday brother and it disney guess, used to write a letter about a couple weeks? We brought it back now. They expect a reply, an hour we’re hearing from what my intentions, sweet or an email this morning, and we we quit, writing letters. Now we have 50 people that called yes, they did get it over with don’t try to write back and forth because people are there’s no patience left and you can say it’s not right. It’s not. It doesn’t matter whether you wrote about here. You said:what’s the difference between know the difference between needs and wants? What’s that I need a car, but what do I want? Okay, so I need a car, but my wife wants a lexus. Why does she want to lexus safety, reliability and a crash she’ll? Probably survive? Your daughter needs a car she 16 now. But what do you want? What does she want? Your safety to be the number one thing you’re going to find sherman tank you’re, going to check it out. It’s going to have 25 airbags on it,, where she can’t go more than 50 miles an hour and needs and wants I need a surgery, but what I really want safety really great one surgeon is done at 9, I need what people need, what they want, or two different things and I think we just try if you can figure that out with your customers in the phone with a customer needs or what they want and do you want is a owner should I be trying to find out what my customer main idea, what they? What do they want? Why do you get a convertible bmw convertible? Why does she want a big long cadillac? She just needs a car.

Why do people want they need a van, but why do they want to watch 8 and its status? So when you’re in the carpool lane you got the biggest, some people need a car, but they weren’t really good gas mileage and there’s a green in the green and I think. Sometimes we don’t give you a little deeper you going to make a better self. What you want and I’m going to say the right things to me:drive nation, lee cockrell is absolute management. Wizard. We come back from the break he’s going to give us some more, very, very specific management tips that you and I need to learn. If we want to take our management skills to the next level. Also, we have over a dozen exclusively cockerell business conferences podcasts available for you at thrive time show.Com. They will be released the in the coming weeks. So if you missed an episode of the broadcast, if you want it, you want to hear it go to thrive time, show.Com and subscribe to the podcast or if you want to hear exclusive content that you can’t hear on the radio show go to thrive time, show.Com more from lee cockerell. We return after the break britney’s face. Maple radio is a cat super rockin fun time show bridgepoint is malibu. Would you like a business conferences horse with blinders on your radio with special guest lee cockerell, the former executive vice president of walt disney world resorts, delivering management tips? We can all use, would you be able to do what you’re doing without them know? I would honestly say that you sent these cameras all up and do this. You might not be the best way, I say to you and every business you need to have that intense person you got to have the geek person you got to have the organizer person you’ve got to have everyone has theirs if it rolls and if you ever talk to jake, it’s an endearing term have a gig on your team because they get it done and you’re not going to get it done, because you don’t know how to do. This is a fully the next next thing here and i. Think this is it’s a good thing about details. I gave you a pain this morning on it then they have to just. But when you said you go, that’s cool details, details, details, cleanliness, detail in your business.

We found that women, if there’s a dirty bathroom, they won’t come back when will come back. Women will not bring their children back to a fast food place in his dirty bastard. Never again, that’s why I’ll text you in detail, so she attention to detail is the difference maker. The detail is the difference maker i? Think because you don’t know what matters so make sure everything’s good. All the bushes are dead in front of your shop. Little lady at love’s, landscaping, scotland or somebody said I went to starbucks one day and they had a dog bowls with fresh water in them for the dogs that people bring with them to have coffee. Hotel I’m staying in has a scale on every side, every elevator, so you can stand on and wear your luggage see if you’re overweight for you to the airport, so details school a couple other a couple other ones here. So don’t give responsibility without the authority impossible to do. If I tell you you’re responsible for this and i, don’t give you the authority to make decisions. You’re responsible, you got to come to me every time. Something comes up, sports authority, go hand-in-hand! That’s all, and you can’t delegate business conferences responsibilities. You can give a thority but you’re still responsible. So if you tell me, lie I’m going to give you the responsibility to be in charge of customer service here in this restaurant, and you could give me the authority to give customers rebate to do this discipline people, not that I have to call you every time. I have to have a sore texas to her either hand in hand, hand in hand, and if so is father is an admiral wrote an article about it. You can’t delegate responsibility, you can delegate authority responsibility, you still on it. So irresponsible. You tell you wrote about being reliable.

What does that mean to be reliable, i? Think a lot of people have excuses that we think are valid. I overslept I have a head, cold, I’m, tired, then you’re, not reliable, reliable is a credible. They setting the example, keeping your promises. How important is that? Why some specifics of a hotel at the disney you open up a new? Can you open up a new property and do something and you’re supposed to be there and you don’t feel well you’re there you’re there you have sprained your ankle at the hospital. You need to be there if you sprained your ankle, you can still come to work grand opening either. Priscilla gets very annoyed at me for doing things like that. It’s like me, driving thousand, miles overnight. She wasn’t very happy about that. But I was there and that’s two reason. She knows the reasons first, I’m very compulsive. First I have this huge sense of a fear of failure? I just can’t I don’t want somebody criticize me, I didn’t show up after I had five opponents, so I just argue with the customer. There’s no upside arguing with a customer and allow your cousin’s going to be really bad people really wrong nasty. Just keep it low-key,. Try to bring them back around, keep trying to bring him around again when this is happening. 99% of the time but they’re yelling about is not the situation. You’re right, they’re, faced with very upset and yelling and screaming cuz I got 10 other problems in their life. That’s driven them! This one little thing set them off there:what mother, sick, wife, leaving on a foreclosure in their house all these other things in people’s lives? What makes people over react and we told her people disney, don’t get defensive, don’t try to try to win the argument with a customer cuz.

If we win we’re going to see him again, let’s bring him around. Our goal is to bring them around, keep them as a customer. If we can continue to have him come here and spend money and professional stay cool, collected the ceo of stay cool, calm collected the ceo of yum brands, he wrote system, he came with called blast, which is believed. Listen answer, satisfied trust. So, if somebody’s freaking out of jiffy customers upset go in favor of the guest, he said lee anytime, you’re in doubt go in favor of the cast member. We associate cuz if you’re not sure about next large sure you can go. Whichever way you want final question is:keep doing it better. What does that mean? If you ever don’t think you can be better i, don’t care? How great you are it’s never too late to get better i, don’t care! How great you are. You can be greater i, don’t care how great your service are, can be better i. Don’t care how clean your place as it can be cleaner, it’s never to get better. You can improve your marriage and i. Thank you. Thank you. Have a perfect one. I know I do not I will I will say this in our and our marriage. I know I just asked my wife. We got back it. We flew into orlando i, asked her on the phone cuz. She was with me and san antonio and I said hun. I treat you right so that I could have done better and i. Try to ask, because my wife picks up on things, and she wants me to introduce her and wants me to make sure I bought the chair for her and treat her like a lady and sons is a man. You know I kind of revert back, tuck, manbearpig sort of you know. I always am amazed by how I can get better and this time I got it. I got two thumbs up, but usually there’s at least two or three things:i can do better, so I could become natural working working to a shout-out 40th anniversary. 5 years ago, priscilla said she was going to stay so I know I’ve gotten a little better. Yes, don’t try to write butter. My book don’t try too hard.

Don’t try too hard as people that try too hard to sell you something your timeshare, no pressure and we saw more than anybody in the industry. The pressure is the point of like I sell your car too hard, or you got to get this today tomorrow. The prices going out of this. You better make your mind up right now, because I’m not going to open a store on the planet. So when people try too hard, we don’t trust them, so be careful about applying too much pressure as we want to buy too much pressure. Don’t try to bite you cuz people, don’t trust that we’ve all been there down the to, do list! You talked about having it to do list out there if you’re talking directly to the entrepreneur who does not utilize a to-do list. What do you say to that guy I would say besides my attitude, the number one reason I got ahead in life is because I’m disciplined I’m, organized I’m, credible and reliable I keep my promises and the reason I do. It is cuz that day planner in my pocket, my brains, work, forgets a lot to get the kids nothing to give a great attitude, but you don’t have a to-do list on division. What is a nice guy, but he’s not reliable? He denver said that’s what he says going to do. He doesn’t follow through it and get back to you. He told me to call me last week and never heard from again, and you meant to call him, but you never did, and what about the pointer? The plan I know you’re cute, as hell seems like you’re playing around your to-do list for the same item will most likely pointer into do. They speak in the same thing. This is how I keep my whole life under control. I just work, a lot of people just put their business conferences work, or so let’s tells me to go to the store and get some pickles I put it in there. I, don’t forget it cuz. If I get home, don’t have no pickles I might have to go back out and see you keep that alright tribe nation. If you want to get more management wisdom from lee cockrell, the former executive vice president of walt disney world resorts I encourage you to go to thrive time show.Com and subscribe to the podcast. So you will never miss an episode of our broadcast. To give me an exclusive bo’ness, lee, cockrell interviews available for you right now today, at thrive time, show.Com just going to podcast button and the archive will be opened for you. It was a show of the moment without any further ado 321 drive time show on your radio and get the broadcast


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