Do You Want to Be Liked or Do You Want to Win?

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Do you struggle to get your team to implement the proven systems you are learning on the Thrivetime Show? Clay breaks down why you must decide whether you want to be liked or whether they want to win

The Dressmaker – Bishop T.D. Jakes [November 3, 2019] – Youtube Video – 

A Joel Osteen & Kanye West Conversation – Youtube Video – 

Areas of Common Pushback from Employees:

  1. Call Scripting
  2. Call Recording
  3. Google Reviews
  4. Group Interview
  5. Checklists
  6. Following Systems 
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There’s only one way to avoid criticism. Do nothing, say nothing and be nothing. Aristotle, a modern Aristotle, in my opinion, is TD Jakes and he says, Tom, you succeed. You will

us always talk about your, when you’re, when you have to decide who you want to be or do you want to win, you want to be liked or do you want to win?

Jason, we are joined here today on this great occasion to discuss a subject that is very, uh, sensitive, uh, very dangerous even to mention it because so many people are, are afraid of not being liked. True. So today’s show is, is, is called, do you want to be liked or do you want to win? I think somebody out there is struggling with the premise of the show. I would say more people out there struggling than care to admit why. Because I have seen this not only in my personal growth as a human being, but with business coaching clients that I’ve had with business owners that I know with people who are employees as well. There are so many people who struggle with success versus everybody else’s approval. We talk about it, we talk about it a lot on shows. I’ll say it again, I’ll keep saying until eventually, it sinks in, but what happens is is that if you want to create success, your success will always be fiction.

If you avoid friction, your success will always be a fiction. If you avoid friction. Jason, why? Well, because friction. It’s like I’m working out. You think Arnold Schwarzenegger just decided, okay, well I’m just going to sit here and get these, you know, 40 inch pythons. No, he had to throw back weight. He had to tear down that muscle. He had to work hard and had to have resistance in order to build that muscle to become the guy that he was. What was he, mr Olympia or whatever the time is, mr [inaudible], he’s just pumped into Arby’s jobs, the entire universe. He was not the president and he was not the prime minister. He’s the head, Brent. He’s the head of the unit. This. Yeah. And so for like a business owner, it’s the same thing. If you’re not going up against a direct obstacle, you’re not growing, you can’t avoid the hard things, otherwise your business is going to get nowhere.

Okay. Well the question I would have for the listeners is do you struggle to get your team to implement the proven systems that you’re learning on the show? I mean, do you struggle to get your team to implement the proven systems that you’re learning on the show? And do you want to be liked or do you want to win? Jason, let’s talk about this for a second. Let’s talk about this for a second. What are areas where the business coaching clients you’ve worked with are getting some pushback from their teammates? Google reviews, call scripting, call recording. Um, the idea that the owner is going to hold a weekly group interview, a video, testimonials, checklists. Hm. Overall accountability. Um, and then I’d say another big area would be, um, Jan just processes. It’s because it’s new. So what pushback could and could a listener who owns the business possibly have from their team as it relates to call recording.

Oh, just, um, is it even legal for you to record our calls in this state? Do you not trust that we’re not selling things or do you think that we’re not answering the phone or I can’t believe nobody I’ve ever worked for has done this before. Now, what happens for the average person who does care about being liked more than they care about winning? What happens? They will, it’s one of my favorite words to use. They will acquiesce and they will just kind of just tuck tail and say, okay, let’s do it your way. And then immediately they’re held hostage from then on because the employee got away with it and they now know all they have to do is give you pushback and you’re gonna just concede. Okay, let’s, let’s talk about that though. So the way, uh, to succeed is not to allow your employees to dictate what happens, right.

Um, so give us an example of a business coaching client that you can think of that’s an implementing systems. And you know, uh, they’re, they’re, they’re not letting their team control them. They are implementing systems that work and they are just knocking it out week after week. Oh yeah. Um, am I allowed to use the name? Yeah. Praise. Praise a business coaching client. Okay. So shout out to Steven and his amazing wife, um, at master service heating and air. Oh, nice. Yeah. They had started implementing their weekly meetings where they would go over all their sales processes, all their quotas, key performance indicators, and they had a guy who was a terrorist and who he decided that he wanted to basically run the meetings himself and outwardly disagree with everything they were doing, didn’t want to get reviews, didn’t run a report. His time would not check in and out his vehicle because he was obviously up to something shady.

And so finally Steven said, okay, after two or three times of this happening, I’m not going to let you spread that through my team. So we cut them. You gotta yup. Now things are good. Everything is so much better. Now I’m going to open up my a new book I have just finished writing called not lonely at the top 15 keys to achieving a successful, peaceful and drama-free life. Now this book is three-quarters of it. Jason is handwritten. That’s true. I remember proofreading part of this. Yeah. Let’s over here. Let me read real quick. You’re going to read from page two of my book. It says, I’ve often heard it said that it’s lonely at the top. I, however, passionately disagree. I love life at the top. I love the peacefulness of being only in the company of people that are drama free and you would like it to imagine just for a moment that you had earned all of the money you need and thus you found yourself with an abundance of free time.

What would you do with all of your hard earned free time? Who would you choose to spend your time with? What places would you go and visit? However, imagine for a moment that you were at the perfect place or on the perfect beach, eating your favorite food while listening to your favorite music, yet being surrounded by jealous jerks and negative Nancies. No offense to the Nancys out there, my friend. Whenever you are around dramatic, chronically dysfunctional and negative humans, the entire joy and happiness of the moment is clouded and crowded out by their Jack. Sorry, I remember when my dad was dying from Lou Gehrig’s disease and an and an event was organized in his honor. The food was good. The sentiments were appreciated, but the a-holes maggots jerks but drank backstabbers negligent idiots met people who attended his event made it nearly impossible for me to enjoy the event.

However, on a daily basis, I do not experience these situations because I simply refuse to hang out with people who constantly email, full-page drama, are late to everything, are lazy, constantly have drama in their lives, irritate me. Want me to focus on divisive religious debates, have a fairs, have affairs consistently complain about their spouse are aggressively wrong. Our socialists consistently do what they say. Don’t do what they say. Argue on social media all day. People who want to get rich quick, people who are ruled by their emotions, people who can plane about daylight savings time as though we’re about to ready to kill us. People who like Bernie Sanders. So in order for you and I to achieve happiness, we must invest the time needed to define our goals for the next 12 months in the following areas of our life, our faith, our family, or finances, our friendship, our fitness, and our fun.

Now the moment you start setting goals, you must be ready for the tough decisions to be made. You are already filling up your schedule. So what are you going to have to say? No to TV, negative people, social media, non-actionable news, obligatory family functions, mentoring, cousins, networking luncheons, talking about being burnt out, talking about your anxiety, getting your eyelashes extended, getting your nails done, watching Netflix, getting massages, traveling and vacationing. Starting but never finishing anything over volunteering, watching endless YouTube videos on how to get rich quick attending seminars, but yet never implementing what you are learning. Google searching. It is vitally important that you decide what things you will for a season say no to in order to grow. Now that we have said no to certain things or activities, it’s vitally important that you make a specific list of the people you want to say no to. Oh yes, I’m being serious. Write their name down. Person number one that you will stop spending time with is person number two who you will stop spending time with is let’s give you time for one Oh, let’s give you some more time for two. Okay? Person number three, you’ll stop spending time with clevis

is a fancy one West spring that they would whisper and you only share it with a few people. That means there’s only about a half-million people that are going to learn about this. Let’s just make a list now. Person number four. Who’s that going to be? Stop yelling personally. PR person number four couldn’t write down. Who will you not who you say no to? Who should you unfriend on Facebook right now? Oh, who should you block on your phone? Can you do that? If you put the block button, will it kills it? Kill somebody? Who do you need to push right out of your life right now? Now, a notable quotable from the controversial book known as the Bible says, Proverbs 1320 walk with

wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm, but it doesn’t provide a little disclaimer unless their family. So for you Christian readers, this verse is true. Even if you’re talking about your family, you must be intentional about who you will allow to have access to you. I don’t care how much money you are and you’ll never be happy when surrounded by negative, nefarious and scheming family members. Trust me, I’ve tried to prop up negative, lazy and slacker family members and every time it just makes them more entitled, jealous and unappreciative. First Corinthians 1533 from the Bible reads, do not be deceived. Bad company ruins morals and Jason won’t. We’ll stop there on page 17 of this book, but talk to me about this idea of not putting up with bad people. What? How does that go over? Well, it typically doesn’t go over very well at all like you have.

Yeah. So most people are trained to put up with a certain level of dysfunction because they don’t know any better. There’s like, well that’s the land I’m stuck in. But they don’t realize that if you were to just cut out, there’s that one. So let’s take it to Thanksgiving is coming up. You know, for a fact that every single person has that one family member that they dread coming over. We all know who it is. You can picture him right now. Right. And so if I’m hosting Thanksgiving, which I did this for the first time, um, a couple of years ago, that person for me was my uncle. Okay. Um, too much to drink, way too early, very opinionated, would bring the whole thing down. So I said, Hey if we’re if I’m hosting this, he’s not coming. My grandma’s like, well, if he’s not coming then I’m not going to go.

I’m like, well, sorry grandma. I guess we’re having Thanksgiving without you. There was like, how can you say that? Like, well, because if I’m having friends over, if I’m having family over and I want this to be an event that I enjoy, I’m not going to invite somebody that’s going to completely derail the whole situation. It’s the same thing with your friends. Whatever social media accounts you follow, like your network is your net worth and if you continue to entertain people that aren’t good for your growth, you’re not going to grow, and if you avoid at all costs those difficult conversations, your life will become difficult, right? Because your schedules fill. I had a, my wife was attending a cheerleading event a while back and we had a family member that just kept calling her relentlessly, freaking out, needing money. How’s that going to go over?

Not great. I mean, seriously, you’re at a cheerleading event trying to watch your kids event and someone just freaking out over and over and over and over saying they need money. Well, if that person comes to the house, how’s that going to go over? It’s going to be extremely awkward. So I don’t just, I don’t think a lot of people believe that. I’m actually recommending to de-friend certain people. I think that they think it’s like a hyper, hyper Polik idea. Oh, I’ll go on further than just defending people. I’d say different. Everybody, get rid of your Facebook. If it’s for your business and it’s for advertising, have somebody that’s not you that manages it, but I don’t see the point in personal social media anymore. I’ve been off Facebook for almost four years now and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Let’s listen to what TD Jakes has to say. By the way, he has a great sermon. Everyone should go listen to the whole thing. It’s called the dressmaker, Bishop TD Jakes, the dressmaker, Bishop TD Jakes. This was released on November 3rd, 2019 here’s this, a little sample. This, I listened to TD Jakes every morning and this is the kind of knowledge bombs. He dropped

speed, sold a million copies. Backing up just a little bit. Roth is a Hebrew word, which means anger with fire and the sayings displeased him and he said, anytime you succeed, you will breed haters. Yeah,

let’s stop right there. Do you believe that Jason? 100% who hates elephant in the room? Our men’s grooming lounge. Cause you managed it. There are three locations. It’s a multimillion-dollar business. A lot of great employees, but who hates it? Um, people who are not us. Our competitors. Oh yeah. Yeah. What about the guys who hit on them? The female employees who are married. Do they like us? They might tell them they can’t be members anymore. Nope. They, they despise us actually. Oh man. Yeah. So again, to the employees that we fire, who refuse to provide our customers that great service, they can expect a, do they like us? Oh they do not. And what and how can we appease the bad employees? Well, it can be if you, if we have a great team right now, which is because we’ve got rid of the idiots, but how can we appease?

How could we make the upset people happy? What would we have to do? What kind of compromises, what we have to make? Well, we could let those creepos we’re hitting on the marriage stylist. Just keep hitting away. Yeah. We could tell all of our employees, you don’t have to show up on time anymore. You don’t have to do these checklists. You don’t have to get reviews yet. Eventually show up and get paid. So we can just let people. But you know, we could, we could lower our standards a little bit. It’s true. I mean we could say you have to be at work on time, but you know, low let’s over the standards and say you can be, as long as you’re within 10 minutes of being on time. Who’s ever worked at a job like that? Ooh, I have where they keep lowering the standards.

Yeah. Yeah. We were at one point, we were allowed to be up to five minutes after where my mother currently works. You, as long as you’re there within a 15 minute window, you’re good. And then people show up 20 minutes late, do they not? Oh yeah. And then they start doing 25 minutes and then pretty soon like, well, as long as you’re then the half hour and then it’s like, now you can work from home. Have you seen that? Yep. Okay. Let me continue playing this audio from TD Jakes, the sermon, the dressmaker, Bishop TD Jakes, November 3rd, 2019

any time

you succeed, you will breathe. Haters

that, see this is interesting. If anytime you’ll succeed, you’ll breed haters. Shouldn’t we actually be worried if we don’t have haters? I think we should. Let’s, let’s, let’s listen to that again. Let me show you. Let me make sure I heard that correctly.

Any time you succeed, you will breathe haters.

So I think we should be more worried, Jason, if we don’t have haters, do you agree with [inaudible]? Am I getting that right? Yeah, I’m going to be. You don’t have, if you have, every time you succeed, you have haters. The only way to not have haters would be to not succeed. Are you? Am I getting that? Are we on the same page or no? Yeah. If somebody, if at least one person doesn’t challenge you or does not like you doing something wrong. Okay. Now I feel like somebody though is because anytime I get pushback, that’s when I stop doing what I’m supposed to do. You see the difference? So, yeah. So Jason, you see this all the time in our meetings. Um, what are some areas of pushback that we’ll have not, we have a great team now, but you know, you’ve seen over the years where people might push back and go, I don’t want to do, give me something in the context of elephant in the room made for back in the day where someone just doesn’t want to do it. Um, our weekly training, I’m off Friday, so I don’t want to come to a mandatory meeting for an hour. Do I have to come? Do I have till we cover the same thing every week? Yeah.

Okay. Let me just get this out. So let’s, let’s reprogram our brains here folks. This is the TD checks rednecks right here. Let’s, we can do this then we bought, we can, let me, we’ll see what happens. We can do it. Maybe we can, maybe, maybe. Maybe we just click a lot of buttons and nothing good happens to knowledge that happens. Bring up

[inaudible] installed [inaudible] [inaudible] haters.

You will breathe haters. You will breed haters. You will breathe haters. But he said, any time you succeed, you will breed haters.

Any time

you succeed, you will breathe. Haters. I remember years ago when Kirk Franklin did stall,

no, the big controversy was stomp was what? You read the song stop there. Do you read the song stomp? No, actually didn’t. Don’t know. Let me QBQ it out. Let me know. Those of you that think that gospel music is going too far.

Yeah, I think we’ve gotten too wrapped up in what the message. Well, I got news. You ain’t heard nothing yet and if you don’t know now let’s get into the part that really frustrated people. Oh, I need,

I need the part. Let me get to that part. Okay, let me do it again. Let’s try it. We’re going to get it. Oh, I think I almost got it. I almost got it.

Put your hands to go. Here’s the problem. The no one brought me to make the door

problem was is that salt from salt and pepper is doing the the rap verse here. This is the problem cause she remembers that. Push it. Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop. It push it that that song was the problem because that’s the person who did that is now doing a Christian song and so it’s critic controversy. It’s like, you know, I don’t, I don’t know whether you know that’s a lot.

Just seems like somewhere in the Bible

around here. It seems like there’s that somewhere here. That’s what TD is talking about. Let me hit player.

Remember when Kirk Franklin D a star? I do remember I just had one controversial till he sold a million copies. If he’d only sold 10 copies, they went and wrote no articles about it would’ve been no issue when he sold a million copies. Now people are talking about, look at him up, shaken into behind fajita Hayden’s go, always talk about you when you’re, when you have to decide who you want to be or do you want to win? Jason,

speak directly to some of our listeners out there right now who are great people, but who are just, any time their employees push back, they stopped the momentum. Any, I mean they get [inaudible] going, it’s working good. The employees don’t want to do it. They stop. They’ve got a great recipe for their bakery. Their employees don’t want to follow it. They stop. They’ve got a great sales process for their new home build, building business and their employees don’t want to do it. Say stop. It. Help help the listeners out there who’ve been trained since a very young age to anytime people were upset, you know, go home and bring candy. Bring enough candy for everybody. You know, go home. If, if you don’t bring enough candy to the middle school class for everybody, go home and break candy for everybody. If some people are upset, maybe we should all vote.

We’re not used to a totalitarian dictatorship called a business. We’re used to democracy. Run it by everybody. Let’s get a consensus. We want to form a committee. Help somebody out there. When you feel that you’re in that position, the second that you have something new for your employees to execute and they push back, you have to push back harder. They cannot hold you hostage. They are not an entrepreneur. They did not start this business. You did. So on behalf of your wallets and your family, if you have one, you have to, as we said in the previous episode, be the bus, throw them under the bus. Keep going. Now here is a, uh, Joel O’Steen recently invited mr Kanye West to speak at his church. I would encourage everybody to listen to the entirety of this show. Uh, if you go to YouTube right now, it’s the, the, the, the uh, the show or the presentation is called a Joel O’Steen and Kanye conversation, Joel O’Steen and Kanye conversation, Joel OST in the New York times bestselling author, the uh, famous Christian minister and Kanye West, the 21 time winning Grammy award winning artist.

I just want to play a little excerpt of it so you can understand what I’m talking about. Donald Trump, Kanye, they don’t worry about getting consensus. You can’t get consensus because it’s not possible for everyone to agree on even what movie to watch tonight or what food to eat or, or what should we have for, you know, what appetizers should we have? We got gotta. If you’re a business owner, you’ve got to design the business to serve you. Let me just queue this up real quick. This is Kanye West talking about his recent conversion to Christianity. How many queued up here

you start to feel like Satan is the most powerful and you start to feel like if you serve as a God, that in life it means you will not prosper and the only way to prosper is in service to fame and it, you know, it’s like the devil stole all the good producers. The devil stole all the good musicians, all the good artists, all the good designers, all the good business people. It said, you got to come over and work for me and now the trend, the shift is going to sh to change. Jesus has won the victory

because now, now I told you about my arrogance and cockiness already. Now the greatest artists that God has ever exist created is now working for him.

He just referred to himself as the greatest artist of all time. Now you in terms of Grammys, that is true. Yeah. Now, in terms of record sales. That is true. Yeah. But to say it to say the words that you are the greatest artist of all time, how many people could say that? Even if they were not a lot? Not a lot. What do think that number is? It’s much smaller than it should be. I mean, if you were the best at what you have to say it. So let’s look this up. Let’s see. Let’s see. Does the audience cheer? Do they boo? Let’s see.

It said you got to come over and work for me and now the trend, the shift he’s referring to is going to Trinza change. Jesus has won the victory. because now, now I told you about my arrogance and cockiness already. Now the greatest artists that God has ever exist, uh, created is now working for him.

I’m just saying you take the religious context out of it. Um, do you want to be liked or do you want to win? I mean, at the end of the day, you liked Kanye before the Christian music. Absolutely. Still. And I still respect the crap out of him. I mean, think about that though. That’s a, that’s a, I mean how many rappers do you know that are openly, I mean there’s a lot of rappers with different faiths, but how many of them are that outspoken about it? Zero. Well, I’d say it may be more than that, but none that I’m aware of. I just, why? Why even? Cause we have a lot of our rappers and people that have switched teams, but why are they not as bold? Well, cause their immediate, their immediate thought is, well then they don’t have that, that I don’t give an F filter about that specific thing.

Like Kanye does. Their fear is, Oh man, if I, let’s say they’re a Buddhist, why not? They, they would say, Oh man, if I mention anything about Buddhism, my fan base probably doesn’t jive with that. So I’m gonna keep my mouth shut if I want to keep making these records and still be top in the billboard charts. What happens though, Jason? If you try to, you know, be bold a little bit, somebody’s gonna check you. What do you mean? Well. So let’s say if, I’m like when Bowie decided he wanted to start wearing dresses, of course there was like, there should have been inherent thought. Oh, you know, given the time period, people probably aren’t going to go for that. But he did it anyway. And so the first thing it happened with somebody who’s like, how dare you be androgynous you, you are not a, you know, example of a real man and you’re not a rock star. Rock stars don’t act like that. And Bowie said, or spectra opinion, but I’m gonna still do this and then outshone everybody. There we go. So again, you’ve got to be bold. If you’re good, if you’re going to be successful. Let’s listen to this. Let’s do a little another little audio sample from Joel Olsteen and Kanye a con, a conversation.

There’s a lot of people in the Christian community that try to give Joel a hard time because when you turn on the radio, he keeps on showing you how good God is.

there’s people that do, they get upset. Joel Lowe’s did because he’s nice. But that’s, you said something in the meeting last week that was super important. People hate you because they ain’t you. And that’s it is. That’s all it is. That’s all it is. So if we’re out there today, what are we to do with this? Make a list today of all the things that should be happening in your company. Call scripting, call recording, video reviews, Google reviews, checklists, following systems, recipes, blueprints. And if they’re not doing it, ask yourself, why are the people not doing it? Because it comes down to physics and physics is when there’s two opposing forces. The stronger force wins, right? That’s the object remains in motion until it encounters an object of equal or greater force. And object remains in motion. And employee continues to spiraling out of control, doing the wrong thing until they encounter a stronger force known as a boss who does what?

Jason pushes back harder. They’re the, they’re the dominant force. And so the question is, do you want to be liked or do you want to win? I think, I think, I think, I think a lot of people do just want to be liked. Oh yeah, it’s, it’s easier. It’s also, it’s more deceiving though. That’s the thing is you feel it just because people like you, you’re successful. But having people like you does not mean more dollars in your bank account. But what? Okay, so here’s what I want you to do. If you’re listening today and you’re not willing to upset people when they’re wrong, you need to just quit trying to run a business. You just stop because it’s causing problems for your employees, for your family, for your business coaching client. If your customers, I mean, when you miss deadlines and screw stuff up, it’s just a bad thing.

Right now, the former CEO of Evernote writes, the secret of happiness is minimizing the amount of time that you spend with people who you don’t choose to be with. That right there is powerful way. In high Zynga, the founder of auto nation, waste management, the initial owner of the Florida Marlins and the Panthers said, surround yourself with great people. People are what makes a business prosper. You hear these things over and over again. I mean, Romans 12 two says, do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect fun factoid for you. 75% of employees are stealing from the workplace according to CBS news in the U S chamber. Therefore, Jason, should we be getting feedback from most employees? Is that a good idea?

No, not at all. Why? Because their opinion doesn’t matter and that sounds mean, but again, you’re going to piss somebody off. So there it is. Now, Jason, 85% of job applicants lie on resumes according to ink ink magazine, again, 85% of job applicants lie on resumes. Should we get feedback from most people? Not most of them. Most employees. Should we ask for their feedback? Then you think, I’m going to say a negative ghost rider. 17% of couples are content in their partners. Should we be getting advice from 83% of people about marriage? No. Who should we be getting? Getting advice from about marriage or about business? The small percentage of either one of those that are actually successful. Okay. There’s 330 million Americans. 16 million of what you are self-employed and only one at a nine or one out of 10 business owners make it right.

So who should we be asking for feedback that one out of 10 in terms of the population. Think about this. If you had a room of a thousand people, there would only be 1.9 people in the room who should be allowed to speak into your life. Yep. Bet against that person quick to cause the other people are going to try and give you their opinions. Thus, I can accurately say that the vast majority of people are wrong about lying, stealing from the workplace, having affairs. And in order for you to achieve success and peace, you must stop listening to the advice provided for free by most people. Most of the time, well, notable quarter before you, few people are capable of, of expressing with equanimity, with equanimity opinions, which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are even in of forming such opinions.

Albert Einstein, [inaudible] few people are capable of expressing with equanimity. Equanimity. Let’s, let’s look you say that word, equanimity equity. Maybe you could say, but I’m gonna, I’m gonna. I’m gonna equanimity. Why is it so hard for you to say equanimity? Equanimity when Emity well, first off, what’s, let’s go look at the official definition. Mental calmness, composure or evenness of temper. So let me try that again cause I’m gonna say how I want to say it. Listen, your Thomas wasn’t here. Albert Einstein, I’m going to rephrase this for us. I’m paraphrasing people. Few people are capable of expressing with mental calmness opinions, which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. There you go. Most people are even in capable of forming such opinions. Do you agree with that, Jason? I do. I have a notable quotable from the book mastery from Robert Green. I’d like for you to read if you can right here.

This is a kind of a long one. So take your time. Okay. We’ll go at a, at a medium pace. We don’t want to rush anybody. Now we read it to us, my friend. In the course of your life, you will be continually encountering fools. There are simply too many to avoid. We can classify people as fools by the following rubric when it comes to practical life, what should matter is getting longterm results and getting the work done in as efficient and creative a manner as possible. You can distinguish them by how little they get done or by how hard they work or how hard they make it to keep it up. But keep a beat real quick. Let’s start from the top again. Just kinda read it. Kinda like maybe on beat, kind of on a flow. Let me get a different beat for something. It’s good. Let me, Oh nice. Now you just kind of kinda flow it and you just kind of go at your own pace and we’ll just let it soak in. Those listeners want to let it soak in. Marinade on here with all right. In the course of your life, you will be continually encountering fools. There are simply too many to avoid. I lost my beat. We lost the beat. No, this is what happens when a white guy is in charge of hitting play. We got to [inaudible].

There it is. Oh, it’s a suit again. It’s ahead and stop at the top here. Robert Green mastery. Oh yeah. Masturbate. Robert grade. In the course of your life, life will be continually encountering full circle. There are simply too many to avoid. Two, many too. We can classify people as fools by the following rubric rubric. When it comes to practical life, what should matter is getting longterm results, results and getting the work done and as efficient as efficient and creative a manner as possible. Awesome. You can distinguish them by how little they get done or by how hard they make it for others to get results. When they get done, they lack a certain common sense, no comments getting worked up about things that are not really important while ignoring problems that will spin, that will spell doom in the longterm, longterm. You can’t win an argument or get them to see your side or change their behavior because rationality and results don’t matter to them. You simply wasted valued. You simply waste valuable time and emotional centers. Row. Oh man, I love that. I love it’s true. No, they don’t. That logic doesn’t work for these families. Love it. You can’t win an argument or get them to see your side or change their behavior because rationality and results don’t matter to them. Don’t matter to them. Such a good quote, so good. I’ll try it again. Here we go. This Robert Green picks out the Robert Green best selling author of mastery. Here we go.

In the course of your life, you will continue to be encountering fools. There are simply too many to avoid. We can classify people as fools, but the following rubrics, when it comes to practical life, what should matter is getting longterm results and getting the work done in as efficient manner and creative manner as possible. You can distinguish them by how little they get done or how hard they make it for others to get those results. They lack a certain common sense since

they also kill the beat they see to kill the bee. This is, this is not this kind of beat is this is, this is a to, that’s not going to work. I need, I need a, Oh that’s good. The lack of certain common sense getting worked up about the things that are not really important fall, ignoring the problems that will spell certain doom in the long term. These people don’t want to buy insurance, by the way. They don’t want to buy life insurance. They don’t want to automate their savings. They don’t want to use a daytimer. They want to make a calendar. They don’t have a to do list because I react to watching the voice all the time and then the new favorite shows the masked voice love the mask voice. They’d like the, there’s too busy fin dysfunctional that to be functional. Robert Green writes, you can’t win an argument or get them to see your side or change their behavior because rationality, results don’t matter that to them you’re simply wasting valuable time and emotional energy.

Man. Getting schooled on how to deal with fools is super important. Frankly, we live in a world where fools are all around us and you can quickly tell who a fool is. By asking yourself the following questions about the potentially foolish person in your life, does the potential fool actually get a lot of real things done? Does the potential fool get easily worked up about things that don’t matter while neglecting the things that matter most? Does the potential fool ignore problems that will create certain Dube for the business and for their life on collecting the most important action items they need to take in their life? Over the years, my belief and hope of humanity has greatly diminished. For years, a member of my extended family has argued that the American healthcare system is screwed up and that universal healthcare is the way to go.

Yet when I show her clearly and specifically why France, Spain, and Canada and other countries that have become socialist and their worldview are financially struggling and morally bankrupt, she simply argues that greedy capitalism is to play when you find yourself talking with someone who sincerely does not value logic, common sense rationality or capitalism, run for the Hills. Also when you meet a passionate Bernie Sanders fan, it’s time to run for the Hills. My friend Reid Hoffman, the cofounder of LinkedIn, once said, the fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already where you want to be. Jason, you went to that political event here

recently with dr Zellner. I didn’t at the Mayo hotel. [inaudible] what was that like? What was the decor like there at the Mayo hotel fundraiser for that to political candidate? It was a very elegant, elegant Nike. Not like, um, didn’t so much look like a palace, but it was super nice. Like everything. Um, the, the tables are intentionally decorated to give you a luxurious feel, but it didn’t feel, I guess, pretentious to some. Was it helpful, helpful for your wife to see and meet some of the people that you work with or associate with? It did, yeah. Because I mean, I work crazy hours. I do things that most people don’t do. But then for her to meet somebody, uh, the caliber of dr Zellner who was one of your mentors, it made everything click a little bit better for her. So if you’re out there today, you say, what am I supposed to do with all this information?

Well, figuring out what areas of your business, where your employees are not getting the work done. Call scripting, recording, Google reviews, group interviews, performance checklists, sticking to standard pricing, all that stuff. But write it down. Write down the areas where they’re pushing back, and then just ask yourself, do you want to get it done or do you want to be liked? Because you’ve got to choose one. You can’t be do both, right? Unless you’ve got a great team. Now, Jason, we do have a great team now. So now we get this things done. The employees like getting things done and we like getting things done too. That’s very true. But if they didn’t like getting it done, we would fire right? And now I thought he further ado, we’d like to in each and every show with a boom and Jason coming up in like seven minutes. We’re interviewing the guy DJ Casper. Oh, I’m so excited. Who wrote the song? The a, the D cha-cha slide. Oh yeah. To the left. I’ve, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve played that song at weddings. Um, I dunno how many times, dude. I believe OBS played that at my wedding. Really? Oh man. Matter of fact. Yeah, he did. He did. Cause I remember, um, our, uh, my stepmom in law, her son was just killing it. This is the song right here, I believe here.

I got a band. At this time, we’re going to get wonky. The version that you jam out, dude, normally, are you Jim, out to a different first game? I have not heard this.

More like dance-y version. So does not the version, you know. No, no. You know, a different one. Let’s try this one. Let me see if this is the one you [inaudible]


Got it. Got it. This one has a little bit of a high neck. This is a little bit more basic. Take it back. Now you’re going to find the one

you’re used to, which was the one that you’re used to. Sounds. Uh, it almost sounds like they use more retro samples. It’s kind of weird. There hasn’t like a weird, I must try this with mrs [inaudible].

This is something new. The Casper slide, but to feature in the platinum base, we’re going to get, fuck it. This is the one. This is the one. Yeah. We’re going to interview DJ Casper here in just a little bit folks. She’s going to be beautiful fat, fat [inaudible].

Now here’s the deal. Is it DJ? Do you want to be liked? I mean when I was a DJ, did not buy every bug to buddy or do, I don’t know. I determined real quick, the bride is the only person you want to keep happy because if she’s not happy, nobody’s happy. I started out DJ and I wanted to make everybody in the audience happy. Yeah, and that irritate the bridle at the time. Taking weird requests. This is a great song. People liked the song, but there’s always that one guy at the party who’s had a lot to drink a lot. Delivery bird. He’ll come out and go, Hey, here’s yo. Hey real quick, can we hear the chat chat slide again? And you’re like, all right ladies and gentlemen to the third time denied the judge. How’s life

clap? Ben’s the only person on the floor. We can’t feel the space. And then the bride comes up and goes, is there any way we can take it?

And you’re like, well, yeah, yeah, absolutely. And the guy comes up probably 70 seconds later, Hey man, could you play out floor time? You’re like, dude, I can’t make weave it in. I want to. I do. I can’t. He says, come on, I’ll pay you 20 like, okay, fine. Okay, for 20 bucks, my loyalty can be bought.

What out this time? And you play it again. That stuff.

Then there’s the guy in the audience and Jason, you’ve mentioned it, you already stole my thunder. That’s fine. It’s a guy in the background who’s yelling, what? What does he do all the time? And you’re going Freebird so you’re cued up the bride’s like, how am I supposed to dance to this? The 16 minute guitar solo and this is

[inaudible] the audience of the one. No one,

no one’s dancing. But there’s the one guy, he’s just swaying back and forth at this letter and he’s making it. He’s hammered and he’s making sounds with his mouth like this.

Like, what are you doing? He can’t play the guitar. Say like the way you’re playing is an air guitar. But he’s not really sweet. He doesn’t know the words

either way

either. He’s hammered, he doesn’t know the words and he’s arrogant. Tarring and it’s not that impressive. I’ll never forget, I did a wedding back in the day and a woman came up and she said, on the end of the bride, can I sing and I will always love you. And I’m like, okay, sure. And the bride looks at me like thumbs down, like stop. And that lady was belting it. And at no point did she actually get on key. That’s a hard, that’s a hard songs around singing, a letting you know. The worst performance I’ve ever heard of somebody who is actually trying to sing well is Carl Lewis singing the national Anthem. Have you heard this? I have not. Let me queue it up. This is Carl Lewis, Carl Lewis, the Olympic track star who volunteered to sing the national Anthem first Chicago bulls game. The only problem is he forgot to tell people that he’s not good at singing. And I think that Carl Lewis thought that he was good at singing. That’ll do it. So let me queue it up. Hey, this is Carl Lewis to the national Anthem. Harry said in one of his movies and a man’s got to know his limitations. Carl Lewis apparently didn’t see the movie if his rendition to the star Spangled banner prior to the dead bulls game last night is any indication as a public service we present now only excerpts. Ladies and gentlemen. Excellent. Alright. Are we all ready? Here we go.



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