Donald Miller | Why College Debt is the Great Burden of Our Age & Why As Soon as Kids Leave Home They Make One of the Worst Decisions of Their Lives

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The New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author and business consultant of choice for Berkshire Hathaway, Chick-fil-A and TOMS shares how to become a valuable employee, why college debt is the great burden of our age, and how the importance of anchoring when negotiating. 

  1. Donald Miller Yes, yes, yes and yes!!! Thrive Nation on today’s edition of The Thrivetime Show we are interviewing critically-acclaimed New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, about his new book “Business Made Simple” which is being released via Harper Collins!!! Donald Miller, welcome onto the Thrivetime Show how are you sir?
  2. What was your first book?
    1. Prayer and the Art of Volkswagen Maintenance by Donald Miller
    2. Blue Like Jazz and the Donald Miller
      1. Dream 100 Influencer Marketing
  3. Donald Miller I understand that you have worked with industry leading companies such as Chick-fil-A, charity: water, Ramsey Solutions, Berkshire Hathaway, and TOMS, among others…what exactly do you do with these companies?
  4. I know that you’ve had a ton of success at this point in your career, but I would love to start off at the bottom and the very beginning of your career. What was your life like growing up and where did you grow up?
  5. When did you first figure out what you wanted to do professionally?
  6. Many of our guests say that they had a key mentor or a key book that they read that really helped them to change their mindset and their approach to success…do you have a key book or mentor in your life that has impacted you the most…I would love to hear that story?
  7. When did you first feel like you were truly beginning to gain traction with your career?
  8. So what inspired you to write your new book, Business Made Simple?!
  9. On your website you ask the great question, Can This Blue Book Make You More Money Than A College Degree? I would love for you to share what you mean by this?
  10. Donald Miller, how is it possible that people can earn a business degree and still not know how to start a successful business?
  11. Donald you’ve said, “College debt is the great burden of our age, As soon as kids leave home, they make one of the worst decisions of their lives, to borrow enormous amounts of money in order to start a career that will likely never pay them enough to pay off that debt.” I would love for you to share more about this?
  12. Donald, I understand it is your goal to disrupt the education system —  by offering a book and 60-day plan that debunks the myth of needing a college degree to grow a business and become a successful professional. I would love for you share about just 3 principles or big ideas that readers can expect to find in your new book, Business Made Simple?
  13. Donald Miller I know that you are a proactive person that gets alot done every day, how do you typically organize the first four hours of each day?
  14. What message or principle that you wish you could teach everyone?
  15. You’ve got the mic, what is one thing that you want to share with the Thrive Nation before you drop the mic?
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