Don’t Be an Educated Idiot. You Must Take Action (The Mod Scenes Success Story)

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How does a company grow by 50% in one year? The founders of Mod Scenes share how the business coaching experience and the implementation of the customized business coach plan created by Clay Clark has allowed their business to grow dramatically?

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Don’t use acronyms or nonsense words for objects, software or processes at Tesla. In general, anything that requires an explanation of inhibits communication. We don’t want people to have to memorize a glossary just to function at Tesla.” – Elon Musk (The man behind Tesla, SpaceX, PayPal, etc.)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We don’t like checklists. They can be painstaking. They’re not much fun. But I don’t think the issue here is mere laziness. There’s something deeper, more visceral going on when people walk away not only from saving lives but from making money. It somehow feels beneath us to use a checklist, an embarrassment. It runs counter to deeply held beliefs about how the truly great among us—those we aspire to be—handle situations of high stakes and complexity. The truly great are daring. They improvise. They do not have protocols and checklists. Maybe our idea of heroism needs updating.” – Atul Gawande, The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right (An American surgeon, writer, and public health researcher. He practices general and endocrine surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Samuel O. Thier Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School.)

  1. What does weekly coaching look like?
    1. You get a path that has been proven to work
    2. We rush to revenue
    3. We systemize the business
      1. Scripting any contact with the clients
      2. Office checklists
      3. Proforma creation
    4. We look at price structure and see what needs to be adjusted
    5. Checklist creation
  2. Who succeeds and who struggles?
    1. The person who is coachable and who is ready to learn and grow is going to succeed.
    2. The person who is stubborn and believes that their company is different is going to struggle or fail.
    3. The person who doesn’t focus on content changes and new ideas will succeed.
    4. The person with a new idea every week and constant changes will struggle.
    5. The person who takes action will succeed.
    6. The person who delays action will struggle.
    7. The person who loves getting rejected will be successful
    8. The person who hates rejection and wants to avoid it will struggle.
    9. The person who never uses acronyms will succeed.
    10. The person who is constantly using acronyms will struggle.
    11. The person with all of their passwords in one place will succeed.
    12. The person with passwords scattered and not stored somewhere will struggle.
  3. Why is it so important to make a list of all of the business coach problems you can solve for all of your customers.
    1. You have to get into the customer’s shoes.
    2. You have to think about what they want or need instead of what you want or need.
    3. It has to be a real need and not a metaphorical need.
    4. Be open during the hours when your customers are available (After 5 pm and on weekends)
    5. You have to make the visit to your business experience and an experience that they will remember.
  4. You have to know your why and the reason behind your business
    1. BOOK – Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time
    2. Starbucks Giveback:
    3. BOOK – More Than a Hobby: How a $600 Startup Became America’s Home and Craft Superstore
    4. Hobby Lobby Giveback:
    5. Warby Parker Giveback:
  5. Starbucks original logo
  6. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you’re remarkable, it’s likely that some people won’t like you. That’s part of the definition of remarkable. Nobody gets unanimous praise–ever. The best the timid can hope for is to be unnoticed. Criticism comes to those who stand out.” ― Seth Godin
  7. You have to get reviews and be intentional about it.
    1. If you are not actively getting reviews, your business will automatically only have negative reviews because people typically only leave reviews when something goes wrong.
  8. You have to be willing to train someone how you sell. The way you do that is by creating a system on how to sell
  9. Take the time to be intentional. The time it saves you, in the long run, will be so worth it in the future. When you do hard things, life gets easier.
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On today’s show, we share the story of how Steven was able to grow his company Mog scenes by over 35% within just one short year of business coaching.

Some shows don’t need a celebrity narrator to introduce the show. This show to man eight kids co-created by two different women, 13 multimillion dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the thrive time.

Download and welcome into the Dojo of Mojo. Now Chuck, on today’s show, we’re talking about the business coach success story of a company called Mod scenes, so let’s, let’s walk the listeners through the process of helping grow a business. Essentially, Mod scenes heard me appear on a podcast of some kind. Yeah, they filled out the form and they, I believe Victoria gave them a call and you know who it’s about a 15 minute call. First we tried to figure out whether they’re a good fit or not. Then they spin it. Then I think Victoria scheduling 13 point business coach assessment with them and I went over, I asked them various questions. It takes about an hour. Okay. To really get to know the client, to see if they’re the right fit to it and call it 13 point assessment. Then we make a proven plan, proven plan. Now once somebody gets the proven plan a chump, explain what that weekly coaching looks like. What does it, what does that from your perspective as a coach and only get darker Brex perspective as a, as a client because he is a business owner and a client and a chiropractor. So chip, we’ll start with handsome guy, by the way, with a great hat. By the way, where’d you get that hat? This came from Coles, but the cool part is it has the year I was born on it, so I was like, Dang, it’s made for you. Cheap little hat. It’s a beautiful, it’s a beautiful habit.

What I would say is really cool about that coaching program is that clay creates a path for every single client and it’s not built off ideas. It’s built off proven systems that have worked across industry, right? And so every week we meet with the clients. And first things first is we’re always doing a rush to revenue. That’s the first goal. Rush to rep and rush to revenue. We’ve got to get you doing some sales and covering all the costs that you have in the business. And then we just put a, we concentrated on those revenue generating activities and systemizing out the business so you can create time and financial freedom all at the same time. So let’s get really specific for a second. I want you to think about it. Think about your clients chip, okay? And think about a client that’s having big wins right now financially. Think about a client, your mind, it’s having big wins financially. Now I want you to

think about a client you’re working with right now who’s just having some early wins, some earnest, a few early wins, something where it’s a little early when not a, not a huge, uh, victory yet, but just some early wins. Jason, what’s a client that you’re working with right now that maybe said, hey, I’m getting more leads, or hey, sales are up, or what’s a client you can think of right now? You’re working with where their sales are up? Am I allowed to mention their name? Yeah. Mentioned their name. Mentioned her company. Her name is Devon. Okay. Well yeah, so, um, revitalize medical spa. They do a botox skincare laser work. Their, um, main, their main flagship location is here in Tulsa, but they just opened their first franchise in Alamosa and Alamosa. So that’s Colorado. And between the two of them, their biggest win is they’re go getters.

They’re super diligence. And in the span of one week, they both, they took both of their locations. One having like 18 reviews, one having 20 and other, both well over 50. So they, they called their former clients, they got reviews. Oh, and they got leads yet. Yeah. So every new client, since they hit the 40 mark has all been Google referrals. Tell me about the homeys you work with in Boston. Uh, the, who have the DD du Mascot. Chev you’ve seen the mascot right here? Yeah. Boss, spouse, spouse. I can boss. Tell us about this client and what makes, what makes their company successful. Who is this business? Angels touch. They are a auto body restoration and a detailing company. So anything from like a fender bender to detailing to a full restoration of like a classic car. Now you name it, they do it.

But um, since they started with the program, um, each month they’ve given me updates. So I started with him in December, but a each month they’ve shown that they have grown about 30% now they’re fully see year over year they’re fully up 43% all because Christina is a beast. She has a wicked awesome accent and she just systemized as everything. If we give her system, she tackles it. That cleaning checklists, the way you optimized her waiting area, which is the little bullet points she took to that stuff and now she’s getting compliments on it. It’s given her this energy to like approach things differently. But literally they turned everything they have into a system and the doing checklists for everything. And that just lady doctor Breck, she, you know, was she knew she was, she’s a, it’s an audit. What’s the company called? Angels. Angel touch based in Massachusetts.

And we made the business plan for her. And part of it, whenever you have a, an automotive repair business or a chiropractic center, a dentistry, a place where brick and mortar where people come to that business, you’ve got to make sure that, that that lobby looks good, smells good, sounds good. And there’s a checklist for it. Um, and, and so she’s renovated that completely changed the way that the experience for the customers is. She’s getting compliments and she’s getting more and more customers. Talk about your journey down the path. They’re their doctor. Breca you’ve worked with Mr Tim Redmond. Tell us about your journey down the path and maybe a few specific wins that you’ve had and some things you’ve had to change to achieve those wins. Sure. So, uh, one of the things early on was we had to look at our price structure. Um, we hadn’t a raised prices, we hadn’t changed anything with our, uh, our pricing system for a long time.

And, uh, so we had to really consider what was the cost of doing business currently and a where did we need to, to place ourselves and, and we do want to be a great value in the marketplace, but we also don’t want to be the cheapest of cheap. So you, you are, you are underpricing yourself. Yeah. For how long? Six, seven years at least. Okay. So you are underpricing yourself. Tim came in objective Lee as a coach and said, hey, when you’re ready, those appraisals prices a little bit. Okay. So the price increase, what else did you have to do to get to a great spot financially? Well, really one of the biggest things that the coaching did for me was the systems. And so systematizing things, I’m putting in those checklists, putting in things that, uh, were reproducible and consistent. And so there were a lot of things that just weren’t that consistent before we were, we were trying hard, we were a focused in the right areas, but we didn’t have a good clear plan as to how to execute. And Chubb. I think a lot of people within the here systems. I think for some people when they hear the word systems, there may be thinking, what are you talking about? Or they think it’s big and to go, we know, trust me, we know we need,

oh no,

what specific systems they need to implement. Yeah. I want to tap into your wisdom as a coach. Then we’ll go back to Dr Brick on this. Before we get into the mod scenes business coach success story, what are some specific clients that you’ve specifically worked with? Yeah. And some of the specific systems that you’ve put in place specifically. Specifically. Yeah,

right. Oh, I was thinking of one. Um, uh, another fellow chiropractor named Jay Schroeder healthworks chiropractic out of Franklin and Murphysboro, Tennessee. Um, we’ve been working with him for about two years and first it was all about marketing and that rush to revenue we just talked about. And then for about the last year and a half, we’ve been working on systems, systems, systems, so scripting, every time there’s a touch point with the client or potential client, it’s a scripted interaction and instituting all kinds of office checklists, front end, back end office, all of all of these systemized checklist so he can help now have managers in his office doing all this stuff that he was doing, taken up all of his time. And the cool thing is, uh, he’s been able to take his family on two trips this, this year so far. And the business hasn’t experienced a hiccup whatsoever with him not being there because of all the systems he has in place. He’s still growing 20 to 30% year to year. On top of all that,

you know, one, one thing that really frustrates me about business coaching, you know, one thing that frustrates me a lot is we have, um, 160 just wonderful clients and I know they’re wonderful because I speak to pretty much everybody before to vet them to see if they’re a good fit and make sure they’re wonderful. Huh? The warning. No, seriously, we won’t take their money if we had a guy, I just talked to a guy the their day and he really wanted to move forward with the program. Um, but he, he wasn’t gonna implement. I literally spoke to this guy, a doctor, and he’s very, very, um, how a lot of gross revenue, very little profit. And as I’m going through the 13 point assessment, I asked him, I said, do you record your calls for Quality Assurance? He says, no, I don’t think it’s ethical and my business is different.

And I go, okay, well, you know, you’re in Texas where you can record calls also. I mean, do you know that your people are even tracking where the leads are coming from? And this is what he says. This isn’t our assessment. He goes, well, I, I believe my, my team, uh, I trust him. I trust him. I said, okay, well, so you, you don’t record your calls. You won’t know. I won’t record my calls, but I want coaching clay. I wanna improve. Okay. Do you have checklists for cleaning your bathroom? No, I don’t. I don’t, I don’t believe in that. It’s too, I mean it’s common sense. Do you have a pro forma glisten? Man, I don’t have time to deal with all those details. I want to focus on the big ground and that’s what I want. That’s why I want to see, that’s why I want to coach it. And if you’re not coachable, that’s a frustrating place to be. And when you, when you want change, but you’re unwilling to do the things needed to change. Dr Brick, I want to get your take on that because, um, I think a lot of people think to be an entrepreneur you have to be this Alpha type personality. Thus being very uncoachable you are coachable. What, what made you coach? What was it? Did you have to go to the bottom be or did you have to always go to because

last long enough. Yeah, you figured out, Hey, may not have the answers so maybe somebody else does. Um, but now I think there is something very true to what you’re saying as far as entrepreneurs are creatives types. Um, they are Alphas. They’re the ones who are trying to blaze their own trail and a, it can be difficult to listen to somebody else. But, uh, it’s amazing to me how many things translate across any business, any platform, any service or product. Uh, the, the systems can be the same, just applied maybe slightly differently. And so the principals all still stick. Um, you know, everything that’s, that’s true for a fortune 500 company is still, you know, business principle wise. It’s still true for a mom and pop startup.

Now this is, again, I’m just, this is an offensive idea, um, for somebody out there. But I have read all the books that are behind me on that bookshelf. Yeah, that’s a lot of books like four or five. And I, and the reason I read those books is because I wanted to know the specific systems needed to grow a business. And it might be offensive for somebody I know it is because I’ve met people at conferences who will say this. Um, when you realize that a person who has taken Algebra three times and who, um, really isn’t good at much, um, but who just knows the systems can win all day. And then when somebody who’s really smart and has a lot of degrees and a lot of education and maybe age, uh, experience life experience, that if they don’t know these systems, they can’t grow. It can be very frustrating.

Yeah. Can I chime in here? Um, another win that we’ve had just to prove that these systems work is a tip top canine down in South Lake Texas. Oh, this is crazy. $31,000 in sales in one week, one week. And that’s only after like eight months of being open, right? Right. I mean 31,000 a week in week, we’ve met

small business owners that come into our conference who in a in a year are doing $200,000 of gross revenue, right? They’ve been in business for 20 years, decades. So if you’re out there listening today, this show is meant to help you build your faith that you can grow your business dramatically. Just like doctor Breck, just like the folks at mod scenes. But nothing works unless you do, Ooh, Maya Angelou, nothing works unless you do. So if we teach you the proven path, if we do the initial call, the 13 point assessment assessment, I make the plan, it takes me about four hours to make that plant takes me about an hour to talk to you. It takes me at my team a half hour to talk to talk to you. So we’re talking about a five and a half hour investment of our time. The worst thing that you could do is say you want the change and to not be coachable like doctor Breck and like you’re going to hear from these folks in mod scenes. Dr Breck you had a, a hot, a hot take.

Just something that that goes back to your point you were talking about is uh, one of my first mentors, we were at a meeting and he was talking to a group of us that were still students at the time. And, uh, he looked and he pointed out this guy and he goes, you’re going to do really well in business. And a, what he was trying to assess was who was the a student and who was the c student and who was the beast. And so the student, uh, those are the ones that are going to struggle. They’re going to try to out think the system, learn to try to outguess it a blazed their own way, they know better. But the C students just smart enough to go, hey, I don’t know, I’ll follow. Tell me what he did take, take me on that path. You’re the guy that I’ll, I’ll take the steps you say to take in. So they’re coachable, right.

I’m not going to disagree with Dr Breck Cause I wanna I just wanna point this out real quick just because what you just said is based on your observations and that conversation.

Fortunately I was the a student, so it took me a long time to, to figure out, just follow this.

I just want to make sure you have a lot of smart listeners who listened to this show. And I just want to make sure that the listeners kind of get this idea rightly divided. Um, I have been coaching clients since 2007, eight. You know, it doesn’t eight ish. And I will tell you that the ones who are super, super smart and unwilling to implement what they’re learning, like you said, they’re trying to out think the system those outnumber. Um, if you looked at the clients who are losing, right, the people who are having the business owners that are losing the super smart people that think everything and don’t implement, that’s probably three out of four business failures. And one out of four is somebody who is, um, just, um, maybe not the most academically smart person ever who implements. It’s usually, it’ll almost always people that are, are super smart that struggled to implement. It really is a problem. It’s, it’s a thing. So let me just give you an example of these kinds of things. We talked to a doctor. He is an ophthalmologist, Alabama. Uh, Doctor Tim. Tim has his first name. I won’t mention his last name because I promised him I won’t on the show that guys grown guys in 60 days. Literally, he’s grown his ophthalmology

practice for over 30%. Yes, it’s already a big company. Go doctor Tim and 60 days. But you know why chip, he’s following the system. Everything, all, every system, the entire thing right now. But let me tell you about it yet, but let me tell you about the, um, the, the clients that did struggle though. It’s when you get a really smart person and we say chuck and we’ll kind of role play. Okay. Okay. So you’re, you, you chuck Kinda, um, I want, I want to implement, you know, call recording, but I mean, do I have to an end really? Is it ethical? And then what system should I use? And I know you’re recommending clarity, voice, but I have a different one. Right? Did I already have? And, but the problem with this one is that it only lets me record inbound calls. This is the stuff you run into all the time when people are trying to overthink something that’s already been proven.

And honestly, that’s one of the reasons I brought up the tip top example a minute ago because with the franchise model, I love it so much. There’s not even an opportunity to try and argue with this stuff. It’s already set up for you. Therefore you have to follow that path and it’s just a no brainer. Now what about, uh, chuck, what kind of pushback do you get from intelligent people when it comes to putting video cameras in their lobby to ensure quality control? Well, it’s unethical clay. I can’t record mommy. I know that the members, I know that target puts up cameras, the home depot, and I know that traffic lights put up cameras and I know Walmart puts up cameras, but we can’t never went to her that. Yeah. And that’s what keeps small businesses small. What about the group interview? What kind of pushback do you get from intelligent people about implementing the group interview?

Well, I gotta tell him it’s a group interview I’ve done. I need to tell them it’s going to tell him that I need to tell them. It’s a massive view. You mean I have to suit do it the same day, the same time every single week. You could have pushed back. You get when we have a client that as an example, we have a client right now, um, uh, doc, doctor Tim again in Alabama, the ophthalmologist, we told him this and he did it. So great. This is what’s awesome. We said, make a list of the hundred people that you want to refer you, the hundred optometrists and ophthalmologists, which means, which means, uh, he has surgery, he had surgery on the eye, optometrist treat the eye and they refer out surgery to an ophthalmologist. Okay. So he’s getting referrals downstream from optometrists. We said, make a list of the top optometrist in town and bring them by donuts every week and tell them you to appreciate the referrals because you’d like to help their patients.

And he says, uh, okay, done. And we said, and then make sure you ask every single patient for an objective, uh, you know, Google Review. And he says, okay, well, Dr Breck, no pushback. He’s doing it. It works. He now calls him doughnut referrals and he’s texting over Marshall with all these exclamation points and another doughnut referral. But what kind of pushback do we get, chuck from a very smart person. Oh yeah, about the dream. 100 I, that’s a waste of time. I can’t dedicate that much time to do step one. Drop off donuts. Yeah. Step two. What do I do then? Drop off donuts every week. Every week. Every week? Yeah, absolutely. Every single week. But what if they told me no, go back the next week. Drop off donuts. Drop off donuts. You hear doctors he talked about on the show. Oh yeah. I think people

think it’s a hyperbole. I don’t think they’d believe three. Oh No, they tell you never to come back. Hello. I’ll see you next week. What kind of pushback do you get from smart people when you tell them it’s time to gather reviews? When I say it’s time, you have to gather a Google review every single day from at least one real customer. What kind of pushback do you get from the smart people?

Uh, I’m going to, uh, automate it. I’m going to automate getting Google reviews and that way the only the good ones come through and we’ll store them up and we’ll slowly release them over time through some third party.

Okay. What kind of pushback do you get from smart people when you say we need to add content to the website every day? Either you can do a podcast, you can write the content, or you can have our team write the content, but it doesn’t matter. You have to write original hypertext markup language content every day and you can add that content to your site map by adding either podcasts, original podcasts, by writing it yourself. We’re having our team do it. What kind of pushback do you get from the smart people? Hey, ah,

no if you know this, but I was reading a blog about these things called spinners and they can take my competition’s content and spin it into

new content for me and you can’t do now. What other areas do we get push back from smart people? This is what I hear. I see this a lot. I’ll say, doctor, doctor, client, I need you to save all of your files without acronyms, please. This is an impediment to growth and I need you to stop using acronyms because nobody knows what you’re talking about and we need to stop using acronyms as you, as you scale. Or if you get to, if you, if you get to a place where you’re getting to a, we’re going to scale something like franchise, something. Chuck, can you please explain why you can’t use acronyms?

Because as soon enough, like Elon Musk says, you’re going to have a glossary of terms that nobody knows, nobody wants to ask about cause they don’t want to feel stupid. And then it’s like you said, it’s an impediment to growth. It’s an impediment to getting things done correctly.

Okay. So think about this. I’m gonna read a notable quotable to you from Elon Musk. Actually Chub. I’ll put it on the show notes, right? And could you read this for incredible listeners as I queue up some incredible Elon Musk, quote music.

Don’t use acronyms or nonsense words for objects, software or processes at Tesla in general. Anything that requires an explanation, inhibits communication. We don’t want people to have to memorize a glossary just to function at Tesla. Think about that for a second. Why do doctors typically push back about removing

jargon from their business?

The way they’ve always done it? business coach Clay, my business is different. So the way it was, the way we’ve always done it. You

hear people say, okay, okay, so you’re saying that you’ve always done it that way. We hear him say that a lot. This is how we’ve always done it. We hear this all the time and then I’ll say, and for 18 years you’ve been barely making it by default it’s going to kill me. I need you to save. And they go, it’ll take me all weekend to rename the TPS reports, the r five files, them seven documents, and I go, I

know, but your front desk lady or guy doesn’t know what you’re talking about. Right? So every time that you say that they don’t know what you’re talking about and they’ll be, it would take me all weekend to rename Alanine, better to do it in one weekend than to end up losing a lot of money or patients or what kind of pushback do you hear from smart people in chat about saving their passwords all in one place. That is a sensitive subject right there. Nobody does it and they can never get into anything. And I, you know, they don’t even have real pushback. It’s just like people don’t do it and they know it’s a good idea. I should definitely do that. I should. Yup. I shush should, but they just don’t, for whatever reason, I don’t. Nobody’s worried about that one password that’s protected. That’s going to release all there.

Right. It’s, it’s, it’s a funny thing. It’s a funny thing. You know where else I see pushback, clay from smart people a no brainer coming up with a no brainer. Yes. Hey, that’s going to devalue. I can’t, I can’t do half off. I can’t do a $1 first service that’s gonna Devalue my brand. It’s super important that you don’t become a poor, smart person. Right. I mean, now that’s whipping Dr Brick. How often have you seen really smart people who are just getting destroyed by people like myself who are pretty low on the cute shirts? I think you’re pretty smart, clay. I think I have a certain set of skills you do. Listen, I know about how neural pathways work, but it took me years to even learn that word. I’m like, what? Say it again, neural pennyrile away, but in neural pathways where if you do a repetitive task over and over, good or bad, it becomes a habitual activity because it’d be kind of told me a long time to figure out just like how to kick a soccer ball or how to shoot a basket. It took me a long time to master business growth, but now it’s like my default setting took me a long time, but I think people, people get frustrated when they meet me a lot of times because I think they want me to be deeper, but it’s just not there. But you see it. I’ll know the answer yet to answer your question. I mean, yeah,

a lot of people that are getting their tails kicked by you, uh, or guys like you or you know, I mean just the people that um, they just, they do, they have a system, they follow the system, they don’t question the system and they just, they go out and they execute, execute, execute. And that’s the, you know, I was listening to a little podcast not long and that’s one of the things that the guy said was execute his worship. Like just you’ve got to execute. And so, uh, you know, a lot of people have great ideas, but it’s the one who’s doing them that actually makes a difference.

We’re going to now share with you a story of a client who is really just knocking it out of the park and we’re going to do chuck, I’m going to kill the audio, right? Kevin Qp, the QP audio and when I could be audio, we’re going to pause it from time to time to break down what they’re saying and give some context to it. I’d like to get Dr. Brooks take on it. Jason’s take on it in your, your take on it shut because this a powerful,

powerful success story of a company that’s grown by more than 35% and less than a year. It’s called mod scenes. And they make decorative backgrounds and sets for churches for a big corporation. ESPN, like if you’re watching ESPN or your watching life church online, they’re, they’re doing the backdrops for, for big organization and coolest stuff, physical backdrops or digital physical backdrops. Really, really cool. And the backdrops, yeah, they help the lighting the stage set up just a really great business. It’s now the further ado, back into the Mont scenes story.

So I’m Steven Hall. This is my beautiful wife, Sarah Hall. Uh, we are businesses mods scenes and we make stage backdrops for churches and corporate clients. Why did you first get involved in the scenic industry? Uh, it was an accident. I’m a lighting designer by trade and there was a huge need for churches to have, easy to use scenic. And so we met at in our church and then made it broader and met in Las other churches.

All right, so this is the first a teaching moment, a chip I want to get into. All right? This client, this person, he saw a problem and then he saw a need and he filled it right? He saw a problem he could solve. Um, can you talk to me, talk to the listeners out there, help educate us about why it’s so important to sit down and make a list of all the problems that you can solve. Yeah. For your current customers if you have an existing business.

Yeah. Because a lot of times what I found is a entrepreneurs are in business owners are selling to themselves the idea of what they want. Yeah. So you’ve got to sit down in the mind frame of the customer and create that list. What does the customer see when they see my business? What problems do I solve for them? And don’t put your own flavor on it because you’re not selling to yourself.

So think about one of your clients. Think about restore home health. Yeah. What problem do they solve?

They solve home health. Uh, so they do home nursing and home physical therapy for people that are homebound after surgery or after an injury due to explain more if I don’t get it. Okay. So they, if you are stuck at home after a major surgery, cause I mean you have like a major knee surgery, knee surgery, hip replacement. They will send physical therapists and nurses to your home to check in on you, help you with your meds, help you with your physical therapy and all of that. And that’s a real need that people really haven’t real need that people really have.

Okay. Let’s talk about angels touch the business you work with in the Boston area. Yup. What problems do they solve? They do autobody repair, they do detailing and they do complete restorations of vehicles. I would love it if she would hear this podcast. Do we make sure she gets to this one? Absolutely. But think about this darker brick. Where do you go to get your oil changed in Tulsa? Uh, right now I go to the Audi dealership. Okay. So when you go to the Audi dealership, do they, is it nice in the lobby? It is, it is nice. I’ve been there. They have a nice, is that the one that’s attached to Jackie Cooper and I think of the right one or is it different one? No, this is on ’em

43rd and memorial. Okay. Marielle. No, these

ones, these ones have uh, th this Audi dealership, they have fresh coffee available. They do. Do they have refreshments available? Big Screens? No, they have couches or sofas. They do have some big screens. Uh, yes, they did have some, some nice seating there. Mercedes dealership that I used to go to a lot. You go in there and get the car serviced and you sit down and they know that I’m going to bring kids with me cause I’m the average person is gonna bring kids on a week. Last time I was there I had two of my kids. So let’s start with this. And these are all things that you should write down to share with her. Okay. One is they’re open during hours when I can get there. Thank you. So I typically can’t go to a dealership Monday through Friday, nine to five. So they’re open when I need it, which is after hours and they’re open on the weekends when there, when I need it.

When I go in there. Chuck, if you’re going with your daughter, what is she going to say after about six minutes from my daughter, what, what’s, what, what are our kids going to say after waiting for about six minutes in the lobby of an auto dealership? I’m hungry. I’m bored. There it is. So they provide a variety of healthy and tasty snacks for free. There you go for their customers for free, for free. And it’s, and it’s unlimited at the Mercedes dealership. There you go. Because they assume you’re not going to take 47 cookies, you know, but they, they’re, they’re nice. Um, and tell this to angels touch. Yeah. We work with a company here in broken Arrow called the garage and they have fresh baked cookies. Yeah. And people cannot stand at Ken to come in and it smells like fresh baked cookies. They’re making them in the store, they’re making them in the lobby.

It is awesome. Yup. So they thought about the needs of people, right? Then they have big screen TV’s that Mercedes dealerships, you’re watching great. Uh, ESPN sports. They have different channels you can watch. They’ve got magazines that make sense. They’ve got cars on display chupp that you know are crazy, awesome cars. And I want you to look at him, sit in, um, have fun with them. Why? So they’re making it an experience. That’s the key. Now I see a lot of car dealerships, a lot of auto repair shops where they don’t think about the customer experience. The customer is now sitting on blue chairs from like that they stole from like a third grade elementary. You know what I mean? There’ve been to that plastic chairs. Absolutely. They got magazines from like 1984 people and they’ve got a, I just, and it’s not good, you know, old people magazines.

I’m reading about the recent death of Princess Diana, right? While I’m sitting, I’m like, what in the world? All the mad libs have already been filled out. It says George Lucas plans to launch star wars. I’m like, what? Anyway, so you’re the people that we landed on the moon. Call my wife on my land. No, but I mean you’re reading through old periodicals. Like I can visualize the place I’m talking about right now with the does the wrong way. Now let’s think about it again. If you go in shop, what’s something you need to do every 3000 miles, 4,000 miles with your vehicle? Uh, change my oil. So I’ve been told, okay, so I go to change my oil. You gotta change the oil to change our oil. We take it in there, take it in there. Now when you take it in there on a Saturday, how long is it gonna take you to get to the place where you have your oil changed?

Uh, actually it set the garage that we just talked about. So about 17 minutes. And once you get there to the garage, if, wouldn’t you like it? If they would do or any business out there listening, that’s an automotive repair. Wouldn’t it be cool if they did a 20 point inspection top down Dr Brick? Yeah, sure. So they did 20 point inspection and they say, here is always wants a bad to go wrong. Yeah. We came back and we say, hey, you know what sir and I, by the way, seriously, this just just happened. A local place I took my car to about a month ago. They did not do this for me. I pull out of there and I was stopping to go into the gas station and my, my kids were still in the car out there. So I go into Pe, I noticed my front headlight is out.

Oh, come on. So I drive back to the place I was just at and I said, Hey, can you change my light while I’m here and the light? And the guy said, yeah, we can. And I said, well, was it out when I got when I was here? And he goes, well yeah, she was, she didn’t bring it up. So if you had a 20 point checklist you say to the customer, and so Chubb, imagine that this was your experience. Okay. I come back to you and said, hey, just so you know, we did our 20 point inspection. It looks like your wiper blades need to be replaced. Okay. Looks like your engine coolant is low. It looks like your tire pressure’s fine. We recommend you rotate the back two tires. There’s some balding on one side, a little balding. Um, we, we recommend that you would replace this, that the belt, the [inaudible].

If I went through and told you there was three out of 20 things, I said, these three things have problems, these 17 are fine. And I said, do you want to go ahead and get the new blades today? Do you want to top off the, we say yes to some of that? Would you rather just knock it out at one time? Oh, for sure. And especially me personally, I’m not a mechanical guy. I don’t work on vehicles. So I, you know, it’s so frustrating. It’s changing my wife or blades every, I’m like, ah, it’s like the same every time when I could never figure it out. So I wouldn’t totally, no, I know we’re loyal to the garage. Right. Well, let’s think about this for a second. If we didn’t know that the garage in broken Arrow, just so important for angels touch to get this.

Yeah. If you guys were driving down the road and you saw a sign, Dr brick that said $1 oil change. Yeah. Amen. Would you go in on this that you’re rolling? I don’t even need an oil change. He said, hey home with a $1 oil change, how does this work? And this is where the sales begins. The front desk person or whoever greets you would need to say, here’s how it goes. It’s a dollar for the Labor today. And then just whatever the cost of the oil. So it’s gonna be like, you know, $19 today for the oil and the change or 15 or whatever. Yup. Right. 80% of people will say, okay, cool. Yeah, and you’re not gonna have a line around that business. You would think so the no brainer words, but again, we’re talking about this, I want to make sure we’re getting this. These guys at mod scenes, they embraced every single step we’ve taught them. And if implemented like you wouldn’t believe. And so now that any further ado, back to the interview with mod scenes now, Mod scenes actually came into our office in Tulsa. They drove from Oklahoma City to Tulsa and business coach Abby there. Coach interviewed them and that’s who you’re hearing asked Mod scenes the questions. So then he further ado back to our interview with mod seats.

He’s selling himself short. He is a phenomenal lighting designer and working in churches was constantly running into these same three problems that he needed a set. He had a handful of volunteers, most of whom were high school students would know. We had no budget and he had no time because leadership kept making changes in their decisions over and over and over again. So he knew that other churches had the same problem and that the event industry also has the same problem or you have a lack of skilled help a lot of time and a very tight budget. And Monsignor [inaudible] was born out of that.

So good. Okay. Why are you passionate about what you do? Um, well, two reasons. I really liked to make cool things, so that’s one of the big ones. I really liked to make things that are beautifully interesting. Uh, and also the, uh, I think that the church is the hope of the world. So I want to build and encourage that however I can. Okay.

Chuck, can I go ahead and um, uh, probably lose half of our audience real quick. Can I go ahead and get to give it like a polarizing hot? Take your right eye. This is my favorite part of this year. This is something that everybody out there listening needs to get. Um, Jason, I want to what, what you do. I want you to answer this question and I’m not going to judge you for the answer. All right? But I have to have you answer it for sake of this debate. Gotcha. I have to have answer it now. You don’t again, we don’t have to do, we don’t have to agree, but I do need you to answer those questions. Otherwise this, this will not be a fun discussion. And then she gets to watch the sparks fly. Yes. Usually it’s me. So here we go. I believe my personal religious belief is in the trinity.

So the father, son, the Holy Ghost, Ima Judeo Christian. That is my worldview. That’s my religious belief. What is your religious belief? And do you have religious belief? I do not. So you would you consider yourself as agnostic atheist? Do you have a preference? All right. Just let people decide what they want to call me. I’m just, I’m a guy who, I liked the idea of it, but it’s not something that I’ve ever bought into my, I guess my belief is enjoy whatever it is that makes you happy, you know, spiritually. As long as you’re not hurting anybody else. Do you believe that, um, some greater being like an employee and hill talks about, created the planet? Or are you thinking it’s, it’s randomness. I just want to know your, your work. Where have you been to, have you thought that deep on it? Well, the Church of Scientology Says No.

Um, I, I haven’t really thought that deep on it. Um, okay. So let’s, let me, it doesn’t make any sense, but that’s just my personal opinion. So let’s just, let’s just go right there. Yeah. So that, that’s great. So now we have some, some disagreement. This is great. So what happens is, is Mr. Hobby lobby who started hobby lobby, David Green, he is a Christian Guy right now. Mr. Howard Schultz who started Starbucks is not of the same faith as Mr. Green. Okay. It’s very important to know this. So Mr. Green, why did Mr. Green Start Hobby lobby? Do you know Dr Breck? Why Mr. Green started a hobby lobby by the way, he started the company for $600 and everyone should read the story. It’s an incredible, there were people with cerebral palsy where they have deformed hands, right? And he noticed that there they were mentally sound, but they couldn’t do a lot.

And so he thought, how can we employ these people? So he was working at a shop, a craft shop where people would come into the craft shop and they would purchase, um, beads to make bracelets and things like that. And, and, and his own free time. He would make mosaics with the leftover things and sell them really. And he would take, um, like fences, a privacy fences that had fallen down or were being replaced. He would clean them up, make sure there were no termites in them or whatever. And he would make these rustic frames and people really liked the rustic frames. And so he thought, I wonder if other people would like these rustic frames. So right here in Oklahoma, he started making these rustic frames. Then he thought, you know what, I could hire the cerebral palsy people to make these right. And then that’s the way to employ them.

So he started hobby lobby as a way to help. And then the profits, he’s like, you know what I’m to do? I’m going to feed my family, but I’m going to donate the rest of it to my church. That’s why he started. Okay. Now let’s go to dateline Starbucks. Do you guys know how Howard Schultz started Starbucks? No. No. Oh No. Jason, I’m gonna have you shut that door real quick. Yeah, the, uh, I got a little bug edge coming here. Okay. We’ve got it. So Mr Mr Starbucks, Howard Schultz and his book, pour your heart into it, which everyone should read by the way. More than a hobby is the David Green Story. Read that book but then pour your heart into it. Starbucks that put that thing is awesome. You’d love this book. So he is a white collar executive. He’s traveling around the world. He goes to Italy and he realizes everybody’s gathering around at a community place having coffee and he’s like, this doesn’t happen in America and America.

Nobody’s gathering around having coffee, grab it and go. So he’s asking who is making the coffee? Is Coffee is better than any of their coffee I’ve ever had. It’s good. He’s kind of like you and he’s a, he’s a Foodie for coffee. Yeah. You like double shot, right? I love all coffee but a double shots very close to my heart. Why do you like double shot? I like the way that they brew it. I like the people who brew it and I mean, I’m not like Starbucks, like I’m a shelter would say you know you, you pay for the experience, not the coffee. I am a food. I mean I am, I am a, I’m a trans culinary student, but how many know a little bit the colon, the Colon, oh, don’t even get me started about that interview. But yeah, double shot just does it differently.

They have like a really cool atmosphere and their coffee speaks for itself. So Mr. Schultz, he starts Starbucks. No, no, no, no. This is what happened. Tough. He went to the founder of it, comes back from America after going to Italy and meaning these Baristas with the vision to build these small coffee houses where he can have baristas. Mm. But in America, no one gets the idea. So he goes to these, to this dude who owns a company called Starbucks. Chuck, are you familiar? Were you aware that Starbucks existed before now? I did not know this. Yeah. And they sold being grinders and beans. So he goes to the guys and by the way, the original logo for Starbucks, I want to put a link to it on the show notes. Yes, it is a bare chested mermaid. I remember they had to change the logo because it was offensive.

And a lot of us cities. So anyway, so they go to this day, he goes to these foodies, these coffee grinder guys and he says, here’s the deal guys. We could open up a coffee shop and they said, we don’t want want to open a coffee shop. What we’d do is we’d like to make it the beans. I think that the grind the beans. And he said, ah, that’s cool. But seriously we could make money as a coffee shop. And they said, window, just want to grind the beans and you’ll never work. He said, wait, he says here, here’s the deal. Listen Up. Can I use your beans? I’ll pay you for the beans and I’ll give you, if you’ll let me use your name because you’re an established name in town. Um, I’ll work for free now this is a white collar executive. Chump Trump, this is a white collar executive, right?

So Howard Schultz leaves his job in, works for free, living off of his savings, depleting his savings, opening up the first one in, in a pike place in Seattle. I’ve been to the first one. He had personally worked there. Now he is definitely in favor of the rainbow flag. Who knows about the rainbow flag? Chuck, what’s the rainbow flag? Uh, the rainbow flag is a flag that’s made up of all of the colors on the spectrum and it is a symbol for um, gay. Lesbian as being pregnant can be community, right? Right. Gay, lesbian, transgender, what do he call it? El Belly Lbgtq. Yeah, there it is. Okay. So he is very much for what we would call progressive causes. Okay. Now very for progressive causes, we got that. So he’s in favor of what Doctor Rick Progressive Causes. Right. But Mr Hobby lobby is in charge of what they’re Jason more secular and religious values.

Mr Hobby lobby. Guys in favor of more and more of the religious conservative, conservative Christian Christian. So this is what happens is Howard Schultz begins to say, you know what, for Christmas, I don’t want to call it Christmas anymore because that really do it. We would be defining the holiday by saying Christ. So I’m just going to call it the holidays. Do you remember the controversy when he started calling it the holidays? He wouldn’t use the word Christmas in his stores. There was a controversy over the color of the cups. I’m, here we go. So, but he has decided to use the profitability of Starbucks to um, move his causes forward. He’s taking the profits from his company to progress to improve, to fund his beliefs, right? If you go into hobby lobby, this guy every year does full page ads in every market with the, uh, the sinner’s prayer.

You know, he’s the guy who plays Christian music overhead and he donates an inquiry, a crazy amount of money and insane amount of money to building the world’s Bible Museum to, um, funding orphanages. And both of them are doing, they’re using their business to serve them, although they are a hundred percent diametrically opposed, right? They could not be more different in their values, in my opinion. Right. Although they both agree on capitalism, but this is where I see a lot of business owners getting it wrong. Right? This guy mad scenes, he says that he’s a Christian Guy and he wanted to help the church. So he found a way to help the church while also helping himself. It’s a win win. Right? But chip, I see people who own a business who get themselves in a weird situation where they, because of their partner or their employees start to sell products or services that they personally don’t feel good about.

Yeah. So their employees, as an example, you have a company party, okay? And let’s say there’s a hundred employees coming and one employee walks up to you and says, Hey, I know that you want to call this year’s politic party a holiday party, but I want to call it a Christmas party because I believe in Jesus. Well, if you’re the owner of the company and you don’t want to call it a Christmas party because you don’t believe in Jesus, you can say no, no, because the business exists to serve you. That’s right. Right? So if you work at Starbucks and you’re a Christian and you want to have Christmas music playing overhead, you want to call it Christmas, and Howard Schultz says, don’t do it. No. Then you have to do what he wants because he’s the boss. Right, right. And if you want to have a Christmas party and you have one super progressive person that says, I’m offended by it, you don’t need to convert.

You don’t need to change your systems to accommodate them either, right? Because it’s impossible to have universal praise. So what I really, what I really liked about this mod scenes guy is he’s out there saying, I’m going to work with churches to help them. But I’d ask if you’re listening today, what’s a cause that you believe in that your business could fund? What’s a cause that you believe in that a business could fund? Think about co La fitness a chump. Every time that they sell a membership, they donate a certain percentage of that revenue to drill wells in Africa for water and Mozambique. How cool is that? Right? That’s cool. Now, I mean a Warby Parker, every time they buy a pair of give it to, every time a customer buys a pair of glasses and they give a pair away. Now if you work for a company that, that hasn’t thought of their cause yet, or for a leader that doesn’t have any cause, they’re behind chip, what starts to happen over time?

If the leadership, if you know that the leadership of your company, um, doesn’t to maybe have any type of cause or big vision over time, what could happen? People lose their buyer and they lose their excitement. They, you know, if that’s part of what you’ve originally hired them on for in the expectations, change the, now you’ve got a team working for you that’s not really passionate about doing what you guys do. So for elephant in the room, uh, Jason, you know this, but for every, uh, first a haircut we do, we donate a dollar to what? A compassion international. Now that is a cause that feeds kids you. So if you’re out there and you say, um, I have,

I want to help world hunger and, but you don’t have the time to do it, we donate to that. And it provides schooling, clothing, education for kids who are in the third world. And, uh, chuck, you know, Montell Jordan is a rings a bell. Uh, you know, this is how we do it. I’m going to pull it up on the big screen here this week we got Mr uh, Montell Jordan to a uh, kind of, uh, come out here and do a little read here for us. Let me, let me cue up. This is Montell Jordan. Uh, no, I don’t want to sign up to Twitter. Okay, here we go. Here we go. Let me hit play and let me get my audio going. So Jordan, it was up y’all. This is Montell Jordan and that elephant in the room. This is how we do it.

Every first haircut is $1 and we donate it to compassion international. Oh, thank you Mr Mom. Cow. We do it now. Also a James White, the running back for the New England patriots. This is James White. Here we get, can we cue it up here? Here we go. Elephant in the room. It starts with one. For every $1 haircut we donate $1 to compassion international because we want to help provide kids in third world countries with medical care and food and life change in education. It’s very, very hard to get behind a leader that doesn’t know where they’re going. So I’m just asking you rhetorically today, if you’re listening, what is a cause that you could get behind Jason? What’s it cause that you’re fired up about? What’s it cause where you go man, I’m just, are you, are you fired up about helping prevent a male pattern baldness?

I should be managing a barbershop. Whoa. That’s what I was asking. What are you passionate about there? I didn’t realize that or I had no like understanding of how like deeply affecting Alzheimer’s was until I watched a Seth Rogan’s hilarity for charity and that really, really opened my eyes to that whole just Spectra’s. Yeah, it’s awful. But the way that he goes about it, I love comedy. I’ve always wanted to be a standup comedian. So he has this thing that he does every year. Um, I think it’s a comedians for charity or something like that. I’d have to do more research. But being involved in something like that where you have these big a list comedians that come out and make you laugh, having dealt with something so serious and then turning around and giving all that profit to Alzheimer’s research. Is that hilarity for charity, for charity?

Dr Brick, do you have a certain cause that you’re into? Are you into helping teach a dodge ball to third graders in lot via or do you have a certain cause that you are a certain worldview? I mean, you have a certain thing your wife get behind. Yeah. So like Judeo Christian and a, so that’s a big part of how we framework, you know, what we do, how we do, who we serve. And um, so yeah, that, you know, supporting the church and the mission of the church to share the love of Jesus. But then within that, there’s other things because we’re called to, uh, you know, help orphans and widows. And so, uh, adoption is also something very near and dear to my heart. He knows something that the chips really passionate about. He and I have talked about this a lot and we share in this vits it’s chips and it’s probably, I hate to take the room down. I mean, you mentioned the Alzheimer’s. You’re talking about taking care of, I’m talking about, you know, feeding kids. I want to, I don’t want this to be too deep, but um, it won’t be shop is really passionate about supporting the owners of Burnco. Oh, I dead his barbecue.

He wants to be the owners of burnt code to do well and he’s actually, I’ve friended him on Facebook yesterday. Really Nice. Burnt goes a great bar. It’s so good. It’s just ministry. How many ribs can I eat it for? Every business coaching client, chop carrots, he donates a large percentage of his income to burn. Right. It’s my Tuesday ritual. Without any further ado, back to our interview with mod scenes.

Okay. How did you first hear about the thrive program? Uh, I heard about, uh, heard of the thrive program through a podcast where clay was talking a church leadership podcast, uh, where he was interviewing leadership podcast. I believe it was. And then how has the thrive business coach program helped you both create time freedom and financial freedom? Okay. So you guys are all incredible. So some of you probably know this cause I know I’ve worked with a few of you guys, but you’re incredible. You’ve helped us with, um, setting up the new website. We keep getting honestly more leads than we can handle. Um, which is an awesome win. Uh, uh, it’s been really good to be able to, uh, you know, know what we want directionally and be able to have you guys help us get there a specifically through making artwork that matches the, uh, uh, the quality of our business because we have a high quality within what we do.

Uh, and you guys make it look like that because me and graphic design art, you know, I can stage design all day graphic design, not so much. Um, and we’re working on systems to have even more time freedom. So we’re, we’ve got the, we’re working on the financial freedom. Uh, we’re really close to, to having everything absolutely paid off all of the money that we invested in. And we’ve worked through, um, and we have tons of assets for how small we are for in three years. We have grown at the time. Um, so yeah, you guys are incredible. So

good job you guys.

I want to break down two powerful things that Stephen with mod scenes just said there. Jason. Two things, two powerful things. Um, Jason, did you, do you remember Middle School? Do you remember him in middle school? I do. Okay, think about middle schools. Think about eighth grade. I remember the eighth grade. Dr Brick. I do. What age, by the way, did you meet your wife? I actually, uh, took notice of her in seventh grade. That’s a good chuck. Share this. Okay. Oh, is that right chuck? Sixth grade. Sixth grade. And what so what year was that? What year was that guys? Come on now. Don’t make me use my brain would have been 1996 or seven. 1986 or 97. Yeah. Okay. So this would have been 1996. Okay. And I think it’s important that, um, we all, we all remember B go back in our minds, go back to 1996.

Okay. Yeah. And we’ve got to cue up a song that, let me, let me find it real quick here in older, mine’s a little earlier, but yeah, 93 93 I was being born that year. Thanks Jason. Big Year for Jason. Yeah, but you’re still more handsome than me, so I don’t know about that. I have, I maybe have more heroin. Okay. So let to, I’m going to cue this up. This is a, a Mariah Carey Boyz to men from 1996 sing it. Yeah. And this is what would happen is we would all go to the school dance. Right. And what you wanted to do is you want in your parents to drop you off. Oh yeah. How about maybe like probably a, um, a block away from the school because she didn’t want anyone to know that you had parents say, we drop you off. He, and you’d be at a gym, a dimly lit, Jim, the lights are down.

There are fused a few students still shooting the basketball and I say a few. It’s most of the jocks. They’re shooting basketballs, they’re shooting basketballs and everybody’s trying to dunk. Everyone’s running up there and try to touch the net, try to Tuck the head, trying to dunk the ball. The impressive guy who has less are now, it’s going to grow the dam. The impressive athlete who’s now unemployed. He would be able to dunk the ball and they have no one else can really dunk. And then the girls were out there dancing in groups of three to five. Typically the chaperones touring around with light, with a flashlight. You can buy pizza slices for a dollar, maybe $2 maybe. And you get like a mountain dew, mountain dew, hot cocoa. And we didn’t have red bull yet. Hot Cocoa. Uh, we’re having a great time. You don’t have Cheetos to mix your fingers.

All orange, you know, and then you look up and you realize, holy crap, my parents are gonna be here. It’s like nine 50 when the clock strikes 10 but we had to go right. And the DJ hops in the mic and says, ladies and gentlemen, this next song will be the official last song of the night. So if you’re out there, I think about that special somebody and get them to get him on the dance floor. It’s now you’re going, okay, put dance. I just missed, I just missed my opportunity to dance to one slow song. Geez, I sweat. I dodged that bullet because I thought, I thought, you know, I had a song that I was going to dance to if I couldn’t get the urge, the nerve to ask, because I was like, I was standing against the wall up against it and you got to get your back up off the wall.

Right? So the mod scene he’s got, he’s listening to this podcast and he’s going, I gotta get my back up off the ball. I got to go ask the girl out to dance. But instead he said, I’ve got to ask the man bear pig to business coach my business. But a lot of people, they listen to a show like this and it’s like fun and we’re having a good time and it’s like laugh and learning. I got concepts I’m learning every day, but I’m not engaging. I’m more of just acting. I’m, I’m just, I’m listening, I’m having a good time. In my mind I’m like, oh, that’d be nice someday to own a business. One sweet day. But what if, what if they, they, they queue up another song and this song is like, do you remember this song, this song? And they say, let just jumping up next we’re going to play a r r a final hello song and the Djs and FM Dj, uh, from a local FM stations.

One was six point or something and this guy’s not really, um, good. Um, just jockey. You remember the FMD Jace from him? He took me from the middle school to high school dance where they good chuck to give her, have a good FM DJ. No, they got black lights everywhere and you’re like, look at my laces. They go, wow. I remember that they had the strobe light, the strobe, the strobe light in the fog, and the DJ would play random stuff. He’s like, what is it, John? The last approval, slow song of the night and you’re going to ask the girl, and then he hits play and you’re like, this isn’t, this isn’t a slow song. Truly his hit the wrong button and you’re like, I can’t ask. This isn’t the right time. I was going to do a slow song. You messed it up for me.

But he’s, you know, and so you’re making an excuse to drink. I can’t ask her to dance to this song I had planned. I had planned on just, the timing’s not right brick, but he said, you know, Montse and said, I’m too busy to grow my business systematically. I’m too busy, but you know what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna make it happen anyway. Yup. Chuck, what time? What time do most of our successful clients typically wake up and in waking up at six in the morning or seven or eight or what time are they typically waking up? Most of our successful clients, I mean pretty much four to 6:00 AM easily, easily because there’s so much time available right now. Nobody’s talking to you for four straight hours. Here’s the new babies. If you go to bed at 9:00 PM you can do is you can sleep six hours and you wake up at 3:00 AM Jason, what time did you wake up today?

Two o’clock you woke up at two in the morning, this one and yesterday. And so what we did is we were able to get so much done. Well, where are we doing this morning? We’re eating the franchise disclosure document for elephant in the room and we’re all recorded on audio. All you start to break. What time do you wake up in the morning? Typically about four 30 so you’re a successful man, you’re waking up at four 30 chuck, what time are our coaches meetings? 6:00 AM and why? Why do you think I would make our meetings that early? Because we’re special forces. I want to set the tone, the tonality for our clients. Right? So here’s possible. So here’s the deal. Yeah, the Dj has played skills and this wasn’t a song you wanted, but you’re like, so now only the ambitious guy goes out there and let me tell you what he’s scores because that’s about as he’s out there on the floor, he gets the 10 and now you’re like, I’m going to do it, and then they, then they, then, then this is the worst case scenario.

They stopped music and someone says, Clayton Clark, your dad is here, Clark, and you look and you’re like, no, and you have to leave the dance party without asking your girl, and because it was third grade, Ashley or Amanda, you couldn’t ask her out. Every girl in every girl in 1996 her name was Ashley, Amanda or Tiffany, Brianna. There was this, there was a bunch of Brianna’s back. Every man you knew, every man you knew his name was Mike, Matthew or John. Every man, Zach, and there’s some, there’s some Zach’s out there now. Now everyone’s name, their name is Skylar Riker, Madison. There’s a name that can be any gender. That’s the name of people choose now. It’s just eventually if someone’s just going to name their kid trans as a way to kind of do it all the names like Whoa, like Madison and Skylar, they could be any.

So now the music playing, you have to leave now because your dad grabs you by the hand. He’s like your son, how wash it could your dance with anybody. And I get Outta here. Ah, frick off, man. I ain’t got no dad. I don’t even know. It’s like an NBA player. They got kicked out of the game. Get off me, get off. I said, now you’re done. You’re done. And now you’re buddy looks over at you and goes, frick, I saw you guys see what happened to my friend John. Did you see what happened to my friend Mike, Mike, John, Steve, all the, all my buddies, they’re gone. And we’ve got one last song. Hopefully this DJ can correct himself. The DJ Hopsin says my bad there. I hit the wrong button here, but on behalf of her when I was 6.9 k, it’s where we play it days, visa, bass music. We’re gonna play one more slow song. This song is a special shout out. Get occasion from Mike to carry and you’re like, oh frig. He dedicated cause he’s got balls. That guy. So now

he comes out there on the dance floor. He picks up that phone. He’s scheduled since 13 point assessment. He asks, he says, do you want to dance with me? And she says yes because history favors the bold. So now you see your friend out there, John Dancing with, with Carrie. You see a band dancing with, with uh, your buddy Brandon. And then you’ve got your, and then you’re going, I got to participate. So you run out there and you look for someone in her name has to be Katie cause it’s 1996 that’s the day. That’s the only thing they had left. You look around and you ask Kate now Katie might not be a 10 that’s okay cause you’re a two. There you go. But she’s a nine. So you go out there and you dance with her. And then when the chaperones not looking, you do this thing called the David Copperfield magic trick. That’s how you start moving down. You’re moving down to that kind of that, that waste region top of the way. He’s top of the way in the waste. And then you know, you just, you get a little skin until contacts just a little, and then the chaperone turns on the lights say,

ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to go. And then you look back at Kati, said, Katie, are we going to kill her? And she goes, I don’t know. He said, well, we go together and now you’re going together. Which means nothing because you don’t have cars going nowhere. Do you remember that when you’re at school all week, it’s like they’re going together past the little bit. At that point, all the girls are taller than the boys. It’s great. It’s a deal. It’s a deal. And so all I’m saying is I want to treat you, get this history favors the bold at eight at eighth grade dances. But people who just can’t get up, the courage to ask you have not because you ask not people who that don’t have the courage to knock on the door and to ask. We’ll never have. That’s kind of success. So Steven is a bold person to reach out, right?

He knows we only have 160 spots available. Uh, shop right now. Abby is his coach and she booked out. She is booked out plus one minus. Yeah, she has negative one spots. Look I’ve gone through her cause I thought she had one available to availabilities. Yep. And I gave her two and now she’s overbooked. And the reason why people don’t want to be overbooked is cause it takes a lot of work to prepare for those meetings to get it ready. But he reached out. So that was bold. It’s bold man. You painted a good picture there. I’m stuck in eighth grade and sixth grade right now. Just answer was do your, do you remember just the toll Jean Jacket thing? Yeah, coming back. I just added this song back to just keep that one from back when it’s going to come back around. Hey, did you hear this song by the way, on the elephant in the room? A playlist? I just added it this week.

Yes. I freaked out. Yeah, they’ll look at it. How’s it possible? People thought these people might actually be singing. Look at him. Look at this song. If you’re in your car right now, sing along and they go to doctor and click get chiropractic adjustments. Come on now. Break it down to this. Oh Wow. Cause Cuckoo. Cuckoo curl number. That part. That was high. Here we go. Here we go. I’ll just do a little bit of it. Here we go. Could you, oh my man. Every tab. Unbelievable.

It makes me cry. That was my 41 billion views. That’s my grandpa’s favorite. Really? Yeah. And he was kind of a realist, but he loved your grandfather wasn’t racist, but he loved the note. My mother in law, just Claris tape of Milli Vanilli because they were lip sync. And just so we’re clear. You are amazing. People can’t see us. Dark Skin. I do. And you said your grandfather was racist? Yeah. Did he have white people or black people or who did both. My wife’s grandfather here. White Grandfather d hate you? He loved to me. Okay. But just those people that you remember this song, guys, remember kid after you had a breakup with Ashley, you’d go into your room and you listened to songs and you’re just sitting there singing along and your third grade mind, your fifth grade mind, this is the biggest event in your life ever.

And then you would call your, your friend up. Jt had nicknamed JT, he’d caught Jane Penis, say JP JP human high speed dubbed this for you. He said, sure. And you go, you put in two tapes side by side and you hit the Cuba and you do, and you give it to him and he wrote on there with a marker you’d write on there the market you’d write on there, Milli Vanilli, bootleg mix, jps mix tape. What date did then you wear a fancy guy and what you would do is you would call up Ashley or whoever it was, who does you just broke up with and you’d call them, and this was back to you had to star was the star 69 two blocks the numbers, right? You, you’d kill them. You go boop, boop, boop. Then show this, this you JP, is this you, Dan, is this you John? And you’d say, no, it’s not me. Just play that song. And she will listen to that and there would be you and knew that she was feeling what you were feeling of connection and then you can pick up the phone and you rush you. She hung up on minutes ago. Oh God, I don’t want to go back to that time. Those are some good times. You got to bring someone knowing

them to work. You have to lay it down. It’s got to do it. I’ve got to lay it down. Okay. So again, this guy interacted though. He didn’t just sit there and stand against the wall. He interacted, he reached out. He did. He took the action steps he had to take. And now with any further ado, back to our interview here with Mr Steven with Mod scenes.

All right. How would you describe where you were at before the bread program? Uh, before the thrive program, it was, uh, putting out fires every single day. Um, uh, we were doing cool stuff still, but nothing, uh, nothing looked nice to be honest. We had a website that I threw together on Squarespace that was a functional enough people could kind of figure out something and order and hope that it came to them. And it was lots of urgent calls to, you know, close friends or to Sarah or to somebody else. Hey, so I got an order today, so I need like two more people to help me cause I don’t know how I’m gonna get it out. Um, but since then we put a lot of processes in place. We have, we’re standardizing how the manufacturing end, the design end on my, on my end. So we’re doing a lot more with the same, actually less people at times. Um, so it’s been incredible.

What has been the biggest needle mover from Your Business Within the business coaching program? Uh, what has been the biggest needle mover? Probably, actually, no, not probably. Certainly your guys’s encouragement to get reviews and push our, uh, you know, push our, our excellence in what we do. Because, you know, anybody can go to a website and buy something and if they know nothing about what the company is providing, they just have to do it on hope. Luckily, we’re in an industry where it’s kind of tight and there’s not a lot of competition, uh, but knowing why people being able to look and see, we have over a hundred reviews, they’re like, oh my gosh, there’s like two four star reviews in this. So, um, it’s been a huge needle mover is as far as people’s confidence. Uh, actually that and follow up because I did a horrible job with followup. Uh, and we’re doing a much better job on follow up.

All right. Chuck Peters, but he broke down to powerful moves to power. He is a business to business business owner. All right, right, right. I just talked to a man the other day, great guy who has a bending machine business that’s a vending machine company, right? And he was under the belief that, um, people don’t read reviews when thinking about allowing a vending machine company to install a machine in their business and to have access to the business to come in to refill the machine or on a consistent basis. He didn’t think that people would read reviews before. Um, engaging in a service like that. I had the same conversation with a janitorial service right a few months ago that thought you didn’t need reviews in order to convince another business to allow you to clean their business after hours and to give them all access pass to your company. Right. Dr Brick, if you are going to hire somebody to come into your chiropractic center to clean it on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, whatever, would you want to see reviews? Yes. Why?

Oh Man. Like you said, if they’re coming in after hours, especially you could rob you blind credibility. They have very much so seriously. Oh yeah. But I think also, I mean playing devil’s advocate, even if you’re in a industry where that were true, like having the reviews is just a it like they’re going to now just be blown away because they didn’t expect to have reviews and now you have them there. They’re wowed even more. One part of it is that, um, when somebody googles your business name, your, your Google my business, you’re a Google map is going to show up if you want it to or not and it is going to show them your reviews. And so if you don’t have a intentional effort, you know, this is what we talk about a lot. People that only leave reviews naturally are usually the ones that are not has Grenell and probably the ones that are never going to be happy no matter what you do. So you’ve got to pay attention to those Google reviews because people are going to find them and they are going to read them. But everybody wants to see what other people think, what, what other people that have utilized your business and their experience. Everybody wants to know that.

And by the way, ask your former customers, call your former customers, asking for reviews and chuck what percentage of the time with a customer not

no, how to leave a Google review. A nine out of 10, 9.9 out of 10, what percentage of the time with the customer now who had to leave at least nine out of 10, if not

Jason, what percentage of the time are your clients, uh, w what percentage of the time do your clients ask their customers to leave them a review and does the customer not know how to leave a review? I would say nine and a 10 is like optimistic because we’ve had 11 out of 10 times a cowbell a moment right there in the elephant in the room. Cause you manage all three stores. We have a review contest going on right now. We do. And the idea is to get as many reviews as possible from our ideal and likely buyers. Yeah. Um, let me ask you my friend, how hard is it to get a customer to leave us a review? Mm, it’s, it’s difficult. But the trick is you have to ask. Oh, there it is. Just like you have to ask the girl out to dance.

Just like you gotta pick up the phone to interact with us. Success, does it need to be for other people? The lame man success needs to be for you. That’s what we do. This thing, this is why we do this thing. It doesn’t have to be just our business that’s doing that. You can do it, but the problem is you are working right now. If you’re listening right now, you’re working in your business, you listen to the show for fun and you’re going, I’m going to call some day. I challenge you to do that. The Huh? I challenge it now. Um, you said, uh, other day you said, are you just been to go Dr Brick? You said, I’m not, uh, you said to be a devil’s advocate, right? You said to be the devil’s advocate. Um, I think if the devil had an advocate, the other debt advocate would be Darth Vader. Yeah. And I think this is what Darth Vader would, would say to you right now. If

you’re listening right now and you’re thinking about picking up the phone to give us a call, put galaxy [inaudible] joined me and together we can get, Satan had an advocate. I think he’d be Darth Vader, but I’m telling you, you’ve got to eventually pick up the phone and decide to take action. Now we mentioned this other thing that’s powerful that plagues every business owner and I really want to make sure Angel’s touch. Here’s this. Yeah, and what was the name of the business? The botox ladies. Great ladies. Oh, a. That is revitalized medical spa. You’ve got to play this for them to, okay. They got to hear this and still do the followup thing. Now, let me make sure we’re getting the followup thing. Okay. I’m going to tee up this scenario. Have you ever had, have you ever had a garden? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Did you do a good job with it?

Did you mess it up now? Okay. I joined a team shop here on us and up gardens. I’ll explain to you why. First off, I didn’t want the garden. This is why I don’t do dogs either. Okay? Because I don’t want the dogs now. I like dogs. I love that you have a dog and when people that have dogs, great. If you have a dog that’s around me, I’ll pet the dog. [inaudible] Clark here as well. But I don’t want to have to take the dog on a walk. Amen. Because with every right comes responsibility with every possession comes maintenance there with every employee becomes followup. You want a scoop of that pool? Yeah. So screw with the poop. It does go with the pool. No Mr this is what happens is I find out I was probably 1415 years old at that point. We have a garden to family garden.

Okay. And the family’s planted the garden. They say, could you go out there and pull the weeds? I don’t want to, you know, and when my dad and mom would follow up with me, I would pull the weeds. Right. But if they didn’t, I would just forget. Right, right. And just forget about it. So I think when you hire adults now you think, okay, I’ve told them to make sure they follow the script. And I don’t know if you’ve ever been in my sales training meetings there before Jason, but um, for elephant in the room, but I’m constantly like, follow the script, follow the script and I record the calls and I follow up and I follow and I think a business owner thinks that someday I’m going to get to a place where have a garden that doesn’t require me to pull the weeds.

Oh, this is great. I’m going to have a sales team. It’s so good. I don’t have to record the call. I’m going to have a manager. I can trust so much that I don’t have to put cameras in place. I’m going to make that and don’t. You’re breaking. If you get to that mindset where you are chasing passive income, the illusion, the Mirage of passive income, even if you have real estate, it’s not passive. If you, if you have stocks and bonds, it’s not passive. If you get to a place where you’re chasing them, the Mirage and the lie of passive income, what’s going to happen to you and your business, you’re going to be falling behind because you’re not, you’re not doing the followup. You’re not doing the daily work that’s required. You’ve got to weed the garden. I mean, somebody has to weed the garden.

If it’s not you, then somebody else has to be personally responsible for it. Chub, what kind of follow up do you do your successful clients have to do on a daily basis? Uh, one huge thing is following up with leads four, five, six, seven, eight, 12 times before they actually answer that phone call. Even though they filled out a form on the web, we’ve got across our system and that the average cost client I’ve worked with, and we put this on a, on a, a info graphic at the office that the average client needs to be called and, and Forbes reports as to an average of six times, right?


to reach somebody now. That’s right. Yeah. And you’ve got to text him and you’ve got to text him and call him and got to get ahold of of them. So if you don’t follow up then you, you’re spending all of this time and money on marketing and advertising all just to let that fall off the cliff because you didn’t follow up. What if you have an employee who their jobs make a hundred outbound calls a day? Yep. How often do we have to follow up on every day?

Yup. Everyday. Did you or did you not make 100 calls? Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Follow up. You have to follow up. You have to, and if you don’t do it, I’m telling you you’re going to lose. Now when you follow up with somebody, Jason, for the fourth time at the elephant room, when you’re managing a store and you say, did you fold the towels for the fourth time that day? Yup. What happens eventually? Well, I mean there’ll be the same thing. Yeah, I folded them. If I go look in the dry right now, the dryer is going to be empty. Yeah, we did the four o’clock. So if I check the checklist, they’re all checked off. Oh wait, no, we did it, but it’s a sign for it. Then I do my, um, my disappointed Obama, whereas I’m not going to yell at you, but you’re going to feel it and then I have to do it and show you how to do it and then ensure that you can do it right after me, you know, me demonstrating for the hundred times how to correctly do it. Has anybody ever gotten angry with you because you followed up? Oh, all the time. They call it. Um, what’s the term? Micro managing you just a micro manager

and I’m telling you

if you are not willing to follow up with people relentlessly, you’re going to live. I tell all my clients that micromanagement is painting. It didn’t get me. That’s what you should be doing. Me. Any further ado, back to our interview here with our good friends from mod scenes, Mr Steven, a great American.

Uh, can you show me my follow up shortly with, uh, like we go to a lot of trade shows. So that’s one of our, like a three legged stool pieces. Uh, we do a lot of trade shows, tell people about our product, show our product, uh, and, and we get information from those people. So typically name, phone number, email address. Uh, so whenever we first started the company, we get all that information and we do nothing with it. And it was horrible. Now between like 150 and 250 leads. And then for the first, like two years of the business, we just sat on them. Like we’d send them an occasional like big blanket email, like we’re doing new stuff, Yay by it. And like 5% would open it. Right. Okay. Now we physically call every single lead from every trade show. Uh, we send them follow up email after that call, especially if we’ve missed them.

Um, and then we have like a, essentially every two weeks we’re calling them until they cry. Buy or right. Yeah. So yeah. That’s great. Beautiful. Okay. Had done, they can, can I add one thing to that? Because of that, we’ve actually got to get into some really good opportunities. So what to less than a month ago, I went over to ESPN and got to pitch to ESPN. So we are a small company, but two years ago we were in my garage with like a bunch of boxes from you wine and some cut plastic that we had cut on a friend’s CNC. Now we have a full manufacturing area and we were at ESPN pitching to that. Awesome. Yeah. So


jump. Did you listen to this story? Uh, guys, listen to this story. Mod scenes, they said the company’s in a garage two years ago. Right now he’s presenting to ESPN now he’s working with the largest church in America. So yeah, I feel as though some people, and not your clients, Jason, and certainly not my clients. I believe they think some people that once they have a great idea, it’s so good that the product will quote unquote sell itself. Yeah. We let the market will come to them. I think there’s chiropractors all over this country, Doctor Bracken. There are colleagues that you would just go with. Yes. Who have set up chiropractic practices. They get a prominent location. Right. And it’s a good location and they have a nice sign, big sign, nice location. Yeah. And they just think people are going to come here. Right. And then they’ll sit down on day two and they go, yeah. And rather than getting a little bit pissed and a little bit intense Friday around four o’clock they go, you know what? Let’s go get a beer.

Hi, we’re still got cash in the bank. You’ve got that money in the bag. No stress. No worries. I got six months of cash in the bank. No stress here, buddy. I can wait. I can wait it out. I’m just getting my name out there at the Derby German American festival throughout the German American festival. Drunk as a skunk.

I’m a chiropractor,

chiropractor. But then when they sober up on Monday, they realize I got no patience. The same problem the next week. Then the next week and eventually jump. This is where I find, Yup. Right when a month for they’re out of money. Yes. They call me. They need help. Yeah. Well there’s something weird and it don’t look good. We’re going to call weird business coach Clay Clark. Okay, okay.

So what happens is people call me at the precipice, at the threshold of health disaster and they’re like, Hey, my business is at the precipice of, Hey, is there any way you could fix it? Or you’ll hear people literally on the 13 point assessments are, so here’s the deal. My son and I had been working together for 27 years

to win what we would call customer remodeling. Things are very good there. We got huge successful company. I want to know if you could help me. And I said, sure. Well, here’s the deal. I have not paid taxes in 26 of the 27 years. My Ex, my accountant explained to me if I ex patriot my money and I bring it to a country called Latvia, I denounce my citizenship, which I did that I’d be fine. So what I need to do is I need to fix my marketing in my accounting, but I ain’t got time to talk about my Google reviews. I just want to talk about my vision, vision, because the cause, and this is, this is my favorite, this is my favorite make and model. Because the Lord has given me a vision to make $200 million the Lord. Now, when someone says that I’m using on me because I am a Christian man, I’m assuming you’re meaning, you know Jesus Christ or the father son.

But they will go as far as to say, he told me in a dream, I was like, here’s the deal. I’ve been remodeling for 22 years, haven’t paid taxes, the 21 years. And I was just donating it, you know, just serving them the makeup. And then he was like, oh, be rich, do it, do it. I’m going bare me is that, you know, it was not Barry. I look over and Barry says it wasn’t me. And I’m like, it could have been very, but it wasn’t. And then I realized and so now I am, here I am, help me. And you can’t help somebody shoved that far for gone. Right, right. And I have to say, it’s not a good fit. It’s not a good fit. So what you have to do today is you didn’t have some kind of urgency, Dr Brick. And we don’t, you have to get to do it.

You’d have to have some kind of urgency right now. Cause this guy called us. Yeah, but he’s still in a garage. Go ahead. I need business coaching now. You don’t wait till you’re the end of your rope before you call. Well, the best time is now. I mean, if you continue to do what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’re getting. I mean, you’ve, you’ve got to decide, do you want to go a different direction and you just want to keep going the same way you’re going. Now the other, uh, uh, followup chip I want to do, is it Montell Jordan? Now, uh, we’ve, we’ve, we’ve done a research and a Montell Jordan who was so nice to do the elephant in the room read for us. He, uh, is now a praise and worship minister to follow up on that. True. What churches, he had their chimp.

He’s at a victory in Atlanta. Let me just play a little audio clip of Montell Jordan leading praise and worship. Now here we go. Let’s get up here. As we get ready to close, I want to leave you with something he still taught was transitioning from the world of music and sounds fishy. This was a song ministered to me. He’s a tall man. Have a moment of personal reflection like he’ll tell you. I’m going to look that up. I’m going to cute. I’m Louise. Let me see. Let me see if there’s any good as a praise and worship leader. Here we go.

That’s not Montel on the keys at some other dude. He’s six, eight. I know. Real tall. This is how it, hey, we need some more Montel now. Come on. I promise. I’ll shut up. Go to here’s a Montel. He goes, here it goes. Oh, smooth like butter.

Great home. Montel. Do this.

Clear the stage and sound and lights up. That’s the measure you must crush till the congregation’s view. This is where the party, until you see he’s still got it. He sees smoke to get to the end of the song. He was. He’s doing hours towards the end here. See Two, it’s still insane. Violet going on there. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a normal sized violin. Small. You have to compare.

Tell Jordan big shout out to him again, but what’s the name of that church? One more time. Your website is victory okay, so again, if you’re out there today, just understand no one’s going to follow up on your leads for you and I going to have that kind of urgency. The time is never going to be right. You must act now. Take action. Jason, you have clients that you’ve worked with, they’ve taken fast action, right? You’ve also probably been shadowing and some meetings. You’ve probably seen clients where they don’t take action. Chupp you’ve probably seen this more than anybody. What happens to the emotional state of somebody who puts off doing today with the need to do today until it becomes a burning fire? What you could, you can see it in their eyes. Yeah. Tomorrow actually does come and then the stuff is still isn’t done and now everything is a panic and everything is a huge burden because now you’re way behind.

So I wanted to bring in a motivational speaker to talk to our listeners today to just encourage them to have some action. Yeah. And so I thought if somebody out there is listening and you’re like, I don’t want to micromanage my team, but you own a business. I want to hold people accountable. But you own a business. I don’t want to take action, but you own a business. I don’t want to stop partying every night and I don’t want to wake up early, but I own a business. I don’t want it. What time did you go to bed last night, Jason? Nine o’clock on the dot. Interesting. Why? Because I had to get up at two fabulous idea. Fabulous self

discipline. Weird. So here’s the motivational speaker. This is all he can afford here. We were brought him in and to hopefully this will help you get yourself mentally situated into a place where, um, you are willing to do the things you have to do today.

Are you kids are probably seeing yourselves, hey, I’m going to go out and I’m going to put it in my pocket. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re probably going to find out as you go out there that you’re not going to amount to Jack Squat

and now back to our interview.

Okay. How would you describe the overall coaching experience? It is incredible. Uh, I, uh, I am challenged by, um, like every single week. Like whenever I have a, uh, you know, like a to do like something we talk about. Me and Abby talked about like, hey, we’d really like to make this update to the website and do this every single week. You guys like hit it out of the park. Um, and I know a lot of that’s on Abby’s amazing management. Um, but like for me, I’m like, I want to be that good. I want to be that awesome. I want to be able to hit my marks every single week whenever we come into our meetings. Like, Hey, we talked about this. These are the things that got done this week. Um,

every, so we’re clear. Just hung. I didn’t cut you off. The reason why, um, John has to push everybody so hard, um, is because even though like, you know, Kennedy, you just started, or Angela, you’ve been here a little bit or, or, uh, there, you guys are working on stuff and you might never hear the feedback of that except for right now. But the results are helping you guys out. Traumatic. And that’s it. So he’s gotta be excellent. And so it’s this virtuous cycle of if we deliver excellence for our clients and they deliver excellence for their clients, then the customers are on both ends. Get a great product. It’s a win win. That’s how it should be. Business doesn’t have to be you versus the customer should be, then your customers will be having your fans, aren’t they?

Oh yeah, for sure they are. And because of that, they’re going to be customers over and over again. And as we’re customers longer, I mean our business relationship continues to grow. Um, so for us, we’re a smaller company. You know, like I said two years ago we were in my garage. Every penny is pretty much every penny when we started, came out of our life savings and me working over time and second jobs and stuff like that. So that money, like it’s a big deal to pay, you know, to pay a fee to a company to do the marketing and stuff that I have that you guys do for us. But every single month you guys over deliver and it makes it so like I look at my balance sheet, I’m like, okay, this, this month we really need to, you know, lower something a little bit. That thing at the top, that thrive thing that’s safe because you guys put so much effort into what you do and it’s a huge deal to us.

And just so you guys are seeing this different really need is, um, again chuck, show of hands, who’s, who’s worked on their files, it’s help.

Great. Thank you guys are awesome.

Where they would have to go out and hire all of you individually, then manage you and then go, well we don’t need you anymore after that one week and explosive work ethic and because you don’t need a six full time people all the time. Yeah. And so by us being able to bring the whole team for what it would cost to hire someone for $7 an hour, are we talking about that earlier? But I mean 70 bucks an hour, you don’t really get all that great of a value from an employee if you guys as a team are really working well. And I just appreciate you guys because these guys are benefiting from everybody here working as a cohesive team. I’ll back to you. Okay. So

many people actually I would say most people are not as diligent as you guys are. And I think a lot of people struggle to work, um, all their business and their business. Okay. So when do you get your action items done and then what trade offs have you had to have to do that?

See Tuesday at 4:00 AM uh Huh. No, until my car on the way here. Yeah. We literally spent the entire drive up here working on, uh, some of them on my actual line items for Tuesday. Uh, typically Saturdays I’ll take, uh, at least half the day and work on a portion of those. Um, and then Tuesdays I have a block of time like right after our meeting while it’s fresh in my mind so I can get it, get started, get the, uh, get the hard stuff done and then have the, a couple of small pieces to finish up

shop. What is the hard stuff in your schedule, Jason? What’s the hard stuff in your schedule? Doctor, Breck Mr Listener, what is the, what is the hard stuff in your schedule that we don’t have time to do? We, we, we really, we don’t want to do it. We know we have to do it, but were like, frick, I’m going to go first. I’d like to chime in. Sure. Yesterday, Saturday I had to do a lot of things I didn’t want to do. Alright. So I woke up, uh, is it crazy day? Woke up and I discovered that the toilet down in the man cave had overflowed at like three in the morning or something. Sucks. Three in the morning, two in the morning, I guess I discovered. So I called the plumbing company that came out in her and fixed it. Um, had to take my son to get his lawnmower repaired.

Had helped my son make a playlist for a party. He’s deejaying. I had to go to hobby lobby because I just have to go. It’s like a gravitational pull thing for me. Had to go meet up somebody at the three o’clock, they’re dropping off a shipment of products. Um, had to book a cruise for the Kiddos. Um, had to take it on that one, by the way, that’s your name. Opera. Oh, definitely. No, but so there are certain things I committed to do is on my schedule. Right. Yeah. But one thing that I hadn’t planned on doing was we have two opportunities to write two articles for Forbes right now. Hm. Two articles. Cool. And, um, I hadn’t planned on the request to write these two articles and so to get those done, I had to find time, right? And so I had to find time when my wife was out doing some activities and my kids were out doing activities. I found like a two hour window of time. And for me it’s really, really hard to focus and to write, to meet writing is a very hard thing to do. So I crank up my music and for anybody out there that wants to know specifically what I listened to yesterday, I’ll be happy to it. For you. And

A, I listened to this, this might sound track, but listened to probably, um, you know, two months now. I are you going bagpipes on us? This, this is what was doing now this is,

this is the last Samurai soundtrack and this has been a good one for me. And how I found this was I was listening to the bagpipes

and the bag pipes. That’s what I used to, right, right to and the bagpipes. It rolled into another one where I was going to the restroom. So the bagpipes music, I was listening to that and I was like, this is my list to do for years,

but whenever I’m

doing paperwork is it just so you can get pissed and getting it done faster so you can turn it off?

I don’t want, my daughters asked me now, I think I’ve shared this on the show before, but my daughter came down one day and she’s like, Dad, what are you listening to when I said this is the world’s best backpack. And then she says, well dad,

how do you know if it’s good? Because it all sounds map. I know that was a great little 14 year old joke. Pretty impressive there and it, she didn’t intend it to be funny, wouldn’t made it even funnier, is the best. So that’s how I do it. Right. Chuck, what’s something that you don’t like doing but you have to do something? It’s hard for you to do, but you have to do it. And how do you do it? So specifically yesterday I had to, we have a baby on the way. Oh, well I had to block out about five hours to put in tickets. I had to block out about

five hours to put together an Ikea Tressa. I don’t you mean by that. That’s an innuendo floor put together an Ikea Dresser. If what they say they say seven years and we’ve just got a bunch of stuff around the house that we’re working on getting done. If over the next three months before this baby gets here and I’ve got to make sure I’m blocked time because otherwise it’s not going

get it done in Mama. He’s going to be happy a chop, you know, you know what job do you know what they say? See abroad to get at boody Yag laser down a smack on. And what were you doing chap yesterday? Putting together a dresser.

Most of the guys, listen, if you know chop like I know chops. Let me tell you what he means by that. This is what he means is where it’s as though he’s saying it to you. You just don’t understand the hypnotic rhythm of his vocal cords. He’s saying to you, he’s saying yesterday my wife and I, we built a dresser and today we may put the drillers in it. Put the drawers it tomorrow. Who knows who may wreck the shelf? We may put the Elf on the shelf. We’re going to buy him nurse Friedrich tonight. That’s not in any window. We really do have to get a recliner. Maybe. Maybe tomorrow we can go to Ikea if you know what I mean. Yeah. Good. I can see they have something on sale. Who knows. I might just buy it. Close the deal passes.

What Breck what’s up? Do you have to do that you don’t want to do besides the show every week. I look forward to this every week. I know. I’m sorry. You’re stuck with sharding. Um,

yeah. I mean I love seeing patients. I love interacting with sailing around the, no, no, no, no maps involved, but doing patient charts, you know, I, like I said, I love the interaction. I love helping people, but there is paperwork that goes along with it that I do not enjoy. And so I have to write extra reports and I have to do narrative reports for a personal injury cases or or charting for billing purposes. Insurance. Just not do it because I don’t get paid. Oh, oh. That little little issue of not getting paid. Hey, real quick. Seriously. I have actually worked with a chiropractor who didn’t do

you just said, yeah, I only know this because there was one meeting where it’s like, Hey, what do you do when you need it? Like a short term cash infusion. And I’m like, well you get a small business loan or you decrease your expenses. And he’s like, no man, the busier we’re getting, the blessed money I have. And I found out he literally was not doing that. Yeah. So if you can’t be self disciplined that you’ve got broke, you’re going to need a, you’re gonna need

partner. The worst thing you can do is be working that hard and not making any money. I mean, it’s one thing to not be working in not make money because that just makes sense. Like naturally I’m not working, I’m not making money. But you’re like, I’m busting my rear and I’m not making any money. I think the second worst thing you could do is know you’re doing nothing but think you’re doing something so that way lying to yourself and worse. That is a weird illusion. That’s a weird game where you show media game is on point. Yeah. Now, Jason, what’s one thing that’s kind of difficult for you to do?

You do it anyway. I wouldn’t say it’s difficult because I’ve gotten really good at it. I still don’t like the task of it, but it’s a payroll and statistics. Like every Friday I make sure that I get to thrive early so I can double check everybody else’s stats and then get mine in. Yeah, so it’s just digging through the system and how many members did we sell? How many products did we sell? Are you reporting this area correctly? Are you checking boxes a through z and then every Sunday or every other Sunday before payroll meeting on Monday going through, did they punch in here? Did they punch out there? Are there hours? Right? Did they actually check their time for the meetings? It’s fun now in real quick because, um, uh, Jason’s a virtuous man who’s not married, which up, we know when he’s saying is not filled with and you end up with a new window. But when he eat, when Jason says,

I’m going to check the statistics, check all those, what in check all those boxes a to z with my lady friends, we know that just means he’s literally doing accounting and his lady friend or you always have up a secret

move you’re working on over there and we’re just trying to decode it chess. Right? I didn’t do a book called Chuck d coated soon. Maybe I’ll learn something from that and back to back now to our interview with mod scenes

later throughout the week as I have time to answer it. But how have the impersonal workshops, in fact, can you and your business, they have been incredible. Um, actually I’m gonna let you share it. Share that thing that you told me the, uh, the other day about how going through the book with a uh, yes. Okay. So

Steven brought me in the beginning of December and he had gone to one in June and we had just had a baby. So I didn’t come to that one. Um, and so I came in December, um, and Ken Schmidt was here and I was just kind of like totally blown away. Ian Really enamored with the like what he was talking about. And so we bought his book and I’ve been like working through the, I’m working through the book and really like working to apply all of those things up to the business. But even specifically through that and coming to the workshop with Steven, like I realized that, um, that in my mind I still like, like I was separating myself from the business. Like this was like, it’s, that’s my husband’s business, you know, like Steven has this business. Um, and so I wasn’t like, I wasn’t a part of it.

Like I wasn’t supporting him like I wasn’t, and I was like, Oh yeah, I’m totally like a supportive wife. Like I let my husband go run out and start this business, right? Like, and then realized that I really wasn’t like doing what I could and what I wanted to be and having the part that I wanted to have in it. Um, and so like, I really enjoyed the last couple of months, um, kind of like kind of owning that and particularly like a marketing and calls and a lot of two of our like, um, uh, managing people cause that comes more naturally the more natural to me than it does to him. Um, and I have a background in like psychology and counseling and, and leadership and things like that. So, um, being more involved with like, uh, our employees and our clients and things like that. Um, and also the workshop, like he came back from the workshop last June, um, and even though he was like completely exhausted because we just had a baby, um, it really, it made everything feel very possible.

Like, um, I mean there’s all these, you know, like systems and plans and things where we like we, we have some kind of vague idea where we want to go and we have zero idea how to get there. And so like thrive house, you know, like this is how you’re going to get there. Right. But then coming back from the workshop was like, this is actually like a thing. We could actually do this, we can actually get there. Um, we actually, uh, and then, and then after last December when, you know, me coming out of that workshop and realizing like, I actually have something to contribute to this, like that we can be diligent and we can be excellent and we can show up every day. Um, and yeah,

so awesome. Love it. Okay. In terms of processes and systems, what is the biggest system improvement that you’ve made since working with Brian? Uh, that would definitely be, there’s two. They’re huge. So definitely our sales. So we went through and scripted out on our sales and you know, what an outgoing call is going to look like. Um, most of the time it was me calling on my cell phone, hey, how’s it going? And I’m maybe like somewhere in the middle of nowhere, you know, I don’t necessarily, I don’t have a quiet environment. I don’t have, it’s not set up for success. And I don’t even have bullet points in front of me like, this is why you should actually buy from us. I’m a random dude calling saying, hey, what do you want? You know that that was really what it was. And now it’s very clear. It’s, hey, my name’s Steven. I really want to help you with your stage design. Um, we are the best in the country at what we do and we’re here to serve you and if we can hit your budget, we’re going to try to, and if we can’t, that’s okay. Either way, we’re going to help you as best as we can.

Now jump, he’s talking about installing sales scripts, our friend at mod scenes, it’s talking about installing sales scripts. And I’m sure you’ve never had push back from a client on this, but why do other people, not, not clients you’ve ever worked with and certainly none of our listeners. What I guess, what are the typical push backs you hear about call recording and, and, um, how do you help people resolve those tensions? Well,

first of all, we use examples when we can write to show people what can go wrong. If you’re not using call recording and you expect your team, uh, can I get real though?

Well, I would like for you to be real and then I would like to, uh, sing a cowbell version of stuff.

What I see a lot, uh, is that business owners, you know, as they’re growing their small business, if they’re a solo preneur, then they’ve gotten really good at sales themself because there’s nobody else to do it. And when it comes time to scale that and have somebody else take over that process, they think a lot of themselves and they think, well, I’m just a rock star. There’s no way I can duplicate this process on Firebase. I am just, you know, how am I going to get somebody inside this head? And literally all you have to do is just start writing it. And that’s the cool thing about being in the prototype. We have background with siblings,

I dunno how to say this to hi, I’m awesome. That’s like, oh, have a civil script that’s based on my personality, which is not really, I mean, what are the chances, right. And duplicate this. And then by the way, they’re reinforcing this by going to these stupid seminars. Right. That literally, have you been to a stupid seminar yet, Jason? No. I almost want to send you one time so you could come back. He’s a group class. I understand. We’re dealing with, have you been to a stupid solar rec? I went to one stupid seminar. I was trying to grow my sales team back in the day. I’m not making this up. Made me crazy. I thought at the time it was the hot sauce, right? This guy gets into the room and he gets everyone all emotional and accused up the music and he’s got this like there’s kind of an art to being a a cheese ball, motivational speaker. Oh yeah. You have to get kind of the, the cinematic music going. So let me get kind of the epic background. Yeah, you got to kind of get that going because there’s a certain way you do it. So let me just kind of get it. Let me see if I can get the, yeah, this epistle probably be good. I maybe, let me do this. I gotta type of ethic. Let me find it. This will be the kind of, yeah, here we go. So now it’s like, okay,

do you want to take your business to the next level? Are you tired of your, your sales be and stuff? Are you, are you tired? Are you, how many of you today are tired of your sales being low? Well, sales is the transference of emotion. And if you can’t transfer, you can’t transfer the passion. Nobody’s going to buy from. So I want everybody

to say with me, now, do you want to buy this or that? Everybody say with me, do, what about this or that? Bring the passion. And they would just go on and on talking for hours about passion. So everybody at the conferences now going, God, we got to get our people passionate. So I’m going back to the DJ office, talking to my employees. Like guys, we aren’t, I remember that. I remember this meeting specifically. It was, I’m so sorry to anybody who worked for me at the time. You’re like William Wallace writing in. All right guys. I didn’t get up all dressed up for another one. They’re going to take on and I can take on the land. But no, I was, I was really pushing the idea. I said, guys, listen, we’re not hungry enough. Oh yeah, yeah. Cause that was, that was the theme of the sales seminar.

And they’re like, are you hungry? Are you hungry? I’m like, guys, you aren’t hungry. When we started this business, you guys were hungry. Some of you guys have been here since like what? The second or third year you guys were hungry. These are guys making 50 grand a year as Djs who are seriously just sobering up from last night’s Farnese. Right? And they’re like, okay. I’m like, are you guys hungry? Yes. You want to be, oh, we to get back to a hunger to what we’re gonna do is we are literally not going to eat anything upstairs until we closed the deal. Can we commit to it? They’re like, absolutely. Now that worked for the first day and then the next day I’m like, are you guys ready to get home? Cause I know they were starving. No, seriously. I actually had a theme about you have to get hungry cause that’s what they taught him.

This sales seminar right now, I don’t know. Now it’s like, hey, we’re going to record the calls. We’re going to use a script that works. We’re gonna make a hundred calls. You’re gonna eat an apple. Three people aren’t going to say yes, 97 won’t. It’s not a big up and down emotional thing. But Chuck, you’ve been decked wreck. You’ve seen those things. What happens if you have a team that’s entirely fueled by emotion? Oh it just, as you said, it fizzles out really quickly. They’re very emotional. Yeah. It’s not sustainable at all. On a lot of drama. I used to have work, I used to have one guy who he, he’d be, he’d read one of these self help books that I had recommended to him, which I should not have done because I was, I was in that motivational phase. It’s like 2001 and he used to stand at his desk all day and go, Lord, I know this next deal’s going to be mine money.

I’m going to name it, I’m going to claim it, Lord here at comps, fishing the ram in the Bush Ram, and he would say this Bible verse, a Ram in the bush ram in the Bush Ram in the bush. Rambla his, he’d, I don’t know where we got dismissed, only mixed church with sales and he’s like Ram in the Bush Ram in the bush for brother rent and all of a sudden you’d get into the ram and the boom. And so it became almost like, you know, there’s certain athletes that anytime they want anything they attributed to God and the wind, like the pagan wins consistently. They’re like, Woo. You’re like, no, Michael Jordan really wasn’t America’s Best Dad, right? Necessarily. You know, having a few, you know, extra marital things there, but he’s waiting. But this guy was like spiritualizing sales and I didn’t know that. Like that was a bad thing to feed.

You’re like, I’m like, yeah, I’m not. I had like this whole team of Christian, they were forcing their guys who had actually gone to a local Bible school or wholesales teams like five guys who would sit there like Jesus, Jesus, bless us. Today is going to be a huge sales day. Here it comes. What would happen is we would have, I can sales. You have times where you don’t sell anything and times when you sell a lot. Yeah. Well, Jason, what do you think they would do on the days we didn’t sell anything at all? Probably be very demoralized or just clap. And what do you think happened? Chips be sad. Just the bottom of the barrel wreck. What do you think happened? Oh, well, I mean obviously God’s just not blessing us right now. This is the words God before God, you guys, this is where it got weird.

We pull it in this true story. She was right. We pull it in. There’s like five of us on my guys’ sales are down and this guy was like, well, can I, can I bring up the real issue? And I’m like, yeah, what is it? He goes, someone’s got to send in their life. Somebody has got to sit and feel the beats boys. Someone’s got to sit. And I’m not kidding, God is the one that got less things because someone’s got to sin in their life. And if you’ll just tell us what it is, he’ll unleash the blessings. I don’t want to know that. No. And I’m like, I don’t know, cause I was just like letting them do it, but it wasn’t like encouraging unnecessarily. Uh, and so I guess by doing that, I guess culture means to plant a seed and let it grow.

So maybe I was encouraging it. Okay. I wasn’t correcting by letting it grow. So anyway, so this guy, he says, uh, what Cindy you have in your life. This guy is like, I gotta be honest, man. I, uh, I masturbate all the time and we’re going like, okay. I didn’t want to know, but he was like, I mean, like all the time. And he’s like in a trance where he’s committed to going to the end with this. And so we’re like, okay. And he’s like, no, it’s like seven or eight times a day. I mean, it’s just, I don’t even, I don’t, I mean, I just, that’s all I can do. I can think of while I’m on the phone, all the other impair. We’re talking right now with all the one, hey, now we’re talking to him on the bus.

Oh boy. Anyway, so now it’s this awkward tension. Um, okay, let’s, uh, let’s move forward right now. Now the emotional state of the sales team is like, instead of people chanting and clapping, now they’re just like calling and it feels like, it feels like crickets. It feels like a bad situation. And so you can’t, and I see, I see. Um, churches do this a lot. I used to work with church. They want church I worked with years ago who refused to ask his congregation to do the, um, auto donation and director breaking out. This works like if you and I commit to tithing at a church, we can set it up where it’s automatic record billing, right? And it just, a certain amount comes out every week. Um, Jason, don’t we do that elephant in the room? It’s automatic recurrent billings. So we charge a certain amount every month. Yup. Is it shocking to you that when people are gone for the summer or for two weeks that they don’t typically mail in a check to their local church? Does that shock you, Jason? No. So most churches they’re giving goes down in the summer. Ooma there’s this

pastor, I’m like, listen, if you would just hop up on the mic and say, folks, I appreciate you giving today, but moving forward we’re going to do is we’re going to set it up on an auto giving because I know some of you have been trying to mail in checks and sometimes we all forget to make it easier on you. Yeah. To make it easier on, you know, a lot of you’ve pledged for the new building, let’s just go ahead and automate it and he wouldn’t do it for the longest time and he’s just say, well, I’m waiting for the Lord to lead me and I’m waiting for a sign and all this crazy. I don’t know what to do there. And then I guess it was his finance guy, someone in the church where the finance guy was like, we don’t have any money in the bank, so we’re going to have to do it. True Story. Their revenue went up almost 30% without asking anybody for any more money or eat or having even any growth. Well, just because people automated it. So I think a lot of people want to spiritualize things that aren’t spiritual. Right. Absolutely. It’s very possible to over spiritualize things. Now back to our final portion of our interview with Steven from Mod scenes.

So, and that’s, that’s been incredible. Yeah. And then the other was, um, the other was our, uh, processes in order fulfillment. So now the more sales stuff and the more of the business management that I do the last time doing fulfillment. Um, so, and we’ve hired people to do fulfillment and to do that we have a really nice, like we’re working on a very detailed system, but we have like a checklist for our entire work. And so I know if, if a client calls me and says, Hey, this is wrong, I can pull out the checklist. Nope, nope. It’s actually, do you have five boxes? Here’s the weights of every single box. Here’s the dimensions. Did you get all these? No, no, I must’ve missed one. Then I, then we know where to get to it. Um, it really, uh, then we’re not overnighting product at our expense because, because they didn’t find a box cause reception put it in a different room or because

I wanted to challenge something real fast. Um, I know that I don’t work with you guys directly, so make your plan. And then obviously if the workshops and we do our business coach meetings, but you’ve been just wonderful clients where we are car, we’re just, you know, you’ve been great to work with. I think you sent a nice thank you gift for the whole team. Will Elephant. There were things in there. Um, have you worked with a lot of clients? You’ve may explain what makes them a good client for you to work with. Exactly. That they have been good for you to work with.

They’ve been amazing. I think your consistency, your diligence, you guys are just amazing people as well. And that makes it so much easier for me to come in and show you different systems that maybe didn’t know or weren’t used to and it just so coachable. You’re like, okay, yeah, if you have a question you’re like, well, what about this? What this, let me just talk through it. Um, and it’s just a really good relationship. Um, and I will brag that they were in their meeting. Steven actually like creates his own action items. I was like, Oh hey, do this, do this overhaul. But on the agenda. Um, so he’s just so goal oriented. Um, just great people. I can’t say enough good words. 14


Are you have that always has a good one. You Bet. Anybody else question? Okay, so you bet you have two questions.

Okay. One question I have is that you say you started out in the garage or do you have a office now today? I’m like, did you?

We do, yeah. If you want, I’ll show you pictures afterwards. I’ve got it.

We have an office in a shop space that we’re trying to live in as long as we possibly can. We outgrew it like last year, honestly, and

30% larger than this room. And we do almost half a million dollars worth of

Rosales, 14 feet. So it’s about this room. Oh yeah. I have like road cases, like big cases you would tour with. I have them stack another quadruple stack now, coaching tip for encouraging you try to stay there for as long as possible. It’s like the longest. And then deploy that in marketing. And when you make the jump, it’s not painful because the real estate, big spaces, it’s Kinda sucks the soul.

No question. I do. Um, also you had mentioned in our conversation earlier that you do international. Uh Huh. So how does that work? What countries have you service?

Uh, Angela? Um, a lot in Canada, some in New Mexico. Okay.

Carol Kiriakos, there’s an island nation off the coast of South America than I can pronounce, so I can’t remember it. But yeah.

So with each of those it’s, it’s kind of banks. You have to do a customs invoice for that particular country, but, um, it’s pretty cool. We bid on a lot of stuff in other countries as well, but uh, shipping and specifically tariffs whenever you’re doing like a high value piece and shipping it and our stuff is large as well, relatively large. Um, so shipping international shipping gets expensive as you can imagine.

Yeah. Just really quick. Oh, always the case. I mean, was that, did you have that business before you came to thrive or was that something that came as a result of coming to thrive? The international business, the about half and half.

Yeah, so we had a little bit and like in the Caribbean, but like Canada is like, what are Canadian cells will probably doubled since we started thrive, which is great because the sales I made up, there are two production companies, uh, and they don’t have the same, uh, the same availability of scenic products that are here in the u s now. That’s a huge deal.

We have like zero competitors in Canada.

Oh. What we’re going to do is daisy, Stevie wheels, extra questions. You can ask this. We’re going to go to a doodle on team five out there.

All right, final teaching moment. I want to, I want to break down is chuck, why? Why did we want mod scenes? Why did we like it when our clients come to our meetings? Yeah. To share with the team how their business has grown. Why do we want our clients to come and personify the businesses that we helped behind the scenes? Oh, because a lot of our team members are working, like you said, behind the scenes and they don’t necessarily get to see the day to day that we do as coaches, graphic designers, graphic designers,

web coders, search engine optimized otography photographers, videographers, and they don’t necessarily see the huge, huge benefit that they bring to these people’s lives every single day by being on our team and working with him. Here’s a bonus tip for anybody out there. This is a true, true, honest to God. Crazy. No brainer for you, the listener, you, um, if you have a business and you’re doing at least $1 million of gross revenue, this is the one move you can do that will change your business. It’s so crazy. If you just hire a $10 an hour employee who you pay $10 an hour, plus you say every deal you, every appointment you set for me, um, I’ll give you 10 bucks or something. Like yeah, it can dramatically change your business. Oh my gosh. So Shaw homes, uh, brought in a guy by the name of Matt. Now Matt, cool story with Matt.

Matt was working for us at a desk located approximately about a foot behind Daisy’s desk making outbound calls. Right. And Matt told me, he said, hey, I’m going to move here to Arizona. I think, I think, I think it was Arizona. I’m moving, moving to Arizona to go work with somebody and he’s a great member of the team. And I said, okay, you sure? He said, yeah. So Matt put in his two weeks, I’d planned on him leaving. I thought, this is how it’s going to end. Yup. Well. Then one day I’m talking to him and I’m like, are you really gonna go? Are you excited? What’s going on? He goes, well, it kind of fell through. I don’t know how to, I don’t know how to ask, but I kinda want my job back. I said, well, I’ve got some good news and bad news.

Good news is I can get you a job in this building. Bad News is you can’t be on my payroll. He’s like, what am I, because we’ve already filled your spot. Right? But I know Shaw homes is looking for an outbound cold caller that will work out of my business and they want me to manage the cold collar. They’re going to work out of our building chip at the desk that you used to have. He goes, weird. See me and I get to work at the same desk doing the same job, just getting paid by somebody else. I said, yeah, so Matt, literally, I’m not exaggerating this February versus last February. If you guys go to Shaw you can visit their website. You can call them to verify. Ask for Erin antice. Matt has increased their sales by more than 25% this is a company doing $57 million of sales last year.

A big chunk. He’s increased their sales by 25% one man, think about that for a sec. Huge. In a typical month, if you’re doing 50 chuck, do the math on there. If you’re doing 54 million a year, let’s say 54 million divided by 12 what’s that number? That is 4.5 million and if you go up by 1.25 that means that Matt has brought in over one point $1 million. He as a result of paying Matt $10 an hour plus or whatever he gets paid per hour plus commissions. He’s increased their sales by over $1 million. He’s the million dollar baby. UHG We talked about it earlier in the show, right? Following up, he’s making over a hundred calls a day. Ah, and most companies make a hundred cold calls a week. Yes. Yeah. Get a full time person to call your former patients, your former clients or current clients or prospects. It’s a game changing event.

I want to go around the horn with final words of wisdom and we’ll wrap up today’s show. Jason, if you are talking to somebody out there who’s on the fence about business coaching, what feedback would you have for them and why? Why do you feel like they should all check it out? Uh, avoid innuendos as much as possible because they gets you in trouble. No, um, I think what’s super important is just follow up is one thing but also self accountabilities and other, cause like you can work with the business coach every hour. You could work with a coach one hour of every week or a couple of hours of every week, but unless you actually do the action items that are given to you when you’re not in the meeting with them, you can’t help or you can’t grow any further and you’re not, even if you’re a coachable person, reach out.

Right. But if you’re not, don’t do it. Yes, you have to be coachable person. You have to be a diligent person. Now a doctor, Breck, give anybody a tip out there and be a tip to your younger self. 10 years ago when your business was not doing well right now it’s doing great. What advice would you have for a younger version of yourself? 10 years ago? Man, there’s so much. I had to write a book to myself. Um, that’s my book called Jack answered by the way. I think to myself. That’s right. Um, take the time to be intentional, you know what I mean? Like you said, it may take a week in, um, to do certain things. Um, but the time it saves you in the long run is so huge. So, uh, yeah, I mean just get off the fence, get it t do that hard thing today. Um, so that you don’t have to worry about it tomorrow, but be intentional, be proactive, not reactive. When you do hard things, life does get easier. Chuck, what’s your, what’s your final tip for the members of the thrive nation listening to today’s show? What, what, what advice would you have for, you can either go out there. Yeah,

create your own path up a mountain or you can follow one that’s been maintained. It has trail markers that has guard rails on it to get you to the top safely. So I would just suggest that, you know, follow proven paths when you can. And that’s what we offer here at thrive. A system that works from all the way in the beginning of marketing all the way through to accounting. It’s been proven a clay and DR Z on their 14th million dollar plus business. This Ha, this works. You just have to follow the path.

And what’s really cool is when we start opening these full package medias. Yeah, you will probably open up your first multimillion dollar company and then your second oh yeah. Within like 18 months because the full package media as the systems are already there. When you buy a franchise, you saved three years. You could probably buy a business chuck, cause you, you, you, you see it, right? You’ve already coached to the tip top canine up to doing a startup to do in $30,000 a week in sales, in less than how many months? Eight ish. Yeah. I mean you can do $30,000 a week all year. That’s 1.5 million a year. That’s one multimillion dollar company. Do another market. That’s too, I mean, it’s, it’s so possible to scale apps. Once you have those proven systems and processes, you’ve got to follow them. No, got to follow him. Nothing works unless you do. And each and every show is a boom. So here we go. Three, two, one. Woo.


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