Don’t Let Emotions Get in the Way of the Motions You Need to Take (Doing What Needs to Be Done)

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Business Coach Clay Clark shares why you can’t let your emotions get in the way of the motions you need to take.

Step 1 – Determine Your Goals

    1. Determine Your F6:
      1. Faith – What does it cost annually?
      2. Family – What does it cost annually?
      3. Finances – What does it cost annually?
      4. Fitness – What does it cost annually?
      5. Friendship – What does it cost annually?
      6. Fun – What does it cost annually?
    2. Determine Your Why:
    3. Determine the Number of Customers Needed to Achieve That Goal:

Step 2 – Determine the Number of Hours I’m Willing to Work On Your Business

Step 3 – Determine the Unique Value Proposition

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you’re remarkable, it’s likely that some people won’t like you. That’s part of the definition of remarkable. Nobody gets unanimous praise–ever. The best the timid can hope for is to be unnoticed. Criticism comes to those who stand out.”― Seth Godin, Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

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Audio Transcription

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Yes, yes, yes. And Quill. Allergies are getting me. The DayQuil is getting me through. Jason, on today’s show. It’s going to be a shorter show. It’ll be a kind of a 25 minutes showed. Today we’re going to talk about don’t let emotions get in the way of the motions you need to take. Don’t let the emotions get in the way of the motions you need to take. So what I’m going to do is I have this beautiful boom book in front of me and we’re going to go through page four of the boom book, which all of our listeners can download for free, uh, by going to thrive time You click on the podcast button there, you can download an ebook version of every book I’ve ever written, I believe up to this point of which there are 13 books up there. So a 13 maybe 14.

I think there’s 13, but go to page four. Jason, you’re on page four and you’ve coached with some great business coaching clients. I have. What I’d like for you to do is share about, um, maybe some clients in the past that, um, refuse to do part of this. There’s basically, there’s these boxes, there’s these, it’s, there’s a have a workflow. There’s a diagram of what you need to do to get where you want to go. And what I would like for you to do is read off the first box and then tell me, um, about maybe pushback you’ve received from a business coaching client about doing it. And then what’s your positive story about when they decided to start doing it? So let’s go to the first box. What is the first box? Cause these are the things you have to do to create both time and financial freedom.

What does the first box in the workflow on page four at the boom book say to do? The first box is a goals Y number of customers needed to achieve your goal and the number of customers to break even. So step one, you got to determine your goals. You have to determine your goals, right? Right. And then underneath that, what were the, what were the details that are determined your goals? Um, so your why. Okay. So some know your determine your why. Got it. Okay. And then number two is you need to know the number of customers needed to achieve that goal. Determine the number of customers needed to achieve that goal. Okay. So that, that, that’s box one, right? [inaudible] okay. So let’s talk about it. Determine your goals. Have you ever had a business coaching client ever push back about figuring out their goals? Yeah. And the most common responsible is a wad.

Just know that I want to be profitable and grow. I’m like, yeah, but towards what? Cause you can just put some material number out there, but you have to know exactly what got to do to get there. But okay, so let’s do an example. This would be like going, you’re, you’re hitchhiking. Okay, we’re hitchhiking through life. I love the champion. And you say, thumbs up. Here we go. Thumbs up, hitchhiking, hitchhiking. Um, someone pulls over, you know, they pull [inaudible], they pull over, they’d get into the, and they pull into the shoulder, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Uh, excuse me. Uh, sir. Where, where, where do you, what do you want to go? I don’t, I don’t know. Whoa. Okay. I’ll leave here then. I mean, next person pulls over. Boom in the shoulder, sir. Um, where, where are you looking to go? Couldn’t tell ya.

It’s hard to get anywhere if you don’t know where you want to go right now. I think the biggest issue people have about determining where they want to go is they say, what if I miss out on my true purpose? Well, you need to do is quit reading books about goals. Quit, quit traveling, spiritual, uh, psychedelic experiences. Quit traveling around the planet, searching for your goals. Just start. You can’t steer apart the bus. You’ve got to determine your goals now because if you don’t determine your goals, you won’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing. As an example, in my man cave, which will, will, you will soon show various aspects of the man-cave on YouTube. Uh, soon, but the, the man cave, um, we have it written in. I, it says actually do this. Go over to the bar real quick. Jason. At the bar, you’ll see the pyramid and if you can yell out the org chart, just kind of yell it out to us here.

And I think the Michael should pick you up a little bit. Just kinda yell. You see it there. That’s the, the pyramid. What’s what’s at the top of the pyramid. God, you’ve got God is at the top of the pyramid. What second? That’s dr Z. So step one, I wanna do everything I do. I want to make sure that honors God as I see it too. I want to make sure it doesn’t conflict with dr Z. He’s cool with it. Third is what Vanessa and I want to make sure it doesn’t conflict with my wife and I. What is in the next part of this pyramid, Jonathan will make sure that Jonathan understands it and knows it and is on board with it. Next, the thrive time show, what does it say about the thrive time show?

I want 100,000 downloads of the thrive time show per week because we have hit our goals. I am heavy. What is the next one? We want to have 2000 drivers a year, attend conferences and subscribe to the online school and therefore we have, I think last year we had just just a hair under 2000 people attend the conferences. Therefore I’m happy. And what does the next one franchise. The what? Franchise. The coachable. Thank you. You can come back into the studio now. So knowing my goals, um, I would like to get your perspective when you work for somebody or with somebody who knows their goals, can you contrast that to working for someone who doesn’t know their goals? Yes. Cause there’s an actual path that we can follow instead of just wandering around aimlessly. And isn’t it helpful know that like, isn’t it good? I mean, comforting.

Good, good or bad. You know where I stand on things, it’s very comforting that way. There’s no gray area. It’s this or that. There it is. But for me, you say, well clay, if you did this, you could get another punter thousand downloads a week. No, I’ve hit my goals. So I’m going to put out this show for you. I’m going to tell you this [inaudible] specific tasks you need to take and then you can decide whether to apply it or not and decide whether to share it with a friend or not. But I’m not going to do any short cuts or hacks that might sabotage my goals cause I’ve already hit my goals. So knowing my goal, I only want to business coach diligent people. If you’re out there listening right now and you’re somebody who just wants to be shown the proven path, you’re my kind of person.

If you, if you’re willing to do the work and implement what you’re learning, we’re a good fit. You know, Thomas Edison to the vision without execution is hallucination. If you’re somebody who doesn’t like to hallucinate, you just want to get stuff done. You’re going to love our program, Jason people, we’re going to love our program. If they like to get stuff done, why and what kind of person would hate our program? While the, I answered the second part first. The person who would hit our program is of course the people who do not want to get anything done. And the reason why is because we give you a lot of stuff, but all of those things are going to help you hit your goals. It’s going to help you maintain your goal. It’s gonna help you grow past your goals if you want to. Now again, what if you what have you don’t want to get the goals done.

What if you just want to talk about it? Well then you can just talk about being broke and that’s like a life coaching thing. Yeah, that’s not what we do. We teach diligent people how to implement a proven path. Now again, you have to determine your goals today, figuring out what are your goals and you might need some specific details. You need to know your F six goals. You gotta determine your F six goals. What determined your F six goals? I don’t know what they are. What does that mean? F six it’s faith, family, finances, fitness, friendship and fun. And you want to figure out what it costs annually. What Jason, why is it important to figure out what it costs? What does what it costs annually? Well, that number is going to affect your business as well. So you can schedule out your time and that’s fine, but you need to know what it’s costing you because that money’s coming out of your account.

That’s money you could allocate somewhere else. Now, again, if you know your goals and what it costs annually, then you might know if you’re there or not. Right? So like Andrew and his wife are looking to buy a new house, which is super cool. I’m excited for him. Right? But they clearly know how much money they plan on earning. Otherwise you’re going to feel this toll to go out and buy a bigger house. Right? A bigger mansion, bigger house, better car, bigger car. Why do you think I haven’t bought a new car? Why do you think I’m driving a Hummer with, you know, 200,000 miles on it? Well at one point the Hummer was the goal and then you hit it and you’re like, Oh, like I like living here. This is great. Yeah, and it still works. Right? But the world says I should do what?

Ball out of control, man. Get that Raptor with the 68 inch rims, get the, get the go. Get that Lamborghini, get the, uh, get the Tai Lopez mobile. Get the Lamborghini, get the Porsche, get the, there’s nothing wrong with you if you want that. It’s just not on my goal list. Right? Again, determine your goals for your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship, your fun, and determine why you want to do these things. And then determine specifically how many customers do you need to achieve that goal? Well, for me, I only want 160 business coaching clients. I do not want a thousand. Why? Because I personally do the 13 point assessment for every client. And why do I do that, Jason? Why? Because it’s your system, but also you get it. You’re giving them the action items to help them grow. And so if you were to do that for a thousand people, that’s what does it typically take a one to three hours to do?

Like a full plan? Yeah, usually we’ve got a one hour call that takes me about an hour to research my old files and get it all together and then a couple of hours to type it out. So we’re talking, you know, on average four hours of my time. Yeah. Or 4,000 if you wanted to ramp that goal up to 1000 people or, and you could say, well clay, you could teach other people how to do it. I don’t want to. Why? Because I only want 160 clients. Why? Because I want to know your name or at least I want to be able to kind of get your name quickly at a conference. Right. I don’t want you to just to become a number of you ever been to a thing, Jason, where there were thousands of people and you were just one of the things in the, in that group of a thousand.

I mean, I’ve been at a job where there’s only maybe 60 employees and you are a number and that doesn’t that suck. Yeah, it’s a little weird. So today I’m doing a, a a call here with uh, uh, somebody by the name of Leah, I believe, Leah from, uh, Louisville, Kentucky, where my wife’s from. Oh. And, uh, we’re going to talk to her about how to grow her business and I’m excited about it. I’m excited about it. I am excited about helping this person and whether they become a client or not, depends on whether we have an opening or not. Right. And I think I talked to Andrew yesterday and he said that we have a client who’s hit their goals and so we’ll have an opening here soon. So that’s, that’s great. So I’ll probably have to tell late Leah, Hey, you know, October, I, I’m not sure in the show will come out in the show.

The show might come out and I think we’re actually at this point where we’ve, we’ve, we’ve recorded through, I think November. This might be a December show. Yeah. But we’re far out. Right. But I can tell. Um, it’s Leah. Hey, you know, we can move forward in October or November, whatever, wherever the date is. But again, you got to know your goals. Now, Jason, I’ve, I’ve been sipping on DayQuil this week. You have been. Why? Well, because you have to be here. No sick days. Bill villager. This keeps people from getting, how often does this kid getting sick? Keep a client from getting their crap done. Not your clients. For other people. Oh, it happens all the time. Just you get that random text. Oh man, I just, I didn’t get anything done. I’ve been sick as a dog the past week. So can we have a Mulligan now?

Do I do that to you? Never. Interesting. I’ve watched you on the like the threshold death with a sinus infection. You’re like, Oh, we’re going to Denver and we’re doing this. FDD, somebody needs this, this, this, right? This is bill Belichick at the Patriots parade and he’s given the Mike, he can say whatever he wants to a crowd of over a million people in new England to celebrate the winning of the super bowl. And this is what bill Belichick chooses to say, let me, let me queue it up. Let me get it. Let me get the audio clip. Come on. Come on Billy. This is what [inaudible].

[inaudible] yes, yes, yes.

But again, if you want to take your days off and not get your action items done because you want to take a day off because you have a sick day, it’s fine. You just won’t be successful. Let’s not make this a stressful, complicated thing. You just have to get your homework done, right. But again, step one, you got to determine your goals. Jason, what’s the next box? Cause we’re just teaching people to a system that works. This is don’t let emotions get in the way of the motions. You need to take, do what needs to be done. Jason. Yes. So the next box is you have to determine the number of hours you’re willing to work on the business. And when that is, talk to me. What does that mean to you? So, um, let’s say I were a business coaching client, I was your coaching client and you said, okay, mr Jason, how many hours this week can you actually work on the business?

Not say, well, I work 40 hours. No, no, no. That’s within the business. That’s you doing jobs. This is you doing things outside of that when you’re going to run your ads, when you’re going to look at your numbers, when you’re going to systemize everything, when you’re gonna make your handbook that’s working on the business. So how many hours a day can you realistically do things that are going to benefit the business, not just bringing in another sale. So walk me through again. Step home was determined what goals, what is, what is step two again? Um, determine the number of hours you’re willing to work on your business. I don’t get it. What do you mean step two? You’re saying determine the number of what? Of hours. The number of hours I’m willing to want work on your business. Hmm. So what time are you going to schedule within your day and week where you sit down and you do nothing but work on the business to improve it?

Let’s work on this business right now. Yeah. I’m going to have you go to the, uh, go out to the cover to the counter real quick. And I want you to grab my, my to do list real fast. Got it. You grab real fast. So Jason is gonna grab my, my uh, clipboard from the counter and he’s going, we’re gonna work on the business right now. We’re right now, right now, thrive nation. We are working on to business now through the power of Sharpie technology that you have a super pin with you. You have a super pin with your, or a good pin or reliable pin. Okay. So if you can write on the reliable pin, say call Devin to keep so called Devin. That’s the, that’s the step one called Devin dash. And then put thrive time show. That way we know what it’s about.

So called Devin, who, who called Devin about what thrive time show to keep the microphone for the Stu to keep the studio from recording itself to keep right. So we played the intro today. You know the audio recorded itself. That’s what we wanna do, right? So we’re working on the business now doing the show right now. We’re in the show. This show is actually happening right now. But to be proactive, I noticed something weird going on where it’s recording itself right now. And Jason, why do we have to put it on the to do list right now? Cause you deal with 10,000 other things a day and your brains not made for remembering. So if you write it down, you see what your missions are and you’re like, Oh I haven’t accomplished that yet. And we got one more homework item. Let’s put deep dive deep dive dash, create the universal ultimate tracking sheet now and then put underneath that sub point a

number of articles written per week. Cool. Gotcha. Sub point B number of I put put to ’em group interview conducted yes or no group interview conducted, yes or no. And then put accounting meeting completed yes or no, right? And then put team meeting completed. Yes or no, because we were on the phone today and I’m not at Liberty to share this guy’s numbers on our show, but you are on, you heard me talk to a guy this morning, right? Who is killing it? I don’t know if you heard him. Did he, did he tell you about the $200,000 of sales? He didn’t one day. Did you hear that part or no? That was like his first win. Yeah. So the guy did 200 grand of sales in a day. Folks, folks, folks out there who are doing some kind of construction, um, some type of home remodeling.

I’ve got a client do 120 doing tutored thousand dollars of sales in a day. A guy who’s growing a business from 3 million to 5 million, potentially 6 million in one year, Jason, that would be doubling bowls, doubling your business. True. In a year. You heard the call? Yeah. Real guy. Love that guy and let’s be inspired. And that guy on the phone call. Did he not say, Hey, what’s stopping us from opening up another city? Did he not say he did and he’s been a client for four or five months. You’ve seen it happen. Yeah. And what time do we do our calls? You call him at 5:00 AM on Saturday. On the dot. Every Saturday. What? What time are we recording right now? Uh, the official time is six 48. What time did we get here today? Um, we got here about four 45. Four 45. You gotta get four 45 and I was feeling horrible. I don’t want to get here at four 45. You know why? Because I am not feeling good. I got allergies baby in Oklahoma. Anytime the weather changes, the allergies get me, they punished me. But Jason, we’re here. We’re here. Why are we here? Because we got to do it. No days off. No days off. Why are we here once, just gotta make Bellatrix


what if we let our emotions get in the way of the


If you did that, you would not be recorded all the way through November. Interesting. And why are we recorded through November? Why do you think I’m that far ahead? Well, it’s better to say on it, but you also have stuff in the candidate just in case. Let’s say we’re rocking the no days off and we just happen to get slighted by a random bus. We have no control over. Right? At least we’ll have audio content for two months after my death. Right? You go, I’m like the Tupac of podcast in memoriam. I’ll be dead and I’ll still have albums coming out. It’s so important though that you get in your head right now, the number of hours that you’re willing to work on your business. How many hours? Here’s what I’m saying to you, I’m willing to go from 5:00 AM

to 5:00 PM every day. Every day. You’re going to do it five days a week. Okay, boom. I’m willing to give you 60 hours. I’ll do it every week. 60 then on the weekends, I’m going to go from 3:00 AM to 9:00 AM both days. I’m willing to give you 72 hours a week. I’ll do it every single week. I like that and I have never met a billionaire or a millionaire. Anybody who has a lot of money who works 36 hours. Now if you want to work 36 hours, that’s fine, but get off of my field, my field, I don’t feel you play in or what field, what industry you’re in or what field, but I am in the field of super success. I am not in the field of the amateur hour. I am not interested in watching a crappy comedian deliver his half-baked presentation. I am not interested in watching a minister who doesn’t devote the time needed to be great.

I am not interested and watching or hearing a podcast that is half-baked. I want people who are excellent and the market does too. Jason, have you noticed, have you noticed how good Seinfeld is? You know I have. I was never an appreciator of it until I started working for you. And it’s gotten to the point where like all go back and look, you’ll play a clip like that was really well done. Then I’ll go and watch a whole episode back. I can see why people watch this. It’s just a good product. Have you noticed how many shows Joe Rogan has put out? Oh, it’s baffling. I mean, Joe Rogan’s got quite a few podcasts. Their phones. Yeah. Now I think right now he’s on 1,351 and I’m saying that because that’s the number on the show, right? So he’s got, I mean he, he, he’s, it’s consistency, consistency, constantly adding content.

Right? 1,351 but you’ve got to figure it out. How many hours a week you’re willing to work on your and what have you, what have you never write that number down? Can what happens, Jason? Well, typically you don’t have time to get the things done that you need to get done. You have to know the number. It’s like defining what your goal is, how many customers you need, what’s your break even point is sending a time, everything’s a trade off. So let’s say I decide that I want to spend eight hours of my Saturday recording my own podcast while I’d have to schedule that out. Otherwise something else would pop up and I would never get it done. Now I have 1,716 so one seven one six shows out so far. What one seven one six did we beat Rogan on numbers? Yeah. Yeah. And they were ahead of him cause we have, we have 1,700 and we can do it again.

We have 1,716 and Joe Rogan has, um, let’s see here. He has 1,351 Oh and your face Ruben. But what I’m trying to share with the listeners, and I don’t know if people know this, I have an audio vault of ones I’ve recorded. I haven’t even finished yet. Right. Have over a thousand still. So again, why is it important though that I defined Jason? I’m willing to work from five to five and not from five until 10:00 PM what? Why is it important? I’ve decided I have to find those boundaries with my wife that I can go from 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM well, you have to measure what your treasure and if you’ve defined that you’re working from five to five that’s what’s happening between five to five could we make more money if we’re willing to work at night? Could I make more you think? Sure. Yeah.

Can I make more of, I was working on the weekends, absolutely, but I’m not gonna work after nine flux. I don’t know if anyone understands the words that are coming out of my mouth, but maybe with the cow bell, maybe with some clapping, maybe with some enthusiasm, maybe with some DayQuil. Step one, we’ve got to determine our goals. Step two, determine the number of hours you’re willing to work on the business. And step three is what Jason determined the unique value proposition. Determine the what? The unique value proposition. I don’t understand. What do you mean? What makes you different? Now, what happens if a client doesn’t want to make something that stands out? What happens if they say, Hey, have you ever had a client you’ve talked to? And they’re like, yeah, I know that in order to get the attention of the marketplace, I’m going to need to stand out, but I don’t want to because somebody might not like it.

Yup. What happens? Well, I have the same conversation about four weeks later and they say, Hey, I’ve had no new leads come in. I have no new business. Nobody’s going to my site. Help me. What do I do? I’m like, well, you ever tried not being invisible? Okay, so let’s talk about how we, how you can stand out. Let’s give some specific examples. For the listeners out there, how does, well, first off, let me read a notable quotable from a Seth Goden who we’ve had on the show best selling author marketing genius guru. He says, if your remarkable, it’s likely likely that some people won’t like you. That’s part of the definition of remarkable. Nobody gets unanimous praise ever. The best the timid can hope for is to be unnoticed. Criticism comes to those who stand out. So Jason, with this show, who does this show appeal to?

Who does it not appeal to? All the show appeals to the diligent doer and the one who has a business growth and successful mindset. But this would not be something that somebody who wants to be lackadaisical or just enjoy it. Cause I mean you’re hilarious, but anybody who’s looking for like just comedy would not like this podcast. This is for the person who wants to get stuff done. If you don’t want to get stuff done, then you’re gonna like to show true. And there’s a lot of great shows you can listen to that just kind of fill your mind with ideas, right? Oh yeah. But what if you don’t like what if you don’t like this show? Well that’s fine. You can go somewhere else, right? Yeah. Elephant in the room, our men’s grooming lounge. It’s, it offers high end haircuts to men looking for an experience.

Right? True. And what kind of a person would like it? What kind of person would not like somebody who wants to have that experience and wants to take the time out of their day just to go through the whole motion of what we do. But if somebody just wants a super quick cut, they don’t care about that, then that’s fine. There are other places that they can go that are better suited to what they want. We had somebody the other day who wrote the following thing. They said, Hey, um, this person signed up for a haircut. They signed up for a haircut, and when they signed up for the haircut, apparently they, um, said they says his, his scammed, and they said, this is what they wrote, scammed my boyfriend by telling him he could come in for a free haircut. It turns out it was $11 plus a tip.

Not surprising though, the way the owner runs his business. Now, the person who wrote it is a former employee figures now. Now Jason, what happens if somebody’s not a good fit for our office? What happens? We just move along and find someone who is a good fit, right? So when I, when I fire somebody, it’s shocking they’re going to go leave bad reviews. No, not at all. It’s not [inaudible] it should be shocking. Cause typically people get fired for reasons that they caused. They’re going to do it regardless. Do we fire the best people? Is that a strategy? Oh just that would just, wouldn’t that be amazing? We just fired all the players. So we’d have to fire bad people. Correct? We fire the bad people. Only the bad people. But part of our unique value proposition is that we have happy people that work at elephant in the room.

Right? Right. So is it shocking that we, when we fire a low energy person who chooses not to be happy, is it shocking? Not at all. But in order to get universal praise, I guess the only way to keep them happy would be to not fire them. True. And if we didn’t fire them with the customers, be happy. Nope. No. So again, you can’t make everybody happy. Right? So you gotta be remarkable and elephant, the room, our brand is a high end haircut. Now, why do we record the calls for quality? Why do we do the quality assurance recall recording to make sure that everybody on our call center staff is following the same script so everybody gets the exact same experience as American express. Record the calls. Yep. Does target have video in the stores? Absolutely. Why do certain people say it’s shady? That we record our calls for quality assurance? [inaudible]

certain people say shady. Well because if it’s an employee and employees do shady things or if it is a customer, the customer may not be truthful about their experience. So this particular person who says their, their boyfriend was promised a free haircut. Yeah. The calls are recorded and we’ve sent it to the customer that says, Hey, we haven’t seen you in 90 days. And so we would like to offer you a haircut for only $11. Right? Would you like to do it? Sure. There it is. How is that scammy? Well, because $11 means free. And who told me I had to tip these people? These people are maybe living together and, and maybe all of a sudden one party gets an unexpected bill. You think someone’s going to say, well, yeah, I agreed to it. Usually they throw us under the bus, but we record the calls for quality assurance.

Right? And again, some people think that shady, some people think it’s great, but either way we do it right. But if I were to sit there and run it by the team, Hey team, what do you think? Do you think we should do $1 haircuts? Just some people on the team, not like the idea of doing the first haircut for a dollar. Oh, some people are very, very painful. And they say it’s cheapening the brand. Right? We don’t want to do a dollar haircut. Some people, so get kick at universal praise. Right? You can’t, by the way, two certain employees do. They should give them a break every two hours. Yes. And if we did that, what would happen? We would never got hair. We would have open gaps where we’re not making money. And then I get, I’ve had people say, it’s like you’re running a sweatshop, a sweat shop.

I’m getting paid, you know, 12 bucks an hour getting a break every ship every day. It’s not a sweatshop. But again, if my goal was to get universal praise, I could get anything done, right? These are just three of the steps on the 13 steps to proven business success. But we got to get past the emotions here folks. We’ve got to get past the emotions that are getting in the way of the motions that you need to take. So action item one, go to thrive time, today and click on the podcasts button and download the boom book for free. You can download it for free, the ebook version. Just get it, boom. Then open up to page four and look at the steps. Implement the steps. And you might say, but I just get so emotional. Well then you can’t have success, right? It’s not that you’re a bad person, you’re a good guy.

Good, good, good lady, great American. You just can’t have success. You’re, you’re the kind of great American that pays their taxes. I, I tell you, I believe in you. I believe in strong road strength, strong families, and strong listeners, and I bet you that you’re the kind of person who pays taxes, but that’s great. You’re a great American, but you got to implement your action items. You get paid based on what you do, not based upon what you say you’re going to do. And so now, because I’ve said I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it. I’m going to call a Papa Gallo’s our client in Florida, we’re going to call them for their a 7:00 AM meeting. So if any further, I do three, two, one no,


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