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Clay breaks down why you should not waste your time writing resumes because 85% of job applicants are lying according to research published in Inc. Magazine in this Knowledge Bomb episode.

FUN FACTS – 85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes. Here’s How to Spot a Dishonest Candidate –


  1. Never Stop Posting Now Hiring Advertisements (Indeed, Craigslist, Linkedin, Facebook)
  2. Write a Pre-Written Response for All Resumes
  3. Schedule a Weekly Group Interview Time
  4. Only Schedule Functional Humans to Shadow You
  5. Only Read Resumes After the Shadowing Process
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Grabbed the duck tape and mentally prepare yourself or yet another mind expanding knowledge bomb from America’s number one business coach, Clay Clark up

on today’s show, we’re talking about don’t read resumes because 85% of them are fiction literary pieces of work. Right. Chuck, talk to me about the, the shock that you experienced the first time that I said at a meeting or somewhere that 85% of people lied on resumes. What were you thinking when I made that claim? Uh, well for me personally, I go, you know what, that matches my history with hiring people and everybody would come in and tell us that you could do, they could do everything that you needed him to do a run into concrete company. We’d need people that can lay out the jobs and read the plans. Oh yeah man, I’ve been doing that for 20 years. And then they go dig a hole and pour concrete in the rungs bought because I wasn’t a good manager at the time. So everybody lies.

Uh, when they’re trying to 85%, 88.5 out of 10 people are lying to you, doctor Breck you’ve seen a lot of resumes throughout your career. Do you have one? Not a particular person I’m asking for, but one word, somebody claimed that they could do something. Maybe they claimed they were chiropractors and they weren’t, they claimed they were a nurse and they weren’t. They claimed they were. What’s the craziest ones that you could think of? I’ve got to, I’ve got quite a few stored up here to share with the listeners out there. I’m trying to think the craziest one. Uh, um, well I, okay, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll hop in here. I have a coder who applied here from MIT and he was headed, it was like a master’s degree in computer engineering. Talked about how he’d led a team of coders who help to do this and that and this and that.

He legitimately had a degree when he came to Tulsa. Chuck, he could not code. How was this possible? It’s actually, I know exactly how it’s possible and I’m not kidding. Like we, what we do here at thrive, when we want to hire somebody, if they’re out of from out of town, we’ll fly them in, we’ll pay the expenses and then they’ll shadow. So He’s here and he’s like, well guys, here’s the deal. I, I’m ready to get started. But first I really want to know more about the culture. So we eats up almost the first day. Just go, I want to know about this, I want them to know about this. We’ve got all these offers, I wonder about this and that. Then chuck, it was like day two and we only had him for two days and I said, hey, here’s the deal homes.

I need you to sit down and actually go do some PHP coding so we can see what you can and can’t do. Right. He sits down and he’s just like kind of cracking the knuckles, kind of like, well we did code cause that’s what I do. I code, this is me. You got ready to code, hey here’s me coffee. So he goes and get some coffee and he kind of gets it, goes around the coffee area. And he’s kind of, you know, coffee it up and he’s Kinda Kinda roast. Is this going to roast this cause some roast. What are you guys, what do you do? You guys blend and that becomes like a 30 minute conversation. Right? What is he thinking? Delio for dummies. He goes back to his desk and he’s like, now you guys have a three monitors here. I’ve got, I got to, um, I typically use a three, five seriously.

And here I’m like, okay, well you gonna have to use two. And he’s like, okay, do you have one of those keyboards that’s like the, what’s the keyword that ergonomic keeping. Yeah. This, this hurts my wrist. Do you have one of those? Cause I prefer to use, the chiropractor says I gotta use, they’re really funny. You know the mouse. That’s like the reverse. How a normal human would use. Yeah. I think Currington has one of those. Yeah. What kind of mouse isn’t that? Uh, which one? The one on the left hand man. It’s like a foam ball. Yeah. There’s, I don’t know. I hate that mouse. It’s going. So he’s asking for these things. And I’m like, okay, here’s the deal. You brought you into code. I don’t want to get into an issue with you would just, you know, that’d be like your resume, liked your interview, liked, liked, like can you code? And he goes, no, come on man, you gotta get it. So we sent him back home when the first flight and that happens a lot. And the thing that blows my mind is what did he think the end road, if that was, again, this is not an entry level job you’re looking for like a PHP coder. They’re obviously going to know you can’t code man. Shut up. I have a hot take care of for you. Hot take for you the worst.

That’s the thing. And here the way people are playing games. That’s crazy. You had stylists that don’t know how to cut hair. I had stylists that actually applied for a job that um, one, one guy that my favorite, he says to me, I want you to know my name is not actually Thomas. This is like after like two weeks he had a, she did a group interview. We’d like to stuff he shadowed like that process he put in his two weeks as other place and I called him, I said, hey, I’m calling through references and I’m, all the numbers are disconnected, everything is not working and I just want know like what’s going on? He goes, well I want you to know my name is not Thomas. I’m like, okay, what is your name? No, it’s like that. It was like something was, it was some Hispanic name.

And he’s like, you know, my name is Antonio whenever there and we go, okay, cool. Okay. Uh, why do you go by that name? Just I have a felony. And I’m like, okay, so your id you gave me, that’s not real. No it is. Not really. But we could I tell you what, I worked for half pay. I’m like, no, no, no, no. But there are certain people, that’s what they do. And what’s crazy? That’s not a, it’s not a small group of people. No. It’s like almost nine out of 10. So I’d like you to do it shop cause I like you to click on this link, this ink magazine article. It says 85% of job applicants. Why? On resumes? Yup. Here’s how to spot it dishonors candidate. Just read the first paragraph so that way we can really um, marinade on it together. I want to break it down. It’s like somebody out there has to be cured from this time wasting mental disorder called Lli reading resumes. Okay. It says according to higher rights 2017 employment screening benchmarker fort 85% of employers caught applicants fibbing on their resumes or applications up from just 66% five years ago. I believe that. No ma’am,

continue it given we have the lowest unemployment rate in a decade. You have to wonder why people would feel the need to lie. Well, here’s why. Employer applicant tracking systems expect an exact match. That’s one reason. So most companies use some form of applicant tracking system to take and resumes sort through them and narrowed down the applicant pool with the average job posting, getting more than a hundred applicants. Recruiters don’t want to be bleary eyed sorting through them. Instead, they let the ATS do the dirty work by telling it to pass along. Only the resumes that match their people are lying because they said, we’ll want to get through the system. Yeah, right. But either way or that because they’re liars too.

Right. So now let’s go through the five action steps that all the listeners need to take. And I’d like for you and myself and Dr Brick to kind of unpack each action item. Yes, one by one. So all the westerners can take notes and implement these things in their company

immediately to find quality people. Action step number one, never stop posting now. Hiring advertisements, indeed, craigslist, linkedin, Facebook, et cetera. Why? Because a year, it’s just I, I explained it to my clients the same way. A link it to sales. If you wait until you need to make a sale, trying to get a sale, you’re going to have a big dry spell and you’re not going to get any money for a large chunk of time. The same thing happens with recruiting. If you wait until you need somebody you’re going to hire, you’re going to make a bad hire because it’s the first available also

creates a culture that’s not stagnant. I’ll give you an example at the workshop on Saturday, I don’t know if you remember this, but there was a guy sitting with facing as I was speaking based on the audience to the left. Okay? A man was there from Dallas. Okay. Who’s done very well in business and just through random circumstances found out he knew Josh Smith. Yeah, I remember this one of my former Djs by though you and Joshua the same person. Okay. You guys were very, very similar in many ways. Disruptors a very funny people of great conversationalists and Josh was a tremendous Dj for me for years. Well, when he decided to go and start his own company, JW nutritional with a Jessie, um, uh, do, Jesse started it and Josh went to work with them. Um, I never had to try to hold Josh captive.

I never had just tried to block him from taking that job. I never had to say, God, well it would really kill my company if you left. Right? Because I was never done posting for jobs and I was never, I always had a list of people that were great candidates. Even if I was fully staffed, I never stopped recruiting. So I always had people have that ready to go in my file. I don’t have a file cabinet of puff people. I kept back in the day with file cabinets, right. Had a file cabinet where I’d keep candidates who are a good fit, but I just didn’t have a spot for him. So when Josh told me he wanted to start his own thing, I could just open my cabinet style, find another guy. Um, however, on the other side it works. When you’re a business owner and you don’t need somebody and they’re being squirrely, you can fire them right away because you have better candidates coming in. Dr Brick, take care. I’ve had that situation where a bad employee was holding me hostage because I had too many people that need it and I didn’t have

somebody else to replace them, so I couldn’t let them go. But they needed to go. I need to go badly. One other awesome thing about having this go a weekly posting and having a well we’ll get to the group interview is that it keeps your team keyed in because they see a river of new candidates coming in to do this every single week. Right. And uh, we had a young photographer working for us at one point and uh, uh, another photographer made it through the interview to the shadow day and he comes around, he snapping pictures of the office showing what he can do and the young guy walks up to him and he goes, Hey, is that my replacement? I go, I don’t know. You should probably get back to work. That’s true. He stayed around and he worked for a while and it worked out right.

But it was, it just got him re motivated and reinvigorated. So when it resume is submitted to you via as a result of you posting on craigslist or indeed or linkedin or Facebook, chuck, how do you respond? Step two, what’s step two? You A, you respond with a canned email that’s prewritten out and you don’t read their resume. So it’s your, your, your, your response should say something like, Hey, uh, we’re excited to interview you. I’d like to interview you this Wednesday at five. Yup. So step three, why would you always want to have a weekly specific time already prescheduled to interview all of the candidates because it’s on your time that you’re making this happen, not theirs. Oh, I can’t make Wednesday at five clay. Oh, Tuesday at two are you free Wednesday? If I feel free to come next week, we’ll be doing the same thing Wednesday at that.

Well, how about Saturday to, Oh, let me check. Nope. Nope. It looks like next Wednesday at five. All the guys, I feel like all you guys do is always interview people Wednesday at five that’s, that’ll never work for me then. That’s not going to work for us either. There it is. They want it bad enough, they’ll find exactly the reason. Okay. We had one lady who couldn’t attend the Wednesdays at five, so she went to her current employer and some curtain player. If I come in early tomorrow, could I leave early? That kind of thing. They’ll find a way to make a nice day. We’ll step number four chops. Step number four, are you ready? Only schedule functional humans to shadow you. Only sketchable functional humans to shatter. What do you mean by that? So when they make it through the the group interview process, then you want to have the good ones.

Want to pluck out the good ones. Maybe one in 10, two in 10, maybe one at 10 and one out of 10. By the way, that was right chuck. Those really positive of you. You really have made a change judging by this 85% of the applicant pool here. Um, but you want them to come into the business and shadow you and shadow a manager and kind of see what the business looks like. This was a very informative when I shadowed for you. Clay came in, suited up, ready to do everything and I feel like you immediately tested my ego, see if I’d get down and dirty and just what I asked you to do on day one when you were shadowing. Yeah. At first you had me crawl under your desk and try to figure it out. Something that was plugged in wrong and I immediately broke it and apologize. There was a credit card terminal. Then I went upstairs and worked on the credit card terminal that a few people had not been able to fix, but by Golly, you got it done. Figured it out. It was funny cause he had me call Vanessa and I hadn’t met her and I’m like, Hey, I got your number from your husband. He wants me to get

your bank account if for no, I do all these things. I do all these things with the first date if I can, because I want to see how that person can respond exactly to the culture, to the business to if there are people that cannot be resourceful, you just can’t win with a team like that. Doctor Breck would, someone’s shadows. You, what are you looking for out of a quality candidate? What are you not looking for? Oh man, there’s so many things I’m looking for integrity. So I don’t want them lying on their resume. That’s a big one. Well that’s pretty judgmental, but character, um, additive,

do those are the, the uh, the soft value, you know, those, those intangible things that um, the task stuff, I mean we can teach you, um, you know, once we’ve, once you figured out if you’re kind of a fit for our culture, then it’s a matter of are you coachable? Are you ready to jump in or you roll up your sleeves, hardworking? Um, you know, did you show up on time? You’re dependable. Um, those are the types of things that are gonna make the difference. You know, you come with the right energy. Um, and then the other things, we’re not looking for people who are, are closed off shit. And that’s not my job description. I’m pessimistic. I’m negative. Nancy, you name it. Um, yeah, you start, the more time you spend with them, the more you realize who they really are.

And then you only want to read resumes after the shadowing process, after they’ve shadowed you after the group interview, after you have determined this person seems like a good fit, then you want to sit down, read that resume, and call those references. Don’t want to invest any of your time, as little amount of time as possible until you vetted him through this filter process. They got to make it through three or four filters before you should spend any time looking at their resumes and references. Remember, thrivers do not read resumes because 85% of resumes are fictional. Do not read those resumes until you’ve had a group interview ban until you’ve shat till it, till they shadowed you. And until you flick you like the person, then invest the time to call their references. Be Diligent about it so you don’t get screwed. And now that he further ado, we’d like to end each and every Knowledge Bomb show is great.


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