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The founder of Complete Carpet Care shares how the business coaching provided by Clay Clark’s systems have allowed him to DOUBLE the size of his company in less than 1 year.

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It’s true every single morning at the thrive time show world headquarters. We have a what to start today we have a coaches meeting and at the very top of that agenda we cover what we cover our wins. And do you remember when we were celebrating some wins for complete carpet? Yeah. We actually had them come in and speak. They were winning so much when come in and speak to our r a team. Yeah. And do you remember how cool it was to see real people, real clients right in front of you who have been able to double their company and like a year and that crazy a double the company in year. That’s insane. Now Andrew, what if I told you that the people you met were in fact real people? They were not holograms. They were a very real people. But seriously, I think there’s a lot of our listeners who listened to the show and they can’t be in those meetings.

Right. And one of the things that is my biggest frustration is I think people on the outside listening to the show. But if you are listening to this show and you weren’t, you know, part of the show, part of the production crew, right? Would you believe that somebody could double their business for less money than it costs to hire a $10 an hour employee? I mean, honestly, think about this. If you, if you went to the average person said, hey, I’m going to, I’m going to give you a $10 per hour employee and this guy, he’s going to double your company. I mean, would you seriously think about that offer? I mean, think about that. If I, if I walked up to your business and I said, Hey, I’m a $10 an hour employee. Hi, how you doing? And I’m going to double think about the last $10 an hour employee you’ve met, right? He walks up to you and says, hi, I can double your company in a little less than a year. I mean, is that even a believable idea? I think I’d have to hear some testimonials. Well, here’s the, here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna pull up, I’m gonna encourage all the listeners to pull up complete carpet, that’s complete carpet, as we share this week’s edition. Oh


[inaudible] I

think you can do it. Yes. My name is Nathan. I think I’ve seen most of you in and out of the office of time. This is my lovely wife Toni. She’s the brains behind the operation. I’m just the meeting the muscle that goes up and pushes the wands and keeps the carpets being cleaned. I, we’ve been in Tulsa for 21 years, our 21st year cleaning carpets in the Tulsa area. And it’s also our first year breaking records. I mean, the last year has been amazing with that. We’re up to three vans. We’ve got an employees who to not just, we now it’s us. There’s more than us. So, and honestly it’s mostly you guys said we have to thank for that cause, uh, if we could have done it better ourselves, we already would have. And so that’s the hardest part, I think, as getting the point of being coming coachable. Saying, um, I felt like I felt like I was already doing a great job and if I thought I could have done better, I would have done better. And it was hard to get that point where I said, you know what, we need to find some other outside help that can help us to get past the things that I run into a brick wall on. And was too proud to tell anybody that I couldn’t do better. How did you guys first hear about us?

Um, I first heard you on the radio and actually I avoided because he, there’s, there was Glenn Beck and then there was the thrive time show. And then there was other stuff. And because I would only hear it in minutes at a time, I’d listened to it and I was like a great nugget, but I couldn’t, I had to run inside to do another job. And so I was like, oh. And then I come back and I’d hit the end of a conversation. And so I started voting and then I realized his podcast. So then I could just listen to it heard the whole thing. I was like, wait, these are ideas I can start doing something with. And so the beginning of 2017 I started doing some stuff. We tried to change it, started applying some of the things and then finally got really engaged with the um, the whole culture of the radio show of how things were flowing. Like, Hey, I can listen to this whole project. This is going to give me some useful information. Like you’re talking about actionable items. And so we started putting those together and then heard you had a conference and signed up for the October one.

Did you two come to the conference together? We did, yes. So when you guys came to the conference, Tony, what was going through your mind as you were wrapping up day two of the conference or as you’re kind of wrap up the conference? I found that really motivating. I realized that there was a lot of information that we could take and implement a lot that we hadn’t been implementing. Um, there was a few things that we were already on point with doing a lot of the marketing and Google ad word type stuff. But there was so much more that we could do and implement that would help us to grow the business beyond just the two of us.

And there was a lot of cool moments at the a conference where will their pool for her? For me, it wasn’t so much where she looked and she said, you know, those things I’ve been telling you that would help us if we did this. And then she kinda show it to, and you would talk about it. I was like, you’re right, I do need to change some of these things.

So you guys started with us, uh, how long ago did you start going through the business coaching program with us?

Um, it was, yeah, you’re from November cause we, we met with you then and then just start up that November.

Twice a year. So last November. So this past year and a couple of months in. How are sales different now than they were a year ago?

Oh, um, double of almost everything. Um, so we’ve, and the awesome thing is that last year, um, and I think we’ve got one of our little boards out there. We’re kind of a thank you cause we were like, Oh man, we’re, we’re really feeling some growth. So January and February of last year we were up like 60 70% from the year before that and we’re up another 60 to 70% this year from last year, which puts us well over 200% from the year before that. So it’s been exponential. Heart limiting factor right now is that there’s only so many jobs in a week. The number of hours I can do a working Monday through Saturday, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM and I were filling all the schedule.

Here’s worked on their files. Anybody here doesn’t work for them. Uh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Lots of graphic design stuff. Lots of graphic design stuff. Okay, thank you. Okay. We also here have done work for the complete target people. Jordan, what do you worry about your guys’ Fan? Oh yes. Yeah. Hey, let shit what you work on a video shoot testimonial. Who else worked on something? Devon, would you work up? Website. Website. Alright. So sure. Here. You had a lot of fun with our header. The other one, the cat thing was a beast. It looks great. Now though, what has been the biggest things you’ve learned from the coaching program or the things that have helped you guys as a couple of the most, since you’ve been working with us the past year? Or would you take your first

accountability? Just saying, you know, this is what we need to do for our business, for our family and by coming in every week. Um, I like to compare it to going to church every Sunday. It’s a way to, um, reposition yourself on the right path that you want to go down and to say, you know, you may have slept in these areas and it’s time to address them and get back on that right path and keep moving forward towards what you guys were talking about earlier towards your goals.

Well, those of you who have not met these guys before, um, but you, I mean you, you’re doing SDL, you know, uh, you do SEO, you guys do sales calls. What questions do you have? Cause anybody will double their business in this past year. Do you have any questions for them because they are real clients, real people? No. Yes. You Bet. How much I like your business. How, how much did it change once you reached the top? Oh

cool. And what’s your, you know, you became more higher up in internet or um, got a couple of different parts to that. The um, obviously we’ve doubled in the last year and our goal right now is to double by this time next year too. Um, that we’ve got multiple vans so we can handle the growth. Um, we already had Google ad words working and going for us. We actually started that as the first time they Google started with the adwords program. So we had had it in place and we literally, we had it just open like as much as it could spend a good spend. And it just, it just naturally kept itself off spending like 1500 a month, 2000 a month or so. And that’s just all the clicks we could get and buy. One of the big things from the conference last year that just instantly we saw a turnaround on was pushing us towards getting reviews.

And I just never did that. I just didn’t think it mattered that much to our business. We already brought the top for searching with Google and that month we just just said, hey, you know what, we’re gonna do it. We started getting those reviews and the reviews changed the effectiveness of our Google ad words. And so we’ve got the same budget and the same open platform that we had before. We’re bringing in, I think we did almost two and a half, maybe three times as many. I think last week we did 31 Google search customers that we service just last week alone. And we were, this time last year, we only did 10 something that was a huge change. And so by having more content of better operating ones that we didn’t have it mobile compliant, um, I’d turned that off because she built our website. She was fantastic. She did SEO stuff in the past.

But the platform on go daddy or website looks awful on mobile. So I just turned it off because I didn’t want anyone to see an awful website. So we just force people to have to see it there. So making that change, making the SEO change, making the Google platform to where we came up higher and the reviews just took all the stuff we already had and just just catapults it really within about two to three months, we had almost doubled amount of business we’d had just by really getting the reviews that made the big yeah,

customers go looking for a carpet cleaner. Now they see our ad, which is usually top, and then they see the reviews and then they see that our website is placed on the first page. So they get that whole combination. And there’s that sense of trust and authority that we’ve now established where we did usually have a good placement with our ad words. And I did I think three versions of the website over the course of our marriage. But as Google changed everything throughout the years or reached a point where, um, I would just limited anymore, I couldn’t have the time to rebuild it and make it mobile compliant. And that’s where you guys stepped in. And that was just such a big component, I think, to, to really get us out there. So we have people calling, saying, well, I did see your ad, then I looked at your reviews and then I looked at the testimonials or then I went to your website. And so all of a sudden now they’re like, well of course. And then you throw in the no brainer and they’re just like, well yeah, we’re going to use it.

And what is your no-brainer you guys offer? It is a $99 whole home carpet cleaning. So any carpet in your house for nine bucks, get it all cleaned. And that helps us because now we can get out there and estimate for your next cleaning. We’ll know exactly what it will be. But to that way you can write a check before we get there and you already know what it is. No upsells, no side stuff, no gotchas in the middle of it and we’ve had quite a few customers just call and be like, okay, is it still going to be 99 at the end? I said, yeah, if you want to start the check before I get there, I’m totally fine. We’re going to get you taken care of. And so that has just a we’ve twice. Oh. Another part that we added that you guys helped us with was online booking and right now I’m a little over 20% of all of our jobs are booked online and we were able to get a platform in there and we kept keep us accountable and checking and working on, we thought about it for a long time on Victoria, sat down, said to you know, come back with something next week.

And I was like, oh now I’ve got a deadline to actually get this done because I’ve been thinking about it for six months. I just hadn’t done it. He was available to us. We just had [inaudible].

Yeah, I think we had three jobs scheduled online yesterday while we’re at church having a day off,

making money at church. Now are you guys doing a sales scripting and call recording? Yes, we’ve been recording. I’ve been recording calls. We’ve, we’ve gone through and spent the Wester calls or does someone else do your calls for Ya? Uh Huh.

I’m answering and we are working to modify the script to make it something I’m actually really using. Yeah, I have kind of mine virgin, you know, but I mean we definitely are moving towards cause we want to find, we want to hire someone soon. That will be the main person to answer the phone.

What about managing people? Have you guys really, you guys, how many people are on your team right now? Um, we’ve got one full time tech and then obviously the both of us and we try to employ our kids as much as possible. But it’s really funny. How about your, your time management with your schedule? How’s that been different this year? Managing your schedule and you know, implemented a lot of those things yet? Yes. I’m getting up earlier to get more stuff accomplished and day. I’m just blocking out time. That’s probably the biggest part is setting up family time. I know that obviously you need to accomplish stuff in your day and work, but there’s um, uh, making sure that you put whatever you consider your candy or ice cream or something and but put that after you’ve gotten your stuff done. So I’ve got a two hour block to sit down to make sure I’m movies, TV everyday, something we’re doing with the family and now the whole rest of the day I’ve got to get everything knocked out before that time.

Whereas before it was like, I will do something when the kids, when I’m done. And so a lot of times work just flew in and like, oh they’re already going to bed. I missed it. Or you know, I’ll get to them but I’m at the house but I’m working on something else where now I’ve got a defined block of time and that makes everything else I’m doing now is important. I have to stay on track the rest of the day cause I gotta meet that, you know, six o’clock or seven o’clock time where I’m going to sit down and have fun and enjoy the family. And so blocking off and making things important, I’ve got to get up early enough to make sure all that stuff gets done before the evening point gums. So whatever your point is, whatever your, you know, your candy is, whatever your joy is, the thing that you’d like to do.

That was the podcast we had that you did recently and I just loved it. The Guy said that he doesn’t eat until he’s got an x, Y, z done. So he uses food as a great motivator cause he said, man, the more hungry I get, the more stuff I start getting accomplished and all of a sudden I eat. I’m like, oh, I feel so good now. I really enjoy the food. It becomes a reward instead of well I’ll do that after I’ve eaten. And so, so small things of just saying, make sure you get the things that are important. Get the hard stuff done first. So you can get to the stuff you enjoy. Thank you guys. It’s you and then a technician. That’s correct. So she’s why we’re here right now. She’s got somebody cleaning for us. Was that, that’s why we’re able to be here right now because we have someone out there cleaning for us.

So we’ll make money and talk to you guys if you guys didn’t have us, you know, if you didn’t have video Walger photographer or graphic designer, coder, all that team, could you do laundry? Could you do everything that you’re doing now and not stay married? No, that would not. There was no way. Um, one big thing, and I’ll, and I’ll tie back into, uh, your SEO or websites side. We’ve actually tried a couple of other companies in the past for just the website side. There was, Yelp had a thing and someone else had a deal. We spent a bunch of money and they gave us like, hey, in six months from now, you’ll, you’ll be up somewhere. We’ll get someone going. And three to four months in, we’re like, okay, we’ve lost a lot of business. Things isn’t working out. And we had to pull back from the, at least two different companies and so we were really leery about letting you guys work on the website and get on stuff.

But you guys are so much better than so many other companies. You get get things done that week. It happen the next week. Something we had on the Janet got happen. It wasn’t submit something and they got back to us like a month later and so I want to commend you guys on getting stuff knocked out in the same week and that way we’d come back to our coaches meeting. It’s already there and done. That really helps us out tremendously. Ends up those types of things that you guys are doing makes it so we can go do the stuff on the business that we hadn’t been able to do because we were, it’s a support structure that you all provide and I think that even if we think of those things, I mean we’ve been married for 12 and a half years and he’s been doing the business for 21 now and it’s taken us this long to get to where we’re really doing the things that we should be doing if we want it to be a business that takes care of us rather than us just constantly taking care of the business.

So I think that it’s vital to have all the components that you provide so that we can move ahead quickly when we’re ready to get to that point rather than talking about it for months, thinking about it for years and then eventually maybe one day making a decision on it. And I, one other thing I’d add in is one thing that you guys provide that’s immeasurable for me personally is that I’ve tried a lot of stuff and I probably hit my own personal limitation of just not be able to stay behind it or stay on task. And so it did work and I just assumed it didn’t work because it didn’t work. Not because I had failed and so I just quit whatever it was and moved on to something else. And there’s a lot of stuff that Marshall is helping us now. Victoria helped those before and the stuff that you guys, Brian said, hey, you need to do this but you need to do it.

I love the just short of gold, you know, I dug and I’m sure I was five feet short and so many different things and they brought back, I said, oh, I can’t do that because that doesn’t work. And they said, it does work if you’ll just do this and so our team will do this. You do that and I promise you’ll see a result car. Okay, I’ll try again. How many pages of content do you have in your website? You know, close to 400 I think I’ve been trying to do, I shouldn’t for at least 30.

Where are you ranking? Good. Are you on page one or [inaudible]

page one? I’d say it bounces around but maybe fifth or sixth on the organic. Yes, that low. But I don’t think it’s that low now. But,

and just so you guys know, did we top in Google those? We don’t know until the most content and the most reviews, the most canonical compliance and the most mobile compliance. And so you guys are 400 pages. How many pages are you adding every week or every month in it?

Um, let’s see. I’m trying to do, I’m trying to, on an average do one a day. So about 30 some odd, 30 to 40 a month. I’m trying to sit down and do, I do them in spurts where I’ll sit down and just have a blank time. Just put a headset on, start podcasting, use a little headset, just recorded on my phone and then transcribe it with Timmy. And then some of you guys have done my actually turning that into content. I’ve tried to do some of myself and just whenever I’ve got spirits to do it, I try to make sure I get it done at least something every week.

So you’ve been able to double your business this year and Victoria coached you for Awhile and then Marshall’s coaching you now. Yeah. But what other questions do you guys have for complete carpet? You have questions? Like what do you, what do you think were the, like I like you talked about, um, you know, not being at white, being five feet from gold and then, you know, a few other things. Like what do you think are the big limiting factors that you guys felt like, that you had that kept you from being able to see the vision that you see that with your business?

Uh, you know, like [inaudible] um, me personally, it was the doom loop. I knew the more successful I would get, the more work I’d have to do. And as a, as a sole provider, when you’re running your own truck, there’s a big financial jump between one truck and the profitability you can have to two trucks. You grow down and profitability a lot because all of your overhead goes up and so you’ve got to get to the third truck to be able to get the batch raw to an even like making as much I to, that’s why I brought back, cause I tried to be efficient, tried to grow and I found, well I’m gonna have to just work backwards and say how productive can I become and be super efficient. Instead we’re going through and saying, okay, I’m going to, I would rather, I’d love the saying, I’d rather make $1 off a hundred people’s efforts than a hundred dollars off my own effort.

And that was the, that was the triangle I was trapped in is that I knew if I worked really hard, I eventually just would never see my family because I would cap out what I could do in one day and all by myself. And this last year I realized, okay, I now have a plan. You guys gave me a plan, you guys gave me a trajectory where I know that I can scale into three bands and have six guys working for us and be able to make that hump over. And I was just afraid to make that jump because honestly, I didn’t know how to fill up three vans and make it effective because I’d tried once about 10 years ago and I’d failed then. So I just went back to doing what I knew was safe and secure and make sure I took care of my family, but I needed that extra.

Somebody had already climbed the mountain was already up there. Say, Hey, I know no path to come up here. It’s gonna be hard. You’re climbing up a mountain and it’s iced and you gotta hold onto this thing and you may slip down a couple times, but I know that you can make it to the top. And that weekly connection with somebody who just came back and said, okay, where are you out of this? What’s your trouble? And I give it to them and they’d be like, okay, I don’t know the answer right here, but I’m going to talk to somebody who does and come back and be like, okay, here’s what you need to do with an LLC. You need to set that system up. I can’t believe you made it 20 years without an LLC. You’re doing it solo.

I think I like to think of what he’s saying is strategy plus implementation, which is you guys give us the strategy and then you show us how we can implement it and then you hold us accountable for it. So

I had the drive to do, I just needed to know where to put that. It’s a fair questions you guys have for complete Carpentier questions. [inaudible]

well, we appreciate you guys so much and thank you for coming in and sharing because again, the whole team here is working on your projects a little time, but they don’t get a chance to hear directly from you guys, uh, the, the succession mammal to have. And, uh, it’s just awesome to have real people that we get to see and have come into our meetings and share about your success. And again, you’re up, you said double the size, double the amount of sales this year.

Um, yes. Yeah, we are, uh, year on year from last year was up 70%. We’re up, well right now this, this week, I just finished the numbers for this last week, so we still have a few more days in February, but we’re up 45% from last year and I still got the rest of the week to finish out. So it’s, we’re super excited and this is February’s our slowest month and we’re on track to do as much as we did almost all of our normal months last year. So it’s, it’s awesome. I can see us. Um, this last year was the first time we cracked 200,000 in revenue for our business. We never last year we hadn’t ever cracked a hundred before. And so we’re on, our goal now is to crack three 50. That’s our next job. We’re going, so



Do all of you guys for your backend stuff and I know some of you who’ve worked on our projects and we’ve pestered you with a million questions and we went back and forth a lot and thank you for your patience and working with us cause that just honestly it means a tremendous amount to us cause it got us on stuff. It really has. So thank you guys. I’m really grateful for thrive and everybody that has helped us through all of this and will continue to help us. Then what’s your ever complete card?


unbelievable. Unbelievable. No, no, no. It is believable. It is. It is real. You can check them out today at complete carpet, please feel free to call these guys, verify their success. They’re having massive success. You can have massive success. You don’t just have to be on the outside looking in on the success. You can be one of the big ballers that attends our business conferences, that drives a nice car, has a nice home, sends your kids to a nice school. You don’t have to delay. Your time is now. You must start now. If you’re saying, well, how can I start? Well, you could schedule a 13 point assessment today with one of our coaches and if we have a spot open and we often don’t, but if we do, then we would love to help you. Um, if we don’t have a spot open, and here’s what’s great, we have in person conferencess every two months at our thrive time show world headquarters, and you can attend one of those today simply by booking your tickets @

Now, a lot of workshops typically costs, you know, $1,500. A lot of workshops are $2,000. If you look up the Tony Robbins conferences, 1300, $2,000, those kinds of things, our business conferences are $250 and it is the world’s highest and most reviewed business conferences. I encourage you not to believe me. Go on Youtube and type in thrive time, show reviews and see a little over 1000 reviews. I think as of today, we have 1032 video reviews up there on youtube for you to peruse. My name is Clay Clark. That’s Andrew blooper. Now that he further ado three, two, one, boom.


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