Dr. Ronny Jackson | President Trump’s Former Personal Physician On Why COVID-19 Is a Weak Virus and President Trump is a Strong President

Show Notes

The former Chief Medical Advisor to President Donald J. Trump Dr. Ronny Jackson joins us to share why President Trump is a strong President and why COVID-19 is a weak virus. 

Doctor Ronny Jackson Website – https://ronnyjacksonfortexas13.com/ 

  1. Why the COVID-19 virus is less dangerous for kids than the common flu?
  2. His thoughts on whether we should be listening to the recommendations of Stanford’s Doctor Scott Atlas or Dr. Anthony Fauci?
  3. Dr. Ronny Jackson If he’s joined a rap group or what he’s doing now that he is no longer the President’s official physician?  
  4. His thoughts on why it is simply not constitutional, ethical or right for government bureaucrats to be telling you and I that we need to keep our businesses, schools and churches closed?
  5. His thoughts on the mask mandates? 
  6. Dr. Ronny Jackson, a friend of mine, Dr. Richard Bartlett has now provided therapy to 1,000+ COVID-19 patients that have a ZERO percent fatality rate. Does this surprise you?
  7. President Trump recently appointed Stanford’s Doctor Scott Atlas to the COVID-19 tasks force and Doctor Atlas stated, “We know that the risk of the disease is extremely low for children, even less than that of seasonal flu.”…I would like to get your take on this?
  8. President Trump was recently diagnosed with COVID-19 and he did not die, then he came out and said that we need to NOT be afraid of the virus. What are your thoughts on President Trump a man in his 70s beating COVID-19?
  9. Dr. Ronny Jackson, you served as the Physician to the President from 2013 to 2018..what do you do as the President’s physician?
  10. What was your background before becoming the President’s physician?
  11. How did you become the President’s physician?
  12. How much of your time as President Trump’s physician was focused on treating his hair follicles to protect that beautiful hair?
  13. What is President Trump really like up close and personal?
  14. Dr. Ronny Jackson, Dr. Scott Atlas: “We know that the risk of the disease is extremely low for children, even less than that of seasonal flu.” – https://twitter.com/WhiteHouse/status/1294665940127428609?s=20 
  15. Doctor and Senator Rand Paul recently stated, “If you look at under age 18, the mortality rate is about one in a million, if you look at age 18-45, the mortality rate is about 10 in 100,000. Above that it increases, but interestingly, it is still pretty small, and the vast majority – even people up to 65 years of age, it may well be between 95 and 99 percent have a very mild case of this. So I’m not saying it’s a benign disease, people do get sick and die from this. But your chances are good.  We shouldn’t live in fear forever.  We should take normal precautions, we should assess the risks.  People who are older should take more precautions, but we shouldn’t, you know, cover the faces of our children and say you’re gonna have to live your whole life with your mask on. We shouldn’t do that, and the government definitely shouldn’t mandate it.” Is he correct? I would love to hear your thoughts on this?
  16. President Trump’s Treatment – https://www.regeneron.com/ 
    1. Monoclonal antibody
  17. Dr. Ronny Jackson, I know it might be a HIPPA violation to tell us but we hear a rumor that when President Trump got his DNA tested at the hospital, he actually doesn’t have DNA, he has USA. Can you confirm?
  18. Why are all doctors that disagree with Dr. Birx and Dr. Deborah Fauci being silenced?
  19. Dr. Ronny Jackson Why does the media seem so obsessed with the number of cases when only COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths actually matter?
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