Dressing to Impress And Getting Up Early Enough to Have Success (with Lee Cockerell)

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Are you wanting to get ahead in the the workplace? Lee Cockerell, the former Executive Vice President at Walt Disney World Resorts discusses the importance of dressing for the role you want to have and not the role you currently have. Lee explains why getting up early creates an environment for success.

Dressing to Impress

  1. The Law of Professionalism
  2. Being professional is a mindset

Getting Up Early Enough to Be Successful

  1. Have success
  2. The power of paranoia

Back to the Thrivetime show on your radio and during this segment we had a unique opportunity, a rare opportunity, a unicorn opportunity. If you will to interview one of my dear friends and family cockrell, lee cockrell was the former executive vice president of walt disney world resorts wear for over a decade he managed 40,000 employees and you manage 40,000 employees and you have a million customers that visit a week. Your margin for error has to go down quite a bit because if you start having complaints, it couldn’t get exponentially out of control and developed wild executive vice president of walt disney world resorts in orlando florida. He developed the system for everything in one of the systems was how to dress, as you listen to this business coaching podcast of the person who’s hosting this myself. If I have a team of people and all of our coaches will dress professional if you meet them at all to be wearing a shirt and tie dressing professionally, that’s the standard we set for the females and two males that work in office. Everyone dresses to impress-except for me-and you might say why it’s because I wore a suit for 18 years, only wore a suit for 30 years, and one of the things I’ve always wanted to do was not wear a suit and I’ve always wanted to just not do that, but I had to because I had to dress, to impress now i, more or less dressed to digress and the reason why i, my team has to wear a different outfit that I have to wear a different, uniform I have to wear it because I can’t, but the foot that want to make sure you’re getting this concept. I used to have to go. Do speaking events all the time. I would speak all over the world for hewlett-packard for o’reilly’s for big company, and when you get on the stage you better. Have your your shoes shiny. You better! Be wearing a nice suit, you better be there on time, be the early you better be ready to go. However, now i, don’t i, don’t do that anymore, and so what I would just my little caveat?

I would give you before you hear this and potentially have your business coaching mind explode if you want to dress for the role that you have dress for the role that you want to have. So if you want to be the former executive vice president of walt disney world, if you want to be the exact my present address sharp. If you want to be a rapper, then you can dress I want if you want to be an automotive repair, guy, be kind of weird for you to wear a suit while repairing cars sealy high prices could replace her clothes. If you want to have long hair-and you want to have him since you won’t have tattoos, a lot of your customers are fine with that young people come in line, but what about the ones who are not find? Was it like the older ladies and double hoop earrings and I used to always did not dress up, never wore tie, never dressed up and when customers you want to meet me for meetings, I would suggest we met at mcdonald’s cuz, that’s what was familiar to me and i. Didn’t know there was a thing is called an office or you can meet at the panera, bread or, and people would reject me all the time. The mothers of the bride who could spend thousands of dollars on their wedding would never booked me and I couldn’t figure it out. I thought my packages are good, have a good price. I was weird, it took me back, I was surprised, everybody was dressed, I didn’t expect that and I liked it before so. I was telling someone on the phone like these guys are really sharp. Look nice, and so is that important. It was fortunate because a lot of young people I had a guy working for a vp professional football player. Reggie and I laughed a lot about it. They tattoo around. Here we don’t have tattoos, but here and the espn sports complex. So far we had it out and we finally got to a place where he could put makeup on it. We’re supposed to be sure, cuz, there’s makeup for different skin colors or wear a long sleeve shirt, because he can’t do it. If we want to do it and we can have a tattoo here so should I hate, i, hate mankind or squats, the conair neck only god can judge me know where you go and I know this is so sensitive people and I know when I say this in the speeches I know I just kranz big brother said I hate this guy for saying that cuz I know i, know, i, know your heart and we talked about you. You never want to to be a bigot or you never want to, but I want things like I deal with this like right. Now we got this piece of paper and if I pick it up and I drop it, it’s the log and I can get a mad about it that just to grab the wall grab me. We have a lot of people, just the law of gravity. You dropped this. The same thing as it if I have a tattoo on my head and mike tyson, does on my face just like the law of gravity and I drop. This at falls of the law of first impressions are the I have an immediate impression of mike tyson, whether it’s fair enough? Do you have anywhere, where you’ve written anything about lee, cockrell’s, keys to professional appearance, cuz I’m, just telling you this even having dress socks wearing colored socks, not wear white socks with dress shoes.

These are things. I was not taught growing up. I want to go through real, quick. Just how we talk will suggest that one dress is just so that I we can have it. Let me see something that people need to hear. There’s a lot of 1820 rolled watching this. To that don’t know, I’ll have to go get the book out, but I have a book. This tickets, disney parents guide earrings, can be no long, no larger than a dime for women, because her and coffee I mean can costume, cast members playing a role in cinderella. They can’t wear any time they wear whatever you can exchange the few things over the years. You couldn’t have a mustache. We change that a few years ago, because how we decided what they could do, as we showed photographs to the gas and we have to have cast members in there and we’ll show it show me a picture of a cast members with tattoos and said no. No, no, we chilling with really long hair. No, no! No. We shut them at pictures with mustaches, but they didn’t have any. So we went to the labor in large the errands a little bit women used to have to wear hose, and then we found out it’s not an issue reese way. You can now have a mustache and goatee quarter of an inch. We found out. Guess it’s it’s a cultural issue. It’s a accepted now, but you’re always dressing for the part that I have here, but there’s certain jobs. You can’t have it because you’re playing a role in fantasyland and I guess I’m saying, is a dj. If I want to become the most successful business coaching former entertainer in tulsa, I need to dress like it finally got the most successful insurance agent. I need the corporate ladder. I need to dress like the role I want to have my say start. Acting back start acting like the job you want to nurse from now. That’s the best route to get to start, looking like the manager before you’re there, alright thrive nation in future millionaires around the world. If you want to learn how to grow your business and take your business knowledge to the next level, you owe it to yourself to book the final ticket we have available right now for our conference.

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Please do not feel that form. If you see that name come through and the former executive vice president of walt disney, world, resorts and I asked to make me. How do you find time to get it all done? I got that same question to billionaires and millionaires. They all say they get up early early. They all said they almost all multi-millionaires that I know either get up early or stay up late to get stuff done without further ado lee cockrell and his theories. The former executive vice-president, walt disney world resorts, demanded manage 40,000 people why he has to get up early to get stuff done as I started. Studying successful people I start noticing that basically 95 out of 100 successful people who I’ve read about or spend time with, they all pretty much get up at 6. One guy went as far as to say he’s very wealthy guy hit said I like to get up about 5 or 6 cuz. The idiots aren’t up yet and no one calls me and I have time to think and I just checked it this morning. You know because I had to work out at 6:30 this morning about 20 minutes from here and I really like to go to starbucks before I just want to go there. So I got up at 4:30 this morning, because I want to go to starbucks starbucks until 10:10 after 6 and I takes me 20 minutes to get to where I work at 6:30 did my strength, training and successful mission early in the morning no traffic what’s becomes exciting and what we all do, what becomes rewarding into me getting up early is I love getting up here. Cuz, there’s no traffic, there’s no lines at starbucks, I get more done during the business coaching day. Cuz I’m, not sitting in traffic. I came back this morning. 6:30 i, don’t usually have six children, but traffic was unbelievable by 7 i. Think about 10 to 7. Everybody comes out of their garage boom, and so it was an eye-opener for me this morning. Cuz i, don’t use it I used to work out at 8:30, so I can go there when there’s no traffic and you got to rethink cuz. If you decide getting that, you’ll get used to it and then you’ll like it, but maybe the first. You had to get up early to become successful. I didn’t know that I didn’t know. It was the move.

There were trying to start the dj business and I’m, not even starting work till like 8:50, and then people are showing up with questions and I’m already behind and panicked, and then I learned I’ve got to be there before anybody else for at least 2 hours and then get him a day planned out and when I got to give a speech on there an hour before they meeting planner. Has anybody got to make sure they know what they’re I got to get there and put my bookmarks on every I got to get my promotion done and I don’t I just have to i. Don’t I trust myself when I get there an hour earlier, I got there. The other morning for I was speaking to lexar lexotica aguilera, coming on two buses and I went out and stood on the sidewalk. You know what impress them he said. Please. Thank you. So much for meeting us at the bus, yeah i, said well later on the seminar I said you know, I could have not met you and you wouldn’t have thought anything about it, but I did meet you and you thought a lot about yeah. It’s not always what you do when you do something you get a lot more mileage and then people not even realizing they. Let me ask you this in your mind, what is the biggest false belief that poor managers have when it comes to aunt vic’s, false belief they have to control everything that they have been controlling have to have full authority. Nobody do anything without checking with them. They don’t trust. Absolutely anybody with any of thority, even though they train them to pick good people and i, got to go to experience that person doing a great job control because you can’t control people can i. Can’t you can’t. You can’t be there 24/7 with you, got the good people, train them and quit trying to control i. Tell people try to control for sell it for 25 years and it didn’t work out minute. I, quit criticize know she got better control. You can’t you can control paperwork, but you can’t control people go back off. They won’t give you the wrong. You don’t trust him. You won’t let you do something when you work for me, I’m sending you a message:i, don’t trust her. So how do you balance the belief that you can to say trust everybody with the belief that you have to let people work? How do you do that through the process of inspection and following up and that’s how you able to kmart a good batting average? You know you have the authority chodachudi to give customers a rebate or do anything up to $50 or up to $100 or up to a doctor, told me recently said after you read my book. He said:i went out and told my business coaching receptionist in my lady in the front office cuz. You know how the full authority to give a customer a hundred $50 decrease and what we charge them cuz. They weren’t happy with the service that I used to at least have to come and get approved for that he said they don’t want to do it now. I can spend more time with my patients for their time and authorities big deal. Let me ask you this here. What kind of person is ideally suited to become a good manager or leader? Or can anyone learn this, while I think a lot of people believe they can’t get better at managing? They think it’s hopeless.

I was born this way, I don’t really like to plan and that’s a totally absurd learning how to manage assistant learning time management is learn like any other course. You would take. You want to go. Take a computer course you won’t take a math course. You want to take a language course. If you apply yourself and focus on that, you will get better at it. Anybody can learn man. Absolutely okay. I want to get I want to get into this. The stuff behind the stuff as it relates to getting up early i, have found that the only way to get a lot done is entreprenuer to get up early, but that means you have to go to bed early. That is true, so we get those six hours of sleep. What time do you go to bed because I was 7 hours of business coaching sleep I do my absolute best to be in bed by 8 or 9 p.M. How many hours of sleep are you looking for I would love to have seven, seven, okay, so friday. Should we come back leacock roll out of executive vice, president, walt, disney, world resorts to go talk to us about the biggest mistake managers and leaders often makes applebee’s. Should we all went to bed which hand up again without self discipline yourself in which would be


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