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Do you want to earn $1 million dollars per year? Clay Clark breaks down the millionaire mindset and how it starts with designing systems that will allow you to earn $1 million dollars per year starts with earning $8.27 per minute.

Knowing the numbers:

  1. If I DJ one show at the following:
    1. $8.27 per minute x’s 60 minutes x’s 9 hours = $4,465.80
    2. 4,000 events x’s $167 = $668,000.00

DEFINITION MAGICIAN – Monopoly – The exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in a commodity or service.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “What’s also missing is a sense of relationship. People suffer in isolation from one another. In a world without purpose, without meaningful values, what have we to share but our emptiness, the needy fragments of our superficial selves? As a result, most of us scramble about hungrily seeking distraction, in music, in television, in people, in drugs. And most of all we seek things. Things to wear and things to do. Things to fill the emptiness. Things to shore up our eroding sense of self. Things to which we can attach meaning, significance, life. We’ve fast become a world of things. And most people are being buried in the profusion. What most people need, then, is a place of community that has purpose, order, and meaning. A place in which being human is a prerequisite, but acting human is essential. A place where the generally disorganized thinking that pervades our culture becomes organized and clearly focused on a specific worthwhile result. A place where discipline and will become prized for what they are: the backbone of enterprise and action, of being what you are intentionally instead of accidentally. A place that replaces the home most of us have lost. That’s what a business can do; it can create a Game Worth Playing.” – Michael Gerber (The best-selling author of The E-Myth book series)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If your business depends on you, you don’t own a business—you have a job. And it’s the worst job in the world because you’re working for a lunatic!” – Michael Gerber (The best-selling author of The E-Myth book series)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is living fully and just existing.” – Michael Gerber (The best-selling author of The E-Myth book series)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Clarify your vision and you will make better decisions about people, processes, finances, strategies, and customers.” – Gino Wickman (The best-selling author of Traction)

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NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Most people are sitting on their own diamond mines. The surest ways to lose your diamond mine are to get bored, become overambitious, or start thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. Find your core focus, stick to it, and devote your time and resources to excelling at it.” – Gino Wickman (The best-selling author of Traction)

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thrive nation. Welcome back to another knowledge bomb. These are these, uh, epiphany’s, these little 10 minute nuggets of knowledge that you don’t get in business  conferences or college. Why? Because Business conferences and College wants to keep you on the campus for four years and the charge a couple hundred grand they want to charge you. If you go to Tulsa University or oral Roberts University, they’re going to charge you $40,000 a year. And at no point will they cover sales, managing people in a real way. Actually managing real people, search engine optimization they don’t cover. I don’t, they don’t talk about that because they don’t know how to talk about it because, uh, you know, chuck, you actually went to college, Oklahoma State University. That’s right. And did they ever talk about, hey, if you want to be a millionaire, you have to make $8 and twenty seven cents per minute. No. You remember that class didn’t have that one.

Let me tell you about the class that I had a that I actually taught myself. Yeah. Yeah. I sat down with a very successful entrepreneur and I asked him one time and said, how much money do you pay yourself per year? And the guy said, well, he’s a nice guy. He’s a Christian business conferences owner in Tulsa. I won’t divulge his name because it’s, it’s kind of a private conversation, but he said, I kept my salary to million dollars years ago. And I said, why? He goes, well, I just, I’ve had, I have everything I want, I don’t have a whole lot of other goals and my wife and I like to give away at least three to 4 million a year. Nice. And I’m going, how come no one knows about this? He goes, because my belief system is that people should not know kind of old school is it?

It just, it’s between me and God and whatever. So this guy, I’ll just tell you, captain Saturday, a million bucks a year given money away for orphanages over in countries that you couldn’t. Like, it’s not like his name’s going to be on a building somewhere. And so I said, hey, how do you make a million dollars a year? And he said, I wrote it down, you need to make $8 and twenty seven cents per minute. And I thought to myself so that I went home and I started going, how much if I Dj to show, and I want you to put us in the show notes check, but if I dj a show because I was a dj at the time, I built a DJ company and this was before I had begun to scale the company, so I’m going to put this on the big screen so we can see it.

But if I made a 27 a minute to Dj, right? And then I deejayed for a typical show, it’d be 60 minutes an hour because I’m on the planet earth. And then on my typical show from the time I got there to set up to the time I ended was about nine hours. So I realized I would have to charge a bride and groom, 4,000, $465 and eighty cents to do their wedding. So I’m so proud of myself. Not yet. So I go back to this guy, nice guy in Tulsa. And I said, hey, I got it figured out, I got to just raise my prices. He’s like, you charge $600 for a wedding and you’re going to raise your prices to 4,465. Said yes, no, I’m just curious. And I had read way too many marketing books and was too naive and was like 22, 23.

And he goes, but you would have to dj 24 hours a day, idiot. And I’m like, what? We have to kind of relationship where he can say, you idiot, I got it. Okay, okay. Okay. I see. So what? I started realizing, okay, that ain’t gonna work. So then I came back and I realized, okay, if we do 4,000 weddings a year and the average wedding I do, I make $167 a profit, then that would be $668,000 per year. I come back, I go, if I did 4,000 events per year and goes that, that could happen. But you can’t just be in Tulsa, you have to do different states. And that’s what fueled my desire to open up multiple cities, right? Um, and all I’m saying is that you have to have a realistic goal. If you’re going to make a million dollars a year, it’s $8 and twenty seven cents per minute, which means that if you’re going to limit yourself to a 40 hour work week, you can’t waste time.

So imagine this thought for a second. Imagine that a homeless person tapped on your window. You’re in your car, you’re at the sonic drive through, you’re waiting for your order. And he goes, excuse me, sir, can I go ahead and have $10? You’re like, sure. It would be better to do that than it would be to do this. Hey, can we have a meeting? I’d like to meet me for coffee. Can we pray? So can I tell you about the most worthless meeting that I’ve worked most worthless use of my time in the last four months please. Somebody said, can we meet for coffee? And I asked him, what are we going to meet about that was me and against my better judgment. Uh, the man said to me, he said, oh, well, I know you talked to such and such and I know you ended up in your day on Friday, like two. So if we could just meet for like an hour, I’d love to tell you about it. So because the guy was somebody who knew a lot of people that I knew, I thought to myself, maybe this guy is incredible. So I’m there meeting them for coffee and at no point did he have a point and at the end of the conversation he then begins to question my ethics and he says, I’ve heard you on one of your podcasts, say that your goal or the goal of any business is to have a monopoly.

And I said, can you define monopoly? Because you know, I think it’s important to clarify with the nomenclature of what you’re talking about before you actually argue with somebody about something or debate and the monopoly. I want this job. I want to put it on the show notes. But no monopoly means the exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in any commodity or service.

John isn’t that, does that sound like the goal of a business conferences? I mean, don’t you want to have exclusive possession of ownership of being clearly the best in your industry? I mean, don’t you want to be dominant? Doesn’t mean that the goal. Yes, I do. So I asked. The Guy said, so, so you, you’re saying that my goals are unethical. He said, well, yeah, I just wanna know how you respond to that. I said, can I ask you where you got this information? He says, well, there’s a Christian men’s breakfast group. We get together and you were the topic of conversation. A lot of people feel like you’re trying to control all of the ways and means of marketing and Tulsa. It’s like you have, you’re the top search engine company. Now you’re trying to say are the top video company people are calling you now the top web guy, you’re the top sales guy.

You guys are the top and you’re like eliminating industries. I don’t know if you, you, you and your partner realized what you’re doing. This is a true story. And I said, so you’re saying because my team is arguably the best, he goes, well, and then, and it’s low cost to like the problem is you’re charging people six, 16 or $1,700 a month and we used to charge for a video, just a video, you know, $3,500 and you’re doing all that. And for. I mean, dude, I mean that’s, you’re really putting some people out of work here in Iceland. I think we’re done talking. And he says, what do you mean? Is it because I don’t like you? And it ended like that, but I took me like 45 minutes of a windup. I got in the car until Vanessa, what a worthless waste of my time.

What are just a complete waste of my time? So if you’re going to waste something, wastes money, but don’t waste time. The millionaire mindset says, I’m not going to go to a dry cleaner. I’m going to pay someone to clean my clothes. I’m not going to ride a bus. I’m going to pay someone to drive me or get my own car. Whatever you have to do, I’m not gonna I. The millionaire mind says, I don’t want to waste my time. So chip, please read the notable quotable from Mr Michael Gerber and I want Jonathan Kelly to break it down. For all the listeners out there.

He says, what’s also missing is a sense of relationship. People suffer in isolation from one another in a world without purpose, without meaningful values. What have we to share but empty, but our emptiness, the needy fragments of our superficial cells. As a result, most of us scramble about hungrily seeking distraction, music and television, people in drugs, and most of all, we see things, things to wear and things to do, new things, new things, things to fill, the emptiness, things to shore up, our eroding sense of self. I’m going to buy that in that in. That’s all I need is that in that, in all that those things are things to which we can attach meaning significance, life. We fast become a world of things I love the most. People are being buried in the show. I want to get a boat that I don’t have time to use, but I want to pay for the insurance, the documents that want to have the bolt but not have time to use the boat.

What most people need is a place of community that has purpose. Order meaning the place in which being human is a prerequisite, but acting human as essentially a place where the generally disorganized thinking that aids our culture becomes organized and clearly focused. Are you talking about saying no to things, so having values standards. This is all crazy. A place where discipline and will become fries right away with that unit discipline. That board is evil, the backbone of enterprise, but my counselor said I had a problem with discipline and authority that I need to work through this being what you are intentionally instead of accidentally. Are you saying we should hold people accountable? A place that replaces the home. Most of us have lost. That’s what a business can be. It can create a game where

Michael Gerber, lot, lot of content, there, lot of good stuff, a lot of stuff to think about it, but all I’m saying is I see people that don’t tell people this coffee’s over. I’m telling you I’m 37, I’m really good at this now, but I made a mistake and I talked to the guy and I knew I shouldn’t set up to me. I told Vanessa I should not. I shouldn’t have said yes. Slippery fish. She goes, well, why don’t you tell them you’re not going to do it? And I said, because I already said I would, so I want to honor my commitment, but she goes, well, you know it’s going to go back. And I’m like, I know. So I met the guy and it was, it was honestly just a weird deal. But, but John, you see business owners that we’ve coached that struggle really with ever holding anybody accountable and ever saying no and ever focusing.

So they just sort of try to like fill themselves with watching TV and movies and things and they’re just new ideas and they’re there. Neil files always chasing a new shiny object because they’re unwilling to face the harsh reality that they really don’t know where they’re going. John, could you speak to this because you’ve seen this when you’ve worked, you worked with these long time, five years, you know, you’ve seen this. You had to have seen this before where people who don’t do their stuff and don’t know their values and don’t know what they’re all about, fill their life with buying new things and chasing new things and new. You see it, right? I mean, you’ve seen this. Yeah. It’s just people that don’t value time freedom. So they always want to focus the new focus on the new idea or they want to pursue that new thing or buy that new car, that new boat.

Um, it’s, it’s just always the new thing. But ultimately the goal is, you know, be happy with your life and know where you’re going. And so then the whole goal is time freedom. And so, so many times, you know, they just want to like make more money, but then they spend all of that money. So then they have to continue making more money. It’s like it’s the hamster wheel that you always talk about, and so the goal should be time freedom, time freedom, the freedom to do what you want to do, and if what you want to do during that time is to buy cars, that’s cool, but make sure that you have the freedom to do it and you don’t become a slave to your possessions. Now, chuck, the next notable quotable from Michael Gerber, read it to us, my friend. If your business conferences depends on you, you don’t own a business, you have a job, and it’s the worst job in the world because you’re working for a lunatic.

Chuck, that’s worth repeating. But if you could repeat it and kind of a. it’s like an epic voice, Amanda Man, doing the read. Could’ve been like a shepherd or a mechanic mechanic. Either way you could have different. No, it could be either way. You know, he had both of them require facial hair, so chuffed that mechanical shepherd, if your business depends on you, you don’t own a business, you have a job, and it’s the worst job in the world because you’re working for a lunatic that’s supposed to be followed up by A. John talked to me about this. You see a business owner that will come in for coaching. We help these people. They leave renewed. We help them do it all the time, but they start to say like, okay, I’ll make give example. Shaw homes, Aaron antice, Aaron analysts and his brother, they believe it. Shaw homes that they personally do not have to frame your house.

True. They believe that they personally don’t have to put in your wood floors. They live. They personally do not have to respond to you all. Every single customer service. We see Aaron antice a lot at the office. I’ve never seen him with a tool built on. Interesting, but yet he runs the largest home building company in Oklahoma and John, we love. We were so happy with shaw homes after having worked with them as a. As a, as a coaching client for two years that you decided to use them to build your home. That’s true. Can you talk about this idea, the two different stick way? Two different worldviews. One says, well I got a freaking jab and a only myself and I do it all myself and I, if I’m going to get the carpet cleaned myself, I, if I want a cop it cleaned, right?

You gotta do it yourself. And the other person says, oh, that’s cool. And I specialize in not knowing about carpet cleaning but I’ll hire a team to do that and meanwhile I’m going to focus on building a business. Can you talk about the two different worldviews? Yeah. It’s just a different mindset. So I’m, you know, if you want to be the best in your industry and so you started up just wanting to be the best at carpet cleaning or whatever the industry might be. Um, you can definitely do that, but you’re going to cap yourself so you can only do as many jobs as you can possibly do within that 24 hours. So because we all have the same 24 hours, but if you want to scale that past yourself, if you want to be able to afford yourself and your family, the time freedom to do something else, to do something that you guys are passionate about, then you’re gonna have to be able to make sure that you have the systems in place to make sure that you can still have the quality that you had.

But it goes out to other team members and it really comes down to what I’ve seen is those systems that John was talking about, like people just don’t know what to do. They get into that hamster wheel like he was talking about and then, well, what do I do next? I’m in the business conferences now, thrive nation. We have many podcast devoted to just that question, but I will tell on myself for a moment. I sound so stupid, so stupid, but I used to believe that I had to book that I had to dj every event that Dj connection.com did. So it didn’t matter who on my team booked it. I personally would dj every event as much as six days a week and then over time I realized, dude, I can only do six shows a week. So I thought, chef, I’m a chef. I’m going to delegate.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to begin to delegate. I’m going to do the best delegation, delegation. So I hired a guy to work in my call center and this is what his. This is what this is like me coaching my first employee. This is what I said to the guy. Yeah, so he. The deal, when the phone rings, what you’re gonna do is you’re going to answer the phone, Yo said like Dj connection, right? And then they’re going to say like, hello, how much do you charge? And you’re going to say, oh, that’s a great question. What Day are you looking at? And they’re going to say on June fifth, and then you’re gonna say so what? Venue? And they’re gonna say like top chapel. When you’re gonna, say tap. Tap, and they’re going to say no tarp. You guys say tap and as a no harp.

Okay. Is that over there by the, by, by Cj Maloney’s, the buy? No, it’s by the bar. Why that lab staff not talking like wicked. So long story short. Then you’re going to say why? Tell you what it looks like. We’ll open maybe on the day. Let me check real quick. I’ll be right back. And they use gonna. Pass the phone to me and I’m going to book it because you are the sales rep and I am the boss because I own the business conferences. Our time freedom. But I’m not kidding. I bought every show up until about 2004. The green phone, right. Was it green Hornet guys just passing me of literal phone that had a cord attached to. They would just pass me the phone. Not like the headset, like have a job with it. But you made a 10 percent commission. Hello. You just remain present. Hello? Ten percent guy. Make it a thousand dollars a week. Who literally would go. So, uh, thank you for calling dj connection. Awesome. What day you looking at June? Fifth. Okay. Uh, what venue?

Oh, top chapel top? No, it’s tarp top. No, I’d say top. You mean the one by the bar? Cj Maloney’s. No, it’s by the bar. Okay. I’m going to check you sound. Wicked awesome. Let me go through my things. Tom Brady labs die and then you pass the phone to me and I’m paying you 10 percent and I’m not kidding, but as it goes upstairs and she says you got like $80,000 a year receptionist. She said to us, you’re paying that man 75 grand a year and all he does is looks. He waits for the phone to ring. Is, is I dj connection? I mean it was crazy and I’m going. It was so Chris. And this is what happened. This true story. This is where it gets weird. I go to the bathroom until I swear to God this happened. I go to the bathroom upstairs.

This is at our 91st and Lynn Lane office 8,900 south. Lind Lane was the office and I get a knock on my door. Hey boss. Hey boss, you in there, you do a tool or one. And I said, uh, I’m doing. I’m doing double time. I’m doing double time and he says, he says, well, uh, could you take the phone? You do it. I’m not kidding. He says, this bride says she needs to take the call. She’s got to go. I mean, she’s trying to decide today and I’m like, but I’m going. He’s boss, don’t know man. It doesn’t Echo in there. I’m not kidding. And I’m like, no, I can’t take that call. And I felt bad. So I go downstairs and I’m like, Vanessa, like, I don’t know. I gotta do. I gotta like maybe eat less because I like the password of the day. And she’s like, what are you saying? Something just freaking. So again, that’s just the level of jackass. I liked that. That was the mindset. What does my body instead of that we have going on is food. Now luckily, luckily we might to my wife’s brain at the time. Yeah. And this is what my wife had debt. This is what my wife had to say at the time.

Surely you can’t be serious. I am serious and don’t call me. Surely my

wife thinks is a masculine voice. And so, but then we might to my brain, and this is what I was thinking when she was saying she’s in my business, he goes, can’t you? I remember she goes, baby, can’t you just make a script that someone can do to completion and I’m going,

I am your bod or pay attention.

And I’m thinking to myself like, gosh, this lady is crazy, you know, because she doesn’t understand how difficult I told my wife is. It literally takes me back. It takes me usually 12 to 18 months to fully matriculated. Oh yeah, a DJ. So I need to build a thing called Dj University. True Story. Bj, you. So Vanessa is like, what are you doing? So I then began to make an operations manual. I’m not exaggerating, it’s at least 200 pages long. The things that you need to do for Dj to read to answer the phone. And then I made training cds. Have you guys heard the training cds? No. Oh my gosh. You’ve got to find them. There are definitely on the dropbox folder. They’re awesome. And they’re like hilarious. And they’re great. And all the djs would listen to them and they would go, dude, that epic voice guy was hilarious. And I’m like, yeah, but what did you learn about sales? I don’t know. I don’t know. Like Guy, I, uh, uh, we’re gonna book about a top capital, right? Yeah. So anyway, it just, it’s like it’s just you gotta build system. And if you don’t believe that it’s possible to scale your business,

you got to get the crap out of that industry. If you’re in a business conferences is not scalable. What the crap are you doing? Like, why are you dying on the hill of painting? I just love painting. It’s a family tradition. Get the crap out of that industry. I just big love for roughs. Shut up. Get out of the roofing industry. If you can’t scale your business, get the crap out of there.

Hey Baby. Like

for you to be more direct with me. Listen, if you are a freaking knucklehead and you’re running a business is not scalable. John, true story. We were working with a company out of Dallas to make gourmet desserts. You remember the story is, uh, a lady very and very involved in business and she was making a kind of gourmet pastry that you and I saw in level of decoration that we should put into each cake, into her pastries. Nobody could ever learn it. I’m the only one. The only person. And you, you, you were in the meetings. She’s like, I want to take photos of my core made desserts. So we send a team down to Dallas to take photos of these, of these gourmet delicacy is these desserts and dude, when you’re going to look at the photos were thinking, I’m really glad that made it look great.

Yeah, but there is no. You’re saying to herself like there’s no way I could ever learn to do that no matter how much school I’ve gone to. Right. And she’s hiring students who have graduated from culinary school, so none of them can do it. Well, she got to love that too. She loved the fact that she was the only person that could do it. So for whatever, when people like they want to have these businesses that are not scalable past them because it’s like a almost like a job security. It’s super fun thing. Yeah, it really is. It’s super weird words like they, they say they want to grow past them. It’s a good thing to say, but, but ultimately they don’t. So they’re like, oh, nobody else could possibly learn this one very specific skill or this one specific trait that I have. I, it’s impossible.

Well, my toothpick architecture business clay, I think that, uh, the world needs it. So check the next notable quotable on our 25 minute 10 minute podcast says the difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively. Well, everyone else is created by their lives passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is living fully and just existing chip. I went on facebook to find some words of wisdom to help the listeners out there learn how to design the lives they want. And this is the most clear, the most articulate and the most thought provoking, notable quotable that I could find on facebook to help the listeners design the life they want. You know what they say? See abroad to get a smack chop. There’s nothing out there that makes sense on social media because nobody on social media has it figured out.

I’m telling you, people will write stuff, right? You’ll see business owners, John Posting a picture of a cloud saying it would be great if I could just, if everyone would put a lot of their employees like I do, divine intervention, no seriously, you’ll see people that own a business and it’s failing and they’ll post like to oral but be more successful if people wouldn’t fire people how to inspire. Don’t you see that though? John? Do not see that all the time. Uh, also we’re on snapchat cloud. Joe, take, take. Take that down real fast. For Gino Wickman, Gino Wickman, the best selling author of the book, traction rights, what their chip. Clarify your vision and you will make better decisions about people, processes, finance strategies, and customers. Clarify your, uh, read it again, please clarify your vision and you will make better decisions about people, processes, finances, strategies, and customers.

One more time, please clarify your vision and you will make better decisions about people, processes, finances, strategies, and customers. So my vision was and is to create enough time freedom and financial freedom to chase my wife around. Now there are competing interests that are always trying to get me to not do that and I really do enjoy my time with my wife as long as it stays out of a certain core discussion area. If we spend a whole lot of time, we’re really talking about decoration and I don’t know what to do with that conversation or if there’s ever like a lot of feelings. But if it’s about like, hey, we want to do this, I want to take the kids to this lessons, we want to do this. Let’s design our future. We’re both really into the topic of designing our future. We really like watching epic movies.

Comedies, we like going to cities we’ve never been to where I’ve run into anyone that I know these are things I’m into, but both of us hate when I do public speaking because of the level of preparation I put into every event. It just wipes out my family and so we know our vision and John, you see it, you see us when a speaking event request comes in and we turn it down and you, you see where Vanessa has certain values that she puts above everything else and you see it. And what happens when somebody suggests maybe that’s somebodies even me, but when someone suggests a idea that goes against the Mama bears values or the Clark bears, well, what, what, what, what, what does that start to address? She violently attack it or is it more of like, it’s okay. I mean, how does she, when someone starts to mess with her life design, what happens?

Yeah, I would just say that Vanessa is the world’s nicest person I’ve ever met in my entire life. Uh, and then the moment that you go against something that she feels really strongly about or it goes against her values, it’s, she’s a cobra and you can just watch it. She was just like, she’ll just like, turn slow. So imagine this, I tell you, I onboarded on yet another cannabis dispensary that we’ve told no imagine that I said yes to the cannabis dispensary yet again, and I’ve talked to most of them, but there’s so many now until just told you that I said, John, please call this person today because we’re getting so many of them. They’re just texting me and it’s, it’s like, it’s too much. So imagine that we did book the cannabis dispensary and we helped get a cannabis dispensary to the top of Google and grow their company dramatically. What do you think would happen to me and my testicles, John? Well, you’d have a little two little snake bites, the little venom dripping. Um, uh, and it would not be right. I’m just saying

what I know about Vanessa and we actually did a show about this as she has decided in her years now to be a peacemaker. Not a peacekeeper truth, and she brings peace by the sword,

but, but, but this was very clear about cowboy back in the day they actually, his guns were called peacemakers. I don’t remember who it was, why Erp or, or somebody like he would just kill you and his guns were coming to find out that Vanessa was very passive when we first got married and she’s become very much the peacemaker and if we can find out who named their guns, the peacemakers, that’ll be a little fun. Factoid for the three years

nation. That’s actually a name of a pistol that is manufactured by Colt. Colt. Peacemaker size. Yeah.

This just in from our Home Office. I did not know that.

Harry. So again, if you’re out there and you’re saying to yourself, gosh, I don’t even know my vision for my life, that’s where it starts. And John has been challenging me recently. [inaudible] John Wooden are talking. John’s like, so what are your goals? It’s probably been like a four month conversation and I’m like, I don’t have any goals. And you’re like, what? This is what? This is helping. Essa does Christmas with me. Vanessa says, what are you want for Christmas? And I go, there’s nothing I want. She goes, excuse me? The first couple of years we were married. She goes, what? I go, I purchase everything I want immediately and I have everything I want so I want nothing but what I do want is for you to buy me nothing. And I enjoy buying new things so I’m going to sneak attack and she likes when I listen and pay attention to buy her things that are kind of a sentimental. He was listening, right? So I’m saying is though, but it’s weird when you’re married to somebody who’s like, I don’t want anything for Christmas. And it’s also weird when you work with a boss. He was like, well we’ve hit our goals so let’s just.

Right. And it’s not even should have even shut her down. It’s more of like. But the thing is, and Z and I talked to this is how this conversation came about, Z and I talked and z goes, your high watermark really needs to be his low watermark. That’s what that looks like. So you’re, the company is eventually going to grow beyond you and you just have to like, your high watermark needs to be his low watermark, you know, because he’s got that dragon energy or you know, that’s how that is. And so I’m just saying. So I, I thought about it a lot and I’ve been thinking, oh gosh, what are my goals? Maybe more time freedom. I already liked my schedule. What if it’s more money? I don’t need any more money. In fact, I just wanted to see if I just tried every day to buy all the random crap that I, I couldn’t.

I thought what about um, more gummy bears? Not Women. I liked my wife got that. Kids already have five. I don’t want anymore. You should start opinion. Forest animals, Vanessa Kinda. And we stopped because I kept going and buying a, you have to be in south. You’d be like New Mexico to buy it, to grow up anyway. You can’t do a tree’s down to it though. I did tell. But trees, we already have thousands of trees. Cats. We already have 10 chickens. We have like 40 minutes has made me stop acquiring chickens. Turkeys. We have one that I’m allowed to say, hey, why are there chickens that aren’t silkies? I don’t understand this. Silkies are the best chickens. A couple I know. I’m just saying they’re awesome. There should be no other chickens on the walls. Silkies will love the wall. A gate with my initials on it, like the ducks.

So they’re kinda like, I don’t have any material possessions. I want faith and break comment. If I died tomorrow, I wouldn’t change a single aspect of how I live my family. I love my family. I don’t know. I don’t have goals. I’m good. I’m good. And then so John’s like, yeah, what are your goals? But he’s like, you know, ask them little, like subtly, like what are your goals? And so it’s pretty direct actually, you know. But it was noisy. It was a subtle, it was more of a clever way where he’d say stuff like, so what are your goals?

So I realized like, okay, okay, okay, I’ve got a huge goal. So goal number one is I think I need to live in Puerto Rico six months here because I think that that would be fun and I think I love Oklahoma in the winter. I don’t like Oklahoma this summer. So I thought that would be a move and then also give John the time and space he needs to be able to lead. It would also caused me to be the one who onboards every client cause we only take 160 clients and I never want to get to a place where we’re helping a single client that I don’t like on a personal level but don’t like you. I don’t want to help you. Boom and everyone to get transactional. So these are Kinda the things. But you have to know your goals and if you don’t it freaks everybody out. Your kids are like, Dad, what are your goals? I remember one of my kids asked me that I go, don’t have any because he is very inspirational. The Dad, right? Folks. Today we’re going to have a big motivational talk and the topic number one is I have no goals. All right, thank you for coming.

All right, so now

the final notable quotable on this 30 minutes, a portion of our 10 minute podcast, please read the next notable quotable. Most people are sitting on their own diamond minds. The surest ways to lose your diamond mind or to get bored, become overambitious or start thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. Find your core focus, stick to it, and devote your time and resources to excelling at it. Gino wickman. So what I want to do is I want to just break that down line by line there. It says, most people are sitting on their own diamond minds. I agree. Unless you’re not. If you have a business conferences that makes a super low profit margin and it requires your personal time, get the crap out of that industry. It’s a hobby. It’s dumb. Stop doing it. Stop making it. Um, as an example, friend of mine recently called me, uh, actually sent me a note.

John, you saw the note. You’ve seen some of the, you’ve seen, saw the note. You gave me the note I received calls. This person calls, the bottom line is this person is emotionally attached to saving a failing company. John, you saw that note and it’s like, Hey, this company is desperately failing. Oh yeah, can you help? And I can’t help because the company should fail because it’s terrible. So again, if you’re not sitting on top of a diamond mind, get rid of it. Next thing, don’t get bored. I never struggled with getting bored. I’m really good at staying focused, but becoming over ambitious is something that scares me. Reading that I did do early on and the DJ business grew faster than I wanted it to. What happened was I got overwhelmed by idiots, so I’m always afraid to ever go back to a place where I hate my team because right now I really love my team and I never want to go to an office where I hate my team because I really did hate each and every single member of DJ connection Dot Com.

For Awhile before I sold it, I started liking the team again, but I hated everybody. I nothing’s worse than hating your own company. Would you say the causes of this are greed and a lack of patience? I feel like people want stuff so fast and they just are not willing to work for us. They want to do something else. The new shiny thing. Action step. Read the book, traction by Gino Wickman and download our copy of our book. Start here, the Amazon bestselling book, and it will walk you through how to keep yourself focused and specific action steps that you need to take. We have arranged Jordan coming and I don’t want to lose today. Show. Amen. Because of the lightning flashes, we lose the show. We lost the whole thing. So any further ado on minute 32 minute, 33 of our 10 minute podcast, three, two, one, boom.


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