Everything You Need to Know Before Leasing Office Space | Tenant Representative Broker Reid Moore

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Tenant rep broker Reid Moore shares about the 9 things you need to know before leasing office space

  • What is the drawback of not using a tenant representative?
  • How can you help business owners to save money as a tenant representative?
  • How much does it cost to use a tenant representative?
  • What does a tenant representative do exactly?
  1. A Landlord has representation protecting his interests (another broker), and a Tenant Rep is your line of defense against this. Most buildings have listing agents representing the landlord and this puts you at a disadvantage without representation. Let our team of advisors advocate for you, at every transaction and every stage! st at heart and it is our sole responsibility to find you your ideal space 
  2. A tenant Representation agent will provide inside market knowledge that non-industry professionals won’t have. 


  • How does having a nice office location make it easier for business owners to recruit quality employees? 
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Assets put money in your pocket, whether you work or not, and liabilities take money from your pocket.” – Robert Kiyosaki
  • What is one of the biggest advantages of using a tenant representative?
  1. Tenant representation provides the business owner that is searching for space the prized commodity of time freedom. Your rep can save you time by handling the time consuming elements that come with the search for office space such as location scouting, lease agreements, and negotiations. This frees the business owner up to do what they do best… run the company
  • What systems can a tenant representative provide to help you in your search?
  1. We help build a team around what is needed to help optimize your space. Which in turn helps revenue grow.
  • How does having a tenant representative help you better save on closing deals? 
  1. Additional money left on the table for building an office you deserve is paid for by the landlord! 
  •  What makes you different than other tenant representatives? 

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.” -Seth Godin (Best-selling business author)

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Josh, have you ever needed to lease an office building before? Absolutely. Are you leasing an office building now? I am. Well before you lease another office building and before I lease another office building, before our listeners lease another office building, we’re going to teach them everything they need to know about leasing an office space. And uh, Josh, can you reach over here and cast me that pen? I want to take notes. Here you go, Josh. That’s not my pen.

yes, yes, yes and yes. Thrive nation. Welcome back to another exciting edition of the thrive time

show on your radio and podcast download. Reid moore. Welcome onto the thrive time show. How are you sir?

Oh, I did. Fabulous. Great. Thanks for having me today.

So Reid moore, could you share with the listeners out there what it is that you do for a living?

Sure. Um, I’m a tenant rep broker. So what that means is I help businesses find and depreciate office space.

So you’re a tenant rep broker. Does somebody have to go to school to become a tenant rep broker?

Um, in the sense of your typical college? No, but, and getting licensed, uh, yes. In the state of Georgia you have to take a class, pass a test to be like in order to use.

So what have you been doing with your career before you became a tenant rep broker?

Oh, I have a crazy career, but right before I became it I was doing investment sales and before that I was doing leadership development, sales and personal training.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to put on the perspective here that I’m a business coach listeners or owner thinking about leasing space and that I don’t know anything about it. Now, I have worked in the commercial real estate field quite a bit. Um, I have leased a lot of buildings, but I’m going to pretend read that I have no clue about what I need to do when it comes to renting space. So I’m going to ask you the questions that I think the listeners have, um, about renting space. And then we have Josh with, uh, living water irrigation here with us. One of our shows sponsors Josh meet. Read a hell they read. How are you sir?

I’ll do it. Great. Josh yourself.

Oh, awesome. Man. Pleasure to speak with you. And we have been our search engine optimization Ben summers here and is joining us. Ben, say hello to mr. reed moore a Audi. Hey Reed.

Hey Ben.

So here’s what we’re gonna do. You guys can ask him any questions you want to ask. All right, but I, I’m, we’re going to bring it out of the mindset is that you’re trying to lease space. All right? So if I’m listening right now, read and I’m thinking about lease and space, I’m gonna go, I’m gonna need, my business coach office is growing. Or maybe it’s my first office. I have, I’m a home based business and now it’s time to move it out of the house and get an office space. Either way, I need to expand into a new office, get a new office. Um, why do I need to think twice before signing on the line on Elise? Like why, why do I need to before I just signed, whether I use a tenant broker, whether I use a tenant rep broker or not. Why do I need to think twice before signing a lease?

Well first it’s a legal document. So even though we’re not an attorney, I do advise all my business coach clients or having an attorney look at it. But it is a legal document. And typically your space lease is one of the highest expenses if not your second after payroll.

I would also argue that it is,


I think it’s worse than payroll or more important than payroll cause it’s an obligation that can um, costs you, you know, you can be involved in it for up 10 years, seven years, five years. I mean, how often have you seen somebody sign a lease and not know what’s in that lease?

Oh, well I would say if they’re not working with a broker, um, that, that hasn’t explained it or doesn’t, does it have a legal background? Probably 100% of the time.

So when somebody signs a lease, I’ll give you an example. When I signed my lease years ago with a company called [inaudible] for a company called DJ connection that I owned at the time. Um, Josh, were you familiar that, were you aware or back in the day, did you know there like a lease, certain leases require you to fix your own air conditioning unit if it goes out. Did, were you aware of that? I was not aware of that. Read what kind of lease does that for the listeners out there that aren’t aware of that kind of thing?

Not a great lease. Um, you know, I did. There are, there’s many different kinds of leases, but if you get into something like that that’s uh, you know, not the best situation for our client. You never want to be in, you know, full, um, take on the full responsibility. If you can have it, the actual full on maintenance and everything you went to at least have your landlord pay for that or um, at least I just want to some of that cost.

This is what happened. We were in a big building and it’s in Tulsa, a big private nine story tower. A readout was probably 23 at the time, 24 and I signed a big old lease, like a five years, six year lease, something like that. And it was like, I want to say 10 grand a month every month for um, I want to say it was six years, I think it was six years brews. 10 is 10 grand a month. I remember that is what it was at least 10 grand a month. There’s 120,000 a year and it was a total of six years. Now. I didn’t realize that I signed myself up and I, and again, foolishness is no for me, not in ignorance is no excuse here. I didn’t know, but I signed myself up for a $720,000 liability, uh, read. I had no idea that I was liable for that much money. You know, I didn’t know that. I’m like gonna I’ve got a balance sheet that doesn’t look so good. Um, what do you think that a lot of young business owners are aware of? How important it is to recognize what you’re signing up for me. When you meet people who are looking to lease space to, are you shocked by sometimes by how little people know about what that lease means?

Uh, you know, I would say yes and no. I mean I feel like some people think that they just, they think that everybody’s good or they take it at somebody’s word and they think Alisa is the least. I may be just paid monthly and that’s all they’re liable for and they don’t ever dive into the actual line by line items of what that might entail.

I remember I, I got, this is what happened is I signed the lease, I’m moving in, things are good. These were good for probably about six months. Then at the end of the year I got a bill read where they took the common area maintenance bill for the whole place and they divided it by the amount of square footage you have. And they sent me a bill for like $20,000 because I guess the AC unit had gone out and they needed to paint the parking lot. And I had an entire floor of this office building and I had no idea that bill was coming at all. It was terrible reading. I was in, I was in a spot where 20,000 was a big chunk of money at the time. Um, have you ever found yourself working with tenants, uh, business owners that aren’t aware that they’re on the hook for that kind of thing?

Oh yes. Oh yes. I mean, you know, it’s typically after they’ve already gone through a terrible situation like that. You know, that that’s what they learned about it, you know? No, no one knows until they have to fork over the 20 K.

yeah, I remember that. I talked to my attorney and he’s like, yep, you owe it. I’m like, how do I owe it? He’s like, it’s worded in a way where it says you owe it. And I’m like, but he never said that when we talked. He said, frankly, it doesn’t matter what he said when we talk, this is what you signed. I remember going, but he said, this is everything included. And he goes, yeah, you could. He could have said that. But you signed it and I thought, well I’m gonna take this to my attorney. My attorney is like, listen, you signed it. I mean, uh, but I think a lot of people, their read, we have pushed back. We don’t, we don’t, we, we see, we kind of look at it as a drawback. Like I don’t want to use a tenant representative because I, you know, I got my, I got, I got him together. I can figure this out. I don’t, I don’t need to use a, a tenant rep broker. But why do you feel like that all of the listeners out there, regardless of what tenant rep broker they use, why do you sincerely believe that all of our listeners need to use a tenant rep broker when they go out there to lease space?

Oh, well you know, there’s a few reasons but market knowledge for reasons like just explain, you know, hidden, getting hit with a bill at the end of the year. But also when you’re leasing from a landlord, they are already have representation, typically have representation. So you don’t want to go in blind into a situation where someone’s being represented, protecting the landlord’s money and you have no one else protecting your side or your interest at all.

Now, Josh, if you were going to go out there and lease space today and uh, your business, living water, irrigation, you guys, you guys do well, do you have, do you lease space at all? We do. And uh, okay, so you lease space and are you in there for a longterm deal? Do you get, can you get out of as a year to year? Is it month to month? Is it a longterm deal? Talk to us about your lease. It’s a year to year, year to year. Okay. What questions would you have for Reed more the tenant rep broker about signing a lease before you may be signed her next one. Any questions at all? My friend. So read, I think there’s a lot of small business owners like myself who have achieved some modicum of success and now are sitting at this a decision point. So what would you say pros and cons versus renting or leasing versus either purchasing or building your own space? Ooh, this is a hot and fresh question from Josh.

Great. That is a great question. And that’s actually one that I’m asked a lot. And typically in commercial space, if you’re going to be buying your own building, most of the time you’re not going to use all of that space. So then you, you know, you’re going to want the sublet it or something like that. But it’s really, really capital intensive, uh, to own a commercial property. The HVHC I got stuck with a $20,000 note and you know, at the end of the year, and what I always try to advise is if you’re not in the game of real estate or have experience with it, it’s better to let someone else do that job for you. So leasing is typically less risk and less capital, especially over the long run. [inaudible]

I have a really a horrible story to share and it ends badly and there’s no hope for a, a comeback story here, but it’s a true story. And I think the listeners need to hear this one. Um, years ago and I worked in the commercial real estate world, uh, with my partner there, I met this guy at and Reed, you can probably relate to this guy. This guy was, when you meet your clients, you can probably relate to this character or this potential kind of client. He said he wanted to sell a building and Jorgenson Louis area in Tulsa. And I won’t get into the details so no one knows who he is, Lewis. But I can say, you know, Lewis used to be a nice area. We used to have the Southern Hills country club. It’s still there, but it used to be nice restaurants and you go up and down Lewis, very nice street.

Now, now it’s kind of getting ghetto or it is ghetto and it’s getting worse than a lot of areas. And so this guy has a building read that’s worth over $4 million and he’s got the thing almost paid. And his core business, uh, he decides he wants to wrap it, wrap it up, shut it down. He’s done once cause he’s gonna read his retirement is the building, puts that thing up for sale in a good economy. Calls us, could you help me rent the help, help me, um, sell the building. And I said okay, we meet the guy and we can take great photos, do great video. This building’s been sitting by the way for like a couple years now. He’s late 60, maybe even early 70 at the time I met the guy, he’d been trying to sell that building I think for almost three years at least too.

And no one wanted to buy it in a good economy. Now he has all of his equity and we were talking like pride and at 90% 80% of his net worth is tied up in that building and the AC goes out rate and he’s got taxes that are owed and that area is getting worse all around him. And we ended up having to help that guy sell his building for nothing. Like just very little. Like he barely got out of there with any equity at all. And instead of it being like a piggy bank, you can pull your money out of it was almost as though he’d put his money into like a treasure chest and then taken that treasure chest and put it in the river and then took the key to the treasure chest and had it swallowed by a cow and then smack that cow on the rear end and that cow ran around. He never saw it again. That’s what it was like. I mean, it was like, you know what I mean? And I felt horrible because all his money was gone. How can we, how can you help the listeners out there? What advice would you have for the listeners to keep our listeners from ever getting in that spot?

Oh, for getting that spot. Well, you can never control everybody else, which is sad. You know, you can only control what you want, but that kind of goes back to what I was saying, um, about they’re capital intensive, you know, they, they, you, you sink a lot, a lot of money into them and you might not get it back. And did you say that he, this was where his business was located, the car business.

He, this is where this guy had his business located there. And what happened is he’s like probably 65 66 and he says, I’m going to wind down the business. So it was a consulting service. He winds down the company, right. So now he’s got a building majority paid for and he thinks I’m going to sell it cause it’s a good economy and the area all around him is becoming, and you’ve seen the Lewis happened to Lewis there. Josh just absolute, just horrible. It’s an abomination. Now the whole area is falling apart and now he’s in a spot where he can’t sell it and he doesn’t have any income cause he’s kind of shutting his business down. And it was, it was, I’ve seen that situation read dozens of time to have dozens of times up close and personal. It’s terrible.

Right, right. Well you know my advice and something like that, then we’ll be, I’m pretty huge data cashflow. So you know, I know selling it and getting quick equity is good, but depending on it and if it’s reasonable, maybe actually try to police it out if it’s possible. That way you actually have some type of come on it and you’re not taking such a large loss on it. And especially like you said, it’s been sitting there for three years. That can be typical in a lot of markets for commercial buildings

now. Okay, so you’re saying, I mean that’s a, that could be very common. I think a lot of listeners are used to selling a house and they don’t realize how freaking hard it is to sell a commercial building even if the economy’s rocking. Can you share how long, and again, I’m not asking for a hard fact, I’m just saying from your anecdotal experience working in the industry, how long does the average commercial buildings sit on sale before someone buys it?

Oh, I mean, it’s easy, easy over a year. You know that you don’t even blink an eye at that point because most of the time, so like he said, you know, residential people start getting antsy at one month, you know, depending on what part of the country or their market. But commercial building, I mean, you can go five, 10 even, you know, 15, 20 years on some of these things.

Oh, that sounds horrible. Now talk to us about cashflow. You, you use the word cashflow. And then I want Ben to be able to ask you a question and we have a lot of our listeners, I’d say two out of three of our listeners own a already successful company and they’re wanting to take it to the next level. But I bet you a third of our listeners are learning these skills and they’ve never heard the word cashflow before. I’m not looking for a textbook definition, but can you explain what cashflow means? So our listeners, so we don’t lose anybody?

Of course. So, you know, cashflow is something that’s actually coming into you monthly, uh, and that’s actually paying you and not something that you’re actually paying on. So if you own this building and we’ll say your note is 20,000 a month, but you’re actually ringing it for 60, then you actually have 40,000 coming in. So you’re constantly getting money back into it and back from your assets.

So you’re saying if your note or AKA your payment, if your payment is less than the money coming in, that’s the cash flow as to cash flow. That’s the positive cash flow, negative cash flow, more money coming out than is coming in. That’s a negative cash flow. Ben summers, I don’t expect you to be a commercial real estate guru, but you are a, a young man who is a curious soul. Um, talk to us about what, what questions would you have if you were going to go out there today and lease your first office space? Uh, well my question would be, is it, um, would it be kind of similar to renting an apartment? Like, um, so you rent it, you sound the dotted line. Um, and then is there like a penalty for like breaking the lease? Um, I’m kind of equated in my mind as to like renting a just like an apartments that mean like me, like me and my wife are in right now.

Yeah, that’d be great question. And yes, so typically, uh, depending on your lease, you can have many different options about if that happens. So you, you know, some buildings may allow you to sub what that bill, uh, that out. Some might not. And some might make you pay a portion of that rent that was going to be owed. You know, say, say you had a five year lease and you came out at year three, they’re gonna walk some of that money back from those two years that they lost.

Oh, it’s, it’s, it’s unbelievably, um, uh, dangerous to flippantly sign a lease. If you’re out there listening today, look at your lease, pay attention to your lease, get a tenant rep, broker, get yourself a broker to represent you. Do it. Now. What is the drawback of, of using a tenant broker or what do people think is a drawback read of using a broker?

Well, I think some people think that the actual drawback is, is that maybe we cost, um, maybe we’re expensive to use and, or maybe that, you know, we’re just after the next closing or deal and that we’re really those guys that, you know, call, call the landlord’s broker and be like, Hey, my client wants this. What is your landlord really one out of the agents have a bad rep and many other things. And I think there’s times of bad connotation, um, about, you know, people in the real estate industry. But really I think a lot of people don’t even know that our services exist.

I believe that. I think a lot of people think it’s gonna be an extra 6% fee on top of the lease. But what in reality, it’s a situation where the lease is going to be, let’s say $2,000 a month, where there you have a broker help you get signed the deal or not. And then their is the person who’s listing the property, the person who’s leasing the property, they get those 6% commission. But if you’re, if you’re being represented by a broker, they just split that fee. So there’s 6% already in play anyway, and the person who’s helping you doesn’t make a diamond till you actually sign the lease. So I would highly recommend you’d have a tenant rep broker. Now I think a lot of business owners are going, how can I freaking save money? How can you read, help our listeners freaking save money? I mean, if they’re out there going, Hey man, I want to save some fricking money. How do you help our listeners save that freaking money? Not just, not just some money, but how do you help them save some freaking money?

Okay, well let’s say some freaking money. There’s, there’s a few ways we could do that. It’s not a, one is freeing up the business on there to actually do no, we take the load and stress of finding locations, verifying them and trying to make it, you know, the best way, gathering all the information. But also a lot of people don’t understand that there’s a lot of times money left out on the table. Um, which can be tenant improvement allowance, which can be fact for the stinks to cause a Paul lifted. That’s the price they have to pay for it. So not knowing the market, uh, really it really puts the client at a disadvantage or tendencies they had a disadvantage for not actually knowing the ins and outs of what actually can go on within numbers.

So how much does it cost to use you again just kind of rehashed how much does it cost to use you or another tenant representative that’s out there?

99.9% of the time. We are free to the tenant.

And then you’re charging your free to intent

free to the tenant.

So now, um, can the listeners out there who are interested in actually using your services? Do you work in other States or, or just in Georgia? Tell us, um, where you can help our listeners.

Well, well I’m licensed in Georgia but I can actually help them in multiple other States through my brokerage. [inaudible]

so how does having a nice office location from your perspective make it easier for owners to recruit quality employees? You know, because a lot of times I see employers out there trying to recruit high quality employees to ah, you know, get him a rough van down by the river motif. Kind of a rough kind of a, a Carney look there. Um, could you explain how it may be easier for people to recruit high quality people if they have a high quality office?

Sure. Well, I say I’ve had that done with a little story and it’s kind of what we’ve seen here in the Atlanta area. So about 10 plus years ago, um, tech companies like Microsoft and then everybody started moving their office to the suburbs of the city of Atlanta. So I started moving to the suburbs and that’s where they put their offices. Well now everybody’s come back into the city or really millennials, which is their target employee because we have, you know, a few colleges in the city and they don’t want to move to the suburbs. Everybody wants to stay in the city. So now these major corporations are having to move back into the city just for pure recruitment processes, up appliance before employees.

Now, what is one of the biggest advantages from your perspective of using a tenant rep? Well, what’s, what’s the biggest advantage? Is there a big advantage of a super advantage? What’s the number one? The big kahuna, the big reason why all the listeners out there should use a tenant representative. They want to save some freaking money.

Well the landlord has a representative protecting his interest. We are there to protect all of your money in your interest. So we’re there to get you the best possible deal at the best possible location that suits your needs and free up all the time for that business owner to run their business.

Okay. Okay. So you’re going to free up time, save people money. Now how does having a tenant representative help you better save? When it comes to the closing of the deal is, is are we avoiding any, can we avoid any closing costs or closing fees if we’re using a tenant rep to help us find an office space?

What closing costs on the, on the lease side, not necessarily, um, or at least in my state, but really it’s saving some money. And like I said earlier about the tenant improvement allowance where a landlord might actually put the money into, don’t think at your office to suit your needs up front before you even move in. And that’s really, you know, a major saver and something that a lot of people don’t even understand. And even out there.

So what makes you different from other tenant representatives that are out there? What, what makes you different? There are so many different, Oh look, I’m getting a phone call. I must be a big deal. No, I’m not a big deal. Okay. So now what makes you different from other tenant representative people? There’s a lot of tenant reps out there, but what makes you different?

Oh, well, you know, a lot of people say that they’re not chasing just the next deal or they’re not just chasing the next listing. But we try to truly put that forward. And I’ve gone into a meeting recently where a client was already talking to a few other brokers and without even actually knowing their space requirements and because there’s owners like, well we used to have 14,000 square feet, I think we need 20,000. They were ready to show it. You know, they were seeing that dollar sign class, a office 20,000 square feet. And what my partner and I talked about was like, look, we need to take a step back. We actually need to get an architect and you to talk about a space plan. You know, your employee size, your growth pattern, where you’re trying to be in the next few years. So we can actually better suit you for your growth in the future and not just today on what you think you need. So to answer your question, we’re different because we really try to take a customizable and really focused approach on not just today’s needs, but really your future needs.

Um, when you said you sit down with the clients to help them make a space plan. I’ve got, I’ve got audio, I believe from a, a recent, um, meeting that you had with one of your potential, um, um, uh, tenants that I want to make sure this is the right audio clip here. Um, I’ll just talking to Josh about it before the show. I said, Josh, is this the right clip? And, and Josh didn’t hear me or I couldn’t, I didn’t see him and it turns out he wasn’t even there. Uh, but I, I went ahead and I got it queued up. You can tell me if this is how you normally draw a space plan for your, uh, uh, potential tenants here. Let me, let me do it up here.

Space. The final frontier.

This is potentially your new office with read more. Our bold mission is to go win.

People want you to go where employees may

went to work. Where? Oh, Scott, any more time, Scott? I can’t get you to more power captain Scott. I need to freak him out. I can’t get you to our power. I’m freaking out. Have you ever noticed it

by the way? All the doors are always shut like that and star Trek is shit. You ever noticed that Reed, you, you do that in your meetings, do you you’re, are you always yelling at Scotty to give you more power?

That’s exactly it. I didn’t know you. I was miked up. But uh, you nailed it.

I mean are you, I mean when you sit down with the Senate to help them sign a lease, I mean how often do you say Scotty, I need more power. And why? Why does the guy who’s running the, the power for you, why does he always make you make the decision of whether you want to turn off the shields to fire your photons? Why does that have to happen? Why do you guys have to put down your shields to fire off the photons? I remember you. And why is he Scottish? What would tell us what’s going on there? My friend.

Well, you know, I’m, I wouldn’t know why you put down your shield while you fired cause I think you want to be protected before why you’re firing as well. You know, I’m not a Trekkie. Hey, must have something to do with, uh, their, their ways or being into something not, not quite sure on that one.

Um, now another question I have for you about, about your space planning, um, is, you know, Scotty, he says he always talks about he can’t give you more power. Have you ever watched the old style old school star treks? We were seeing the old, the old, uh, old school star treks.

Yes. I mean, I’ve seen, I’ve seen a few of them.

It seems to me as though Scottie always seems like he’s sweaty. Like he’s been working really hard, but yet he really is just hitting buttons on a computer when you go down there. And I was he doing down there? Seems like all the scenes always consist of Scotty hitting a button. Have you noticed that too? I mean, do you feel like Scotty may be doing something else down there? Why is he always so sweaty?

It was probably disturbed other, um, you know, I would assume that as a business owner or or, or the helper now not knowing what he’s actually supposed to be doing and you’re just constantly being yelled at for more power.

Well before I get into allowing Josh to ask his final question for you about tenant representation, I’ve got audio. This is the last of space planning meeting you had here with one of your tenants. This is you talking to Scottie. Let’s see what you said here. How much refit time til we can take around again, eight weeks shadow. I guess that means that you, I think you were asking Scotty, how long will it take before you can take her being the, the potential tenant out to show her more space again and you like to be responsive with your clients. I mean if I called you today and said, Hey, I want to see some space, how long before you would come back with proposals and office locations and I mean you help people find a good office space. How, how long would it take you? Do you typically wait eight weeks? We’re going to put up with that crap from Scotty.

Oh no, of course not. Of course not. Um, you know, I’ve tried to be as responsive and basically immediately as I can, but a space plan can take, you know, a week or so and it’s, you know, unfortunately leasing, it’s not a fast process.

Well, let me queue up more audio here. You said use it within a week. You said a week.

Oh, well for a space plan, typically.

Okay. Let me queue up more audio here I want to make, so we went when it was over. That’s unacceptable. Scottie. We can’t wait eight weeks to see space. Here we go. You don’t have eight weeks, so I’ll do it fun again too. He says he does. We don’t have eight weeks. I’ll give you two. That’s good. You’re negotiating with Scott here. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s continue to hear the conversation goes here.

Mr. Scott, have you always multiplied your repair estimates by a factor of four? Secondly is that I’m not just going, I keep my own reputation as American [inaudible].

Oh, see Scottie right there. Scott, he’s going the flow. He’s a funny guy. Scotty. He’s a funny guy. Okay. Okay. So Josh, um, what questions do you have? I’ll have for read more the, the broker tenant representative guru here. And just to help you clear your mind and help you come up with a great question. I’m gonna just keep an audio clip just to kind of help you get ready. Alright. Okay, so continue. Now Josh, seriously, again, I want you to,

a question that all of our listeners really, really want to understand and really want to know is what is the difference between saving money and saving freaking money?

Oh, Oh, well, you know, I think it’s all relative that of everybody, but you do have a one to go into a lease and pay full price or go into a lease line and have a situation like clay did. So having somebody that actually knows the ins and outs of leasing from a to Z can really save you some fricking money instead of just some money on maybe, you know, your, your monthly rent.

And then the other thing I would have for you read is, and this is just honestly, I’d never heard of a tenant rep prior to this show. So I’m grateful that I’m learning. I love learning new stuff. So a lot of small business owners like me who, who go see a space and say, Hey, I want to call that broker. Hey, I want to go look at that or whatever and don’t have representation. What would their action item be? How do they go find locally? Obviously they’re in the Georgia area, then, you know, come find you read. But in the, in, you know, for our, our listeners across the country, how are they going to go find representation to help them to find that next space for them?

Oh, that’s a good question. So, you know, I would say don’t Paul, the business that’s on the side. So if you go by and you see one of the big names, I won’t name them, but one of the nationally known commercial, or maybe it’s one of your local known commercial real estate signs that have maybe the office listing or something on there. Don’t call them, call it competitor. And that way there’s no crossover, uh, trying to, you know, ever Zen both sides, but Google’s there, I mean you can literally do this on tenant rep, broker at Tulsa to red broker Atlanta and you’ll typically get a list of commercial brokerages or you can just type in commercial brokerage and then go through and go to their website and they’ll typically say if they offer tenet rep services,

now do you have a, a phone number people can call you at as there a website our listeners can go to if they want to learn more about having you help them and assist them with their property search?

Sure. Uh, you know, I always say you can call me (404) 661-2137 and my web tech is the office advisors.com.

Could you repeat your phone number two more times in your website? Three more times?

Sure. Four zero four yup. Six (612) 137-4046, six one, two, one three, seven G office advisors. And that’s an O, R E R M E n.com.

Again, can you read it to us again one more time? I’m just trying to marinate. I’ve tried to, it’s a of some people have met a time. This is, to me, it’s like we’re traveling together. Nothing weird. Just to half a million people together, men, women all hopping into the sauna. I’m starting to fall and we’re trying to, we’re sweaty and we’re trying to find a sheet of paper. So we’re listening to the podcast and we’re like, Frick, I don’t have any paper in this thing. So you reach over to your right and you go, that’s not a pen. He reached over to your lab and you’re going, why is it so sweaty? You’re trying to get out of that sauna to get a pin to, so you’re trending just a steam everywhere and you’re just like, Oh, what’s going on over there? Trying to write down the website and it’s you get out there and you’re like, God, I’m finally out of the, out of the sun. And she’s, what was that? What was that?

Say it again. Okay. Can you, can you tell us the website again please?

Website is the office advisors.com

the opposite visors.com and write that down there. Thrivers remember? And if it’s not a pen, find a pen. So one more time. What’s that web address? One more time.

V office advisers.gov

Oh, okay. All right. So listeners, if you’re out there today, um, and your name is Billy and uh, we are trying to get a pin but we actually grabbed you, I apologize, but to commemorate this moment, Oh, it has to be played one more time. Read. I appreciate you so much for stepping out of the sauna with us and a frantic all of our questions because I think a lot of listeners didn’t even know that your industry existed. And I’ve used, I would never sign a lease without finding a tenant rep broker. I would not do it now. Now knowing what I know, but man, you just, it’s a minefield out there and you can get yourself stuck in a longterm agreement. That’s terrible. And don’t be a stranger to our good friend. Read more. Read more. I appreciate you my friend. Are you prepared to end the show with a boom?

You know it.

Here we go. Are you prepared

Josh? I’m, I’m getting there. Okay. There. Okay. Ben, are you Ben summers? Are you ready? Oh, I was born ready. Josh. It’s not a pen. Don’t test for there. I’ll stop it. Okay, everybody here area. Wow. Here we go. Whoa. Oh, here we go. In three, two, one. Oh, stop what you’re doing. And think about this for a second. What would happen if your company was suddenly able to generate exponentially more quality sales leads? That would be incredible. What would happen if your company came up at the top or near the top of the Google search engine results? Quill. I would just feel overwhelmed with all that piston is how many thousands of dollars in lost sales or millions of dollars in lost sales. Are you missing out on? Simply because your potential customers can’t find you when they go online to search for the products and services that you offer.

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Again, you can download your free ebook copy [email protected]. This is

Justin Huff. I’m with Keystone Harbor Marina. Um, we joined thrive, uh, back in January and uh, had been working with these guys for about seven months. Uh, during that time period we have, uh, moved up our Google rank through reviews and SEO processes that we’ve, uh, uh, compiled through these guys. Our leads have gone from about four week to now, 165 a week. So the process works. Uh, I will tell you from experience, once you begin, you have to stay with it. As long as you continually do this weekend and week out, month in and month out, you’ll continually [inaudible]

the system works. But nothing works unless you do. You’ve got to take some action. Download the ebook for free [email protected].

Hello, my name is Daniel Daniels heating and air here in Amarillo, Texas. Uh, the way Google has affected my business, uh, we have got a lot of calls from Google right now it’s July and we’ve had the best month ever and it took us about eight to 10 months to get on top of Google. And I’m glad we did.

Remember nothing works unless you do. You have to go to thebestSEObook.com today. Download the ebook for free. Just download that ebook for free and you’ll be off to the races.

Hi, my name is Christina and Amos. I am the owner and operator of Angel’s such autobody and detailing in borne Massachusetts. Um, we have been working with thrive and a business coach for say eight to nine months and it took us about six months, five to six months to get on the top of Google. Um, and with their help with the website and marketing, um, and the SEO and retargeting ads with Google and it has been phenomenal. We just have light and day business coming in, phone calls coming in, uh, walk-ins, referrals, it’s just through the roof. Um, and we couldn’t be happier at the moment. We are up 50% this year from the previous year and not only is that part of our own hard work and diligence, but also with the help of thrive and what they’ve done for us and getting us on the top of Google and you know, all their knowledge and business coaching. Um, and yeah, so super grateful. Super pumped to see what the future holds for all of us. Thank you.

This is your year to thrive. Success. You will today is your day and lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. Proverbs 10 fold. I’m here to tell you you can do it. If you can just motivate yourself to the masses. Had to cut off of the day. I could one day do a shape, a tree that I had to prove I had to make cuts to be here daily at the way of the knowledge monsoon, I can them no probates. Those a doubt and you are the next or the next clue room for the next dr Kings who changed one by one. It’s up to you. I remember my days like the template. Well with the jobs that tried to consume to the future that I could pursue from the mountain top. Now I can do clue that you have what it takes success you. Today is your day and now it’s your year to today is your day.

This moment is profound because shook up the ground. Your rope might’ve been rough with what you’ve got now is now we even show you out, but you gotta be discussed with the old plow. Started from the bottom and put my waves up. I was been prayed up. [inaudible] you gotta get it. Don’t quit it. Today is your day to day today and now we use your time and your 10 they should be all went to Keon but we cannot bucket without self discipline to fall with your face. Get yourself a teacher up to Kohl’s dot. Pale with the friends when the storms up in a scattered and the only thing that with yourself what you believe we believe in you but not as much as God does. If you go into have, he’s got nothing applied. What you learned? Increase what it in due time. Your gun money to a bird.

A please. What you burn it into Tom, you got money, 2% increase. What you burn into tangent, got money to sing it. Sing. Increase what you do tell him you got money to make money. I look to shout down the doubters, silver beads that became your dream. Flowers empower you to de devour all the obstacles that make your sweet dreams sour. As for me, I used to [inaudible] but now up on the microphone. Smooth like fuck if I can do it. I know you can too, but you must stick to it like posters too. And while Morgan’s on the call, wrist singing what he’s saying. So I can’t really shoot truth victories today, these days. Okay. And now sing it. Sing it. Since you will find hot day is your day and now it’s your turn. It’s your time today. And now we do a time sing at Barton. Today is your day. [inaudible] at the time I realized I can’t sing like that, but I can’t talk and

play the woodblock. Okay. If you guys need me, I’ll just be over here.


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