Ex-NFL Cheerleader Turned Fortune 500 Salesperson / Business Coach (The Kelly Roach Story)

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Are you looking to thrive with both your personal and family life? Grab a pen and a pad and take notes as an ex-NFL cheerleader (Kelly Roach) teaches about how to design a sustainable lifestyle that you will love.

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NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The mind is what the mind is fed.” – David J. Schwartz

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “When you do hard things, life gets easier.” – Lee Cockerell

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – ““Your customers hold you to a high standard. If you want to achieve true excellence, raise that bar even higher for yourself, your colleagues, and everyone around you.” – Lee Cockerell

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” Winston Churchill (British politician, army officer, and writer, who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955.)l

  1. Kelly, I appreciate you for coming on today’s show. How are you?
  2. Kelly my understanding that is that your entire focus is on helping entrepreneurs to start and scale their business to that they can truly create lifestyle freedom. In your mind, what does lifestyle freedom look like?
    1. For me, it is number one, first and foremost being able to put my family first. My vision is that I want to always make my business decisions based on how it will effect my family
  3. Kelly, for our listeners out there that are not familiar with your background as an ex-NFL Cheerleader, can you share you where you started and how to become a successful business coach?
  4. Kelly, my understanding is that you had achieved a lot of success before the age of 30 as a “sales guru” of sorts at the Fortune 500 company you worked for at the time, describe for us how you were able to do this?
    1. I came from a family with 5 kids. My mom was stay and home and my dad worked for a non-profit. I have been working since I can remember. I wanted to take gymnastics as a kid, maybe around 10 years old, so I worked as a babysitter and saved all my money to be able to afford ½ the tuition to the school and negotiated my way in.
    2. Fast forward, after college I had success in the staffing and recruiting industry which is known for being a grind. I got promoted 7 times in 8 years, and by the end, I had a team of over 100 people and 17 locations.
  5. Kelly, having worked with many entrepreneurs and business owners can you share with us where you feel most entrepreneurs get stuck before working with you?
  6. Kelly, what kinds of breakthroughs have you been able to help your clients work through?
    1. Example 1 – One client is a spice manufacturer. I am the primary sales coach and last year I coached their team to make over $1,000,000 in profit than the previous year.
    2. Example 2 – Another client has been working with me since March and she was running forty 1 to 1 clients and came to me for help. We were able to raise prices 2 times and replace all of her 1 to 1 clients with group training.
  7. What does your regimen look like?
    1. I drink a lot of water, eat as little sugar as possible, and I do a lot of walking up and down my driveway while making phone calls. I also workout 2 times per week.
  8. Why is problem-solving so lucrative?
    1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 90% Of Startups Fail: Here’s What You Need To Know About The 10%
      1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/neilpatel/2015/01/16/90-of-startups-will-fail-heres-what-you-need-to-know-about-the-10/#b86d39066792  
    2. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 70% Of Your Employees Hate Their Jobs
      1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/carminegallo/2011/11/11/your-emotionally-disconnected-employees/#9487d2142d5c
    3. In today’s world knowing when to pivot is crucial. You have to know the difference between shiny new objects or legitimate threats. It is hard to step back and realize you need to change to grow to hit your goals.
  9. What is the most challenging aspect of being a business coach from your perspective?
  10. Kelly, I would love it if you could share with our listeners about your book, 9 Principles for Unlimited Success in Business and Life…what inspired you to write the book and what is the book really all about?
    1. BOOK – Unstoppable: 9 Principles For Unlimited Success In Business & Life
      1. https://www.amazon.com/Unstoppable-Principles-Unlimited-Success-Business/dp/1530131154
  11. Tell us about your newest book, “Bigger then YOU: The entrepreneurs guide to building an unstoppable dream team”
    1. Comes out on October 3rd, 2018
  12. Kelly, for the listeners out there who are really looking to develop a daily routine of success, walk us through the first 3 hours of your day, what does that typically look like?
  13. Kelly, where is home for you and what does your daily office environment and schedule look like?
  14. Kelly, what are a couple of books that you would recommend that all of our listeners would read and why?
    1. Think and Grow Rich
      1. https://www.amazon.com/Think-Grow-Rich-Resent-Poverty/dp/1503081036
    2. The Answer: Grow Any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom, and Live an Extraordinary Life
      1. https://www.amazon.com/Answer-Business-Achieve-Financial-Extraordinary/dp/1416562001
  15. Kelly if you had the give the listeners out there one piece of advice that you feel would help them to become more successful in both their personal and business lives, what would that be?
  16. Kelly, our listeners are really into action steps and into getting things done, what is the single action step that you would advise all of our listeners to take after today’s show?
    1. Leverage the power of live streaming. We take things for granted today that people of the past would have paid a fortune to have. You have access to this technology 24/7 so use it.


Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Two men, 13 multimillion dollar businesses, eight kids, one business coach radio show. It’s the thrive time business coach radio show. Get ready to enter the thrive time show.

All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to another exciting edition of the thrive time show radio and podcast download. Now, on today’s podcast, we are interviewing a former professional football cheerleader. I’m an NFL cheerleader who looks as though she could still be cheering today and she’s having success in the world of business and now she wants to teach you how you can have success to what? Having success in business and in fitness. How’s it possible? Kelly, welcome to the show.

Thank you so much for having me. I’m excited to be here.

Well, I’m going to do is I’m going to ask you the rude questions first just to create that level of distrust needed to have a really good idea. Paint you into a corner. So no, but seriously, I, I, you have had a lot of success in your own career, but yet you’ve decided to focus now on helping entrepreneurs to scale their business so they can truly create that lifestyle freedom. So I want to ask you, what does lifestyle freedom even look like? I mean, what does it look like to you? Lifestyle freedom?

Yeah. Well for me, and it might look different for everyone listening today, but for me it’s number one. First and foremost, being able to put my family first, right? So I have a four and a half year old daughter, so she’s my world and husband and a dog and a crazy house and all the other craziness that comes with that. And you know, my, my vision, my understanding of lifestyle freedom is being able to put my family first and always make the decisions that I make in my business to support what we’re trying to create as a family versus having to compromise the life that we’re trying to create as a family for my business, if that makes sense.

So I have five kids and we’ll have an incredible wife who’s also a former cheerleader now. She treated the collegiate level not at the NFL level, but you know, in college it’s like there’s a lot of stunting and that kind of thing. Did you do a lot of stunting and competitive competition kind of things previous to cheering in the NFL?

I did actually. So funny that you said so in high school I was an all American all star. I did a lot of, you know, I did gymnastics and you know, all of that along with cheering and I actually was on the team when I was in the NFL as well. So, um, you know, I was a flyer that was really fun.

Seven, eight pounds. I’m five six. Oh Wow. Yeah, yeah. But I, you know, obviously you can’t even like make it on the team without being pretty, you know, pretty fit and strong and, and mostly muscles. So, you know, even if you’re a little taller, you’re pretty manageable.

So what, when you say lifestyle freedom, uh, obviously you and your husband and now you’re, uh, your, your youngest here, you guys have a home, what city do you call home for the listeners out there? Just kind of orientate them, orientate them to the life of color?

Yeah, absolutely. So we live in Westchester, Pennsylvania and that is about 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia. It’s a beautiful small town that’s a really, really nice place to raise a family, tons of great restaurants, lots of fun outdoor things to do in the summer. Just a great place to call home. And actually I never thought I would end up back here, but I did a ton of travelling after school and you know, we still travel now obviously pretty frequently. Um, and I just never found another place that I fell in love with the way that I loved Westchester. So we ended up back here.

So for our listeners out there that aren’t familiar with your career, that led up to where you’re at now, I think a lot of times, you know, you’re a, a business coach today. Um, you’re a business consultant today. And what gives you credibility is your history. You know, that. That’s why we wanted to have you on the show. It’s, it’s your, I love what you’re doing now, but I’m saying your history sort of gave you that platform. You know, a lot of people want to have a platform, but you have to have done something. So can you talk to us about your path from and tell us about your, your chair, your cheer career obviously, but you did really well as sort of a sales guru of sorts at a fortune 500 companies. I just want to hear your history.

Yeah, definitely. Well, yeah, I mean you said you have five kids. So I came from the family. There was five kids and my family and um, you know, so we grew up. My mom was a stay at home mom and my dad worked for a nonprofit so, you know, since I was really young it was kind of, things were tight on the money front. You can imagine. Um, and um, you know, so I have been working since I can remember, and you know, my first, like entrepreneurial budding started when, you know, I wanted to go take gymnastics at the best gymnastic school. There’s a gymnastics school, like down the street from where I lived were Olympians have trained and the owner was Olympic gymnasts himself and all of that and I wanted to do this and I think I was probably maybe around 10 years old, so I literally saved up my money from babysitting and I went to the owner of this jam and I said, listen, I could only say that you know, for half of what it costs to come and take class here, would you meet me in the middle?

And the guy was like, who the heck is this girl? What are you talking about? And yes. So literally I went from there to wanting to dance at the best in school in my area and for five and a half years I cleaned my dance studio Monday, Wednesday, Friday after school. I was there on the weekends. That’s how I paid the compete and travel and pay for my costumes and paperclips and all that. So fast forward, when I finally graduated from college, I got into a fortune 500 firm, you know, I really. The decision that I wanted to be financially free, right. Like I, you know, I had gone through a lot.

What kind of company were you working for? I know you went through quite a few things to get to this company. It had to be awesome to have joined a big cup. What kind of industry?

Yeah. So I was in a staffing and recruiting industry, which if you know anything about the staffing and recruiting industry, it is hustle and grind. So like if you think entrepreneurship has grinding, like you haven’t been in the staffing industry yet, you know what I mean? So, so yeah. So I got in there and I was promoted seven times in eight years. So I was literally, I went from being a 21 year old kid that knew nothing about business, starting off just being basically like a sales rep to within a year of being promoted into a management role to within another seven years I had a team of 100 people and 17 locations that I was managing.

So how did you go from there to now being an author of, of your new book? You know, bigger than, than you the entrepreneur guide to building an unstoppable dream team and to becoming a business consultant like you are. I mean, how did you go from the fortune 500 company to the leadership position and how did you, what was your, how did you move from there to consulting like you’re doing today?

Yeah, definitely. So, you know, I went up and up and up and I got to the top and I was like, okay, you know, I accomplished my goal. I am financially free, you know, I got to the top of the organization from a corporate standpoint and on the outside, you know, I had kind of checked some of those boxes that initially were important to me, but then it was like, okay, I’m really having to compromise my quality of life. My health is like no longer. I don’t have time to make it a priority. I didn’t have time to exercise and take care of myself, you know, because I was traveling, I was on buses and planes and trains and that’s why when you asked me what does lifestyle freedom mean to you, I wouldn’t be able to put my family first. I want to be able to go out in my backyard when I get done this podcast episode with you and chill out there.

What did you stay? Did you stay in shape? Did you stay in shape when you were rising to the top of Corporate America? I mean, did you know, you know

now? I mean I was never like begging overweight, but I was not healthy and strong. Do you know what I’m saying? And that was part of what played in my decision to, to get started. So it was a lack of fulfillment. It was a lack of freedom. It was a lack of being able to really prioritize my, my family and my quality of life. And so for me it was very natural. I was like, okay, I just broke all these records in this company. This is how I got promoted. So many times it was teaching people how to sell, teaching people how to have the confidence in themselves to God and charge what they’re worth, teaching people how to market themselves effectively to go out and win the big fortune 500 client, right? And to get those big deals done. And so I was like, you know, what, you know, who really needs this and, and you know, Lucas would really make a difference for not some fortune 500 firm, but the mom and pops, right, the little guys out there that are hustling and grinding and working hard to make a difference for their family.

The people that are small business owners that, you know, when I help them go close a client that susie’s gymnastics lessons, right? That Sally’s dance class that’s being able to pay for Christmas guests, that’s being able to get out of student loan debt. And so for me it was not just, you know, the personal business coach mission of wanting to be able to create a situation where I could live a life that was fulfilling and meaningful personally. But I wanted the work that I was going to actually be making a tangible and impactful difference

and all of a sudden Saturday it’s Kinda like when will you say with all due respect and then you just offended people, can I ask you a question that potentially. I mean if I have to go back and edit it, I’ll take it out. But can I ask you a question that may be would irritate somebody not as confident as your issue?

Absolutely not irritated.

Okay. So here we go. You are a former cheerleader type typecasting and this is just being the people out there listening. We all have different pre conceived things. Oftentimes we prejudge thing. So I’ll go with, okay, she’s a former cheerleader. She does sales, seems kind of woo woo to me, but can she really help my small business? You know, what the numbers, you know with my team, you know the, and I know you can but I think there’s somebody out there is kind of asking that question right now. Like really, really what can she do? Can you kinda give us a little bit of a laser show or maybe bragging on a client that you’ve helped or a specific county? I just, I think there’s somebody out there who’s going. I, I like, I like what she’s saying, but can she really helped me?

Yes. Oh my gosh. Okay, great. I love it. So I’ll give you three really quick different examples of completely different scenarios because I know we have different people in different situations listening. So one of my clients is a, a spice manufacturer. They produce spices and I am the primary coach for their sales team. And last year I helped that sales team to produce over a million dollars in additional profit over the prior year from this. Um, so that’s just one example and that was, I only worked with them on sales so I was not working with them on all the other things that I do with the full company. So when I work with a small business owner, we’re working on marketing and branding and leveraging social media and building your email list and running facebook ads and like all the other ones

you’re not making, you’re not making your, your, your clients, uh, think in eight counts and you’re not choreographing dance moves and you’re not. It’s not a whoo, whoo Rah, Rah kind of thing. I mean, this is a real specific helping a company increase their profit by a million, a million dollars. Chip a chip. A million means hard to say that a million profit job. How do you, how many commas? It just seems like we’re impressed with the first example. Could you give us another example? Maybe.

Yes. So let’s talk about, that’s maybe like a smaller, small business because I don’t know, you know, in your audience, there’s probably a people of all shapes and sizes listening, right? So I have a client that I started working with in March and she told me she wanted to go from. She was running 41 to one clients. Now imagine the quality of life that you have. They’re not good, right? Forty seven, 41 to one clients and she came to me and she said, I need you to teach me how to leverage social media marketing to go from one to one to one to many, and I said, okay, no problem. So within two months, two months, we raised our prices twice. I taught her my formula for using facebook group launches, group challenges to launch her first group program. Never done a group program in her entire life. She closed 50 group clients, replaced all of her one to one income because later I got her to charge for the group what she had been charging for the one to one, which she was terrified out of her mind to do. She was like, you are an insane person. I cannot believe I’m paying you right now. And I was like, you just need to trust me.

So are you. Are you with this person? Is One to one? Was it like a, a one to one bakery? Was it a one to one coaching? Oh, I was just going to say that really can be stressful. I mean keeping up with baking needs of high level, high level, high level. Very customized.

Yeah. It’s so time consuming. Like within two months she had 50 group client, so what is literally it went from her having to do 40 individual sessions to her replacing all of that income with group which only takes like an hour a week. Right. So you close 50 group clients at the price she had been charging for one to one in two months.

So. Okay. So here, here’s my final example I’m looking for from you that I want to just my final business coach question because this, I think a lot of people, if you Google Kelly Roach and Kelly, I’m going to do what I’m asking the listeners to do right now. I’m google searching. Wow. This is a great podcast. He googles and walks us, limit this. Okay. But I’m just going to google it real quick. I’m googling Kelly Roach. I’m looking for who is this person? Oh, I see Kelly Roach coaching.com. So it’s Kelly, k e l l Y. Roche are. Oh a C H coaching.com. I go there and I think to myself, I, I’m making my first impression. You’ve chopped. Typically you shouldn’t say what you’re thinking all the time, right? You should have kind of a filter typically, but this is what I’m thinking. I’m going, oh, she seems credible. She seems like she don’t think she eats food.

I don’t think she. She’s a little rabbit. Is she put it. She probably spends 80 percent of her day job working out the dollar sheet has worked on sale. She probably freaking a. If I spent nine hours a day working out, I’d probably look at debt to know. Kelly, I want to ask you now, what does your routine look like to stay in shape? Because you stay in shape and you keep your business in shape. How do you do both? What is your, what is your regimen where our listeners are very curious about the specific schedules of people yourself?

Yes. Okay, good. Well, first of all, I drank a ton of water. I try to limit sugar. I, you know, those are two kind of my two roles that way. Um, I do a lot of calls so we have a very long driveway. I typically walk up and down my driveway at least an hour or two a day just to get the steps in and then I work out two days a week with an in home trainer. So I do bring a trainer in two days a week and I’ll work out, you know, during my work day I come in. I’m sorry, what’d you say?

Hello? Sorry about the skype. Sometimes it’s a little bit of a sensational delay there. So as far as with the workout, um, do you, uh, how long are the sessions? I mean, are you going?

No, so I’m not like one of these, um, I, I’m not one of these crazy training people, like I do 30 minute sessions, like 30 minute high intensity sessions typically. And it’s actually a three ring circus. It’s hilarious because my daughter, Madison, half the time she’s like hanging on my leg, hanging on my arm, sitting on my back, like [inaudible], you know, if she sees me, I worked from home, right. My husband’s home full time with Madison. I worked from home, I run my business from the, from the house, and so most of the day I’m in the office, the door was shut. She knows I’m on calls, so you know, when the trainer comes in she’s like, oh perfect, this is a free for all, like this is great. So she’s in there with me, she’s hanging on me, jumping on me, but we get it done so we have fun. But yeah, 30 minutes short, sweet, and to the point, boom. And I’m back. I’m back in business,

you know, and I think one of the things that’s allowed you to have the kind of lifestyle where you can work out during the day of your trainer, come in, you’ve got the long driveway, you’re like, you’re on the calls with the clients, you’ve been intentional to design the life you want as opposed to interrupt you. Just letting it drift around and become a vast wasteland that most people call their day. You know, I think that’s the biggest thing. Seventy percent of people hate their jobs and nine out of 10 businesses, according to Forbes, will put this on the business coach show notes fail. And of the 10 out of 100 businesses that actually make it less than half of those ever achieved financial freedom, let alone time freedom. So I think that your problem solving skills, this ability that you’ve had to pivot from one career to the next, that that problem solving skill set, it’s not as sexy skill set, but it’s lucrative and it’s allowed, allowed you to prosper. Can you talk to us about the importance of pivoting problem solving and just why it’s not a sexy skill set but white? So lucrative?

Yeah. Well, I mean, I think like, especially in the world that we live in today where things are changing on a dime so quickly, you know, knowing when to pivot is crucial, right? And also knowing when and how to capitalize on what’s right in front of you, you know, but, but to do that a way where you’re not chasing bright, shiny objects, but that you’re strategically assessing when it’s time to make a move. Right? And, and hey, this is why we all need outside counsel. I hire coaches and mentors myself. I have coaches for my team members in my coaching company. So you know, none of us are immune to this. When we’re in it and we’re in our head, you know, sometimes you can’t see the forest from the trees. The value that I provide for clients is I can give them the simplest, fastest, most efficient path to say, okay, we need to pivot left here.

We need to take a step to the right here. We need to focus on this. We need to drop that right? It’s time to solve this problem is trying to let this problem go completely and really just be able to look at it from a 50,000 foot view of what’s going to get you to that end goal. But it all goes back to what you just said because you have to be intentional not just about the financial goal that you’re trying to achieve, but what you want your life to look like as you’re achieving that. Because what happens is a lot of times people set a financial goal in the business, just like my client I told you about a couple of minutes ago with her 41 to one clients, she set a financial goal out there and she was miserable because she’s spending, you know, 15, 16 hours a day, you know, serving these clients one to one, she’s going to burn out.

Right? So that’s why we needed to pivot and, and you know, move her from the one to one to the one to many model, right? So, you know, yeah, it’s not sexy to solve the problem and it’s actually a lot easier to just keep working hard. Kind of going through the motions of doing the same thing you’ve always done. It’s a lot harder to take a step back and say, you know what, I, I’m going to have to grow. I’m going to have to change. But it depends on how bad you want to live the life that you actually want to live. But you know,

so how you, you sound like you have a great, a great family. And I think a lot of listeners want to know. Okay. Tell us about your husband. How did you meet this guy? Did you meet at a biker bar? Was it like a bowling alley slash biker bar? Was it like a Taco Tuesday? You went in there and you met Mr. Prince charming and he swept you off your a bowling shoe. Feet. I mean, what, how did you guys meet?

Definitely. So now he’s amazing. I’m super, super lucky and we just have like this amazing dynamic where were like total opposites and we just fit together perfectly. But yeah, we actually met, he went to school for Exercise Science and when I started my fortune 500 career I was teaching aerobics after work, just kind of for fun. So he was the general manager at a pretty big health club down the street from one of the branches I was managing. I was teaching aerobics after work for fun and we just met one day we hit it off. He asked me out the next week and 13 years, almost 14 years later. Here we are.

Is that a nice way to, to cover up for his move where he signed up for the aerobics class and he’s like, Yo, get a little stretchy. So I’m the only guy. Awkward. But no, I didn’t know that. He has good hair by the way, on your website. He has good hair.

I tell him that’s it. He’s lucky. He was lucky. Still has hair. He’s got the kind of. You don’t want it.

Yeah, he’s got the kind of mop you don’t want to chop. I mean that, that lead us. I mean he might. He might want to grow that out like Fabio. That’s my tip for him. Just grow that. Grow that main out. Man. That’s beautiful.

He has a nice man, but you know what he’s like now he’s like, do I go salt and pepper? Do I let it go? Because you know, we’re getting up to that age now. So there’s big decisions on the horizon.

I own a chain of men’s grooming lounges is one of my business ventures and so I wear a hat every day because I really have a bad head. And then bad hair that goes on top of my head, I just had a ton of photoshop to even just go out in public. So I’m envious of beautiful people like yourself there. So my wife is actually, we chuck, we believe she’s legally blind, which is how we got married. She can’t see me. That’s the truth. She abused me as a mission field. That’s why we got married, I think to help me out there. So now I have another question for you. You got this new book, you’ve been working on this new book and when you write a book, I mean I’ve written almost a dozen books and when you write a book, step one is you get inspired to write the book. Step two, you hate the book because you edit it for the 15th time. Step 16, you’re like, oh my gosh, I love my book now because I just finished editing it. It is so good. Oh, your book. I mean it seems like a great. A great book. A real page Turner, nine principles for unlimited success in business in life. Why does everybody need to buy this book? Tell us about this book.

Yeah, definitely. So that’s my business coach book that I released. What was it? Twenty 15 or 2016 and I wrote that book because you know what? I found out that everybody is either miserable because they’re not making any money, but they have all the time in the world is spent doing what they want to do, but they can’t do what they want to do because they don’t have any money to make it or they’re making all this money and they’re miserable because they had no time to spend it. And so that whole book was about taking what I had learned from my fortune 500 experience climbing the corporate ladder and basically realizing that you can do that in a corporate setting, but you’re not gonna have the time. You’re not going to have the quality of life, all that other stuff, and then learning how intentional I had to get about the way that I built this business that I’m in now, which is now high help all of my clients to build their own family, first businesses, their own lifestyle businesses where yes, you’re going to have to work very hard, but you’re going to be intentional about what you’re building so that you can achieve financial freedom, but also have a life around that

you have to book, which is why it’s called your newest book, your newest book. Tell us about your newest book. When I say newest, I mean the one you wrote most recently knew that was a job. That was something that was lost in the show notes here. When you put on here her newest book, for some reason I promised that to be, hey, let’s talk about her oldest book first and then let’s say you’ve got to set up your newest book.

You guys are funny. Like I. I’m really enjoying this. Yeah, so no bigger than you. It comes out on October third. I’m super pumped about it. I write it because I got inspired to write it. I wrote it because I felt that it was a necessity, so it wasn’t really something where I was like, Yay, I want to write a book about leadership in the entrepreneur space. Um, but what I found was all these clients that we’re joining, all of my programs to learn how to build a brand online and sell and market and close their clients and, you know, do all of this. That was all great. And then they’re like hitting a wall because they’re trying to start building a team. They had no idea what they’re doing. They don’t understand how to manage people. They don’t know how to inspire and lead and get results from people. And there’s such a bad rap out there about hiring employees because so many small business owners have had such a bad experience.

Oh, I love employees. I love to hire employees. Honestly, if you don’t want to do it, it’s great. It’s no problem. It’s not really.

I do too. Like I actually dedicated my book to my team. I’m, I’m so, so appreciative of them. I love them so much. I’m so lucky to have them and so this book is really written for every entrepreneur out there that you know, wants to have a good quality of life because you can only really build your business to maybe six figures with yourself and like an admin if you want to go further than that, you have to get on board with learning to lead, learning to grow into an inspirational manager. Learning how to understand how to make employees profitable, all of that. So I wrote the book for all those entrepreneurs out there that want a business that’s bigger than.

Yeah, sure. I’m so glad she cleared up what the book was about when we were talking before the show about the book, her new Kelly Roach, his newest book bigger than you. I thought it was a book promoting excessive weight gain as a way to get to a new level. I thought it was like trying to eat. A lot of people are into the Buddha and enlightenment. I’m a Christian. A lot of people are into booting. They had the Buddha on the desk, you know, one of the ladies in our office has the Buddha and the desk. I thought what this was about was kind of how to become your own sumo wrestler of life, and I was going, I don’t know whether this is a good, not the Buddha belly guidelines that I haven’t read the book yet. Chap, I’m so glad you cleared that up. I was. A lot of people were worried about this chapter. You should be excited. October third. That book will be out and you can actually read it. Totally

right. I’m glad we cleared that up there. There could’ve been some backlash on that. That’s what we’re here for, so that’s it.

Okay. Okay. This just did this just in thrive nation. This is about how to build a business that’s bigger than just you, not about excessive quick tips for fast weight gain. Now for the listeners out there who want to gain weight fast, what you want to do is you want to eat as much wheat and sweets as possible and you always want to drink alcohol. All the drink alcohol, wheat, wheat, wheat, and eat sweets. Never have any protein, never have any vegetables, never have any water, and you will, you will add that weight and I’m telling you then that’ll be our bigger than you are now. Both their job. We’re going to want to write a book called bigger than you, how you can just get massive case study on me. So I got a few more questions for you while we have. I’m so honored to have you on today’s show and I’m so glad that your husband with the good hair, let you borrow you for. Let us borrow you for 30 minutes here. So my next question for you, the daily office environment, Seth Goden, who we just had on the show, he’s, he’s really into the decor and the Patina, the, the accoutrements, the pageantry of his office. Chuck as am I are, you know, this office has hot Kelly. I’m very much a diva, but my office space took a 20,000 square foot, uh, entrepreneurial museum in Tulsa. The riverwalk

I’m going to need to come check that out. That sounds pretty awesome.

Seriously, if you go to thrive time, show on Google, just type in thrive time, show and find the google map, you can see it. It’s really a 20,000 square foot Dojo of Mojo. We have a lot of people that come to our conferences and they will literally just take photos and go, oh my gosh. Because I’m really about my office environment. A lot of words on the walls. You work from home from time to time. So what is your Home Office look like? What’s the. What is your daily schedule look like without being weird? Let’s kind of into your Home Office there and in your daily schedule.

Hi, I’m, I’m a simple girl. When it comes to my Home Office, I am like a fricking laser. When I get up in the morning I am like, I meditate for five minutes, I pound water, I make coffee and I am like off to the races. So I like literally I don’t even think I see the walls in my office. I’m like, really? Well I don’t know you. So how old are your kids or your. Do you have any younger kids?

Well, I’m 37, so my oldest child is 30. No, I’m just kidding. So when my oldest child is, I’m just messed with, my oldest child is 13 and she’s really smart. Her name’s savannah. And then we have my son, he’s 11. He’s my clone. Then we have a daughter who’s nine and then twins that are seven. So we have four girls and one boy and I am the least intelligent person in the, in the family. They’re always

so awesome. Um, yeah. So for me, you know, I’m Kinda in that stage right now where, you know, my husband’s home with Madison full time since she was born and I am literally like I wake up, I like get in, get out and I am like focused on family and so I really never went all in on like super, like decking out my office or anything like that. I am. So like I said, I don’t even think I see what’s around me. I’m so focused on like, you know, and I think that’s Kinda like a mom thing too of like I liked I, I know, I’m like in my house, I know she’s down there with my husband, you know what I’m saying? I don’t know. It’s just, it’s a weird thing I guess, but. So my office has pictures of my family framed. It has the pictures of Madison on the waters, pictures of me and my husband and Madison in Jamaica and the Caribbean places we like to travel and stuff like that. So it’s like,

do you know what I mean? A replica. Gallagher Arcade game. No Real Gallagher Arcade game. That is awesome. Questions and if you will, just a cooperator in this interrogation. I think it’ll go well. Do you have, do you have any pictures of braveheart and you’re in your area, your workstation? No, I do not do that. Is that like an ax against me? Well, these are just junk. These are just questions I have. Did you have 48 laws of power written on your walls with chuck? No, I do not. Do you have pinion wood burning? No. And nailed and nailed to the wall. Sharp. I can tell you between you, me and her, I think she’s a sick freak, you know? I mean, I don’t know. It seems a brand stable to me. You don’t have the accoutrements needed to be a proven, verified diva such as myself.

My game. Seriously, I’m going to have to do an overhaul.

You have no idea. Do you have a hobby lobby in your town? Do you have hobby lobby? Uh, yeah. I think we do have a hobby lobby every weekend I go in and I come back with another piece of swag. I have so much swag, maliciousness. I’ll have chubb texture photo afterwards so you can see the psychosis because it absolutely is the man cave. We, my wife and I, we have, it’s called Camp Clark and chicken palace where we have chickens and cats. We live behind a wall. It’s like where Yoda would go. And because I looked like your fits the theme here. So I’ve got three more questions for you. Then I’ll let you get back to your basic. Your life will improve when you hang up with us. You’ll have no more harassment. There’ll be a good day for you. So you guys are great books. I really do believe that Mr Schwartz, the bestselling author of the magic of thinking big was correct. I think Napoleon Hill was correctly. Did they? They always talk about the mind is what the mind is fed. Are there a couple of books that you would recommend for our readers and why?

Yes. Well, I would say definitely thinking grow rich. I reread every single year. I have for probably 15 plus years. I don’t think you can ever stop learning something from that book. I get something new and different every single time.

Did you guys just become best friends? My son is named my son after Napoleon Hill’s and his name is aubrey, Napoleon Hill Clark and the head writer for the Napoleon Hill Foundation, the Jim Stovall, the man who was born and who became blind and it became a multimillionaire after becoming blind. He has been on our podcast. He’s a friend of mine. He writes for the Napoleon Hill Foundation and then Sharon, the lecturer who wrote the in his last two books, outwitting the devil shall be a guest here, Dad, poor dad. I’m obsessed with Napoleon Hill, such

a believer in that stuff and you know, reading as well. Like I try to always. I’m absolutely like, I don’t know if you guys are this way as well, but I’m always of reading like three different books like on, like over here. I’m over here, I’m over there like every week I have something coming from Amazon on, like, you know, some angle of something and I am fascinated by anything personal development, any big anything business. But Napoleon hill takes the cake for me. Like he’s top, top, top. Also the answer, the John asked her off book about the answer. Have you guys read that? Okay.

No, in the lightness.

Oh my gosh. So it’s really focused in, on like the, the brain, how the brain works, how your brain processes things. Um, you know, how there’s a connection between the conscious and the subconscious of course. And like, you know, how, you know, getting focused on things emotionally and it’s just, it’s unbelievable. It’s really, it kind of goes hand in hand with what Napoleon Hill teaches worlds apart in terms of like the content and the context of the book, but it’s really all about. And I think this is why I like those books so much and I reread both of them all the time. It’s really about you getting out of your own way and just taking total ownership of everything in your life. Understanding how much creative power and influence you have over everything that you experienced and just not giving your power away, you know, to other people. And then the answer is really about the science behind all of it. So the answer is like, listen, like this is not woo woo. This is not like repeat this after me. You know what I’m saying?

Right. The chop. I think that what Kelly’s doing is she’s trying to recommend practical business coach books that could help our list. But if there’s somebody out there says, listen, I want to read shallow books, that won’t help me at all. I advise you to buy the transcript to happy Gilmore and to make your life easier. I have a little clip of the self help knowledge you’re going to find in the movie. Happy Gilmore. So I’m gonna. Play this for you, Kelly. I’d like for you to respond to what you hear here.

Here we go. A lot of pressure. You’ve got to rise above it. Got a harness and the good energy. Block out the bad harness energy, block bad. Feel the flow happy. Feel it. It’s circular. It’s like a carousel. You pay the quarter, you get on the horse, it goes up and down and the round circular circle with the music, the flow, all good things.

I think that’s what a lot of people think of business coach does, but it’s not what you do, right? I mean, that’s not in there going, how do you feel about. How do you feel? How do you feel about your. About selling things, growing your company, right?

Yes, yes, definitely. And any height. There are coaches out there that that’s their focus and their goal. It’s more like the emotion and the energy and all of that and you know, not that I don’t think you need to be emotionally in tune, but I, I’m. For me, my strength is strategy and it’s really helping people simplify their path to success because the biggest thing I see out there is people are just so darn overwhelmed, you know, they just don’t even know where to focus and even the most advanced people like this is not something that, oh, you’re a new entrepreneur or you’re only at this level or your own. At that level. I think at every level, the entrepreneur, the overwhelm creeps and it just looks different. It just, it, it just shows up differently. Right.

Jump, you can attest to this, but before my business ventures took off, you know, some 21 years ago before Dj connection took off and an elephant in the room and epic photography and all different things. I tried for awhile to go. Woo there, Kelly and I have this thing called touch therapy until chuck filed, filed charges on me and now I do a lot of time ago. Clay, I thought you were going to bring that up anymore. Okay, so we move on. Sorry, I look at kind of transparent on this show. Sorry about that. Okay, so moving on and all sincerity. Final question here for you. Listeners out there are really want to know. They’re saying, gosh, what’s Kelly? Give me one piece of advice. I’m a doer. I take action. Okay. I, I, I list, I looked at the facts, I do my research, but then I want to take action. What does an action step that you would recommend for all of our listeners today? You’re such a good strategist. I know it’s so hard to give somebody strategy until you know their unique situation, but is there one piece of action, one action item you’d recommend for all of our listeners?

Well, I think that there’s one thing that is particularly relevant to today that applies to all businesses and I think that is leverage the power of live streaming. You know, I think that we take so much for granted all of the things that are available to us today that people in the past you would have had to invest 50,000 or $100,000 to have access to or they just didn’t even exist at hall and now everyone listening today has 24 slash seven direct access to people in their target market that they have the ability to prep prime and get to buy and they don’t even need to be the person on camera to do it. Right? Anyone in your company could do it, so if you’re a startup entrepreneur, it might be you or if you’re still building our growing, but as you develop other companies and as you develop a team, someone can do it for you. I would say don’t take for granted the fastest, easiest, most relevant tool that’s available to all of us today to build our brands.

I’m not gonna. Ask you how old you are. I’m just going to speculate that you’re a 23 year old business coach because I know you’re an cheerleader and you have a big career, but you look like you’re 23, maybe 24 tops, but do you remember the yellow pages? Do you remember the old pages?

I do. I do remember the yellow pages. Yeah.

Listeners, listeners, get this. My first Kelly, I worked at applebee’s target and directv all at the same time and my wife worked at office depot while cheering in college and all of my disposable income, $2,000 a month. I spent all of my money on a single yellow page ad and you had to sign a contract for two grand a month and you had to commit to that baby for a year. So you’re talking about. I mean the technology today, you can try your ads for a week. You could live stream for a month and see how it goes. I mean you could do either, so it’s unbelievable how much of how, what a great time it is in American history to start a business. I could not agree with you more on Kelly. Any parting thoughts for our listeners? We’re excited about your book. Bigger than you. I’m glad to know this book, your new book bigger than you. Not about how to accessibly gained weight quick. As chip said, chuck, you tried to trick me. I’m so glad that we’ve discovered with the book is really about. But is there a final little, a little word of wisdom you want to share with our listeners?

Yeah, I mean, well, first of all, listening to more of this show because you guys are freaking amazing. I enjoyed every second of our conversation today, so thank you.

You paid her right? You paid her right.

I’ll give you my faith after the show. Um, but no, listen to this show number one and number two, just be patient and kind with yourself on the journey. You know, I just think we all beat ourselves up so much and we’re so impatient and were so unkind to ourselves. There’s enough people out there that can take care of that part for you. So I would just say, remember what you really want out of life. And then set, set out every single day to do something about it.

Nice knowledge bomb. I gotta hit the bottom button. We’re going to marinate on that for a few hours right there. I’m hit, repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat. A remix of that. Kelly, thank you so much for being on today’s show. You are a great American. You’re changing lives and we appreciate your time so much.

Oh my gosh. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much for having me. Loves coming on the show today.

Thrive nation. That’s Kelly Roach, the business coach. You can find her online at what jobs? Kelly Roach coaching.com as always. Three boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Hey, hey, what are you doing?

How are you? Negative. Negative. We actually cared and now give us a few minutes logging down, largely very dangerous.


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