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Are you looking to kick your sales to the next level? Learn to make consistent contact with your ideal and likely buyers by tuning in to the best business coach Clay breaks down what the Dream100 is.

  • How Do I Execute the Dream 100 Marketing System?
  • How do I find cheap rent or how can I make it until I can afford a nice place?
    1. Look for an existing complimentary business to sub-rent from?
    2. Ask yourself if you really need an office?
    3. Month-to-month office space solutions?
    4. Shared office space (Tim Ferriss does this)


I am your super humble host, perhaps the second most humble man in tulsa clay, tiberius, clark and I’m joined as well I’m doing here with the man the myth, the legend of it, has been helping tulsa to see 2024 / 26 years. Despite maintaining that college boy look, he still looks like he’s 22, but he’s been in business for 26 years. I, don’t understand how you’ve maintains it possible to maintain the status of being in ketosis I take high volumes of fish oil. That’s the best business coach secret! You just take you just I bathe in it. I drink it, I eat it and I I would argue with you as the best business coach. I think you are in ketosis, explain the drivers what is and why you believe, you’re not in ketosis starve your body of carbs. Everything falls into three categories of fat, protein or carb, and that in the carb is the it gets broken down. That’s the bill, that’s the energy, for your body doesn’t activate, and whenever you do it low carb to low enough I think it’s 40 grams, maybe it’s 20 I can get I’d have to google it right now. To tell you, if you do that for so many days your body says we’re being starved and we need to start converting are fat into energy cuz. Now we need to have been saving it right. That put your body. Does it saves, saves everything is fat for the rainy day and now they go to rainy day now. This is how a lot of us are learning. A lot of the thrive nation is learning through osmosis, which is the gradual unconscious assimilation of ideas and knowledge. Run to you by your ketosis i, feel like you’re, attracting the drivers who are now learning through osmosis and we’re going to teach people how to break through the gnosis and to get more yeses as they learn to do. Sales from the sales moses part the red seas, and let them come well okay, so here we go, we can. We can spend all day talking to rhyme there or were speaking in process 400. The question lot of drivers have you guys talked a lot about the dream:100. How. Do you execute that thinks I’m going to do a little backstory, chet holmes, the best-selling author of the book called the, ultimate, sales machine, let’s say who gives a crap? Okay, fine homes was the business partner of charlie munger inn, warren buffett! That’s why you should care. So let me get example:geico has identified their dream, 100, okay and just so, you understand, I think a lot of people’s either use acronyms. If you’re, not careful, it kind of makes us all ignorant right. So geico stand for government, employee, insurance corporation.

Why does that matter? It’s because they could offer lower rates, because the vast majority of their best business coach clients are government employees and if you work for the government, you get a dui career over buddy I mean if you’re, if you’re working for the government-and you violate certain laws, you lose your job, so he calls it the float, but he realizes these homies pay out a lot less often than other insurance companies. And so you know people pay their premiums. We don’t pay out very much the cash flows. Good I should buy it. So when he, when the company was devalued, he bought the company and he identified that the average american is not his ideal unlikely, but we realize that about 15% of the marketplace really only cares about the rate. That’s all they care about is eating. Does the right? Those are some people out there, not everybody all they care. Z insurance is designed to have a toupee out when you have up to you, have a bad, probably a bad day and not a bad life. So you and me for right this insurance we’re going to beef up on that insurance right. We’re not we’re not going to be no get the cheapest thing possible risk the whole auction or the whole photography pinterest for the whole right side of his ads say this 15% could save you 15% check out of 10 minutes. 15 minutes could save you 15% check it out at geico.Com. You 15 minutes could save you 15. That’s all we do every single american to take the challenge to give her a whirl. So he knows who was take 15 minutes. Save you 15%! That’s it! That’s it he’s not saying! Well, you take 15 minutes, so we might be able to offer you better value because it better to have a bad day that a bad life, because we specialize in doing every kind of insurance does farmers insurance we are farmers as a specialist, so I use farmers for a lot of things, because every time something bad happens when vanessa had a miscarriage or when the twins went to icu I want to make sure my supplemental insurance, my, health care, pays out baby i. Don’t want the cheapest thing possible disclosure. Aren’t you on the farmers, payroll, no I’m, actually a free asian like bruce lee, but you use their training for years and years of coaching, all the new, the new one when we went to when we get a new farmers, what is it called out of my job was to train you to train them. What was the what was the most challenging thing of all the hundreds of farmers agents ukraine, how the agents or any age any sales organization anybody out there looking sales there’s three quarters of it out? There is doing it and one quart of knowing what to do.

It’s all give an example. My son knows he knows he knows he needs to brush his teeth. He thinks he knows. How do you do it, and so you know he’s older. Now, it’s probably more like how you do it. Like, what you get in there and you brush this way. You brush that what you break it we did you brush i, want you to brush and sing happy birthday to yourself twice, and you come out of here with you. Don’t come out here to do it twice! He’s! Okay, he goes, and you just saying the first portion of the song I want to hear how do you sing while brushing it out of there quit asking me questions, get in there and brush those teeth and he keeps that process going to raising three myself in this scenario with paste go use your sisters, I can’t find my toothbrush I forgot how? What are your tips for remembering dad brand you if it with a hot item, and that’s how you remember, let me go get a hot skewer and brandy with, and that’s why you’ll remember your forehead I mean there’s always thank you very much. That’s a good mood. You think they eventually wear on your forehead, toothpaste or ornately decorated, my son for a wedding by writing brush his teeth on saturday, who are the on the side of his head. This way. He’s getting ready for an indian wedding. Do it and do it and do it and do what you have to get $1,000 so I would like to throw this to you. So if you have identified a hundred used car dealers in tulsa, but if you’re listening right now and you’re a used car at car dealer I’m coming after you and you want the best auto auction experience possible in the region possible-don’t take our word, for it just go to the auction to get there at the mingo and admiral so cool, it’s kind of like a free lunch start at 11. Every friday on the show I mean this in chile that that’s more handsome and you he gets more handsome every year. Is him marble maze. I can record he’s like the rugged. You know when is a 24 right exactly is you said we going to get these? We got to go after these used car dealers, there’s only so many units used car dealer does not like millions of them correct and you have to go. How long do you go after a used car dealer before you call off the dogs as long as it takes I will do? Is I’ll sick, one of my guys on him and if he can’t get it done and say you know the 90 days and then what I’ll do is i as the best business coach, don’t i, don’t let up on the i. Just did a new guy. Who is one of your sales guy she’s, obviously one of her business and get the dream 100 you? If you could give him a list, how many used car dealers do you get on 50, 2010 510? Why don’t we break it down at any given moment that got their top 10? Okay, working on you know so. Yeah high temperature spray gun into bite-size amounts to know by test comes back to the meeting and monthly sales meeting. Has monte jersey do more of an ongoing tasering?

How does he corral the tv. Like? You know I actually said no, so I quit going and chuck city I go every time. How would you or montee respond if I said well, I just I quit going, you know, I mean it just seems like. We never seem like a good use of my time. My time I’m getting a lot of rejections. How would you or monte process said feedback in a meeting or before I broke my phone broke or joking when you choke with their hand and just using your mind? Yes, I do under the court of law. I did not touch them disturbing. Well, every now, and then you know you like to say that all of my outside sales guys are motivated and then he had self starters and they don’t make mistakes. But you only expect what you expect, and some of them unfortunately have to micromanage a little bit more than others, but you’re you’re putting up with it because they are a rockstar sales person when they, when they do get out there and do it supposed to do so. Much is accountability. Why weren’t you there I told you to go there. You got to go there first thing tomorrow or I’m going. You know me and you have to just give them clear, clear instructions on what you expect out of them and you want them to go by and touch them. Every week you were going to be like harvey mackay, the best-selling author, three-time new, york times bestselling, author. The guy who started off as a salesperson for an envelope company for quality park envelope company talk about exciting career. He actually started going to oakridge country club in minneapolis i. Look this up and they’re like dude. You make how much a year envelope stuck on the top level of sales person ever, but it’s not performing well, will give you the money. If you want to go, buy one you can owner, don’t know, what’s dominate music I meant, but you got to learn sales and he said be like a postage stamp and stick to it until you get there at work. Want to talk about that. Stick to it. Just did it stick-to-it-ness that you need to be successful to get into up just a little bit more as it relates to the dream 100, and then we are thrive who emailed us the question:how do I find cheap rent or how can I make it until I can afford a nice place? That’s a great question:i mean to break question.

How do I find cheap printer? How can I make it until I can afford a nice place? What’s a one-way best business coach workshops at the riverwalk there at beautiful, jenks america and see if we have river frontage right there right along the river, arkansas river and you could get to the conference like a used van and don’t ask if you can actually hitchhike will don’t don’t tell us what you’re doing I’m just saying if you have a van, that is a conversion van and you might or might not get stalled on the river’s, edge, there’s very rarely full, but it’s very rarely fully filled with water. You can just live in that van down by the river and that can be very cheap rent I mean. Would you charge for that cheap beachfront property stay tuned at the drive time show on your radio. Get ready to after that thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170 broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, with ussba of the year clay clark this question because you’re the driver that emailed us and asked us they said hey, you know how do you execute a dream? 100? We just talked about it, but this is this is the thing that I want to just share and i? Hopefully, z can pylon in tomorrow. Tickle it wakes I want to make sure we get this in a small business. It’s really a lot harder to get your team to do their job when it’s like you and two people, it’s so much easier when the force of the best business coach organization is like the culture has been set up, where there’s a positive peer pressure to the company’s big enough now or it’s almost like you’re a jerk. If you’re not making calls a good way I can describe. It is like, if you’re a white kid and you go to a dance, that’s primarily attended by caucasians and your middle school you’re, an anomaly. If you dance, we were like. Oh my gosh you’re, a dancer, you’re dancing at 7th grade he’s dancing the first song wow wow wow. You got to like booker t and you’re, not dancing and I dj there there’s a problem just get. It was like a lot of trouble as a nation to dance at 1 tonight, so think about this. For a second in your company, is there a pressure? Is there a sales culture? That’s been created to make the call so see if your inner workings station does luke. Has a company called the hub and luke?

If I put words in your mouth, you tell me but you’re, it’s not it. It’s. The biggest challenge right now is creating a sales culture, as your leads are coming in all the time, people are filling out. Your forms you got 63 lead last week. Is that still culture, one of the bigger challenges? Now you think it is be challenged right now for sure. How do you and it’s you and how many people there a team of about 5 people now and what kind of excuses have you Heard-i’m sure not from these people, but for people in the past as to why they’re refusing to call the 63 late there’s not enough time, you know we have other things to be doing. The leads, aren’t actual leads. Did the jackass 3d land? Look, so you can’t refuse to you sometimes refuse sure you ever said. Yes cuz. It is such a good deal to make an offer to work. A deal out and you buy is business. There’s a few out there that I wouldn’t want to put my name on, but for the most part, yes and hair, cut combo business to check and see. If we got a lot up front he’s getting the monthly check it every since y’all coming up money so he’s out at a fancy, lake grand lake going! Do you know who I am my youtube video irish? All the money I had refused to make calls, and let’s pretend it show up as one of the sales guys luke’s one of the guys, I’m okay, so the three of us there’s three of three of the four of us could be here today. One of them skip the me they couldn’t be there at about it got weekly, but they forgot about that. One couldn’t make it and I said to give you excuses and I would like for you to role-play real meeting with us. Okay, so yeah I know I’m supposed to get a hundred a hundred calls a day. I did the 12 today, okay booked one appointment, though, and really really cleans of the lobby. That’s nice play luke. How about you? How many calls did you make today? I only was able to get in like for a just got too busy. Sure I understand you understand:okay, I’m, sorry, not that’s! Okay! Today I made a hundred and thirty as the best business coach. You are nice because he like totally like the front with you were walking and he doesn’t even greet people what here’s, what I would do. A good jack wilks is a good public hanging is good for morale. I. Would fire loop that day you would I would file okay. So the reason why, because he made the fewest calls-and it was my threshold right-then you know he’s hard to do that-he’s supposed to do that. That’s on a checklist to do and I would I would let him go right. There and I would use my classic line so that I wouldn’t take up too much of my time. I’ll take luke. Will you know what it’s just not working out with us, so you need to pack your stuff to clock out and hit the door, but come on man I’m in florence I mean not firing physically that they claim.

Let me clarify yes, because he may be doing some other tasks that are necessary for that. The hub to maintain its so I would hire someone right, but in my remind luke done and then the business owners are listen to the show would say what about unemployment? What would you do to me? What you can do you keep me around I mean we should we have to play at the unemployment, if that’s a small price, to pay to have to have an upgrade in your employees that they? What not firing someone because you’re afraid your unemployment going to go up on a point or two is ridiculous:it cost you say you were painted by 30 grand a year and it’s the first time you’ve ever fired. Somebody-and you do you say i-want to pay unemployment. I, listen to dr. Z’s. Take on this I want to take the high road. Yes, I want to pay unemployment, how much money would it come out of your pocket and not much it’s? What happens is that you have a factor that they that they give you any right and the more people you fire, for. Of time, that’ll go up a little percentage point. Can you pay a little bit more, but you don’t like I’m paying his salary for a while tonight, I’m paying even a fraction of it, so I have to do all the math on it and and I couldn’t tell you this right exactly they shouldn’t, because they should fear having a horrible employee, because what happens is because now you look up and you go oh wow. This is a real deal. This this is really messed. This is the concern I have is, is chapter somebody listening to the show right now who couldn’t be here named guy. He has aaa automotive repair shop in oklahoma. City have a big growth for someone who couldn’t listen to the show today, mr. Lewis, with lewis roofing, who just bought the h1 hummer to celebrate his victory. True, he couldn’t be here today. There’s delricht research, new orleans, who are the best business coach clients who couldn’t be here today, but they are one more people like them. One of these guys are doing great in business. For what question would they want to ask see if they’re here about holding the best business coach team accountable to do it? What how often do you hold your team members accountable? Well I met you, you told him everyday, but then you also look at the week.

I mean sometimes you can say:hey, listen! Here’s your weekly number I realize there may come a day that some extorting thing comes up and you are not able to make all the calls that day. I get that but you’re within the week. You need to make so many calls, or every two days or 3 days and then and then verified, know lee cockrell, who we errands with exclusive content on last week’s radio shop. You missed it, go to thrive. Time should I come he’s the man, it’s walt, disney, world resorts and a big deal with him. I asked him about micromanagement says that a problem, everyone should be micromanaged, relentlessly their entire career and if they don’t need to be, they should be. The best business coach or manager who does micromanage right. Exactly micromanage is the person who needs to be micromanaged the person who does not need to be micromanaged. You won’t need to talk to about micromanagement cuz, you won’t have to do it. They should be the ones in doing it. So word that was invented by lazy people to say i, don’t want to be micromanaged like we’ll. Look at you heard that before we’re going to talk about how do I find a cheap rent or how can I make it until I can afford a nice place a great question from a member of the thrive nation if you want to participate in the conversation to just email us to info at thrive time show.Com email info at thrivetime, show.Com state


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