Faith and Family | The Colton Dixon Story (Part 2)

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Colton Dixon, the contemporary Christian hit songwriter who has performed on American Idol and the Ellen DeGeneres Show shares the role that faith plays in his family and in his music.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Writing songs is about trying to connect with people on a deeper spiritual level – but I’m not a fan of contemporary Christian music.” – Ryan Tedder (Ryan Benjamin Tedder (born June 26, 1979) is an American singer, songwriter, musician, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer. As well as being the lead vocalist for the pop rock band OneRepublic, he has an independent career as a songwriter and producer for various artists, including U2, Adele, Beyoncé, Maroon 5 and more)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. 1 Corinthians 9:22

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She appears to be a very sharp lady he’s validated she’s a little bit smarter. So it’s just happened to her mind and then we’ll just mute colton to mike and he’s a christian pop star by wiz khalifa, see how you just said. Your songs old interview, her now, okay, she’s got all the knowledge. I want to ask you on a daily basis. What is your life look like on to her when you’re out there tour in your performance in people whatever you’re performing? What is the day? What’s your normal? What is it normal? Look like no man! It really can change like business coaching team day today. I think it’s running arena to her it. You know sometimes you’re in like a larger cities, so I wasn’t looking at me cuz. He doesn’t want me to. We do sometimes wake up later, like right before lunch, because he’ll use will be working until at least 11 p.M. 11:30. If you’re done at like 1130 a lot of times, 12 yeah your normal waking up later, because it’s like you were up late and adrenals are, are going. You got a thousand business coaching team people, thousands of people, your shot. You know it’s a trip to high energy vibe I go to bed, I’m, 37 and I took over at 8:30. If I’m really pushing it too I love the three am moving it. It’s it’s quiet and I can do what I do, and so you guys are the opposite.

So you’re staying up till 11, ish or 12, you want down before 1, or are you just sitting there in your ear and your couch just until 1 in the morning to you cuz, you got me I know:you’re passionate about christ and you’re passionate about music and its like this, the vesica pisces, the intersection of two circles. Let me talk to me about that. What do you put in to calm down, yeah I think the tour bus invention was a great thing, because it’s kind of the home away from home. So no matter what business coaching team city you’re in you get to go back home for, say, chill on the couch in the front, lounge and unwind, maybe watch a little bit of tv or listen to latest music drop from picking up so, and so, but it’s nice just to have that time, annie and i, even the band and I just kind of unwind. We might talk about something in the show, but that kind of brings everybody kind of back down to chill mode and then from there yeah it’s time for bed. I have a complaint on behalf of all the listeners who remember, praise and worship music from the 90s when music was music, when you had a flautist that would perform, and a saxophone and I just want to know.

When are you guys bringing a saxophone and flute back on to her cuz? This is this. Is this is what’s keeping me from going to more christian concerts? I? Want to have if you can sing the song awesome god more often that would appeal to me so I want to know. When is carmen going on tour with you, what is I have with michael w smith, going with amy grant going to team up with you when you bring in the flute and when you bring the saxophone I would I have demands? What is it happening? Answers now now. Are you saying come to one of my shows if we had a business coaching team saxophone on stage brought a saxophone on stage with them? Are you bringing saxophone me to do that for me if I can find a guy to play it because it’s not me question from roberta in her office and she wants to know how often do you practice and the question I want to ask, is:do you practice at all, or are you just a talented person? I think it’s that’s a funny question, because I used to practice all of the time and now that I’m doing this quote on quote professionally, it’s really easy to not to think you don’t have to practice, because you get comfortable with where you business coaching team are. However, at least for me, I’m always wanting to get better and better at my craft, I need to practice more as they answer I’m going. To give you, however, how much I actually do practice man rehearsals coming up for a tour I’m, always busy making the song arrangements I do a lot of the music production behind the scenes as well, for our life show, but yeah I play by ear as going to on piano.

So once I have a song down, I kind of have it down, but i. Think rehearsals are the the number one time we practice and that’ll happen once every 4-5 months formed on stage with where you are kind of in awe of how good they were. Were you thought it was super talented people in your band? Obviously you’re good people, but who perform it was he performed with? You thought? That’s pretty surreal that that that was awesome or that that artist was there a few artists that you thought wow. That was you know who you r. You see, artist everyday, who you been really just inspired by I mean there’s been a few I would say:lecrae stands out. He got this thing with him on it to her anything with toby cuz he’s just out there don’t know tobymac delicious out there. These are all very up. You can google these business coaching team people, these people and some people, wouldn’t the tobymac. Okay I think he got to perform a steven curtis chapman.

That was really cool as well. How would you describe your music people that don’t know I mean they don’t know what what genre you’re in here? Cuz everybody. If they have a date, I don’t want to attack our listeners chat but i. Would you say if you have a soul, you’re going to want to go to colton dixon. If, you don’t have a solid,. You just want you to feel that salt, an area that black heart and just do with an empty chair or any type of high caloric, but for anybody out there who, if you haven’t, checked out colton dixon.,, do you need to shut up I mean? Do we have feel like the listener should check it out if you’re not an evil, evil? Being right, you should check out. That’s cause, he’s saying, know anybody who don’t check it out. No big deal but I’m saying if you had any self-respect I mean if you’re, not completely deaf I mean if you’re damn right now so I guess one big shout out to you to go there. If you care about your family humanity it all down his music, what it means to him and what how is faith and his and his job have been roll together stations. Radio get ready., thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170 broadcasting live from the center of the business coachign team universe.

It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, with ussba entrepreneur of the year clayton clark day. So your day, improved from now just got chubby want to start off with some low intelligence conversation, and then we build up throughout the day. So that’s the way you do it, because I drop that you listen to more intelligent people. You build up to it, starting with the lower expectations and then she’s, a former school teacher turned on millionaire and consultant. We have colton dixon on the show, he’s a christian pop artists and I’m going to start asking some really just brutally tough questions, and you cannot plead the fifth cuz. It’s my podcast and I liked it. Okay, you sing christian music, which would indicate that you are a christian who’s playing music, but your music is your art and christianities are faith as your business coaching team career continues to expand and grow. How does your faith fit in with the music? What are the boundaries? Just talk to us about? Tell faith meet your occupation. I really think you just hit it on the head unintentionally. I’m a musician and I’m a christian music can’t be i, don’t think music can or cannot be christian I’m. The person behind it has a certain set of beliefs and the music is just a reflection of that person. So, whenever I write music, it’s it’s from personal experience or it’s through someone else’s experience.

Writing from their perspective. However, faith is a big part of who I am so i. Think would be really strange, for it would be strange for someone who is a baseball player not to talk about baseball ever so in the same way, I am a christian, so I think it would be very strange if I never talked about my face I’m. So in music, it’s just an it’s a natural pouring out of who I am so, but at the same time you don’t want to necessarily polarize your audience since I’m, given such a platform, so I try and do it in a way that’s acceptable for as many people as possible, however, without being unapologetic about it, if that makes any sense for taylor, swift writes for beyonce he’s a christian, that’s what he says about christian music I’m, going to break it down for you. If you haven’t seen this business coaching team quote so it’s it’s. It’s not meant to trick you or to be up I got you a question. I want to get your take on this ryan tedder says he says:writing songs is about trying to connect with people on a deeper spiritual, level. Do. You believe that your music connect with people on a deeper spiritual level. Do you believe that you agree with that.

What? Were your thoughts about that that first part of the quote, yeah i, agree with that 100% and I think that the basis for me, green with that is i, will write. A song will perform the song. Live will hear it on the radio, whatever the amount of people that come up to me after the show and say man, god used song a to really minister to me in this time, I was either dealing with depression, suicide, whatever or dealing with death of a loved one and your song, the other side, really help me just understand and gain perspective on this business coaching team subject. Those are the times that just kind of give me the nod that I’m doing the right thing right now, I’m on the path that I need to be on, because you do, you want to connect the dots for people who may be having experienced what you’ve experienced ryan back of the day you a couple times, and he was on the same zep floor-that I went to oral, roberts university and when he came out as an artist, he was very unapologetic about not being a christian artist.

He was signed to interscope with a tip anna, so he wrote the song too late to apologize with his birth, his big the first hit, but he says:writing songs all about trying to connect with people on a deeper spiritual level, but I’m not a fan of contemporary christian music in upon further review. Having talked to ryan about these things, he’s all about like not winning the box himself in where somebody who’s a secular music listener would not want to listen to it, because it’s christian baseball, christian football, christian, music, christian book you know, and so he wrote a song called all I need with your friend of mine, was going through a really tough patch in his life, and the song says I says all I need. Is the air I breathe and a place to rest? My business coaching team head I said all I need. Is the air I breathe in a place to rest, my head and he’s? Does the song is all about? Like is a human who broke it? He couldn’t get a record deal.

He been trying for 8 years, just writing grinding grinding working for free for a top artists like timberland, while working at the pottery barn, and he was like got to a place. Where is almost a stoic mentality, he can embrace that as long as he had music and his relationship with god, that’s all we needed, but I have been heard. If it wasn’t a quote-unquote secular some totally, would you have any reservations in the future heroes song that was not considered christian, but not against your face? Would you have a problem with a secular song? Is that cool for you? Is that not cool yeah I mean what’s what’s funny about that question is I feel like i? Would write very similarly exist for sure, but but honestly, like i, said just faith is such a big part of who I am that I wouldn’t stop writing about it for the sake of getting a christian or a secular number one hits,, however, that doesn’t mean that one day I might be more in that genre. If my music goes, there awesome, let it go there. Katy perry, I kissed a girl your take. Here we go as a christian music artist of the song, I kissed, a girl. Then it’s like.

How did what do we do? What we do and it’s like it’s like santa, you go, see, santa and then santa. He comes down the chimney and all of a sudden santa goes alright. Kids. He has the deal I like to smoke. You guys like to smoke where’s the vodka. Where is the vodka i? Sweat, hey, kids? This is my business coaching program girlfriend. I met on craigslist. If you have a better she, she live it. Well, we’re not dating technically, but we did spend the night together. How’s your mother I mean that’s, tell mrs. Claus I seriously. Here’s a present I stole from another family. Merry freaking, christmas I’ll, see you later I mean that’s what happened at katy perry liked it I kissed a girl. You got me crying circuit, bought the katy perry christian album and it was a switch and I see. I see that movie I think it’s a move. My name is lulu. The christian artist now on loop I think katy perry is is in a struggle she’s in friction right now, and it’s actually really cool to the kind of keep tabs on what she’s doing, because she’ll have one song that has a lot of really deep rooted, spiritual undertones and then and then she’ll come out with another one. That’s like a up know that one that was not at all.

My wife and I have been watching the season of american idol and we love it. I really watch title since I’ve been on and it’s so good, but it’s been really cool just to kind of see her even just maturing throughout the show wheel of katie the same thing about justin bieber. We see them in this spiritual I’m, a deep dark believer, I’m a believer to him because I’m in the christian music genre does it mean we have all religious people. I worry about your salvation immediately right now, just saying that you backslidden what you did was you back you back, but you’re, just observing her mature maturing as an artist, and maybe she comes back to the other team. Yeah I mean it’s not really. It’s not my place to say oh she’s not doing what she needs to be doing. Are there certain things? I, don’t do it song? That’s in my head, clyde I’ll pitch it to you as a christian business owner, i, kissed, a girl and I liked it I’m sitting at my business coaching program girl, though I don’t remember my daughter, singing the song in the car and I’m going to go. Then i, like my response, was go to your room idea. It’s obviously the antithesis of your religious faith. Where do you draw the lighter?

Do you draw the line? Do you blur the lines like robin thicke? Sorry, I missed some business coachign program music I would have to say that I have yet to have a business owner come and say you know what hey I’m, a satanist I really want to grow. My following:can you help me write a book. Everything I haven’t had that I wanted a there. You go somewhere today, add to the overall worldview inside and therefore I lost its about $6,000 a month as a result, if I can imagine that, if someone did come to me like that, my response would be yeah. This isn’t going to work I’m, not the best one, for you maybe go see tim redmond. How does a real? That’s a better move at the passive aggressive christian artists in a mixture of faith and family. How does space affect the family of a popstar stay tuned


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