Family Matters | Tips for Being Successful in Life and Business (With Clay Clark’s Wife Vanessa Clark)

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Are you working as hard on your family as you are your business? During this special Thrivetime Show episode Clay Clark’s wife of 17 years and best friend Vanessa joins us to teach how to make sure you are taking care of your family and your business.

Family Matters | Tips for Being Successful in Life and Business

DEFINITION MAGICIAN – Thrive – 1: to grow vigorously: flourish, 2: to gain in wealth or possessions: prosper –

F6 Goals

  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. Finances
  4. Friendships
  5. Fitness
  6. Fun

Keep your priorities straight.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?” – Matthew 16:26

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” – Stephen Covey (The best-selling author of an American educator, author, businessman, and keynote speaker. His most popular book is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.)

ACTION STEPS – Write down the following questions and answer them:

  1. Why are you doing this?
    1. Are you doing this for your family?
    2. Are you doing this because you like doing it?
    3. Are you doing this for you?
  2. What is the purpose?

Say yes to the right things, not everything.

DEFINITION MAGICIAN – Pareto Principle – The Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule, the law of the vital few, or the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.” – Steve Jobs (Co-founder of Apple and the former CEO of PIXAR)
Every time you say yes to something you must say no to something else.

Don’t pass up great things because you are too busy pursuing good things.

Make sure the business serves not only you but your family.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be.” – Reid Hoffman (American internet entrepreneur, venture capitalist and author. Hoffman was the co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn, a business-oriented social network used primarily for professional networking.)

FUN FACT – Clay was DJ’ing for the Legends In Concert at the Holiday Inn Select


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Vision without execution is hallucination” – Thomas Edison (The inventor of the modern light bulb, recorded audio and the founder of General Electric, also known as a GE)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Living in the light of eternity changes your priorities.” – Pastor Rick Warren (The best-selling author is an American evangelical Christian pastor and author. He is the founder and senior pastor of Saddleback Church, an evangelical megachurch in Lake Forest, California, that is the eighth-largest church in the United States (including multi-site churches)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “With some people you spend an evening: with others you invest it. Be careful where you stop to inquire for directions along the road of life. Wise is the person who fortifies his life with the right friendships. If you run with wolves, you will learn how to howl. But, if you associate with eagles, you will learn how to soar to great heights.” – Colin Powell (American statesman and a retired four-star general in the United States Army. Powell was born in Harlem as the son of Jamaican immigrants.)

The people who work there.

The hours are sustainable.

FUN FACT – People who were very successful in business but not in family:

  1. Steve Jobs
  2. Elon Musk
  3. Russell Simmons
  4. George Lucas

Pursue your spouse and family with the same vigor you pursue your business goals.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Nobody’s life is ever all balanced. It’s a conscious decision to choose your priorities every day.” – Elisabeth Hasselbeck (A retired American television personality and talk show host. Hasselbeck was born and raised in Cranston, Rhode Island, she attended St. Mary Academy – Bay View as a teenager and graduated from Boston College in 1999. In January 2001, Hasselbeck rose to prominence as a contestant on the second season of the American version of Survivor, where she finished in fourth place. She married NFL quarterback Tim Hasselbeck in July 2002.)

Remember your spouse married you not for your money, or success. Not for your business prowess or acclaim, but because you treated them with Love and Kindness.

If you ever lose sight that that is the value you can bring to your spouse you may find money may not be enough to keep them around. If they leave they usually usually leave with money anyways.

Seek to honor your spouse, they will honor you.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Why waste time proving over and over how great you are, when you could be getting better? Why hide deficiencies instead of overcoming them? Why look for friends or partners who will just shore up your self-esteem instead of ones who will also challenge you to grow? And why seek out the tried and true, instead of experiences that will stretch you? The passion for stretching yourself and sticking to it, even (or especially) when it’s not going well, is the hallmark of the growth mindset. This is the mindset that allows people to thrive during some of the most challenging times in their lives.” – Carol S. Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success (Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. Dweck is known for her work on the mindset psychological trait. She graduated from Barnard College in 1967 and earned a Ph.D. from Yale University in 1972.)

DEFINITION MAGICIAN – Sage – “Having, showing, or indicating profound wisdom.”

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “There are only three things women need in life: food, water, and compliments.” – Chris Rock (American comedian, actor, writer, producer, and director. After working as a standup comic and appearing in small film roles, Rock came to wider prominence as a cast member of Saturday Night Live in the early 1990s)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Find 3 things daily to praise them for.

Be ready and willing to help them reach their goals, this will make the goals each other’s goals and bring the 2 of you together.

Find each other’s personals goals – help each other accomplish – make their goals – “our goals”

Pursue your spouse, with your words, touch and time.

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Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the business coach universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot and I still see the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields trucks like to know more all right. Talk, nation! Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio i. Want you to look this up real quick, look up the word thrive. The definition of the word. Thrive I want to go with the merriam-webster version, because I like those guy. So what’s the definition of the word thrive not. You know us some pontification that I have for you have give us the actual definition of the word thrive. The first definition is to grow vigorously. The second one is to gain and wealth or possessions and third to progress toward or realize a gold, despite or because of business coach circumstances, often used with on my definition of thriving. My particular version of that is to have success in the following six areas:okay, the f6 life. We talk about or workshops, faith, family finances, fitness friendship and fun, faith, family finances, fitness, friendship and fun.

I would say more like faith, you know I’m, like turn into a be minus right now you know I’m a really I really do believe that god sent his son jesus, who died for my sins and therefore I am saved. I believe that but I I struggle with a lot of other belief that I don’t know how it works. I’m just going to believe and then I did, that I use my cell phone the same way my smartphone, the same way I do face. I, don’t know how it works, but I just believe so. Faith family, finance fitness finances I’ve always been able to sell things. Make money I’ll never be a spot where I can’t so I’m a hustler I’ll figure it out. I always do I always will. But family is one of these areas. Would you say, faith, family, finance, fitness, friendship, fun. My wife in my life is not just somebody I’m married to, but she really is my strategic partner. I. Think my wife I think I I think I’m. Better at tactics than my wife is but I think she’s better at strategy. I think my business coach wife thinks I’m like a bigger, like hey mister, mister bowling ball the pins over here. Mr. Bowling ball, really good at that and making sure I’m not really good at just throwing those bowling balls fast and hitting whatever is in front of me, but my wife’s very good at pointing out. You know we’re not actually had a bowling alley. Furthermore, the snow pants, why are you throwing the bowling ball?

Okay, so good at strategically leading our family and I would honestly say that I definitely could not marry anybody else in the world ever. Nor do I think anybody else in the world to be married to me. So I think that, like I am not the person that anybody else in the world who is a well, you know, I mean it just random. How you get married I’m, just saying literally i, have never met a woman ever that I would ever marry, which is good, because there’s no woman who could marry me ever ever got a single I literally have met every single woman. That of my partners in my private midwives. In my partner’s I meant to their spouses. I met client, there’s not another woman in the whole world that I would marry and there’s no business coach woman. That should marry me because I am absolutely the person you could not that I wouldn’t work. So this is my wife partner and so I’ve invited my wife to be on the show, not just one time been ongoing basis, because we have 5 shows a week. We do and it’s an f6 light so I feel like we should at least talk about family once a week to talk about it. You know, but we’re talking about it at least once a week, so I wouldn’t go to church without my wife.

Never if I wasn’t married to my wife, I would have never gone to church. A bunch of money never have kids I’m, just going to grind i, probably like get a vasectomy previous to be married and just live a life of just being alone, just grinding because I just I did. My wife is like there’s more to life than just work, I’m at call. Okay. What is this you speak of what start with faith? Okay, there’s family, there’s friendships are publicly focused on business, and so now that I’m further do my wife of 17 years, my beautiful bride vanessa. How are you life? My beautiful bride, you made me laugh there! Well, okay, so did I just want to make sure nobody knows what were they contacts? I, don’t just have you on the show is a token. Furthermore, if I was married to somebody who wasn’t token, which I wouldn’t do I would not have them on the show, because I don’t want people on the show that are morons. So here we go. Let’s talk about what you’re going to talk about that business coach family matters tips for being successful in life and business. Talk to me just you have the floor. Family matters, keeping your priorities straight. What are you talking about a little bit I have, is you know just the whole people coming together and getting married in the first place, I mean what is the purpose of it all I remember, you know we were very young and we were 19 and we are engaged and i. Remember your your mom talking to me at your old house in minnesota, and she said you know why.

Why do you want to marry? My son I said because I want to I want to do whatever I can I can to help him be happy and have a great life, and she said that when I answered that she would like I knew like it didn’t matter. You’re 19, like you got it so I’m think that keeping our priorities straight. You know in business and in marriage, of course, I remember what. Why are we doing this I’m not doing this? The crate, you know vanessa is best life but like how can you bring value to your husband, but also in business? Why are you doing this? In most cases, when people sit back and stop and think about it, they remember the yes I’m doing this for my family. So what does that mean if you’re doing this for your family? Yes monetarily, but then also you know you should have time with your family, medicine and chop it like you to chime in here. I see a lot of guys that work 7 days a week. If you ask why you work so hard 7 days a week, I worked like 18 hours a day in my business coach truck i. Do all this for my family i. Do all this for you unbelievable, but really just being real as it dude I prefer working over anything else like I just enjoy it. So it doesn’t answer. This is it. This is how it would really sad if I was being sincere about it. I work every day for me:cuz i, freaking love, it I hate talking about feelings, I hate talking about how you feel i, don’t give a crap done anything but working I love to work. I left the grind I’m in the coal mine, cuz, I love it that is i. Would rather be in the coal mine riding the doing anything else, I would rather work than have soft serve frozen, yogurt I’d rather work than to go to a game. I went to see seinfeld the other day. I went, you know, I enjoyed seinfeld is awesome, but I would have rather been at work.

Did you have your clipboard, for you, write, notes and I didn’t do anything work, the do anything. That’s my natural default, so it’s not sincere for me to say was the reason why I’m working all the time it’s for the family and vanessa knows that it’s not about the money. I want to get your take on this. I’ve. Seen two in the past. This might sound will have your this might be heavy, but the the question but yes, I have. Why are you doing this? Some people out there working 7 days a week and 12 16 18 hours a day because they don’t want to go home to their family, and so you need to figure out what that problem is and rice. If you can fix it and it’s going to take some time, investment so get out of that work back to you know whatever business coach spouses at home, that responsible then lights on them. What environment have you created that someone doesn’t want to be there? I just want to make sure that I explained this to all the lizards we get. This I met a guy at one of their conferences, who was unbelievably physically fit I jacked play an unbelievably jacked in and he pulled me aside and I said hey. What’s up, you know:what are you trying to do in savannah, I’m passionate about fitness I want to help people get in the best shape of their lives. I just loves being seem to be successful.

At my clients, I would have to be successful when I’m getting the best shape of their lives and I said, can I be a real with you for a second, but I prefer. If you did it’s okay, I like to work because to me it’s a sport, enjoyed it’s a game that I’m good at, and you like working out because you like working out you’re, not trying to work out, because this is not. You really don’t want to help her where to get the best shape of their life is just something you’re into so the reason why your spouse is frustrated with you is cuz you’re working out literally four hours a day and not seeing the family to all of us. Emmy him you, everybody will have something that we naturally would like to do. Just cuz we like to do it right, but we need to focus on the family. We need it. We need to do that. We need to do. This is really good at that and matthew 16:26 from this great book called the bible states. What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul? Tell me who’s not in the bible. All this is cook cuz. This isn’t this isn’t offencive cuz religion really divides us a lot, but I would like to hear steven, because he’s not in the business coach bible says the key is not to prioritize. What’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities the floor. Why this is work so well between you and I is because the same passion that you have for business literally I have for the family and i. Think that if we didn’t have that, then maybe the business would survive, but we could have lost things along the way and I think that I’ve learned from you and you learn from me know your:are you an entrepreneur or you just entrepreneurs, wife and and i? Think back i? Might not really! You know when I married clay, he was a dj and I saw myself in the in the bible. If I’m, the wife is like help or help me, and so I was a dj, because that’s what he was, he was a scuba diver I would be in the bottom of the ocean.

They like it just because I married him and I want to do what I can to help and be involved and in that his goals become our goals, and it brings us closer together. So anyways i, just i, just think. That’s so important that you’re you’re growing together and you’re there to be a help. Mate and whatever you got to do. The same thing for your relationship in the rewards are huge out there. Listening today, I’d encourage you to write down the following questions:i think about it. Why are you doing this? Why do you want to start a company like? Why do you want to achieve time? Freedom and financial freedom I have to talk to a client. This was about what 6 months ago and I said how you doing they said. Dude I have achieved freedom. I said this is grade. Is it I would cheap time for you? I said this is great. They said no, it’s depressing to do with my time and spend some time with the family. You know what there with you with the family needs to know:i hate it there and I thought okay. Well. This is a probably why we need to do this show, and so, when we come back from the break and what you think. Why, are you doing this? If you had the time, freedom and financial freedom by the way you’re going to get, if you have them in our system, why? What do you want to do with your time, freedom and financial freedom? It took all day.

One thing:i would do if I had financial freedom in time for dinner. I do at financial freedom in time for the one thing I don’t want to do. I don’t want to clean the urinal. No I mean it’s. It’s in the past. I may have cleaned the urinals clean the bathrooms. I don’t want to do it right. One thing that freaks me out is those those little hairs there get everywhere on the toilet seat shaving their beard, cuz it shirtless certainly could not be. Those kind of hair is pretty weird pretty weird. Why is it smelling so weird? What’s going on, we hired a great company called classic janitorial cleaning service of troy’s for google, for new star for google for dupont for the thrive time show it’s the classic clean.Com. If it gets serious about your janitorial service today and call the classic clean.Com and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s the thrive time, business coach radio show the mind set on the magic business coach trick of the wild food, giving it to you straight in the spring, in the back of the truck, so I can get up on the mic and speak the fax, the fax speaking of the fax. Let me tell you something:there is this org chart of life? Let me tell you that the top I believe I believe god is at the top, and you might say you’re always watching always watching right so then needs god. This is how we do it. I. Just don’t then there’s my wife, so it’s like their god knows my wife. If I can make god happy and my wife have it, that’s like women, that’s impressive and I’ll tell you what I do every inch up?

Maybe you could you can chime in and then maybe I’ll feel as bad, but if I put every 30 days a typical month has about 30 days in it and during those months dude all stream together, like 29 days in a row where I am a good husband, I’m impressed all there at 2829. Some reason:that’s what I’ll do I will vanessa will a call me right on the way home and my phone’s off cuz I’m, going to atwoods or something right now, I’m jamming out to my favorite spotify song and I’m, just jamming out. You know it’s like a business coach beach boys wouldn’t, it be nice. If we were wouldn’t have to wait so long and then I pull in do do do do do do do do do do do open the gate. The gate open to pull into the house. I realized son of a six missed, calls i. Look it’s my wife, I missed her calls from my car being broke. Sitting out. This is the most recent mishap I will, but you will not answer. How did it go? Do we have a phone that don’t have my wife can call?

My love I told him to get a flip phone i. Just think what I’m saying is like that to get a car repaired should have walk home in the heat. So I pick to my kids like to pick her up. You better do something I just got it and have the kids with me. We’d all be walking over. This is what I’m thinking while I’m driving I’m driving the business coach car dunlin lane I’m going terrorist i, see her and I see her, and she has that she’s a sweet bird but she’s got the face of a hawk and she’s got this hot face and she’s like to see that she’s out for blood types of vultures talents she’s. Looking at me, like I’ve, been walking down this road. Wouldn’t it be nice to be so I open the door. I find myself to inches away from my wife, but miles apart for her emotionally and I have discovered that this is where a lot of men we do free by the way to reach you I’m saying is all I needed was and I get that I appreciate that, but I’m saying is:if we have a lot of listeners out there who have found ourselves in this boat, where we unintentionally irritate our spouse in 2002. Carlos of our intentions, if we rip result, is what your retainer spouse than what we need to do.

We need to take some notes today, so I’m getting my wife on the show today, so she can walk us through the female perspective. We talked a lot about success in faith and family and financing, fitness friendship and fun, but we’re talking about family and family matters jump. I got a question all you interrupt hear that sexy body but vanessa. What is your take on? I see a lot of people who claim you said that that you have god first and then vanessa 2nd right, I see a lot of people who would say they have god first and then their kids agree with you, because what I see happen is they pour themselves into their passion that I have had for family and I definitely have opinions and all the things I believe that, since you looked at people who have stayed married, their entire life I need to study the lives of people who had great marriages. Billy, graham I said I wouldn’t be very expensive business coach thing studied people that have stayed married, their entire life., billy graham, dr. Laura and you’ve done you’ve determined what the common denominators are thought I would never get married, wasn’t like a bow like I will never get married, I just didn’t think I would I went and did my internship, I came home and I said:i will never be a broadcast journalist graduate with this degree, because I’m not going to go start over and you’re like.

Why do I said? Because when I went and intern there, there was only one person who was still married, I said take their career. The number one thing is it so I can’t do it, because I just knew if I was going to be married and it was going to work. I need to make our relationship the number one thing yet and I really don’t have any more business goals that would be corrected table. The business schools are in light of our family. We have a true people that live in the tulsa tulsa. We have about a million people in there, the whole surrounding community, and we don’t really want to grow the stores any bigger. If you’re, not it’s, not a good fit move on. It’s fine I really don’t want to grow our coaching program, any bigger than what it is really don’t want to. So what you might give you a business coach communist know, it’s like we focus on the family and that’s what are? Our focus is and I think that that is weird for people. Cuz i. Think, like we’ll, have you ever thought about traveling on the road and in doing more of your workshops in the road know and I think it was weird for us when we came to that realization. You know. Sometimes, if you always have new opportunities come before you and i. That’s one of my point. You know when you have an opportunity, don’t do something don’t miss out on what’s great, because you’re so busy doing all these good things and I think that that’s what we do a lot in life. We have to take a step back and say you know steve jobs for mr. Steve jobs yeah. This is a really good one. It’s very on top of he says people think focus means saying yes to the thing. You’ve got to focus on, but that’s not what it means it all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully.

I’m actually is proud of the things we haven’t done, as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to a thousand things, so, if you’re out there during the break, what is the right thing? What is my highest and best use the pareto principle? You should be spending 80% of your time on the 20% of things that move the needle that are bit matter as relates to your family, your faith, your finances, your fitness, your friendship in your funny. What actually matters think about it? What matter? If your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship and your van also during the break I invite you to check out hood cpas.,, that’s hood cpas.,, because it does matter, you do have to pay the taxes. I know it’s not exciting, but you got to file those taxes. If you file your taxes, I encourage you to check out hood cpas. Com. We come back from the break. We’re going to talk about saying yes to the right things and say no to everything else. My name is blake clark, that’s vanessa, clark, my incredible wife and that’s eric chop who happens to be bro-tastic, he’s a beautiful, beautiful man. You should check out his facial hair, just as much zumba fitness in is. It is the truth. I’d make that excuse, I’ll be up going to cut the scoreboard, the truth. He is my mentor. Like my yoda thing, I wasn’t young many of you most of you having everybody knows that I’m, the partner of dr. Robert zoellner, and my name is clay clark on the father of five human kids, but i, don’t think about people realize they did connection between dr. Zoellner and I my business coach wife, one of her first jobs, while working in college, was working for dr. Robert, zoellner and associates right across from woodland hills mall, the biggest mall in the tulsa area, and my wife worked there. When did a very, very good job in through my wife and her partner and her manager into her manager kylie, they were able to arrange a meeting for dr. Zeller and I to meet for lunch at ruby tuesday’s, where I knew in advance according to kyle, and he liked crouton. They got good crew time. We had lunch and now, 18 years later, we are still we work together.

We’re partners for my wife was the blink. A lot of you might say:will cash clay if you weren’t married? What would you do? Let me take a real quick. What I would do I would have a house in probably like coweta i, say house of pole, barn with the entire house will be under under the ground windows. I wish you would live like a hill, but I live under that hill bunker. It’s the fact that I would have probably ten thousand square feet of just like monitors, underground, no windows, that all you see the riverwalk I blocked, because the windows and shut up you had me, hang up curtains covering all of them, not see the river, and then we nailed them shut right now in the studio at the bottom pains underneath the american flags is about a foot and the reason why is because i, like many people, have like distractions freak me out? I hate it when I’m distract I hate, I hate, like somebody walking by I hate, I hate the water going by I hate to unlock outside I hate it so I focus I put business coach blinders on I literally, have done it right and wrong exit. So if I was not married, i, probably like somewhere like coweta or leonard, underneath like earth and I’m, not kidding I would I would do that and I would just work 7 days a week and I would just absolutely dominate whatever industry. I was in all the freaking time, and he this man lives here, just work there, spacers family, there’s finances, there’s fitness! There’s friendship and there’s fun and my beautiful wife of 17 years of vanessa is really the rock in my life she’s my best friend and she happens to also be my wife but she’s my best friend, and so that’s why I married her, and that is what our relationships all about. Until so many of you have emailed us two questions. I got two questions all the time.

How do I manage my people? Gosh struggle mention people. How do I do it? I, don’t know how to get my spouse to get on the same page as me, where like having in the thing is, if you want to keep half of your net worth, don’t get divorced, so just get divorced. So again, this is a financial tap it a wife and a before the break. You would ask my wife a question shop. Yes, before the break will talk about. You know their kids come first, and that seems weird to me when you’re on my mind, because your kids are going to be gone at some point and you still want to have a connection at that point. What’s your take on that and I said:it’s really tempting for people, because we we do. We love our children. So much and I think that sometimes, if you’re losing that business coach connection, that relationship with your spouse, then you know you may see one when I put so much energy and time into the kids at the expense of their spouse and it really that is really just damaging and for your relationship and it’s just putting it at risk because the whole foundation of your relationship in the whole foundation of any stability, your kids have is a relationship between their mother and father. So the healthiest thing you can do for them to have a stable life is to build your relationship with your spouse, because it’s going to always provide stability for your children and then they should see it models for them. How a relationship should be. They should not be the center and that you know everything flows from that relationship and then you guys are caring for them.

What do you make them the center and then, if you get divorced and you end up hurting your kids no longer until it didn’t serve them? That’s all I’m, saying I think it example, yes and I think it’s tempting for people, though, because you’ve need to just like business. You need to put work into this relationship with your spouse and sometimes I think. Maybe there’s hurt, there’s easier for them to just pour into their children, and it feels good and you invest the time when your spouse, they will invest it back and your business coach children will have the stability that they need was talking about our previous principal. She was teaching got to say yes to the right things, not yes to everything. Soap, steve jobs as people think focus mean saying yes to the thing. You’ve got to focus on, but that’s not what it means that all it means saying. No to the hundred other good things that there are, you have to pick carefully. I’m actually is proud of the things we haven’t done, as the things I have done in the bation is saying no to a thousand things. As you know, I always have business ventures there pitch to me. People always want me to help them grow their company and every time I work with the company it works. They grow I have to sort of the the mightest touch. Cuz I know what to do and how to do it. But you really helped me not say yes to everything, but can explain the listeners why you think I want to say yes to everything, I think because you like it. First of all, you really do love it and going back to principal number one where he said you know. Why are you doing this to be true to yourself when you guys answer these questions, a lot of people are doing it just because they like it I like it. That is great, but that’s not enough of an answer. If you’re business coach married and you’re doing it cuz you like it, it’s good to be able to admit that to I am doing this because I like it okay.

But how can I do this thing that I like, but also make sure that it serves my family and it’s not in business coach competition with my family? So I just think that you now and you someone brings you an idea or we have an opportunity, I love that you involve me in the decision, so we will sit down and look at the opportunity together and say:okay, how much time is this going to take? And what are we going to take out if this is worth I was doing because we know we can’t add anything in at this point without taking something out so that you don’t care about the amount of time play. You’ll just do whatever. That’s what I’m saying so. That’s very awesome that that years, that’s your mind that is like what kind of trade off that’s what I like that’s what I like and i, always come back to the time we shining so bright, strawberry, champagne on ice lucky for you, that’s what I like this is the money cuz I’m, always I don’t care, but that might know what is the amount of money? You can make more time right. So I’m telling you my wife is my source of wisdom, she’s, my compass point to me and it is to the max and then you hate it like you’re like oh, we come back to learn about the story of my wife and the diamond ring because my wife works like sushi, but she wanted a crazy idea. She wanted to have a real wedding ring that I actually bought for her and when I tell you about the food and the diamond ring story, but before I can tell you about the time it rings. True I want to tell you about a story about how you can save both time and money on your business coach office supply the beer, passionate about spending as much money as possible as much time as possible going to office depot office supplies in your printer supplies.

Adult listen! But if you want to save both time and money on your office and printer supplies go to onyx imaging.Com. What’s going to onyx imaging.Com with that that’s onyx, imaging.Com and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s. The drivetime business coach radio shows no change. The mindset stock for an accident on the magic show pic of the heat up food, giving it to you straight in the roaring fork in the back of the truck. So I can get up on the mic and speak the facts out there who don’t know what I’m talking about when I say passing the magic. Like my name was irvin earvin magic johnson magic johnson was a basketball player that played for the lakers and i. Don’t think a lot of business coach people realize how awesome he was, but magic johnson, earvin, magic johnson play basketball and it was given the nickname magic because he was able to find the open man in a way that people never thought possible, always put them up on the big screen. So you guys can see him, but magic johnson was much taller than anybody else would previously paid play the position. So in terms of like his actual height, he was very, very tall, very, very tall. It’s crazy but magic. He just loved when he’s 6ft 96.9, but it was a point guard and so magic would go into a game and pretty much his whole focus was on winning. He didn’t care about whether he scored a lot. He didn’t care, wasn’t about the money for magicos, about winning, winning winning and winning it’s a magic johnson was very, very, very gifted at the game of basketball, but it for him was all about winning if that’s what he just got a thrill of winning, and so when he played his rookie year, kareem abdul-jabbar, who is the best center in the history of basketball? He has the most people.

Do I set the record for the most points scored in his lifetime. Imagine if you’re a rookie in the best player of all time. I do don’t talk about kareem abdul-jabbar because he wasn’t as likeable. His personality was more stoic, but he was the best player of all time. He scored the most points, but so he got hurt and they ask magic. Could you play center number? He was the point guard sure, so he played center as a rookie in the nba finals. We got hurt in the nba finals kareem abdul-jabbar got hurt the best business coach player this and be like a steph curry. Who was the point guard for the golden state warriors being asked to play center in the finals and he has zero. He doesn’t care about his own, productive sure, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll, switch positions. Give me the ball right, so he goes down there and dominates cuz he’s eating this guy it for him in the game of basketball. What was fun in the magic of the whole situation was that he enjoyed the game and, for me, business is sort of what I enjoy it. So I guess, what’s my game right, hey brother, listening, maybe fitness is your game. Maybe family is your game. Maybe faith is your game baby who you come out after a long business coach weekend and your friends say:we’ve been doing this weekend. He said all the revelations I’ve been faking it up. My real relationship did all of it:yeah i, don’t watch every steven, furtick video on youtube and I watch. All the craig michelle videos on youtube and I was everything and if you slept no, no no I figured out. Don’t know what the mark of the beast means:i have a job. Have you paid any bills, don’t know, but I have a knowledge of all things. Prophetic. Everybody has a natural thing. You’re, naturally interested in and one thing that my wife has a superpower for is family she’s, very, very good at family, but she’s.

Also, my strategic partner in the business I can absolutely say that the reason why we are where we are today is because my wife is always been the person asking. Why are we going here? And so my wife ain’t going credible bride of up 17 years she’s on the show today and we’re going to talk about making sure that the business serve not only you but your family vanessa? What are you talking about here? I, just you know, you’re creating this environment, I think meet. You and I learned a lot of business coach lessons along the way, and you know years ago you know back when we had the dj business I think there was somewhere in there. Were you and I look like that. I mean it was great, it was it was. It was growing, it was it was it had to kind of taking over our lives and was almost like. What if we just create right here and i, think there was a point where it didn’t serve:uri yes, monetarily it did. But there was a lot of growing business coach decisions. We had to make sure that it would serve us with our time. Freedom I would service with the people who work for us all. Those things so I just want the business owner to keep in mind that not only should it start the person running the business, you know a lot of people, just one person runs a business. Some of the couple do, but it serves your family to set up in time that there’s someone at the office who disrespectful to your spouse or your kids, take that into consideration, just as he would for yourself. Waspers, actually love the beach boys a lot I love to music, but this is business.

Musicals I would be our show. You know, i, wouldn’t it be nice. If we were older, then we wouldn’t have to wait so long it wouldn’t it be nice to live together and the kind of world where we be the wrong. You know it’s going to make it that much better when we can still say good night and stay together. Wouldn’t it be nice? Wouldn’t it be nice I think the man mentality chub. You tell me if you disagree. If you disagree with that, okay man, we find somebody you found candice I found vanessa I went on a date. American cash I hear that cheerleader is a cheerleader. How. Are you I see her cheering? She has a curly, hair and i. Will she will be mine? Oh my guess is she will be in mind. She will end up arranging a get a business coach roommate a date we go on a date. Are we going to date? She didn’t talk much munoz, pizzeria she’s, like i, know your game, but he literally would not how many get your roommate a date or roberts university does this thing called get your roommate a date where you’re supposed to ask a woman to go on a date with your roommate. That’s the idea at oral, roberts university. How many of those dates did you go on i, don’t know just about every weekend and I’ll. Tell you how many I went on? How many people ask me zero on this date? You can talk a lot when I moved in multiple times tried to kiss this. Lady I got rejected, 3 *, 3 *, that’s right, but I’m, I’m, I’m, consistent woman of virtue.. What the deal is the song, so many songs are about pursuing your spouse in the song. The beach boys, wouldn’t, it, be nice about pursuing it.

Wouldn’t it be nice is a happy times together. We’ve been spending I wish that every kiss was neverending. Wouldn’t it be nice baby, sparrow bird, you might not know it, but you tell me he tells me vanessa. You are michael, and that means the the world because we do have all these business goals, then who is come back and say hey I want you to know. You I had to go and I think that sometimes women might feel like you know they were pursued so hard. Cuz guys are like goal focused right and then they they like okay, check that one off. Move on to the next thing. But it’s good to remember. We said that business coach person that is still your goal, took about this happy times together. We’d be spending I wish that every kiss was never ending. Wouldn’t it be nice now you’re married, you had that you have that. So how do you keep that relationship in orbit? How do you make sure that your wife or you pursued so hard i, pursued her so hard just to get to get her to marry me?

But once you put a lot of bait in the water in the boat., you’ve got to look at it like starting a good pinion fire,, and if you just ignore it, it goes to say something:i think that you know, and as you have these relationships, sometimes a husband or wife. They look at all the things they bring to the table. I make all this money for us, or you know how I cook and i, clean or I do I know all of this. For you, you not realize I go to work 7 days a week. Earning working all I do is work for you and then I come home, and you want to talk about me and prioritize. Are you business coach kidding me so and then in the woman is thinking that they’re? Looking everything they bring, I take care of the kids, or maybe it’s the man who takes care of the kids. I was looking at what they bring to the relationship, but you’ve got to see. Is that even what your spouse is looking for, I guarantee you it’s not. They married you because the one thing of value the one thing about you can give them is your love, your kindness, your attention and smash it.

Don’t matter, I guarantee you if one of the spouses just decides to leave they’re going to leave but half the money and half the time with the kids anyways, so I’m saying that that’s a benefit that they’re bringing I’m taking care of these kids are on. No, the only thing of value can offer your spouse is the thing they married you for that. Is your love your time, your attention about pursuing your spouse after they leave now live in your house. How do you talk to your spouse after they now live in your house before i? Do that I mean courage, you to check out tulsa, never won cpa and every way that’s hood, cpas., com, hood, cbs.Com cbs.Com state to drive time show on talk. Radio, 1170, I thought about you all about you all about you all about. You go on your business coach radio now in between the break over the break. There are a couple of great things happened there that I think all the listeners should know in what are we just had jayden barnett just walk into the studio. Here we just had a scarlet and clark mine couple daughter just walk in the studio here, but during the during the commercials. What are you guys doing?

Well, we went out to the fire pet shop and we fully eradicated the the weeds from the firepit during the break and in vanessa. You were telling us about the what what the boys were talking about last night, because my partner jonathan barnett, his son, jaden alburnett, is 11 years old. He flew in from colorado to attend my son’s birthday party and does he flew in colorado the boys spent the night last night I broadcast from the man came from camp and chicken palace we broadcast here and so there’s a lot of land behind us in the boys spent the night last night outside in the vin, the n d, a field with trees around it. There I check. How would you describe the area there? It’s a it’s:a beautiful, yellow, meadow with an ice pack at mode 17, acres back in an underground fire pit with tents me there. So I can find it tonight last night and vanessa. Can you explain what did what the boys talked about? Their havana and angelina are two girls I work, two daughters, daughters. First, everyone is together and 1/10. You could having a party till like 11 at night. I would be jaden aubrey to the two boys and two girls there and how to party, and then they split off. She said about 11. The girls went to their tent and the boys went to their. If she could get them. I said:hey how’d, it go last night, you know we’re excited to have jaden in town. We don’t get to have him out from colorado. Very often they leave to go to summer camp together tomorrow and she was oh. It was hilarious on my talking about business, ready for knowledge bombs, because my wife’s going to tell you what the sons of myself clay, clark and jonathan barnett there’s our sons what they were talking about in their tent.

This is the look into the minds of 11 year old boys, who are our kids, jayden, barnett and aubrey. Clark do tell okay, so she said they were talking about business. I said really what about that she’s, all all about franchising, bridge! You know hairstylist makes nationwide what we pay and is this a good rate, and this is gray and how many hours per week and jonathan, barnett and I are partners, so oxyfresh an elephant, the room we work together, a different businesses, and so the boys through osmosis, are around us all. The time is it in. So we always believe that we should pay more than our competitors consistently. That’s our mindset because we want to have the best people and so I’m sure mr. Young jayden, barnett and my son have heard us talk about this back to you very much into the pay the hours at the franchise in the model going on and on about all middle jaden. That’s getting hr policies, I thought it was great I thought it was just a great look into their minds and very, very telling and funny future ahead for those that from reed hall open in shop. If you can look this up, it’s reid hoffman, where he says the best way to improve yourself that so you can find it quickly it to reid hoffman.

This is the one of the early partners with paypal the founder of linkedin, a guy who bought lynda.Com re -, part of the paypal mafia. If you do, if you find that business coach code to come up there for you, it’s the fastest way to improve yourself to the fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be again. The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be one more time, because we learn by repetition. The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way that you want to be so. My wife grew up in a family where you know yours are things that she would have done differently. This is anybody perfect no, but she spent a ton of time like a massive amount of time, like a proper amount of time. She spent so much time listening to dr. Laura, listen to dr. Laura, that’s reading many marriage, but marriage books because she studied people that we’re she wanted to be. She said you know mentally. It is at the age of 13 14, 15, 16 17 if I do get married. This is how I want my life to be on a conscious or subconscious level, and she spent a lot of time studying and being around you going to learn.

Ross moses. If you just are consistently feeding your mind, positive information, specific action items, the stories of successful marriages, then you’re just going to pick up on it over time and so vanessa she’s told me. We first got married and her saying that she tried, as remember saying, that she says my goal. Is that piece at home i, remember saying that I said my goals have a peaceful home, and so you listen to vanessa to a ton of dr. Laura and amount of marriage books that you read into were talking today about their first faith or staying with his finances or fitness. There’s friendship is fun. Success is about having success in your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship in your business coach fun, and you want to have success in your family. That’s one of those core areas so talk to me about your next prince will make sure the business serves. Not only you but your family. You know she talks about. Sometimes a business is run, just buy the husband or just buy the wife, or sometimes it’s it’s together, but you have to remember. You know there was a time. I am dj connection where I felt like you and I both thought. The business was not serving us. Yes monetarily, it was the our schedule got crazy. We were held hostage and didn’t have a lot of money growing up and so I worked at applebee’s target in directv at the same time and I’m a hustler and so I hustled trying to provide air conditioning and I try to hustle him. Patrick calls me up at the holiday. Inn needs to take what you did tonight. Man was awesome, dj show I said.

Thank you. Cuz I’ve heard from nanette nanette heard from juanita. Yes, I do i, remember the holiday inn select off i-44 and skelly. They said he’s I heard from your your dj performance was incredible and I would like to hire you to dj for the holiday inn select. Somebody wants to hire me just means I could quit my job at directv. I could quit my job at target. I could quit want to hire you for like every night, if I can put all three jobs, so I came home and vanessa remembers, I came home and I said yes to patrick on the phone before talking to my wife and then I came home and vanessa comes home and I’m laying on the couch I’m, never laying on the couch and I’m laying there and I miss you how excited we were in an in actually if you sit there, what did you do? Your business coach homework? I dropped out of school I dropped out of school today, out of oklahoma state university and I have an applebee’s all today, I don’t have any other jobs because I my friends, I’m self-employed i, know I work. A hundred percent for me, I own, my own business and you’re, like what I’m going to be djing 7 nights a week at the holiday inn select at the end of the deal I liked you for some reason, my life to it actually works, because we literally would go to all the shows together. So it wasn’t like we had kids or this took it apart and then wait was like we would go together. We’d have dinner there night and watch all there in person per month or $700 a week and I was excited and you were depressed by it. I was like yes, I no longer have to have a job at target and applebee’s at directv.

I dropped out of school $700 a week. I think I had promised a lot of other things that went along with that and I think we are maybe five months and do it and we saw he’s never going to do any of the 700 that was like i. Remember. We is cup of legends in concert, so it’s all the people that if you go and you google I’m legends in concert vegas. If you look it up real quick, there are people that are impersonators of actual celebrities, there’s a guy that looks exactly like michael jackson as much as he could surgically do to look like michael jackson, there’s a guy who looks like prince as much as he could surgically do. You were having surgery to look like the celebrities. This is an example. This is every night would be the one night we had a guy. He was in neil diamond business coach impersonator. This guy was mean to me. He was terrible, but I got free. Lobster, tails and I got 7 days a week, I’m working there and this guy just like 1 in the morning every every night, my pleasure trips to you, I’ll man, who stewart all over the country all over the world. His guy has the number one neil diamond impersonator in the world, he’s been performed at yada yada and play bang & boom boom boom, all the way from las vegas nevada. We have live in concert, but my mom and then I would have just gotten the guy would get out, but he would act exactly like neil diamond I’m excited to be here today, but it was some jeans that I will not tell you what is a country where we’ve been braced wearing jeans. We were, and so I wrote a song about it. Wanna talk to the carolina carolina. Here’s, hoping it is as it is sweet but I got it so excited about a couple. Sweet caroline and I was in detroit and if he won detroit do the same routine. Every night I start taking the business coach carousel of the course sweet caroline. When I send the course it was crazy. Spontaneous everybody start saying:whoa, whoa, whoa well well, well, I said sweet caroline. Is it well well? Well, when I said I start seeing if you were sitting with me, it was incredible.

Sweet, well well, well, good times, never seemed so good, so good I feel then 500 purple, and it was just like this ridiculous. Every night was the same night and my wife came and saw me:do this, like probably twice? No, no! No! No work. Are you still working, but you saw it twice and you were like this is going to be the same kid. Every night is like a year. We agreed to her 6 months or something crazy, and so she can change it later like where you dinner and I said:i can’t pay you this week. I can pay. You in 3 weeks seem to like probably two shows before she realized what was going to happen, but wife is all about making sure the business serves us and our families. We get back from the break business, going to talk more about the importance of making sure that your business serves not only yourself but your family, otherwise you’re going to end up doing a hell, gig at the holiday inn select for a bunch of las vegas business coach impersonators that it happened enough now, but I’ve done it and I’m just telling you can learn from my mistakes. We stay tuned to my wife to talk about building a business that serves you and your family stay 2 321 boom make sure you never miss a broadcast by signing up for the drive time show podcast the answer. Every time who is the sound? You is the name of the bird in the action and must happen now that you got to run a mission that has gone before you with no excuse. You know if you want a bunch of stuff, but you don’t apply at it’s meaningless, thomas edison once wrote.

This is the guy who invented the modern light, bulb the video ography, the guy who started ge. He says knowledge without application is meaningless. So, as you prepare yourself mentally to learn what you’re about ready to learn I would encourage you to take some notes, because I’ve invited my wife of 17 years to be on the show me the married for 17 years, and she is what I would call my life coach I mean this sincerely. She pointed me in the right direction:cuz if it was if I was not married to my business coach wife, I would literally live any bunker and leonard oklahoma under the ground and I work 7 days a week. How to make copious amounts of money and I would live a life of solitude. You ever watch the movie, the empire, strikes, back, or you know, return of the jedi or, if you ever seen, yoda I mean yoda was like i, mean green and alone and lived on a swamp island. If that’s what you want, then that’s what I would have done, but my wife pointed out to me:there’s things been are bit are bigger than just things are a bigger than just business spaces, family, there’s finances or fitness.

There’s french and respond there’s so much more than just business out there about the importance of making sure the business serves. Not only you but your family well, I think just in every capacity I think sometimes you know, like you said:the person pursuing the business is pursuing it usually because they actually enjoy it, sport for them and that’s great that they enjoy it. So then that’s it’s probably serving them. But then you gotta, look and say:okay, that serving my family is far as everything that the amount of time spent. This is sustainable schedule to something that that is going to continue. Our family can thrive in. Is there a such a busy season? We got to make it through, but then we’re going to get business coach sustainable and how do we get there? The money? Just even hang yourself. How much are you living off of for your family? This a beneficial thing are, you, is this, you know you’re growing and making more they’re going to monetarily benefit. I want to start with. His first idea said a lot of knowledge box in a row, so I want to I want to make sure we break it down here. So we go okay, so here’s the knowledge bomb number one vanessa talk to that. Are you even paying yourself? You said this to me. You said baby I realize that you don’t even care about the money. Could you explain to the drivers?

What that means? Cuz I really don’t care about the money. To me it’s all about just winning. Can you explain the drivers what that means, but you’re with me everyday i, don’t even know if it was like 12 years or, however, we honestly didn’t even really maybe made $50,000 a year. So we would invest everything back into the business. Everything is it kept growing, but we never saw any financial reward for I’m serious, like we didn’t have furniture in our house. We didn’t have to but nice house in a nice house, and we inherited this up when they were done with it like I always get there, i, don’t care personally, i. Don’t care about going out to eat i, don’t care about going to movies i, don’t care about vacationing i! Don’t care about nice business coach houses, i! Don’t care about nice card, i, don’t care, but that, but that caveat there is he didn’t care if it was something that reflected on the business, so cuz I had a disproportionate focus in one area. As all of our listeners do everybody could think about faith, family finances, fitness, friendship and fun? There’s one listener out there who sang I love to have fun, I love to party i, really do love a casing all the time. That’s what I do I am driving someone else’s. You know we don’t fitness yeah i, just be in my entire about 4 hours a day, I work on my quad and I work on my abs and I work on my cat.

My cat recently fiat came from us a background. Why did I have striations previously in my cab? Right now? Have nice bonafide, street athens in my care of my calf muscles? Are nas I mean you get the full? You can see all three of the muscles working together. My triceps are my biceps in my my chest. My I can restart it cold in my chest cycle, my chesticles because it’s like my chair after but it is so sexy-i mean I just got flexed in front of the media and i. Think to myself. I am so thankful, selfies of myself, because I love myself and I’ll tell you what, when you look at my love, you might be thinking to yourself. You! You was lucky to see myself because myself is jack for me again and it might be saying you know what phase family finance fitness faith, i, love, faith, I read all of revelations last night and if you think about it on a deeper level, perhaps the mark of the beast is a credit card and think about it. It’s the chip that you think about it like what would trump talked I looked at it and he said exactly 707 sentences, and if you divide that by 18, which is actually 17, which one you think about on a deeper level, that’s what made world cup winners, everybody who has their own disproportionate business coach focus area and mine, is business. So back to you, vanessa business is my focus. Everybody everybody out. There has one focus area, that’s disproportionate, the business coach to make sure it’s not only you, but your entire family. Like i, said you going to look at the time that spent there, as is. This, is something that sustainable for your family and it it it.

It should be a refreshing refreshing for you to go to the business or refreshing for you to come home so that your your your have balance their money. You know, for the amount of time that you’re spending at the business are in the new project that you take on. Are you making sure that lisa’s been monetarily benefits you and your family, and you know I eat you and i? Both aren’t very like materialistic people want to make sure we have all the things that you shouldn’t be in the poor house. If your business is thriving, I mean you should make sure that you did it at home chuck, the bible of this book. Are you aware of the bible die in the way of the bible? Do you know what the bible is? I have seen? What is the bible quotes on headphones? My son’s, who can hear what we’re doing here the bible the bible was the written word, the inspired word of god of god and for a long time before now we didn’t actually have the business coach ability to print a bible with a laser printer. That is true. We didn’t have the ability to print a bible with a laser printer. If anybody wanted a copy of the bible, somebody had to write the bible down transcribe for years were thousands of years.

I don’t know. If you thought about this for thousands of years, somebody had to write the bible down right. They dedicate their lives to it would spend their entire life writing two copies:a man would die, with honor, saying I have written to copy 2 miles of the bible with the most flawless calligraphy in penmanship. The world has seen I’ve worked as unto man is under god. Not is adam and I’ve been working feverishly to write this copy. The bible and I feel like that. If you’re, not careful and not intentional, that’s what’s going to happen with your business. Is your going to work and spend your entire life building a business? But what about building a life I’ll tell you about a guy who’s built a great life and a great business. Such a good friend doctor sibling, tulsa’s best chiropractor visit dr. John sibley,, dr. John simply.Com 3 2 1 boom. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show show on the microphone east stop at itunes charts in the category of business dentist. If we go surprise that you might get motion sickness and pad to the unexplained boom, alright tribe nation, if you’re turning into the show, because you want to learn how to grow a successful company I can help you do that. But then you might think yourself why. Why would I want to achieve financial freedom in time for them? It’s because you would actually want to have a great life.

So what is a great life? I I believe having a great life is achieving success in the areas of faith. Family finances are so much faith, family finances, fitness, friendship and fun, and so I am really good at business, but the rest of it I’m kind of confused, i, don’t even know. What’s going on it. So I wanted to invite my wife on the show. My wife have been married to my incredible wife for 17 years. She has given birth with her body to five human kids and she’s, been my best friend impressive, and my business partner for the entire time and I can tell you that she handles the accounting and the various aspects of recovered involve the accounting in the numbers. But she also knows that, for me, business coach is a sport and it’s a sport that I played well and I liked it, and so I would I’m not being facetious I’m, not exaggerating, I’m being real. When I tell you, she is my life coach and she is demite my goal. She is my my entire goal. If I all I do is take care of my wife, that’s that’s. All I want to do i, always loved that is so sweet, so we’re talking today about making to the business serve.

Not only you but your family now and says. The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already. The way you want to be who treat hoffman hoffman is the founder of the guy who was early members of paypal. He said the fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be. We got a lot of women reach out to my wife and say I like to hang out with and get to know you and learn how you balance it all so we’re bringing her on to the podcast for the foreseeable future once a week. So vanessa talk to me about the importance of making sure the business serve. Not only you but your family I’m, making sure the sustainable schedule on the money making sure that it does benefit your family. That does all going back into the business, and you know the people that that work for your business make sure the people that you as a family, like and in respect i, think that’s so important, because you want the business to be a place where you all feel welcome by the location. Where you choose even put your business, I mean it is it? Is it clear? You know an hour and a half away across business coach town I mean it’s just. You got to practically look at your life, your life. First and make sure that the business decisions you make even the business model you create all these things. Are they going to work with your family, so they’re? Just whenever you are these decisions put them in light of not only the business but your family and your home life as well. You wrote, you said, make sure the hours are sustainable, i, love, working, guess, I’ll.

Let me explain two listeners chap of the people that I read a lot about and I want you to verify on the show notes. If you agree with what I’m saying, okay to the fax, the fax I love, steve, jobs steve jobs a lot, he does steve jobs. Quite often divorce, right, i, really, love, i, love, i, really, love, i, really, love I’m excited about elon, musk, I love you on musk, but elon musk at last count was what trump divorced. I love, richard, branson I called him a lot. I call richard brent’s I love her to branson and he was divorced. I love, russell simmons I am a huge advocate of russell simmons with def jam who’s, the founder of hip hop, and he is divorced still punished by developers up there I’m a huge fan of a lot of I mean I love, george lucas, the guy who created star wars pixar I mean that guy is the man but chef. He was divorced right and so what happens is I love, I love the success they achieved, but I will not achieve success in this life at the expense of my business coach family. That’s what’s up man I just want to add another successful as people are and where they they really were, but they had massive failures considered as a pretty big failure and another part of their life that they did not have. A lot of players in my life is like I’m, just saying if I just wish I could have also had I would believe both they could have. Also i, don’t disagree with you. I’m just want to make sure that I don’t come across as a judgmental device of humility get that I have failed in a lot of areas. Okay, cuz! You got to have straight up success and faith family finances, fitness friendship and fun. I thought that it was a hassle back has probably one of the better quotes. I’ve ever heard chip. Can you read the elisabeth hasselbeck quote after describing to go to the tribe nation?

Who, in fact she is? Yes, she is a retired american television personality talk, show host and she says that nobody’s life is ever balanced. It’s a conscious decision to choose your priorities every single day, tripe think about this for a second elisabeth hasselbeck. She was a teenager and she graduate from boston college in 1999. Now january of 2001 she rose to prominence i, really as a result of being a contestant on that show called survivor where she finished. Fourth, she ended up meeting tim hasselbeck, who was an nfl quarterback for the national football league, and she got asked to be a personality on the show called the view right and for a while. She had to make the view her focus for a while she had to make staying in super awesome shape being on the survivor, her focus, but she talks about you talking about balance and read me that quote again one more time to slow, so I can marinate on it. There nobody’s life is ever all balanced. It’s a conscious decision to choose your priorities. Everyday principal, you want to teach all the listeners, and I am always listening. Taking note say, is pursue your business coach spouse and family with the same vigor. You pursue your business goals. You are so focus evan was so focused on pursuing her dating you know, and I was there full focus and once they got them, it’s like they moved on to the next school. Well, your business cuz you’re pursuing them now, but you got to pursue your spouse in that same way because, like I said earlier, there a lot a lot of benefits that all of us bring to a relationship. You know you working the finances, turn up, kids, yet I’ve done this I pursued my spouse with maniacal focus blinders on and then I’ve moved on to the next focus, which was career success. So I am saying to you:do this at all anymore:i apologize, but I’m also saying that I’ve we’ve apologized in the past, but pretty good at listening, who says I’ve done this, don’t feel bad to get better.

Don’t worry about the past! Your past have it is near. You can start start every day to need to focus on its successful business coach company and you’re thinking about future. You might be saying to yourself in the future we got to renovate our building shop. She got two more people coming in pharmacies getting too crowded. We need to call williams contracting, okay, williams contracting at 918-682-5511 918-682-5511 or we will – khan.Com will – khan.Com woman is subliminal at sex marriages. How to become a more successful they do, and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s the thrive time. Business coach radio shows that it’s the mind set on the magic trick of the wild food, giving it to you straight in the spring in the back of the truck, so I can get up on the bike and speak the facts. Alright, tribe, nation, welcome back to the drive time show on your radio and one of the things we talked about there in my right. Talk to about in the ramp lyrics leading up into the show now on here is like I said:changing mine sets like incense burning a lot of people. Don’t know if you understand that all the lyrics that I have on the show intros actually means something. Cuz I think we were not used to actually listen to the lyrics of something I appreciate it. Man I want to list trip and I came back man I know, I know like see things differently.

Man, I bought burn the incense man, I i, used to think about things this way and now I think of pisces face and I’m, not talking about using hallucinogenic drugs to change your mindset when I am talking about I’m joking about it, because that’s what a lot of people think about it. Think of change mindset changing is i, think about carol dweck carol dweck is a professor and she wrote a book about changing your mindset and ship I’m going to put this on the I shown up here, but carol dweck. She says why waste time proving over and over how great you are when you could be getting better. Why hide deficiencies instead of overcoming them, while I look for friends or partners, who will just short up your business coach self-esteem instead of 1/2 a challenge you to grow? Why and why seek out the tried-and-true instead of experiences that will stretch you look for friends or partners, who will just short up your self-esteem instead of ones who will also challenge you to grow I’m just being real weird, but that’s okay, my wife and I were on the show together today and to see. If you get overtime, will get less weird cuz I’ll become more familiar, but I could totally I could vanessa? Could too I could do this? I could have married somebody who I’m 37 I can go find somebody who’s like. Oh my gosh, he drive a hummer when you’re self-employed you make money like go, buy shoes great I could do that I could could have done.

That could do that. Vanessa could do that could have done that. I can just find somebody who is enamored by the fact that I can make money and marry that person. I could not sure the past are awesome. You’re, smart, you’re successful because my sister used to guys I know there’s a lot of people that are into that didn’t have a key. The key is you want to look for as many you were look for the the maximum length of false eyelashes and as many augmentations as possible for someone who spray tans a lot and that’s what you would look more because you’ll be looking for the person who would just not I chose to marry somebody who is beautiful. Yes, but when I say will you had me at hello? Here’s the word that got me with my business coach wife is the word, but I thought this is why I want to marry her we’re talkin and she says one of my papa papa, papa, papa papa age. Like she said the word sage, I want put on the show, notes, yeah and I thought to myself what the crap is a sage.

It was like there are 3rd or 4th date where I thought every time I connect my date, my my roommate mark ago dude. What was like man who go to go bro and I thought she said. Another word is what she said. I didn’t know again follow her conversation with the the girls read. All these books and I have never read more than like three books ever I tread life and death by russell simmons and then a bunch of newsweek’s I was like I’m not kidding. I was as far left of center in all my morality and worldviews, I bred, newsweek constantly, and so she said sage and word sage. I looked it up. It means wise through reflection, an experience. I thought holy crap. She use the word sage. I, don’t even know what it means. I looked it up. I think she is a sage. I got to marry this girl, so I go back to minnesota during the summer after my college, oral roberts university on my couch and I’m calling mark and he says bro. This girl is, after your business coach freshman year, she’s a dude, she’s, super wise and you think she’s hot and I can said dude it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s unicorn, you think she’s hot and she says she’s wise, dude dude. This doesn’t happen. Like usual, you did like a super attractive girl who is like super stupid because I’ve been given everything for you, get a girl, who’s, super wise, because she’s like the job of the hut of life you’ve got both. You got to get married right now and I said I know, but I’m like it doesn’t matter and so mark passed away is going to be the best man in our wedding, but he passed away before our wedding.

He died in the car accident, which honestly I’ve never cried more then, when I lost my best friend mark, my roommate, and when I lost my cat daylight daylight. So those are my two things that rocked my mind the most, but the reason why I married my wife is because she was my partner that stretched me and rather than just sticking to what I’m good at she’s pushed me to be the best and so I hear you said 6 to honor your spouse and they will honor you. Can you talk about what you mean by that i? Just think they find way spell three things that they’re doing that are awesome and they’re with their ways they’re trying to show their love to you and you might not even be noticing, and so, if you can find those things and you can praise them for it, it’s like it just it start the cycle they’re, going to start doing the same for you and i. Think that also you want to find out what your spouse is. Goals are in life, and you want to attach yourself to helping them. Get there I think that’s so business coach important because it changes them from their goals to our goals. Quote comedians, but I do want to point this out. Chris rock says there are only three things in trouble and put them on there.

Only three things:women need in life, food, water and compliments, chris rock, the comedian comedians are funny because they noticed things that are true and when you hear them on the stage, that’s so true only three things:women need in my food water and compliments. I close the deal at the office I’ll get on the phone just now, just to show I still got stuff starts. Cheering and I’m not comfortable with it like i. Don’t do well with compliments you when someone says hey, dude, good job I’m like i, don’t know what to do with that. Thank you, you’re. Thank me. I, don’t know what to do while I mean we’re together daycare in the room I was there I install a brisket dropping off some stuff at one of our stores and a guy said:hey:are you dropping off starbucks for your team and I said we act? I was in the area, I just dropped off, starbucks I got the order from dan. I dropped it off for like 10 starbucks, and it goes why’d. You do that I was cutting hair for a living. I probably want someone to drop off starbucks for me in case i. Don’t do it everyday? It just kind of random act of kindness he’s at the best boss. All these people brag on you all the time and I was like.

Thank you for somebody. I can fire cuz i? Don’t I don’t know what to do with it. I’m not comfortable with that compliment is compliments, and so, if you want to end up living in a van down by the river by yourself, then they are wonderful. We’re wanting our goals aligned with with yours and the time and all those things in, and maybe it’s because I you know what you are a salesman, your master salesman until I know. The compliment to me doesn’t mean very much. Cuz I know stroke from everyone at the office and everyone all the client and I got a side, get that so I’m like just to me. That’s not what I’m. Looking for my final gig nice surprise, if you put on some music as well daily ways to praise to genuinely phrase your business coach spouse and then also pursuing them, with your words with your touch, you know with your time those things are going to just reach such a harvest in your life and your relationship in the peace in your home. Its ability for your kids, I just can’t, say nothing then, like i, said finding something it’s important to them a goal and attaching yourself making it you’re here to help them get there now you’ve established yourself as a team. I just think it’s so bad.


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