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Struggling to find good people? In this man cave mentor session of the best business coach Thrivetime Show podcast download Clay and Z will take you to Human Resources 101 and teach you how to find those good people.

  1. Never stop posting for available jobs on Craigslist, Indeed, or whatever the best job boards are for your industry.
  2. Conduct a group interview at the same time every week.
    1. Look for the following 4 skills are what Jack Welch believes every employer should look for out of an employee:
      1. Energy – Do they have the ability to bring good energy to work everyday?
      2. Edge – Will they make the tough call after they gather all of the facts?
      3. Execute – Can they get the job done?
      4. Energize – Can they energize other employees?
  3. Tip from Z – Every conversation you have should be an interview.
    1. You can find really good people that are already working and “snipe” them.
  4. Z’s 5 A’s
    1. Attitude
    2. Appearance  
    3. Above and Beyond
    4. Accuracy
    5. Attendance
  5. Schedule qualified candidates to shadow you.
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” – Sam Walton (The founder of Wal-Mart)
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Public hangings are teaching moments. Every company has to do it. A teaching moment is worth a thousand CEO speeches. CEOs can talk and blab each day about culture, but the employees all know who the jerks are. They could name the jerks for you. It’s just cultural. People just don’t want to do it.” – Jack Welch (The former CEO of GE who the company by 4,000 during his tenure)
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Audio Transcription

The best business coach thrivetime show on talk, radio 1170 to another fabulous podcast addition to thrive time show on your podcast download, now see the podcast edition gives us the ability to go, maybe more intensely, maybe more in-depth. We could be more pragmatic, cuz. We don’t have to adhere to the rules of a radio show. You know what it’s like chuck, that’s what podcasts are you going commando today? I appreciate that best business coach analogy and I rebuke the visuals that came to my mind and soul z the question that we get ass from a lot of entrepreneurs as it relates to human resources hr 101 is how do you find good people and 1/8 than they paid kind of getting that mindset of like not enough good people out there, so I’m not going to recruit right now, I’m, not going to expand cuz you’re, not in a good people and i, would just tell every entrepreneur listening. Nothing works unless your people do nothing works at all. Unless you’re people do, and so here are the steps for finding the good people and I want to get z’s take on this, because these are like the man cave sessions. If you were sitting with dr. Z in the man cave, which very few people get to the pleasure of doing the privilege of doing this is the real and raw stuff he would say so here we go. Never stop posting for available jobs on craigslist, indeed recruiting at restaurants, and you just never stop recruiting, never puts 8. Most people stop recruiting once they put, they have a good team and then somebody quits and now they’re screwed. Again it’s at cycle of up and down up and down we’re so successful were going to be great. We have a great team, all they’re moving. Oh, she got pregnant now falling apart. I have to do everything myself, z help us stop the jackass, sorry of always being over-staffed understand when I tell him when I train now my people that do the hiring hiring certain levels now the background of doing all the hiring I every time I talk to someone I interviewed for a job. That was my mindset. Every time. I talk to someone. Anybody, yes doing anything parking, my car serving me a hamburger anybody. Ultimately, you can hire character, train skill. You know this isn’t about how much as you can see, every eye exam I turned into a interview: everyone, everyone I was sizing them up. Every single when I hired a couple of great early on I got some of my best employees because they’ve come in and they were patients of mine people who will say it’s time to stop advertising, because we’re already fully staffed already have a full best business coach staff.

Why should I advertise? Why should interview? Why should I do interviews this week when in fact, I you know already have the people I need? Why should I even go through the process of doing interviews and posting for jobs and I already have all the people that needs it because those people are going to at thunder stein schedule leave, you would have best for them and you don’t have any idea when that’s going to be now ryan here with tip top, k-9 building a great organization, just in the past week they opened up a location in owasso and in the boise idaho and in twin falls. So you went from one location to for. Can you bring anybody? Listen to this podcast? Can you explain what will happen if you don’t do a job post, a job post every week in interview every week will eventually happen. Cuz you been a business owner for over a decade will happen well your guy and then your backup guy will both the no-call no-show and not show up, and you will not have anyone to happen to you before it did happen. And then we had a group interview and so I had actually three people waiting for my first two didn’t no-call no-show. We fired him on the spot and then I had a third guy. Can you explain to me the worst moment in your hr career, where, somewhere you had people, you thought you can count on and they just started leveraging with you saying. If I they start using her leverage realize ignore the back-up, plan, go. I need to be paid more or I may quit, or they just didn’t show up or what’s the worst age are nightmares that you’ve ever experienced as a result of not recruiting best business coach team members every week previous to knowing this information before I did that we had a guy and he didn’t want to follow all the systems, but he was one of our top guys and at the time I did not have replacement chaka khan. To do his job completed, want to call the systems, have a back-up plan right. Where do people get stuck here? Man, you sit every day as a business. Coach I want to help heal somebody. Somebody out there right now, I can just feel it. There’s somebody that stupid show right now. There’s somebody tell there’s somebody out there listen to industry, it’s different charger. Mine is the key thing of what you just said is the two words every week every week you have to keep that interview going every week. If there’s a unicorn employee out there, somebody who’s in a player, you better be hiring that week that their boss fires them, for whatever has to lay them off or that they did they’re fed up with that person and they quit if they decide to do that on the three weeks out of the month that you’re not interviewing people you’re going to miss out on that person’s, you have to do it.

Every single week now, joel david, a good friend of mine, has a jeweler in town every once in awhile. He has somebody and he doesn’t need another high right now or i. Have somebody that it’s a good fit. I don’t need to hire right now and guess what I do for a good person to my friend, cuz I know that my good friends are also looking to hire people of character and train skill nosey the power of doing a group interview at the same time every week cuz. If you do meet somebody at a restaurant, you can always say:hey wednesday at 5, we’re interviewing, oh, absolutely and i, always like stealing employees. I do I just typing them. You know general snipe, hunting, snipe, hunting, I need to take you skype, honey. I know you go deep in the woods at north, korea moved it’s an elusive bird coach night. They taste they taste delicious and you you have speeders and they have catchers. You don’t have the you drive the snipe into that the net, but I like the word sniping so I’m, going to snipe and get set up and then I would drive to snipe toward you. I want to read the definition of a snipe here, waiting bird of marshes and wet meadows with brown, camouflage, plumage and typically a drumming display flight. Okay, so I guess when I fly, but driving display means to shoot at someone from a hiding place a special, especially dr. And. Then we do that to our betters to make them, but sometimes it you know. Sometimes you can find great people that are unemployed, but I have found over the years over the years. I find more great people that are actually employed check it out and talks about this reid hoffman talks about this there’s a tim ferriss best business coach podcast. Recently we talked with mr. Metcalf famous from metcalfe’s law for crate & b ethernet to ethernet, and he talks about hiring today. It’s not hiring its recruiting hiring for somebody is just coming to go. I just need a job, please for the recruit, baby groot top talent days a week and that’s hard to find people that want to work on weekends, so I would go where people are working on weekend. I, don’t know him all that later hours that work 7 days a week. There, of course our schedules go back and forth. You don’t work 7 days in the week, but don’t have to eat them.

Somebody has to work on saturday sunday, so I can go to the store to store my stores. I just see what happens absolutely early in the day. Cuz you log x, you catch the full-timers another that nine to fivers and then the kids come in in the in the afternoon to come in and work for him. I got 1 to 9, or something like that to know so. I would go in. I would walk in the store to see what happens and if they were sharp and they were on their game, and they approached me and they greeted me well, and they were your that I felt like I’d watch a little bit, but they’re still working on it super weekend, go until then I could bingo I would have them on my 5s quickly as much as I could and then I would I would I heard several great people out of the mall. Now what what are you looking for when you hire grape? You? That’s the next question. I can ask what are you looking for? Will jack welch wrote the book called winning, which is the number one management book in history of the planet he identified as the for east? Don’t overcomplicate this homes or just for ease, or you have doctors, these five ace either way I’m going to give them to you, okay. Please for mr. Jack welch, and then we’ll go to dr. Z’s, ass, okay, so here to eat from jack welch. Once you look with people with good energy, if somebody’s not energetic and they yawn all the time, he is not curious about what makes them yawn or is he going to sit around and motivate them to stop yawning. That kind of an a-hole that you yawn during an interview, you’re not going to get a job and I say home I mean an amazing whole person who doesn’t deserve a job for mr. Jack lord people say i, don’t want to throw somebody on the best business coach team under the bus, but I think someone is stealing your baby to have that mindset. If you work for a company, the company is the bus, and if you are working for the company, you are on the bus and the wheels on the bus go round and round, even though it had to get in the way execute you got to get your job done. You could have a great attitude on fire, but if you can code and your job is too cold, then you’re going to make the code explode. If your job is the salad, you can’t sell the new. She got to find pill, I can get the chapter and the final is energized. This is a rare bird, but somebody who cares about pumping up the people around them. This is the ray lewis office linebacker. This is the tim tebow effect. This is joe montana. This is people who can motivate the people around them and make them better. That’s tough! That’s rare hard-to-find, the for east. Sometimes you settle for 3, so bad yourself or two, but in a perfect world I realize we don’t live in a perfect world. You want to get the forties with dr. Z about this. Is a small business owner been a small business owner for years and he thought about his az wrote them down. He documented them.

These are the five days from dr. Zeiter jersey current minutes, till. Are they will dress or they did they look like they’re sleeping they’re closed for 3 days you’d be surprised how many people go to an interview or you see them at work, and you go. Oh my god like that you’re just I’m, just I’m out, you know attitude your attitude. I mean they have a great attitude or the negative person that a positive person I want to surround myself and have my best business coach employees be positive. People I don’t want the class to be happy somebody’s listening to what I want to go. I want to find somebody to fix them. God bless you in heaven, but if you want to come to church but don’t come out of your office, another one is attendance:are they showing up is hard to do your job? If you’re, not there you’re today, because I won’t steer it and she tries to be surprised at how many people want money, but they don’t want to have to show up in work. It’s amazing. They wouldn’t come to work, and you probably means that you have to get my cell phone. We we set up there I had to read the new one has more than they do their job. Can they are they accurate I mean it when we have a lot of our problems, go back to sloppiness in in accuracy of text, and so, if you’re not accurate, it can cause a a domino effect of problems that just a ride over to deal with it good to lay down without what they want and I put. A minor is above and beyond to be. Players are part about your 80% of of your employees that 8% tile kind of bell curve in the middle right there. This is what separates and in let them be at a player when they go above and beyond, when they’re doing more than what you’re paying them to do that. Just not the mindset that just separate them and if you can’t get at least two or three out of these five out of me than that put some is a c category I’m going to replace it was quick as possible pruning you can be selective. This is how this works. The next move is what you find someone you like this is my move I like to have them shadow be for an hour or two I’m, not legalistic I want you to shadow me just for an hour or maybe 2 or somebody I respect, because I want to see. If you are the real deal, so many people say:oh man, I’m awesome at sales. I said here’s the deal great come on in tomorrow. Let’s do some sales baby, I’m credit, cody cool. What time you sit down and do some kodak I’m awesome at cutting hair cool emo haircut cut my mom. Let’s do this thing so I don’t delete under pressure I mean right now, I mean I’m, not i, write better when I’m alone, the basketball better than play.

People are watching me because we might help if you can embrace these rules, there’s only one boss, the customer, and he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down simply by spending his money somewhere else. So I know ryan at tip-top is fastidious about his quality, but say back of the day 10 years ago, 8 years ago, that they weren’t happy with the quality and they went to somebody else’s has ever happened at over me. It’s happened in my life is ever happen for you it when it happens. Do they go? Where is the person who failed to deliver a good person cuz if they are a good person, they’re going through something or person like that’s cool or they just move on? They tend to just move on, because she does not care about your virtuous worldview to keep people around it to coach them in the matriculate them into becoming perfect people. They say: hey, you know what that person is going through, something I care, not i. Just want your starbucks be open on time, so I’ll go., down the road to another coffee place. That’s how that works. So what happened to the best business coach jack welch says one thing you could do to let the whole team know what’s acceptable, not as you can fire somebody publicly, which is one of my favorite things to do so. What you’ll do is jack welch cause the public hanging. He says, public hangings are teaching moments. Every company has to do it. A teaching moment is worth a thousand to ceo speeches. Ceos can talk and blab about the culture, but the employees all know who the jerks are. They could name them for you. It’s just cultural people. Just don’t want to do it. Jack well, I’ll. Give an example:i had a door back in the day at the thrive offices at the riverwalk and I said:here’s the deal guys, don’t want you going out that door cuz. You could go out that door. What’s going to happen, is you’re going to leave it unlocked and something to get broken into. Had this discussion? Don’t do it again the brakes person that does want to be clear? If you do it again, one that’s not even the main entrance or exit. That’s, that’s you being squirrels. If you got the door again I’m going to fire you and to be the key team ever decided just to do it just to see what would happen, I’ve watched him. Do it on purpose and so I just said the group meeting or busy this person have done it for a couple year they’re fired bubba and everyone’s like a big dinner for two years. What happened is all the sudden people quit going out that door and I could do that because we’re never done interviewing? What? If I hadn’t done that one day I would come to work, the door would be unlocked and I would be robbed and I have been robbed in the past and businesses were people have broke in and stole our things and z, not locking the best business coach doors.

A big deal, not locking the door, is a very big deal, but I just had one of my business just this week how to get broken into really yeah, but they didn’t they weren’t successful, but did your boat to get them or the lava in a lava go to the alligators gators yeah. We got impaled on the spikes outside the broken into this week and they asked if you want to see those people to see the ring, so she should the guy the rain. He just grabbed it out of her hand and took off crystal clear camera midday, busted, busted, awesome, they’re everywhere I mean like really so the moral of the story of how do you find good people never stop recruiting ever? Never ever, never, never ever ever. Never ever then, once you have really good people. If you find a person, you keep a letter grade next to the name of each and every team. Member markham is a b or c things are your top 10%, the bees are the middle and the seas are the bottom table last. One of my own employees know that I do this show and they listen to it cuz they do. They would need to know right now. Ministry employee listing, misses employee. Listen. Are you in a a b or c, because if I find an a I’m going to first go, you know what I have in a I’ve got to see it’s an easy call:ez-go. Sometimes it’s a less easy, but I’ll. Do it too I have a b i, see you. This is a good, be I’ve talked to them numerous times that we could do to becoming a they’ve chosen not to becoming a so I’ve decided to fire them today. Bingo and we know what I went through seasons, where we would have the busy times in the slow time. For me to get to the slow time. Don’t ask my manager is calling me and said: hey who’s, your worst employee. Who is it and they would they’ve learned they better have an answer and they do now and that’s a fire that best business coach man some pruning I know it sounds mean, but you know what it said on the next man cave session. What are we talking about time, management, 101 and freeing up your time to work on stuff that actually matters will be ready to look like jeff I’m ready ride? Are you emotional


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