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Looking for a mentor? Need help with work life balance? On this special Ask Clay and Z anything podcast from the Thrivetime Show Conference in February, Dr Z will give you some tips on finding a mentor.  

How do I find a great mentor?

  1. Start looking for someone in your industry who is a G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time)
    1. Do what you have to do to build a relationship with you.
  2. Bonus Tip From Z – If you are successful and looking for a mentor you might think about starting to mentor people yourself.


How do you balance work and life?

  1. Plan out your F6 Goals and say NO to EVERYTHING else
    1. Faith
    2. Family
    3. Friendship
    4. Finances
    5. Fitness
    6. Fun

Welcome back to the best business coach conversation is the thrive time show on your radio. No dr. Z there’s a lot of background noise today in full disclosure. We did not actually record this show today. This had to be recorded at our conference, my friend, so she can. You can explain to the the excitement or the mojo behind us there. What is going on here in the box of hunter is a lot of mojo here on the arkansas 60 + 7474 + 55 business is represented, guam who’s here, but I have a bias on florida, and so we have it. We have invited a guest who is mr. Hart here from florida. This guy is kind of like a business polymath, and then he owns multiple multiple businesses. We’re doing well now, I want to ask you here what what questions would you have for doctors eat in florida?

Are you from I live 1 hour from orlando on the east coast in a place called indian harbour, beach indian harbour beach by somebody who is no u alumni? Who said no, you did not because I actually said miami. This garbage came all the way from florida, which we appreciate you being here and if you had some great questions at the conference and you had a lot of value because some of the questions that you asked earlier people came up to me and said. That is exactly what I was going to ask. So what is a question that you might have for dr. Zoellner, the main thing and I and I don’t know if a lot of other people would want to know this, because you and clay have a very unique relationship to where he buy his own admission. Your his mentor I have had to do most things that we’ve done without a mint or and as I watched tv shows like shark, tank or the prophets. You can see the value of having people who have had experience, launch you out and give you an an exponential lead. How would you go about finding a true mentor that could really help you across all levels of your life will step one? You know you need one and that’s actually the first step in the finding of one probably 95%, of the listeners out there, not our listeners, other listeners. They believe they have it all figured out and the reason why they’re not doing well as cuz of a cosmic habit, force religion, their background or geography, their race, heritage, amar, market, it’s the economy, it’s obama, it’s trump, miami I mean right, knowing that you need one and that I think is what clay and I have been trying to preach for the last three years as the best business coach team. He said he lives in you going to learn from mistakes. Are you going to learn by mentorship and that’s it really started as down this road and being a business coach and trying to help people with business. You know we. We know there’s a lot of cheerleaders out there lara you can do it kind of guys, but as far as practical steps and here’s how you grow your business here is good mentorship here, good leadership for you from experience right, step, step, one! You look for the sources of where to find one I can get a we humbly submit that that are thrive umbrella is what we are applying to be mentorship for people that are starting a growing the business.

You know, I’ll rudy i, just read the horrible things irritate everybody that is rude, i, love bacon, but I really don’t want to do this up, because a bill campbell was too busy coach for steve jobs was the business coach of steve jobs for his for the entirety of his second tenure at apple. He was also the business coach for eric schmidt from google and larry and sergey, and he’s the same business coach for jeff bezos of amazon. He recently passed away, but did he was the guy and the reason why you didn’t hear about bill campbell’s coaching service is because the only had four clients I mean he’s working with billionaire, so dr. Z hasn’t really gone out there and trying to be a business coach and we sat down. We sat down together. One of the things I had to work really really hard. My wife had to work really hard to get a meeting with this guy because my wife worked for him and I’m absolutely hundred percent convinced that’s the only reason. I got the meeting you because my wife was just wearing down kylie to try to get a meeting. The reason why I couldn’t get a meeting, it’s cuz. He is intense about his family, so we set those boundaries. Were you can’t get through the castle walls if you’re, just anybody, you can’t and because he’s spending time with his son or his daughters, other developing and sons it so he’s not mean, but he has boundaries, and so I would not have got that meeting without my best business coach wife’s connection of having work there, and it was the connection point so we thought about how do we give people access to the system without ruining our lives, because we would have done it in so I pulled me aside and I said hey. This coaching thing has been going well for me:i want to scale it, and z has been really intense, though. How do you scale that and make it affordable, cuz you’re a value price cutter uptown at your clinic, is designed for make eye care affordable for people that traditionally couldn’t afford I care and see how to make it accessible, optometry clinic at 7 days a week.

You wanted to make it affordable and that’s how we came up with this, but I would say it outside of our programs. E is so I wanted to find a mentor. I, don’t mean you and I never met on a weekly basis until we’re doing business together, because it’s just not practical for you. It wasn’t for me, and I may not be the perfect example of someone you want to try to go after, but in your community. Someone in your industry there’s probably someone that is a step or two ahead of you and that’s the kind of guy or gal that you try to woo through all the different ways we talked about on this show and trying to get some time with them. Now they charge you to do with all the success as you’ve had I would really encourage you to i. Don’t know how many you feel like you can tackle, but I would really encourage you to go out there and look for young entrepreneurs of yourself open to that i. Don’t know if it’s three or four five and you can bet them and you can make them jump through certain hoops before you would mentor them as a best business coach, but so many times in life you know mentorship is really kind of like I make them now. I just can like fathership. You know it everybody, every man out there, every woman out there we’re all looking for a great dad, I mean we really are, and that’s a lot of people to say:hey man, I’m I’m, looking for that rockstar father to help me in life when I have a question, but it’s not an event. It’s an ongoing process and it’s the weekly consistency of it right. Why I think you should buy steve, jobs, didn’t, say:hey bill campbell be my coach, but he paid the man. Ron’s going relationship is steve. Jobs knew that his personality was very mercurial is how you described that he would like rises temperature rising mercury really quickly and he did not want to get fired again and he was like I have a problem with my anger, but it’s also my superpower i. Need you to help me right. So it requires you a being coachable. Also, you need to be consistent, see that’s why I think when you don’t have a relationship. It’s hard because meeting with somebody weekly is tough for someone to do if they have a cheap time.

Freedom it’s hard cuz. If they did not even what 10 people that you lost your time for you, alright yeah I think they may be too many of us at your job. And what’s your business coach, but my point is I’m. Trying to say is:is that in life, if all of us men and successful women, if we all look for sons and daughters and we would all get matched up with people that we should be matched up with right, you’re, always looking for I was looking up and said looking down so I would encourage you to not only seek out some people in your industry that have done well that and maybe take it to the next level and then try to get them in a relationship that looks like mentorship, but then also it all to encourage you and challenge you to find 234. Whatever your time allows you to young people or i, think young and the sense of their businesses, young and mentor them, because that, because they’re out there looking for you at the success, you had was seven successful business. Is it really does help you when you teach even one person, I grew up coaching after we get there, you go there. You go brian asked during the conference. That was profound, as you view you touched on creating time freedom how you hear over and over that that’s not possible or you got to work 80 hours a week forever. Can you maybe see if that questions i, don’t want to put words in your mouth ps2, profound question:at the workshop we’ve set up to where I’ve always believed that family has to be a component of your business life and your business life have to be a component, you can’t people, try to diss categorize or or break them apart and in my belief system. They all work as one I believe fervently the chew supposed to give to two generations deep, but you’re also supposed to train up your family in the way to go. At the same time and a lot of times you, you see the gurus and they say they’re all about family, but they’re working 90 hours a week or they’re going to hundred fifty days on on speaking tours and i, don’t find those two to fit together that, if you’re spending 90 hours a week in your job, how are you able to be the father that you, you really want to be, or you claim to be, because your job is truly your first look better looking in saying this is what I want and I need to find someone who can help me get that listening to people teach him the stuff that this is. You can have it, but they do not do it and you guys are honestly the first people that seem to have the genuineness of the authenticity of actually doing that. Well, I mean you’re, absolutely correct! You can’t have two masters in life. You can’t do you know if you’re working 80 hours a week on a job that you created for yourself as the best business coach, I e you’re not going to or you can’t give quality time with your family unless the family is in that business with you, which is a tough thing to do. I really like your heart. That is one way that you can integrate family time and your business together.

If they are involved in the business, some people can do that. Some people can’t it’s. Okay, I have to be very purposeful and knowing that that is a very important part of your life in the family has to come. How do you do this? No cuz I’ve been your friend and partner for a long time and you when your son calls you, you drop everything, and you answer I’ve seen it when your daughter calls you you do it. What are you saying? No to you, the that allows you to say yes to your kids, how’s, that work well, a couple things back in the day. A lot of people ask me why I started and diversified, so many different businesses with in tulsa, because I didn’t want to do. The opticals I could gone and built into the midwest. I could have a national I’ve been 26 years into it. I have a national opposites, but I would have had to travel to kansas. I would have to travel to missouri as the best business coach. I would have to travel to iowa, to travel, to texas I’m, going to travel to do those, and so I knew that that we could take away from my kids and I didn’t want somebody else raising my kids I eat. You know the teachers are the coach or leaving other good people. I wanted to have that direct influence until I made that decision to open up the different businesses with in tulsa, so I didn’t have to travel. So you guys, might you decided not to open up a chain and said no to that and the travel to say yes to your family, correct and be here until he was crazy, and now that I’ve got three rockstar, kids and they’re all married and doing very good, my daughters and my practice with me sending optometry school and my youngest is doing very well and the business he started. You know it’s. It’s recording for that now, I’m in a season where I’m an empty-nester, where I can go, do that if I want you know, I can I do have the time freedoms. Now, when my kids were little, there were days that I mean I had to grind and I had to work and I had to do the job. You work 7 days a week for how many years couple years and then I come home at night after the kids went to bed, then I would start on marketing at start on different things that I was working on the different offices.

That’s why I was working and yeah I did watch live tv. You know I didn’t have a lot of hobbies just creating the best business coach program. Are you always in a big golfer? You want to buy, but I tried that for season, but I mallards are tougher than you think the whale carvel. It’s call you out, though cuz. If you did have a bowling league that took up five nights a week, front-loaded that time of the business and built it up, then it wasn’t a job. It was an actual business and serve me. The way I wanted to serve him. I want to jump in cuz I hear that’s on the podcast all the time, but it’s all about delaying gratification right you could have just came in, did 50 hours a week and then not built all those systems, but you probably still be doing that correct hadn’t taken the time to just keep going correct. Reinvest of the businesses live below your means for many many years to invest in advertising, and here we are, we come back. We have another thriver who’s attending. Our conference will be in the box that rocks and they’re going to ask us anything from clay to z i, don’t know what they’re going to ask is a double-blind things. It could get weird, it could be considered. Terrible. 1170 broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner with us sba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. Alright, you welcome back to the conversation it’s business and yes, my father. If he continues to not treat my wife at is optometry clinic. So as long as she stays blind, I’m done you’re welcome, you’re! Welcome by the way, thank you for giving her the option that was so nice as to contact you make it worse, because I don’t have those checks, keep clearing she’ll still be thinking. She seem clear. Every man out there if you married a 10 in euro to hire dr. Roberts rr2 misdiagnosed your beautiful bride. Now we have a member of the thrive nation amanda lister lane, sir, where are you from edmond oklahoma, and how did you hear about the thrive time show best business coach conference? Was that your ponzi scheme cuz, we were really been absolutely right at the ponds. If you don’t text me the kind of bored and 50 employees that I was an intern for him almost 19 years ago. That’s the tim redmond circle of truth. So what question do you have for dr. Robert speech summer? What are things are getting I came here, not knowing what to expect and what has been had to be done to us and reiterated was having a demarcation line between business, hun family time and that really hit home to me. Cuz I miss pretty much the first three years of my oldest life working all the time trying to justify no, my wife would stay home and raise the kids and my job is providing protect and now that I don’t want to miss out with the younger children. How do you delegate? It doesn’t seem that people will do the job to your quality or with your initiative. I have three points and I’ll:let doctors to inspect what you expect. There’s no one I’ve seen better than doctors in his managers to as the business grows when a great managers I know nobody better than doctors, yet finding great manager.

His managers are phenomenal monte if you’re listening so good kylie, so good other managers, i, don’t know are so good. Third, as you want to be a leader that people will follow and nobody’s better than doctors, yet those things so she talked to me about the inspection part well, I was going to before i. Do that I’m just going to say one thing, you’re, absolutely correct! Laying nobody just get over right now nobody’s going to be compassionate and love your business as much as you do just just booked that okay, just do what you want to do is fine guys or gals that at least we’ll do it as much as you can tolerate another words:are they 90%, but I’m 5%? They love it like i, do or work like I do so just know, that’s going to be you’re going to have to drop off now. The key is having the systems in place so that the drop off is manageable and not that big a deal go ahead. If you want me to break down on the spection part cuz that you’re at your optometry clinic you’re, not perfect, you’re, not perfect, but you see so many more patients over there at 65th and memorial in the average optometry minutes of magnitude, of whatever it is massive. So how do you? How does kylie inspector? How do you inspect kylie, because it’s a constant inspection she’s such a great manager? She was my wife manager and she’s still there 18 years later. So how did you know? I promise you this 15 years ago, I manager, different than i, do today, and the reason why that is day one you want to touch them daily. You want to have numbers daily, you want if you want inspect daily. You want to do surprise inspections, you want you wanted to be boo, you’re really really watching and then, as you can, confidence in that best business coach person, then you can kind of back off a little bit. Then it goes to baby, weekly inspections, i. Think the long as you never want to go, his monthly do I have a p&l meeting with all my managers. We sit down every month at least now sometimes I do daily.

Numbers are still sent to me from still inspecting some things on a daily basis, but I think that what happens is you get the confidence in the people? You get the training in your dna in them, that’s the trick and that’s what I spending time with them. You get your dna. What do things of my staff knows? Is there probably comes up where they ask play? What would we do and when you get them to where they say what wood lane do, then you actually start to get that dna and then I had it tattooed on my lower back? Actually that’s hot as you’re still in the fire of the business, you haven’t had a chance to create that time frame. Yet what she is saying is exactly right and what you got to do is actually schedule that on to your calendar, you have to bake that part of your schedule. Otherwise, it will drift on you, because I got a minute. Fires are going to starting a business, so you guys have to put that in your calendar and make sure that set those expectations that hey I’m at work I’ll be following up at this time. Set it begin time setting in time just make sure you’re getting that done on the schedule or it will drive now. How late is a helpful to help you a question for doctors. Any question you could possibly ask is really no out-of-bounds for the best business coach team and then I just try to make it as crazy as possible. Please. Everybody have for a tough one, who’s going to win the next super bowl. Maybe you do the podcast radio show clemson I’m, sick of people staring at us through the glass and wine glass year. Did you organize your formative years when you are getting out of the daily grind see? How did you organize your calendar when you were getting out what you had all the customers? You need to try to get out of what does formative years? Were those days look like before it was easy to get out of a 7 day cycle. I was perfect one that I thought to myself every 6 months to a year, I’m going to drop a day, and then that was actually a couple of years, and so it took me about 10 years to finally have all the days dropped and so is a hiring process of training process. But what you have to do is have to be rude, purposeful and scheduling your day. So you have your quiet time. You were the evening or the morning for you or you are really thinking about what you going to do it’s your day to do what you want to do. If you don’t, everybody else will fill it up for you. I trust me on that all day people been asking me in between sessions almost feel like bad to ask in a group setting I think is like how does he actually say no like? How does your? How do you actually say knows of someone says hey you want to go fishing. Hey. Do you want to do it the other day? That is very liberating to understand that you should be a powerful person to make sure yes to say yes in your nose me know, but also to use those I had a young man come up to me than just the other day was like all excited was like:oh wow, man I want when I want to take you to lunch, and when can you go to lunch next week? I’ll buy and I just want to I just want to have your time like the rest of that.

There’s no way, that’s going to happen. No I just picked up the meanest thing, I’ve ever heard or I’ll check on it. I’ll get back with you, I’ll try I’m, not sure. Let me think about that. Just goes to me and then they’re gone they’re, so I can’t get ahold of you now. So, if you don’t want to do it say no yeah, and if you want to do it, say yes and then plan it, you can’t make people make you can’t let other people make you feel bad because of the time frame is what you’re seeking in order to grow a company. You have to have thousands of customers which would require you to if you said you kept saying yes at the ratio. You said yes to andrew small, then you’re going to be absolutely screwed. You know like getting all the money but lose the time freedom. So you have to get really good at saying no z and then, when you have to fire somebody which is everything at dr. Robert zoellner near enterprises, you probably fire people want to be 5 or 6 years, every 10 years. What were the word? You say this will save you hours of your best business coach life life, so big, so big, you don’t get to debate, you don’t sit there and tell him what they did wrong with the did ride or why or anything to say, hey, it’s not working out, you’re fired, but by and then send them on their way. I hit you up, it’ll be invincible whatever you were just going to say it once you know it’s. It’s just not working out


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