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PR guru Michael Levine will be breaking down why Bob Dylan played over 100 shows per year into his 70’s. Business coach Clay Clark will get into why you have to find your calling and how to view the buyers brain.

    1. Finding Your Calling
  • NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you believe you are worthy or you don’t believe you are worthey, either way you are right.” – Michael Levine (The PR consultant of choice for Michael Jackson, Prince, President Bush, President Clinton, Pizza Hut, Nike)
  • NOTABLE QUOTABLE – I know people who have done better than many and they are stupider and lazier than most.” Michael Levine (The PR consultant of choice for Michael Jackson, Prince, President Bush, President Clinton, Pizza Hut, Nike)
  1. The Two Sides of the Human Brain
    1. Left brain = The logical half of the brain
    2. Right brain = The emotional half of the brain
    3. Make sure you are aware that people make buying decisions based on these two parts of the brain.

Welcome back to the conversation into this exclusive business coaching podcast interview with michael levine michael levine is the pr guru consultant for the stars. He’s worked with a nike he’s worked at the pizza hut he’s worked, his charlton heston he’s worked at michael. Jackson he’s worked at the prince pretty much if you are a big deal, he’s working with you out there in la and he got to eat during this interview he breaks down for us a lot of stuff. He breaks down why bob dylan played over a hundred shows when he’s over the age of 70 chubby talks about whether you believe you can, or you can’t you’re right in the two sides of the human brain, took the guys that a fountain of knowledge here he’s just he’s going to go real quick he’s going to cover a lot of stuff is going to be allowed to the firehose of knowledge. Look like mike, levine, bob, dylan. It doesn’t do many interviews and he did. One was 60 minutes a few years back with ed bradley and ed bradley was asking bob dylan. Why you continue to work? You know:bob dylan, 73 years old still does over a hundred dates a year. That’s a lot! That’s a lot! Only 365 days a year he’s had on the road australia chile brazil, all over the world, tokyo all over the world hundred eighty or so you say mr. Dillon. Why do you do what you want me to prove? This is well because I made a deal so and bradley said. Okay, would you make a deal with? You says the commander. The bradley looks confused, which commander and dylan says you know the chief commander there’s a sense of destiny among the great that they are called pulled, 222 a rendezvous with this thing, somebody who’s watching this right now, who has been told by their mom their daddy. Let you grow up in a poor home with alcoholism, very, very chaotic, home and I’m, loving it to you.

So it’s a good example. We got a thriver that on the business coaching website, I talk to him everyday and his wife really never are they decide to start a business and they never decided to start a business wages and and they’re they’re kind of glad you’re doing this to go out to get the business loan they’re starting the business, but they they’re kind of on the fence of like you know we deserve success. Are we worthy of success just know they’re putting in this world? Let me chat. Let me speak to their specific mr. And mrs. Driver. Let me help you listen carefully in the shape of a lot of time. Listen carefully if you believe you’re worthy or you don’t believe you’re worthy either way, you’re right. So you choose, but I asked this mr. And mrs. Driver look around your city, your state, and see if you can identify people who have had a great degree of success, some of the kind of success that you want that are stupider and lazier than you cuz. That might help you understand your own capacity or destiny. I mean if somebody who’s, maybe less ambitious than they are able to have success, and these people can do it,. Listen if I know, people who have been done better than many is stupid and lazier than most. So what do you mean by this concept of the two different points of view? I think that essentially, what I’m speaking about is this in every human brain, yours and mine, and everyone watching this right now right now we have two sides of the human mind. Her brain one is the left side. That’s usually regarded by scientist. Neuroscientist has the logical and then the right side, that’s usually regarded by the sign that neuroscientist has the emotional right now.

So, whenever human mind, we have two sides to a brain right, that some people are a little more dominant and laugh some people more dominant. The right we know about that poets have a little more right. Brained orientation accounts little more left-brained orientation. They have these two sides now. The truth is that in all human brain sees, two sides are engaged daily hourly in a titanic arm, wrestle right all the bloody time. So the truth is, is that the logic and emotion occur and arm wrestle all the bloody time and so you’re trying to when you’re, when you’re, connecting if I’m doing you know pr for my business you’re trying to connect both sides of the brain trying to be aware of the people, make decisions, purchase decisions or any kind of decisions for both logical and emotional reese, and in this case it would be the media, the media themselves, the reporter the anchor in the winds are people do business with people who they know like and respect right, no like and respect, that’s how you pick a dry, cleaner clay. No like and respect that. Do you basically like and respect people after you know? Yes, you don’t respect people, you don’t know, that’s how it works. Join the best business coaching program on the planet today!


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