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If you struggle to be consistent or are looking for an answer on how to find cheap rent then tune in as the best business coach team in Clay and Z talk about why being consistent is important as you grow your business.

  • Tip from Z – Backload your rent
    1. Negotiate with the owner to sign a longer deal and pay more towards the end of the lease
    2. Ask for free rent for a short term and/or for the owner to cover your build out.
  1. Fears and Clark – Commercial Realty –   
  1. Why do you think most people struggle with consistency?
  1. How to hold your employees accountable to consistency
    1. White hat – shower them with accoutrements and gifts
    2. Black hat – Darth Vader – the executioner
    3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

We love answering your best business coach questions. When was clay clark on the former ussba entrepreneur of the year, I am a father of five kids and see I meant I may hate to exaggerate, but I’m a cat rancher, a cat, herder i, heard cats. Yes, I have been known to be a professional cat. Herder myself, except my cats, are two legged and tall. Do you like cats as a pet? Yes, I like it I like cancel. Do, you prefer cats or dogs. I, probably prefer dogs over cats. You’d have had I’ve had I’ve had more dogs and cats. I, don’t know that I see you as being the kind of guy that would let out fido to go to the bathroom and then take him for a walk and bring back yet i. Don’t know that I could see you allowing an animal to put that much stuff on your to-do list. Wow serious I think that this is you i. Don’t think that you would do well if you had a dog that was all your own and the dog wanted to go outside like you to listen, buddy you’re, not the boss. What year did you like you like having kind of his tail county poop on the carpet, I mean to lose at salut scenarios we got a dog I could see you getting a lot around. The house raise a dog, a dog or cat, the kindness of a dog to someone else and all the all the care, not all of it, but yeah I knew there was something to I know. There was a deeper deeper. Yeah, but I mean you just put that in your your deal. I mean okay. So here is a question. Your pragmatic guy doesn’t waste time. The question was asked him:if driver was how do I find cheap rent or how can I make it until I can afford a nice place? So I have written down for tips that I’ve given business owners for years and I’d like for you to kind of one-up me or give me a mega best business coach tipper to clarify that narrative there. So look for an existing complementary subbed, a business to separate, so my mother-in-law wants to open up kind of a massage business she’s a licensed esthetician. She wants to do that like facials, that kind of thing. So, if someone like that reached out to me and said, hey, you know, I I would like to open up a business.

What I do I would recommend that she would find like a makeup artist or a chiropractor, or some complimentary business and say, can I rent from you for little or nothing in exchange for revenue share and that’s exactly what she did before. I even told her to do it. She did very resourceful of her and I was a job well done moves you can ask yourself:do you need an office? This is a controversial idea. I know of a young man is a very talented videographer who has an office. He pays like 3 grand a month for, and nobody ever sees, his entire business is done over the phone. It’s all over the phone in his qualities, awesome and I said here’s the deal. That’s 36 grand a year. I am power you to not renew your lease and to take that 36 grand to spend on youtube commercials or add words or anything dude, just stop paying that’s what came to your office when I said again, maybe buy a bigger house. That’s 3,000! Extra month on mortgage I mean you can have a big old, that’s a big are so third is month to month. Office solutions office is out there that do that, like really just a month to month and the 4th it’s harder for some people, but two shared office space and a tim ferriss, the legendary podcaster, the investor and facebook and square the author of the four hour. He actually offices from a shared space in austin texas and he’s been known to show up there. Often like. Oh, my gosh, this tim ferriss, is he actually working in a shared office space any prize himself on keeping his best business coach expenses love so easy for someone out there and try to keep your expenses low. What tips would you have for them about affording cheap rent until I can find a nice office for great things there to do?

One thing I can add on a pile on to that is backload to rent another. Would you might be able to haters the perfect. The perfect place? This is going to give me a you know:i need a sexy location in this is and I found. One I can’t really afford it day, one, but then what you do. It’s called negotiations with the landlord he said. He’d, listen, give me so many months of free rent. Give me so many a year of reduced rent that I can afford and then back loaded, I’ll, sign of 5 and sign and sign a 10-year deal. I’ll sign a longer deal with you, but I don’t want to pay anything up. You know, I want to. Front unit for the first year, maybe, and so that gives you a chance to to keep the best business coach money into it and put it in your chest and do your you know whatever you want to spend it on some lord to pay for your build out as part of the rent. You even ask for up to 6 months, 12 months, I work at the bakery recent 18 months of free rent and all build-out paid for in exchange for signing an 8 year lease, and they have great credit it with our existing businesses that we’re doing well so that that’s a move I mean that that to move until that, so that way, you don’t have to worry about moving in again for about moving your space.

Sometimes it’s very important to me cuz. You know! When did you find the right space and you can’t afford it? You know you can try to negotiate that everything everything up for negotiation can i. Give you guys a deep dark secret about the real estate industry industry in this commercial real estate. I have a deep dark secret, I’ve, never shared with anybody before I forget if I shared it would help me. Cathartic play song, scared, I just got to be tingling when we started beers, clarks.Com peers and clark years ago, our biggest win. My partner braxton help police. Help help to eastland mall eastland mall to win vacant. Oh yes, he least that thing to coca-cola. That’s a negative heel that was like a massive you. We also got a deal to be the exclusive leasing company exclusive commercial, real estate, listing a company of choice for ken-bar properties. The company started by a sky vodka, the founder of skyy vodka, maurice kanbar. So there was, we literally had to listen to we are. The listings for 1/3 of downtown tulsa 33% of downtown tulsa, actually was 28 point. Whenever percent it’s crazy. If you google fears, clark tulsa world, you can see the tulsa world, they show the diagram of what we had. It was crazy and we have crazy. We start getting all the calls and I was new to commercial real estate. You know and I’m good at marketing, I figure if I could for marketing to humans. I’m good. You know so hard again and richard way know who I met at taco, bueno and in the cause would come in if he would go I’m calling I’m trying to get a office space for my business, and you could tell if it was just kind of all because they would talk, but it didn’t ruin nc-82 asses that I’ve got a business and I it’s we’re going to need parking in the back. You know we just need to have to park in the back, because what we do is it’s. This work week, private, we pride ourselves on not disclosing our best business coach customers names. It’s a richards naive is I’m meeting somebody downtown with braxton on the exit doors with your core business, we’re in the therapeutic deep tissue massage.

We just want to make sure the windows can be blackened. Jimmy i, like 28 29 years old i, have no knowledge of this game and I’m going and they’re going. Where do you want to meet us when our windows to be black and out-and we just want to park in the back. We-don’t want any signage? We don’t want it to be. The name can’t be on the on the place. How big is crafty? Restaurants? We don’t have a name on it. Cuz there’s going to be easy, I get it. It’s like a it’s like her, a secret. They go, and it’s really important that we listed under a pseudo name. We don’t ever want. We want to sign the lease under a fictitious name, a dba and I’m pretty soon I realized. These are a legitimate, massage, parlors and turns out in oklahoma. You don’t have to have a license. You don’t got that you did. They might have changed a lot. You could just open these things, and so it was like the craziest thing, because I’d have like these rama students answering my phones and one by one. They would like lose their innocence by answering inbound phone. We come back from the break room, except for that. The drive time show on your radio get ready to enter that thrive. Time show on talk. Radio 1170 broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, with ussba of the year clay. Clark. Welcome back to the time show on your radio, see. How would you describe the business school without the bs experience is never heard. The show before stations are a friend referred him as it were. Getting higher and higher ratings were here in more more people that are finding the show for the first time in a year-and-a-half in people are finding of the first time he describe what we do here at the bs dance. We don’t actually offer a bachelor of science degree, yes switch bates.

No, no! No! You think about it is there’s a lot of people out there to do. Podcast do radio shows and they’re all very kind of cheerleading style. If you would, you know you could do it walk over hot coals, color, lock, combination of mind, over, matter motivation is the kiss say yes to go to words that rhyme with hit the asian sound words like. If you have the inspiration you get the end of the end of motivation, we’re really can I buy practical stuff. You know like when you come during person workshop when you get on and do our videos and listen to the podcast with all the download we’re all about hate. Here’s the deal we’ve done it we’ve been there. We know the moves, let’s sit down and tell you what the moves are. You know, if you really want to know, will tell you what the practical stuff right in the will give you the step by step, oh you’re, here in the best business coach process within here’s, your next step and that’s what I think people really like about us. Is that and that’s why it’s life-changing I mean I talk to so many people that have your listen to show come to the company in person, workshops and oh, my gosh i, didn’t know what I didn’t know it’s it’s mind-boggling. You know what’s crazy about our last workshop is the first one look you were at the first workshop and when you were there at there’s like 60 something people there this last we have a hundred and sixty something people there at your workshop I’m, going to go out to go to the things recovered.

At the workshop, and if you could just tell the drivers of any of these to, you was really impactful. Are we go over for establishing your revenue goals? We talked about knowing your number. Was that helpful for you at all? Well, of course, you can’t you don’t know where you’re going. If you don’t set a goal, you know what you’ve got to have something to germany year. Unique value proposition. Did that did that do anything for you with the hub jim I mean. Did you think about that? When you were at the workshop at the help you or were you pretty much already set up for that? No I think you again, it was just identifying those foundational things, as opposed to being just reactionary all the time. It definitely helps you to set things in the mood you thought about your branding for bro I’ll meet you been in business for over a decade, I mean, but you have some light bulbs go off during the workshop wrightsville typically in regards to our website, am i, correct, 6363, leeds I believe he would have cost for less than a hundred fifty bucks. If I’m correct, I want to say like 1:43 or something but but but it’s not you’re, not listening to show you don’t get it, you can’t just buy facebook ads e and I have a great reputation. I mean you can’t. So if he hadn’t of done, if you hadn’t been diligent about gathering best business coach reviews from real customers, the ads wouldn’t have worked, you know it’s a transparent culture, I mean so it wouldn’t have worked, and so this is this is this. Is this? Is the hard part? That’s why I want to brag on luke and I want to get chuck to take on this a thriver email. The question this is a question it. How do I get over struggling with consistency? Why did the question was? Why do you think most people struggle with consistency I’m going to let you bleed the way here, because I see this now I can brag on luke for about 50 weeks in a row he’s been to his meetings, faithfully he’s reviews from your clients, faithfully he’s improved the branding faithfully, and now we just got one linchpin z, which is getting his team to execute the system on it.

So he’s consistent now now it’s about getting the culture of consistency, correct as it relates to consistent to the you. Do you see as the best business coach having what we call med of time built into your schedule so time outside of the fire of the day-to-day business, where you’re working on your business and you’re, not in it, and then just really scheduling in general, every business owner that we work with, it seems like they come in and they just have no time they have no time to come up with new ideas or strategy or go over their numbers because they haven’t planned it into their day. They don’t know how to i, don’t know how to follow up and see. Those are big things that we dive into with a lot of clients. It’s just very, very, very hard kept any level of success at all. If you can’t be consistent, what’s the challenge of I mean such intense concepts as clean the bathrooms or hey guys, show up on time. How big of a struggle to be this is a struggle. Real am I am I over hyping. It is a struggle real to get people to do those things. It’s huge, absolutely I think. That’s probably like you said. The linchpin right now is to convince them. It’s worth it g. How would you deal with if you took of her business and people are struggling with being on time? Cleaning the bathrooms? There’s two moves. Okay, there’s two moves, one! You put your white hat on and you praise and you and you you know if shower them with accolades, he could only end and accoutrements. I gave my team to broken arrow team this week, cannoli yeah for hitting their goals. That’s the way it works nights at the white house. Has that move I mean I can just see this just to just a nice guy he’s a nice guy, so you can see that that’s an easy move for him to do with you. You don’t have to learn how to be a nice guy, so good, good, good news. You have with her you’re halfway there now the other one is understanding the dark arts of the black hat, the darth vader moves and then understand. If that’s necessary, you know, like we said and other shows you said earlier today. You know a public execution I eat firing, someone for not doing their job is difficult to do, especially when you put up with it for so long and that’s when the problems I see the lot of entreprenuers have is that they knew that hire guys are good guys and and they they do. They have some good moments, but don’t send that kind of drift. Let’s play that out. Let’s play that I am guilty of this. I played that out for about 3-4 years of a dj connection before I figured I played that out. So why did I remember this? I will not mention the last name, but I won’t mention the first name, because it helps me tell the story better. There’s a young guy by the name of aaron, aaron, aaron aaron, says what’s more important, being at work on time or caring for my family, I said I guess:characters family is important, curtis says:hey I overslept, but my sales were huge. I mean do you value having people who are on time or people that sell huge cuz the guys on time every day, sales at the lowest right? He says it’s what you do after work, that’s causing a problem for your getting to work, and he says so now.

My private life is part of the work day. Okay, I get it I get it that that makes sense to me now I got that people. They were talking back to me right back at it right then I got another guy on my team. I never get this guy this guy, he literally every single day, I’m, not exaggerating my wife. Every single day we have to call in at noon. We had to schedule. Do you work at noon because we knew he wouldn’t wake up till 12:30 to schedule for noon? He would show up at 1 to put a laser show from like 1 to 7 but everyday at 11:30, my wife I hit the panic button and you have to go to his house and wake up nude or semi-nude asian girl. That would answer the door virtually every day. I am not exaggerating, cookie he’s sleeping right now, who are you and it’s like a different person come to work with big circles under his eyes, everyday guys? What’s going on dude, you got to sober up man. We need you to make calls. He says this is. This is what you got to say. Play I want to be here, but if you could drive me to work everyday, that I could know I’d be on time, so we actually started picking the best business coach. We actually started let it drop, your key off your own schedule when he would be more effective and he didn’t appreciate being micromanaged, so aaron was allowed to take a2 hour lunch and because he was a youth pastor on the side, it was kind of shocking. We found out that he was taking his time to go to night trips for two hours a day. That’s what he was doing. This group of crazy people that controlled my life trying to serve three years and every single song with call in and say, hey, sweetie I’m broke, but you right now in emergen-c. Everyday is a best business coachdrama and my number one goal was to be their friend. How that work out for you by the way, don’t work well and i, read machiavelli’s book the prince in the book. He says it is better to be feared and respected than love and light, and somehow that clicked what you would said, what the photographer had said. We people had said it’s not clicking on mic. I put the bullet in my firing, gun and I’m a I mean all of a sudden I like that sit home and i. Look at steve, carell said on the office. When I asked him, you would you rather be feared or loved, and he said I want my employees to fear how much they love me. Why do you think most people struggle with consistency, I believe this universal habit, force called poverty and people think you are eccentric. If you do the same thing everyday and it produces results, so the normal people are not used to consistency, consistency. The idea of consistency is not a centric idea, so the average person, the centric american, is inconsistent about everything. So if you want to be successfully have to the opposite, with the average person does the average person, according to the federal reserve, has less than $400 saved. So if you want to get average results, do an average people do and we come back with the answer. The question:what did the first 60 minutes of your day? Look like doctors east a new


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