Fishin’ In the Dark | Why Winners Lose the Most Before They Win BIG

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Starting and growing a successful business can leave you feeling like you are fishing in the dark. However, once you discover that winners lose the most before they win BIG your perspective will change.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” – Napoleon Hill (Best-selling author of Think and Grow Rich)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas Edison (The legendary inventor of the modern light bulb, recorded video and recorded audio)

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Taking on Investment Capital

  1. Cash
    1. You get the cash/money
    2. You have to pay it back
  2. Counsel
    1. You get the feedback and coaching whether you like it or not
  3. Connections
    1. It’s the associations

The negative net migration was driven by negative domestic migration, which totaled 2,416 people in the Tulsa metro area.

The census revealed that the population of Oklahoma was 3,751,351, which represented an increase of 8.7% on the figures released in 2000. The estimated 2019 population has now reached 3.95 million, which makes Oklahoma the 28th most populous state in the country.

  1. How do you know when you should get an investor?
    1. IF you’re growing every month, grow it organically. If you get an investor, you will have to gain their counsel and connections. They may want a piece of the business.
    2. If you have cash and still aren’t at your limit, it would be best to not take on an investor.
    3. You won’t make a bad purchase when you keep your inventory light.
    4. You are also able to learn slowly which means less mistakes
  2. Should you find an investor for purchase orders?
    1. If you don’t have the cash, you can work some deals with the buyer.
  3. The concepts
    1. Commit to stay the course
  4. How to pitch:
    1. Pitch to many people
    2. Be non-emotional about the process and the rejection
    3. The earlier you get funding the more you have to give up.
  1. There is the dark side of entrepreneurship and the light side.
    1. The dark side:
      1. It takes years to make a profit in real business. Sometimes decades.
    2. The light side:
      1. When you build the company on your own, you own the business
  2. How do you know if you should hire someone?
    1. When you are tired of working 18 hours per day.
    2. Understand that the employee will work ⅓ as hard as you
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Starting a business can be a lot like fishing in the dark. You know the goal, but you just can’t find anything and to make matters worse much of the time, you can be so frustrated that you just can’t think and make good decisions because you’re overwhelmed. Carl, pass me that book. I can’t see anything. Okay, let me just try to find it over here. Okay, here we go. What are you doing? It’s not huck. Look, I can’t look at say anything, right? Just, just, just fish without huck. I swear I never close to kill it. You once I find the hook but cursed. I shall kill the mosquito, Carl. Just let it suck in my role. Just let it go. You see? I’m like me. Don’t want you doing with a nail gun. Get them. Why did you put your nail confession folk?

That’s bad.

I got [inaudible] grabbed the duck tape and mentally prepare yourself or yet another mind expanding knowledge bomb from America’s number one business coach Clay Clark c

I have discovered a horrible, horrible chaser for dayquil you. What that is. Oh No. What is it that your coffee drink that you had a cup of coffee drinks. Good. But I’ve discovered really you don’t want to chase dayquil with that. It’s just a bad combo. I wonder if you chase the coffee drink with the Dayquil d do you want some dayquil oh always dude. I’ll never pass up some days. Okay. Golf pump has some good dangled it. Come on. There you go. Here go pass. Some degree was dead. Quills and incredible stuff guys could Snell on today’s show we’re talking about is one, uh, medically not approved ways to deal with aloe juice. Cause in Oklahoma the weather is just, you know, it is either what the allergies come in. Oh yeah. And then they stay and they stay in that stay. They stay and having a day quilter in the day, it’s kind of like the same equivalent as sipping on wine.

Yeah. So so show might get a little off the rails as much. You might already be off the rails. We don’t even know that one show we did. I was last spring. I think we both in the box and rock high on day quit. We had each had like a bottle. Yeah, I know. We were like, we were way over the prescribed. You should’ve been rushed to the Er Room. What they say? Let me tell you, let me tell listeners out there about dayquil there’s a lot of side effects. Yes. Well let me tell you that. But that’s all we’re looking for. Lawyers say the ups though. The ups. Oh the ups one is everything’s really funny or really bad. True. That’s one thing about dayquil. You’re just like, I hate this show or it’s like the best ever. So that’s a the way, way, way on today’s show we give a z as a doctor, but he’s not a not a real doctor.

You’re not. Yeah, you’re not, well you’re not. You’re the kind of doctor who can prescribe a dayquil. Right. I went over the cow. He can purchase data wise where I make sure I didn’t want you up there and making claims that you can prescribe over the counter. So on today’s show we’re talking about why winners lose the most. Z C, why do winners lose the most they love takes about it. It makes sense. No overtime. I tell them why do winters lose the most? Let me give you a notable quotable. Let me give you a notable quotable and then you can kinda just marinate on this for a second. Here we marinade Andrew. Good to see you. By the way, are you over there and you might their ams.

There it is. Can I get a little echo doing echo here. Notable quote. Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of the seed of an equal or greater benefit. Again, every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit. All right, zee,

how many times did you get rejected when you are trying to get a bank loan to start doctor Robert Zellner and associates every time you’re the key to what you just said. The quote you just said, do the key. What was the key to the quote? I just said, do you want to do, Andrew, you want to take a guess what the key is? You’re a young upcoming mental giant. Oh, we’re actually a mental baby. Mental triggers. The mental giant is, let me give me soon to be giant. Andrew’s not having a Dick. Well, he might have an opposing worldview. Not yet. Um, this just said this just in from our home office, every adversity has, uh, uh, I would say every time you go through a hardship, a hard time, there’s something you can learn from it. There is something you’re going to get out of it and there’s something in a way you’re going to grow from it.

That was close, but no cigar. Clay, what’s the most, what is the little secret sauce in that statement? What is the thing that you’ve got to get your head wrapped around that that is the caveat of that statement. I believe it to be that you actually want to learn to actually be thankful for adversity and failures and setbacks and heartache because it does carry with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit. I mean you’re learning something every time. I mean, you have to, you just, you just, you said it kind of in a nutshell. Like if you were a nutshell, y’all like swatted up like this. If you were like actually a nutshell or in a hard ship, the key to it is this, is that you get the seed of some thing wonderful, bright and a seed by itself. I mean, if you basically come home with an apple seed, say kid can’t stand her time.

Let’s can you put that seed out on a plate? You’d go delicate Che. Gosh Dan, I’m kind of hung out. You think that’s going to feed us all? Oh wait, I’m going to do something with it first. Oh, I can feed my family with this seed and that’s a lot of people don’t do is they don’t do the steps. They get that seed and they don’t do the step. What do you have to do with the seed? You’ve got to plant it. Plant that seed. You gotta you gotta water. Wateraid yeah, you gotta nourish. Planted, I think 22 or 23 trees since I saw you last time there. You’re going to see them all around. They’re all just popping up there. They look great. I’ll tell you this. You got a water, that thing. I think that whole, yeah, you got to fertilize it. All that, all that.

I’ve got to make sure you can read it in the right place to all that organic manure. Right. You see what I’m saying? And we want to make sure that the sun’s going to be right. The soil’s good conditioning for it too, by the way. I’m so, it’s in trees, about five feet apart from each other that are meant to be spaced out 18 feet from each other. We just kind of a wall wall. Don’t go to Wrigley Field of backyard. It’s going to be awesome. Oh good. You’ll just go for it. Here’s how I’d like to say, while you have been rejected many more times than people realize when it came to starting that auto start and that auto auction and start that optometry. Anybody mostly. Yeah. The optometry clinic though. How many banks and Tulsa told, you know, for one mega point, oh now as you see if you can answer, how many banks told me now all of them you get to megaport.

Wow. I’d most of them had to be escorted out by security. My briefcase with me. There’s that, the data. But I mean like you seriously over over 10 banks told, you know? Oh yeah. Oh my gosh. Yeah. So after you got told no, I don’t know the 25th time or 30th time, what did you do? Well, I decided I need to go get a job. Oh, that’s the, that’s the deal. That’s the deal now with enough day. Cool. That sounds exciting. It does. Whoa, whoa. So what would you went out and got a job? I mean, it’s crazy, but that’s of my vision. I’m not cold. I’m not called to have a job. I’ve got a bigger dream than that. Yes. I was on youtube last night and I watched her incredible video about my purpose. I know I whisper all the time and it sounds deeper.

See, pause and say no. Seriously. And see what job did you get? I worked for some other optometrists. There’d be washing, washing dishes was when I was 13 so now I’m a licensed optometrist. Of course I’m going to go get an optometry job and I did. And then I worked for about a year and then I opened up my own little little practice after that. So then rocked on. Really? Yeah. All right, well you know on today’s show, here’s he in about 19 minutes I believe. Now I believe that’s on Andrew to make sure the Andy Williams can find his way here. But Andy Williams is the guy who developed this lure. Z lyric filled with a lure is for people out there who are not, um, Lik Fisher people. Well the Noun Lewer which to a fishing, fishing tackle apparatus that you put in the end of the line and you throw a cast it out and you try to attract a certain species of fish to think it’s food and bite it.

When you say cast it out, he made it like a spiritual sense. Like you cast it out, you bind. Yes. You can get out of here. You lure. He gone now John, or get behind me. Josh, your, uh, your company’s living water. Irrigation therefore forced, you probably know a lot about water. Therefore, therefore, you probably know a lot about lakes. You see that today? Yeah. And lures and lures. So tell me, do you ever fish? I do not. It was a good segue though. I loved it. I took it pretty far in there. Okay, so you don’t, you don’t ever spend a lot of time on lakes. Um, I honestly do not enjoy the lakes of Oklahoma, sir. Okay. Z, what do we know though about lures? Like if, if it’s, if it’s a good lure, what will help you? What will it help you do a good, nice fishing. Catch your fish. All right. Well, this guy, uh, Andy Williams, he created this, a lure that, uh, apparently people love apparently. So people are buying hundreds of thousands of dollars of his, of his lure that we should do. Now see, here’s the problem. When you start to get your product into big box stores, you got the problem is and they beat you down on, yeah. They say, hey,

we want to, we want to get, you know a lot of your products here, but we won’t pay you until 90 days after, after you, after we sell it. Right. So Z, how does a guy like that get the funding it needs

you dug where the big bucks? Shit, you don’t go there. Well I don’t to think about it is, I mean, you know, if you want to go there, if that’s part of your, your deal. I mean I think as you’re growing, as you’re growing the business, you go into the smaller wins or you go online or you go direct. But then when you, when you get to that point, hopefully you’ve got enough sales to, you can just finance it yourself. Now let’s say this, this guy, and he’s going to come here just a moment. Okay.

I’m just gonna wait to get mentally prepared. He has purchase orders and bakes and bank statements to show us. Okay. Real stuff we won’t divulge on the air, but real bank statements, real purchase orders from real companies. Okay. Does do banks, because you’ve invested in Regent Bank, I mean, do banks lend on, you know, hey these are for sure verified purchase orders of these are real cashflow statements of the past year. Will they do that or yes. Yes. So for a young guy like out the a young guy like that out there who’s trying to secure funding, he’s been told no from, you know, all the traditional banks. See what advice would you have the guys doing, you know, let’s say $100,000 a month of sales you would you look for like an angel investor. Do you look for a venture capitalist? What we would advice would you give the other,

yeah, it’s always best if you could go bank cause you get the money, the cheapest. But then after that you have to start going around through. A lot of times banks and bankers will say, you know, this isn’t for us, but I know some groups of people that are investors that are venture capitalists and now they’re going to charge you a higher, you can charge a premium rate for their money because they feel like if a bank won’t take them through tech, a little bit higher risk. But if push comes to shove, you know, you go out there and do it.

Can you explain what a um, you know what it means to have less expensive money, cheaper money. When you referenced that anybody out there who doesn’t know what you mean by that?

Well, you get a loan from a bank right now, you might be able to get four and a half to 5% on incredible on your money. You go up, you go to venture capitalists, he might charge you 10 to 12% interest rate on your money. So therefore you’re paying twice as much in interest. But yet you need the money to grow your business and your business is profitable enough that, that said, you know, it’s the cost of doing business at this point in your career. Maybe then a year or two down the road, you don’t have to go the venture capitalists route. You’re stronger financial, you can go to the banks. Um, but it’s kind of a game. You’ve got to kind of build it up. Sometimes growing, I mean, first started off, I remember some guys go on, you know, using a credit card and credit cards are 14, 15, 16, 18%, you know, quite a margin and pay that thing off. That’s expensive. That’s expensive money, you know. But sometimes that’s your last case scenario. I mean, that’s your last hope to get some funds.

If you’re out there today and you feel like you’re kind of fishing in the dark, see you feel like you’ve kind of, you know where you want to go, but it’s completely dark out there and you are getting rejected all the time. There is a time where you might want to wait until the morning, you know, and maybe the timing’s not right in wait until you can see where you’re going. Right. So I’m assuming today’s show that

you do know where you’re going. The next notable quotable I like for Czi to break down for anybody out there. Josh. Hello Josh. Real quick on that on a thread, doctorZ A, and I know this is probably way too general, but I’m sure you’ll break it down. So do you think it’s better for, to bootstrap things and to build slowly and to continue to cash flow things as you go along or bring in a capital investor in, bring in some money for,

for growth? That’s a very good question. I think if it’s your first time to run a business, I sometimes think the slow method is a little bit better. Um, because what happens is sometimes the worst thing you can do is have a lot of money in your bank account. It, it makes you make quick decisions on key things that sometimes you make a wrong decision on. Now the more businesses you’ve gotten behind or under your belt and the more, um, the more of a veteran of being an entrepreneur that you are, then I think yes, going out and growing fast and growing faster because you have that experience now behind you. But I see so many people that their uncle or their dad or somebody gives them a big chunk of money to do their dream or their vision and next thing you know, they blew it all on their build out.

They’re like, oh, I didn’t save any for advertising. Oh yeah, I’ve could it advertised. Oh, I’m going to do this. I’ve gotta do that yet. We’ve got the coolest, latest computers. Look at her, look at her set up here, you know, and you’re kind of going, but they were growing slow. They would have maybe gotten an inexpensive computer to start with and then maybe get a second one and then maybe get a, you know, the, the space, they would just put as much money in the bell that, you know, that’s real velvet on the walls right there. That’s what I mean. That’s real. [inaudible] there ain’t another pharmacy and towns got real velvet on the walls that separates us, Elvis touch that veil and praying and you’re kind of going, yeah, but that wasn’t really necessary, but yet they sometimes getting that big wad of money without the experience. Um, I think leads to more mistakes. So if you’re early on in your career, I think growing it organically, growing it slowly and making those hard decisions based upon what’s best for the business is a safer way to go from most people. And then once you get it maybe dialed in and didn’t get an answer to the question How to Determine If you Need Investment Capital to then take it to the next level. I get the velvet on the walls and the crocodile flooring,

all the stuff you’re very accouterments crocodile for right now. Go ahead.

Ah, crocodiles are illegal to put on the floor. Ah,

I think though, a lot of times that a, I agree with what you said and I want to just add onto that. When you take on capital, I think a lot of people just see, okay, here’s the money. But they’re always the three C’s that you take on when you take on. Oh yeah, I talk about this a lot. But one year when you take on capital, you’re, you’re, you’re getting one the cash, we know that you’re getting the cash, you getting the money. All right, that’s great. You get the cash. But the second thing you get, what do you want it or not is the council. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Back that coaching that. And um, I’m going to tell you, I mean, I know of many, many women and men that I’ve met at conferences. I met One lady to conference sad, sad story. So I’ll be very, very vague. But she had a business z that was rocking, making profit.

Come on now. And the husband’s like, I could quit my job and team up with you. We could take over the world. Come on now, except he’s an idiot, you know? And so he’s given her stupid advice. So let me tell me what you would do under this scenario. This is a person who was as it’s cylinder. There are some products, that’s all I’ll give you. Shit. She was selling products very well and he, uh, uh, they had a team. We’re going to only handle is he like, you know, four or five, six employees and every time they added another employee, they got less profitable brochure. That’s what it’s going online shopping business z where it’s all fulfillment centers and all that kind of stuff. Every time they add on another employee, they’re not actually gaining gross revenue and they’re becoming less profitable. Okay. It’s everybody.

But listen, everybody wants an assistant and it became a thing where, I mean seriously, they put cameras in the office to see where the employees were. We’re sure not there. They put phone systems in place to make sure the calls are being recorded, they’re following the systems and or not. He doesn’t want to manage people. She doesn’t like managing people. Z. These people can clear over a million dollars a year selling this product online. Just he and she and one more person in this guy’s like, well, the reason why we’re not able to keep good people who don’t have a big enough on with us. Seriously. So now we got get to the conference, she’s like asking me questions. He’s like, he wants to get a bigger office. And I’m like, are you profitable? How big is your office now? And they had a payment of like four grand a month or something.

He kept advocating for like a 10 grand a month office because that’s why they’re not keeping people or, and I’m just like, idiot. Both of you guys, you’ve told me directly, you don’t like managing people. You’re already making money as it is. Why? Why, why? Why do you want to get a bigger lease? And every, every reason he had was very emotional. It was like, well, to be a legit business, I think we need to have a big office. Oh yeah. Emotional. And it was like, no. And to be a real free, you don’t need super big wheels on the truck. You don’t know. I know, I know. That’s an offensive, I know that’s an offensive because pretty much everybody I know who’s a rough or has huge wheels on a monster truck, I credit. But at the end of the day, Z, I mean, you’ve got to how we know there were legit roof for though.

Right? Well, I’m happy to get on top of things. How big are your wheelchair? We’re not big enough. 2,432 [inaudible], which means he’s probably making some money. I’m 32 33 whatever. Barely get out of the vehicle so I can’t go to my truck. I can like go straight. Actually ran over a car on the way here. All right. How far off of one 69 is her house now? So cash, they’ll think about the cash when you get the cash. Okay, we got that right. But you got to pay it back. It’s expensive to the council. The connections, the coaching, three Z. It’s those connections. Like it’s like the associations. Oh yeah. So let me tell you what it’s like being partnered with a, a doctor’s Eleanor on something. Let me tell you what it’s like. Anytime I meet somebody who’s an optometrist and I don’t meet a lot of optometrists and I don’t go out, Gee, I don’t go out, but I want 12 one we’ll reach out to me and they’ll say, could you help me with my business? You know? And they’ll fill out a form

and make your life epic. Can you help me with grow my business? And I’ll say something settle or nice. My team will say, you know, we can’t help another optometrist right now. Z. Why? Because we already have one in our portfolio, right? We already, I mean, we’re, we’re, we’re buddies, we’re partners, we’re friends with an optom. We’re not going to work with you. You know, we do it nicely. Sure. But see, some people can’t handle it. They get offended by that and they’re like, I’m offended. They’re offended. Really? I mean, there’s not enough business in Tulsa for everybody. And I’m like, whoa. Let me see. What is your thought when someone says that, Z, really, there’s not enough business in Tulsa for everybody. Why do you have to be so aggressive with your advertising? Uh, you know, people ask that they know they do. I don’t think you’d say that.

Well, I’m a, I’m aggressive because I want a biggest piece of the pie of the business that I can get. And so yeah, there’s a lot of turnover. You, you’d be surprised how many people and Google that. How many people are turned over in Tulsa? What do you guess, clay? Josh, what you guests and what percentage of people turnover, let’s say in our market. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Like an annual basis? Yes. They get a new job. Like the leave town then or that come in as what we’re talking about? Yes. Okay. I want to say 20% okay. 20 wow, that’s, that’s aggressive. I’m just being wild and crazy. Yeah, they have what you are. I don’t, I don’t know this statistic of how many people leave. You’re saying how many people leave Tulsa every year and put in how many new people were coming to Tulsa. Okay, so how many cars?

We grow at a slow rate, so we’re always having more moving than move out. So can we get number one is how many people move out of Tulsa per year? That stat one. I think step two is how many people are moving into Tulsa every year. So there’s a pretty good turnover, so it doesn’t take very many years. If you have a significant number of people that have that are new to Tulsa one way or another. Right, right. Maybe they came to school here, maybe they’re coming to, you know, we’ve got a couple of three major universities, we’ve got a couple of Bible schools. I mean there’s a lot of people that come in and then move out, come in and move out coming to me right here. And so when you look at that, you go, you’ve got to keep advertising because there’s a lot of new ears that don’t know you.

But what happens is, is out there advertising and wanting to take as big of a piece of the pie as possible, which is great. Uh, living water. We work with you. Yes sir. What do you do? What’s Your Business Type? What kind of business are you involved in? Oh, we do irrigation, landscape lighting and drainage. So just so just so we’re clear, people reached out to your industry and said, could you help me? And we say, no. They say right, but good. Would you use your work with our policies? We’ve worked with one of every industry. That’s our policy, right? So we’re going to win. All I’m saying is when you partner with people, whether you like it or not, the people that hate them now, hey, you feel that? Like, yeah, it’s a shame. So you want to team up with somebody who’s got the same values as you because if not those objections could be harmful connections. That can be, you’re right. And so I’m really glad that you stopped running guns with the Olympians because for awhile I was like, that’s really going to hurt our reputation if you keep running guns. And you’re like, yeah, but clay, as long as you’ll stop that prostitution ring out of Canada. And I’m like, okay, I listen. I’ll stop that. If you’ll start to really think I’ve stopped running guns at Olivia. Can you think through the prostitution rate?

And it’s a full disclosure. So today, no, but I just, Andrew have anything he wants to confess. Andrew has been involved in nuclear proliferation to terrorists states for several weeks now. How did you turn novel? Oh, I’m saying is that we, if you do team up with somebody who has issues, that’s going to involve, that’s going to get involved in your life. So get, if you’re doing take on capital, think about the cash, the council and the connections and say, is it worth it? Is it worth it? And to Rayanne to re answer Josh’s question again, if you’re, if you’re new to the business world, trying to look for too much of it, grow organically, get in there, make those hard decisions, tough decisions, you’ll, you’ll be stronger in the end. And then when you get a really good product, you get things dialed in, then you can actually start going into venture capitalists.

You can start going out to, to a friends and family looking for money. NowZ , here we go. We had the first fact that comes in hot and fresh from our Home Office here off the left coast of the beautiful camp, Clark Atlanta, Atlanta, Poon Lagoon is, here we go. So last year, Tulsa last 2,416 people total. Oh Jeez. Now, how many people, how many people, uh, Andrew, how many people move to broken Arrow last year? Like how much did broken young girl by last broken Arrow? Yeah, I would just split Tulsa. Let’s see. Well cause right now Tulsa lost lost people. Rhino 2,416 but broken arrow grew. I believe that’s Tulsa Metro. Yeah, I know, but I’m wonder how many people, so you’re saying that the net net number for Tulsa down to yeah, 2,416 overall shrinkage. See shrinkage cold, cold water. Cold water. Okay. Andrew, you find out how many people moved into broken into last year?

I’m looking here, we go here, but we, we, we pay you the big bucks. You look up the facts. He’s young, super fast. Just another way around. You’d think he’d be native to technology or computer in their hand now. Unbelievable. Andrew, everybody smartphone. Everybody’s looking at your, I know, not, not looking at anybody. up in Utero kids when they’re in Utero, in Utero, they could actually need you as a chip in bedded in his cranium and the chip is malfunctioning. Which is why you can’t find the, I’m looking at a one that it only goes up to 2017 but it was saying five point or 0.53% growth year over year, which was only 566 people. Well, good job. Broken Arrow, good job. Every girl should go it up. Okay, tell us a went down. But the point was, is every, every city at the bigger it is the more turnover than it has.

And so you’ve got to keep the message out there, but you may think why I’ve, everybody tells it knows about it. They don’t. So you keep, keep going. Okay. Now the final notable quotable I want to read before you bring on today’s guest. This guy does he, this guy brings into lured to the Leura game z to the literacy master. Master of the dude. All right, let’s, I love saying the word of the year. What has the Baltimore meetings, are you trying, are you trying to do or someone into your by your lure? No. No. Why are you here? Again, I know that I’m not trying to lure you. Okay. Notable quotable. Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

Zee, Thomas Edison. Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. And see our next guest here, this man has chosen not to give up here. So I think we’re going to do here. I think Josh, we’re going to kick you off the show for a second and then we’re going to put Andy Williams on the magic microphone here. And uh, he’s going to pontificate about all things good and as we’re giving them some, a, a premium coaching here. Z, how close does his face want to be near to the microphone? He wants to make the microphone part of his face. Oh No, you want to be on that Mike? I mean you want to try Andy, are you, are you with us? Yes sir. I’m here. Okay. Just that download. But Andy, if you need to. Okay. Andy Williams. Welcome onto the thrive time. Show your daily Dojo of Mojo. Fo Sho got to ask you, what is the name of Your Business and how did you start it?

Uh, the name is Raul out doors inc. The name is Raul out doors inc. I actually started it as a hobby or a passion, um, in the spare bedroom of my house. Really? Yeah. Never thought I’d make any money at it and it was just kind of a fun thing to do and uh, I put it on Facebook and it kind of took off. Now my understanding is you’re selling hundreds of thousands of dollars of these louvers, is that right? Yes sir. That is correct. What makes [inaudible] so unique? It actually swims in the water. It looks like a very lifelike fish when it swimming through the water. And it’s a, do you have one? Yeah, actually I do. You brought one? Yeah, you pass it to Ryan here. Uh, and is it cause in the truck is in the car that’s out in the truck. I don’t worry about it.

We’ll just visualize it here. Okay. All right, so it swims. Yup. It swims in the water. I have traditional fishing lures to, you know, your crank baits and a jerk baits and stuff. But that’s what I’m well known for is the jointed bait. So how did you make your first inventory? What’d you make like 10 of them, a hundred of them, a thousand of them. How’d you make your first inventory? About 150. I made 150 of them. Yep. You did all handmade? Well, the very first ones that I ever made, we made with the three d printer. I had teamed up with an engineer that I used to work with and uh, he had a three d printer and we made the first ones. And as I grew, I actually got a contract with a factory that produces them for me. Now.

Now when you started selling your first few layers, um, how many did you sell before you got excited where youth went, wow, this could be a thing?

Well, I actually got excited when I sell it, the first one, but the real, the real excitement came in. Um, probably when I made the first thousand dollars, I got really excited.

Ah, Z once he nails, it’s time to scale it now and now than ever to ask Andy, you get to ask DoctorZ , any questions that you have at all about scaling the business, funding the business, investing in the business, anything you, what you got, you have, you have the man, the myth, the Unicorn, the optometrist, the entrepreneur, the auto auction, ears. He, it’s all all in one place. All in one place. You’re right here. Here. We obediently located right here. Andy, what questions do you have for doctors zone?

Okay, first off, we’re not, when I walked in, what you guys were talking about is I felt like it’s spot on to where I’m at right now. So I’ve, I’ve been, you know, a lot of places I’ve, I’ve seen growth. I feel like I have it fine tuned. I feel like I figured out, you know, I’m figuring out Facebook ads. I figured out what my best sellers are, what I moved the fastest, and now I’m kind of at a point to where I’ve, I’ve leveled out with what I have capabilities to control. So I’ve actually been looking at trying to find How to Determine If you Need Investment Capital So what you were talking about is, you know, once you get your products nailed down, and so I guess my main question would be how do you know when it’s the time? Like, hey, how do you know that you’re ready to take on investment as well?

Where are you, where are you doing your business out of now you’re selling your bedroom?

No, we’re actually in a building in our backyard. We went from the bedroom to the garage and now I have a building that’s paid for in my backyard. So I pretty much have no overhead. So how many people work for you? Uh, it’s me, uh, my wife and one other guy.

And how many lures can you make in a day?

In a day? I can, uh, I have the capability right now to produce up to 500,000 a month.

We do factory. Are you doing your manufacturing

out of China? Out of China. They’re actually painted in the U S um, hand sprayed, but the material’s 80% of the materials are us materials put together in China, painted in the u s

how many are you selling every month? Okay.

Right now with my current skill, I’m at about 5,000 lewers a month. Just off the website. We do, um, we do trade shows and stuff too. And I, I have some other opportunities, uh, to move more

16,000, 666 a day he can make per day right now. Let’s see. Okay. Okay.

And there, there’s opportunity for growth there as well. If, if I can bring the, if I can bring the, uh, the need for the quantity, we can beef that up.

Okay. So if, if, well, that’s always the play, that’s, that’s always the game. So if someone gave you, um, how much money do you have in the bank? Have you been saving any money?

Yeah. Right now we’re were in the business, in the business account, this account, so I just placed a big order. So it’s, it’s down to kind of my minimum right now. But, um, right now say about 25,000, but I have about a hundred, 120,000 that I’m a product.

Yes, sir. Now, um, how long, when did you sell your first Lewer? 2013 will be gone six years. Six years. I actually took

about a two and a half year break. So in 2016 and 17, uh, I took a break from it.

Why’d you take a break? Because investors want to know.

Yeah, I, so I went through some stuff in, in my personal life. I went through a really bad divorce and then got into another relationship and was just trying to get my life squared away. And then I, uh, I got started back up with emphasis and it really took off. I’m bigger than I ever was before, like in, in 2015 was my biggest year before, uh, this year in 2015 I did almost 3000 in sales and then 2018 we started it back up towards the end of the year. And we were, we were at 100,000 in sales just for a few months, and this year we’re on track to do 400,000 this year.

So what do you need to investor at $400,000

I need to beef up the inventory so I can scale the ads because right now what I did, I started my ads out at $20 a day. I was only spending $20 a day and that was resulting in three to 500 and sales. I bumped it up there. Once I got it leveled out, figured it out, I bumped it up to $40 a day. I started doing anywhere from 500 to 600 a day. So then now I’m running an $80 a day and I’ve been averaging about 1200 a day in sales off of an $80 ad. So what that gets me with the amount of inventory that I’m, or the amount of capital that I have to revolve in inventory, I’m running out about every two weeks and it takes me about a month to produce.

You know, there’s a, there’s a part of me that says, just keep growing the way you’re growing. I mean, every month you’re getting bigger every month or selling more, you know, for you to know How to Determine If you Need Investment Capital. I mean, what happens if they want a piece of your business? What happens if they want an exorbitant rate on their money? I mean, if you were given a couple hundred thousand dollars right now, you used to go buy more lures. You do exactly what you’re doing just on a bigger scale. So just every month, delay your gratification, pump more into it by more lewers every month by boilers. Every month up your up, your advertising to 100 bucks, I’m going to have to advertise it to 200 bucks. You don’t just keep going like that, grown virally. Now that you’re back in it and really focused on him, you’re talking about the end of 2018 you just got to crank back up again.

Yes. I mean that six months ago and you’re, you know, if you did a $100,000 at the end of the year and a couple of months, I mean, you’re on pace to do, you know, that’s quite a bit this year, right? You say 400,000, but I guess Christmas is probably a big purchase time and things of that nature probably skew it more towards the end of the year, I would imagine. Right? Yes, sir. Missed this huge. Yeah, Christmas is huge. But if you’re finding success with your ads and you’re making money and you’re scaling and you, and you still are not at the limit of what you can do with the, with what you have in place. In other words, I, you can give to half a million per month. And right now you’re, you’re running through how many a month?

Uh, Louis? Uh, somewhere around five to 6,000. Yeah.

So you’ve got a long ways to grow into this thing. So if you go out and get money, you got to do a song and dance are going to want to crawl up. You’re going to get the three C’s. He says, we’re gonna give you some cash. So he just, now what you do is you skip forward a year, but now you’ve got to pay them back. They’re going to want to, you know, they may want a piece of your business, our logo, you know, the, you know, and so I don’t know. It seems like you had a good thing going. Uh, I mean, you don’t have to catch a bus, just grow this thing organically the way you’re doing. Um, the other thing too is you, you know, you won’t make a bad purchase with this. Sometimes you have that big money, you go, well, this is my next big Lou.

I’m a buy a bunch of them more. This is Lord that sells the most today and then yet tomorrow to different lewers. So, you know, sometimes keeping your inventory light and lean and means not a bad thing. And you also too are learning how much you have to spend in your ads to sell the lures you have in your warehouse. And that’s a very important thing to know at these numbers. And you just scale that up slowly and in a year, guess what? You’ll be doing some instead of five or 6,000 you’d be dead in 15 to 20,000 a year, you know, and then you get, and you’ve got a long ways to go, you’ve got a manufacturer that can pump out a half a million of those and, and I see you just kind of grow. Now if you said, listen, I want to bring the manufacturing in house, I know I could, I can build them a lot cheaper here if I had the manufacturing in house, you know, things like that. But even then five to 6,000 you may not get enough of a threshold of savings to make it worth someone’s investment in the equipment and everything. So there are some things that maybe three or four, five years down the road when you’re doing a couple million dollars a year in sales and you’re really rolling now you want to bring in manufacturing, you want to maybe buy it. Those are different equations at that point. In my opinion,

I had three pieces of commentary. I don’t want to share with you that they might see they have the potential to come across as not being a nice chunky from you. Yeah, free shot. You’ve been a bit shocking. But I think if you just think about it, maybe write them down. Marinade on them I think will be helpful for you. Um, moving forward when you are growing this business because it’s going to happen for you. Um, and you have purchase orders right now, right? That you would love to fulfill. You just don’t have enough inventory. Am I correct? Yes sir. You’re correct. That’s another question. What’s the value of those purchase orders?

Purchase orders. The ones that I physically have here today are a couple of hundred thousand, but I have purchase orders for up to $1 million. So that’s the next thing. And that I was going to bring up. Um, I, I totally get exactly what you’re saying about the inventory and everything. So my next question was going to be what about getting an investor to fund purchase orders? Cause I had amazing opportunity from a subscription box company. I’ve ran several deals with them. So he came to me with an offer. He said, look man, you know, you’ve always came through for us, you’ve done what you said, we would like to talk to you about private labeling some stuff for us. So the numbers that he came up with would have equaled about a million dollars for this year in purchase orders. He’s wanting me to private label different lewers so they can run them in the box under several different brand names, you know, and he, he gave me a big opportunity there. So um,

well you have to take on that. Sometimes you do, if it’s a, if they’re really wanting to be a partner and they really know where you are in business and they really like you and they really want the product, sometimes you can get some money up front from them, find the purchase of them, fund it, and then didn’t say, listen, well you can pay me net 90 after that. But then all of a sudden, you know, they’re in partnership with you. Now if they say, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, we don’t work that way. And some of the big, big, big boys, you know, don’t, but some of the smaller, more medium sized boxes and whatnot, I mean, they listen, we believe in you and, and maybe, maybe you give them a better deal on the lures and then maybe if it’s a better deal and say, hey, listen, if you prepay half of it, you can get them for a buck. You know, if you prepay a fourth of them, you get in for two bucks or I don’t know what your numbers are, just throwing out an example. Right, right. Um, and what you can do is generate cash that way. Go Out, get them done, getting manufactured,

get him here and get them labeled, get them to them. And then you got the 30, 69 that you can hang on to and, and, or however you want to do the terms, you know, here’s the thing I want to, I want to hammer home is, um, president Trump, we all know about president Trump. Yes, of course. We know that since he’s taken a overZ , would you say the economy is doing well in America? Just objectively? I think so. Overall, all my, my dad always just say, all my kids are working, stock market hit an all time high again and again and again. Yeah, unemployment’s low. Uh, I think it’s the lowest in quite a while. I ran into a friend of mine who’s a very, very, very pro Obama, very pro pro left of center. He said, uh, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s exciting to see, uh, Obama’s moves are finally starting to kick in.

Oh yeah. Okay. So either way, whether it’s Obama or Trump, the economy’s rock and it’s rolling. That’s great. Yeah. The dirt is going to be different. Everybody’s opinion, but, but yes, but it’s, I would say they’d be hard for anybody to argue that the economy’s not doing better than it has in the last, but Trump, if you look at his career to make sure we’re clear. Um, Trump has had two divorces, you know, in his career. And the one thing I can say about him is he just keeps going. And with a moment that we decided to become self employed. Z, you’re not kind of have to be like robots. Andy and I, we all, we all be robots were literally no personal issues can stop us. I mean am I crazy? You’re correct. I mean, and it’s different. And I know people, people who are not self employed don’t get it.

So as an example, um, I’ve got a text message here a few months back from somebody who is a startup guy. I’ve got a business with 10 employees or less and he’s like, Hey, I can’t come in today and we’ve got a family member who passed away and I’m not going to beat you up if you’re not coming into a coaching meeting cause your family passed away. Um, but if you look at the relationship of working with this young man for a while, it’s about every third week something happens. Sure. By the way, because life happens, right? But the only difference is, is that you don’t miss payroll over there at doctor Robert Zoellner and associates on the weeks where bad things happen cause correct. And by the way, as you grow more success, it’s going to get worse. Yes. Doesn’t it say didn’t get worse? It doesn’t get better.

I’ve got to find that the finances get better. But like the amount of a, I’m going to call it persecution, but the amount of, uh, what’s he just drama, drama, drama. Cause haters. Gonna hate haters. Gonna hate. Right? And what happens is more money, more problems. So as you, as you start to grow that income, I do not want you to think that you’ll be, um, avoid, avoid personal problems. So as you’re going through stuff and it’s going to be, see what employees that are disgruntled, a customer that’s trying to sue, it’s going to be a vendor that refuse to pay, refused to pay. And so I applaud you for restarting and recalibrating. But big idea, number one I want to share is just commit that you’re just going to stay the course until you get there. That’s, that’s idea number one. Commit to stay the course. Yes sir. Uh, concept number two is there are different of investors out

there. So if you pitch to doctorZ and he says, no, you pitched to me and I said no again. Um, before we had John here. Z. How many banks in Tulsa told jail for one. Yeah. And then what did you do to a fund yourself for your optometry clinic, which is now Oklahoma’s one of Oklahoma’s Ah, highest grossing optometry clinics. How did you got a job? A job. Right? But then now you’ve invested in banks. And why did you, why did you decide not to stay on the board of the bank forever? Cause cause cause it’s boring. No, cause it’s a, it was a board board. Bank meeting is [inaudible] was educational. I enjoyed it. I learned a lot. Yeah. I think I helped with my 2 cents. Uh, but I uh, I just said no. Every entrepreneur in Tulsa. Yeah. Yeah.

I just kick off with the executive loan committee meetings and just scream, say yes and run off, you know, um, one set. Where are we? What’s that word? What’s that? What’s that? Somebody we shouldn’t, I used to go soccer shirt. There’s either, there are people out there that liked to put $50,000 and attend different things and see which one hits. Oh, there’s quite a few. And there’s other people out there that are like, no, I want to put in a million but I want total control. Correct. There’s other, so there are people out there and, and Ozzy and we get off the air. I want him to kind of show your, your, his device is whatnot. And do you have sales reports and income statements and you can absolutely, yeah. I brought some reports from um, from the website and from square and then I brought the purchase orders.

Yeah. And that way I got guys like z can look at it and go, you know, when it stopped my appetite. But there are people that that’s what they want to do. Uh, I mentioned [inaudible] Patel, we pat them on their, on a show z. Sure. Patient invested in that winery and now he has like a local brewery. He’s invested in there and tell them the city. And for some reason he’s found his sweet spot there. So z when it comes to investing in something, how much of it depends on whether you just take, it’s cooler, not owe quite a bit. Cause if it’s cool, that means that appeals to you. If it appeals to you, that means you think it’s going to appeal to other. Do you fish a lot? I know, I mean, I have finished my mind lures alluring. I, I’m allured by the lure of allure, uh, if it’s, uh, an luring Lewer so you’re, you’re not a big Fisher guy though.

I’m not. I’m not, I wouldn’t say I’m a big Fisher. Are you? Are you a fisherman? No Way. You don’t strike me as someone who now, unless we’re going to put patients at a certain speed fishing with a net in the shotgun or dynamite. Dynamite fisherman. Yeah. You just go and say who can kill the most fish and a half hour? Let’s go. Yeah. Well, I don’t know if it to be illegal like a noodler noodler I, you Mike, I think you’re crazy that my hand there and the creek and ended understand. What’s your hope for some critter up with this dark? Oh, hey, if you ever noodles. I went one time and I learned real quick. I was not a noodler. Have you seen the kind of big missing fingers and stuff? Have you seen this? I’ve heard of it. To people getting into a snapping turtle hole or something.

See, oh, we have snakes in there. Oh yeah. Oh, I do want to talk. Go noodling. Oh no, that’s not, I don’t you know z. Why do people noodle like he explained to the cause. Political listeners aren’t from Oklahoma. Why would somebody do noodling? Well, they to get cat fish. It’s a great cute, this audio clip. Let me queue this up here. There we go. Right here we go. Noodle. These are people in the water. Oh yeah. Do it in the water. That’s where you do it. Reaching for a cat fan. She got be on the Bank of a, he’s reaching down there trying to find a catfish and I guess you got in by their mouth, right? Oh yeah. You learn to fight on the crapper. Yeah, you grabbed the lip. Here we go.

Oh Dude, no, no. Look at this injury. We’ve got a big debt is looking at his arm. Oh Man. Z look at his arm. You said the guy’s arm, I gosh. Oh, oh, sick. Sick. I guess you don’t need a lure for noodling on Sandy’s Andy. You’re going to want to pitch to a lot of different people. Totally did. Just be unemotional about rejections. No matter who says no to you. Just keep on going. Cause if you pitch to, if that’s what your heart is set on is, you know, getting the funding to to fund the fulfillment of these orders. I agree with z growing small makes a Lotta sense. Build up your savvy, build up your team, build your knowledge. But I’m saying if you were to go going, hey, I’m going to get funding, I’m going to do it. There are people that will do it.

The earlier you get funding, the more you’re going to have to give up. I’m like 25% equity. You like wait, just pans. I don’t know. Are you willing to do that? Are you willing to give up piece of the business? You don’t want to. I could tell. I really don’t want to, but here’s the point. Do you have to no, no, that’s what I’m saying. You don’t, you don’t have to. So when you really want to go out on a company this young, cause it’s just 2018 now. I mean all the other stuff’s has, you know, that’s by, by, you know, I mean you did have sales back then, but you, you go dark for two years. I mean you can’t, you know, but you’re picking up where you left off and I get that. But still you don’t have consecutive year over year numbers that go back and farther than last year.

So you’re a young company in your small and you’ve got a great little product. You’re Kevin Niche, you know, you’ve got a one or two. How many lure types do you have? I have about 20 different types. And then how many really sell them? Well, everything that I carry sales, but my fast movers probably about five. Okay, so you ever go that’s, yeah, that’s probably where that kind of thing. Here’s what happens is either there’s the dark side of entrepreneurship, dark side and there’s the positive side of the dark side is every entrepreneur wants to grow fast because they think the businesses grow fast. They don’t know that like Uber has taken a decade to put together. What would they done here? Tesla has taken a decade. They’re still not making money. We’re, there we go. Ah, Twitter over. I mean it’s like seven, eight years to make money. Fedex was like 13 years to make a profit and take a long time. So I know this is what you’re hearing part of in your head to your hearing. This probably

together we can put galaxy father sell all the brewers in the world. Right? And this part of you that wants to grow fast, I get it. So you just balance that out. What are the questions do you have for dr z as you’re on the go back to one of the thing. Sure. And getting some money cause that’s, you know when you have a business seats, capitol grow when I get that. But you know, you’re also creating capital every time you sell a loser, right? Correct. So, and what happens sometimes it’s, you know, you have to put that capital back into it. It makes you make really smart decisions. That’s what I was saying earlier on in the show, but also finding partners with you that are going to be selling it, that helped you buy it. Okay. You’ve got the design, you’ve got the patents, it’s your baby.

And if they want it, say I need a, I need a any front, some money to get the product. I want to, I want to give you your $100,000 with the product. Can you give me $33,000 up front? And then the other you can do out 90 days or whatever, you know, and that’s a huge way to do it. Then you don’t give up any equity. You strengthen that partnership with the retail outlet that’s going to do it. And you also find some people that certainly have a little confidence and faith in you. And that’s really, that’s really strong because they want to sell those lures, you know? And you could.

And when we started back in 2018, I actually started back with $10,000 that a, Sadie’s dad gave us and $5,000 of my own money. So I actually started back with 15,000 and now I’ve got a close to 100,000 or a little over a hundred thousand actually an inventory. And um, and you, and you’ve lived and you lived off of it. Correct. We put mostly, almost everything back into it. And one other question that I have for you. Um, so what we were talking about investing or you asked me if I’d be willing to give up a percentage. I was thinking how would you feel about like as an investor yourself when you’re looking at something to invest or looking to get an investor? You know, you hear a lot about royalty deals and stuff, but what, what I thought is because I have a great profit margin and I’m putting a certain percentage back to build it anyway. So what, what if I found somebody that was willing to say like, okay, I’ll give you this much for a dollar per Lewer until this much is paid back. Something like that. So they get their return because they know that I’m selling lures and I still keep my business. Something like that. I

think those are excellent opportunities for you to, if you haven’t Dvr, shark tank Dvr and watch a bunch of shows we’ve watched every episode good. Could cause you’re, it sounds like you’re coming right off of the show and that’s another way to be creative on how a person gets back their money. Of course they’re going to say, listen, by give you $100,000 I want a dollar lower till I get back 200,000 and then you can have it all back and then you work deals over, you know? Now that’s, that’s, you’re paying a lot for that money. You see what I’m saying? Correct. And you could do that. But here again, if you don’t have to do it, don’t, you might want to partner with your retailer. You might want to partner with somebody else to get that money, but that’s something you can always do. You know, and so that’s always a on that mind. That sort of saying earlier, you know, I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at your purchase orders, I’m looking at your steps. You might be able to go to a bank and say, hey listen, I’ve got, I’ve got this. I can sell 100,000 of these tomorrow if I could just have them. That’s a pretty strong, they verified that’s a pretty strong thing to take to a bank. I mean that’s a, that’s about as bad a slam dunk because you can get,

and what is your a web address for the listeners out there who are alerted by your lose? It’s a raw outdoors inc com raw outdoors. What Inc Inc Com raw outdoors INC coms. If you’re out there and you’re looking for an allure or that will alert the fish, go check out again. What’s the website? One more time roll out doors inc com and we have time for one more question for doctor z. You can ask the man anything at all about growing your business there, my friend. Any any, any other questions you have Mr Andy for the, the, the great, the super humble, the fabulous, the ultra slim lean and mean doctor Robert Zoellner.

All right, so how do you know when it’s the perfect time to hire somebody else?

Mm. Z. What? Say You sir. When you’re tired, as is working as hard as you are that day,

would you say to yourself self here, these 12 hour work days are real protective, productive. I can’t, can I have to go that 10 hours or eight hours or I just like to not, I’d like to go to bed before I wake up. I’d like to pass by.

Oh wait, wait. Are you making newers he’d just come from Makino. You know what I’m talking about? You, you’ve been in a phase in your career. We’ve done all nighters and I have to. Gotcha. That’s, I mean it’s, there’s something like your us until the morning after and then you do it everyday for a while. I mean, that’s not good.

Yeah, that’s, that’s what it is. Whenever your team is overwhelmed and you can’t get everything done or you’re, you’re going to get everything done because you’re not an entrepreneur. Andy, you get what I’m saying and you’re, it’s all going to the bucks one stop with you and you’re going to stay up and you’re like, I’ve got to have these boxes sent out by tomorrow morning and I need 10 and I’ve only got one done. I got up, I got to do the rest of them right now and that at some point you’re going to go, you know what? Going to bed at midnight every night get my workload done is too much. So then you hire somebody.

A little tip for the listeners out there, if you’re the founder of a company and you hire somebody just to be prepared for them to do about a third of what you can do, no matter how hard you train them because they don’t have the passion that you have for them, usually it’s going to be like, I can’t believe what, what poor choices did I make where I spent my whole life make lures? I know I didn’t want to be. So a lot of kids that grow up, you know, first grade, second gradeZ , the teacher says little Bobby, what do you want to be when you grow up? Very few kids say, I want to make lawyers.

I love lures that bad or what happens or you get the swing side of that and that is that they’re a rock star Lewer maker and pretty soon they’re going, I should make my own lives. You know what? I uh, I’m really the one that’s right. I’m really the big deal at this business. You, you know, you make all this money hot shot. I saw the new pickup truck you got with the big wheels. Yeah. Oh yeah. I’m watching painted green and made it put a fish

on the hook. Oh yeah. Yeah. And I’m out here in the hut slay lighting all day long writing, doing ob. If without this, without me, this business would be nothing. Z. Do you have any of you ever had an employee come to work and say,

I love grinding lenses. I love it. I just want to grind lenses. Can I stay extra? I find myself almost addicted and I don’t know how to stop. You don’t have to pay me at all. I just can’t get off this. It’s a plastic blast making these Lindsay lenses.

No, but I’m going to have a wonderful dream tonight. That same one. What am I employees would ever come up to say that to me would be like, yeah, but I’d be like first boy, you right in the head. And second, I know that they’d be disingenuous. It’d be like, what? What are the, what do they want from me? What are they? What are they? What’s going on? You know, it’s always those disingenuine sons come and go. You know, clay, you, you’ve, you’ve fed into my life. You’ve made me a new man. This job has changed my life. I love it here. This is the best place ever. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else and not here’s like a big brother to me. Here’s a, here’s a gift for here is a gift and they want to, they always do. Right after the gift, they start screwing you and then what do they do? Their own company. Oh yeah.

Yeah. It’s uh, it’s kind of like, I view being screwed by an employee is kind. Like the gifts are kind of like the foreplay Z. Oh yeah. You know it’s competition. It’s kind of warm. Oh yeah. Yeah. It’s like a tailgate party. Yeah. You over. Oh yeah. You get that one cheese tray out there on the countertop. Go at it. Cause you’re like, oh man. Oh boy, he’s loved me. I’m getting gifts every day. Yeah. Is that, is that, does that real cheddar cheese, does he have brought you a cheese tray? A handwritten note. And I bought a container of, has that little cluster of grapes next to that cheese. I mean, I’m just saying they always bring your camps before they screw us over the top comments, you know, have, you know, changed my life. You know, you’ve, oh my God poured into me her lineage for thousands of generations. Their legacy shall be upon my part, accepted another job. Oh wait, like three weeks. And then they’re passive aggressive way of quitting. You know, I can’t turn this down

down because my husband won’t let me.

It’s always like a third party. It’s like I just don’t want to make I, who am I to turn down upgrading and standard of life for my kids and I don’t want to put pressure on you to give me a raise. There was a time, what can I get? Can I admit something? Yeah, we’ve got three at two minutes to, okay, I’ve got to go. I used to keep the little thank you cards and all the little sweet nothing cards. I just give her my employees in a file and do whatever they quit. I pulled out it just laugh historically. So sarcastic. It’s so awesome. I know. Real so raw, so real and raw. So bad. So good. It’s like the Oreos. He the black and the white, the other one down the a and he gets a medal so well together though. God, this is like the post confederate war. Both sides joined together bitterly. Just hugging, hugging after slang each other’s fathers and forefathers and brothers. God, when you get a gift, just prepare to be screw here. Just be prepared. And here we go. Now see, without any further ado, three, two, one, boom.


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