Focus on Delegation for Growth | The 8 Stages of Business Development (Part 3)

Show Notes

Clay and Z break down the 8 stages of business growth and the importance of effective delegation.

  1. Stage #5 – The Adult with Grey Hair
    1. At this stage, the focus needs to be on delegating and growing your people.
    2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Tip From Dr. Z – When a team member has questions they know to ask themselves “What would Z do?” previous to reaching out for help.
    3. When delegating aspects of the business you must:
      1. Be a source of wisdom for your people – Management is Mentorship
      2. Be ok with the fact that the person you delegate the tasks to WILL make mistakes. You have to use these as teaching moments.


  1. Stage #6 – The Bruce Wayne
    1. At this point, you should be focused and working ON your business and not IN your business.
    2. You spend your time checking in with the upper-level team members and making sure that all of your systems are being followed.
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Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business coach workshop, led by america’s number one business coach by subscribing on itunes and leaving an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing  proof that you did it and your contact information to info@thrivetime, show.Com or i. Probably should wear talk to me about the eight stages of a successful best business coach company. Eight stages. Everybody must go through the transition from a baby, a baby, a lot of people have his baby. Businesses relate with italy, built the business and right side, job and i. Think that’s where the keys is that we here at thrive, nation try to help you get through all these phases, where you finally have a healthy cuz. You know adult pissed, it’s like you’re you’re in the plumbing. You know so you start a plumbing business, it’s called claeys plumbing and then there for you you to the point right. It’s close plumbing, a job, that’s a job and every day you get up and you have a few calls to make, and you get a few calls and you just go around the town. Plumbing job is just over broke. It’s where, like you, don’t come to work, you don’t get paid, that’s true! So what you want to eat when building systems now but think about building systems, is that requires time cuz. Now you have to take the income that you could be making yourself and to take a little sliver of that and begin to invest back in the building systems in hiring people so busy when you have two employees are probably make only the amount income that you could make yourself.

It was just you is that you probably do we have to do best business coach employers, you probably go from. Maybe last you don’t making a hundred grand a year with yourself doing all the work today or I can probably 60 with two people in it can become discouraged because, like you got to go backwards, financial almost we are the second person, but do what you like the 3rd person in the for debris soon. Now all the work being done, but none of it’s being done by you. That’s exciting part that freaks people out is when you have to go a little backwards in order to go forward. I, have it I have a backwards to go forward a story from last night, so my family, we were excited, my friend. Carlton, pearson’s movie came out called come, come sunday and it’s starring the main actor from 7 years of slave and danny glover’s in there and martin sheen and said we are all excited, watch it I’m, trying to the kids, kids. We don’t agree with the theology of this man, but he’s a good guy he’s been a friend of mine for a long time we’re going to watch it. The movie was really well produced into we’re excited to see it on the list. All his big changes in theology and all that. The whole thing is about. The whole thing is about how he went from the leading charismatic pastor of his time to a best business coach person who was rejected and tire lee and is now known by most as a hair protectant, it’s the story of that, and so you nosey. When you have kids, you have kids. You were thought to yourself that, like you and your kids about seven eight nine 10, you think of yourself.

You don’t someday this kid. Will turn into a productive citizen? National product is not that is not increasing as result of there being on the planet. After consuming a lot more resources than were in their generator produce, she’s doing a great job, and you know it’s it’s it’s really rewarding to see. You know I think for some reason, we’ve made in this country, nepotism be a bad thing, but it’s not. You know, following in your in your parents, footsteps having them have the roof of their ceiling. The your floor I think. Is it I think it’s a very good thing, so yeah she decide to become an optometrist use, the practice now and you’re, making commercials with me and just a little rock star. If you ever had a kid and they’re like eight nine 10, whatever ages, and you start to see I’m kind of going best business coach backwards a little bit. You know you have to hold out that in the future, you’ll go for brand name. Let’s go up to you. Buddy I think it’s more of a teenager so much my son, but my son. Does my son were watching a movie? My son says dad. Do you want to drink and I said of what he was calm? It’s a drink and fuses, a melatonin that helps helps people sleep.

You know I struggle with going to sleep and then I as a best business coach struggled with staying asleep. I wake up excited to go to work, I licked! It will just lay in bed waiting to get up early on monday since sunday night, and so is he gives me the strength of his ever offered me a drink in my entire life and I said thanks man and you just smiling what’s going on what is it helps you sleep. Come, home and I thought something’s going on, but okay, it’s fishy! It’s white drink this thing and it’s kind of like a gatorade, almost kind of thing and hesus that causes diarrhea. If you have too much of it, I gave you five times as much as you’re supposed to have. Fajitas is excited I’m going. What am I supposed to get you? The one is every time I go to the best business coach bathroom. He says nice watch! Yes, one! If you don’t pull that on me before you meet lee cracks up right after he doesn’t understand why it’s funny, we had to say it really hurt someone else out of the conference and the second thing he does is he put diuretic drinks a derek things in my beverage, apparently nice.

So last night we got the kids go to bed, it’s like 9:10 and z I start to feel it’s starting to happen, and so I see I thought about it. I thought you. This is good. She’ll material i, taking a giant step backwards, but I know that eventually he will do it with a dumb and dumber revenge moves fresh and clean nice. So we move on to phase of your business as an adult. We can either be like jabba, the hutt and its prime or like richard gere in his prime. Both are considered to be best business coach movie stars. Both are males whoever. That is where the similarities in with richard gere started. Getting that gray hair is he hold it and it said I could be your dad or I could be dating julia roberts, but either way I’m a wise guy, because I somehow I figured out how to win this game of life. So you could go up this stage of your business to be, is to be wise and to be viewed as a source of wisdom for your team, whom you keep busy executing the processes in system at this phase in the business game. Your focus needs to be on delegating and growing your people and see you said this over and over to me. You said it on the show, but I want to make sure everyone has just now hearing this for the first time you teach this simple phrase. If I come to you and say see, I have a question about this scenario. You say play what would I do and that’s what you think I would do. You have 10 rules that are on the wall in our conference, room that are forever they’re your rules written down the walls, so people can see them, but the best business coach question:what would the sea-doo is the question you want at least every person who works you to ask previous to reaching out to you and it’s a very powerful question, because what happens is as a business owner it lets me know where you are in the process.

You know sometimes a guy knows exactly what I would do and they just need to hear from me a few times to go ahead and do that. Sometimes they don’t know what I would do and it’s a teaching or mentoring moment at that exact moment right then, so it’s very powerful to turn that back on them and say what would I do and then that’s another where you get that dna. You asked about that nathan how to get the dna into folks is by asking them, but you don’t mean to have a problem. How would you handle it? It’s powerful thing, because it makes him think we’ll wait. A second wait. No can now now I’m thinking like the owner of wait, wait. I, guess the owner thinks, but I had a business that one of my brothers was running and I kind of after years of running it running successfully. I gave him he kind of sweat equity earn 10% of the business. Okay, it’s stupid! That happened the next day. He said you Know:i’m I’m, I’m, changing one buying lunches for all these best business coach or doctors offices of michael, really because yeah cuz. You know that lunch is a hundred bucks. I mean the ten bucks out of my pocket. I’m like oh interesting., john, I’m, going to start going over to chili’s or wherever it was cuz. Now I can get everything from 60. Bucks I really need their happy with that salad that the chips off whatever you know where the move was you know, I can feed them for less I’m, not going to go to the premium to feed them anymore, because now I’m juicing for 10% first reaction, my brain was when the throat punching because you should have been thinking I got to begin with right. Yes, but that’s not that’s, not the way, people think naturally right. So that’s why it’s powerful in the country with problem. You say what would I do without you, knowing that would have been? It would I bought lunch there? No I would have bought lunch um if you work till whenever they get that best business coach or owner mentality releasing that owner dna in them.

They start thinking more like a none of them, not completely like one with more, like one i. Think the big learning moment, here’s it’s so easy to say what I want to do it right. I need to do it myself, but instead you should talk to the person on the phone who made the mistake and by the way z when you navigate to people, they will make a mistake. They really make the mistake. You say hey in that situation:how would. How would have I handled that just happened today? Did you know about my new audio handbook, move about it for elephant in the room? We have a 37 and no one ever takes you 2 hours to read it because there’s all these regulations does the american disabilities act was all these different things that are in his stand-in standbys handbooks now and I was so tired of people saying that they didn’t know about the dress code or know about this, or that and I also see what my best business coach managers taking your precious time to sit there and teach go over my seat out on my top manager to spend their day to explain to an adult woman what kind of shoes they can wear. No, so we recorded an audio version of our best busienss coach handbook, and it was awesome because today with and the newest member of our team, who I’m watching her listen to the handbook and she’s laughing and she’s doing it and she’s riding in the answers to the questions now previously I thought gosh these people, when they do the handbook for the teammates they’re kind of skimming over there skipping things am i.

Initially reaction was I need to take that back over myself. You know I need it. I need doing. People come on board. The brand new I need to be going over the handbook. That’s why I initial reaction and then I thought? No. That’s that’s old me. That’s like 15 years ago me I can’t do that. I got to find a way, right. Scalable, so I thought about it and I give you always want. You are the owner what’s a way to delegate this solution, you have to be okay with the idea that the members of your team are going to make mistakes occasionally, but you also have to be okay with the idea that they are going to judge you and they are not going to want to work for you if you are not a source of best business coach wisdom, they’re just not going to stick around if you’re not willing to become a source of wisdom for them when they need. It means that you did I’m. Sure people ask you questions all the time about. Things are related to business like financial planning. Where should I live relationship stuff all the time you have to be absolutely right. I, do not want to learn through mistakes because in that affects how they work for you, I mean as much as you want to try to leave all your problems out the door when you walk in hair pictures, 🙂 on and forget all your pictures of home I was thinking about getting in the sopranos, some hallucinogens.

You know some mushrooms to see if I could have blew. My creativity and I was just tired. I’ve been working on short podcast, been listening to that’s, probably not a move and not legal I think you do become almost kind of a father role do grow big enough. You absolutely do and that’s and that’s when you’re getting this this part of the business where you have the gray hair. They look at you as a source of wisdom. That comes you with other things, and you know it’s there. So much you don’t have become a life coach unless, of course, your business is life coaching, but you do want to be able to source of wisdom. You don’t want to hear you got a minute all day long I mean there’s, there’s a limit to it. Cuz, your time is precious, but yet it was interesting with someone that has the answers, then they’re much more likely to give it all to you and drink the kool-aid and come on board, and you talk about a source of best business coach wisdom that or just somebody who knows 10 times more about something than everybody else, and so, if you’re listening right now-and you say you don’t prove it accounting perspective-i, don’t know what I can write off this year and what I can things change? You don’t know about the new tax laws. You heard about the trump tax cuts, but you’ve also heard certain things went up and you just want to make sure you’re paying your taxes the right way or make sure you’re doing your account your taxi in your taxes, if your financial planning, the right way i, would encourage you to reach out to a show sponsored by the name of paul hood, that’s paul hood, with hood cpas. Com to put cps.Com their phone number 918-747-7000.

If you call him and schedule an appointment, or do they give you a free copy of warren buffett’s book called snowball, call them and schedule an appointment today and 918-747-7000 I want 87477 thousand attend the world’s best business coach taught workshop, for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving a review senior tickets by emailing. His group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com. Ok thrive nation, woke up back to the conversation, is the drive time to show on your radio and I’ll. Take shower breaking down the eight stages that every business owner needs to go through if you’re going to truly create time, freedom and financial freedom in your business nosy. This next phase is the bruce wayne face. I want to I want to see the year. Did you watch batman a lot as a kid I mean to wear you, a big batman guy, I love batman. You have the old school batman with adam west this on the tv that the batman here’s a question. You don’t need to go, throw the water to be like a duck and if you ever decide, I want to ask you this, but shows by what I just want to make sure mad. Just I have to ask you to tough questions on the show. If you had a friend who you knew very well cuz he’s your friend he’s my friend and he emerged bullets lighter not here, but somebody and your friend is gone and its other. Your friend disappears. He can go somewhere. Okay, there’s an emergency. Your friend for always disappears he’s got another guy shows up wearing again of some kind of like best business coach yoga pants with underoos on top of their uniform, and he looks as a statement. I think you know, your friends I see, looks like your friends eyes. He looks at you and he says it’s a crime. How long would that happen before you would know that that was in fact your friend before you would say, play I’m a week, late and I didn’t say:i mean seriously. I mean how come i, don’t like that. Show that threw that at all I mean like a totally different i, don’t know i. Just like you. A lot of space talks about like i, don’t know, I know all my heart, even more so even more superman superman is hair, does a little curl in the front and a pair glasses.

That’s that’s! That’s a big costume change their face covered as you’re, not my on your wrist I brought your interest, but i, don’t know you are trying to save the day back. It’s a really weird big. You think yes, I’m time is a serious business play. Car can I cannot believe you’re, making a shame mockery of it. Are you kidding me vigilante jobs in the world’s come see her more? This is best business coach mike. My final pay in the movie I want to know that the superhero that’s going to help save my family. Has the tools needed to save my family, but I don’t want to see the tool I just I just want you to look this up on the screen, and you tell me this is the original that I bought him a big screen, and you tell me if this isn’t absolutely the original batman’s original batman back of the day, it’s cold out here. What’s going on here, I’m just saying it I mean he’s really in shape, he’s just a shape and like i, don’t know that I need to see the whole. The whole game robin looks like michael scott from the office there, yeah I mean i, just there’s a lot of like calling the guy dressed up in that old school batman costume have fun, there’s just a lot of things right there that are just to hold you to that i. Just there’s a lot going on there that I can’t endorse george.

Yet you chose this as your 6 stage:how to train people and what you trade people to train the people for the people are:trans people i, don’t stall all the systems needed for your business to run effectively and efficiently without you it’s time for you to actually step out and focus on intermittently, improving your business processes and systems. 40 giclee coaching up your leaders to take your business to the next level. You need to be working on your best business coach business and not in your business at this point, so you can focus on other, more important things like running the city, and this is the state of the business that superheroes reach and I again see. This is something like for you and I put this in the book here, but I said i, remember going to dr. Roberts on his house and watching, as you attempted, to bring balance to your fishing aquarium, because you recently acquired an exotic gem tang and you wanted to introduce it to the fish tank without being eaten by the other fish. I feel like that’s. Why I knew that you were at the bruce wayne phase of business when you were taking copious portions of your day to introduce a exotic fish into your aquarium, and that was your number 1 priority. It was and it was successful and jim by the way. Did you really nice note 5 years ago, koi koi can live, i. Think 800 years really I was born yesterday in the koi fish, my name is not bruce I mean what happened it’s going by the way I wanted to make sure I put this up on the show notes hear the the the the agent that the maurice kanbar found a way to remove from alcohol is called conditioner.

It’s a minor chemical constituent, especially one that gives a distinctive character to wine or liquor and is responsible for some of the psychological effects. Susie found a way to remove that good job, mary scandal in the world a better place where you have time for them. I see a lot of business owners, the nothing wrong with traveling. Nothing wrong with that. Joy luck with that, but you do look at your auto auction and say what the hell I can make a little better I see you do that you’re very strict teacher, your thing about where I can make everything just a little better you’re, not in there everyday, but you’re almost able to observe things now because you’re, not in the forest. You can now see the trees. Talk to me about some of the best business coach observations you now can have your not in the business day today. What were the things that we’ve done is I bought some more land for expansion.

We want to do a recon center, where we can get recon tournament at you. You recondition a car, so there’s some banks in some institutions out their fleet and lease, for example, but I couldn’t do much in the details here that require that you want to send you the car. You paint you fix a bumper, you replace a windshield, you do recondition to the car, and then you sell it. They know it’s been a little bit of money on it. Upfront gets a lot more money in the auction lane, and so that’s kinda. Next phase I bought some best business coach land close by we’re going to pay that were built in buildings. The paint shop in there until what will be able to have that ability to go after the big tuna’s of the world cuz some of the big fleet and lease guys they don’t want to dick around the car they’re going to send them to you. You get him ready, you some get the most out of them.

They trust him rock on with it. So there’s always a little moves that you’re you’re. Looking at you know, one thing that I try to do is always trying to find out. How can I provide my team with better resources? How can I make my teammates jobs easier, so they can be more productive and chip. What are the things we had? A member of our team told us if they hate you know we have some bugs in the office in the back, then we got the box. I could have my teammates run around good best business coach client folks at platinum Pest & lawn hold of him that you can actually choose a first service for $1, so you can choose between a pest service for answer. Spiders are mice. We can actually get a lawn service for weed and pest her weed and fertilization control or mosquito treatment all either for $1. What’s the website for platinum, pest & lawn., com


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