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What are you spending your time on? Wasting time as a business owner and not focusing on revenue is a killer. The best business coach team, Clay and Z will talk about sales in this Thrivetime Show podcast from the man cave.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE –  “You either pay now or pay later with just about every decision you make about where and how you spend your time.” – Lee Cockerell (The former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed over 40,000 employees and over 1,000,000 customers per week)

FUN FACT – “80% of business owners fail.” –

Don’t spend your time modifying logos 17 times if you don’t have sales.

  1. Don’t spend your time creating mission statements and culture creating documents if you don’t have sales.
  2. Don’t travel for leisure if you don’t have sales.
  3. Don’t take days off if you don’t have sales.
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Audio Transcription

We were clapping the streets, jamming out as only the best business coach team can. We need to go to mardi gras excursion one of these days. We need to really do and I know how you have kind of an aversion to meeting random people easier for me than then people that I have to see in a continual basis. I don’t like yeah I could see that I can understand that for sure, but okay, so we’ll have to probably admit to do that. It’s a good thing about it. I know they have vodka down there. So I can get on the best business coach plane with enough cranberry and vodka to kill a horse. I’m fine went okaysomeone, might touch you or they might look at you or there’s a guy wants to breathe on you you’re in an aluminum tube or just want to sit there and talk the whole time. Those are the ones. That’s a new move, my headphones back in the day and then and then dude sit down. He looked over. It mean I’m, just chilling. Looking at me, cuz i, don’t know, they’ll, be no reading the books on this flights or talk to this thing out. What does I didn’t look like? He would never talk about you, but you know jeter’s in mile high club, vision c-101 focus on revenue-producing activity activity because without sales, your business will fail the former executive vice president of walt disney world resorts now or pay later with just about every decision you make about where and how you spend your time. Ellie was the former executive vice president of walt disney world resorts. He managed 40,000 employees and over a million customers per week. He called his system when he said what’s important. Now you make strategic decision as the best business coach was when a customer to ask him where the bathroom is. You don’t make strategic decision when there’s someone in front of you wanted to buy something you focus on what’s important now, so you have to have a time allocated in your day to focus on the strategic ideas and here’s the problem. There are four. There are four things:i see all the time. Entreprenuer doing this absolutely killing yourself. Onesie is people want to spend the entire day modifying a logo or print piece for the 17th time when they haven’t sold anything yet they’re, focusing on the strategic high-level things that don’t matter help cure somebody who’s listyou know:i did want to spend my entire day modifying my logo for the 17th time for my 18th brand I’m working out of my head, but yet I’ve got sold something today.

Please help cure this person. Well, i. Take it when you, when you don’t sell something you’re going to become one of the 80% towels. If you look under forbes right now, until horrible stat 80% according to forbes, even higher on some other at some other website, imports kind of our business bible, if you will, we 80% businesses fail and I think this is exactly the reason why, because you’re not bringing in sales, if you’re, not selling, you’re too busy trying to do all the other little busy things that you can get caught up in throughout the day like that means your logo. Perfect nobody’s logos, probably perfect, but you know what that’s not what you’re there to do today. You’ve got to make some best business coach sales and then you can want you have a war chest which have money in the bank. Then you can have the time to go in and tweak the things that you feel like long-term need to be tweet. Now ryan, you have put a bias on sales in your business at tip, top k-9, where you don’t focus on quality I had my logo for a long time and I didn’t have enough sales to freaking change. It I really like my logo now. So let me ask you this thoughso you when you are starting tip, top k-9. Most businesses go out of business, but you’ve been doing this for over a decade, but obviously you’re getting more efficient overtime. Who is not focusing on sales and then focusing on like building a culture? What advice would you give for the help them get unstuck? It doesn’t matter what you’re doing you got to make some freaking money like it doesn’t know that was a culture. Does the logo doesn’t matter? If you can’t don’t spend your time creating best business coach mission statements in value of putting your values on a document? If you don’t have sales means, you can’t spend your time coming mission statements and building team culture. If you don’t do so, we hit on it but again talk to somebody out there, whose listings of gosh I just really want to spend my entire day making value statement. Posters they haven’t, sold. Anything well, I think ryan kind of sounded up. If you don’t have any money, you don’t have a business. So your culture you’re busy statement. None of that really matters. So you have to sell clay. That’s why I like your advice to a lot of people if they’re wanting to come up with a new product or service, or maybe a new business idea, get out there and sell 10 somethings first see if anybody even wants to buy it, see if you’re able to sell see if you have that skill center need to develop it before you end up wearing about you know, mission statements and culture and all that have you put the quote on there

How do you peel on what your tip for being successful? He says you know if you don’t you work at 60 to 80 hours are in 8200 hours to be successful. Then, after that you can, if you want to create like the creator, you have to work 6 days, I feel like I want to be successful. You can’t be like resting on the 7th day of the six-day, the 5th day of the four that you got to work 6 days baby. You got to work baby, so don’t travel for leisure, if you don’t have sales I’m going to take. What you just said is a little bit, then you don’t so many people, we celebrate the the rocket ship in orbitoutside. The thing you know when it’s not theirs are orbiting the planet and it seems like it’s effortless and see what happens if they don’t celebrate. They don’t really look at all. The energy took tips for that thing to launch off the ground. So that’s why, when we say front-loading is entrepreneur, you have to be to say, listen, I’m, willing to work. 7 days a week, 6 days a week, 80 hours a week to start the top. It takes a lot of energy light energy than what you get up there in orbit. Then you can kind of back off and just takes a little little thrush for sharing their foster, the people by and entrepreneurship for that level of it they go. Hey I want all the free time in a lot of money to go, do what I want to do, and this next points is one of the things that you don’t do until your ships in orbit and and rotate around the earth effortlessly, and that is to go travel. Here’s the jackass come travel. This is why I workcops are the reversibles workshops. There is jackass travel, the podcast I’m just being brutally honest with his jackass travel. This is jackass travel when I was at dj I join the group called the american wedding association, so you go there. They got the best business coach speakers and shot she’s. A I have a big floral company in new, jersey and she’s her to talk to you about social justice in vegas, away from my family, because I’m on business trip, sure you’re there and I just want to see her. It’s really for me, business isn’t so much about money, it’s more about helping the environment and a community, and so with every flower we saw we get back and it’s awesome, I just left, vegas and everybody. That’s awesome, see you guys at the bar and you’re going that’s good.

She write down on your note 2 hours from her and then your second speaker comes up. This person is on the future or the cutting edge of the dj in the street there at a dancer from the bronx and nobody teaching you a new dance move that will be catch up on shooting third quarter of next year. It’s called the cupid, shuffle I should be I’ll, be going to college, did I ever say and now I students are next class will be about selling something you were going to chamber and they say our next speaker will talk about selling, because if you don’t sell, you’ll go to hell. No one ever does that is stupid. Esoteric mine wasting time, sucking soul-sucking, feudal, networking gossiping getting together kumbaya. The bits are still how you how you really feel about that been doing something you feel like you’re doing something but you’re spinning your wheels and you’re wasting your time. Your money, you’re learning burn summer retreat, it’s a bad person. All the time, I learned at my best business coach conference in my lego sucks. Oh, my gosh I’ve been to all these things it all of they have these really I do have a guy to get up there and speak and he’s like this guy is the marketing director for such and such he wants to talk to you about the importance of setting a standard for your employees in your nuts thanks. None of that me try again sales. Do your business is, like oxygen to a human. It is like photosynthesis at the sun’s rays water to a plant. It’s like blood to the human body, z without sales you’re going to die, it’s like replacing oxygen and water and food to go. I don’t have time to focus on oxygen, water and food, so I’m going to focus, fund milo go out there. You know there’s different types of businesses, but they all require sales. We got that down a bit to get that smell some businesses. Are your you’re required to have your trying to get the people to come into you? Okay, to you. Some of it is your. You have to do a cold call out to them. I, don’t want to bring cheap in my brand by calling people or seeming desperate, so I’m just going to what, if they don’t want me to die as quiet, somber, desperate death, where no one will know that I’m going bankrupt, I’ll just stay in here. Just now, silent my mind, you might be saying to yourself :i get it I got to make sales I’ve got to do that, but how do I get to people in what are the moves to get them to walk in my door and say I want to buy your stuff? That’s what I want to know. If you don’t know what you don’t know being a business cuz, they may be sitting there waiting I’m waiting, I’m ready to answer the phone I’m ready to sell something, I’m ready, I’m, ready to greet someone when they come in my front door, but no one coming in.

So what you do is you go to thrive Time you download the best business coach start here book for free? We lay out the moves. You download the boom book there there, but I want to get a capstone thought to ride. Ryan you’re, not a business coach of the owner of tip top, k-9 versus accessible business, tip top k9 little secret. But what advice would you give to someone out there listening? Who refuses to make some sales to prioritize sales? That’s cool! You work on the logo, but whatever you’re doing freaking sell it. Freaking sell them, sure, whatever you’re doing free can still go to bed to get out there you’re cold. She came out the culture stuff earlier, like the more we sold and the more we started. Implementing merit-based aid. The more culture came way we didn’t have to put culture on the wall. He’s our culture. Oh, my gosh, the boys are holding your team accountable and function on sales. The more the culture improved physical way in a physical way in a literal way, with a bill.


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