How to Free up Time to Work on What Matters

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Are you always running behind? Do you feel like a fireman putting out fires all day every day? If this is you then tune in as the best business coach team in Z and Clay show you exactly how to find time in your schedule.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – You’ve got to eat while you dream. You’ve got to deliver on short-range commitments, while you develop a long-range strategy and vision and implement it. The success of doing both. Walking and chewing gum if you will. Getting it done in the short-range, and delivering a long-range plan, and executing on that.” – Jack Welch (The former CEO of GE who grew the company by 4,000% during his tenure)

  1. You must select a specific time and place to proactively plan out your day every day.
  2. You contrast where you are versus where you want to be in the following F6 areas:
    1. Faith
    2. Family
    3. Finances
    4. Fitness
    5. Friendship
    6. Fun
  3. You must break down your big goals into bite size S.M.A.R.T. goals.
    1. Specific
    2. Measurable
    3. Actionable
    4. Realistic
    5. Time Sensitive
  4. You must have one to-do list for your one life
  5. You must have one one calendar for your one life
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Audio Transcription

Want to attend the legendary thrive time business coach show business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at thrivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true conversation. If it’s not time show on your podcast downloads, they were talking about time. Management 101, bring up time to work on what matters we have. So many clients are chopped business coach, so many classic worked with and they struggle many of them struggle until they don’t write. Once we got to show me as a business coach how to do it, then they’re home free. They struggle with bring up time to work on what matters so I’m going to read off the rules and I’d like to get you look at your take on it. Doctors elders take on it and ryan with tip top k-9 to take out of because, as he’s growing tip top k-9 he’s gone from usstart up a decade ago to have multiple locations in and again you’re always trying to optimize. Your time you want to observe pareto’s principle. You want to spend 80% of your time. Focus on the 20% of the things are going to move the needle the most so here are is this is you this is so normal, so don’t feel bad about this right. You just need to figure out a way to fix it, but I would say almost every business that we work with, as we help them a rush to revenue. That’s our first goal with every client right as we want to help him build up their revenue right to the first thing that happens is now all the sudden. You have no time, you know you maybe didn’t have any clients at 4 if you’d like some time, but now you got all these leads all these clients coming in and so you’re not alone, just listen to this entire show and we can help you fix it. So here are the five moves that you must do on a daily basis to free up time to work out what mattersyou have to select a specific time and place to proactively plan out your day, lee cockrell from disney world fame used to manage 40,000 employees. He will explain to you on the drive time, show podcasts and love end of the drive. Time should I come videos that you have to have a specific time in a specific place to work on your life every morning. The second step is when you sit down to work on your stuff on your life. What are you do? I mean? What are you doing? Are you writing haikus of your writing on a whiteboard? He says this. You got a biss key sit down and contrast where you are very versus where you want to be in these six areas. Your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship where do I want to be in my face, my family finances, fitness, friendship, I’m, not having any fun doctors. You explain to you what that looks.

Like the third move, you got to break down your goals. The smart goals, bite-size smart goals, specific measurable, realistic for a business coach and time-sensitive and the fourth, the fourth move you going to have one to-do list for your one life baby, one to do list and the final move. You have to have one calendar for your one likes as he lets go one-by-one, setting up a specific time and place to proactively plan out your day. Where do you do this, and why does everyone need to do this back in the day? I would do this in the evenings. I was a night owl and for me it was much easier just to stay up and playwho’s better, my kids to be asleep, but they were what the heck was that it’s up for me. I would do it in the evenings. I would do my long-range planning. I would do my map out the day. The next day, I would I would think about the problems that I had problems. I need to fix. I would I would put all these things down. On my to do list., your day, when you saw problems, you wrote it down on post-it notes. You know I was before I was a big fan of post-it notes, which one do you really? Okay, cuz. It’s actually paper digital of minivans with the wood trim, phones that plug into a wall and post. It notes patrick swayzeyeah, but he loves watching your videos i, don’t you just we just finished watching dirty dancing right before we start again. I like going out can flip it around when I’m doing in the morning, because I don’t have to be a lot of words that have to be someone specifically have time in the morning and so I’ll get up and then I’ll do it in the mornings you’re my quiet time of playing time, I met at I might be out there. Not our listeners. I don’t have time to block out time to plan out my day and you would say man cave session. You have to make it i, don’t know you have to make it won’t. Look. I didn’t want to do this, then why don’t you right now? I got a piece of paper:bill simmons, podcast., this paper I got it like a big chief tablet, nice, the number 2, pencil or pen, whatever you like to do, I don’t want you to write down is specifically, you can I’d like to see you in 15 minute increments. But what did you do? Yesterdaywhat did you do yesterday, but I want to know all of it and, let’s think, coming on I wouldn’t know how much of the olympics were watching last night is that we are in the olympic season right now, I told myself, I want to know if you did any netflix.

If you are on social media, I want to know exactly what you did break it down. You got it for what time you went to bed at what time it starts working out to assume book it down, though you were sleep, so you got up at what time and what you do and then and then and then and then and then and then and then, once you get that you tell me now, you can’t squeeze the 30-minute one hours every single time, every time. I’ve done that with an business coach or entreprenuer, they say a lot of things about yourself. How can I go without watching ice dancing, I mean and here again, so then what you do so well. That was your priorities of the day. And what do you want to be your priorities of the day? What did you want to get done? What do you need to get done? What’s the numbersomething I need to do it? I don’t have it to do so now, I know ryan. You become more more purposeful as you’ve grown, tip top k-9 with managing your time. So you can talk to yourself 8 years ago, 7 years ago, before you became better at time management or is your perfect know? Are you getting better yes, but I mean if you could talk to yourself back in the day, when is that crazy chaos, where you just sell and you’re just blowing and going 90 miles an hour you’re just what does that feel like when you’re in that mindset of just not planning her that correctly? It’s just like the fireman, like always putting out fires, mindset and I got normal to get out of that normal. It’s going to feel different than invite-only most americans according to against disease research. You can find you can spot on cnn money. You can find this to type in the united states america federal reserve, the average american has less than $500 saved. You will find this most americans are overworked, under paid under valued totally, not knowing where they’re going, and that’s why everybody will say justifications like I understand. You didn’t have time to plan your schedule, but I’m telling you as a business coach, you don’t. You will get poverty, which is what you deserve after you encounter this information and you choose not to do it, you will be poor and it will be your fault and I hate to say it, but it will be no other way around. If you encounter this information today and you’ve heard explain this in myself and you choose not to do it, then you need to hit your head with a dumb stick every single day until eventually or the poverty will wake you up. Job is what I’ve seen more than one time. Are there there’s some people out there who really do there?

They can get things done. I can figure out problems, so they think that’s alright. It’s too crazy I’m not going to pre-plan I’m, not going to have met a time I’m just going to get it all done, and what really made me think of this was ryan. You just said you’re the fireman. If you don’t plan on your day, you cannot think strategically about your business when you’re in golf in flames, it’s impossible things going on so you’re, not that good you’re, good, you’re good, but you’re, not that good. Just why we write these outlets before the show. My name is clay. We just winging it. So this is the thing you got a contrast, see where you are versus where you want to be. So you look at this for the first time and you go by faith. My  business coach family, my finances, my fitness, my friendship in my father’s good pic on two of the apps. You might say you know what I did not enjoy. I did not enjoy a certain aspect of my credit card statement this month. I feel like I might have spent too much in this area. I thought you spent too much on the card or, you might say, I don’t enjoy the company of that person that manner that woman makes me crazy. Everytime I see that man or woman I don’t like them. It turns out we’re related, so you could say if the person is you could be a powerful person caught the person related to, and you could say, hey we’re going to do is going to get together once a week at this time. You know, I think it’s. If you could do that, and now you don’t have to see them every single day and ruined every single day, because if you’re surrounded by people, you don’t like no matter how much money you have, you won’t enjoy it or you might say your finances. You know this is expense. I’m, tired of paying, and so you call up the said company are called. The service are called the employee expenses and you terminate the expenses see. This is how this works. This is how this works tonight, taco couple others I mean I feel like I’m, not where I need to be in my faith in I’m, going to take 30 minutes of television watching away I’m, not going to binge watching netflix every night and imma. Take that 30 minutes and I’mma put it into a quiet study time. Here’s the proactiv I found the study guide that I’m going to use for my faith and for what I want to do and how I want to grow and and I’m going to nom on schedule every day. 30 minutes of that into my day so or you may say, I’m what I’m doing great my faith and rock on and things are good and the mind is what the mind is fed and whatever you feed your mind, if you’re a christian, judeo christian person as many of our business coach listeners, are that’s great, that’s what I am, but you don’t have to be that.

But if you are you’ll notice it overtime, if you listen to a td jakes message every single day for 365 days a year, pretty soon you’ll start saying such things as subconsciously. You’ll say, strength is gained through struggle and where do I get that I think I got that my td jakes episode, so you got to be intentional. What you put in your head because garbage in garbage out chuck, you were going to add something there. Nope nope is fitness how many people it come. January one save themselves to lose weight and get those abs backtrack to go one day and said if I’m going to six packs out of a keg and I promise, you a lot of those get dropped about middle of february, maybe the end of january. You can put it in their business coach schedule. They don’t they will get a plan they’re just like okay, I’m, just going to start working out. What does that mean? What’s that mean? What’s that mean I’m going to start a business? What’s that mean yeah? You know you got to be very specific. I’ll give you that time, machine or you just go to the gym? If so, where you put it out with your legs, logical exam, and you just keep your arms a little little little too much stuff for when you’re doing that. Cuz you make that face while doing that, it’s still do the podcast. This is not. Actually real life is just so. You can actually give some some rational thought, these areas of your life, that you should be taking control of take control to control. The only way you take control of is to actually take it. Now what you thought about these things you have to set smart goals. I want to get your take on this c2s, the mva that are the specific specific goals they have to be measurable, they’ve got to be actionable, they’ve got to be real and it got to be time since I see so mean on twitter, saying this, this tuesday I’m going to write a book. You know this thursday I’m going to make my website know you’re, not when you could say this tuesday I’m going to write the home of the contact. My homepage, that specific measurable. Is it done or not actionable when am I doing it? Is it realistic? Can I get that much done? Is it time sensitive? Yes, I commit I’m going to do it by tuesday and if you say you’re going to do something and you make a promise to yourself and you do it yourself, then you get self confidence as a result of me keeping the promise to yourself. If you break a promise to yourself, you get cognitive dissonance, aka of feeling, like you lied your mother. So therefore your conscience is violated in the only way you can deal with a conscience and not a big should become a better person.

If you have a conscience, is to desensitize it by continuing to break promises to yourself until you live in a van down by the river, which is a good thing to be neighbors. We are at the riverwalk. You have a lot of a lot of our property just right. There I moved probably line up I’m thinking, 30 vans. If you break enough promises to yourself eventually, you will no longer have pride and then what you’ll do is you’ll see a line for the drinking fountain at a public stadium in usa. You know what I mean the water in the urinals wet I’ll just drink from that day to go, because you have no pride. Why do yourself consistently enough and you don’t honor what you said you got to do you say I’m going to call this lead tuesday at 2? If you don’t do it enough? Eventually, you not lose pride and self-esteem. Yes, you do and then you end up drinking from your nose and it’s science and a van down by the river. But this is so important. Part of the problem that I see so much is that people get this far and then they don’t make realistic goals. You know they’re there. You know hey I’m, going to I’m going to be on a hundred pounds this month and I’m going to be down to 4% body, fat and sprinting, who are massive, you’ll, see a massive sprinter sprinter who was just like the. He was like order cake for the office to celebrate a sales goal and he would just kill that cake and then before he killed the cake, he would kill those drugs because that’s how we had the previous life situation, anything you just crazy compose it, and one day he says, I tell you this guy’s I will lose a hundred pounds in the next 45 days or something and we’re going text history of the business coach snake. Oh my god is this, where the snake, the snake, was a simple man that was supposed to help. You burn fat and if you took a pill, you push your body for sale by her cuz. It’s like you’re scared, like burnt 2223. How many jews are running, we’re, i-44 and scaling the corporate building were looking out the window cuz. This is like after work and he’s got his hoodie on he’s, got a short and he’s just sprinting and he’s doesn’t know we’re watching sprint’s for maybe half a block, and then he just done i. Don’t know about that. All I can say you going to set realistic goals. If you want to run a marathon. You start by just running a b, a block the next day, maybe a block and a half and just keep adding so I want to get your take on this ryan, because you are man who suffers from what I would call entrepreneurship, which is where you’re motivated and everything is urgent, which is a good thing and I have overtime, had to learn c to put that buffer on urgent and reel enterprise I got a buffer urgent with realistic, and so you got to get things done, but I realize things take time.

How have you learned as you’ve grown tip, top k-9, to set goals that are realistic house that may be hard for you or what we through your mind, says:you’ve gone from where everything’s urgent to it’s. It’s still urgent. It’s a priority, but you’re not going to lose your mind if website isn’t popping google by tuesday or whatever so hard for me, not to lose my business coach mind right now or like that and I think what happens if that’s a good trait that means you’ll, probably be an entrepreneur. If that’s your mindset but see if you don’t put some kind of governor on that you’re going to eventually make it will drive you crazy right when everything is instant, oh yeah band, you can’t have that! That’s not realistic! That’s not you! You just give me time since I need to be done today. You know I mean you got to have your to-do list. You got to have your check. Let you got to have the things that you say this is really really important and has to be done. No questions about it in the morning, meta time that actually really helped me, but what I also found as I can even plan for my team if I wasn’t paying for myself and I need to know the staff 5 thing was huge for me and then z introduced to 6 in this man cave is the six the fun kind of fun, because, if not I have to eventually either your or the people you’re married to their brain will explode. You have no play, makes sure yeah. So now the next. The final two boots I want to recap here kind of want to do list. You have to have one to do list in the file movie have to have one calendar to see I see so many people running around with an app that reminds me of what to do mixed with a business coach google alert on their phone and mixed with a yellow, notepad nothing’s getting done. They have multiple calendars, east up a jackass or help us, it’s horrible i, take what I had put it back when I was a young man, I would show up to a restaurant and then be like three different reps from two different company. They’re meeting me for lunch, be like oh looks like it’s okay. For me to get to 20 minutes of my undivided attention, you go first, you don’t have to get down to one calendar and if you don’t have it to do list, you need to do i. Try to remember i, try to use most of my mind to remember, and then I’ve ever had in my mind, available to think you have to have it in your what’s the number one thing you need to get done today. You need to know that you know what what’s the next thing in the next thing in the next thing that to do this is so important. You know play because that tells you what your energy should be spent on uvalde and you thought about it.

You’ve got a plan in your long-range view, says they’re going to get it done. You know what I can tell you play is that the private one thing that’s changed might like business coach personal life, the most since I started working with you is completely buying into having a clipboard with my to do. List. I. Have it in my hand and I’ve got stuff that I definitely would have forgot. I definitely would have forgot all of these notes, if not I’m, right behind that I have a printout of my day, so that I know exactly what I have to do today. Every hour on the hour. So I’m not thinking about what my next meeting, where do I have to be it’s right here, my clipboard and if I don’t have that clipboard I kind of freaked out i, don’t have to find it. This morning was working at the word lyrical miracles in my sm58 microphones beautiful, but the xlr cord was cutting out. So I wrote down by xlr to xlr court i, also wrote down by 16 by 20 frame at hobby, lobby cuz. He our last conference, some reason that bathroom so many guys in there. So you admit you would have you would have loved switch to a p-trap now stadium and one guy bumped into your tulsa world print. It falls down just a broken, window, theory and stuff, and things break until I have on my list to go by that frame. But these are things that, like i, would not remember, I’m not going to remember I’m, not a superman you’re, not a superwoman. No one. Listening to this has the mental capacity to remember every thor. Should you try to yes efficient c-101, focusing on revenue-producing activity, because without sales you will fail and without any further, do we like to end the show with a three and a two and one in the boom is so here we go 3 2 1


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