From a French Prison to Becoming a Songwriter and Real Estate Developer w/ Garrain Jones

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Garrain Jones shares how despite being raised by a drug dealer and having spent 2 years in a French prison he went on to become a producer for Ludacris, 2 Chainz and Chris Brown, a dancer for Destiny’s Child, a model for Skechers and an entrepreneurial success story.

    1. Yes, yes, yes and yes! Thrivetime Nation on today’s show we are interviewing Garrain Jones. Garrain, welcome onto the show, how are you sir?
    2. Garrain, I know that you’ve had a ton of success at this point in your career, but I would love to start off at the very beginning of your career. What was your life like growing up and where did you grow up?
      1. I was born in Houston Texas and moved around a lot.
      2. I was this kid who went through a lot of things. I broke into a lot of things. I got suspended. I was known as the kid who’s friends parents wouldn’t let their kids hang out with. I was always picked on. I didn’t know what it was called at the time but now I know it’s called unique.
      3. My brother Anthony disowned me because I was a nerd. That always made me feel alone.
      4. My dad was a drug dealer and an alcoholic. When that is all you know, that is normal. He was murdered when I was 12 years old.
      5. My mom was very calm and took the role of mother and father.
      6. We moved around 15 times when I was young.
      7. We couldn’t afford electricity sometimes and the lights would go off. The candles would come on.
      8. I had a speech impediment. I had “delayed learning”. It is funny that I speak on stage all over the world.
      9. I was never afraid to do anything.
    3. Garrain, I would love for you to share about how you first met Ludacris and when you felt like your career first began to gain traction?
      1. I’ve always been good and going and getting what I wanted. My mom would tell me I could have whatever I wanted as soon as I could afford it.
      2. I knew that if I wanted something bad enough, I would go and get it. I would do every odd and end job out there.
      3. I got out of prison in 2005
        1. I was the only American person in this French prison and I was covered in tattoos. I was almost protected.
        2. I learned how to unlearn everything that got me there in the first place.
        3. I started doing everything I wanted to do before I got into prison.
        4. I started reading everything.
        5. I learned fluent French.
        6. I read over 275 books.
      4. I went from Huston to L.A. to New York to France
      5. I was chasing a girl to France. While she was out of town, I met up with some guys.
      6. While I was in prison, I wrote a bunch of songs. I told myself “As soon as I get out, I will find a way to record these songs and get them out”
      7. Someone introduced me to MySpace.
      8. I met John Henry who let me record one song and fed me.
        1. He gave me food, transportation, and shelter.
        2. He told me “If music was what I wanted to do, don’t come home until you bring one song home… Per Day.”
        3. Something clicked. I went on MySpace and I messaged every producer I could find. There was over 400 people.
        4. One guy responded. I recorded the song and it blew up.
        5. Two weeks later I met Ludacris and got a $500,000 deal.
        6. My brother was aware of how the contracts worked. By the time I left, I didn’t owe anything. I ended up leaving the label because it didn’t feel right in my soul. I wasn’t going to stay for the name.
    4. How did you learn to produce music?
      1. It’s like a language. You can’t learn from some video. You have to immerse yourself in the culture.
      2. When you’re around the industry, you pick it up 10x faster.
      3. I started trying new things and would always ask questions.
    5. Who was the most skilled artist that you worked with?
      1. Chris Brown would just go in the booth and he would freestyle 10 songs. Half of them would be done in an hour.
      2. It was clear that it was mastery.
      3. I call it, God channeling him. He was in his element. He was in a flow.
    6. So how did you pick yourself back up and what are you doing today?
      1. I have a coaching program.
        1. I coach high performers in the tech world.
        2. I also do one to one coaching.
        3. I do silent retreats.
        4. I do a three-day workshop.
      2. I do real estate development.
        1. I don’t like to hold anything
          1. Money
          2. Property
          3. Secretes
          4. Creativity
      3. I have a health and wellness company.
    7. Where do you call home?
      1. There is nothing physical that I call home.
      2. Wherever I am and am calm, is home.
      3. I live in California
    8. You have interviewed the best of the best including Wyclef Jean and Michael Strahan. What are some common traits that you see all successful people share?
      1. Wyclef does him. The greatest gift you can give to the world is you and your authentic nature.
      2. I have seen Wyclef perform so many times. He can change genres instantly. He has mastered it.
    9. What advice would you give someone who is getting rejected constantly?
      1. I moved to Los Angeles as a 5 foot 9 inch American Male. Every modeling agency would only take 2 light skin and dark skin people. You had to be 6 foot 1 inch.
      2. I didn’t have abs. I didn’t even have a car.
      3. I rejected for over 4 days by 15 different days.
      4. I had a negative self-talk. I also had a voice in my head telling me to keep going.
      5. Most people would’ve quit after the first day. I just kept going.
      6. The #1 agency looked at me. They said “We’ll take you”. I asked why they picked me because I didn’t look like everyone else. They told me “We picked you because you don’t look like everyone else.”
      7. The power should reside in your focus and your goal.
  • You come across as a very proactive person…so how do you typically organize the first four hours of your and what time do you typically wake up?
    1. 4:30 AM Every single morning
    2. Before I go to bed, I have the power hour.
      1. When you go to sleep, your mind goes to work.
      2. The mood you’re in when you go to sleep is what will flow through your entire day.
      3. I make a list before bed:
        1. Mind
        2. Body
        3. Soul
      4. I make this list of to-dos and I do them first thing in the morning.
      5. I set up my mind to be thinking about that list and in a positive mindset.
      6. In the first hour, I try to see how much I can get done.
      7. Most people don’t get 3 things done in a day. I get 3 things done by 5:30 AM
  1. My book:
    1. Change Your Mindset Change Your Life
  2. Where can people find you?

The business deals Garrain made excluded him from the financial rewards of much of his work. Before long he was $200K in debt with nowhere to turn. Burnt out and discouraged, he quit the music industry and became homeless and attempted suicide as his life spiraled out of control.

After committing to a massive overhaul of his lifestyle, Garrain spent four years building himself back up, defying the odds of failure that were against him.

Now a successful millionaire, he speaks and writes on how to undergo transformational life changes, and is an inspiration to those who feel like they have no options left. He was featured on Impact Theory hosted by Quest Nutrition co-founder Tom Bilyeu, a show that explores the mindsets of the world’s highest achievers to learn their secrets to success, featuring past guests like Michael Strahan and Wyclef Jean.

Are you interested in interviewing Garrain on the mindset he adopted to turn his life around and his lessons learned from hitting absolute rock bottom

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Audio Transcription

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Andrew, the life of today’s guest is unbelievable. Oh No, you can’t stop me. I believe it, Andrew. Seriously, you can’t believe, well, let me, let me, let me ask you a question. Okay. No, no, no, no, no, no. Listen here, clay. I have reckless belief. I believe in all things at all times. Listen here. UNICORNS, real leprechauns also real. No. Now the Illuminati being controlled by Colonel Sanders, that is also real. Now going to the moon. That is not real, but I believe in Andrew after today’s show. We’ll work through those issues, but the questions I have is how does a man go from the complete bottom to the top financially within just seven short years flow in your face? I’ve got a better question for you. How does a man who lost his father due to drug violence when he was just 12 years old and who grew up breaking into cars and houses in America, end up living in a French prison? Will not to one up you, but I have a better question. How does this same man, Andrew then go on to become a producer for ludicrous two chains. Chris Brown, a model for the sketchers company, a dancer in Destiny’s child, the video, and he’s become a very successful real estate investor. Andrew, can you believe that? I do believe that. Ladies and gentlemen, without any further ado, it’s my pleasure to introduce today’s guest, Karen Jones.

[inaudible]. Yes, yes, yes and yes. Ladies and gentlemen, today’s show is going to blow your mind multiple times. Welcome onto the show, right audio Dojo of Mojo post show Mr Garrain Jones. How are you sir? I am fabulous. That was the most awesome, most energetic intro that I’ve experienced all day long. Well, I appreciate that. I’ve been working through some psychological issues. I read too broad and tone it down. It’s like half power. That’s half speed. Write their hands. Have been working with me’s. Yeah, let it go. Let it go. Don’t get so excited. Here we go. So I gotta ask you though, my friend, you’ve had a lot of success and we’re going to get to that, but I’d want to get, I want to start with the bottom, you know, the bottom at the very beginning. What was life like for you growing up? You know? Um, so live Mike was, I was just this kid that went through a lot of things that got in trouble for a lot of things. I broke into a lot of cars, broken into a lot houses.

Um, got suspended for just being a bad kid. So I was known as the kid who all of my friends, their parents wouldn’t allow me to hang out with them. And um, it was just, uh, you know, I always felt alone, always got in trouble. I always got picked on because I was very different than everyone else because what I now know, it’s called unique. And I didn’t, I wasn’t trying to fit in with anyone else, but everyone else around me, it was, um, how can I put it? It’s like when you’re little kids, you don’t even, you don’t know what, what from what. But if you’re now prospective, so I was so different than I thought. There was something wrong with being different.

Hmm. So you, you thought there was something wrong with being different. In what ways were you different in any, what was your, what was your relationship like with your mother or brothers or sisters or kind of walk us into the home there?

So my brother, uh, Anthony, we’re cool now, but back in the day he didn’t, he pretty much disowned me. People would ask me, ask him. I was that your little brother wearing the, the, the long tube socks, walking down the hallway with the, uh, nerd nerd glasses and a big yellow backpack walking with his head down. He would say, that’s not my brother. So for me to have someone disowned me, I just always felt alone. And my dad was a drug dealer, alcoholic, so he was around. He was, he would go and then come, never honor his, um, any words that he said? My mom, she was just a, she was very calm and she took the role of my mom and my dad just by being the disciplinary. One thing I’ve noticed about my mom is she would always do whatever she needed to do to make sure that her sons were taken care of. Even if she didn’t have the money, she would make it happen. And she went through a lot of stuff. And this is what I seen. I seen her go through a lot of stuff and always come out of it. So I had a very mixed batch of, of experiencing so much at such a young age. My father was murdered when I was 12 years old. You know, lot of alcoholics in their family. Nobody was healthy, lot of and secure people. And we moved around about 15 times. So I never had that stability growing up.

So your mom had to have been a rock of stability. What? What was it like knowing that your dad sold drugs?

We’ll see when, when that’s all you know, that’s normal. I didn’t know that. That was different until I got around different kinds of people. You know, so growing up in my house and we couldn’t afford, well I can’t say we, I didn’t have no money, but my mom couldn’t afford to keep the lights on sometimes. So the candles would come on a, she would put up candles in the house. So I thought that was normal, uh, that everybody’s lights would just cut off. And then they would put candles up until I started going and spend the night over spending the night over at my friend’s house and I’m like, Oh wow, your lights never come off. So that’s when I knew that there was a difference when I started venturing out and hanging out with other people. And what part of the country where you at? I was in Houston, Texas.

I was born in Houston, Texas. We moved around about 13, 14, 15 times and I was raised in Missouri City, Texas. Did you have anything that you are really good at? Like were you good at a sport or music or very good. You’re, you’re a very, you’re very, uh, I’m not going to say articulate because you are that, but it’s more of like a charismatic speakers. How would describe you, you’re a person who has the gift of grace. You’re a person who can speak with conviction. Um, I know you’ve worked on that. You’ve, you’ve obviously studied that. You’ve, you’ve practiced that, you’ve devoted yourself to being that. Was there anything else you were very good at as a young age that was like a natural talent can be your refuge at all or no? You know, funny, funny you say about the good speaker. I actually had a speaking impediment.

I was in special needs classes growing up. Uh, I was diagnosed with delayed learning. So what would normally take somebody, um, three days to learn them and take me six months to learn. And, and it was a major, major issue for me too. And it’s funny that I speak on stages, all stages, all over the world, right? But I was the guy who literally couldn’t speak the thing that I was really good at as I was never afraid to go out and do something. Whether it was breaking into cars, breaking into houses, jumping into alligator island to get golf balls because no other kids would go and get the cause. I would go, um, we would call it the rich neighborhood. So take the golf balls and sell them for, for a dollar to the, to the, to the golfers. You know, that the neighborhood was like 20, 20 minutes away from my house.

But I would jump into alligator island. It was a lake that was infested with alligators, jumped to the bottom and then literally fish out a golf balls. So I was always a person that would just put myself out there without, without, without regret. Whether I got in trouble or not. No, I never, uh, went uh, in the bottom of an alligator infested lake to find golf balls. I did though, I studied quite a bit and I couldn’t talk very well at all until about age 12, 13. Uh, and so I are you late to that? I, you’re just your whole store as with all the listeners out there to know, we say it started from the bottom. Now we’re here. I mean, this guy, I kind of started from like, you know, I dunno, there’s like the bottom down there, you’re fishing around for golf balls at the bottom of

an alligator, infested, tested. Like that’s the, that’s the bottom. It’s the basement below the bottom at the sub zero. That’s like in Australia, that’s like basement in Australia. Four flat tires. That’s pretty low. That’s the bottom. That’s the basement. Now that’s, that’s pretty low. I started maybe from, started from the middle. Now I’m here. I mean this, this president. So, all right, so now you, you, you all of a sudden you somehow these overnight successes happen as a result of obsessively putting forth action for years and years and years, and then somehow you met ludicrous.

The wrapper. Yep. And what happened there? You know, and it’s funny because I’ve always had, I just wanted to go back to what, because a lot of things that we learned that were domesticated with as children plays out into our adult life. So inside of everything that I was good at, I was always good at going and get getting what I wanted because one day my mom, I asked my mom, I said, mom, I want these Jordans. The drawers were like $150. She was like, well, when you can afford it with your own money, then you can buy some Jordans. And so I broke into the, um, the civic center. Uh, they might learn about this now, but yeah, it was me back in the day, but I broke it. This, the civic center. So some pixie sticks, Gum, snickers and blow pops, went to the school the next day, sold them all, made the money, then skipped school a day later and they got into pat patent, leather blue and white Jordan’s.

And that’s when I knew when I want something bad enough, I’ll go and get it. I had a lemonade stand. Um, I was doing, I was doing, um, washing cars, uh, uh, just mowing lawns and everything. So that mentality, I didn’t know that that was training me for something later on in life. I’ve never been a lazy person. I just never knew where to put this energy. So fast forward to the ludicrous thing. I get out of prison and 2005 I was in there for two and a half years for smuggling, smuggling drugs. What’s it like in prison by the way? Is it, is it just a blast? The blast. What’s it like in prison? Well, French prison is very different than American prison in America. They don’t want you to rehabilitate and and Europe, they actually want you to rehabilitate. Oh they want you to rehabilitate there.

They actually want you to rehabilitate. So me being there, it was, how can I put it? I was a fan favorite because I was like what everybody wanted to be. So like the gangsters in Europe during that time they would always say, oh man, something about America, something about America. So I got a pass but one, cause I have a body full of tattoos and then the fact that I live, I’m from America and I was the only American person there. All of the people kind of took me in was like, if anybody messes with you, just let me know. And all they wanted to do was about America. So that, but the biggest thing there is I learned how to unlearn all of the stuff that had me in there in the first place. I never read books. I never, I never actually cared to think about people.

Um, uh, I stopped creating, I stopped doing all the things that I love when I was, when I was in prison. The things what I said to myself is what can I do in here that I wouldn’t normally do out there. Got It. I got back to doing everything that I love. I started singing every night. I started drawing again. Um, I remember that I wanted to be a superhero, be stronger than the average man, have added like an action figure and save people’s lives all over the world. Started reading. I read the Bible cover to cover eight times over the Quran cover to cover eight times. I was just trying to read everything I taught. I learned fluent French. Um, I started doing painting and I read over 275 books, not knowing that I was filling myself with all of this knowledge to be used later on in life.

And so that was the biggest thing that happened while I was in prison. It was an opportunity for me to be still and completely rewrite my past by giving myself an opportunity to learn so many more new things. Now, not just trying to follow the, the, the, it’s like a, I’m picturing a map. It’s like we’re in the world. Is Carmen San Diego here where the world is crazier like Florida to France to where are you now? It’s law. It was Los Angeles. So I lived in California and I lived in, uh, Texas, Texas. I’ve moved to California, California now and 2002, that’s when I got in trouble for smuggling drugs. I would do anything to make money while I was making money. No one ever had taught me all of these different, um, how to be in the world. I didn’t know how to invest my money.

I didn’t know how to attract money. So when I got it, I didn’t know what to do with it. And I was greedy because I never had it when I was younger. So here I am chasing a girl to France. Makes Sense. Yeah. So I had a girlfriend chasing a girl to France while I’m in France. She goes out of town. I meet these guys that were, um, that were, I wouldn’t say they were the best guys. I knew them from Los Angeles, from the, from the club scene. However, when you’re in a foreign country and no one else speaks English except for you and a couple of other people, all of a sudden you just start, you, you have this automatic bond. So all of a sudden that turned into, I have an opportunity for you. You drive this car over this border, this thing to say one thing turned into another. And then I got busted at the, at the customs. I spent the next two and a half years in a French prison.

Okay. So, so from, from Hughes, from La to Houston to France. From Houston to La, Houston, New York. Yeah, to New York, to France. Oh, see this right here, this right. This is, this is why we have them on the show. This is like an epic journey on epic. When you take it with the word epic epic movies, there’s like a character that’s introduced to conflict that we get. We gain character through struggle. So we start to build these characters. These adversities can become stepping stones, setups for potential that they can set us up for success. They can become, failure can become a prerequisite to success. Or the story could end. You could say, I’m just an, I ended up there. They’re in the prison, just hung out there. And uh, but no, you’ve, you’ve turned your life around, done some big things. How did, uh, where did the ludicrous connection from prison come? Where did we get there?

So I get out and while I was in prison, I was writing a bunch of songs. When your mind is quiet, you tend to become, become more creative. So I wrote a bunch of songs while I was in prison and I said, soon as I get out, I don’t know. I have no money. I’m, I really don’t. I don’t know any producers. I’m gonna find a way to record these songs and get them out. Somebody introduced me to my space. I didn’t know anything about social media or anything. So I, I, I get out, I get on my space. It’s one producer, let me guy named John Henry. He let me record this one song. I had this song and then I have a, I call him my brother. He’s my play brothers, a guy, a comedian named Deray Davis. He gave me a place to stay, gave me food, gave me money for clothes.

He said, you’re, you want to sing, right? I said, yes. He said, you can have food on your, uh, food, uh, food to eat, a place to stay. I’ll drive you wherever you need to go. I’ll give you money wherever, however, if music is what you want to do, don’t come home unless you have a song per day. And I nearly threw up because I didn’t know her producer. I had no money. I had all these written songs and I was like, okay. So I had this hyper awareness and that tapped right into when my mom told me when I was a little kid, well, if you want, if you want to have those shoes, well then you gotta make your own money. Boom. Something clicked inside of me and then all of a sudden I went on my space and I messaged, and this is before they start flagging people for, I’m sending the same messages over and over and over and over.

I went on my set based and I’ll probably message like 400 people. I was like, I’m a singer and I want to come into the studio. I want to sing it. One guy responded, I recorded the song, I took that Song, put it on my space, and then all a sudden in 30 days, I had 28 songs. Two weeks later, ludicrous just happened to be at the comedy place where Dya Deray was performing. He introduced me. I handed in my CD CD. Two weeks later they handed me, um, they, they signed me for $500,000 record deal.

Now the $500,000 deal, does that give you an advance on that? Does that, that work? So they’ll, one of listeners aren’t I, I work with musicians now, some of what? One of which is signed to Atlantic records. And so I kind of know the economics of the music industry.

You know, it’s half up front and then when the album comes out there’s half. But then there’s this, you know, there was so much that went into, cause I was also a songwriter and a producer and things like that. And so by the time I left, everything was Nolan void. I didn’t have to owe any money and everything, but I ended up leaving that industry. I mean I ended up leaving the label because I, I just didn’t, it didn’t feel right in my soul. And people thought I was crazy. They’re like, you can usually just going to leave. I was like, listen, when something doesn’t feel right to me, I’m not going to stay just because of somebody’s name. I’m going to stay because my heart feels it. And I ended up leaving.


And then from there, that’s when my life just started going down hill because I felt like I can do everything on my own. How did you learn how to produce music? You know, when you’re just around, it’s almost like language. It’s like if you’re around somebody who speaks Japanese well it’s clear that they’ve done, they’ve immersed themselves inside of that. And the greatest way to learn a language is not Rosetta stone. Um, you know, at a coffee shop and it’s like you go to the country and you immerse yourself in the culture. Well, I was just around a bunch of people who were doing that and you, you can grow 10 times faster just by way of culture. So when you’re around singers and songwriters and producers and you’re watching, you learn just by observation. So just by being around so many people and I was like, man, I can do this. I know how to do this. Just because, you know, just, just through the culture I just started trying new things and when that didn’t work and then I would ask, I’ve never been a, I’ve always been a fan of asking when I don’t know something.

Who’s the, who’s the most skilled of that group that you worked with? Ludicrous. Two Chainz and Chris Brown. Who, who, who did you look at and go, this guy. Is it on a different level? Maybe lyrically, maybe performance, maybe the ability to work the crowd maybe who was the most, and I don’t say the word talented cause I think talent, uh, really starts, it’s a little small seed, but the skill, you know, if it comes from mastery and working at it. And who do you find was the most skilled?

You know, when I was in the studio and Chris Brown, um, he just had this ability to, he wouldn’t write like nothing that he did. He didn’t write, he didn’t have no pad or anything. He would just go in the booth, there will be 10 beats played and he’d freestyle 10 songs and, and, and, and half of them would be done within like an hour or two hours. And I was like, Yo, that’s crazy. And I could do stuff like that but not at that level. That was, it was clear that it was mastery cause he was freestyling everything. And I like when I call it, it’s like when God is like channeling through somebody and when you’re being channeled, you could see when he was in his element, the just the lyrics and how they would come down, whether it was wrapping or freestyling or um, or doing music or laying harmonies.

And so I would say Chris was one of the, by far one of the most talented people as far as right there on the spot in creation. Not having the thing, but just pure, pure genius and flowing that it was really awesome to watch and experience. Now those are out there. I another one to, now they’re going to say, you know, there’s, they’re saying Garrain Jones how do you make money now? Like, what do you do? I mean, you know, Garrain Jones what, what is your income source? What do you do? What is your occupation though? So I have several, several streams of income. I have a coaching, I coach, um, hi, just like high performers in the tech world when it comes to, um, like they’ll hire me to come into a, um, just like a major finance company and teach them how to increase high productivity or work well together and things like that.

But I also do one to one coaching where they pay me lots of money per hour to truly, really keep their head on a swivel as I do a silent retreats. I do three day transformation workshops. I have a wealth of health and wellness, um, company that I’m a part of. And then I do real estate development, actually own a lot of the monopoly in my neighborhood that raised the house that I’m living, raise the income in the house that I’m living in right now. So, um, I just took a, took a lot of skills that I learned, one when I was just around the healthy active lifestyle. And the health and wellness company and just when it comes to leadership and understanding how to build relationships with people, you know, you can’t get anywhere without relationships and resources. So when I took that, took that, put that into a real estate development, put that into my own coaching programs, put that into a formula and that formula always produced results because I’m always thinking about the people. I’m always thinking about the message. I’m always thinking about what do people want to hear, um, and bringing my vulnerability and real self to the, um, to whatever platform it is. So it has its own unique, uh, flavor you unique sense of, uh, Garrain Jones so that people get the opportunity to have their own experience in whatever it is. Yeah.

That I’m doing. Do you like to buy real estate in hold it or do you like to flip properties are a little bit of a, all of the above.

You know what? I like to do a ball. I definitely don’t like to hold anything at anytime. I don’t believe in holding. I don’t like to hold money. I don’t like the whole pro property. I don’t like to hold investments. I don’t have, I don’t like to hold secrets. I don’t like the whole creativity cause I feel like everything that’s inside of you is meant to come out anyways. That’s why we have holes all over our body. Like waste comes out, sweat comes out, tears come out, blood come out. It’s like when I feel like I’m holding all these things that I’m stopping the process of how natural, how nature of flows. Anyways. So when it comes to seeing the problem, literally looking at one of the properties outside of my house right now that I bought for 1.2 and sold for 2.7 we bought it and then we built it out, developed it, painted it, put a pond in the back and all these different things. And then I love to watch things transform and then it go out into the world and create something for someone else. I don’t believe in holding anything.

Where do you call home now?

This might be a little, I call it

woo woo. Woo. Yeah, get here real quick. Let me get the willow music credit. Got some good woo for you here. Let me, here we go. I’m ready for the

ready for the week.

Oh my God.

Oh, I’m ready for the wheel.

Okay. Okay, I’ll stop and I’ll stop it. Sorry. Let me just, sorry, I’m going to, I’m going to have to do my

real quick. I’m doing my, so that was, that was two were women. That was okay.

What you say I’m going to one up you with, we will were just a moment. Okay.

You had that right there. Hold speed. Uh, okay. Um, I don’t, there’s nothing physical that I call home. It’s I identify with me and like the presence in my body. So anywhere where I go and I’m calm, my Pete, my peace of mind. That’s what I call home.

Where is the physical location from where you are in studio city, California. Okay. And is that your favorite? Uh, Newman at home, but favorite does state to be in.

Um, yeah, you know what, I love California cause I can go, if I wanted to go snowboarding and to the beach in the same day I could. And it’s only two and a half hours away.

So now the other questions I have for you, is there somebody out there, there’s somebody out there who grew up like you and again, you start at the bottom, you in the middle, below the bottom. I started at the middle bottom or something, but we both grew up without money. Uh, we both had a certain challenges. We both struggle, struggled to um, speak well on both of us down to a certain extent, get paid to use our voices. Uh, but yet we couldn’t talk. Um, I have certain vice I give, what advice would you have for people out there that are just right now at this moment, not in the past, that right now they are being ridiculed. Uh, they want to go out and become a real estate agent, let’s say. And they just are getting rejected on that phone there making calls. They’re getting rejected there. Maybe they want to be a dentist and they’re going to dental school and they’re struggling, they’re getting by, but barely, you know, someone is right now going through that adversity that you’ve already gone through will continue to go through as you grow. What advice would you have for somebody who’s really going through that adversity?

May I share a story that would add so much, so much value to the question that you just asked? Absolutely. I moved to Los Angeles as a five foot nine African American male during a time where fashion high fashion, uh, at every single top agents modeling agency only took two African American, uh, to we, we, we call it is like light skin and dark skin, dark skin per agency. This is back in 2001, and the minimum height to even go into the agency was six foot one. I was five foot nine. I had no abs. I hadn’t, I wasn’t, uh, never thought of myself as a model. Just somebody said, you should do it. So I, so I just wanted to go do it. Um, I had no, uh, zed cards. I had no photos. I didn’t think I would just, there’s no possible way. I got rejected over a four day period of time.

I had no car and I took a bus. It was like an hour per um, going into the agency. I got rejected and they kept saying, we already have somebody that looks like you and literally took 45 seconds seconds to look at me. I got rejected over four day period of time and it was 15 different agencies. I’ve put the easiest ones at the top and I’ll put the, the most difficult ones at the bottom. So I put um, Ford and Wilamena at the bottom. So they one rejection, rejection, rejection, and then that little machine in my head goes, ah man, you should have never listened to them. You’re too short. You’re an African American. No, never bring you. You’re not good enough. You’re not. You don’t have any abs. That’s that negative self talk. And then another boy says, you come this far, keep moving forward the next day. Rejection, rejection, rejection.

The next day for rejection, rejection, rejection, rejection, rejection, wait, one, two days, whatever that number is. A lot of rejections the last day. So I’m down to my 13th rejection over four day period of time. Most people would have quit after the first day, right? But something said, just keep going. If this is what you want to do, then whether you get rejected or not has nothing to do with you doing it. So just keep going. And Ford was like, we already have somebody that looks like you. Wilamena had beyond say had David Beckham had all these, all these big names. I’m like, what the hell would they want with a five foot nine freckle face? Uh, you know, coarse hair, no ABS, little African American boy from Missouri City, Texas. I’ve already seen their modeling wall on the website. They already got the dark skin and the lights. Again, this is what I’m saying in my head.

Doesn’t mean it’s true, but this is what I’m saying. I’m in there. There’s 60 people. Every person in there got rejected and came down to me. I was getting ready to walk out. Boy says, you’ve come this far, just keep going. I go in there, they look at me for like two minutes, take my photo. And they came back and said, sure, we’d love to represent you. And in my head I don’t look like anybody and this is what they said, we’d love to represent you. You don’t look like anybody. So I got with the number one agency, they sent me on a Skechers campaign, audition bottles, campaign audition, and the Destiny’s child jumping, jumping video, jump in. So that day I booked on the same day that I, they sent me on those same day I booked the Skechers campaign, the book will campaign. I didn’t even make the audition for the Destiny’s child jumping, jumping video cause I couldn’t make it in time because of my car. They called me the next day and they said, by the way, you booked all three. Beyonce just happened to come into the agency and handpick your car. Wow.

So what I would say is if you really believe in it, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says because they’re projecting on you probably what they weren’t able to do. You keep going for it. If it means that much to you, then everything around you is probably testing you to see of what you want is what you really want. And if it, and if you really want it that bad, other people’s opinions of you shouldn’t even matter because the power, the power should reside in your focus, your goal. So you go out and get what you want, whatever. And somebody else says is like mosquitoes to that light that goes bad, man. Man, you know, I uh,

I really would like to, for this to be the first 30 minutes of a six hour interview because I’m so fascinated with you and your life and there’s so many places we could go, but I want to make sure the listeners know where they can go to find out more about you. Obviously we can all Google your name and find out more, but where’s the one place, the one thing you’d like to direct our one thrive nation to go check out?

Man, I wish I can put my mouth on my website and my Instagram in that one thing. Oh, sure. Yeah. Wherever you want to go. So, uh, definitely my website Garrain g a R R a I n My Instagram is at Garin Dot Jones. Um, I’m posting it is me posting every day. Um, and I’m just really excited to create a space for people to see, um, you know, just an example of what like really taking control over your, your mindset and your life and how you can truly make your dreams happen no matter where you’re from, what age you are at any given moment, you can honor those gifts that are inside of you. Get them out, use it and produce extraordinary results in your life. And I give those tips and tools out every day. True.

True. Now I have one final question. You’re very proactive person. A lot of opportunities are always flowing at you. Uh, you know, there’s another time, it’s weird, but there’s a time when my career, I’m just chasing, chasing and now that’s just really neat. People reach out virtually every day to be on the show. It’s neat, you know, but you get to a place where you have to then reorganize. Reprioritize, I have five kids and I on multiple brick and mortar companies and you own things and investments. There’s a lot going on. How do you organize the first four hours of your day and what time do you typically wake up?

Well, I’ll be up at four 30 in the morning. Every single morning. Yeah. Yeah, there it is. So it’s all right. So before I go to bed at night, I call this the power hour, but it starts before I even go to sleep. So when you go to sleep, your mind goes to work. True. So the mood that you have when you go to sleep and literally setting this sale or how you are going to either be on the defensive or flow through your entire day. So I want to make sure that my night, 10 minutes before I go to sleep, I’m not angry. I have no resentment. I’ve completed things, I feel successful. So I write a list down. Your brain responds to, um, you know, it, it doesn’t, um, your brain responds to progress, whether it’s big or small. So I write this list, it’s, it’s the, it’s called the power hour.

And I put on this list something that has to do with your mind, your body, your soul. So whether it’s something has to do with the shakes that I have in the morning, me doing some pushups to increase my serotonin, Serotonin, calling some clients, giving them acknowledgement, me doing my daily affirmations or doing a Bible verse or praying and meditating, whatever that is. I have at least 30 things on a list with the intention of getting as many of those things done within the first hour upon waking up. Because I get to start my engine first before I come to any human contact with anybody because I want to give you the best of me, not my scraps. So you got a bunch of like different graphs and lit listen things. So what I do is I create anchor. I’m looking at a picture of my daughter, look at a picture of my girlfriend, look at a p, um, my favorite color to to increase the the love that’s inside of me.

Then I look at the list, then I’ll look at the picture. Then I look at the list. When the list starts to take on the same emotion as all of the things that I love, then I go to sleep. Now I’m going to sleep at my peak state. My peak loves state. My mind is thinking about the list with the same emotions that I went to sleep with. Soon as I wake up, I’m already charged up and my number one goal is, let’s see how much I can get done within the first hour. Most people might get three things done in a day. The who are not living from lists. I have 30 things done in the first hour, so you can imagine the level of power and energy and momentum that I have. You start up a car with increasing 10 times the velocity in the engine, then it settles into the drive. I start up a Garrain by increasing 10 times the velocity and then I settle into the drive. And that’s how I start my morning. I’m already charged up because of the night before. And I’m excited for my life because of what I’m thinking about while I’m sleeping.

Oh, burn. Anybody out there who thinks that uh, Garren might vary a little bit. Woo. Uh, we’ve interviewed so many millionaires, billionaires on this show, entrepreneurs, and I hear so many of them talk about the power of the subconscious mind. And just the other day my wife was working on something. So what she did just like, just like you said, she’s looking at, my wife handles all the, all the legal aspects and the accounting aspects of our company. So she reads over some certain numbers and goes to bed

and she wakes up in the morning. He goes, I have the answer.

Did, she couldn’t come up with like what the conscious mind. And I do that all the time. I do it all the time. I, I just cannot endorse what you just said more and I just want to thank you, uh, in a, uh, in the most sincere way possible. I just appreciate you for being on the show. You, you, you dropped so many knowledge bombs. I knew this would happen. It’s, I have to duct tape my head back together now and you’ve kind of just my, I’m just gonna take me several weeks to put it back together.

Just, just thinking about that is hilarious.

Well, I appreciate you so much for putting up with me and hopefully the intro then I’ll record after today’s show. Will do you justice my friend?

Absolutely. And as do I, we didn’t mention anything about it, but I do have a book coming out in about a month. Well, why don’t we talk about that book. Yes. It is called [inaudible]. Change your mindset. Change your life. Seven and a half years ago, I was living in my car for two and a half years, $200,000 in debt. Girlfriend had just broke up with me and tried to kill myself twice and I did not know that there was another way to, to live my life because you can’t change what you’re not aware of in that moment in, in, in that moment, I had a, a, an awakening when I, and I, and I, I say, I literally said, I said, I want to be healthy. I want to be happy. I want to be surrounded by nothing but positive people. I want to inspire people on stages of thousands and I want to make a bunch of money, but I want the money to represent something that I passionately believe in, that I would do for free.

Just show me a sign. A week later I met a guy, uh, was a homeless guy, quote unquote, and he asked me for money. I said, you have more money than me. He said, change your mindset. Change your life. That moment right there started a philosophy that I started doing the opposite of everything that I would normally do and in areas of my life that I wasn’t happy. So I’m seven and a half years removed from, you know, we’re naturally habitual creatures by nature and we’ll carry that to our grave. I’m seven and a half years removed from that and took all these twists and turns and led me into reading and self discovery, self mastery, spiritual psychology, all of these different things. So inside of my book, I did not know that seven and a half years ago while I was in my storage unit, while I was sleeping on bubble wrap and posting online.

So all of my stuff is online because I was posting on Facebook when I was living in my car declaring the life that will be living, the one that I’m living right now, when I didn’t have any money. Wow. People have been following me since that time. And, and what I shared with people was I never thought that being so vulnerable and sharing my journey would cause so many other people to say, write a book. You should write a book. I put the gun down after you shared your testimony. I didn’t drive off that cliff after you shared your story. I know there’s a reason for living. Thank you so much. Your experience inspired me and I put all of those things in the book.

Tell us one more time the title of the book and when it’s coming out change.

Does your mindset change your life written by yours truly. Garren Jones. Um, and it’ll be out June 2nd.

Yeah. Those who’s out there that don’t know, I can see him. He can’t see me, which is great cause I’m kind of a man bro. I know you can see me so I can see you. But here’s the, I’ll tell you if the whole modeling real estate, you know, you know, book writing, all that doesn’t work out. You have a career as a hand model. You’ve got your hand model career going, those hands. And so there’s some beautiful digits right there, my friend. You can be a hand model. Think about, there’s a lot of people, I mean Andrew, you know how how my hand modeling career really started from the bottom and went south. You know, people are going, what’s wrong with your fingers? Did you break them all? They’re just all just twisted and weird. I’ve got some shy, but Michael Strahan fingers, you know what I mean? Michael Strahan fingers and you’ve got it. Do you ever thought about hand modeling as a fallback position?

Somebody approaches me. You come and talk to my people. I got you. That’s huge on you. Do the rock one time. Did the rock with the, with the hands, the Rockdale, you know. Oh, look at that. Oh yeah, that’s impressed. That’s bro. I tell you what, that’s eye candy right there and thrive nation. You’ve got to go check out his website today. Garrain Jones. I appreciate you and I hope you have a blessed day, my friend. Thank you so much and thank you again for the opportunity and everybody up there. Let’s get this live. Three, two, one, boom.

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