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Larry Montgomery of Restore Home Health shares how the systems and processes provided by business coaching have dramatically helped to grow their business. Larry shares how the search engine optimization, brand enhancement, workflow design and systems creation allowed Restore Health to move from being “lost to found” by their ideal and likely buyers.


Do you ever feel like your business is stuck or that it has plateaued? 

Do you know where you want to go, but you just don’t know how to get there?

Well, you are not alone…according to Forbes, 9 out of 10 start businesses now fail and 8 out of 10 existing businesses don’t make it. But, my friend you don’t have to become just yet another statistic.

On today’s show we interview long-time Thrivetime Show business coaching clients, Andy Mathurin and Larry Montgomery so that they can share about how we’ve been able to help them dramatically and systematically grow their business:

Larry Montgomery shares how the Thrivetime Show Business Coaching has helped his company to:

  1. Get to the top of Google Search Engines 
  2. Recruit high quality people
  3. Take their branding materials to the next improve
  4. Improve their sales process
  5. Stay focused on the game-changing activities
  6. Increase the number of inbound leads they receive 
  7. Create a scalable workflow
  8. Design a high-quality customer service experience


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Audio Transcription

The Restore Home Health Story Thrivetime Show

Do you ever feel like your business is stuck or that maybe it’s plateaued? Do you clearly know where you want to go, but you just don’t know how to get there? Well, you are not alone. In fact, according to Forbes, nine out of 10 startup businesses now fail and eight out of 10 existing businesses don’t make it. But my friend, you don’t have to become just another statistic. Ponder this for a second here. Ponder this. My partner, dr Zeller and I, we’ve been able to build 13 multimillion dollar companies. Why did we grow up rich? No. Are we super smart on his case? Ah yes. In my case, not so much. Is it because we’re masters of just one specific niche now, I mean auto auctions are very different than haircuts, which are very different than optometry clinics, which are still very much different than marketing firms, which is very different from the wedding entertainment company, which is different than banking.

All of the businesses that we’re involved in have done very well, but yet they’re all rdifferent. So on today’s show we thought we would interview long time thrive time show business coaching clients, mr Andy Matheran and Larry Montgomery of restore home health. And you may be thinking to yourself, well, what’s restore home health? Well let me read to you their mission statement from restore home health. Don’t care. Their mission is to provide superior patient care dedicated to serving their patients, families and communities with integrity, character and excellence. They provide services for post acute care, medication administration, wound care, observation and assessment, pain management, brain and spinal cord injuries, and much, much more chicken out of restore home And on today’s show they’re gonna explain to you how we’ve helped them with their search engine optimization, how we’ve helped them to recruit high quality people, how we’ve helped them to take their branding materials to the next level. How we’ve helped them to improve their sales process, how we’ve helped them to stay focused on the revenue producing activities that will grow their business, how we’ve helped them to increase the number of inbound leads that they now receive, how we’ve helped them to create a scalable workflow. And to design a high quality customer experience that their patients love.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, without any further ado, it is now time for another edition. [inaudible] you can do it.

All right. Just wanted to send out a quick, a quick little mention a of a shop, uh, super coach down at thrive. And, uh, and this is Andy with the restore home-health darts or marketing. I have with me Larry Montgomery and I am the administrator and chief information officer at restore home healthcare. And we have had the pleasure of working with Chubb for the last year and a half, almost two years. Uh, and when we started, we were lost in a, a sea of information and a Chubb sorta kind of lined out a plan for us to move forward. Um, and we started right from the beginning, uh, uh, improving our branding. Uh, so it was, uh, a more recognizable, uh, uh, revamping our website. Uh, so it loaded appropriately. It provided all the necessary information for, uh, uh, individuals, uh, who needed help, uh, in the home to find us.

And then we quickly moved up, uh, in the Google rankings through, uh, reviews and articles and, uh, uh, things of that nature, which really increased the phone volume and, uh, people inquiring about home care services, uh, which was really gate. Uh, and it was really a, uh, a systematic approach to, uh, you know, uh, getting yourself out there and getting recognized. Uh, and so once we got all that branding done and moved ourselves up some Google, uh, we started working on our marketing materials for our marketers. Um, and we’ve, uh, we’ve really touched a, touched on some areas that weren’t being met in the industry. Um, in these marketing materials. We’re able to present that to our physicians and our referral sources and, um, uh, a and, uh, uh, the skilled nursing facilities in longterm care facilities and assisted livings. And basically this marketing and material sorta kinda laid out how we would care for their patients. It talked about, you know, what separates us from the competition. And, uh, it really stood out and, uh, it really made a difference. Um, and because of that, uh, the, uh, referrals for home, uh, home care services, as far as patients go, it really increased. It’s really multiply. Um, we’re, you know, each month we get better and better and better

and it, and it really has helped us save a lot of time, uh, over the months. It’s amazing how much time you could personally spend on designing a logo or, you know, trying to think about the different marketing materials and what they should look like. However, when we present an idea, uh, to, to chop and to the team, you know, clay will get his mind on it and then he’ll send it to, you know, they’ll, they’ll all send it to the graphic designers and all of a sudden it comes back very quickly. And we have this grand, amazing design that, that we may have contemplated in the beginning, but didn’t know that it would look that good. So it’s, it’s been really excellent to be able to showcase what we have to, uh, you know, to, to customers and clients and patients out there in a territory and look really, really good. So, and, uh, you know, really does a great service for us.

Yeah. You know, and in addition to that, you know, I mean, as we begin to sort of grow our agency and grow our staffing, uh, you know, uh, as I always say, coming to Chubb sometimes for me is like my own personal counseling session each week. Uh, but he’s taught me a lot of things about how we, um, you know, uh, I can’t say that Chubb completely understood what nursing and therapy men, but he taught me how to train individuals to be better at what they do. Uh, with the, with providing me with the tools to train people, providing us with the tools to hire people and find your a people. Uh, and so those tools kinda look like a, your group interviews once a week, uh, trying to find the best nurses in the industry and, you know, how do we, how do we bring out the best in people? Uh, so they’re passionate about, about what we’re passionate about. And, uh, you know, we were given those tools and, uh, we, you know, we would hire nurses and, and make mistakes in the past, but we are making less and less mistakes as far as our hiring goes. Uh, it’s been really good, and I can say this now, uh, without a doubt. This is the best staff that I’ve had in a very long time.

Accountability out there as well. I mean, you know, thrive really introduced us with the concept, the idea of group interviews and, and uh, you know, and now, now, you know, staff know that they’re, there are people that are being interviewed, you know, every, every week and said, uh, that has been great for, for hiring and, uh, and it’s pretty incredible the amount of different companies that thrive works with, you know, they’ve really perfected over the years, uh, what methodologies work for multiple businesses. And that’s certainly helped in our case.

And what’s been great is we stick out. I mean, uh, it’s, it’s a crowded market out there. Home-health is, and, uh, you know, and we believe that what we’re doing is a service to the community. And we believe that what we’re doing, we’re doing it better than anyone else. And now we have the ability to portray that message to the communities that we work in. And it really has been a, a really a, a business changing, um, sort of, uh, uh, an event that takes place on a regular basis. And we’re very fortunate that, uh, you know, thrive has given us the tools to do the things that we need to do. Uh, they’ve invited our, um, marketing team to, uh, to come to some of the thrive seminars benefited from a lot. Yeah. I mean, and it’s completely changed their focus and how they enter the marketplace and how they work with their referring sources. So I can just say this, I mean, thrive has been a fantastic, uh, tool for our business and we’ve developed some great relationships, uh, with, uh, the, the thrive staff.

You might be saying to yourself, well, how does this impact me and my business? Well, if you’re out there on the sidelines, just sort of, you know, running your business and barely making it, um, it’s time to make a change. I don’t know you well enough to know what kind of change you need to make. I can just say, um, so many times when I talk to somebody and we do a 13 point assessment, they tell me that that particular 13 point assessment changed their life and their approach to the way they do business forever. I can also tell you that if you come to one of our workshops, there’s no upsells and we’ll teach you all of the systems that dr Zeland. I’ve used to create 13 multimillion dollar companies. I can also tell you, I can just pile on here and tell you that if you go to thrive time and you click on the testimonials button, you’re going to see people out there just like you, and many people on the website are fantastically talented people.

You’re going to see doctors, lawyers, dentists. You’re going to see people like me that are Brophy national and not, and not so much professional. You’re going to see a builders, plumbers. You’re going to see home health care people. You’re going to see manufacturers, roofers, uh, are, you’re going to see a furniture stores. You’re going to see so many different business owners out there just like you, who we’ve been able to help. And if you feel stuck today, I would encourage you, I would encourage you to go to the thrive time and to schedule your one-on-one consultation today, or to book your ticket for our next in-person thrive time show workshop. My name is clay Clark, and we’d like to in each and every show with a boom. So now that any further ed to three, two, one, boom.



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