Generating Leads for Financial Planners | Building a Successful Retirement Planning Business (Part 3)

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Clay and Dr. Zoellner teach financial planners how to generate leads because without sales every business will fail.

Step 9 – Optimize Your Website for Search Engine Compliance

Step 10 – Turn on Retargeting Advertisements

    1. Click on the link to harry’s and then click the links listed below to see the ads that follow you around the internet
  2. BOOK – Retargeting Playbook  

Step 11 – Seminars (Consider the time involved in creating the system, is it worth it? Are you willing to do the work?)

  1. Disclaimer – If these work for you then keep doing them. If they don’t work then PLEASE move on to the Dream 300 system.

Step 12 – Setup Ticket Purchases on Your Website and Over the Phone

Step 13 – Create Checklists for the Event

Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

And no back to the thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170, alright, thrive nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the thrive time show on your radio and podcasts for entrepreneurs download. Wear today we’re helping out a thriver, a member of the thrive community, that is a financial, planner and he, is wanting to know what is the fastest way to grow. My financial planning business, the moves, I’m teaching you the system for walking you through today, I guarantee the work is easy, but you have to stay the course see the wait, a sec or 36 months. You said you guarantee him tearing up. Why don’t have you ever had a fight at your friend and business clients? Go there, you go what happens when is when you work at these guys they all get their podcasts for entrepreneurs license and they’re issuing a lot of those licenses. I mean if people out there all the times, you could become a real estate agent becoming a financial planner, as it’s kind of easy actually to get the license in comparison.

How hard this is anybody? Can anybody anybody, but a lot of people can enter into the genre timothy plays out a young man or woman is motivated. They didn’t begin to get this motivations excitement. They can pass the test and then they start passing out their card that our friend and friends and family say hey I am a financial planner I just got my license which to me this is how it means. If you came to me, I would go great, mentally I’m thinking, there’s no way I’m doing business with you at all for the first two years, because I don’t want you to test podcasts for entrepreneurs things on me. Then, two years later, if you’re still doing it, I would say how’s that financial planning business going man I got 20 30 clients I got to go to count, things are going, that’s why I like to sit down with you after I know, you’ve been consistent because he thought of people get a new idea every week and that’s not the person that you want to have advising you about where to put your podcasts for entrepreneurs finances also in the world of financial planning. This is one thing:i see all the time in the world financial planning there, certain products z that will pay at a higher commission.

Oh i, don’t know why you’re not saying money dictates what they encourage you to spend your hard-earned financial planner that will totally steer somebody to the wrong financial product to make a bigger upfront commission, even though it’s bad for the customer, because they’re not trying to build a long-term business, even though they might say they’re at they are and I see that it’s going to be a long-term play here. But you got to start that dream 300 plan to build relationships of bankers, lawyers and accountants. You want to hold yourself to an accountable to touching base with everyone on that dream. 300 list every 2 months. You know what think they I would advise is that we are starting out to maybe not quit your day job, whatever else you’re doing when you’re going to the process yet so, therefore they don’t have to make those short-term to make a car payment house payment the right to either kids, maybe needing podcasts for entrepreneursbraces I mean I’ve got built phone bill phone bill. I mean tell me about the cell phone, apparently to think marshall i, don’t know starting to think what happened. Is that make a short-term decisions it doesn’t really built for long-term cuz I got to make a bigger buck marshall did was very high ethic about 12 months ago we had a vendor that reached out to us and said:

hey I have a new marketing technology, and if you guys will refer us I’ll, let you keep a 60% commission in the product really really helps clients grow, and so marshall and I looked at the data, and we both came to the conclusion. There’s no way to prove that it was working, there’s no way to track what kind of podcasts for entrepreneurs product was it just me, the general digital marketing technology claim to be the magic turn-key move, that’s going to create clickfunnels, wow and wow I think everyone wants to be sold the idea that you can automate your marketing and crate and lucinda van toledo. It sound like a funnel cake, different thing, you’re going to see these. It’s typically a person shooting a video on youtube. It’s a selfie video I just want you to know. I got tips for making money, but you know why you working at the pool or sit at the pool and I don’t have time to get all of it to you. But you click right here. I’ll teach you my podcasts for entrepreneurs system and it’s always like shot on a selfie by some guy who just happens to be surprised that he is filming himself he’s become a cat videos cuz! That’s how I really should my 10. This is.

This is one of them to this is where the videos-this is a guy and he’s on a on a plane. With these. Ladies to you, except they were just talking about these books best man. She was talking with him about the books. She was also in there and they’re coming back from this warren buffets seminar. They say all three of these single ladies in this dude and they’re, saying that if you’ll go ahead and click right here, right now he’s going to teach the system to what you click the system. Now you get to discover the pyramid of wealth in this in the three secrets right here, he’s going to teach you, but you have to pay $1,000 one time to get backs us to the secrets, and this just never ends it’s just endless cycle of pain, to learn the podcasts for entrepreneurs secrets, and it didn’t see that that’s what you’re doing right now is if you’re listening hear you want to do at marshall did marshall when you realize that the product could not be proven to work and we tested it on our own companies.

You said what to the client who is curious about it. It is not a cannot endorse this at any point:no verification or validation. We tested it on our own businesses, I spent $1,000 of my own money over to eat. On the product and therefore I can’t recommend that you actually go down this route and that’s why it’s a business coach, everything we say we know works because we’ve tested it on ourselves and think we say don’t work, we are equally, you know, passionate about, encourage you not to do the bingo fight. The commission’s, but I’m telling you they’re a lot of financial planners out there secrets to ask you this a lot of people out there who have taken advantage of people with financial products over the over the years. Did you find your financial planner? How did you see the guy that you use now I’m asking first name. This is shy, but how did you find the guy? How did you build the report? I want to coach this into the life of this podcasts for entrepreneurs thriver out there trying to land clients like yourself, building relationships, spending, time, dinners, lunches showing me things that they had victories with.

You know I mean I’m not going through people’s personal stuff it at least marc anthony. Just in here here’s what I did with trevor. Bill that up with me, because if that’s something you just don’t give away quickly and I was young. I do have a whole lot of time and he was fairly new into his business too, but it was, it was good it. So then we start doing a little bit. You don’t jump and do all you put all your eggs in one basket and we, you know so give me a little the business a little bit of business. Listening to him, listen to him redo my own research, your kind of double checking, and now that’s back before we had google. So everything was jack. Jack have work, but your research, the public library i, mean you know it was over there all right, like you’re home, doing some research on my financial planner, pretty google do a floppy disk I could use the mainframe, am I going to fish in the microfiche. I know what happened to having some podcasts for entrepreneurs chest make it sent you like. Okay, here’s our plan. This is what i. Then you go for it was so the next play is after you have built this dream, 300 relationship, mr. Financial planner. You want to turn on retargeting ads and I’ll, pull it up on the big screen. Here we go to harrys.Com, that’s harry’s harrys.,, the razor company and z. The razor company wants to have a long-term relationship with you and, according to the book called the retargeting playbook, the average person has to see an ad 4.7 times over a. Of 2 months before they actually buy something. So I got a harrys.Com z. Now I go to cnn.Com i, see the harry’s ads again. Kinda creepy cool I see those guys everywhere everywhere. How quickly that works for podcasts for entrepreneurs. Isn’t it is scary? It’s not read break a hundred bucks a week max mr. Financial planner.

You can’t reach everybody over and over and over on every website. They go to the next step. This is where I I I feel like I’m going to offend this guy. I didn’t want to do it, but I want to be truthful, as you have permission to, maybe tactfully offend somebody. Yes, it says here that your primary strategy that you’ve done the past is to have seminars and then those seminars at the seminars. You teach people to financial plans and they can sign up. So this is what I want to put as a disclaimer check up on her step 11. If these do work for you, please by all means, keep doing them. It will help you scale them if they don’t work and you’ve heard rumors that they do work. Please move on to the dream 300 list, because I’ve discovered zz you’re, going to have your going to offend somebody out there and I hope you come on a podcasts for entrepreneurs listener, and put the kind of person that’s going to take the entirety of their day during the middle of the work week to attend a seminar on cutting edge financial investment strategies are not business owners or people with the high-net-worth podcasts for entrepreneurs people that spend their entire day of their work day during the middle of the work week coming to some cutting-edge. How to get rich, quick financial planning seminar think they’re, usually not ideal unlikely buyers, but the guys who have the money they’re.

The ones who are busy running their business busy being off the grid and they look to their financial advisor or their attorney for that advice, so you’re going to end up getting the kind of clients that they fill up these arena. It’s these big motivational seminars with these people and they’ll. They all show up, and they just convince them that if you invest right now, you’re going to run the magical system and I just I have never seen this seminar system ever work well for a financial plan, except for in one unique outlinepodcasts for entrepreneurs situation, there was an accountant, not paul, hood button account and I respect who had thousands of clients in once a year. He would do a financial peace workshops, his clients in dallas. It was like hey clients come for free i, want you to all know about the updated tax code. I want you to all know about the new tax law, all at one time and i. Promise I have nothing to self sell to you, and so he would pack it out with his clients who the gesture of him running out the the reviews of the anatole hotel down there in in dallas.

He rented out he’d, have about 500 of his client show up and see. A lot of you want to take their data. Learn about financial products turned out absolutely correct. They they want, but that is fun though they’re hate the latest in delays in tax code, the lord everything you need to know about the new tax law for your business, how it affects you, the new payroll deduction that sell you anything I’m here, nothing yeah he stood up and he says now a lot of you have been asking me about llc’s and wills and trusts. There’s an attorney in the back right. There he’s a friend of mine is a client of mine. I’ve been working with this man for over a decade. Now, that’s the movie! If you need a an attorney, I recommend you see him now. If you want to get set up with the financial planning podcasts for entrepreneurs system, somebody can help you plan out your financial future. This guy back here he’s a client of mine, I’ve seen his financials this guy back here. If you stand up to hurt you, this guy hears the best in town and so that’s the best attorney. That’s the best financial planner, bada bing bada boom and everybody lined up and I bet. She got. You know the beach of a probably got 50 clients right there, but that’s like so different than the height related financial planning seminar that are typically promoted and I know. That’s not your podcasts for entrepreneurs intention, mistress driver, but that’s what I see and that’s where it doesn’t go. I’m going to make sure you don’t actually turn your seminar into something like that right, cuz there was this big desire to duke’s what happens if you’re spending all that money to rent out the ballroom to make a new serving all the food. You guys make it back at all the sudden you’re pushing a high commission product that maybe isn’t the best thing for a client, so I would just be leery of making a seminar. I’m, not leery of being a hundred percent certainty that there are no snakes by the lake bees by my niece.

We do it. We got to get ahold of the guys at platinum pest & lawn platinum pest & lawn they’re, offering $200 off termite treatments right now with jennifer and spection, make sure your house isn’t getting much down right now, get a hold of them at platinum, dash, pest control.Com or 918-376-0857 918-376-0857 platinum, pest control.Com, eliminate the mosquitoes from your mojitos and go to platinum, dash pest control.Com 10, the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did it and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com all right rotation. Welcome back to the conversation is the drive time show on your radio and podcast download. My name is clay tiberius clark and the former us sba entrepreneur of the year, the father of five human kids and I am joined today with none other than the podcasts for entrepreneurs man, the myth, the legend, the man who makes ecstasy. When he’s next to me, dr. Z in the house, or how are you I’m very appreciative and I just want to give you a shout out on the radio, show the podcast, because I tell you what you are a great co-host for the radio show I’m, not here, all the time. That’s traveling I’m having fun, but you know you are consistent.

You makes you a quality, show good goes out every day, monday through friday and your aunt. You do all the notes in the background. You need to be a lot of time and every show does hours and hours and hours and I show up and I’m kind of, like the only talk about yours, your john madden, john, madden, john madden was an nfl coach and it was really really good as the coach of the raiders, and he was known as being a guy able to have unbelievable podcasts for entrepreneurs strategy and motivate his guys. But most people can’t do both I mean most guys, who are great strategist, can’t do both I can motivate bring both unbelievable record as an nfl coach in the bathroom. Could you be a color commentator which tapped into his wheelhouse of being a great communicator, but he already done the research called I’m. An nfl coach, I’ve lived, I’ve lived it in sochi comes on here, cuz he’s running real businesses and so busy. It’s not about hey. Let’s do show crap and let’s site this inside that because you intuitively know what works and what doesn’t and my job is the site, everything for the new entrepreneurs, the aspiring entrepreneurs.

So you can verify everything that we say is true. Choke can I give you the merriam-webster definition of zen, of which we were talking about that. Sir second of the show says estate of attentive, in which one’s actions are guided by intuition, rather than by conscious effort, explain the z the tie into the t c to the t. So here’s the next step in this truck driver. If you want to build it with robert emailed and said, hey i, how do I build a successful financial planning business, and this is something marshall going to love. This is step. Will you want to set up ticket purchases on your website? You want to set up ticket purchases on your website and you want to set up ticket purchases over the phone that podcasts for entrepreneurs statement. Marshall will take this person a minimum of 15 man-hours just to do the step. Why does it take 15 hours to build a scalable system for taking tickets online and over-the-phone? What could possibly take 15 hours? Anything that you want to operate? Well, that’s what they ripped that abby use this week to book as the threat is attending our june conference.

That’s right! She sent me the recorded call the quality of the calls great the word she said her articulate and you know how we made that scrap marshall. How do you make hours changing the script? Modifying people kept having questions and there isn’t a problem with the buyer. There’s a problem with the seller if it’s not understood by both parties, and so we worked on that script and search up, you guys have seen that it’s completely normal to have a ton of different versions. Do you know what version or even on 4050 I mean it’s been 49 yeah, it’s landing page. If you to thrive time, show.Com and you say, apple support, as you can see this time, show.Com and you click on the conference is, but if you want to get a podcasts for entrepreneurs ticket look how sexy this is me now it’s a countdown to win. The next conference is in the back and then you say, what’s included, which shows all the dates you can read the reviews you can buy. Now you can see. You said you going to cover at your conference the itinerary page. It covers each and every topic, so it tells you what we’re going to teach you at the conference and when we’re going to teach it to give you all your background, my background, what hotel you can stay in handsome boy recommend it shows you the itinerary for day one. It shows the itinerary for day 2 3.

Everything affects everything, is videos or samples of examples of testimonials z. This process, that’s conservative, to say it took me 15 hours, I think this page probably took john myself darling and devin, probably closer to 100 man hours i. Remember when we were redoing this page and had to take a nap, but it’s a very detailed now and so there’s no way possible. If you go to thrive time show.Com, you could have accomplished button that you would have any questions if you did take the time to read it all, and so many people have said hey just so. You know we today at work cited to be here and I said great, where you from the guy says florida and I was shocked, like florida I used to travel to these podcasts for entrepreneurs people. You know if my buddy hear fluid with from austin, so he’s from austin texas. Okay, these aren’t cities in oklahoma. Okay. Where are you from sorrow from canada? Okay? What about you, where you from vegas? Where are you from all this-is my second time here from vegas last year to hear from nashville from knoxville tennessee from new york from long island, guam, guam 30 seconds to say, step, 12 setup, ticket purchases on your website and over the phone, but marsha walking to the process of making a workflow on the whiteboard. So the first thing that you have to do is you have to document?

What is the customer experience in actually buying the ticket? So how are they experiencing at first I want marketing? Are they saying so you got to drop box. You know what is the marketing the three legged marketing stool, that your executor left to right? What’s the time which will drop box literally get out a piece of paper, get a whiteboard and you draw a box and then the same thing is:what does that landing page? Look like this is what takes 15 hours? You actually have to draw the specific layout of what the website looks like carlton, pearson book I’m working on right now that book I mean that is, like i, don’t know, 10 hours this weekend, there’s no fast way to get a book. You just have to get it done, and so I’m just trying to make sure we get this podcasts for entrepreneurs message or listener. If you want to scale a conference at absolutely worth the work, if it is, if it work, is not worth it at the end result, is it worth scaling that I wouldn’t invest the time and scaly I think the dream? 300? Is the system I’m a hundred percent sold out for anybody who’s a professional morning to get referrals, but the seminar with you seen fruit from it I’m not going to discourage you, but now what you start selling some stuff, so you got to make chiklis and ceased. Is it amazing how long it takes to make us quality checklist to check list from for, like even clean the bathroom, where you go, gosh I can’t believe I missed that stuff. That I thought were self-evident. You’re right I mean it’s hard to think that nobody’s ever clean the bathroom before their life.

It’s maddening to me when I make a checklist I give it to somebody. They follow it exactly right and yet I missed a glaring, that’s part of the cow. Does it take you to make good checklists to operate? The optometry clinic always always redefine and there’s always something has changed. The rules, change that something’s changed up. You know this in our industry, I mean there’s new brands that come out. There’s there’s new things that came out that you have to kind of make sure you’re in the space that you’re, where you’re putting stop I mean how to check. If someone in I mean it just it’s all going, you know who’s all about checklist and podcasts for entrepreneurs systems. Can you tell me spines in line since before my time, just right he’s actually got a really efficient system that he’s implementing with his staff. So we can get you in and out and values your tire & tea on time, guaranteed on-time. You can get all of this guy at 918-749-5741, dr. John, sibley., com they’re, going to 51st and harvard right over there by the starbucks at 918-749-5741 918-749-7557 for a joe hall of fame hockey player. That’s pretty cool that great one has real services of dr. John sibley. Comm check it out he’s a great american. Com


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