Get-Rich-Quick Schemes, Chasing Overnight Success and MLMS Are Your Real Enemies and Obstacles

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Get-rich-quick schemes will cause you to get poor fast. “Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.”

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.” – Proverbs 13:11

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, 24 since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” – Colossians 3:23-24

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” – Proverbs 10:4

FTC – Pyramid Statistic

  • Less than one percent of multi-level marketing consultants make a profit (Pg. 13)

  • 47% of American adults reported they lost money from an MLM company. (Pg. 2)
  • 21 Million Americans participate in MLM Companies. (Pg. 3)
  • 63% joined to make money by selling the product or service to others.

  • The Small Business Administration prohibits loans to multi-level marketing companies or pyramid schemes.


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Grabbed the duct tape and mentally prepare yourself or yet another mind expanding knowledge bomb from America’s number one business coach. Clay Clark.

Yes, yes, yes and yes. On today’s edition of the knowledge bomb, we’re talking about how get rich schemes chasing overnight success and MLMs are your real enemies and obstacles. You’re real enemies and obstacles. Now. Now, why would I say that? Why? Well, because this is what I discovered today, Andrew, Andrew Today. It happened again. Oh Man. I was talking to somebody who I’ve known for a long time, not a client. Uh, who, uh, has they do it every three years? Yeah. They have a business. They call me. They say, hey, I need help. Could you help me? Sure. You know? Sure, sure. What do you need? Said I got a question. It’s like answering the question and then they say, I can’t find any good people. Clay, this is the problem my top guy quit. This happens every time. By the way, this is like, it’s almost hilarious.

It’s almost like set my watch every three years. Who Comes to the call? Wait for it, wait for it. Boom. I mean, it’s almost like that kind of thing. And why do you think he can’t find, could people, cause it says it every three years, it’s the same. You know, we’ve never talked about this guy before and he doesn’t live in Oklahoma, but it’s a good example. What I really can’t find good people because he’s not actively looking for good people on a regular basis with Josh. Dot. See, Josh, you’ve met a lot of people in Tulsa, which means you’ve met the mat. The vast majority that don’t like me because I speak the truth, right? You’ve met some of these people. Yes sir. Yes sir. You work with clay, Kimberly, Kimberly to the guy. I couldn’t believe that he’s, he’s, I believe all these companies works with grow.

But uh, he actually fired me as a client. Well, why would I fire someone as a client? You know, Andrew, we got this new book we’re reading. Can you grab the copy of the book here? It’s called the trillion dollar business coach. I have a blue copy of it in my bag on the chiropractic table. And Ah, one of the secrets to Bill Campbell’s coaching success. Bill Campbell was the coach of Steve Jobs, the coach of Tim Cook, the coach of a Joe was in [inaudible] 89 I think it was page 80 and I think it’s a page 89 maybe. Why didn’t he talks about Eric, Eric Schmidt. This is the CEO of Google who’s one of the clients of the trillion dollar coach. Bill Campbell. Bill Campbell was also the coach of a member of Google, of Apple, of Jeff Bezos of Amazon, of Ben Horowitz from the top venture capitalists of all time and he talks about here on page 85 he says, I only have one question. Are you coachable? That’s his initial question. He says, I only have one question for potential clients. Are you coachable? He goes on to say, and the high stakes, big ego world of business executives. It’s easier said than done when remember that our protagonist, coach bill had quite a healthy ego of his own and the opinions and stubbornness to match, but how do you do it first, the only coach, the coachable.

This is why if you meet somebody in Tulsa says, well clay actually they usually won’t tell you the fact that refunded them and told them not to come back. It’s because nothing’s more frustrating than having a meeting with somebody who won’t implement what they’re learning. I am not interested in being the Ted talks of business. I’m not interested in just sharing general concepts and ideas that you’re not going to apply. I don’t want to become pastor business where I’ve got a congregation of people that attend and don’t take notes and don’t implement anything. But I had a church. You’d go like this. All right buddy. Now welcome to church. This week you got a to do list for you and then pass out to you. Um, step one where you’d be blocking out three hours a night minimum for the family. Okay. Three hours a night.

A step two don’t have an affair. And if you do have an affair, we’re just gonna put your name on the, on the, on the, uh, board where we normally announced, like if the baby needs to be picked up from the nursery care and I’ll just put your name up there and then optimize it in Google and we’ll just do that, you know, and then, uh, uh, okay, we’ll see you next Sunday. You know, our God is an awesome God. We’ll see you next Sunday. That was guy. I would do churches, I’m all about action, you know, and people say, well how about the heart change? I’m not about action. I don’t know about you, but I think you can have an awesome heart and not do anything. And what’s the point? You know? So what I’m talking about is this guy, he called me cause I can’t find good employees.

And I said, did you stop doing the group interview again? And he says, yeah, but dude, I had a great team going so well there, Josh, you’ve seen this now you’ve grown your company living water irrigation. Yes sir. Why can you not stop ever the group interview? Because, well there’s, it’s multi-tiered, but first and foremost, because you gotta be able to find good people. But second of all, you’ve got to continue to push your existing people. And third of all, you got to have the opportunity to be able to fire the B and c players. And about five years ago, we had a guy that state, it’s the same guy, he reaches out to me and he’s like, Hey Andrew. He says, he calls me to his claim having a hard time. I said, why don’t want you having a hard time? He goes, I can’t find good people.

Can’t find any leads, man. My sale, I sit, my sales are like way down, like I am almost at a business. And I’m like, what are you doing? He goes, well, I gotta tell you this opportunity. It’s called up Solvay. I said, Sullivan, when it was saying, well, it’s like, it says, it was a phone company, a multilevel phone company, and he’s like, oh dude, I am killing it and soul of it. And I’m like, so you’re not calling your leads and your insurance business right now. Again, dude, it’s going to be huge. Then you set your watch. Here it comes. Couple years later, the call, hey man, the company’s not going so well. Uh, not getting any elite. Andrew, why do people have such a hard time staying on the path? What is the deal, God, Gee, God said, Hey Adam, don’t eat from the tree of life.

What is the curiosity here? Why do we want to touch it? What do they want? Why do we want to eat from the tree of life? Everyone just wants something new or something that they can’t do or should not have. So they’re constantly going to be chasing after the new thing. The the, the thing that they shouldn’t have because it’s a, they get bored. They instead of boring down, they get bored of doing the same thing and it’s all about consistency. And if you can be consistent, you’re not going to be successful. Why do people inherently chase get rich quick schemes? Josh. Josh, why do you think people inherently chase? Why? Why do people, I mean people love the get rich quick story. People love that, that, that, that story about the guy who started the multilevel now works by the pool every day and auto ships, soap and big boxes to people on his downline.

He’s worth billions. I mean, why, why do people want to hear that story? Because I believe, uh, not for our listeners but for other people out there, I don’t think people want to work. It’s interesting. So I think that, uh, to piggy back off oil and Andrew’s saying, you know, I think three huge factors are consistent, persistent and patient. You know, I don’t think you wake up tomorrow and Hey, I’ve got $1 billion. No, you get up every morning early. You go apply yourself, you go apply the things that you learn that are successful for other companies, for other businesses, for other people. You apply those things and you do that all day and then you go spend time with your family and then you wake up the next day and you do it again. Do it again. I don’t, um, know that I have, um, any encouragement out there for somebody who doesn’t share my faith that’s going to work.

But I’ll try. I’m going to try and give you some encouragement. I don’t, I don’t have any though. Really. It’s all try to give you, I’ll try to give you some secular encouragement. So I’ll try and trauma a try. And it might do I give it to you. I, I hope that if you’re out there and we have different worldviews that you would be motivated by my, um, attempt to motivate you with, um, things that are hollow in my opinion. So here we go. Um, one is Collagen’s three 23, it says, work says whatever you do. He says, whatever you do, whatever you do, whatever you do, work at it with all of your heart as working for the Lord, not for human masters. Since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as well. It is the Lord you are serving. That’s the only reason I work hard.

Did see it. I totally got cause I just think I’m supposed to do it. I don’t, I don’t know. I mean I, I enjoy this success. What’s like an addictive game? Once you work hard, you make money. But I didn’t want to work hard. At first I started DJ connection. I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t have any desire to want to do that. It wasn’t cool. It was exciting. It wasn’t fun. I wasn’t like, oh it’s awesome. I never hung out with a single person for years. And I, that was awesome. It was, it was, it wasn’t that. It was, I just did it cause I had to. But then there’s another notable quotable from the, the controversial book called the, but proverbs ten four that reads, lazy hands make for poverty. Socialists should read this first lazy hands make for poverty. Socialists. We should read this first, late social who saw shush.

Shush, Shush, Shush, Shush, Shush, shush. Shush. Route. Dish. What person? Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. It’s a biblical idea. It’s a cause and effect. And I realized that if I wanted to make money, I had to sow seeds to get a harvest. It’s, it’s not even like a offensive idea. If you don’t sow seed, you don’t repetitive harvest. Um, now here and now, once you make more money, uh, Josh, David, you’ve your nose. You might have more problems when you make more money, like more customer service issues, more employee issues. You ever notice he had like very few employee issues when I was just you? Yeah. When it was me, I would I ever call in sick. Two years I’ve ever had to argue with myself. But now you’ve got more people. I wasn’t late, like I didn’t have to call me and say, Hey, I won’t be there til nine 45.

So let me tell you what, you’re going to give up their world if you want to be successful. If you’re looking for a secular idea, you’re going to work really, really hard, really hard. All right? Really hard. And then you’re going to make a lot of money. And because the US chamber shows that 75% of employees steal, someone’s going to steal from you. I’ve got to file a lawsuit and they’re going to quit. And it’s 75% of employees do this. By the way, 81% of employees lie on resumes according to Inc. Now you’ve got to hold them accountable, so now you’re holding people accountable who to lie and steal and that’s not going to go well for you. And then people in town like they do to me. Josh, you’ve heard it. Yes. They say, what about me? So that people who like to not work hard, what do they like to say?

What did I say? They say [inaudible] hold someone accountable. It’s a weird thing being a coach by the way. Someone’s paying you money to tell them what to do and they go, I don’t want to do it. Yeah, I don’t actually, I don’t want to do that. No, that won’t work. There’s no way that’ll work. What kind of things do people say when a coach like me dares to say, if you don’t do it, you won’t get the result. If you don’t sow the seeds, you don’t get the harvest. What kind of things would they say they, they say that you ask them to do too much. That it actually apply themselves in their own business to make them to do too much their own money. Oh boy. Like they said, to circle back to the workings of, I guess I should like own my own, I guess I should own their business for them to them.

Yeah. Like everybody that walks in, like you should have a hundred percent ownership. Like, and then maybe you could pay them for work. We’ll just see, you know, just so we’re clear for the listeners out there, um, not tomorrow, don’t freak out, but I will be shutting down our coaching program fairly soon. Um, not like even our current clients will be affected. Um, but sooner than later it’ll just be coaching a franchise owners because I grow tired of saying, I told you so type, probably got, you know, two years left and I’ll keep it in the podcast forever, you know, and I’ll work with my franchisees because Franchisees, Andrew, why is it different? Uh, it’s different because a, the system’s already been built. They have to do it, they have to do systems already built and you have to or you get fined. That’s it. Oh yeah.

So this is just it. Just wear it on you the whole, well that won’t work. Well I can’t get Google reviews. Oh, it’s, it’s always, it’s always, do you hear that one? Only reason I decided to start helping people, um, was because, you know, growing up without money and I just kind of easy for me to make money. So I thought I’d help people make money. But what you get is I’ll brag on clients, Dr. Morrow, Mark Morrow, MLK dentistry, super successful, very appreciative about me. Barbecue. One time he says, thank you. Shows up to thank you. Um, full package media. Thomas comes up to me and says, thank you. Pay Clay last month he’s Thomas said, I literally brought in $100,000 of gross revenue in two years ago to start up with no revenue. Thank you. Uh, but Thomas doesn’t my son, you know, a doctor Morrow’s not my dad or my son.

Um, you know, justice tumbling. They go, God, thank you man. We’re growing so much. Thank you. I pay a fee. They grow, they tell their friends can help me grow my business. But they’re not my son, not my wife. They wanna have sex with me. I mean, my wife, Oh, you know, we’ll have sex with me. My wife will hang out with me. My wife’s going to be with me forever. But a lot of times the clients, you need to work with a male client you bring up, hey, I was a way of saying thank you. You know, I haven’t seen my wife in a few days.

Seriously. Uh, I get, uh, a thank you doctor Joe. Ly. [inaudible] orthodontist, help him grow his business. He says, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. As a top orthodontist, Brett didn’t Cavell fit. Just thank you. Thank you Charles Cola sustained queue. And money’s just a certificate. It’s just a reward. It’s a, it’s a, it’s a way to say thank you. Money is just a way to say thank you. It’s, it’s just a certificate of appreciation. Charles culottes, culottes fitness, Google that Joplin gyms to peak a Jim’s Bartlesville chimps. They say, thank you for making this top in Google. They write me a handwritten note. I appreciate handwritten by the way, more than, more than, more than an email, cause it takes more time. It requires more thoughtfulness. I like that. A complete carpet dear day. Got me a little tree. So thank you. Papa gallows gave me a hug.

Uh, and at a Florida and Jen Allen, uh, Tucson, Arizona body central to an will calls me, says thank you. Uh, spurl, uh, he’s going to be able to buy the dream of the vehicle of his dream. The raptor. He’s gonna be buying the raptor soon. That’s his dream. He wanted to make $80,000 a month of gross revenue and we’re like two weeks away from doing it. Awesome. Um, you know, uh, peak medical just sold his company. He reached out to me and said, thank you. Ethan Lynn was, his name is his name. Um, Jonathan Barnett with oxy fresh, helped him with his sales process. Actually get commissions from time to time. You know, he says thank you for the money. Ryan and Rachael wimpy tip top canine. Say thank you. Uh, neat people. Ryan’s great guy. Uh, you know, but, uh, it’s not my wife. It’s not my kid.

And I feel as though I should spend my time where with doing things that I value. I think, I think I, I think how I spend my time matters more than what I say I care about. Like how I spend my time is where I really, wherever you are, wherever I spend my time, not you, the listener, just me. Where I spend my time is where I actually a show I care. You know what I mean? So I spend like eight hours a day with my son teaching him a DJ. It could be said I care more about my son, then I care about you know, money. But if I’m working making money and I’m not teaching my son, it could be said I cared more about, you know, money than my son and I don’t need it anymore. So I don’t need it. I don’t, I don’t need more money.

I don’t want to exchange a 50 hours of work for a trip for seven days. I don’t wanna exchange like 40 hours a week, every single week of my time, 40 hours of really deep diving into something. So that I can then go on a cruise for three days. I don’t, I don’t want to, um, have so many great clients. I work with, uh, kind of lifers, you know, like magnus fitness worked for that guy and he pays me, says thank you, you know, tarsal t the hub. Jim helped him grow from 600 members to 1700 members, Luke Owens and I just, he’s not my wife, you know, so I am, I have a Roy with the Roy’s garage helped him, you know, double business, triple business, Colton Dixon, helping him with his music career. You know, I, I, I’m so appreciative for my clients. I don’t want any more clients.

Like I already have all the clients I want in the clients that I work with all grow, but it’s just not worth like exchanging all my time to help everybody grow their business. You know what I’m saying? So I, I, each year I’ve been changing my schedule a little bit less every year, scheduled more time for family. And I’m just wondering, I know, you know, I’m in the process of, or tip top canine by the way, if you want to buy a, uh, I can, I can’t make statements of profitability because it’s a franchise. Now I could say a tip top canine headed to franchise and there’s, you know, light now there’s nine licensed locations. I can say you can call it a locations and ask him how much money they make. They can tell you I can’t go because the way the franchising works, it’s a federal trade commission thing.

A elephant in the room. I mean we got two new locations open and I’m just, I’m just that place where you won’t, you won’t see me very much. You’re, you’re going to hear the podcast if you choose to, but I’ll do one, I’ll do a workshop every two months for the rest of my life, but I probably won’t, you know, have a business coaching program, you know, cause I’m not, I’m not really interested in like helping everybody grow their business in exchange for my entire life. Andrew, what time do I get to work? What time do you, what time do you get to work for am I get to everyday done? Yup. Three 55. 4:00 AM y. Uh, because it’s one, it’s on your calendar. It’s what you’ve scheduled to do, but why? Uh, because you are there to, uh, to help people grow their business. And then I felt bad for a long time.

Yeah. I felt like I put call me and say, can you help me? And I’d say, I’m sorry. I can’t cause I’m busy and I felt bad a lot, but I like a left my mark. I’ve helped enough people. So I’m sort of like, okay, um, you know, I mean if you want to get on the bandwagon and then you want to submit it or our program to coach it, you can do that. But I, that’s why I want, that’s why we only take 160 clients on. I don’t want to take on a thousand. People have told me all the time, dude, I didn’t venture capital firm reach out and say, Hey, if you want to scale the company and get to 1500 clients, we could do it. We got the money, we’ll get behind it. I got this big celebrity wants to endorse it.

We can put the money in. I don’t want to do it. I want to do it. And I just think it’s so important that you out there figuring out what you want to do and become very intentional about where you spend time with your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship and your fun. Cause if not, there’s always one more deal. One more appointment. And the ultimate, the ultimate thing that I, I uh, ultimate you gotta be careful. It’s when you start saying yes to the get poor fast programs, no one has get rich quick. Yes sir. So Andrew, we have some stats I would like for you to read out there and nothing hurts me more than when my friend, my buddy calls me every three or four years and tells me I lost it all again trying to flip a house.

Lost it all again. Andrew, you’ve been approached by some of the same people I have. They pull you aside and don’t, don’t mention the name, but what kind of pitch do they make a, it’s, you know, you can bring only this small portion of money, which is $20,000 and bring it to the table and we can jointly together combined invest into real estate and double it real fast and that money back to triple it and like triple, we can quadruple the money. If you then Josh, if you could quote, you can put 25 grand in an account and quadruple it every four months when you do it, that’s hot all day everyday and there’s not an investment like the x requires word. Okay, so Andrew, please read the fun factoids here. Uh, fun. Factoid number one isn’t the Federal Trade Commission from the Federal Trade Commission less than 1% of multilevel marketing consultants make a profit?

Not My opinion. It’s from the Federal Trade Commission, but I’m that 1%. Oh my gosh. Oh, if I could get how many times I could, how many times I’ve talked to a guy who runs a dentistry or a fitness business or a photography company. Who wants to do the next MLM? Get outta here. All right, next one. Next. Next Fun factoid. Next Fun factoid from the Federal Trade Commission is 47% of American adults reported that they lost money from an Mlm company. Good job, mom. Companies, great at marketing. Next one, auto ship that soap. Next one is 21 million Americans participate in MLM companies. One in 15 people. By the way, just throwing it out there. A little fun. Factoids. Next one. 63% joined to make money by selling the product or service to others. Okay, one more fun, little notable quotable from the SBA and the small business administration loans to multilevel marketing companies or pyramid schemes.

So if you’re out there today and you’re saying to yourself, you know what self, I’m not getting the traction I want in this world of distraction, I would encourage you to ask yourself, where are you spending your time? Are you, are you boring down? Cause the truly great amongst us, they board down. Everybody else struggles with boredom. The great board down. Everyone else struggles with boredom. Oh, new idea. Get rich quick scheme over here chasing success over there and mill him over. Now it’s time to get rich quick with real estate. That right there is a real dream killers. Stop trying to get rich quick. And we at the end the show with the boom. But before we do that, we have Andrew, we can’t end it with a boom yet. You know, want. Yeah. I, since the listeners aren’t aware of a no brainer out there, ah, a hot number.

Now you’re out there listening today and you have, how do I put this? A house. I want you to put your hand up. No, I’m watching it in the mirror. Put your hand. Okay, got it up. Now, if you have a dollar in your pocket and or a dollar to your name and you have a sprinkler system, put the other hand up. Well, I thought I’m gonna run into a Bush. I don’t want to do with Amedion. Ah, okay. Boy, I just do one head at a time. Point is okay. Now I want you to go to, what’s the website? Josh? Living water. Irrigation. OK. Dot Com and why should everybody went once a year? Have your irrigation system inspected? Why should everyone, it’s a dollar for the first service call right now. So it’s a dollar to have that team add that add that a system inspected by you guys washed. Everybody have their system inspected at least once a year

just to make sure it’s functioning properly so you don’t have any major costly repairs going forward, such as, uh, such as your back flow preventer would break. It would freeze over the winter, which can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Uh, you could have moles and gophers. Choose on the little wires in your vowel bottling and over to sham to chatting. And then next thing you know, your sprinkler system doesn’t water.

You could have, I’m going to call you if you’re going to kill them over from Overtown up, morphing over time. One time I became very good friends with her or I’ll go over, I called him Louie and then I found out it was actually my cousin. We’re really weird situation. I was drunk. Okay, thank you.

Um, you have a, uh, uh, a wonderful, amazing guy who Mosier Yardi happened at a sprinkler head Leroy. So next thing you have is you have this fountain that you didn’t even know you paid for and it’s not even lit. And this is not beautiful. I’ll tell you what,

zero I use out there. Mowing on that though is I will number three shifts. They turned and he’s out there and I’m like, my God tell you he’s like stuck in a circle around and he got a lot of horsepower behind that thing and the next thing you know me, but I go to whole yard now he got a phone. Is Leroy Louise cousin. Well tell you what Leroy is. Louis. Oh that’s it. I don’t know that but the family treat it in Portland. Oh my brother. My brothers, my father. In a literal sense, I, I’ll warn Xero data miners, their shipper. I’ve got upset because I was like, you didn’t tell me you’re my mother. You know what I mean?

That’s just those rednecks and t technology. Also, if you get it checked out once a year, you can also ensure that your, your plants and your flowers and your grass isn’t dying. Cause that’s the whole reason why he got a sprinkler system in the first place. I want us to have a beautiful study and if Louie or Leroy are working for you, there’s probably a great Louis out there. There’s probably an amazing Leroy, but we can find you better help. I know you’re in respect to irrigation shows. Don’t by the time, dude. Why are you swollen prostate from shutting down more in the laundry. Oh, you guys didn’t do what I was going with Joe Anyway. I got irrigation I refer to in my system as an irrigation irrigation system. You do. You do them kind of exams already to get up in there and just $1. No Sir.

No Sir. Human issues as service calls taken about doing something special for a dollar limit. Inspections of service of human irrigation systems. No Sir. No Sir. Well I had two good cause you give you something to back. Wow. No one has this character’s names that they have their own mind of their own. I don’t know where they’re going to go. Sometimes it a, I get stuck in a circle. Nascar, you just watched him go, laughed and laughed and laughed. Nascar let ranch car. Seriously, you guys like Nascar? No. So circulo. Yeah. Okay. Speaking of circular, what’s, what’s your website again? Living water. Irrigation. OK. Dot Com what’s the no brainer right now? It’s no brainers. $1 for your first service call for all new clients. All you gotta do is give our office a call, go to our website, and we would love, love, loved, come take your own. The honor, and the no brainer. I want, let’s do it. Get you a count down from eight to three to 12 all actual weight. Treatwell, boom.


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