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We are going to be talking about staying positive when your business is growing but your life has not changed yet.

Dealing With Personally With The Emotions Of Running A Business

  1. You must wear the black hat and the white hat
  2. Thriver Question – What does accountability look like as you grow your business?
    1. You inspect what you expect.
      1. Daily accountability by owners or management
      2. Measure your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
    2. Clay – set a specific time in your schedule to follow up with your team and hold them accountable.  

Dealing With Jackassery In The Workplace

  1. Steps for Stopping Jackassery in the Office
    1. Step 1 – Daily accountability
    2. Step 2 – Don’t let team members change up your systems
    3. Step 3 – Idle hands are the Devil’s playground

Have you email us to info at drive time should I come on a daily basis? Will answer those questions. However, it’s rare that we get to see the faces. We have an actual thriver inside the mancave studio, what a face he has. This is luke with the hub gym in broken arrow, and he has some tough business questions for doctors. A saluki prophetically do I need to give him a piece of article of clothing that doesn’t currently have that he needs to have for his business to go to the next level. Is it a fedora, the lights? If you are super hero know, but that’s actually, those are called opens for this piece of clothing I’m going to give him so you could eat it, but I don’t think it be good for your digestive system and that is I need to give him I’m. Just handing over this I’m going to tell mike I have in my hand, I had to put it on your head. That’s a hat! It’s a black hat! Who is the black hat you? My young man, have always worn the white hat and to be a good owner to be a good manager to be complete and I have a thriving business. You have to know when to put on your black hat. You have to know when to put on that white hat and I feel like that. You always wear your white hat. That’s why I see you, you are a nice guy, you’re, a good guy! I can tell you, have a big heart and you wear it, and it’s and that’s good. Don’t get me wrong! That’s good white hats good! But every now and then you got to be asleep on that black hat. As as play like to say, put on the the darth vader and bust a little but around there kick a little hiney right and I’m ready for that, because wear that black hat comes on currently is is at home. You know and I think that’s maybe important and that’s not healthy right-that that’s not healthy to take out your frustrations on your loved ones and that’s what that’s! What a lot of people do that don’t know how to do that respectfully and do it correctly in their business and they do not know about our business conferences. You know you’re paying those people to do a job and the fact that they are not doing the job.

The way you want them to do it that you know what time to put on the white hat, encourage him. That’s good baby I’m going to put that black hat and you got to go in and got spurs that jingle in your bedroom six years out and there’s a new sheriff in town. You got it! You got it! You know! Last week, I was at the thrive, and you know that yeah I t are people coming in for their new normal meeting. Where I ask a question:what is it and I know this person prior to coming to work for elephant, room and I said? What is it that you changed for you and she said the accountability right, you’re right? She knows that she’s replaceable, but more than that she know she’s valuable right and it with my team I’m hearing. Well, there’s no accountability! For me. Accountability currently looks like kicking your rear end out the door right. I mean that’s what it looks like to me currently. But what does that? Look like accountability along the path before you get to the place of you just got to go inspect. Would you expect come on and what will happen in a lot of times, guys that that are that? Are super nice guys and super trustworthy cuz? That means now she said:you’re good, you’re going. You know, I tried, trust, billy he’s a good dude trust him, but he gets it and you know what I know he’s making all of his outbound calls. For example, I know he’s doing it on the blank of the cable. Guy can have a lowland business or what not and then all the sudden you you, you start to dig around you realize bill hasn’t made an outbound calling to 3 weeks from now, but she is breaking that down everyday. Someone should be overseeing billy and making sure he made his 100 calls or 50 calls, or what two thirds of success in your arm is tricep cuz your tricep is that 2/3, bigger 7, then I can reply to sears like I got to have autonomy and then I wasn’t there to take accountability. Cuz I don’t want to feel micromanaged bro, but that’s a deal about it. So accountability, saying hey, listen, I’m. How do you do a job and now I’m going to inspect what I expect all right and sometimes after you’ve done it, since it’s only for a while, then you could do what I can spot checks to where it’s not an everyday kind of you know I’m on you, they going to grind it, but the gap between the master and a minion like me, because when I saw doctors-and he told me that I needed to resolve my brain a set time in my calendar every day to follow up on my team because he’s created such a structure of accountability just like I have now the people just do what they’re supposed to do for me now, cuz I’ve heard rumors of what happens when you don’t so i, don’t need to sit there and like this is what I did.

This is how I did it I started asking people I knew who ran successful companies are worked at them and there’s a lady by the name of ayesha it starbucks ever talking to her and I said:hey. How often do you meet with your team? She said everyday. We do a 15-minute how to start the day and at the end of every shift into a 15-minute bottle in every single day. There’s somebody who is choosing to not follow the system and every single day one of them gets yelled at as excuse me. Just I got 20 people, honey working on here and i, get my bonus based off of production and one of them every morning won’t follow system in one every day and she said I’m getting it down to where they’ll be one week. But that’s how it is at her job was to go from store to store fixing need the starbucks stores that didn’t do well, but you’ve got to have a set in my pin for mike sprint. You have a set time on your calendar every day where you go into your gym at 4 and you can hate if you called the leads yet-and you don’t have enough time in the day where they didn’t have to kick him in the butt, because I’m just telling you I do it every day, with my company daisy in our call center. That girl does a good job. Great job and there’s a lot of stuff going on there today, I walk in and follow up with her and she’s on it. But you know how many days in a row I’m going to trust her to be on it:zero, because I follow up every day, and that is your business grows. You hire someone else to follow up until you see, you’ve got great follow-up right now, I mean you got riley good right, full uppers and he asked me to follow up her. You have yeah right now and that part of it and that’s for the difficult decisions unanimous want to have a difficult. You never think I’m going to go home and I hope I have a real, stressful, difficult to be so much fun. Your confronting someone he’s not doing the job, i, think and he’s so excited to hear the reality of it is you’ll.

Never have to worry about that. If you never had that conversation july guys just kind of go, you know i, don’t feel like it and I’ve had a bad day. I’ve had a bad day and i. Just really don’t want to you. Don’t have that difficult conversation and I’m sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing, and so okay guys have a great day, see you tomorrow and then I don’t have the conversation, so that’s part of wearing that black hat and following through with that kids are going to feel like it first with us, when we come back from the break, I want to get eric church the business coach his take on this cuz. He manage the construction crew, which I couldn’t be a possibly a heart or group of people to manage than a construction crew to take on that i. Don’t also want to get z’s take specifically and when he deals with really horrible, no good, very bad rotten things that happened during his day with this week. When does he go back on that and we have about 10 seconds before commercial, but during the commercial I give you permission to do it go to thrive? Time show find us some itunes from the drive time show on itunes. Leave us an objective review soon, as proof that you did it to info at drive time should I come. We will send you two free tickets today to get ready to drive time show, but the system will come back to the conversation. Is the drive time show on your radio and podcast download? For many of you, you have told us in fact, there’s over a thousand people now z who have written a review on either itunes or a video review there on video on youtube, giving a review, or they left us a review on google over a thousand people dust meaning for the number one most reviewed business coaching program in the world. That’s incredible! Isn’t it and we have an in-person business conferences. That, in my opinion, is the best thing we do it’s the best of the best of the best you know, I ran into some folks are going to january’s and I asked him about it. They would have brought it up and and it’s kind of fun are you around town people commenting and and if it’s kind of like back in the day when people would say hey, i, just put your optometry clinic? Are you have that little for a second, you did second here cuz you’re going to say when are they coming at me at windmill and me and what’s going on here, they’re talking about the in-person work, shopping and I was just waiting for that moment and then I said it was life-changing, life-changing ran into somebody and then is crazy. Do I ran into a person at a retail store in town and turns out their husband had gone to the workshop and was a right at the threshold of just quit, throwing in the towel, and it reminded me luke of kind of meeting you for the first time, so I think you and I reconnected to the first time at business conferences or workshop last year. Did you describe the thrive nation what the workshop is like from here to branson? Right, yes, oh and in the same with me-and you chose the thing you said to me as man, I can’t wait to get that look off your face, the first time, i, absolutely and so they’re.

There was just like a bit of desperation or whatever and then leaving the business conferences. You felt like that’s actually I mean it could work. It could give you rails to run on. You know to bring you back from the dead, so packed every single listener, and we can do that by two powerful ways. Right now. Today you can email it to info at thrive time. Show.Com, please don’t show up to the studio. Luke has a rare, a vip pass. The second thing is you:you could a book your tickets right now for the thrive time show business conferences. We currently have 7 tickets left it’s february, 16th and 17th. Two days it’s 15 hours and abby. All you got to do is purchase your tickets today at thrive timeshow.Com click on the business conferences, but they’re $99, a piece I promise. It will change your life as a money back guarantee that we were getting to the question z when you have a pending lawsuit or a pending, no good, very bad rotten conversation. You have to write with a contractor who refuses to do his job or a disgruntled customer who refuses to honor the idea that they don’t know. You don’t owe them money just because they bought something from you. You know these kind of weird things:an employee whose trying to screw you for 5,000. Do you deal with it right away? Do you set up a specific time of your day? Were you called it called like hell day or hello, or were you just ruined that part of your day or how do you? What do you deal with bad things that happen on a daily basis as a business? That’s a great question, and it in a lot of it depends on the category of what it is dealing with. The attorneys I had a meeting this morning from 9 to 11, so its peers. My attorneys I have a lawsuit that said coming to court, I’m am I thinking, I should grab a jury. Trial really hurt. I know it’s a it’s. The auto auction stuff I won’t bore you with all the details. Maybe I would like to say what’s going on what’s going on, you know how to know could be that I went out and then I called them and said like to buy back my old auction. They said no and now I’m competing and they’re not have imagine that and you’re dominating those two things you can do, and some people have different mindset for one is, you know we’re going to litigate and the other one is as we’re going to you no compete and you can spend a lot of money to litigate in the promise litigations once you get going, the people who are in instigating a litigation they feel more and more inspired to stay the course and bigger and bigger and bigger, and you know it or you can take that same money and energy and compete. Imagine that wow or litigating, but you’re competing I mean apple and samsung camino, litigating, probably knocked out of israelis and the other good folks there with the pet, the palestinians.

They have never worked it out, apparently yeah they’re still going at it. Maybe you could stay bigger, 4000 of yours. If you want to end of yours so anyway, those are scheduled around. Obviously, the schedule and my attorneys in the schedule of what’s going on right now that we’re 30 days out from a from a trial we’re starting to ramp up the meetings. Is it hard and I’m going to enjoy the process because it’s my choice, I would enjoy cuz I could sit there and whine and cry like a cat across the road. Thank you you are doing. I might get to chuck steak on managing people. That’s why I think I’m trying to read your mind, I think that the movie braveheart with you love so much there’s a line in there where he says I didn’t get dressed up for nothing. I didn’t get the rest out for nothing. I! Think! That’s what you think about going to court, how to teach your back in high school, it may have been jr. Have at a teacher back in high school, that used to say on test day that say guess what today is when I’ll be like test and be like no show off day. Another words:you should prepare yourself so when that test comes you’re, just showing off you’re, just you’re just showing off. That’s the mindset that I have around these kinds of things you just prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare and then guess what when they, when the test comes, you pass the show off. You should you’re not showing up shut up. You manage a lot of people. Luke owen’s with the hub jim was asking about. How do you deal with? So that’s one category, the other categories firing someone all we try to do that to the day and I make sure you had someone to replace it before you. Do that. That’s a tough conversation we have every day and then and then dealing with an irate customer. You do that as quickly as possible. You might have been cool a little bit, but you do that if they’re in the property, you get him in a place by themselves to other night I thought you don’t get them. Let him hear out there in the waiting room, throwing a fit. You get back an exam required, it’s doing a little cool, it now yeah, and then you give me just a minute or two. Then you come in and then you that the whole show that we’ve done on how you handle that, but a lot that is at the moment the attorneys in those kinds of things are scheduled and then you’re letting someone go.

I was like to do that. At the end of the day you stay saying:how can you wear to do what they’re supposed to do? They chose not to do it. We’re going to talk about what I know how to do now. Okay, cuz I was an idiot like everybody is when you don’t know what you don’t know right. So here’s what I would say some steps for stopping jackassery in the workplace, real quick. What will banker my fast? So what plans you were talking about really daily accountability. Somebody either you or a manager or somebody with the authority, has to hold the team accountable to their key performance indicators. Everyday he followed up with or they will draft and they will not allow the way if you want to save time, meet with him everyday. If you want to make your life horrible, don’t be with me everyday because actually takes more time to not follow up everyday, exactly okay, so the next move, his don’t let these team members are employees, change up your systems, they’re going to try to make their lives easier because by default there just want to be lazy and not do the things you done. I saw this with my mom in the construction company doing all of the invoicing in the accounts payable, accounts, receivable somebody would come in and say well, nancy I did this a couple years ago for a company and then all the sudden. We have an invoice for a big job for $400,000 because they didn’t print it off like she said to do. Okay, so don’t let them change your systems because they will make the wrong choices.

We email leads instead of call. The thing is we talked about this the other day clay, but idle hands are, the, devil’s playground. So, if you don’t have your employees time block, you don’t make a schedule for them, hay from 9 to 11 you’re, calling all of the lead turn 11 to 1 your walk in the floor, you’re talking to customers this that miss that they will start to gossip girl start to have ideas, I start to do weird stuff. So you have to be intentional and make sure that there are no gaps in their schedules. Keep that crap from heaven z. Do you have one more tip bonus tip on how to hold people accountable or wheel pulley choosing not to do what you’re supposed to do in your office fire him I mean here’s the thing about it, I mean you should have willfully choosing not to do what it is you’re paying them to do, how much it? How long you going to put up with that, because I promise you this. If there’s a lot of people out there, looking for a job that are good, people ought to give. Him will understand that when you tell them, here’s your job and you make and you’re very specific, hear that I’m paying you to do. Let’s do it right, I mean that’s black and white I’m paying you like a hundred calls a day. You know what else is black and white zebra irrefutably have the four best business resources you will find on the internet and-and we might even have pictures of zebras-you got to drive time-should I how to check. We have thousands of podcast in videos. You can access for just $20 a month. By going to drive time, show. Com we have the free podcasts. We have the one-on-one business, coaching consultations, you can schedule and you can book your tickets for in-person business conferences, the very next one is february 16th and 17th. We have 7 tickets left no pressure immediately. That’s right time should I come and now that he further do here. We go 3, 2, 1, prime, time, show on your radio and get the broadcast motivate yourself


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