Giving Birth to Your Baby Business | The 8 Stages of Business Development (Part 1)

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As a new business owner, you are going to deal with growing pains as you give birth to your baby business. On this Thrivetime Show podcast, Clay Clark and Dr. Zoellner teach you how to move forward with your new venture.

  1. Stage 1 – Giving Birth
    1. BOOK – Secrets from an Inventor’s Notebook: By Maurice Kanbar
  2. DEFINITION – con·ge·ner – kənˈjēnər/ 1. a thing or person of the same kind or category as another. 2. a minor chemical constituent, especially one that gives a distinctive character to a wine or liquor or is responsible for some of its physiological effects.
  3. Stage #2 – Raising a Baby Business
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Broadcasting live from the center of the business coach universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year and business coach clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot and I still see the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields trucks like to know more. Yes, yes, yes and yes, thrive nation. Welcome back to the conversation, is the prime time show on your radio and say we’re breaking down the eight stages of business development. When you go out there and you start a business, the business over time begins to to change until you first start a business, your kind of scrappy you’re doing whatever it takes to get a deal. But then, if you are I would say:you’re a 50 year old man and you had a business open for 20 years and you’re still out there power networking and do an aggressive sales.

That’s a sign of that you’re, not developing systems. If you’re still doing the original gorilla marketing moves, you use to start 20 years old as dirt and the dirty moves as I call him so I’m in a trauma to read the definition from the start here book page 46 from the amazon best-selling business coach book, the start here, I’m booked what you can download right now at thrivetime, show.Com emory from 46 giving birth stage one you’re going to need to formalize your business plan raise the capital you need, create your logo, create your website images of go out there to see. If the world is willing to pay you for the solutions that you provide. You think you know who your ideal in, like two buyers are, but you are exactly sure you want to. You want to figure out if the business coach human race and the marketplace is willing to buy your product or service at a price that will allow you to achieve financial prosperity during this phase, you’re going to work out when you’re going to be working countless hours as you try to encourage yourself fight off the doubters and tell your inner I’m scared out of my mind, I’m an idiot. If this fails to shut up, if you are crazy enough to go out there and start a business, this will be your life for a while. However, with our help you can get through this phase much more quickly, so she talked to me about that.

Giving birth face from your own life to remember, when you were give birth to your first business, where you thought, oh man, this has to work. We deliver that moment where you thought. Maybe we have I have spent some money and we need to start making some money I made you perhaps scared scared face are absolutely, and it’s not so much fear. No fear is the underlying you no emotion it’s that, but that determination that you know I kind of I kind of use that to to inspire me as a business coach, you know to say, listen, I’m, going to work harder, I’m going to do more and I am not going to let my baby, you don’t fall on the floor right and so do I get to you. I! Think successful entrepreneurs are people to start off with I think it’s so powerful to get so many times. I’ve seen people spend a lot of energy on a horrible idea if he means that mean you’re being mean just can’t bar was the guy who is a fizzy prolific inventor who invented skyy vodka the model of the modern el protector the nurses use. He was in the hospital one time and he noticed it. A dinner skip some freaking yourself with needles. He want to happen multiple times during his time, because that can’t be in the hospital for a while and he’s not I wonder if I can make like a needle protector when you’re done with the needle, they can just put a cap on it, boomer done and he had these kind of practical business coach inventions.

He also admitted the first multiplex movie theater everybody used to go to the movie and it only be one movie showing at the theater one movie theater when, when you thought what, if we cut up the big theater in 2/8, mall theaters, maybe for small theater with 4 different movies, I did not know that he also came up with skyy vodka, which was the first alcoholic product on the market that guaranteed you to not have a headache and we keep you abreast morning. You have a clear, a clear mind:you’d have, is clear:the skies clear, the blue skies eid etsy, wake up next morning, you’re, not hungover interesting. So this is kind of his his invention deal was his whole his whole time. So he should be the big business coach adventure. But where does he talked about his? He invented a kind of cottage cheese, organic cottage, cheese and i. Remember talking about this I’ll bring this book the, adventures, handbook and I said him. I said 8 when you invented that organic cottage cheese, you know why didn’t you ever take it to market, because I did the math and I realize that no one can afford it all the time to do it, but they realize it wasn’t worth it now we beat the squid sky vodka, which is the coolant shepherds. The book right there on the top shelf, with the red to black in the red they’re great spray top there text to joel osteen up a little bit more I know if you’re on the radio shows are kinda exciting to see if I’m looking for a book. There is yes, so there is maurice kanbar in this book if it’s bad guys book, because he explains all the things that he went through in route to inventing things and going to sign this book here.

You know this is maurice. Is he had a headache as a result of drinking until he turns to his secretary i, have a business coach headache why you’re always drinking? That’s? How I invent, though, like i, have to be a little bit creative drink and not have a headache so she’s like well. You can’t so he in the book if, you read this book. It’s called the secrets from inventors. Notebook I will put us on. The show notes is book here, but he actually called up. He found it easier is a college out there that has professors, many colleges that have professors who study you don’t like stephen hawking study cosmology the origins of the universe. Yes, we are necessarily need that people have not necessarily need correct on college campuses, though there are professors who study alcohol, the effects it has on the human body, and he found these guys. So he calls at this professor needs to say, I get headaches when I drink drinking and I want to continue drinking cuz. It helps me to invent things the way I do it and what I want to do that cuz I want you to tell me how I can produce an alcohol that does not create business coach headaches in the morning and they said the only way to do it is.

There are certain impurities that are a result of producing the alcohol it’s in the alcohol does. Impurities are what causes you to have a headache and he goes so what’s remove those impurities-and this professor says i, could it’s called collagen I’ll, pull it up here and it’s college into natural protein, which keeps the skin plump and supple as humans. Explain this in the beer in the alcohol that causes headaches and explains it. Explain if you want to remove all that stuff, it’s going to ultimately remove the headache issue and he says why doesn’t everyone is it? We have to distill the alcohol through the book and get it in the whole story, but I still like 6 or 7 times? Why wouldn’t everybody do that? We lost y’all just stealing this, this alcohol that way long story short, they do it and then he gets drunk as a skunk and he’s like it was great all right here. We go wait for it. Wait for it no headache. Next morning wakes up when he’s like you alert the business coach iphone I have a clear hints:scott hurt is the? Just venting away organic. He did not actually go out there and invent the technology. He just went to a university where they could do it, but none of the professors whose entire career was to study alcohol and thought about hey what? If we do this so his pet, she did it in this. Is this is kind of his moved?

His whole book is, he says, I’ll, give you the 10% of the proceeds if you’ll develop this, and these professors are not entrepreneurial, okay, okay, product that people actually wanted and sold that because he knew he wanted it and I assume there are other guys out there that were tired of having headaches after they drink drinking is fun. Headaches are not having fun. So what advice would you have for this person put find something new to do? I take what trying to convince everybody that they want to drink the kool-aid that you just made that doesn’t taste very good is going to be a long, arduous task and i. You see that with people I’ve seen people that I catch a shark tank, shark tank a lot I still am people come to me. One picture ideas for whatever reason went through my business coach type coaching they want my finances. They want something from me back exactly can you do do do do? Do it’s amazing, how many times your watch and they make it all the way to the shed I think I had to make a few losers, make it right where you go. Who wants that? You know I mean who wants who wants five years on my way to pull this shoes for dogs. I mean this article up here she has can see. This is maurice. Kanbar has a million dollar idea that he thinks could clear your head and saw the sales problems of an industry, hangover, free vodka?

He says people who drink is skyy, vodka aren’t likely to get hangovers because he has removed most of the impurities that he thinks causes them. He he used to get bad headaches when he drank, but not since he created sky. He says now. Mr. Candy bar is getting business coach headaches from the us bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. It is launching investigation over hit over his hangover claims that can force him to scrap his advertising all together. That was the adversity. He faced no see here’s the deal. Maurice kanbar sells heating up selling skyy vodka, so he fought the good fight and he’s sold skyy vodka to make one up yourself. Skyy vodka I want to see you sold for $619. Is that a bad luck? Let me see here. He sells skyy vodka and chip week and will put the actual sales amount anyway. I met him because he end up taking the proceeds from selling skyy vodka and he ended up buying one third of downtown tulsa yeah and here’s where I want to get into this next phase here, because at the time that he was, you know giving birth to skyy vodka it was. It was that he made his money by giving birth to something he rode the value and then he sold it. They decided to give birth to the ria merging downtown tulsa again she have to find a problem that people know exists, but the very few business coach people are currently solving you’ll be the first one to ever. Do it see you, but you have to be able to go in there and solve a problem that you can solve better for the example to remember downtown tulsa before the snyders and the candy bars invested in downtown tulsa to little.

You only went down there if you had to go to the courthouse or-or you were seeing a play at the you know, our musical at the year. You go down there. Another reason to go down there. Yes, the bus station chapel, it looks like he’s sold 50% of the steak and sky to for 207 million dollars in 2001 have to find a problem. If you find a problem that the world wants to solve, if everybody’s already solved the problem that you have to solve any unique way right, which is why it’s like giving birth to a new thing, there’s there’s growing pains or do we didn’t know what to avoid this first base, there’s zero! It’s like raising a child I mean there. They that you got to get him potty trained. You got to go through the business coach stages, it’s a fun thing to do, but it’s never too late to do magic play the baby. Look at big melon he’s got on it was. It was a nice is raising the baby business once you’ve actually giving birth to this business and you kind of recovered from the pain of giving birth. So you got a raise a baby and see babies require to be fed, they’re very needy. They don’t sleep about that, all about them. The business won’t allow you to sleep very much to have a ton of needs. It’s going to see, we come back. I’m excited to break down, raising a baby, business and I want to get nathan’s take on this with business coach client complete carpet and what it’s like to go through the phase of giving birth to a business and then raising a baby, business radio i. Remember my days back in the drawer room to try to consume hope for the future that I can pursue attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review.

Claim your tickets by emailing us proof that you didn’t and your contact information to gain for at drivetime show.Com, alright, Thrive nation! Welcome back to the conversation we’re talking about the eight stages of growing a successful business and we’re onto stage number to raising a baby business from page 47 of the amazon best-selling book called start here. What you can download for free right now, if you want to follow along at thrive time, show.Com raising a baby business. At this point, you want to make sure you do not drop the ball, so you can deliver a consistent and quality product to your ideal and likely buyers. You spend most of your time at the in this stage scrambling around answering the business coach phone training, your cousin, to make deliveries, trying to convince your mom to answer the phone and hoping that your minivan that you converted into the mobile company headquarters doesn’t explode after it passes 200,000 miles on the odometer you’re irritated that your first non-family employee broke the handle on your driver side door and broke the knob on the radio, but you don’t have the money or time to fix either of those. During this time, you must begin formulating your in add an outbound order. Taking a deal closing scripts, you must document the steps you have to take to get to takes to produce your product.

You must create an employee handbook, organize your files, develop a naming system for your business coach computer file. That makes sense you’re trying to get all this done, while taking your kids to soccer and figuring out what kind of checklist you need to make to get your public bathroom two tot stop smelling like the rotten remains of animal roadkill. So you got a lot going on at this point. I like going on it and it can be a little overwhelming. I mean i, know right now that it’s what was the big book back whenever I was a young adult? It was spock mr. Spock, on raising a baby that looks like the baby bible, the baby, boy. Baby books, nice. It’s just self-evident. How to take care of a baby I mean there’s. If you don’t there’s not a lot of I mean you know you were baby once I mean you were taking care of that difficult. But you know you don’t know what you don’t know, even in parenting same thing in business without a business coach.

True, you don’t know what you don’t know and I think it’s so powerful to get a business coach of the way you made my mistakes and unfortunately, sometimes you make a mistake and you dropped the baby or, like ship said you don’t hold its nectar, sprite or, and then guess what your baby is no longer with you. That’s not good biggest struggle that I had when I was growing dj connection. During the baby phase, the company I could sell a lot of stuff like giving birth was like buying the equipment trying to raise the money. I was working. Construction in the apple I went to applebee’s, target and directv all at the same time, and that part to me was less dress like a rhythm, I work for other people. I go to this business coach job. Go to that job for this job book, something when the baby ray’s in the baby. Workout weird for me, was when we had a ton of weddings, i, booked and I didn’t have any dj’s trained and I didn’t own. The equipment cuz I booked, I member on like june or january of something as of january 1st january, the first two weeks in january, i, told vanessa i, said:hey good deal book like it least, 15 weddings for every weekend and every saturday in june, and she says. That’s amazing and I said that we have right now like six sets of equipment and i. Think like 3 djs, and she goes.

How are you going to do that and I said? Well, the deposits people are paying will give us enough money to buy the equipment as needed. You know, so we can. We can do that and then the dj’s I’m going to start training them all as a group, because I can’t afford to train them one-on-one anymore, and that’s really where the whole group interview thing came from is cuz I literally had to train seven to eight men who would never dj before on my driveway, while assimilating equipment eaters that there’s cat hair on fire time do when you were growing your optometry clinic. If you rip a time where you were better at marketing than you were me, what you thought-oh no i, have really really out market. In my business coach sorrow, absolutely I’m doing lasik I did that job that billboard lasik for $1 I mean it was it was it was. It was stupid, crazy, burn down two phone lines with your people are everywhere it was. It was a little much I wasn’t you know you took that you like driving a car. Sometimes you push the pedal down a little too much. He’s are going too fast around the curb, because I felt sliding on you a little bit to know you like I was going to say during this phase. You know what, with this baby business, they can make a lot of messages like actual babies, yeah so you’re having to start finding time to save time, and if this is something you looking to do to do, you can actually hire somebody like a janitorial company.

Yes, to clean up your place is so you’re not spending all your time doing that and so what we did and is we went ahead and got with the guys over at classic janitorial their website, v classic queen.Com. These guys take care of all of the thrive headquarters so that we’re not spending time. You know cleaning the bathrooms going over the urinal doing all that good stuff whenever we’re preparing for one of our conferences it. So if you reach out to these guys at number is 918-671-2046. You get ahold of the business coach clients guys at v, classic clean., they’re, actually throwing in deep wash deep cleanse on your high-traffic carpet and tile areas for all new customers and make sure we are getting some things. He heard what I just heard there are you saying for all nude customers they’re going to give a a deep bump bump that stuff for new and new customers. D was ellis island in the classic clean.Com customer service, but not yet I did not give me and one of my talk to as on a previous podcast. What are the events that I booked was a nudist colony? Really, nothing was it in. They told me it’s an adult picnic outside.

They need a dj for for 5 hours and i. Didn’t look up. You know it was a nudist colony in i. Don’t think I did no research on it to me. If you got a pole, so you wanted to pay me I didn’t hear what it was hey baby. Do you have a pulse i? Would book yeah? That’s what I told her I could be more selective I sent before david was our newest dj ice hit our newest dj out to the bristol event, and he comes back that nice from wearing flip-flops. They look, sweat and I said what happened and he says:dude shut up and I said. I know it glad this isn’t what you think. That’s messed up, man you’re messed up, but I said:why are you wearing what’s going on? Are you what he goes? I showed up I’m the only person there who’s, not naked and I said yes i. Did they wanted me to go in the business coach hot tub with him? So why am I so you dj naked he’s like? Yes? It was awkward naked, first and last show I kid. You not he’s like I’m out, I can um call or cousin or somebody to work to me for a long time, and it never gone to an event like that in his first gig right out of the gate dam in there. But we come back. I want to hear a story of pushing through adversity from our guest, your nathan, with complete carpet, because I know that you gone through that baby phase of your business and now you’re kind of it. You got to the birth phase the baby phase near kind of getting over to orbit, but I want to hear about your most stressful situation and that you’d be happy to share on a live radio show.


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