How Google Works – The Larry Page and Sergey Brin Story (Part 5) – Hour 1

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Write a thoughtful blog (see – Make sure that you weave in your keywords or your podcast will be a waste of time. Use the Yoast plugin to verify that you are adding in the optimized amount of keywords into every post.
Record a thoughtful podcast and transcribe it using (see – Make sure that you weave in your keywords or your podcast will be a waste of time. Use the Yoast plugin to verify that you are adding in the optimized amount of keywords into every post.
HIre a content creation company.

Variable #18 – But, What About Backlinks? When Larry and Sergey were first building Google, backlinks were deemed to be very important because they were very hard to come by. At the time most search engines ranked results simply by counting the number of times that a search term or keyword appeared on a page, or they simply ranked websites based upon the number of backlinks that they had. However, Larry and Sergey believed that they could create better and more relevant search engine results by ranking websites based upon the factoring in of many different factors that could all be objectively scored based upon an algorithm and not human judgement. This new technology began to factor in the number of pages that a website has, the amount of HTML text on each website, the overall loading speed of the website, the security of the website, the optimization of the meta content of the website, the name of the domain name, the number of people already organically visiting the website, the average time spent on the website and many other variables all at once.


Variable #19 – No-Brainer Offer – You’ve fought so hard to get the attention of your ideal and likely buyers, but now you must make an offer so good that people cannot say no. Making a no-brainer offer increases the time that people spend on your website which will increase your Google search engine optimization score.
NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Make something people want…If you make something users love enough to tell their friends, you grow exponentially, and that will convince any investor.” – Paul Graham

Variable #20 – Video Message – Humans want to know that you are real and that you are a real human. People genuinely like to buy from people that they know, like and can trust. When people invest the time to watch your video it yet again increases the amount of time that users spend on your website which increases your Google search engine optimization score. When you create a compelling video to insert into the “Above the Fold” portion of your website, more and more users will take the desired action that you want them to take. Your video should include answers to the following questions:
What is your name and where are you from?
What is your role with the company and what problem can you solve for your ideal and likely buyers?
What is the offer that you are making for website visitors?
How can you guarantee that the offer is a good deal?
Why are you passionate about your company?
If I’m watching this video right now what do you want for me to do immediately?

Variable #21 – How do You Determine What Keywords to Optimize For?
Determine who is your biggest competition?
Determine what product or service you want to sell the most?
Email us at [email protected] – and our team will run a battery of tests to determine the most winnable keyword that you business should focus on to win


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