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The biggest excuse people have for not getting done what needs to be done is, “I ran out of time.” Clay Clark wages war on inefficiency and mediocrity every morning while the rest of world is sleeping by intentionally designing each day proactively. During this podcast, Clay Clark guides you through day #2 of his personal “Meta” time routine from the beautiful early morning beaches of Saint Petersburg, Florida.

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Get ready to enter the thrive time show the show me the help you right thrive Nation! Welcome to day two of my best business coach morning, mettaton I’m with you from st. Petersburg beach in florida i, see day. One I did my minotaur hennessy day too. I did my medit I’m too, but marshall when you assign, but you eat. When you decide each morning when you look at your life-and you said:where do I want to be versus, where am I now the areas of uf6 life, your faith, your family, your finances, your business, your friendship, your phone, when you think about your life-and you say where do I want to be for my face, my family, my finances, my fitness, my friend should my fun once you do that, and you put it in your best business coach calendar, you see the thing:is you got to follow up to make sure you actually did it and so done day too I woke up pretty excited about the day like I am every day, because I did what I said. I was going to do. I meant the I kept the promises I made to myself from the day before, which creates a positive feeling. It’s a reward you cross off. Your to-do list feels amazing, there’s something that emotional and maybe spiritual, metaphysical when you cross things off that to be scheduling it into the calendar. This is the this is the thing for me that changed the game is when in the calendar it enables you to say no to everything else.

That is not in the calendar, because it’s a sketch and so people think that the schedule is only for the business. But you need to schedule everything I schedule when I wake up I wanted to know when I go to bed I schedule when I have fun I schedule when I have fitness I schedule when have family, so west parker, you have to schedule specific times where you’re in court, defending a client or time to remove her parent legal documents, and you have to have your phone off when you’re in the cork board, like if you’re saying., your honor and it’s sweet of you as a best business coach to you and i, don’t like that so much so. Why do you have to turn your phone off when you’re in the courtroom presenting to a judge? Will you need to focus all of your attention on that? One task in front of you, so you can, if you, if you, if it’s on silent and you’re, trying to make a complicated legal argument-or you know, convey a certain emotion to the judge or jury your pockets in their buzzing, even if it’s on silent, you’re, not concentrating you’re thinking about my pockets on fire buzzing right now started full package media about 2 years ago, as of august, and now that you’re breaking through $100,000 a month of revenue this month, if you did, you say, did 105000 or something like that, but I think for april, tweedt, 105 and 110 from startup $210,000 of gross revenue, full package, media dallas, real estate, photography check them out. This is a paramedic turn. Entrepreneur and I want to get your take on this. Why does it become increasingly important that you schedule met a time everyday as you grow full package because it grows from me to we from just you two to 2324, xterra i, think it helps so much.

You know a lot of people show up at work or your own business and it’s everything the distractions of the day. Already there people are calling you, your phone’s blowing up, there’s a burning fire and, if you’re able to get ahead of that and start that, like you always say before you a couple hours before anyone else wakes up and it’s weird at 4 a.M. There’s, never a facebook message:there’s never a text, it’s just you and your time and information and I know for for y’all to its printing it out and not doing it electronically. Your you know if your if the to do list is on your phone, your med of time to do was that you is on your phone and every time you go to your phone you’re, seeing that text message, you’re, saying that facebook notification, but funny enough clipboard, never never dings or anything like that. Show podcast and you might save yourself throw this is weird. Let me tell you, it was weird. It was weird for me is one talking out loud while doing my meta times. I’ve never actually spoken to a human or spoken at all. While doing my bedtime, so I thought I was I’m just going to walk you through what I’m doing while I’m doing it, and so it day one was about 21 minutes, almost 22 minutes and then I day 2 was about 21 minutes. I did not look at a watch or a timer I didn’t think about it. Just about how long it takes me everyday to organize my thoughts in my areas of faith, family, finance, fitness branch of fun. You might ask yourself:do you do it everyday yea? Only the days I don’t want to screw up. I want to screw up a big mess with my meta time. I’ll just have to wake up whatever time, screwed up screw it up so finally get ahead and get that sense of momentum in your schedule. You want to get unstuck. You got to start with fixing yourself and you got it again. I doing your daily met at I’m at clark’s personal med of time, my personal debt of time from st. Petersburg beach and beautiful and sunny florida, the former home of mr. West carter. The legal eagle of choice for the drive time show and many other great adventure check them out at winters king.Com, it’s west carter. What was that west carter, but i, don’t need an attorney at 5.

What do you get sued then then find an attorney in a panic but check it out of time from the beach here we are four day 2 of morning meadow time with clay. Clark people ask me so often they say how do you find the time to help raise five kids to start and grow multiple multimillion-dollar companies to write books to do podcast to do daily radio show to how do you find time to get it all done, and you talked about on yesterday’s podcast. It starts with the morning met at I’m. If you don’t have met at I’m blocked into your schedule, it’s just not possible to have success and you could have maybe evening meditime I can’t do that, because I know mentally, where I’m at I want to go to bed after play i, don’t, wanna, stay, up and in think about ambition to be ambitious thoughts. I have in the morning fire me up and I should have read that enthusiasm all day and I I couldn’t imagine getting myself fired up and then try to go to bed, but so getting ready to walk you through another meta session, another f6 meta session, one more time, I wouldn’t call this a meditation I just call this my quiet time or my morning, meditime so which one of these when we got to ship paper, and you want to write down your f6 goals again just think think deep on the topic of you. What is your goal for your family today? Can you do you want to think about your big ultimate goal, but you want to break it down into a daily doable best business coach action steps of think about your family and what is your vehicle? If your family thinks 5 years for your best business coach family now what you going to do today to get closer to that goal, if you’re single person-it might be you don’t writing name of the dream, woman that you’re chasing or the mr. Right that you’re looking for or whatever you just.

You have to think about your 5-year goal softly and say what I want to be in 5 years, 5 years from now on this area, and then what can I do today to turn that a distant vision that distant goal into a current daily present action step? What can you do today so I’m doing too many times sessions from the beach here in florida, just because one I wanted to demonstrate to you the listener that the importance of doing it every day and every day you can just do it one day at it every day every day this is the day the lord has made, and you should rejoice and what be glad in it again. This is the day that the lord has made in you should rejoice and be glad in it being present is a present. What you going to do today so yesterday, I had a family go ahead:family goals, I wrote down and I thought I would just do a best business coach follow-up and tell you what I did yesterday I wanted to film interviews with my kids by the beach, because I thought that’d be really cool. Video footage to look at the future that’ll be fun to tap into their brain and to hear they think it’ll be a lot of fun. So we did I wrote down. We should do jet skis with the kids and we did that I thought it would be really fun to allow the kids to compete in some kind of competition on speak slide that big water slide and I want to see. If we can, we make a competition and then put on that best business coach competition.

We could say whoever goes down the slide. 50 * first wins magical price and we lowered the 40 cuz it turns out. 50 is a big number, but angelina one that, and so the kids got to go out for ice cream and had an awesome day, but it didn’t just happen. I had to think about it. I had to think about where I wanted to be so 5 years now, I want my kids to remember having a good times a day at the beach, but on his every practical basis, I had to schedule a daily action item. I have some daily things we had to do yesterday and then today, I follow up and i. Ask myself:did I get done? What I said? I was going to get done yesterday, but I make the commitment to myself and I honor the commitment to myself I get best business coach confidence as a reward. You see when you confide in yourself that you can confide in you sit in this instance I confide in myself that I’m going to get this done, and you actually get it done when you make small promises to yourself and you get those the small commitments made and then executed as a reward. You get confidence. People think the inspiration is something there that they’re seeking people always talk about how I’m just looking to be inspired, I’m waiting to be inspired, I’m looking for a source of inspiration of inspiration, is the reward, but it’s in action. That is the giant action that is the sword. So yesterday, I made small best business coach commitment to myself. Nothing huge I decided I’m going to take my kids on a jet ski I’m, going to have it ridiculous competition to see who can go down. The inflatable slide, the most I’m going to take my kids out for some ice cream I’m going to fill in the blank and i. Did it today as a reward for having done it, having how do I get confidence and that confidence is what I used to carry me throughout my day. So I asked you:what are your goals, your family today? Now? What are your goals? What are your goals for your faith? When you go see your face? We talked about it yesterday.

My goals for my face:i, don’t really have big goals for my face. I just want to make sure that I keep god center or at least the judeo-christian values. That I believe that jesus christ instructed us to have I want to keep those principles in the front of my decision making process I want to make sure that the filter of what would jesus do and a lot of things that I don’t know, because you know I decided to not marry a woman lot of questions afterwards. Don’t reply, don’t think, like you know what would jesus do when you know when your wife wants to go to oregon organic restaurant? You just want to eat something now I mean that’s not probably super likeable, but then you think about corinthians need to think about how we are instructed that we’re supposed to love our best business coach wives, the way that christ loved the church and then I can get some wisdom there, but I’m always ask myself hope you know what would jesus do from a christian perspective, emoji from and judeo-christian perspective. What decision so should I make now, and you know what a book there’s a lot of things in their old testament ideas, new testament ideas that appear sometimes to be conflicted, which is why I constantly am listening to td jakes, which I have done yet again this morning, cuz, that’s where I listen to every single day, so again by faith or my family.

My faith go everyday, just to listen to a sermon every single day and ask myself how it applies to my daily life, so I listen to td jakes every single day, while I’m getting ready and that’s what keeps me focused, spiritually, there’s faith, there’s family dinners as friendships we talked about it. Yesterday, I told you. Yesterday there was somebody who was used to be a friend and as I think about what the word friendship means to me. A friend of friendship is somebody:will you if you share values and goals, and you spend time together and i? Had somebody who used to be a from used to spend time together? Will you stay the same values, but now we don’t have the same values and we don’t spend time best business coach together and they are working for a competitive company that they’re the goals of this company or antagonist to the goals of one of my companies and so I’ve just decided I don’t want to be in their company anymore. I just want to you know it’s like kevin, durant and russell westbrook I mean kevin. Durant was a teammate of russell westbrook on the oklahoma city thunder there for years, and then kevin durant decided to defect or to leave to to move on to the golden, state warriors and irritated russell, westbrook, and so russell. Westbrook no longer has a whole lot to say that kevin durant, or at least as of last time, we heard maybe he’s talking to him again now, but that’s how I feel I just I don’t feel the desire to stay in touch with people that we don’t share. We don’t share the same goals. We don’t show the same I use and we’re not working together without spending best business coach time together. So I just decided yesterday and I’m going to block them on my phone block him on my email block him on every device. I want to see them or hear from them again unless they really go out of their way. To do so, and that’s just to me an easier way to deal with things. If you watching the video version of today’s podcast and brushes, you noticed it too.

Man just walked by the beach. The reason why do my medit I’m so early in the morning is because nobody else is up yet nobody’s awake yet so I cannot be distracted, but those two guys they walked by and they have distracted me right because now I’m thinking to myself, I wonder what those two guys are doing:i wonder where they’re going. Is it a dad son relationship? There is a message to budi’s that work together. What kind of men are waking up at 5 in the morning and going for a walk together on the beach i? Don’t know if I can tell you. I was the first person on the beach today and I’m, usually the first person up everyday and when I get up first, it’s amazing. It’s amazing. All my bright ideas happen when it is still dark. It’s amazing. It always happens. What happens so again, f6 goals, we go back. What are your goals for faith? What are your goals for your family? What are your goals? Your friendships today, my friendship goals, my friendship goals today, my goal today, my wife is my best friend needs to let her know that really do love her and to be a really good vacation. Buddy I really went into vacation mode, I’ve been so I bet, I’ve been good and rare. For me on vacations vacations, deal vacations mean to retreat from invocation mean you’re calling and I feel like I’m called to do my job and I love doing my job and so and I do i. Do it take a vacation almost like I’m, taking a step backwards, but I know that my wife and kids love it and so I’m taking a step forward, as relates to develop in a relationship so I’m, just trying to make sure today that I treat my best business coach wife with respect to the name, a good traveler and I by default, not a good travelers have to make myself be a good traveler today, the next resorts for families finances. What are my fitness goals for today today was trying to eat no wheat and no sweetie. That’s all I know we’d make sure you eat lean meat, and if you do that, you’re going to lose weight as far as working out, it’s not like practical to do that.

When I have my kids with the workout center, you have to be at least 18 to go in that thing, and so I can’t bring a 12 year old into the workout center with me. But so what are my goals for my faith, my family, my finances, ifitness faith, family faith. What are your goals for your family for your friendship. What? Are your goals for your finances this morning? I’ve only had 2 big ideas, some big ideas I’ll share them with you. It’s a concept called moon shouting which I’ve done in the past. I. Do it often, but I have made a list I’m, making a list of some really really cool best business coach people. I’d like to interview on our podcast, one of which is a guy by the name of leslie odom jr, who is leslie odom jr he’s a guy who was at a leading role in the on the broadway show called hamilton, and his book called filling up is a book you could buy and most book stores you can buy it on amazon, but I bought his book. Just cuz I was interested to know the perspective of what does it look like to be an actor on there been an actor, don’t want to be an actor, but I just was curious about. What’s the perspective, what would be the mindset of insights I could get from reading a book written by somebody who was the leading pedal leading role on a broadway show. Hamilton I mean what would it be like to be that person? What would it be like to be a lot of minor roles in a lot of tv series in his book came out, feeling up and so I bought it and I just love the book. I just think the book is great. Well written, well done great job, leslie, odom, jr, hooks failing up i, take risks, aim higher and never stop.

Learning is a great book and so I put it down on my list and then try to interview the guy on the podcast, we’ll see if it happens or what I mean, but that’s one of the advantages of having a top-10 podcast in itunes, as you can get ahold of certain people that you couldn’t get ahold of before. So at one of my goals, as relates to financial goals, I’ve got to a partnership. I was telling you about yesterday that I’m, looking at structuring and I play can I do it properly. It could be sustainable, enjoy giving for all the parties involved in properly. It could be a time so I can turn out to not be very beneficial for best business coach anybody, so I’m trying to draw that up literally drawing up sketching out what that partnership would look like as it gets lighter outside as it gets brighter outside. There are more people on the beach of birds flying over people that are on the beach, the more likely that I am to be distracted right. So it’s so important for me, but I have my meta time before the world wakes up. So I wait until the world wakes up time. I’m at a time it won’t be meta, it won’t be above it won’t be. I won’t be thinking at a higher plane, because the world all around me is. It is going to distract me. People walking on the beach the people who are to be walking on this beautiful day of work here or going to be cleaning up the facility, the workers, the employees, the general managers, all the people here that maintain this resort they’re all going to be here with their own agenda, their own action items wrong things, I need to get done and all the sudden I can’t think on a metal of I can’t think at a meta level, when I am being distracted and that’s the question I have for you is. Are you rescheduling your daily meditime to think about where you want to be for your fate?

Your family finances, your fitness, your friendship and your fun now, finally for fun today and everyday I will tell you scheduling time for fun. To me is always like the hard part, cuz i, think I kind of work in a way when I’m always laughing and was joking was a jovial at the workplace. For me, work is fun, but it scheduled time specifically just to have fun. Sometimes that’s tough for me to do, but I haven’t down for my phone goal today. I’m going to take my kids on some paddle boats on the water and so that, right there, my friend is my second and final session. Ours are our time together are meta time together, as we are second and final installment of the clay clark and you met at I’m at the best business coach beach from st. Pete beach, but what a great beach it is, what a great life it is and I use example. Yes and I use example. Today, yesterday, before I went to bed pretty left the beach about 5 or so there was some really really cool sand. Castles right around here all day, making some really spectacular, sandcastles, but yet today, they’re not here anymore. Why? Because the ocean washed them away, and that is what’s going to happen eventually to your business. Your business I’ll be washed away. It’s not going to last forever, no matter how you structure it, no matter what you do, it’s not going to last forever. In fact, most people unless you’re somebody like carnegie or somebody like disney and andrew carnegie or walt disney. Most people won’t even remember your name after two generations, I mean your grandkids will probably remember your name, but your great-grandkids will not so just view your business as a vehicle. Your business is simply a vehicle to get you where you want to go good as this sandcastle you to spend your entire vacation building because of you enjoy the beach enjoy the time with family enjoy the friendships enjoy the beautiful scenery years.

Amazing, look at this gorgeous enjoy the view enjoy the smell, enjoy the sounds enjoy enjoy life. This is the day that the lord has made, and you should rejoice and be glad in it, but don’t get so caught up and building your sand castle that you don’t get to enjoy the beach the sights the sounds of smell. This is a wonderful life. We have any is a gift and I would just encourage you to everyday schedule your meta time and to think about where you want to be in five years on a metal level above the daily distractions. Where do you want to be and simply write down those action items and then go? Do it in the next day, schedule might have time get up think about where you want to be where you are now best business coach schedule it, and do it it’s not about an app it’s not about a program not about a calendar system. It’s about just simply contrasting, where you want to be forced to where you are now and scheduling it writing on those action items in getting them done and when you do get them done. I’m telling you what your get confidence as a reward, and you are absolutely going to live a fulfilled life and look here comes the distractions here they come. Ddistractions are coming in, like how many people are now up on the beach. Look, how many people there were on the beach, but look when the lights come out here. Come the people here come the distractions here comes the trucks here comes the turtle patrol. The patrol. That’s looking just for turtles here comes the distractions on the right on the left. This is what happens if you got to get up every day before the world does and schedule that meditime think nobody else cares as much as you. Do. You’ve got to block out time for that med of time, and then he further ado don’t want to end the show with a boom in the show, with some waves and annabelle for some waves and annabelle. These waves are incredible:can’t fake these 3 to 100


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