Habits of Super Successful People with Michael Levine

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Learn from the PR expert Michael Levine (a New York Times Bestselling Author / Representative of choice for Michael Jackson, Prince, Nike, Pizza Hut and many more) about the habits of super successful people and how to say no to distractions.

Saying No to Distractions with Michael Levine

Habits of Super Successful People with Michael Levine

Alright, thrive nation this this episode, this segment of today’s broadcast is going to be a good one. Now we have to eat the rest of the interview that you can find exclusively at Thrivetime show on the podcast section, but this interview is incredible to interview a friend and mentor on the thrive time show videos and a consultant consultant for Michael jackson for nike for prince for pizza hut for just the top brand charlton heston nancy kerrigan I’m, not just listing celebrities are Cameron Diaz, look him up is Michael Levine,  I asked him. You know what does it take to be successful? That’s that’s asking about! How do you decor concept? Is how and what kind of distractions do you need to say no to become a successful entrepreneur? Distractions? Do you have to say no to if you are going to achieve massive success? If you want to achieve medium mediocre success, then you definitely don’t want to hear this the second, but if you want to achieve massive success, if you want to keep time freedom and financial freedom to do whatever the heck you want to do (including coming to our business conferences), then you really want to grab a pen. I just had to have a pen I have a paper. I got a helmet, probably maybe grab I’m still kind of protective device, because he’s so intense and a positive way, and this question fired him up. I mean this. This question hear the question being. What do you need to do? You know? What do you need to do in terms of saying no distractions to become successful? What I need to say no to if we’re going to become successful and I promise you after you hear this interview will become very clear to you:the difference between ultra successful people in the average person and it in a large part you’re going to discover it comes down to thinking and reading blocking out the time needed to listen to shows like this podcasts business books by the way from listeners before we tee up this audio exclusive interview of michael, levine and I one. We have a start here book available for download for free for every single one of you listening.

If you want to get that book for preteen amazon best-seller and include its everything that you need to know to start and grow a successful company doctor and i, we built 13 multimillion-dollar companies together and in that I’ll book it start here. There is the specific moves that you can use to build a successful business drive time. Show. Comets start your book. Also, we have the boom book free to download and right now for a limited time. If you want to get tickets to our next in person. Thrive time show workshop you what you can get it does the event start february, 16th and 17th and as of yesterday I’m sure, as earlier today, we had 18 business conferences tickets left. So I was up as of today with 18 tickets left to start the broadcast, i, don’t really know until I get out the box and go talk to the ticketing people, so we might be already sold out and if not today, tomorrow and where were island ticket sales, but we’ve already got hundreds of people going to be there and I we’ve expanded. We purchase the more I seating capacity at are thrive time show world headquarters, we’ve expanded the floor plan to accommodate you in the tickets are normally $99 a piece, but if you want to attend the world best business workshop for free just to find the drive time show on itunes or stitcher, just type in thrive time show and itunes justice, google search, thrive time show and itunes once you do that at little bit tricky once you get there. So let me walk you through it, real quick, then a few people that email to the couldn’t figure it out. So you google thrive time show in itunes once you click the to find the show their you click it and then there’s a button there on the left. Yet the clickettes blue at the view and itunes. So you click that button to view in itunes. Now, once you open the show and itunes, you can then subscribe to the show, there’s 11. What’s the button on the left that says subscribe subscribe, and then you write an objective review. Tell us how we’re doing tell us how helping you would love to hear feedback from you guys and then I will do is with you email as proof that you didn’t email us, the email, us your contact information to info at thrive time show.Com. We will actually send you two free conference tickets right at $99, a piece plus you get to copy of the boom book, which is not a $20, a piece and take it to him, $40 and free stuff for taking 240 seconds to subscribe and leave us an objective review interview with michael levine in your book. You talked about this obstetrician in dallas, I was walter evans and basically, what they did was a ride home from the hospital. Can you explain a little bit about that or what that was all like? What the I can’t explain it anymore with any more clarity than to say if you had to obstetricians and one said get watching, hitchhike home and the other one said will drive you home, which one do you think would create a relationship with you. That’s more caring and more limo service i. Believe, that’s amazing. Think of how can you exceed the customer’s expectation? How can you do I agree with you and that’s cool? We both agree. How do you exceed customers expectations? That’s what you said think about yes, yes, yes, but brother, clay and thinking takes time.

Thinking takes time, I put your facebook off. Put your cell phone down. Put your candy crush down. Think work:do you know what percentage do you know? What percentage of americans currently have a library card? I would say it had to be less than 2% of the correct answer is 3. It would be a good idea not to have a library card and by the way you know the cost of a library card play. Rich people have big libraries, poor people have big tvs, and so he was telling me he says:you’ve got to get up. I said well, I’m, not an early guy early morning i. So here’s the deal and I said yes and ambitious, and you either I going to get divorced guy or you’re going to be a guy who’s a getting up early. So you need to figure out a way cuz. You can’t do both simultaneously. You’ve got to get up to tell you a good professor. Welcome just says you can have good grades. Good friends are good. Sleeping only have to pick up. You know, but I think about this. Let’s just take this. Let’s just pause for a minute. Let’s think about this circle. We say hello, hello, how are you my good and valuable friends? How many of you have library cards, 3 razor in 97, say? No, we don’t that’s 97 people walking around america thinking. This is a cool good idea. Okay, it’s free facebook right, see what they’re up to what’s going on in the soulful words of marvin gaye. What’s going on? What’s going on at we look at it, you didn’t have time for library, but i, see i, see i, see. What’s going on, blue picture, candy, crush i, see i, see, I got confused, I thought you were trying to get ahead. No knowledge bums everywhere. So this just in the message, is this:just in for the michael levine pr offices, you got to say no to distractions. Are we talk about it all the time on the thrive time show I would just tell you this as a ratio, if you will turn your phone off your smartphone 80% of your day, almost there almost every person listening, if you just turn your smartphone off or 80% of your day and spend your time focusing on fixing your workflow fixing your website, I mean just earlier today, I was proving some website updates that were doing to EITRlounge.com. So you don’t approve a website in to make that you visit the changes on a website where I hit print and then I look at it. Did you know how long I take on that? Usually for myself just repay it jimmy you want to speculate like an hour like an hour for one page of my website. Why do I take an hour because when you go to eitr, lounge.Com, wear men’s, grooming business and it shouldn’t be super confusing as to what to do, but by default. I typically do a better job, because I don’t know I have to think about it. You can’t write a good book quickly. You can’t come up with a best-selling book quickly. You cannot run business conferences in one day because you want to.

You can’t speed build a successful business quickly, so it occurred to me that, after talking to thousands of customers that we marketed intensely to get an elephant room, mesa interview I mean our team that has literally asked thousands of men. What did you like most about your experience? How can we improve? What did you like most about your experience? How can we improve? We, we determined that the men who have been to get their husband elephant room to get their haircut. They said you know if I can get a beverage with my haircut. That’s a win. If I can get a consultation, that’s a win! If I can get an award-winning tailored haircut, that’s a went to shampoo and a massage. That is a win. If I could get a condition in massage that’s a win if I could get a hot towel treatment. That is a win if I can get for face moisturizer. That is a win. If you guys can make sure I don’t get out here. Looking like a yeti, if you can help me, have some sort of style, tom brady here, but I can get some good hair haven’t seen my mop looks like it’s properly chop, then I went, and so we did that once we nailed the experience, we realized. Okay, we need. We need to probably make this haircut and absolute no-brainer, because, because it is this is the service is so good that we have to bet on our on her business, better model than her plan into your first haircut elephant. The room is just a dollar, and why is your first month, your first haircut a dollar because he built to experience. It said that that’s that good now so now I’m willing to pay our team between marketing the hard costs of paying someone to actually cut your hair in the team of people up there and help you, your $1 haircut, cost me $23. That’s what the average haircut cost me to do. The first time you know me, i, don’t make any money to style, start getting rich off that usually the people tip well, if they do the dollar haircut, but it’s a dollar, and how did we come up with all the texts on her website and experience in the overall I think the overall atmosphere we built its buy deeply studying something? And so, if you want to become successful, like Mike Levine says you got to put down the candy crush you got to take quit taking photos of your food. You got to get off of facebook. You got to quit talking to everybody all the time, but how they feel about how you feel you don’t need to join another community on facebook.

You don’t need to join another peer group at church. You just need to commit to the few things you’re into, and so, if you want to meet a group of peers that are just like you that are saying no to do it to distractions in your building. A successful company I would highly recommend that you go to thrive time show.Com and you would book your tickets for february 16th and 17th business conferences workshop. Every 60 to 70 to 2018 be held at our jenks riverwalk location and beautiful jake’s america at the river walk down the left coast of the arkansas river, and so he might be saying, listen, buddy stuff going on so you’re going to have to explain to me what you’re going to teach. If you want me to be there after work shop, so i, specifically time management, how to generate leads marketing strategy branding to help with your accounting. Your financial planning create a linear workflow how to hire and fire people the right way how to have the millionaire mindset how to balance faith, family, finance, fitness, friendship and fun. It’s all good be toddler. The drive time show workshop can get your tickets today by going to drive time, show and clicking on the conference’s button or if you want to get a free ticket, just write an objective review on itunes and as soon as proof that you did it by emailing us to info at thrive time. Show. Comets in toilet drivetime show.Com get ready to enter the thrive time. Show 321 boom time show on your radio. Today we have the pleasure of playing a few exclusive excerpts from an interview that I did with michael levine. Perhaps the world’s number one public relations consultant of all time. He was he’s a consultant of choice for prince for michael jackson, never heard of them nike pizza, hut, pizza hut. These are all big brands I’ve, never heard of nancy kerrigan i, don’t know if you know who she is:clinton’s clinton’s, the bushes cameron diaz, sort of a big deal that we’re going to have the rest of this interview available for you on the podcast version, but on today’s radio show, but this segment and the next to where can be playing excerpts from the michael levine interviews. And so what are we dropping into a conversation that he and I had about the habits? Super successful people characteristics of super successful people, I think what is interesting about what you doing at least I believe so is that is what I’m hearing you say or what I’m hearing you do he’s framing it in super success. You are not engaging in conversation about what successful people do.

You are engaging in a conversation about what super successful people do, and so, if somebody’s watching this right now-and they want to be a regional manager of the starbucks in their local city and their local, be in their in their city, they don’t need to watch this, but if they want to own starbucks i, take notes. This is the super sick, so I was trying to ten thousand 100,000 one in a million see. This is the deal on the one in a billion. What are we going to talk about this first success characteristic of the first success principal point of all achievement without a purpose and a plan, people drift aimlessly through life, have you witnessed it straight of super successful people? Do they all know where they’re going or at least seem to have a purpose play the quality? First of all, when were autopsy or discussing the qualities of super success, now I’ve had a very, very unique vantage point when you’re talking about these qualities, what is it that michael, jordan and bill clinton have, in common other than I got a lot of money? What is it that oprah and julia roberts have in common other a lot of money too? So you try to ask this definite definition of protists quality that I’ve observed the way I would word it and frame it as a as a medical doctor is a quality that I would refer to his obsession obsession obsession. Now I am going to confess to you clay for some weird wacky reason:i am terrible at dictionary definitions, but what I’d like to do in discussing obsession for a moment is talk about. First, what it isn’t session is not ambition. Cheap! All of us know people who are ambitious but couldn’t find their way out of a burning building. Okay, super success. This obsession is something deeper, more primal, more intense than ambition. So then we say what is it then mister? It is a burn, maniacal rage as if your life depended on it, a burning maniacal rage as if your life depended on it. That my dear valued friend is what is at the cord, the dna of the super successful people as we as we wrap up that that michael levine excerpt about super successful people. He kept saying that at the very core ultra successful people as a is a burning, maniacal rage, chinese, successful and you cuz i, know a lot of people who listen to the show say well off air. How am I different than that on there I think. That’s a question to ask a lot and I would just my take. Is it on the show? I do have to play a little nicer, then I would being at the office, but it’s more like it was a deadline. The difference is you’re not holding the listeners accountable for not paying them. It’s it’s not a thing. So I would say that rage turn that actually kind of goes good. You let you come like a raging bull, but that rage is more like a focus on your to-do list right. So nothing’s going to stop china closet.

If, if there’s something in the way, you’re going to break it out, just so, you can get whatever you need done, get done and I think a lot of people, though I think a lot of entrepreneurs. What they want to do is they want everyone to like them, but then the people who work on their team or baby themselves, maybe they themselves don’t have the discipline needed to get there to do list done right and so I’m going to use you as an example, you have been a self-employed person, you run your own business and you’re, a guy who understands how deadlines work until the office. If I give you a task to do, or are you giving yourself a task to be like for this conference we have coming up here:we’ve got to make massive modifications to the whole place hopeless, to make room so we’re expanding. The bookstore were adding and more chairs were decorating. The facility and I give things to you to do because one were selling a ton of tickets run out of room but to I know you’ll get it done so, what’s going on in your head, that allows you to get things done, that other people just seem to struggle with. What’s, what’s that all about alive, you working with you, as you know, i, don’t own part of thrive I’m, not an owner, but I view my work as an owner, because I used to be one so I know what it means to do. The small things. I know what a deadline mean. If you have a deadline, that’s called deadline for a reason right. If you have to hit it and I kind of cut my teeth, estimating concrete projects and there’s a hard deadline, if you’re turning in an estimate for a project right, so you cannot miss it. So you have to stay up two nights in a row. If you didn’t have the you know, your schedule got out of hand, and you couldn’t finish it. So there was no other was no missing it. If we wanted to have work, if we wanted to keep our guys busy and have money coming into the business, I had to hit those deadlines, and so just got to learn that from my dad and that’s that’s how I operate now so I’m going to pretend for a second that I am a leader of the thrive nation and sault tribe nation. We have one of our business conferences coming up on february, 16th and 17th. That’s a friday and a saturday, and if you have what to purchase your tickets to the in-person drivetime show workshop I’m telling you. You are absolutely missing out on an opportunity to learn everything you need to know to start and grow a successful business. So how you going to do it I would encourage i, encourage you right now to go to thrive time. Show.Com click on the conference’s button and buy your tickets right there. It’s a game-changing event at 9 $9, a piece he absolutely have to do. But I know that some people, not you other people, will put it off and not actually take action to do it right now. But it’s ripe time show deca


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