How to Handle a Contractor That Is Screwing You

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Have you had a contractor put you in a bad spot? Tune in to find out how Dr Z handles this situation. On this segment of the Thrivetime Show business coach Clay Clark will talk to Z about what you need to do.

How To Handle A Contractor That Is Screwing You?

  1. Remember – Your hammer is at the beginning of the job.
    1. Add delay damages to the contract.
  2. If you have found yourself in a bad situation with a contractor
    1. Talk to a lawyer and send a letter. This is a powerful tool.
  3. How to create a culture that motivates people to do menial tasks like taking out the trash
    1. Dr Z – “I do it” – he picks up trash etc.

How Do You Decide Which Problems Make It To You And Which Ones Stay With Your Team?

  1. Trial and Error – it takes time and mistakes will be made
    1. Ask them “What would I (Z) do?”
    2. If you get to that question and do not know what to do then escalate it to me.
  2. You must know what it costs you to bring in a new customer

Boy, do we have a hot show for you today? Let me tell you what so hot there are many men on dating websites sending women messages. Saying hey:do you want to come over and netflix and chill do you want to netflix and chill and I’ll? Tell you what I don’t know if I really took can’t hear I cannot endorse the behavior doing the first day that involves watching netflix and chilling, but when dr. Z comes inside the mancave studio, what year were the dinosaurs that I want a dayquil and chill it’s a good thing, so they explain to us about your consumption and chum. Please read us the mornings on the body. Imma, give you a bottle jack up a bottle of how far you are into that bottle and in what amount of time you can send the bottle and I would like for chuck to counteract by reading the side effects and talk about our business conferences. The morning z c, oh well, the last few days as as those have been with him to show no I have been under the weather, which we probably to google. That did the fine. With that really mean you know the old saying it’s always have a cool kind of way. Let my dogs are barking cuz, they used dog hide to make the bottom of shoes. You know your prizes at the carnival was to win a cigar, and so i, don’t know whether it’s a gloomy prospect so like the weather is gloomy. If you’re under the weather, you feel kind of gloomy, healthy or o. U always under the weather, I’ve been feeling poorly and dayquil allows me to get through the program without medical help without coughing too much without mix sounds great. Thank you, the masquerade. You can even hear my lahren ex’s sister think I have a massive knowledge of the human body, the anatomy needed to produce radio show and nobody has better trained, better trained to learn x than you. My friend, thank you, I appreciate. You know what I’ve heard a lot of you give me a lot of hyperbole, but that one is yet to be on. The list is real your cap, your great cabs, in a great learnex jump back to you, warnings, liver warning. This product contains acetaminophen, severe liver damage may occur if you’re done sorry, buddy i, don’t know if adult takes more than four doses in 24 hours, I think there’s like 12 doses in the bottle shop. Here’s the deal i, don’t appreciate your threats and they’re concerned concerned that want to live a long life and in spend time with the ones they love and send me the one that you shorten your life to have more dayquil and ride to get to the date.

Okay and I said alcoholic drinks everyday, while using this product, allergy alert in may cause severe skin reaction. Symptoms may include skin redness and blisters rash. Use and seek medical help right away. What sounds encouraging so anyway, so we have a question. A tough question here must have a member of the thrive nation luke owen’s, with the hub gym people have chosen to email the questions to info at thrivetime show.Com. He has a client is not inside the man cave studios, so without any further to luke owen’s. What business conferences question do you have for doctors? Any question at all ever had any business I think you that you’ve answered the the prime question, yeah and I think now it’s just putting that into practice. Right now, boys finish their job. No, they did not so busy. I would like to ask about the contractors it right. So in june we hired a contractor to remodel our house june 17th of 17 in february 2018 supposed to be a 60 to 90 day job we’re eight months in clothes, and they left us with a an open gas line in the house, and their response was we’ll keep an eye on it, gas just so we let them go if I had their where’s. My lighter and the thousand dollar bill in in addition to the $30,000 bill I’ve, already paid. You know because the house redone having to have the house text which requires resources, and so yeah i, know that they’re here we are so what was he? The total bill that they were supposed to, but 50k for the whole deal. 39000 was the initial estimate, and now it’s turned into what would that be $59,000 without getting to the my new show, a good stopping attorney’s office or something that’ll? Do a free consult with you going to talk to them? Lay out the details be very precise for a quick, bullet-point it and sometimes a good from letter from a law firm ever puked I mean, if note will stop that jackass read, but here’s the deal ebay listing out there. That’s thinking about hiring a contractor for building repairing whatever you want to do your hammer. Your hammer is at the beginning of the job to put into place your hammer is at the beginning of the job. What did she say is this? You say:okay, I know there could be things that cause overrides, but here’s the deal. How long is it going to take you to do said job and they’re going to tell you the only 90 days, 3 weeks you know, I can get that done in 4 hours, whatever it is right, and this is when you put into the contract, your hooks and when the hooks are will, if you’re not done by then now we have some penalties.

They called the lady images delayed damages I like to thank you, mr. Butter, jelly, and, and that’s when that’s when you put those things in the play, you don’t wait till the end. You don’t wait till the other things going the wrong direction. Now, what do I do if anybody listening out there, a delay correction damages corrections damage. Is it when you want to put those in at the beginning of it? So you want to say:okay with you, you told me: 90 days was not 90 days, you’re taking 10% haircut. Okay. How do that on your have to do that at the beginning of the job, because here’s what happened is because will happen if they have overlapping jobs. They don’t have just one job going on they’re, always working on the next deal, and then that person puts the penalties in there and I was in there like we got to take all the guys up this one cuz i, don’t want to get up and leave around this one virtually every time. You don’t do this every time, because the squeaky wheel gets the oil right-wing. So if they are going to hold you up and it-and you got to remember that these contractors are always as well as marsha like to say, they’re robbing peter to pay paul because they have like z set multiple jobs going on, and so they gotta pay the labor on this one. But then I got to take invoice from the three months ago to pay their material for this one. It’s just a bad kill. Okay, but now you see it listen to see. I didn’t hear that and I’ve already gone down the road and now I’m at a bad situation. I have a pipe bike. Tire I got to do, got to get legal help, go in and a good firm letter on a bond on letterhead that has a top firm on it or a good firm, such as winter games. Do you like these guys here in town, rooster, he’s kind of my guy there by his name is tricky, brings that guy’s name at them, and so they get it and they’ve gone through a lot of my stuff with me and and it’s easy by nick or sitting in a parking lot down towards it together and I mean we’ve had some business relationship too. So it’s all good on the show to the auto auction, with eric church up in two members of the thrive nation from new orleans, new, orleans, so rachel and tyler from new orleans. They traveled from New Orleans, sorry I cannot hear you, I was eating gumbo and thinking about business conferences, so they came here from new orleans when they got to tulsa. They got a chance to see firsthand dr. Robert, zoellner and associates. Did the optometry clinic they got a chance to see dr. Robert, zoellner and associates again chance to see z66 auto auction.

They got a chance to see the businesses, they’ve been to business conferences. So it’s not a fairy at this point. It’s them actually seeing the execution of what is taught by the drive time. Show business coach, procast cool talk to me about the questions that they might have had it you might have had after watching the execution of those two businesses. Oh my gosh, there are so many questions, I’m going to start with an easy one, though. Okay, when you eat one, because because eric and I we we made a whole big old list, but the first one that probably was the most striking and most apparent to us is we lit. We saw every team member walking around and cleaning off tables, taking out trash and helping one of the janitor guys like take out the trash like hey you put the bag and I’ll run it out. I mean he was on it, and so we’ve spoken with mentors in the past lee cockrell from walt disney world resort use the executive vice president, and it was the same thing at walt, disney world. How do you create a culture where everybody is bought into doing something as menial is taking out the trash i? Do it when, when I am around my optometry clinic, particularly and you’re right there by the mall to pretending, building and I get out of my car and people looking through the drive-thru window and waving at me, saying hi cuz I can’t park over by there and they see me get out and start picking up trash around the building and throwing it away. I think it has more impact on them. Then. Anything else I can do around speeches. But when you live it you do it, it’s it’s powerful, powerful and they see it. And you know what, when I’m at the auto auction I’m about to walk in the lanes and I’m, stopping picking up trash and anna dude just drop the trash and I walk beside me reach over and pick it up and go, throw it away. It will change them. I mean it’s almost like I’m asking him to do that, but I mean like mimi and they’re going I mean I mean it’s like it’s powerful, because I can walk right past it a big thing that doctors, he does again I’m. Just sharing that I agree with what he just said. The principal that I want to make sure did everyone kind of disease. How that relates to everything everything that he talks about on the show he does, which is why he has been and will continue to be, my business hero because he does it. It’s not a thing where it’s like:hey here’s, a theory. I read this leadership book yourself. You should do it’s like here’s me doing it. Don’t so that’s to me what’s powerful! Yes, so by doing the things I’m telling everybody else to do they don’t look at it as, though that’s below me, oh I’m, going to get the guy job.

That is because it’s all of our jobs right now by me doing even the most menial tasks. It is too powerful and I think it inspires him and I see season, go well if that’s not below z it ain’t below me. So the next question is for both the optometry clinic and the auto auction. What types of issues or problems do you ask your team to escalate to you in which the problems in questions? Do you ask them to take care of themselves that question a lot of people wanting a time show business coach workshops or business conferences? This thing is at the jenks riverwalk we got a band playing on saturday, we got, we can be can’t get enough of. You got the the metropolitan. Baptist band will be there. We got ice sculptures exotic cars in the parking lot. We’ve got it done with his sponsor to be food there, a lot of fun. You want everything you need to know from clay to z. The 13 proven steps to growing successful companies. It’s all good. They are the tickets, are only $99 a piece if you wanna get free tickets, just find the thrive time show on itunes subscribe to the podcast. Leave us in active review and email us. Your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com again at info at drive time, should I come and we’ll send you two free tickets into boom books on talk, radio 1170 broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, with ussba entrepreneur of the year clay, clark live nation. Welcome back to the truck talk, show on your radio and see you before we get back to marshalls question I have a big aaa! Well, I would say about. We can say two and a half times larger than the average. You like, eight, a good 92%, i, think so I think that’s a fair number play-doh tomorrow I mean when you go to lids and they say. Let me custom make a hat for you. Yeah I know you had a big pretty certain sports store people who look at you concerned that they’re out of fabric, to make you a hat. That’s when you know that you have a massive cranial.

That’s when you know you have a massive massive. We have a vast knowledge of business that it’s tucked into my son. It’s always using z one tenth of the size of my available the size of your brain. You are still the world’s best business come here is my little story. I want to tee up for the listeners. This actually happened. The other day I was we had a meeting that starts at the dr at 6 and I like to call shelby with a standing meeting at 5:55. I’ll call him anything. I need to go over about the day, I go over on that phone call, and so I said I’ll get distracted by. My move is like to leave the house here in like 530 right to 15-minute trip and that way I can talk to you while driving or maybe pull into the qt parking lot talk to him to get to the office right in time. So I don’t get distracted before I meet again, so it’s like 5:20 and I can’t find my glasses in the morning. Okay, so where are my glasses? I can’t find a glass? It’s not a good move. You know she’s wonderful, but she’s like what I don’t know your time. I need to find my glasses and I noticed. I put them in the man cave to my, chosen spot because I know that’s what happens and she says because of the routine is about every 60 days. I lose things because I didn’t put them where they’re supposed to go out. That’s the most shocking right, so I’m I’m starting to get sick, 522 I’m like where are the glasses and she says, are you looking for glasses that are different than the pair you have on your face and I’m like thank. You is you’re, giving somebody an objective view. Were they they want so passionately to find their figurative glasses that they can’t find them cuz? The panic of wanting to do well so faster, try to get there on their face and I’m just so into that you’re so into the routine of doing what you do everyday. You don’t realize your glasses are on your face. You might already have the resources you need. You just might not be using them. Well, minnesota, wild, marshall, marshall, morris, the tall business conferences co-captain, eric chupp of the business coaches got a chance to go to your auto auction and look at it. It kind of like a meta-level. Were they don’t work there? They got a chance to see how it operates. I have some tough questions for you, because one of his arms are so busy. They can’t ask these questions. We have a whole group of people around the world that are kind of body into the thrive nation that somehow or another word mentoring. Them are hers, and this was a couple that came up from new orleans. You got it louisiana, louisiana and part of their routine for the day was to go physically into a couple of my business. That’s right! It was kind of fun, so they went in the morning to the optometry clinic in an hour or two there in the afternoon on the friday. So we were doing, we only have the auction on friday. It was a good day for them to come up, so they came and did you guys eat lunch by the way we did with shelly at at the job at the auction and then from that they create all these questions, but he was, he was phenomenal. Coast me into getting second I wasn’t going to do it and I did it cuz? He challenged me challenge me that cost me some money you’ve created a number of different businesses that don’t require you to be working in the business all day.

Everyday we saw saw him walk in an hour and a half after the car started in. So the question is:is how do you decide which problems make it to you which problems? Do you want your team to escalate to you and which ones can they handle themselves? Do you empower them to the races, better small business owner I’ve ever seen the doctor yet paling? This question so excited to get your take on this because I brought you are awesome at this year. It takes time and mistakes are made and what I mean by that is that, as you move down the road, there are things that I they should have brought to me. They didn’t and think they bring to me that I go that’s and then I always say what would I do you know what woodsy do and you say that to them all of her teaching moment and the longer there with me the more likely they are to answer that correctly and therefore the more I give that individual purse the opportunity to do things. There’s been some epic mistakes. Let me go over a couple of hours. So I had to supervisor position in my optometry clinics. We have a supervisor over each area and then we have a general manager that manages the supervisors. Okay, did you perform a mammogram on somebody was knocked out of my office and i, don’t mind epic mistake. I would be sure we can do any decide. You know I’m going to I’m not going to bother you with this I’m going to deal with this, and he writes back a letter to the person complaining or to the person raising of the problem, and he signs it me yeah. She puts that the letters from me and signs it as if it were for me, so it’s kind of like giving you a rectal examination without your permission, correct, okay-and this way this went on for a while, back and forth back and forth letters. Until finally came to my attention and I sat said man down and I said:listen, I appreciate your enthusiasm, I love what you did there I appreciate your goat.

Getting this to make it happen. I appreciate every everything but the forgery, but do not ever ever sign my name to something, without my permission, without my knowledge, no one cuz it’s illegal to because of your. You worked hard to reputation that you’ve built over 20 years to build a reputation 1 minute to lose it so again, z, I z, does with the teammates he this is. This is what I see he says. Whenever you have a crisis, ask yourself:what would I do? What would z do if you get to the end of that knowledge base? And you don’t know what to do then call me right. So that’s what he does and I don’t know if that’s helpful for you, marshall dancers, cool in the end and there’s a book on the service profit chain and talks about this is well. This is what southwest airlines did. Is they empowered their gate agents to just comp up to a free round trip anywhere in the us right just to keep the keep the peace keep the customer happy because they regularly buy plane tickets and so I think one of the things that I’ve seen you do in evaluate his what’s the worst case scenario, what’s this going to cost me if they make the wrong decision correct and if you can, if you can, whether that it right not going to be a problem, then you said:go ahead, make it! So, what’s the next question I know we got just a couple minutes late to the segment. I want to see this. It’s really important, for you know how much it cost you to list. They’re on your business, how much it cost you to bring in a new employee I mean a new patient new customer, because if you can fix problem with the customer, you have sitting right there in front of you for less than it takes to bring a new one. It’s a no-brainer, take care of it fix it to marshall. What’s the next question, the next question is:is the different roles in different positions? Actually at the auction I want to know the different roles in position. Stay tuned so you can learn about our business conferences.


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