Heat Up – Final Mix – A Lyrical Miracle

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Audio Transcription

I wake up in the morning, my alarm says three,
Knowing that thousands of the people are dependent on me.

I’m on a mission, but I need some clarity,
Before the world wakes up and starts staring at me.

Am I the next Rockefeller or the next emcee?
Or just the next big nothing talking about my dreams?

My success is independent, but dependent on me.
Will I be consistent or let my demons free?

Drift through life or choose my destiny?
The choice is mine, what will I be?

An A-Player or maybe just a B?
Will my alarm say eight or my alarm say three?

Rise and grind, my past is way behind.
This is my time to shine and my wealth to find.

Nobody is going to care about my success but me.
And I won’t grow them crops if I don’t plant them seeds.

Will I let my days get away or days I seize?
Will I get lethargic or busy like them bees?

Success requires idiosyncrasies, higher frequencies,
And the propensity to fight off the fleas

That cause the disease that creates the gap,
between A and Bs.

It’s tenacity that creates that mastery
That’s always paid more to me since the age of sixteen

Six mouths to feed, I got books to read,
I got knuckles to bleed and I won’t til I get it.

I got them goals to beat, I got them walls to complete
Do I smell fire or am I just starting to heat up?


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