How To Help Yourself And Knowing Your Goals

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Having trouble inspiring and motivating yourself and your team? One way to help fix this issue is to know your goals. In this podcast edition of the Thrivetime Show Dr Z and Clay Clark will get into how they do it.

  1. The best way to help yourself is to help others by inspiring, motivating and helping them to grow.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE –  “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar (Motivational speaker and New York Times best-selling author)

  1. Determine what are you preparing for. Know your goals, take aim and fire.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.” – Napoleon Hill (Best-selling author of Think and Grow Rich and the former speech writer to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt)

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Attend the world’s best business coach workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com. When is the mardi gras outdoor brass band right there I mean, isn’t that a glorious sound that is a glorious, sound and makes me just want to throw beat I mean to just so. You know:beads I’m, not scared, i, don’t know what happened, but I know you do you ask me nicely. I was going to give me because I was going to slap you with my nipples, but you can say that on the air I want you to not sit up. Okay, so now we’re moving today. So we got to work today where we’ve already called hr and advanced weird wow. How can I recover from a toe lol? Okay? So you were talking to one of the best business coach clients we have, charles about being purposeful with how you manage your time and say we’re just talking how should really be character traits of successful people and one of the things that you do, what you do it all the time and I watch you through osmosis I’ve been going to pick it up is you’re very, very reserved with where you spend your time very purposeful and you default to know you just used the default deny watch to do. If someone says, can you do this, do that you default to know and then, under a rare unicorn event, you’ll say yes, almost reluctantly until you’re thoroughly convinced that the best usage of your remaining time on the planet is very good at that he always been good at that. Or did you have to go see a time management guru at the time management sensei? Did you wear your neck strain karate kid? Do you know mr. Miyagi I spent two afternoons with mr. Miyagi one time, I crawl under the mountain there’s a time management mountain? It’s it’s in the himalaya range and I climb that naked, of course, and got to the top and met with the time management guru at the top of which was very mr. Me i, go like no!

It’s it’s going to charles! You you’re! Not first! You know you, you don’t even access to you because you as the best business coach client, you know why it’s doing that too. While you realize it, if you don’t say no you’re, the scum of other people decide what you do throughout the day and i, don’t let you know what, control freak but I like to control what I do during my day. I was what you do for the date. Other people will and that’s just the way. It is because there’s a lot of people, the more success you have, the more people look at you and want something from you and they may want ideas that may want money. They may want encouragement, they make do you know I call it they’ve, sucked the life juice out of you and by the time you going to let that happen throughout the day. They’re they’re, like energy vampires. You know on the go round and they just and was chump the choppy, which really wants your body, which is why it’s weird, but it is what it is, is there anyway. I can I see your skin on for a little while, okay, so I have a notable variable that goes back to your own destiny or someone else. Will there you go? That’s in my jackson man will not sign your body shop going to move on to the water besides, that quote. Okay, so here is the best way to help yourself is to help others by inspiring motivating and helping them grow. Zig ziglar and you know what clay we are perfect examples of that, because we do that with our umbrella of thrive nation break about it, I mean that’s really what we do on a daily basis. You know we do this radio show we do the podcast, with your in-person workshops, with your one-on-one business coaching and we’ve spent a lot of money to put together a lot of really cool videos about.

You know mentor, but you can that you can buy for just $2 the first month and then 19 bucks every month after that, nope all I want to get your take on this because it’s ziegler says you will get all you want in life. If you help enough each, if you help enough other people get what they want, I’ll say it again:cuz apparently I struggle with the english language. You will get all you want in life. If you help enough other people get what they want. The bed and I would suck at their with boundaries with them, because they’re in once, you get good at helping people and you begin, observing more and more people, helping them succeed, you’re going to do well financially as the best business coach, but the problem is:if you try to scale that one-on-one interaction, your brain will explode until i. Want to ask you, because you do the accounting which accounting alone can make people brain explode. How do you guys do accounting for thousands of customers? Are there hood cpas without your head exploding? I know you want to serve your customers. What do you draw the line at dude? How to draw the line between serve the customer, and next thing you know you’re going out to eat with three thousand people here, say:i kind of have a different I love, zig, ziglar and I love is quote:i sent them to myself for years, I kind of in my industry, I kind of go at it at a kind of backwards, because I believe too many business owners, including myself in the past, allow dysfunction to continue. In other words, if I’ve got an employee, that’s not showing up on time, but boy.

You know, i, don’t want to fire around, because I want to be nice, I’m, actually not being nice to that person by allowing their dysfunction to continue. If I got clients, people that come into my office and they’re not protecting their wives, their family, they don’t have enough life insurance, I’m, not being nice by allowing that dysfunction to continue if they’re not paying themselves and putting money back to the side. 3% I’m, not at hood cps.Com, we’re not being nice. If we allow this function to continue same thing applies, if they’re not doing their accounting, if they’re not measuring, you know, we can be sweet and not want to say the tough thing, but we can do it at the same time and show love by going. This is what you need to do, and let’s do it together. Clay chupp, you had all take care of. You want to try. It I want to just get a little weird for a minute, old rag on you, Mr Clay clark, because you are one of the best examples I have seen at this. We have an awesome, even best business coach team right now at thrive we have so many solid people. I look around the office when we’re at work and I’m like i. Think I could count on like all of these people here, there’s not a right, there’s, no drama and the reason that we do. That is because we are all inspired and motivated by you. My friend, you are the head of the ship and we all follow your lead and you’re really really awesome at that, and that’s been what I would say. Probably the best way to help yourself because now you’re having more time, freedom or family time or things that you want to do on your schedule. Well, I appreciate you saying that I will say this. It is the hardest part of my journey to do that, because it’s what I do every morning when I get ready for work. I do this and end i, don’t picture this visually here, but I do i. Do I do hop in the shower at 5 20 every single day, I turn on turn on tv and i:listen to td jakes, because usually at 5:15 I’m on empty and I’ve never had an outside person motivate me and i, don’t know what it feels like to not be motivated.

So therein lies a little bit of best business coach frustration every day and if I let it manifested work its way to the surface. It’s not good cuz i, don’t understand not being motivated, but that being said, I do understand not being organized or i, do understand not being informed we’re not doing time management or things. That g has taught me until i. Look at it is like okay i. Don’t understand why someone would need motivation, but I’m going to give it to you and then the same reason that he probably is going. Why won’t the guy come up with a freaking no-brainer? Why won’t he built systems? Why did you want to leave the other party feeling hole and not full of holes? People off and not talk down to it, I think it’s a big things. We’ve all gone through something and we needed somebody to kind of help us get through it a little bit and I think if you would have more success, you have if you’re, not careful, you start to think that you’re awesome yeah, that’s it and you think that you were never in that same spot. Well, the word that comes to my mind is edifying. When you’re around a person, that’s in edifier and m pump people up and lift them up and makes them better when they walk away from them. That’s an awesome. Things are encouraged to be that and we come back what to talk about, determining what you are preparing for.

What’s the next step, your business pro show on talk, radio 1170 broadcasting live from the center of the best business coach universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, with ussba of the year clay clark, and she won’t get back to the conversation if you’re just out to do business school without the bs we get into the brass tacks, the specific stuff that you need to know to get where you want to go and one of the things I’ve discovered it I started working on this outline when we started doing more and more workshops, because I noticed that when someone would approach me at break and I would talk to them, I could almost pick up within about 30 seconds whether they were successful or not. It was almost like. You could just tell aunt I started making a list of what are the common denominators of the successful people. What are those things and one of the things I wrote down around 57 of these things, but one of the things that I wrote down was that the successful people are really able to determine what they’re preparing for it’s. Like they know what the next step is, they don’t know how to get there necessarily, but they know the next step. They might say start just saying that they start speaking at they so I’ll give example elephant in the room we are going to franchise. Okay, we’re going to do that. Why are we going to franchise? It’s been part of the plant, and so do we know every single step. I know most of them now because of with oxi fresh and other brands. Put it the same time. Like I said it’s not a shock to me that I’m at this point of the business or it’s not a shock at the conference, the past we had z, we set up a video camera, so you could see better. You know what they’re in the back and I wasn’t shocked that we would eventually need a camera to broadcast the the show on the big screens.

I also wasn’t shocked when we had many people had to turn away. So now we have to get a few more big screen. So that way, people can see the sum of the notes in the outline. They can see the notes, while they can also see the video footage and I know the next thing of your optometry clinic you’re, not shocked that you needed to expand right or not, but I think a lot of people there so reactive that they, they almost seem shocked that, like oh, my gosh, we have 53 employees. Now we should probably talk to the counter. Oh my gosh I can’t i, don’t know how to describe it, but it seems like successful people know what they’re preparing for they know their goals and they just take aim and do it where, as people are struggling late, they tend to not know. What’s next I send to be like well, i, don’t know, sometimes it’s out of best business coach ignorance and sometimes it’s out of just lack of motivation and either one of those can you can overcome both of those and that’s one of these things. We are getting people to overcome with arthritis nation umbrella of goodies that we offered to vote because my people come in this. So you know I know I’m supposed to know what the next step is, but you know what I’m going to just admit that I don’t and I’m going to go to this in person workshop and get in tired maybe by what you guys are saying. Maybe I’ll buy the guiding sitting next to them. If you know that you’re not inspired right now, that’s a sign that you need to get to a workshop. If you feel like your emotional bank is getting near the empty area that you viewed and I would just tell you. This I am never done waiting ever so I’m reading the td jakes book right now have a cold sore and i. Don’t need to learn how to start a business but I’m very curious about how he communicates that idea and maybe there’s a different take on him. If there’s one way, he communicates ideas that I’m missing, maybe there’s an idea that he has that I’m missing out on and followed your a successful entrepreneur or take on this concept of knowing where you’re headed with your life being proactive. Well, you know clay and hood cpas.

We try to change the way people think you know most people out a bunch of nerves that we deal with you know. Normally you should say ready, aim fire, so you’re aiming mode a lot of dance music. You know with skip that ain’t like they’re, ready fire aim. How to say was with her money to pay themselves first and then all that. So if you can get them focused, then then their expect. What I speak from experience? You know why was very smooth and am very experienced. God bless me. We do really really well and then I met you and I said. Oh, my gosh I have not even begun to be successful because I was one of those ready fire aim, guys I love about your mindset and accounting. Is you don’t lot of guys you to wait till the end of the year ago? Well, let’s see how you did. Oh my. We got a problem. If you want to know or nelly nelly is not good. I love the fact that you say:listen:what are your goals? What are we going to do and let’s make a plan for the year and is follow the plan? You hold him accountable and hold her feet to the fire. You taser, you do all the things that a good accountant does for the client and it in the air. It’s not it’s you’re. Now it’s not a old. Let’s see how we did it say:let’s celebrate what we did. You know doctors, you the way I the way I explained it is so if somebody’s trying to get in shape and are trying to lose weight that scale over in the bathroom isn’t it is a nasty thing until they start having best business coach success when they start having success. They’re excited to step on that scale, they’re excited to measure scale at the end of the year when somebody comes in and I said. Oh my gosh, you know throughout the year we really really doing good we’re going to pay taxes when we plan for it we’re paying the minimum amount that we can and we’re there. So it’s an exciting thing. Charles I want to get your take on this because of the pleasure of having you on the show. Here. Charles colaw has three a multimillion-dollar I locations of his brand colaw fitness that he has wife have built together. I want to ask you:how do you know what you’re preparing for next to me? How do you stay proactive, cuz, I think you could easily I’ll have hung up. There hung out there in bartlesville and talk to yourself I’m the mad. We are. We are awesome. My wife was the woman I’m, the man. Look at my muscle. We just look at that striations. How do you stay proactive? How do you? How do you know what’s coming next well for me? I, truly believe that god called me to do this and I’m kind of like a unicorn I mean i, love, love, love, fitness and I love business and me, and my wife were completely satisfied with not having any more in life, but we just fill it truly feel like we can do better than what’s out there, and so we look out there. We see that hey these, these communities are underserved. We got an awesome product, we can make it even better and every angle we feel pretty confident that we can do really well on so it’s kind of like.

We truly believe that we can have a thousand locations. You know around the country doing really well and really set ourselves apart in the industry to be a really strong christian-based fitness model and i. Think about your chick-fil-a vs. Like a mcdonald’s, and we truly believe that there’s there’s a deficit there, so many people go to jim’s and they don’t feel comfortable and they don’t have that bar mitz, good night club field and i. Try and I can look at it. I have been looking at your mom’s house now, but I have work with so many people, one-on-one like over 5,000 clients, a train and I’ve talked and listen to so many. You know what women want to lose weight or young, the young, kids and athletes to daniel, elderly and i. Just done so much over the years. I thought I can do something better and I see. What’s out there and I see that hey, we can definitely bring a great product to the market, and so we are very, very strategic. You know:i went back to school at 28th and got my business degree and I got to hr with a minor in hr, and then I did a mba with an emphasis in in finance and then I’ll go to workshops and stuff and I met you playing in dr. Z and you guys are getting me. It’s like real schools great, but if there’s no real best business coach application to some of it, some the terminology and in the components. So here’s what I’m going to do the challenge for all the listeners out there who will challenge? Who, who am i, want you to do it between now and the break okay, I got to action step for you. One is ask a question:did i? Do this all the time i, don’t talk, listen to show it all i, don’t know why I don’t ever see why we not talk to this is huge cuz, you’re, being selfish, i. Think right down. Ask yourself the question:how do I double in size?

This year change the gold, because it is example by bill dj connection every single year. We grew by at least 30% every time. I eat a lot of desserts if I’m going to dump my size and where I wouldn’t have a lot of lot of lot of carbs for carb loading, you want to start eating real basketball sugar cause of flabby carnival. Ask yourself how do I double, because a game of throne, dj connection by 30% becomes harder and harder. The bigger you get to the bigger number, but the idea of doubling was always my goal. I, don’t think people realize that, but I always wanted to double every year in every single year, I was a little bit frustrated. I didn’t hit my goal and as people in tulsa and I did this guy that isn’t nearly where I wanted to be this year. So I’m always think about doubling ready right now to listen to shell. Want you to write down what question would you have for us right now? If you would literally were going to double the business, we wear, what would be the biggest limiting factor if you were going to double? What would be? What would be limiting your growth if you were trying to double the business? Also I encourage you to go to thrive time, show on itunes you going to find the drive time to itunes google it you google search Thrrivetime itunes, and if you just subscribe to our podcast and you leave us an objective review, we will give you two free tickets to the april workshop and that we sold out here this past one. It was a lot of fun, but there’s so many people that couldn’t get in so don’t miss out on this opportunity. We have an unbelievable deal for the tickets, are free or just getting two free best business coach tickets and two copies of the boom book. All for just taking a couple minutes out of your schedule and providing objective review about how we’re doing an email lost. Your contact info at thrivetime, show.Com


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