Higher Learning for Higher Earning (Part 2)

Show Notes

To make 6 figures per year you need to learn practical business skills including (branding, advertising, sales, customer service, systems, etc.) Clay and Z teach these skills and more on today’s show.

The Purpose of Higher Education

  • Learn basic skills that will help you pay the bills
  • Learn skills that will help you to achieve both time and financial freedom
  1. Branding
  2. Advertising / Marketing
  3. Sales
  4. Customer Service
  5. Systems / Workflow Creation
  6. Accounting
  7. Human Resources
  8. Public Relations
  9. Laws of Leadership

Best Ways to Sell

  1. Read books on sales
  2. Fail Faster – Go for the no and celebrate it.
    1. Record your presentations and watch and learn from them
  3. Go to the Thrivetime Show workshop.
  4. Prove that you have the solution to their problems
    1. Support everything with facts.
Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show kick it. This is clay clark on the business coaching mic and can my optical castano pinochet and I’m focused on the mission beach, the skills and kitchen the plans broadcasted from advance to the left, to the portland dance, to see it, and I’ll be to see it yes and yes and indid not smell, like pecans I am so fired up about today’s show, because what I’m going to say next is really going to irritate at least 80% of our listeners, but I got it I thought about it. So I’m going to say it slowly. We before we get into that nice I got some housekeeping housekeeping. What is a, what are the chances of a guy like me, getting a gate opener to your majestic business coaching security gate. Now here at the chicken house, emporium25 cuz I pulled up and I and I’d either text you or your wife, and then one of your one of your children comes flying out. The house and sit there like your hair’s on fire and they run to the car to get the click on that click and then I come I come in anytime, you seem like it 3 days ago. You are the reason why we have a date out of your man cave and you said to me:hey what are your big goals and I was really enjoying what I was doing and thought about that awhile cuz I got hypnotic rhythm of enjoying what I’m doing and then you said, what are your goals? I thought about? It. I really would like a man cave it’s in total seclusion, a bunch of land with a bunch of chicken and you what you you. You come you’re here and you like the privacy that that fence offers and I think best I think the best hits total mine for himsomething I’m going to say that’s going to send somebody out there. Okay, listen, listen to a friend of mine was okay and he was at a soccer player. Bites soccer at oral, roberts, university and I will give you more details and, if you listening sure, if you’re listening, I apologize but I won’t give you more details, but we’re going through our degrees and he says I’m going to do on a dj,. We were freshmen in college freshman, sophomore dj companies in 300 grand a year.

You know dj, that’s my thing of the math I got to figure it out again boom. That’s what you want to do. He says I want to be a teacherand. I said:okay, that’s cool! Are you aware of what that face at the time no gets different, but did just recently had teachers go on strike, but the only thing I would say:i just make sure I’m up to you in this up before I get the hate emails. When you become a teacher in the state of oklahoma or south dakota interstate, you know going into it what you going to get paid and let me tell you what bro not a get-rich-quick scheme, is it going to get rich scams? In fact, you are to be your biscuits, sacrificing your time to teach kids, but you feel called to do it. Let’s say the business coaching word. Vocation comes from the word, meaning you’re calling know. This is a premise that I have is a business called tip top k-9, which I’m going to be harping on all day cuz all the wizards can check it out. What do you cook, the literally 4, less less than $15,000 unbelievable? You could open up a tip top location, a tip top business in your city in your town for less than $20,000, make sure his follow me on thisthen. You could like mr. Owasso you could bring in in the first 7 weeks, I put on the show not to the first seven weeks he has spent $777.83 on advertising and he’s brought in $39,000 of revenue with a 55% profit margin. So what I would do if I was a teacher out there and I wanted to raise yours?

What I would I would immediately quit teaching then I would open up a tip top in independence, kansas and I would be open for one day a week and I would train two dogs and I would volunteer as the most incredible most highly motivated pro bono substitute in the history of the business coaching planet, because I would need to be paid, and a friend of mine wanted to get into ministry about 4 years ago, and he says to me:i want to do ministry full time as that’s great. He tells me what he wants to do. I said where you can support a family says you know what to do. Let’s get into this business venture together should work that business venture 5 years together and we accident, and now he does ministry and he does it without conference. So why did you show me some pictures out there? Listening is that you know it it’s time to quit and I should be coming. Tip, top, k9, dog, dog, owner guy and I’ll make my money. Do I have to move independence is that he sold out to kansas city or you could do austin texas. How many do in dallas how many franchises right. Now. Let me just tell you what we agreed to today, because they’re so many people that have reached out to them and it’s like overwhelming, because the math of them either center doctors making less money than they make their dog trainers in their doctors, making less money going. How are you doing that? So this is a tip top, so bentonville and rogers are now spoken for.

You’ve got college station texas has now spoken for, and eric chapa haven’t called this guy back. Yet today we have here the stillwater and norman are spoken, for it looks like and I need to talk to you about fort smith. All I’m saying is like oklahoma city, it’s just a no-brainer. So, if you’re listening right now and you’re upset about the compensation that you’re receiving something about you, something which striking quit quit telling people cuz here’s the deal, I hate, I hate to say this, but is a culture I want i, want to make sure we get this as a culture. I will pay 500 to $1,000 to go, see the oklahoma, city, thunder and I’m going to watch a guy dribble the ball to the left, to the right to the cross over to pay $500 cement, leaving pay $1,000 to go watch the game somewhere sit low, but i, wouldn’t even pay $4 to go watch a teacher. Why wouldn’t I love teachers but i, wouldn’t pay $4 to watch teach know why there’s no business coaching popcorn, there’s no beer dancing music t-shirt cannons! Just because you’re passionate about something doesn’t mean the world. Owes you something as relates to business coaching compensation. If you want to be a martyr and teach for thirty-one thousand year than you should go, do that and that’s cool, but now all I’m saying is:if you want to make more money and then come back, is that a pro bono teacher see someone can literally own a tip top for 10 years, retire from tip, topping and kobe of pro bono teacher for your life and have a tip top and then have other people you’re trained to help women? Do that and you know I know some teachers that actually make more in the summer. You know what I’m doing roofs doing roofs rights and they do during the year. You know so you know I just seen springs school teacher he actually made over 20,000 a year with a snow cone stand and he made he told me made 30000 years a teacher with tenure. I’m saying is like if you’re listening right now, you’re frustrated you’re, not making the compensation that you deserve.

There are many ways to do it, but you got to learn these these basic skills, this next business coaching skills he is advertising and marketing, see. Why does everybody have to learn advertising and marketing? It’s like buying a car and then not putting gas in it and electric? Why it’s not going anywhere? Did you hear that it’s a good car, though it’s a great car, it’s european in the woods, it’s a great book that we actually talked about typically best selling books, not the best written books, yeah exactly it’s, because you’ve got to sell things at a profit. We come back for the break room, talk about advertising and marketing and one way to advertise and market. It’s consistency and I like to be consistent with our advertisers in our sponsors. So is he headed to break I’m just going to say messick roofing messick roofing? If you need a rough call, messick roofing, roofing roofing than the other side of the pillow? Yes, that’s right, I’m business coaching expert show start up a picture of what each of the system to cruise ship dock does. Optimize cells multiply table. Next to me, it’s easy on staples and you can too, if you unplug the cable. Yes, yes, yes, and yes, now here it were talking about today today is probably have all the shows you never done. This is one of my favorite itsyeboi said that probably 2-3 more times but I am super excited about today. Show these were talking about anybody listening to today show join the $100,000 club, but you having the aim and the mission had an ambition to make $100,000 a year will not help you. If you want to have higher learning, you got to have some higher learning with the problem that are hiring learning education system is. He is a lot of times I’m not going to speak with the college you went to.

I was going to go to college I went to the entirety of my oral roberts university experience was spent, studying my wife’s butt and nothing that matters directions to that. Looked at my wife, I saw she was. She was cheering for auburn, university and I went. She will be mine and my buddy jake aldridge’s, no she’s, not know you don’t have it you’re at your, like s7 she’s at you like a 403. We just know you’re a nice guy, but you’re, probably at 3 or 4 she’s. A 10 I can happen jake. We can do this. How you first get that first get her attention. Meme jake, introduce me to referral, tell them fresh when he was like a junior soccer player. A big deal soccer program, so jake says I’ll make it happen. So jake sits next to her at lunch and he’s like how you doing. Oh, my gosh, where you from I grew up in california moved a little. That’s amazing. You know her dad work. The night shift she moving. She was 12, but he got my dad work the night shift, I moved I was 12 from oklahoma to minnesota clay. You know he’s similar stories with what he’s he’s the coolest business coaching guy ever the thing about this guy is he’s going to be worth millions someday cuz. He just he just has a grinder parts. Work I’ve ever met he’s very consistent. Guy i, don’t even think is interested in dating, but we have. This thing called get your roommate a date where it’s my job to get my roommate a date, because that’s what we do it. Every man gets their roommate a date, but his roommate mark he’s already in a committed relationship which is a violation of an code, but he’s doing this, and so it’s my civic duty to get my friend a date and you can see the ethical bind it puts me because he’s not interested but he’s all the guys I know he’s the most high-quality high-caliber high-skilled diligent is ethics.

Are phenomenal, so I’m just telling him to ask you out. Oh that’s! That’s the superman afraid, though, that the dumb and dumber concept, could happen, ever made a date and I’m not kidding I was dumb as a box of rocks and to my wife on her. She said she vanessa said. Where did, and she said the word sage during the meal, something about I said:i can’t wear tight when she was out that person is sage, wisdom and I didn’t know what the word say. Judgement and I’m, like you, know like someone, who’s really regal has an abundance of knowledge. They know a lot about and I’m going. My ribs are the date she didn’t Say:i’m not kidding. She probably said under a hundred words to me and my son. How are you fine so where you from louisville but I came back and I told my friend, she’s hot and I just kept working that working and it was the entirety of my college-was chasing my business coaching wife around and trying to get a b by doing the least amount of work possible. Cuz, you a call if they pass out a study guide, so they would say you got to buy the humanities book, but I’m paying my way through in large large to respect the call you’re, probably at least $100 for the minimum and so I thought I went to my buddy who’s. Your old is me trevor nice. If I have a straight-a student I’ve, never bought a book or read a book at all. Study guide play all the way to redo it. So you just need to like get to message when you could just fail aggressively and then just keep retaking to get right process of elimination or you going to study guide salty for 20 bucks. You have a cigarette I also have papers, you can buy the papers, I can buy the paper. I know you have 3 jobs, but you can pay someone to run it for you and no one else. Yes, I got the keys to the universe, real quick and it makes everybody that I know that went to oral roberts university, everybody that I know totally scammed their way through it. We got the graduation and there’s a guy named will and he got his diploma. Mill vanessa told me cuz. This is her. Parents came in town for business coaching graduation and there go. Are you excited to go? There is a man. Who’s named will, who is mildly, retarded?

Who is getting a degree? He can’t read or write to he’s getting a degree in broadcast journalism, so he can get. It are totally worthless. I mean there’s a hair school that I know of within a 4-hour region where you no longer have to cut hair. If you feel like it’s embarrassing to do in a group setting, so you can actually hiring people and I’m like you, but I agree, and you know you’re cosmetologist at school. Can you cut hair I’ve, never done it. How was we have a girl right now? We never cut hair what you’re higher than me and you can cut hair. That’s okay, unicorn bro kentucky to say it. I mean it by the way. I feel sick right now and you want to cut hair and make 45 grand a year to 60 grand a year doing it please apply today at ait ourlounge.Com we pay the best in oklahoma, but I’m saying is if you’re listening today and you have a degree z, you might disagree with me, but is a general business coaching rule unless it’s in a skill like optometry or engineering or a certain profession, pa, no one gives a crap and you don’t have to sell something you’re absolutely and that’s what about? If you can’t sell your business is going to go so it’s hard to sell. Could you list off me the top two or three ways that use z would recommend i, learn to sell or get your take on. This I want to get chuck steak on this eric shut, the business coach and also steve concepts you guys close on mortgages. Could you sell a lot of things so I’m going to start with you, steve I’m out there I want to learn how to sell more effectively. What’s the best way to do it as a business coaching . Well, we talked about on the last segment that you got to read. You know one of the things I do have sales people that come that want to work for me and I’ll say:will you read any sales books? No, absolutely not! You want to sell something, but you haven’t done anything or done any educational class on a or even if you still get your degree in what do you have to do? You have to go. Get customers I’ve been a lot of broke, attorneys right who can’t sell. They can’t tell because they can’t get customers. They can’t advertise I can’t sell the gun out chub before z1 up to us all. If you’re looking for one tip for learning to sell the most effectively. What is that the blizzard fail faster? Okay, you got to get used to hearing. The word know that has to be your goal:to get a hundred. No I’m not going to do that, no more, no I’m not going to do it! No, and you got him dressed up at that everybody’s going to be telling you know it first, and so the other thing you can do is record yourself presentation no actually go back and listen to those things, watch those things and look at how to get a better but fail faster and go for the know that when you hit yes it did do a cell affect early, maybe optometrist hope you’re, not in tulsa, but they go by that little weasel at doctors. You have heard about him somebody out there who seriously they weren’t there.

Maybe they have a better knowledge of a human spine. It’s a knowledge contest, but it’s not it’s not I know. I had a very good when i, when I first started off, I was in the in the exam room and I was talking about products and the person patient looked up to me and said:did you used to sell cars and it was just put a big smile on my face? That’s the nicest thing you could say to me:it’s just so nice when you come to our in-person workshop, just been a big chunk of time. I’m going over all the super moves and strategies how you break it down. A couple things that stand out to me is is you’ve got to figure out what the problem is and you got it approved vendor salt in it. So we’re could be on this. This is the number one movie for selling anybody out. There could do find the problem list. All the problems you solve for your ideal in likely buyers and then find a way to support it with at least five facts. Could you can just say you have a problem with your business coaching landscaping I can solve it 15 better at 15%, less money and by the way here are 50. You references and I’ve been doing it since 1972 I mean that’s a compelling argument, prince story in there you you, you make it fun, you make it entertaining a little bit in that you may have to do like chuck said record yourself practice it rewrite it and had your pitch down and you think 2. Is that your you get me to make sure the decision maker you get one shot at him and make it make it by to make a compelling when we come back, we’re talking about learning and increased learning. What are the skills will help you pay the bills


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