Higher Learning for Higher Earning (Part 3)

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Clay and Doctor Z teach 3 practical ways for you to make over $100,000 per year during today’s show and they teach why amount of formal education you have does not impact the amount of income you will make.

3 ways to make over $100,000 per year now.

  1. Buy one of the following franchises:
    1. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning – www.oxifresh.com
    2. Tip Top K9 Dog Training Company – www.tiptopk9.com
    3. Full Package Media Real Estate Photography and Videography – www.fullpackagemedia.com

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NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “As much as possible, avoid hiring M.B.A.’s. M.B.A. programs don’t teach people how to create companies … our position is that we hire someone in spite of an M.B.A., not because of one.” Elon Musk (Founder of Tesla, SpaceX, Solar City, and PayPal)

MYSTIC STATISTIC – Five Reasons 8 Out Of 10 Businesses Fail

  1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/ericwagner/2013/09/12/five-reasons-8-out-of-10-businesses-fail/#5124e6b46978
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Audio Transcription

Welcome back to the thrive time show have a best business coach question. Email is today and info at drivetime, show.Com and claim doctors. He will answer your business. Questions live on the air. All right right, they should welcome back to the conversation, is the drive time show on your radio in today were talking about a very, very, very, very three times. Let’s go with three more time very, very, very expensive topic. We were talking about skills that pay the bill. That I have a very offencive idea. I want to share with you my father. He passed away from a lou gehrig’s disease about 2 years ago and I remember at the before the funeral, you you’re sitting down talking to family members and there’s one family member that you know what to say. This is how you guys do that if you’re doing it warm up for a funeral, you’ve got a funeral tomorrow and doctor see what kind to get barbecue for the whole family. You know I appreciate you doing that it’s or sit there talking and then the question was why cuz I don’t know I want a business and I said great and they said every time. I talk to you. You always say that, but I would like to know what does that mean elephant? The room is growing 20% year-over-year, it’s not quite the girls I want, but it’s doing good and oxyfresh is taken off or on the franchise every 3 days before days. You know, I mean how are you how’s your career? Is this going, but do you do you say how’s your career going so i, don’t ask where the guy goes.

I just got to be honest with you. I have multiple degrees, and it really irritates me that I don’t get paid what I’m worth and see that that’s where I want the least at least kiss well and i, just don’t understand why I don’t get paid. What I’m worth now. This is the thing I didn’t say to the best business coach family gathering, but I thought it I thought you don’t get paid for the hours you work or the knowledge you have. You get paid by customers and, if they’re not paying you that you’re not worth it but i, didn’t say that you thought you want some ribs and I want to do. Right now is I want to have that offense of conversation for the person, not our listener, but the friend of theirs, who sang them self I’m, not getting paid what I’m worth, and they believe that it’s in this impossible, unicorn path to riches, so I’m going to tee up three ways:i know for all her listeners to make over $150,000 a year right now. Here we go one. If you go to oxyfresh, it’s osi, fresh.Com I worked at the john I’ve been spotting for a long long time, but if we have one open, your market I just talked to a guy this morning that his markets doing close to a million dollars a year of revenue as the best business coach and he never cleans a single carpet. It’s carpet cleaning and he’s making over $100,000 a year. It’s a carpet cleaning business and he’s never cleaned a single carpet cuz. He has people to do it right, so you could literally make over a hundred grand a year cleaning carpet the second one that is not cleaning carpets, but I want to make sure report in this up. This is 80. This isn’t very complicated. Industry oxyfresh does have 10 times less water usage than the typical carpet. Cleaning companies in your car burn more closely to dry. When we’re done with him, please the power of oxygen to clean it cpa certified as a lot of details:oxy fresh.Com, green tip, top k-9. Let me tip top k9, it’s a dog training company. If I’m allergic to dogs, you were wearing gas masks, it’s not weird.

What did I probably would a dog. Okay. You are out there and you say:okay I’m going to do it he’s going to take it takes 5 weeks of training is about 200 hours, training and you’ll, learn how to train a dog and i. We’ve got a while so who’s now bro, almost $40,000 of revenue in 7 weeks, with a 55% profit margin and 7 weeks, he hiring I might want to go. Look for. Where are the cat trainers? I mean tell my wife wants to know. Where are the cat trainers in this is where I want to offend people cuz I’m, going to back up to the second? The third is best business coach client full package media. There are not in the place yet where they are franchising, but will be soon and they do real estate for that they do photography and videography for a realtor. So I can work with him for a few years now and realtors have to get photos, they have to get videos and they do it, and thomas is now doing close to $90,000 a month of gross revenue. Don’t photography video ography I mean it took so again, someone says:will where are all the cat trainers? That’s the problem. You see if you’re a teacher, and you want to make enough money to have time, freedom and financial freedom. That’s like saying:i am in a steamed cat trainer and I want to see. If I can make money as a cat hurt her but see it’s not a thing just cuz, you have a passion for yeah, but no one i-4, but no. It’s typing in google how to train my cat company you’re-probably not going to do very well but i, think about it is! Is that what I would have told you or your relatives? Yes, while they’re eating that barbecue and you’re welcome by the way on the bobcats in oak you so much you’re, welcome, I would have I would have said.

I would have been thinking this etsy! That’s what the things you can’t say to keep the family copacetic and this person did this when they said that I cannot make this up. They said, but I am going back to get my mba with an emphasis in entrepreneurship that I wanted to see what classes you would recommend. I take medicine twice at anybody, who’s teaching entrepreneurship at a 4-year, college isn’t an entrepreneur. True! So chapped you went to oklahoma state university stillwater! Did you learn that would be able to use in your best business coach client concrete guy was the spear school of business, and it was the spirit school of business, and the thing is I actually got in trouble. Asking questions to a one of the one of the cheap one of the teachers or professors had literally never had a job right and I asked you know hey what do you do if your not getting paid by some people that owe you money, but you’ve got $30,000 in payroll coming up? What’s the best mood for that and she called me on after class instead of you trying to make me look stupid to get the degree no matter what you’re studying, which is hilarious, cuz I said how long would it take me to learn search engine optimization if I wanted to for years and I would say 3 weeks if you shadow into the work 3 weeks and it’s a long, does it take to learn to cut hair I’d, say if you’re really doing on the job training with a lot of volunteers, allowing you to mess up their hair, it would take any listener out there about $200 to get good, and you say what:how long does it take to learn how to become an optometrist means?

If it wasn’t the certifications needed? How long would it take to really have a dollar to me? How many years do you think we’re too long weekend, puerto rican gang not going to get some stuff? Would it take to learn to be optometrist if you got rid of the legal aspects of it? That’s a very good question. So i, it’s a very good question because they getting here again they make you learn so many things that you don’t use after you become an optometrist. That’s a good question. I would I would say you give me a good solid year of just every day. No breaks I mean i, mean weekends off, and we knocked the thing out too much to spend all night or just book called titan. You can read about this best business coach case study john d rockefeller, they world’s wealthiest man and great best business coach during his lifetime. His father was a scam doctor. He would find people who are dying of cancer and he would convince them if they paid a certain amount of money. He was a snake well so that you would live forever in the deep ocean was typically as much money as a mortgage and people would pay him. They would sell their house and pay them and they would still die. That’s messed up man and he told his son johnny rocket or his daddy told son, hey I’m good as hell, so john dee was like his dad, also they’re going to come after me. I am married to another woman is not your mom, and so we can keep it on the dl. I can get some of these stream of funds I’m, making it all the money I make it I’ll just give it to you and zack. We keep that a secret that no the courage up to fire his father and begin working, and so that’s how that happened, but all I would say:is it john, d rockefeller was so enraged by the fact that his dad to call himself a docket doctor because it wasn’t a standardized doctor program-did john d rockefeller, who was a high school dropout, started the modern dr. Programs that we now use today and his goal was to standardize the learning but to make it as fast as possible, but then, just found out.

You know it’s it’s easier to sell somebody one time and keep around for 8 years, so they extended. It was ridiculous best business coach process, and now it’s like 8 years to become a doctor, I mean that’s all I would just say. Is there are skills out there that you need to learn in? One of these skills is sales and if you have a degree and now you’re a doctor or engineer you’re a lawyer, but you can’t sell and you find yourself things not going well, your business is going to hell and you can’t realize I can’t sell. You got to book your ticket yeah, but your ticket today at thrive time, show.Com for next in person, drive time, show workshop at the money back guarantee it’s april, 13th and 14th, and we will teach you there how to sell. Well we’re going to teach you how to do it and it’s a money back guarantee. So that’s one of the things we cover will teach you how to do it and what company chapter I know that selling really well always messick roofing there. One of our our show sponsors right and there’s somebody out there. Listening right now you have a roof:that’s leaking leaky roof before yes, I have your house, your business, or both both both. Actually, what was the worst roof leak? You’ve ever had. Can you canoe river,, noah flood scenario, where you really going out the living room, I haven’t had I’ve had water break, what pipeline breaks it seems like that would flooded, but never from a roof. I’ve had mostly just leaked most mostly just kind of leak message. I said:dennis will probably let you know that house I bought a cross the street for the been slipping out. Rita lives in broken arrow.

That house we lived in the house for i, want to say 6 weeks and I wake up and it feels like all the heavens are urinating on my floor. I hear this, but it’s a dream in a kid pees on your bed with newspapers, so I got to call these people these first responder to come out of their job is to stop the leak and a gut everything and to get you a quote at farmer’s insurance, one of my client. They fixed everything that roof is leaking. You want somebody now you have a fast in this. Is the time of year, april showers see what will they do? They did they don’t bring the laws of power that cuz april showers, bring may flowers and destroy the roots of the hail damage. Your house leak so you’re listening right now and you have had hail damage you’re going to have hail damage from last year. You been delaying it, you got a little league. The leaking can cause. Mold can cause a whole bunch of issues. I recommend you visit our friends at messick roofing chupp op, their phone number is 918-747-7141, but if you’re looking for somebody, that’s tried-and-true you’ve got to give these guys a call because they were established in 1962 and that makes them the oldest roofing company in northeast oklahoma city, 1964 walker. You get up on the roof. The sum of the same sales. It’s just really good. Com m e s, s I know they have new new sales rep them at is +918-747-714-1987 for 77141 do upside is messickroofing.com at messick, messick roofing.Com, no see. If you tell the folks message that I sent you ignore me to do fourbest business coach letters, a roof know I’m going to serve you swedish, meatballs I said you weren’t here:i am a master of delegation. Susie were going to send a member of the thrive team to sam’s club to buy some moderate to high quality swedish meatballs moderate to high quality.

Are you from sweetie i? Probably put it in the microwave for you and we’re going to serve that to you while they’re giving you a quote that says something I can do for you. So if you want those swedish meatballs or if you don’t like her waved, you got to go to messick roofing roofing.Com use, i, don’t want swedish meatballs, it’s mine and I will give you swedish meatballs, but I can’t I want to get free, quote cuz, I’m kind of hungry. For me more right now, and we come back from the break room to talk about higher, learning and higher learning in the skills you need to know to make your business grow. There’s a lot of skills. You couldn’t know they won’t help. You grow your business at all and see I see a lot of entreprenuers attending these kind of seminars, endless conferences. We are learning things that don’t matter when you come back, I really want to wage war on the things don’t matter, we have to make in yourbest business coach wallet fatter attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime, show.Com, smart nation. Welcome back to the conversation did the drivetime show on your radio or talking about today is were talking about the skills that you need to learn to pay the bill and I want to make sure that I speak slowly and articulate least everybody can understand this concept. You have been told mr listener, mrs. Listener that the more you learn academically from academia. You learn more about books. Did the more you eat the more degrees you have, the more formal education you have, that will produce income, but that is probably the biggest lie that is being sold right. Now now, back in the day, there was a thing called indulgences snow, there’s a time in america in the end of the world, where the church was the government of the government in the same thing, and so that kings and the people in charge and what happened is is anytime there’s absolute power.

Corruption begins and there was a thing called indulgences are introduced. An indulgence cd, river study, indulgences in college diversity, intelligences i, don’t believe I did really is that we can pay money. So what happened? Was the roman catholic church band the people from being able to read the bible? They said you are not allowed to read the bible, which, to me seems weird seems since may 4th. If you want to communicate to god, you do need to speak through the priest for the pre, so you can talk to me, you’re not holy enough, but here’s the deal if I can have sex with your wife, that’s cool I like and you can go to heaven so I can i. I want to be able I use your wife as an attractive. Lady and I would like to spend the night with her, and if you want to go to heaven, you just have to make that happen. Are you kidding what years? What years was this 1897 g37s middle, ages and diligence is mainly through commercialization I become a serious problem with the roman catholic church indulgences were from the beginning of the frost from the beginning of the protestant reformation, a target of attacks of martin, luther and all other protestant theologians. If somebody in my family was already dead and they were really bad person and I wanted them to go to heaven, I could just give cash money I just paid the leaders of the church. Maybe I did that happen, and so that was a lie. The new guy that’s being sold everywhere from coast to coast everywhere.

Is it if you have an mba in masters of business that you actually are going to be successful? Now this is elon musk steak, nba he’s built paypal he’s built. You know, he’s built. The spacex he’s built solarcity’s of the world’s largest solar power grid. What are the top auto companies his when he says he says as much as possible, avoid hiring mbas mba programs, don’t teach people how to create companies, and so will happen. Is I used to speak at college campuses in every single time? I would speak. It was the most awkward thing in the world because I finish speaking it okay. To put your hand up to go based upon what you told me, it could be concluded to turn caller that use three syllable. Words could be concluded that basically I would not need ongoing matriculation in education in order to start a business in this nation. Good job but yeah you could drop out. Is you don’t need a degree to be successful in the world ofbest business coach business? You have to know these fundamental skills and it’s being taught and sold in this. What happens when somebody gets a degree? Then they say to me:i can’t afford to start my own business come so far in debt or g i. Don’t want to switch professions. Cuz I already have a degree. I might as well stay in this I’ve already got a degree. As a teacher, I might as well continue to be a teacher as an optometrist, but you have been entrepreneur trapped inside an optometrist body in so you did not let the degree of optometry to find your continual life. You actually probably make more money outside of the world about tower tree than you do in the world optometry. At this point, that’s correct so talk to me about the pills trap because they have a degree and they still traveling i, can’t possibly give up on my career in banking, because I went to school and I studied the finance I can never be an entrepreneur. What would you say?

Yes, you can and I know two out of three of you out there right now we’re thinking to yourself, you’re driving in your car you’re listening to show you could be at lunch and you’re saying to yourself. 3 my mail for talking to me right at this. This is what I’ve been looking for. I just need a little bit of practical knowledge on how to get stuck going. That I didn’t learn in college. Here’s the deal out there seriously thinking about starting a business, or maybe you have started a business and we’re here to help you write because the world out there says, go down this path way, and you know what I think it’s like eighty to ninety percent of all businesses and in startups fail medical, uniform, discover, business bible. By the way you can say you can text me on it, so if any percent of the business out there failing and I was going to start after failing what does that mean? What’s that mean played? That means they’re doing something wrong as abest business coach team and the sad thing is most of them, probably don’t even know what it is you’re doing wrong and I was thinking for the sisters out there, who might be saying gosh I really want to make sure I’m getting a lot of value from the workshop. If you don’t have time show, workshop tickets are $250. Now, if you go to the university of tulsa, the tickets are $58,000 a year 58349 right now. If you want to divide, then just pay to make monthly, affordable payments to go to university of tulsa debbie $4,862. Now that’s a whole story. Thomas crosses his listen to today’s podcast to listen to a podcast based in dallas texas. What up thomas and you thomas started off on her scholarship program. 750 bucks a month time, client now and now this month is 2 years in the program he’s generating over $90,000 a month of gross revenue.

He’s about 40% profit very powerful, and we are. We are legit we’re here to help you take the reigns of your life back over. If you’re punching the clock, if you’re working for the man-and you said yourself, you know when there’s no guarantees that you can be fired tomorrow, we can go under tomorrow. How many tell you the truth? So if you want to take her to live your life, take control then start your own business shop and here’s the thing. If you are punching the clock for some other person right now, thomas did this while being a full-time paramedic for like a year and a half from now. Until recently, I was working full-time as a paramedic and starting and growing a successful business. So you can do it, get your ticket to the nextbest business coach workshop. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Isn’t it a lot of brake franchises out there there’s a lot of great business out there that have already been flashed out already been done. I mean that it’s set up for success there’s three right now you can buy fresh. Com, a hundred to location to be a hundred grand a year:cleaning, carpets, tip, top, k-9, tip, top, k-9, cop or fully real estate photography. You can make a hundred grand a year minimum doing real estate photography. So what’s the risk? What’s the risk of not taking action and not taken out there go to thrive time, show.Com right now! Go there right now and book your tickets to our next in person. Thrive time show workshop they’re $250 a ticket to teach you what you need to learn to earn the income. You believe that you deserve. We go back to learn sales


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