Higher Learning for Higher Earning (Part 4)

Show Notes

Leadership skills will ultimately prove to be the lid for your growth. Clay and Z break down what effective leadership looks like and how we can all improve our skills in this area.

MYSTIC STATISTIC – 85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes.

  1. https://www.inc.com/jt-odonnell/staggering-85-of-job-applicants-lying-on-resumes-.html

The Purpose of Higher Education

  • Learn basic skills that will help you pay the bills
  • Learn skills that will help you to achieve both time and financial freedom
  • Branding
  • Advertising / Marketing
  1. Sales
  2. Customer Service
  3. Systems / Workflow Creation
  4. Accounting
  5. Human Resources
  6. Public Relations
  7. Laws of Leadership
    1. Pick up that trash!
      1. They will do as the leader does.
    2. Be on time and early
    3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A fool vents all his feelings. But a wise man holds them back.” – Proverbs 29:11 New King James Version (NKJV)
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Audio Transcription

Welcome back to the thrive time show have a top business coach question. Email is today and info at drivetime, show.Com and clay and doctors. He will answer your business. Questions live on the air right, transmission won’t come back today. We are talking about real, deep diving into this concept, called higher learning for higher learning i, just because you’re paying for higher learning. Does it mean that the people who are accepting payment from you are at any point focused on your higher learning I mean all times there. Their they’re totally focused on you paying for that degree and they’re going to let you graduate with that cap and that count, and you can walk down there and feel like you’ve accomplished something I mean they’re going to tell you. You have a degree in splendid, see they always right, and every formal paper is very formal papers. Henceforthwhat is the last time you walked into a business, look at the business owner and ask this top business coach question: what did you go to school? What degrees do you have I have a very brief, but your gpa. What you’re going through do I have a very I’ve two very funny and stories about degrees that are absolutely incredible. Cuz I want to put this in the show notes here, but it’s 85% of people are lying on resumes right now. That’s 85% of people graduated from oral roberts university.

At the time that richard roberts was at the peak of potentially scandalous top business coach behavior. So he was embarrassed that he went or lime to herto apply to be a school teacher at sand, springs, public schools and the person says where. Did you go to college and he says well as it moved to tulsa after I graduate from southwestern baltimore state university southwestern? Now he is basically continued with the insincerity that he dished out and they said that’s amazing, school I’ve heard good things about it. He says:have you heard a lot about it? I said I happy tell me the story that I heard a lot of people. Will you say, have you ever heard of such and such sure I like to say no, have no clue. Educate m as a top business coach. The flying monkeyswhat was the biggest challenge and what was the hardest part for you of having a job? What’s your biggest weakness and all these predicaments caused the usual questions. My biggest struggle is just being too detailed work too hard I work too hard I got to know when to stop shut up early I stay late and he works there he’s in there, he just retired down after having been there like 18, when you retire, the new person who didn’t hire, use getting ready to going to set up your retirement plan and know so we can I say you know you supposed to baltimore state of me to that school closed down. I can’t find anyproof of it even being chartered he’s like yeah here’s, the thing I never went there, it’s not even school right, then another friend of mine, where ovaries are a real animal. He did graduate university in a friend of mine. A friend of mine was a level 3 work at level 3a company in tulsa communications, and he was a tier 3 tech support guy at level 303 and so he’s a guy, and it’s so funny, but I said they will ask. How did you get this job because well, I was a pole, climber hanging up a telephone wire fixing telephone wire, I work in the office, and he says here’s the deal you you have a great record, but then our industry, you have to have a degree to be called a tech support engineer.

You have to have one doesn’t matter. What your degree was a pharmaceutical sales. You have to have a top business coach degree, but doesn’t matter what the degrees is it and he says well, I have a degree oklahoma state went there, studied he had it all laid out, so they hired him again. He been there the longest time and he wanted to come work at dj connections. I heard you can make more 80,000 a year at this company. He heard that I can pay you a hundred thousand into work and I said. So. When do you get your degree because you’re still support questions when you didn’t know how fiber optics work, he is one of these books about how to teach people how to manage effectively. So someone asked me a question, I would say. Let me ask you this:what do you think I would do and they’re like you would probably do whatever needs they can eat? Any ask me question I told her to put $10 in the tip jar for me, because I won’t answer questions. Other people can answer themselves, cuz, I’m, an effective manager and power. How are you and I’m also proud of my wallet since somebody really didn’t know what would you do literally worked as a tr3, whatever that means engineer for level 3 before they sold the business and did not go to college for it and had no clue what he was doing for over a decade, but I still think you’re being paid? What you’re worth you’re going to have to learn a couple skills and one of those skills is you gotta learn sales? Yes, but they don’t want to count. It knows he don’t have to like. Have very complicated, actuaries and drake views. Do you have to understand the top business coach  concept of how to do about a profit and loss statement and put them on it and know that when I’m spending too much in this area must be doing up in this area, I can help. I can take this to the bottom line until there’s a rudimentary knowledge you need to have friends, but the nuts and bolts of it. Apparently the people out there that you can give the money to do that.

One more show sponsors who can get deep with the account to make I should file the papers to the ira, considered the irs that can make sure that your compliant-and it is the only accountant that I work with over the years that I could recommend without without reservation, I’ve had two other account. So I can recommend oxyfresh. We have a guy named dean who’s, full time you bringing a full-time person to bring it to you, but this isn’t an accounting firm that I can recommend for all the whispers out there. If you’re looking for an top business coach account or not baby I know you have an account, here’s a question. I would encourage you to ask yourself on a scale of 1 to 10. How proactive is my account manager account and calling you up and say:hey here’s a strategy to help you reduce your tax liability, where’s, your accountant just taking the data you give them and filing it to the irs. If you have on a scale of 1 to 10, what is the most proactive account in the world and one is the most reactive account and ever does anywhere less than eight you deserve it. You deserve your accounting to be great and i, encourage you to go to hood cpas, to hood cpas. Com. When you go to hood cps.Com that you can schedule a one-on-one consultation and chuck just for doing so, they’re going to give you a free copy of warren buffett’s only authorized biography. The only time that warren buffett sat down with somebody to actually interview him about his life was alice schrader and they wrote a top business coach book called snowball. Warren buffett and the business of life I mean warren, buffett come on he’s a legend right, so you get that book and you get an hour of their time and it’s I think last time. Paul is on the show. So the $350 value is that right, yes, I just made a loud noise by dropping did I begin. You want to be able to feel like you are proactively. On top of your accountant, go to hood cpas, helmet clay, clark and doctors. Essentia, give you a free copy of warren buffett’s book called snowbound.

What is absolutely a game-changer and it will actually help you to run to learn how to run a successful company can get that book today by going to hood cpas. Com and during the break go to thrive time, show.Com to check out all of our previous podcast. We come back more about skills that pay the bill today, too. Welcome back to the thrive time show have a business question. Email is today and info at drivetime, show.Com and clay and doctors. He will answer your business. Questions live on the air all right to come back to this lifetime. Show on your radio and your teaching you the specific skills that you need to learn to pay the bills, to move beyond, paying the bills and then to have copious amounts of cash. Is that a ton of skills? But there are nine core skills I’m going to fire him off here. For you, the first one is branding you’ve got to make sure that your branding looks world class because of your top business coach branding does not look good people will probably not say anything to you. They just won’t buy from you. Ii is advertising. You got to learn how to advertise effectively and they don’t write each set of college marketing and advertising had to do that. Sales also really not taught in college how to sell something. I’m, not talking about the theory of generating leads I’m, not talking about generating likes I’m, not talking about generating clout. I’m, not talking about getting followers. I’m, not talking about see all these false metric sometime about getting paid, getting paid, show me the money, then customer service you got to go to linear workflow, which will teach of the workshop how to scale what you do.

Well, how to do it over and over again how to make workflows and systems accounting what you can learn put cba’s by the way, the best accounting firm I can recommend for all the letters out there. If you want a proactive account, whether you’re, an employee or employer, I encourage you to go to hood cpas. Com. Today, hood cpas., cummings, h, o o d c, p, s.Com german about how to recruit good people. Public relations, public relations in the final thing is the laws of leadership. The laws of leadership. Susie sponsors called platinum pest, and these guys what they do is they have great branding and they have a great appetite for their advertisements busy, and you have a pest problem like you have bugs, or you have a snake in your backyard was thinking. It was like a neighbor that just really annoys you I want to be pissed i. Don’t they still do that, but you know how you have like termites or you have a bug problem. Okay, come out to call us right now, it’s a dollar $1 they’re, going to come out there and they’re going to figure out. What’s going on they’re going to give you a free top business coach listener consultation in the free treatment at the first treatment for a dollar? The first service is a dollar not only that you get to choose between three services:repair service, which includes termites, ants, spiders and all that stuff, or we can do a lawn service, actually do a pest & lawn lawn. So you could do we control and fertilization or if you had those pesky mosquitoes they’ll, do a mosquito treatment for you $1. So you get to choose between any three of their services for $1. So now, they’re growing cuz, a lot of people in thousands of people are going to platinum. Pest & lawn. Calm sounds of people going to platinum, pest & lawn.

Com. You were going there, your filling out the form, so they got their brandon right. The other advertising right sales people are signing up as the dollar it’s coming up brighter brighter the workflows, great the accountants. Great human resources are recruiting new people that know how to do it now. Public relations that got that ron radio show but see laws of leadership is the spinal step. As you begin to scale a company, you have to learn how to become an effective leader and I’d like to hear from you again as a top business coach , where do I get that wrong. What you got of 10 people, you have to become a leader. Where do most people tend to the wheels to the fall off the wagon where they go off the rails, where people tend to like kind of fail once they get past 10 people when I see the fail, gives me when I see the fail, I see people that know what they’re supposed to do preach. What they’re supposed to do here we go, but they don’t do what they’re supposed to do and there’s nothing worse than a liter that their actions and their words are two different. Things really really really really really bad for business owners that when we coach them and they fix it, what’s so cool when they fix it, everything everything every everything gets better. As a leader y’all pick up that trash, you might say what, yes, is that a deep business tip seriously? Yes, no seriously, jeep pickup, nothing, amazing! How, when your people see you do that when I walk to the auto auction, it was really fun. If I see someone just drop something on the floor and then I walked up and they see me pick it up, yeah right next to them and I just smile and go put. The trash can that’s worth of exactly. The second thing is be on time and early. Really, you got to be on time to cut. Yes, you do nobody, nobody I’m telling you. Nobody knows what to do with the owner of the business. Is 27 minutes late and doesn’t have a plan for their own media. What they do they start talking?

Where is it, but maybe what why do we show up on time this morning? By about 30 minutes, it came in looking all tired, I should have played it off, like they weren’t tired, dane cook has a very funny comedy routine about this free talk. Somebody says:walk manners is ipod 5 at the house alone and he’s like, and then he looks one way and he doesn’t look the other way and he’s like he gets hit by a car. But it about 6 miles and flips up over the hood and he’s like I saw I saw that he was going to be hit and I wanted to say, look out music. Instead, I was like i, didn’t, say it and he’s like stomach, gets hit and he’s like he rolls over the car he’s at, but I think he might have broke his acl or mcl I can’t or tendons off of the bone. You know my goodness and he’s like so, but then the top business coach  guy I want to play it off, like that’s cool I’m, good. Continue, to cut a walk, but he’s like his leg collapses and he’s like he’s walking with his dangling leg and I’m thinking to myself. That’s fine because the guys tried to play it off and he is ritalin the last time to do it and he’s trying to play it off like it’s going to be still and I saw this today in a meeting at 7. There’s a guy supposed to the meeting and he didn’t show up on time. It’s almost half over right and he walks in the hey. What’s up I just woke up, and by that time everybody had said:where is that person I’ll deal with it when he gets here? If you’re late, and you don’t pick up a cares, what you I exactly you lead by actions you lead by doing the right thing sample you leave by being the best employee that you have.

You set the example you took the bar and the problem is this:clay? Is that every now and then you find a unicorn it’ll do this, but for the most part it doesn’t exist. You know what I’m going to be better at this to my boss is never leader, because you know I’m just driven to do that, and nobody is what it was. What was what creates these bogus business tips years of bogus business tip? That’s like a false, humble that it is I would say if you’re going to hire someone to your account and you want them to be better than you, but the top business coach person who has accounting for you, who is remarkably better than you eventually will begin to feel entitled. It will eventually resent you so you’d actually better, be like you a little bit better than them, but go ahead and let them do it. This is why I know platinum. Pest & lawn is going to continue to be a successful company. Proverbs 29:11 states states give full vent of their anger, but the wise quietly hold it back. That’s such a good word for gives full vent to his spirit, but a wise man quietly hold it back. American standard bible, a wise man hold these guys king james a fool uttereth all his mind, but a wise man keith with it till afterwards. You see these guys are hard workers, but they don’t run around complaining about the coworkers to the other worker. Come on, guys are diligent, people help, the way they show the way they gone and they grow the way. That’s why I think you should hire the folks at platinum pest & lawn.,, platinum pest & lawn.

Comes to what, if you put your money where my mouth is I’m going to stand behind, you and I am so excited about these top business coach guys because I’ve known these guys for over a year, they are diligent. Dewar’s I met them in a workshop originally, and if you want to get that first treatment, shepherds, just a dollar for dollar pest control, lawn weed control, fertilization related to money back guarantee they have a money back guarantee you can. Even if you move on, if you’re not happy, you get your money back, call him and tell him to go to thrive time, show.Com, where you can find a massive butt corner. Copia of podcast videos with one-on-one business, coaching, drivetime, show.Com,


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