Hire or Invest in More Advertising?

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Should I hire or invest In more advertising? That is the question. In this special edition of the Thrivetime Show recorded in the Box That Rocks DURING the last in person conference Z and Clay will break it down.

Should I hire a sales guy or spend money on additional advertising?

How do I get an application or business off of the ground?

FUN FACT: Founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University, California. Together, they own about 14 percent of its shares and control 56 percent of the stockholder voting power through super voting stock.

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Welcome back to the thrive time show on your best business coach radio. Does the background noise? It’s because typically, we host the show live from the box of rocks, but today we pre-recorded today show from the actual conference cuz there’s. So many people had some questions and we randomly selected from the hundreds of folks that are here to bring a few people into the box that rocks. They can ask you anything so busy with any further ado. Let’s meet rrr guess:what’s meet us or what is your name josh, wilson and joshua? What do you do for a living? Are you online gambler? Are you at the bank robbers bay crying on the tulsa metro area? Are you emotionally prepared i? Think I am, but you know what he’s such a handsome man i, don’t know it’s just a little overwhelmed at end of the box looks so my first question would be. We are at that price of us at that point of above where we go next, we had a really good first year. Good projections coming for the second year was:it actually happens if jackson to projection, but the biggest question would be:do I hire a sales guy ebay someone else to go out there and then see people and cold call and see people or do i, spend more money on undeveloped and leads on on adwords and admiral and and facebook marketing and all those I mean i, don’t have a huge budget, so advertising person or advertising the show who’s not asking, but they should be asking should I spend a bunch of money on cable on things, i, don’t need on crap that then I can help. My visit should I go by new car or should I ask because there’s been a lot of money right there, not not you, but other people that are less than or just other people are wasted money on other things. You all know somebody out there he’s doing it. Yet. You, just to listen to the other, show i, love, cheese and i. Have a few questions for you before I can answer it sure how many employees do you have three and myself and my best business coach wife, so 5 total 5, who all is capable of who all is doing sales calls. Currently myself just you at let’s say your work day is 10 hours or 8 to 8 hours. How much that 8 hours are you busy doing sells?

Call 425 would be a fair number of those 10 hours he’s a busy man. Now then, whenever you witcher strike right, whenever you called get a lead and you call on them and what your clothes right, we’ve been closing in the 70s. Fantastic now, then? What other? What other time would that the other six hours I’m at work day? What are you doing so the whole long length of what my day is what essentially start the guys out on the project going to do, install or big repair? What are the case? Maybe I go. Do some smaller service calls or meetings or whatever the case may be, and then my afternoons are spent on on sales. Calls when it’s falling of a lease return phone calls I would tell you until your day is completely full of sales calls. Then you need to you need to be pound in the advertising. You get your door you’re doing all. Whenever you get to the day, where you’re saying listen, I can’t get to all the sales calls myself. That’s when you need a higher than xl person. Okay, yes, sir, because what happened in is you don’t have enough leads coming in to fill your day now, sales calls I mean service call should be somebody else. You should be. You know, I’m cuz, you’re, the you’re, the guy. You should be focused on those sales call, and so you should get to have 4 hours to 5 hours and 6 hours and 7 hours to 8 hours and pretty soon you’re going that’s all I’m doing for the day. Then you bring somebody else in that reverse people always want a delegate sales in their sales fails and then they lose. So this is huge sales at your company know what got the best business coach passion that close to the awesome clothes with a sex appeal? Yes, and so then you could come up with that deep voice in background yeah I should know what I mean I just know, sam that you’d be answering, because it’s just we just got weird now show me all the different things. I know you probably done. It’s been over a year, a lot of different things, really analyze with the paint off the best and then just get after it. Okay, do you want me to have that one for you chop? What did you mean by how I think you know? Okay, so next question would be where we’re at is bringing on another crew of gods. So I have one crew got three guys essentially and I want to get complicated numbers, but they can do basically. A sprinkler system today is a simplest way to look at it. Wasn’t much of a commercial break, I’ll make sure I hit this. You got to sell first, and then you have to honor your commitments run mutually exclusive ideas. What you want to like overbooks, oh my dj company i, would literally have a staff of 20 gauge. Is my wife’s in the box? You know. I have 20 djs working for me, not book 44 for a date three months away and my wife would look at me, I look at her and we’re like I said we do it cuz everything we have a conference or we have 60 people or so, and then we just go ahead and sell 180 tickets in at what point.

So, when we get two weeks out, 3 weeks out 6 weeks out, 8 weeks out, you know obviously the then what we do is more of a seasonal type thing and not a lot of people are thinking sprinklers in december 3. If you want to make a lot of money, so I do remember, cuz your business will dry up in best business coach december right. It gets pretty slow and I’m going to have the builder market in there construction. Still, this move I worked with a guy who did landscaping and he makes makes more money putting a christmas lights in the christmas season that he does off of landscaping. During the warm season. Episodes was a subsidy income so think about what they could be doing in the slow season with the dj business. It was so seasonal, but z decor idea of cell cell cell and then make sure you fulfill, but I mean it’s so much easier to hire. People with an abundance of deal than it is to hire a team of people have no money to market, absolutely took which comes first, the chicken or the egg that were telling you that which comes first, is advertising bill the sales up and then what is, I can’t even deliver quick, quick enough, because we’ve got so much business, then you bring the next crew in and them to get through like place at the slow times. What can those guys be doing you know? So there you go shoveling snow, they can be putting up christmas lights. I can be doing the number to the next to the calendar, shoot for like 4-5 months just yourself, so that in the title of your company, I’ll water. That, for you, tell me about why you don’t remember the tagline attack on I’ll, make you wet that you got the type of girl that just happened to kelly, lyrics, I’m, sorry, I’m, ron., he’s, just a very diligent got a we come back. We’ve got a wonderful question from a driver named albert I’m, so excited to meet albert to meet dr. Zoellner’s he’s a great guy. He listens to show. A very often is a great questions throughout the conference and z. Just looking at him he’s a beautiful man. I am not, and I have to just sell my dad and he’s kind of upset by slumberjack. Look to it… Still knows a lot about black leprechaun state return in 70 is the bronco show on the radio? Yes, it is all about you that would be actual workshop. We had here at the riverwalk, and so this this today.

Obviously we a red record this in advance, so I apologize for the trickery of a live. Show me africa lace, shoes that we are facing here and shop I want to make sure that marshall knows, because in in 10 minutes on the show on now we’re going to be doing the workshop in 10 minutes in 10 minutes that we will actually be starting right on time. I just got to get ready situated, so we can go from the box that rocks to the actual stage stage conference, nation albert, who is here and I’m so excited because he has been asking awesome questions in a workshop. You sent some really good spirit about the guy and zzz got some tough questions here. So either do what business questions do you have for dr.? First of all, I’m hungry I’m hungry, like a wolf wow, that’s real soccer summer and ran by the song because lyric, this powerful? Yes, dr. Z, yes, sir I am trying to get a business off the ground. Okay, nobody has ever done, there’s no record of it. Yeah I’ve created some app for your telephone that will link every medical facility in the world into an app on your telephone cool and because you being a physician or dr., you not a real doctor, just kind of a play. Ok ko yeah. Exactly so, are you below a chiropractor three steps? The best business coach wrestling match, so it’s so so I’m trying to get this business off the ground and people that I approached because it’s never been done so people that I approach to talk to about the business are really hesitant. Okay to even look at it and I spoke one time with a venture capitalist and he wanted 49% of my business. Okay, because it’s so praying it’s. We got a new product, the new app. Alright, you try to pitch it to a knitted cap of the biggest jewelry recap in here. So you have an after working on your approach. One venture capitalist back to you. Yes, that’s correct! So can you give me some advice, lead weigh on who I should talk to and where I should go well, you’re right in the wheelhouse, where you need to be because talking to someone he’s not a venture capitalist you’re wasting your time because they don’t understand investment, they don’t understand new startups. They don’t understand the process so going and talking to actual venture capitalist is a step in the right direction. The fact that you got one to say, hey, listen, i, believe in you from what I’m hearing from you, yeah i, believe in you know he may have been. He may be a little greedy and what he wanted. But at some point, whenever you’re starting off, you don’t have any home, runs yet and you’re trying to get signed by a team and you say I can hit home runs. You don’t get the big contract. So sometimes you got to give up more than you think you have to to get the deal started at first I would like to pile on there. Real quick ways to malcolm. Butler is a defensive player for the new england patriots ever 21 and he was working. He had made some poor life choices, and so he was working at a business that sell chicken, popeyes chicken and bill belichick.

Let him know he would like for him to be a defensive back on the best business coach new england patriots, but its previous occupation was selling chicken make sure we’re getting is fast food, so they signed him for almost nothing, nothing and then, when it came, lisa hey, listen, I would like a better deal. They said we’re not going to give you better day, so I could be signed to be able to honor the deal at the end of that deal will give you a better deal so malcolm butler than once. You better check it mr. Krabs, to hear that it will give you another deal but again not the deal. Then I’ll come on it, but I wanna make sure you’re getting this darrelle revis was a quarterback who really all the sudden put a mass of numbers ever wanted call rebus, rebus island, you could catch a ball if your throat for your first deal will require you to give up the largest percentage of whatever it is, and the second deal last year to go to the track record. Z I mean see if you got it. You’re going to go so if you’re pitching the first 49 i, don’t mean to be offensive to you but 14 i, don’t know your background on your resume in history, but 49 actually might be a great deal. I could be easy, I’m easy. It could be a huge 51% of something is better than percent of nothing and right now you got just an idea. You got nothing, do you have a hundred percent of it? It says you’re going out there as long as you can keep that 51. You can’t control, that’s not a bad deal and I’ll make sure made. You know you might find a better one and that’s when you talk to more venture capitalist chucky wanted was going to say you got to get through the nose faster right, so you got to get through as many notes as possible. Cuz that yes, is in there somewhere. You got to make a list of yo 2050 a hundred, and you just got to continually try to get ahold of those people and get those knows that celebrate the nose have that mindset of boom I got another know. That means I’m one step closer to my yes, so you have your top 100 and your top 10 venture capitalist companies, adventure capitalist people that you can find out. You can ask ask ask at research, research, research, get your dream 100 I need to start plowing through them.

You have your! You have your one sheet tight! You have your story tight. You know you don’t need an hour and a half to describe and explain what you’re doing. That would be bad right right. You don’t want to have to let him know it’s like 15-30 minutes at the most and you want to practice. If you want to be ready, look sharp and give them when you get when you get to go to look and you will get no, no! No! You would get to be yes, it’s and guess what, at the end of the day, you’re going to say, okay, this guy wants to do it and he’s going to take 1/3 of it. This guy wants to do it. Take 49% of it you’re the money they’re doing you kind of factor that into it, and then you pick you pick you pick someone that’s going to be your partner, cuz! That’s really what they are. You know that you control it, but they’re buying in your selling them a piece of this dream and then you’ve been here. I come with it. So you know when you ever, you don’t have the money whenever you don’t have your own worcester you’re out, knocking on doors for worcester. Sometimes you have to give up more, particularly at first now-and this is something you have to this-is something to put in your head. This is people, don’t know this larry and sergey who owned google. You know they only own 14% of google I want to go to wear that they don’t try on 56% of all of the shareholder meetings. Since you got like to hold a shareholder meeting with you, okay shop and I mr. Albert, and you guys are shareholders and I’m larry and sergey. Okay, hey guys we’re going to go ahead and spend all her money on this. What are you guys doing my show hand who’s in favor of spending all of the money on xyz i? Don’t think it’s a good idea, I’m so glad dr., z, I’m, so glad eric the best business coach and so we decided to do what I want cuz I have to so you might actually sell more than 50%, but your stockings more voting rights. You can only less than 50% until control the company right. So now is that something that I would learn here through you guys? Yes, absolutely coach. We can help you through that we have helped a startup product recently get their product. It was just a quick trip that he’s in now and like a few months, we’ve helped one of our plants getting all the toys r us store so years ago, about a decade ago, my clients getting all of the walmart semi. We can do that for you, so yeah I’m in the program’s. If anybody is in need handouts, we do hand up since everybody listening. If you need a hand up, we can help you and does that help you at all. We will provide, for you just ask the marshall before we leave the conference today, and it is the compliant pitch deck of adventure capitalist want it’s actual form that used by kleiner perkins on the top venture, capitalist funds and I introduce all the drivers out there to the world of venture capital for a second most venture capitalists and sequoia would be one you could think about sequoia or kleiner perkins.

They bet on 829 entrepreneurs and they’ll expect one of them to not fail adventure capitalist. Well, we like 10 of these ideas. What’s a good bed on time and if, if 8 of them fail, we don’t care honey, we care, but they’re not like stressed out. That’s so differently than into having the average person invest in those will be pissed. They lose all their money quickly about a minute left here. What are the question? Would you have for doctors in okay? Now I am not the best person dr. Z in writing and putting together a very professional business plan. Okay, I put one as matter fact, I put three together and I’ve had a friend of mine to tell me-and let me know, hey albert, haha, nope I don’t want fly, see you need some coaching in that. That’s exactly what we do or I eat, deprived umbrella you’re at the right place at the right best business coach conference here, you’re going to learn these things that you decide to bring us on his your business coach, because that’s what we do and that’s actually included. If you go to thrive, it’s 20 bucks! A month we actually included downloadable with the actual picture of a pitch deck. They don’t call it a business plan and venture-capital still get struck out right there. If you give somebody a metric apples have a business plan, they want a pitch deck and there’s an actual to tell a pitch deck, and it’s like a glorified slideshow and there’s a format to it. You have to have the numbers and the right about us, there’s a lot of detail and it takes hours to do it. We help people write it all the time, I’m getting secure, funding, it’s a thing, so we can help you with that knows anywhere to go back here in just a second actually answer:questions from a live audience:meteor! That’s right! Nation! We appreciate you so much and we are going to be going back here to ask us anything with a doctor’s. He live at the conference day, 2


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