How To Hold People Accountable (with NBA Hall of Famer, David Robinson)

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2-time Gold Medal winning Olympic athlete, David Robinson teaches how to hold your team accountable.

This business coach podcast I have a rare opportunity to sit down with my good friend and business partner, david robinson, to interview him about how you hold people accountable. How do you hold people accountable if you are a high character? Hi ethic person like david robinson I mean david robinson, prides himself on doing the right thing and taking the high road and it maybe that’s you. Maybe you were the listener out there, and you say you know what I want to treat my employees the right way. Will. How do you hold people accountable while also taking the high road now remember? David robinson was an nba hall of fame basketball player, who decided to take a significant portion of his net worth and it’s time to start the george washington carver academy, which is a non-profit school design, to provide rare opportunities for inner-city kids to be educated with a world-class school. So david will the carburetor cademy. He had a very, very, very big fishing in a very high on motive for doing so, but even with that being said, he still had to hold people accountable so that any further breakdown how david robinson the nba hall of famer into time, gold, medal-winning olympic athlete how he holds people accountable in his business coach organizations. Let’s say with the the carver academy when you started this academy, you had this beautiful vision to help kids and educate kids and then provide them sort of the opportunity to do bigger and better things with her life through discipline, and it was an awesome vision in pretty but he’s not familiar with the carver academy. It’s it’s worth, google and check it out. It’s phenomenal! What you did there and then you have to hire people like teachers and janitors, and you have to bring an administrator’s and it in on every minute. And then you lay out everyone’s specific roles and then some people-let’s just say hypothetically, maybe didn’t stay in the rolls and if I own, a small business today and I found myself in a situation where I have to find the rules and people are not performing advice. Would you give me how do you enjoyed you did? I would tell you you need to have a very clear valuation process. That was one of the things we did well with carver academy started at pre-k through 2nd, and we added a great each year up to sixth grade we got accredited at, but we did very well.

There was something we didn’t do as well, but we did very well was we had a very clear way that the teachers were supposed to teach, so we went to the national standards. We went to the state standards. We put together a very detailed way that the teachers should teach so every week they knew exactly what needed to be taught. It was. We left the creativity part up to them, but there was a very clear, detailed structure for them. Each of them had their own folder and they can follow through. So we had a good way of evaluating them and and I and i, and that stuff sort itself out after a while when you, when you can give them good feedback and let them know you fit or you don’t fit, you’re doing a great job. No, we have a specific function here. We have a specific goal. This is what our mission statement is and we’re not a public school or not there. Certain things we cannot do and we have a small staff. Every teacher needs to be good at every job that they do so it was. It was clear after a point in time who worked in, who didn’t work right for the for our innovation, and so we were able to kind of build the right team and build a ride culture in a relatively short. Of time since I’m a business owner. Anybody leadership is i, definitely want to lay out the rules to find those roles. I def wanna focus on the performance, not the person. I want have a clear evaluation process right:okay, I had to report, it is colon powell general, colin, powell, 4-star, general, colin powell. He he said, get mad and didn’t get over it. How long is too long to stay mad when you care about your organization and you care about them? So if I’m, a parent I have to get mad, I have to show them that I’m very disappointed with you I’m disappointed that you didn’t follow the rules. The rules are there for a reason, we’re trying to accomplish something I’m trying to move you forward, so they have to know that you’re disappointed but then get over it I’m not holding it against you you’re still, my son, we’re still going to move forward and we’re going to learn together. So it’s it’s really important that they know you’re for them that that that they know yet they have to have a bye in into the business coach organizational buying to you as a leader. If they’re going to support you when they become a leader, they need somebody to support them. So they need to learn how to support you. You need to learn how to follow, and until you have to give them that incentive and I think you do that with the passion, but also with the care that you show after that patch. It might seem like a myopic question like I’m pick to granular, but I want to ask this because I know I deal with small business owners. I help consult people all over the country and I see this all the time. Somebody is upset with the front sky and they might stay mad for weeks. Would you recommend I mean it’s healthy to show that passion, but maybe maybe just gave yourself like an hour of power, maybe at the most they get out and then get over it.

I mean. How many do you think is right now, you you run a company that you’re very passionate about you on the capital firm, then you’re, very passionate about being a great steward of every investment dollar, making sure that it’s all going to generate a great return for the investor, and so you want to make sure that every dollar is appropriate and properly. How long will you stay mad at david? How long is okay, I think you need to really temperate I mean I I think it is once you express it it’s time to let it go okay, once you sufficiently. Let them know that you’re disappointed that you can’t correct something. If you don’t know something’s wrong, so I think you need to sufficiently give them the id understanding that that was not acceptable. We won’t be doing that again, but but then that’s when it’s time to move on once you’ve identified the issue. Everyone who’s involved understand that there is a problem, then we can move forward and get a solution. So you know that’s it’s if you can be a little bit of a subjective thing, but I think you need to make sure everyone understands. There’s a problem. People won’t move in the right business coach direction until they know that this activity is unacceptable in this organization.


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