Holding Your Team Accountable Every Week | How to Hire Quality Humans – (Part 3)

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After you have hired you core team then it is now time to manage and train them. Clay Clark will break down what accountability really looks like on this Thrivetime Show podcast.

Steps to hiring quality people

  1. Step 6 – when you decide to hire them you must do the following paperwork
    1. Confidentiality and Non-compete documents
    2. Fill out I-9 employment eligibility form
    3. Direct deposit for
    4. New employee setup form
    5. Policies and Handbook
    6. W4 – is completed by employees and given to their employer so their employer can withhold the correct federal income tax from the employee’s pay
    7. Establish a New Hire Email
    8. Save everything in dropbox
  2. Step 7 – Hire a payroll company to handle all of the payment details for you.
    1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – https://www.paychex.com/
    2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – https://www.paycom.com/
  3. Step 8 – Hold a weekly team meeting
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Audio Transcription

Want to attend the legendary drive time show business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective business podcasts review and send confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com, to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see it’s in our riverwatch offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. All right back to the conversation of time show on your radio and they were talking about how to hire employees all of the details. The specific steps you need to take to onboard new business podcasts employees now trouble getting into the hands of the technical stuff. They don’t lose any of the listeners, but before we get into the technical details of hiring an employee, I want I want to play. Not have you noticed there are no spiderson your microphone yeah. This was a problem. Have you noticed there are no mosquitoes in your mojito I got to like mosquitoes in my mom. Have you noticed there are no bees on your knee. That is true. That’s right! There’s no snakes by our lake street as well. Do you know why you don’t want educate me in the listener’s?

Please click on show sponsor out there. They said we’d like to sponsor your shop. You know we said, tell us what to do. What are you doing? You tell us another person not know his clients and their business is growing dramatically as a result of two things:1 we’re teaching them the proven system, which is, in my opinion, a third of the battle, but two thirds of the battles they have to get up every single day or night in to deliver a quality service, because I think about the cycle, somebody think about this. In your business podcasts head, step 1 marketing brand, your company, okay, we got that step to sell something step:3 delivery, quality service as a consequence, as a result of the great job you’re going to get positive reviews and positive word-of-mouth. So what you do is you take some of the money will called the snowball and starts rolling down the hill and you are diligent, so you set up you set up a certain percentage of the money aside as the snowball picks up some momentum, rolling down the hill and you buy advertisement to buy more advertising to crank up your ads, which leads to more happy customers.

More word of mouth ball reviews and you crank it up, but you more business podcasts advertisement world war ii map where it is and then you go push some shoes but I’m too many shoes, because you want to keep cracking up your ass, your reviews and the snowballs growing in grace and it’s a monster i, don’t cancel it. I can’t grab anything you needed to do to bring my belt extender about to kill the mosquito I can’t bend over I just too big and you say, and so that’s what happens. Platinum pest but they’re, not too big, but they still actually have the ability to physically move their business podcastrs bodies in the way needed to offer their course kill. They were stars. You are rude. It out. Bro, no he’s not really that are you. Are you at your business is rocket I’m doing a lot of cardio right now, so don’t get too big but I’m. Keeping that flexibility cutting phase right now, it’s okay anyway. Somehow, remarkably, his business is pumped up. He still has flexibility. To do is core competency, which is to kill and eliminate bucks pass and tell him about the no-brainer. It’s a credible company, platinum pest & lawn service for a dollar platinum pest & lawn. Com.

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Think about like it works. It’s effective, I’ve killed the b’s, so we’re talking about hiring people are the steps needed to hire people here. Are the business is growing traumatically implementing a systems complete carpet? He wants to know how do you hire people from walking through the steps in trump? We will make these documents available to anybody who attends our work shower. Yet. Have you seen the confidentiality and non-compete document signed to your I 9 employment eligibility documents signed three, your direct deposit documents signed for yogurt that new employee setup form done. You got to get the policies and handbooks I know. The handbook takes me to write a business podcasts handbook about 25 hours to write the handbook for me, and our handbook for elephant in the room is available on one on the drive time. Shall we do version of the hand, because it turns out a lot of people struggle to read things?

True, audio version of the elephant in the room handbook with everyone can get just like going to thrive time. Show., com, cooking podcasts and you can just do a search for the handbook and you can find me action employee, the other day that a driver who listened and they said that that’s for going to do for their employees going to have an audio handbook know the next move is going to have a new hire email. What does that mean? What you want to do if you want to establish the email address with which you’ll communicate with that new business podcasts employee he’s going to get that set up there? You don’t have to have a work, what you could use a gmail or something, but you just want to set that up in the process. After all, this is done. You want to save all this in the dropbox jump. Why do you want to save all the documents safe sign into dropbox and not just put in a folder someone, because somebody will spill a mug of coffee on that folder at some point or somebody will move it and not put it back where it goes, or something will happen with that physical copy? So you want to have everything backed up and it doesn’t mean just on your laptop or desktop computer.

You got to back everything up to some type of cloud storage because I don’t know maybe you’re up early one morning typing some stuff and you drop your laptop in the bath. That’s happened to somebody I know you don’t actually what happened for me. Just a little caesars know. I took my laptop to the bathroom. Where is a swimsuit in the bath start? It was such a nice bathtub I’m in there and garlic peas are some privacy here, no nudity in the pool. It’s not a pool, it is a bathtub I’ve, been hired here to basically try to tan my body and to yell at people at random intervals. So if you’ll just continue, please go to the shallow end of your hot tub. Blank accident that put across the tub-that’s a movie and I’ll, be there typing. Look at my book and I was perfect in the right. People are afraid, break it off in there. No one goes in there. It’s awesome time. There I’m, typing and I’m, like speaking of whatever i, got, excited and I dropped, my laptop in the in the tub and I get it out and I check it. I’m like this doesn’t work. It’s it’s wet. The water has caused this, so I did because I’m, a smart guy is i, got everyone and I put that one of the tub to accidentally back to back within that 10 business podcasts minutes, but it was within base with windvd apples make in laptops that are waterproof on the cutting edge, but you have everything on dropbox was the point of this. Is that you always back stuff up cuz your proactive about it, so you have to backup all emotional lamented, cuz I lost the laptop in this room.

Show me a pink case on it. Is that way? It’ll be a disgrace set of money sign the pink case, the disgrace. This is my money phone right here. It knows its place and I lost all my contacts. Everything is backed up in the dropbox app here is the next step we have to do this is this is the third big idea? When are we going to hire paychecks we going to hire a company that does the de payroll for you yet I hire a company like paychecks to handle that the actual deductions of attacks I want to make sure that you’re getting this idea. Mr. Listener is the tax code in the united states, it’s super complicated and just last week we had a young woman, our team, who got paid more business podcasts money than she’s ever made in her life, and this is this is where i. This is like I call this step of life I call. This is when people become a conservative, they become a conservative once they make 50000 a year when they get to 70,000, they become a far-right lunatic. What you make 70000, will you make over a hundred thousand? You are now like a libertarian and you all you listen to is glenn back, but you start off, though the college you’re going to be left of center and what you make 50 you’re, like I’m independent you hit 70, though you’re like george bush, reagan, run against robin thicke know he’s dead. Well patron saint of personal life. I want to hire you give me republican right now, can we eat? Is it possible to bring back the dead body of reagan will know what are some other republicans? We could go to make more money. They start taking more chubb company like paychecks, because they are going to panda the payroll services for you so that you don’t forget to deduct the right amount of money cuz.

It’s so complicated, he might say. I use, quickbooks and I’m going to Say:i’ve met a ton of business owners that use quickbooks and they do not deduct the right amount of tax,. Yes, so here’s the deal if you’re out there listening-and you not understand this idea-you want to learn from mentors and not mistakes. What are experts to do what the experts too, and if your back hurts, are tax preparer back to the experts, I recommend is use simply chiropractic. This guy has been the actual chiropractor of choice for the great one wayne gretzky, the nhl hall of fame hockey player, has chosen to use mr. Silly silly chiropractic. Their website is dr. John sibley. Com, dr. John sibley. Com, the phone number 918-749-5741 918-749-5741 ask for dr. John sibley and ask him: what’s crackin attend the world’s best business podcasts and workshops, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime, show.Com, alright, tribe, nation.

Welcome back to the conversation is the drive time show on your radio and i. Before we went to the break. We talked about this the importance of hiring employees the right way and you hire an employee. What you’re going to want to do. If you want to set up a relationship to be good from the very beginning, and we just listed listed offer you all the forms you need to fill out and all the specific steps you need to take the higher good people, but after you’ve done that you really need to set the employee up with a company called paycom or a company called paychecks for elephant in the room we use paycom and for thrive i. Believe we use paychecks right now, but paycom. What paycom does is they make sure that they are deducting the proper business podcasts amount of taxes as an employee makes more? We have a graduated tax system in our country to the more money you make, the more the government takes and I don’t want to discourage anybody, but recently the united states shots of missiles into syria. You know and I thought is a motivational idea. It would be kind of fun motivational the cost of a missile into right. Now the unit cost of a missile sending a tomahawk missile. You know shooting one blow up the bad guys, its 1.87 million for a one tomahawk, the other night. We fired off I believe a hundred and ten how many missiles we shot at at syria, cuz I thought about this I thought you know it at tip-top over here. Adam, you guys are doing great other in a while.

So can you bring it in about $8,000 a week of revenue helping train the dogs of the area there and once you make about $100,000 a year or more you’re, going to end up after fees and income tax and all the sales tax you pay and all the tax stuff that you pay on your your home costs in your car tags are to pay about 50% of your money in taxes. So think about this. If you had a killer, your dude, if you brought in like you, have made a million dollars next year. If you brought it actually made a million, you pay yourself business podcasts money, you’re going to pay like 500000 taxes. If you did that for 3 and 1/2 consecutive years, you and your tax dollars could have bought one tomahawk missile 118 yeah. So if you lived like a hundred and eighteen lifetimes, you would have funded that that attack, so that is low. My god I feel so patriotic in 20 billion dollars. We just shot at somebody yeah yeah. That’s all I’m just use an expert to do what they do. You can learn from mentors or you can learn from mistakes. You can hire an expert to you know who can help you an expert who could show you the ways and say hey, but to make sure your deducting the right amount of tax, because you don’t want to screw around when it comes to paying employee texas trust me I’ve met many many people that are gotten all sorts of trouble with the irs.

Do they were not withholding the right amount of taxes and i, don’t know who y’all are out there with her, so many out there who screwed around with the irs right now you’re getting yourself in trouble, and you want to use an expert every area of your life. If your back hurts, you want to hire an expert at chiropractor. Can you tell listeners kind of my sisters? Might my my little secret clay has a little secret, and it’s that you know some people have these things they like to do online will clay’s is that he likes to listen to knuckles and back being cracked i, like cracking knuckles as a christmas gift. Okay, will you help me i, don’t extend to pack of tootsie pop in the neck or the back. I could only wish to be somebody’s town to the doctor said right before we keep his audio. Tell us who dr. Sibley is so dr.. John sibley is the chiropractor of choice for the great one wayne gretzky in nhl hall-of-famer his website, dr. John sibley,. His phone number is 918-749-5741, he’s actually doing a free, chiropractic assessment, an x-ray for you, if you’re a new patient. So here’s the business podcasts deal if you wanted to have your back adjusted by an expert call dr. John, sibley, a fabulous festival of audio and video, we’re going to play this on the air right now and check it out when I get your play-by-play as to what’s going on as you’re watching people, we have a color commentator for sports. Why don’t have a color, too, tater out there to color comment on knuckle? Cracking your back, cracking there, so we’re watching watching video footage right now and I’ll chiropractors around the world popping here.

We go. I want to get your take on this next track doing there, but that’s some pork man, the hip, crack it’s a quick to emotion that they do I got the radio show. This is probably a friend of mine, just cracking my dad wouldn’t want to start a you know what you look like. You need a neck adjustment. I wouldn’t want get the other one right. There looks like the neck. Crack is the one that gets the vikings shirt on the neck cracks in a 1/2 i. Don’t have to have a chiropractor, yeah I’m. Sorry, so I tell you what shop if you’re there listening and you want to get your back adjusted professionally by somebody-can actually help you and not just to be like me, who has a back popping there, a dinners top of that a couple weeks ago about people, headache, sinus problems, i, guess, there’s a whole lot of thinking! I could totally help you out with you. Could weekly film with this neck? Cracking I would really have a live. Camera feed that pipes right into the man cave stuff, I’m doing I’d be out there watching that cracks and pops number chapel 918-749-5741 918-749-5741 its dr. John sibley., com.Org, j, o h, n s, I b l e y.Com shout out to dr., see abs after you have gotten to a business podcasts place in your life, where you have good people that work for you. They filled out all the paperwork chip.

You have to have a weekly team meeting, oh yeah, why do you have to have a weekly team meeting I told the drivers, all my secrets at 5 p.M. Every wednesday? We have a group interview and it 9 a.M. Now. We have a team meeting every single monday jeff. Why do we have a team meeting? This is where the time freedom aspect of your business starts to be built. You have a weekly team meeting that you scheduled as a start time and end time and it’s every single week, and this is where you get feedback from your team. This is where you celebrate when, together. This is where you answer logistical problems. This is the place where you guys communicate about on the business and the things that you need to fix within it, and this is how you eliminate all of the you:never run a business or manage people. So many got a minute meetings and that will just suck all of your week away, and this is how you get rid of those. We get back, I’m, going to break down what the perfect team meeting looks like I’m, going to break down specifically what you should say in the meeting. Will you should cover in the business podcasts meeting and the perfect agenda for a perfect team meeting with a downloadable to every single list for including you, you can download it today by simply going to thrive time show.Com, you can download this downloadable of the perfect meeting agenda and follow right along with them


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