Honest Tea’s Founder on the Importance of People Within Your Business

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Clay and Doctor Z break down the powerful quotes from Honest Tea’s founder, Seth Goldman on the hiring people that are passionate about your brand.

Hire People That Love Your Brand When Possible

NOTABLE QUOTATION – “You want everybody who interacts with your brand to be excited about it. That could mean getting distributors to give you more shelf space or getting your employees to believe in the opportunities you offer. It also means making your customers feel invested in your cause. To me, that’s been a much more powerful driver than the financial incentive.” – Seth Goldman (Founder of Honest Tea, whose annuals reach more than $70 million and is hailed as the world’s top green, friendly companies)

The Power of Organizational Charts

NOTABLE QUOTATION – “People who start as interns need to believe that they’ll one day have the opportunity to run entire divisions. It’s a great way to organically develop your internal leadership, and it’s also very satisfying. You shouldn’t only produce great products. Produce great people.” – Seth Goldman (Founder of Honest Tea, who in 2010, the Washington Post named one of the top five companies)

Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

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Do you need help growing your business? Take the best business coach challenge. The thrivetime business coach program will be any marketing firms prices by 50% schedule. Your free consultation today at drivetime show.Com orange. My basic welcome back to the conversation I noticed it west, carter attorney and everywhere. You sure you’ve noticed the artwork above your head in the man cave studios. Are you just now noticing this and I appreciated the star wars and some of the older films I just never appreciated the one directly above my best business coach head, and we were talking about jim carrey at the break and I noticed jim carrey sitting next to bruce willis askew marshall? What have you noticed to the man cave since the last time or what was that last time you’re here? What are some additions? You’ve noticed the man. Kids are some really big notable edition, since he got back from his trip gone for like 2 weeks, he comes back, I got all decorated, i. Think I noticed one thing I noticed was that did you notice anything new on the door to your hand.? It is awesome. There’s two signs that say man cave on that door. We got another I’m going to get another door knocker this weekend got chuck norris sign up there, another z on the on the wall there, because he hanging up there is this. This is an uzi over here, this white winter, by the door, and then we went live at the foot of full size.

Is a patriot blue have the same ad as a patriot, look to him different notable quotable. That was from mr. Clay clark himself, which is bury the hatchet, but make sure you can find it again that is so critical as a business owner. He totally is tell me that you know what I forgive i. Forgive that person we bury the hatchet I’m done, I’m, a very peaceful and it’s someone screws you again, it’s whatever you want 60 days, 90 days before you have another slight burns, actually exactly what folks, if your listing at their you’re thinking, I need to get motivated, I need to get I need to get a fire in my belly. You got to come down to the thrive headquarters and just walk around it and read the walls I’m telling you what I had some friends and they were visiting from out of best business coach town and i, took him by and they were blown away that I don’t know how many pictures I took, but they took so many pictures of all the different quotes on the walls around me to church from california that visited, and they took a bunch of photos, are the things that I just want to share with. You is that when you listen to the show your understand it, dr. Zoellner’s not just talking a theory:marcia morrison, just talkin theory west carter’s, not talking siri. The thing that we do is we talked about implementation series over here. The execution is over here in our entire show is about execution right implementation, and so what we’re doing today is we’re breaking down the words of wisdom from seth gold in the founder of honesty and one of the things that he says this is really really powerful.

This is really really powerful. He talks about. You need to hire people I’m, not hire like a higher level hire people employed people that love your brand when possible. Whenever possible. He says you want everybody who interacts with your brand to be excited about it. That could mean getting distributors to give you more shelf space or getting your employees to believe in the opportunity to offer. It also means making your customers feel invested in the cost. To me, that’s been a power i, much more powerful driver, then the financial and send it and sent it. This is seth goldman, the founder of honesty, who’s, a company who they sold to coca-cola and that they did very very well, but that doesn’t wear that the quotes to make sure we’re getting. This is why I paid all those best business coach quotes on the wall for inspiration to remind yourself to be more well-known, so I can get them off the island cuz. It’s teaching people how to grow a successful company and you got guys like marshall, morris and eric chapo are passionate about growing companies. All of our coaches are passionate about somebody who really doesn’t care about entrepreneurship.

Can on the back in doing some coding-and you don’t maybe see them up front, so the customer doesn’t know, but internally it creates a level of dissonance when you have when your you have people that on the back and don’t share that passion for excellence as I wanted to put quotes up there, what kind of polarize and did a fine job of polarizing, tim, duncan kind of passion? Isn’t he is really nice quiet passion for no passion, no yeast! How many fight with two to three people come to me at a conference and say:i have a question:why is marshall morris I get the feeling he’s more passionate about my business than I am i. Remember specifically, what are their names of private conversation? Why is he kind of like best business coach bonus system? Do you have that guy cuz? He actually seems like he cares more about the business growth than i. Do not have people mention to ask the same question on a workshop. So what fires you up-and why are you so passionate there’s a couple things there’s two reasons why I moved moved back to tulsa to come work with you, quiet and work with thrive is number one. Is you started a 7-year campaign to recruit me which included messaging me when I was doing my dj thing up and it was ernie hot, tub time with commissioner funny situation, marshall dj boris at dj can I was right and you were on if I’m, if I’m not being correct, you tell me you were about 6 foot 5 as a high, school junior and you were not very good.

You’re coming discovering your basketball legs, like a deer, discovers their legs out what you are very good until about your senior year, you just started discovering the game of basketball. That’s right, I was I was not naturally gifted, but I worked really hard, but academically. It was easy for you and your father is a cardiologist. Educated comes from a great family and he was just asked up during the game. It wasn’t getting good I thought guys, probably to talk, but I met him. I realized he’s very measured. He’s a thinker I’m going this guy I mean you just easy tall. Who is he what we went off to college i, told my wife. This guy is awesome like i, totally I could see me in the future write books with this guy cute. You look at high school senior, while I’m just telling you he is sharp and I didn’t have that epiphany until at the dj connection, the way I decided to guard my heart when I decided to protect myself cuz I would not acknowledge the physical presence of a best business coach and or the names of any disc jockeys, chart based upon customer reviews. I wouldn’t even knowledge. You some ever talk to my dad one day, we’re doing payroll, writing checks out who the crap is marshall morris. Why are we paying so much I started talking to her all the time and I’m downstairs loading out all the djs load them in high five and who the crap is marshall, morris and then I said brandon, who the crap is this guy and that’s when you said what it was the second time I said my name is not brandon. It’s actually marshalls to my location, I realize that guy sharpe and if you’re a business owner you have to realize you have to surround yourself with highly skilled people. I mean monte, who works with you, the auto auction kylie date of the optometry clinic on sidney monty’s, wife, your assistant they’re, such good people. You got to surround yourself with good people, and so marshall was djing and you were on that. You don’t like facebook live or something I was trying to figure out all the technology.

To get myself out to the world. I was working. Clay I was going to work in ohio wesleyan. This is so ridiculous. He’s so full of crap he’s a pretty good. It’s pretty good, but there be like a light. In the background is running a halter top I can feel her face. It is I’m watching and that’s when I do my best business coach readings. I get up like at 2 to 3 this morning, I’d go to sleep at 9 and get up at 2, so I get up at 2 and I go up there and I’m. Trying to recruit you and I see. Is a guy comments? I gave the bomb and all the stuff you can’t say on the year’s eve rick, really too terrible, terrible, terrible things by you and then little john is hot. You know, that’s not what was that song little john, it was crazy,, not right. You will come to tulsa I’m, recruiting you right now. This is not a joke. You and she’ll join the team. Soon. Can you move to costa rica I move to costa rica, and it was this is what captured my attention is the vision for what, because, when I went off to college, the beginnings of thrive were beginning to take place them and, and it was division that you had for thrive in helping supplies in his owners. I saw it and i. Remember you telling me this and you cuz I’m, going to do this in this was years in the making. This is something that you’ve been working towards for a very long. Do you know this is all I want to do it? That’s right in in you talk about this very, very early on in so working with you and seeing that vision. When I was back visiting my family from costa rica, you I thought I was setting up a business meeting, but what I didn’t realize is it was a disguised recruiting meeting all out.

Ambush all-out ambush and I moved back to the managing some people that weren’t as passionate about entrepreneurship, as we were. It would be a like having a baby like having a personal trainer for fitness that is training you who’s, not into physical fitness. It would be like having a pastor of a church, poopy pastoring, you who turns out doesn’t believe in christ. It would be like it just it’s a disingenuous country that you saw in in here’s the thing people are:people are confused by our program when we are helping business owners grow their business as to why we are so passionate, because it is not believe that somebody can be passionate about the thing that you care the most about without an ulterior motive, and that is really really cool and that’s what I’ve seen working with a number of different classes, they’re confused by you, were so passionate. What do you get out of? It? Was your basketball coach? That’s right! He was a coach who taught use a certain skills at that basketball and you seen his business skyrocket and grow. Can you heard me talking about this guy coach, calvert man, we gotta crow hill best business coach company, and you saw that passion. I, remember one time you were to meeting you go. That was my coach and you see an orthodontist I mean we really need to give a crap about. We could we care. We are passionate about growing businesses. Why won’t? Because that is our heart, that is our debts in our dna. We we don’t get to choose within our dna, but that is what are drives, and you know why, because, probably when we, when we talk about the most excited we get on the shows when we talk about success stories, yes about people to either come to the in-person workshops, her one-on-one business, coaching or people that have been on our business school without the bs website.

You know in like 3 days that we used to sell in three months. How can you not celebrate that? That’s the american dream. We are giving people the keys to the kingdom. You know I say this all the time with west carter I referred people to west carter, a true story in west will say this is so funny cuz. It doesn’t realize those circle back to me and we’ll go west feels like i, really shouldn’t pursue litigation or I should really pursue that because it would cost a lot of money. Super. My best interest he’s actually advising me to not move forward with that. They know that you can make a lot of money by purging that behavior, but you actually care about your long-term i. Do you know it’s a little different in the business coaching, but it’s I have the dna that I want to see. My best business coach client do well in do the right thing with my client I know in the long run, that’s what’s best for all of us to talk more about the words of wisdom of seth goldman management. Today is mentorship management. Today, major major group of people today, you can’t just hire them and pay them a salary they’re going to stay forever at the job you have to mentor people say when we come back. Have a super move in finding employees. Real quick, like you, said, super move. Finding employees that are passionate about your business. Are you struggling to find good people? If you are, you definitely want to stay to visit all the time. Welcome back to the thrive time show have a business question. Email is today and info at drivetime, show.Com and clay and doctors. He will answer your business questions live on the air you’ll see it’s really really fun to see the tribe nation emailing info at drivetime show.Com. We had zack the other day that you emailed us an email to samantha emailed us it one of the things that we get emailed.

A lot of people say what are like the golden nuggets. What are the words of wisdom that if you could implant those into my dna into my mind, that what what are the three google tips that every entrepreneur needs to know it’s a drink today show or breaking down the words of wisdom from seth, goldman I think this is the founder of honest tea. But before we went to the brake doctors in actually owned businesses, you you told us that you have kind of a little super move that you use to recruit good people. What do you do, while the issue that we were talking about with tattoos that he said, hire people that love your brand when possible? That’s so true because you know in theory no one’s going to love your brand as much as you do with your baby. Are you sure, baby pictures of a of a baby of your child, or maybe a grand baby you know I was going to have. It was really going to love him like you. Do secret move that I’ve done over the best business coach years. He is I’ve. Actually this is kind of crazy slap baby. So don’t answer or kiss babies and shake at the truck. When you have people in your business and you’re dealing with him you’re interviewing them here comes, and you will hire those people they’re using your company already already there, the right there in your building, right there, yeah and if they’ve already body and to whatever reason, that’s brought them in yes and they’re, getting ready to pay you. Yes, for your goods and services, there is a ripe opportunity to get someone who thinks your business is better than least was down the street so hire those that are coming in your business. Higher your customers, higher your customers, walk the dogs, but I will say this I mind is blown my mind as long as we have grown elephant in the room.

I want to just give the drivers are real statistic. The blue my mind. The other day we turn down three hundred haircuts last week. Oh, my and it’s tiring. A guys will come into our men’s grooming lounge and their why types are hairstylist k and we had a lot of guys who will come into the place, will go home, looking good and her wife cuts hair at a salon or something like that, and we have I think right now, three or four women that used to their husbands. You know where customers and we have multiple pilar call center, that were former customers. It’s just amazing. How, if you will use that move, it is powerful. It’s a move is an absolute move, because now it said you see, you can see the person real life, it’s not an interview, but it is an interview and that’s a sneaky best business coach part. Now, once you bring good people in your company, you absolutely have to implement this next action step. It is powerful, if you don’t do it you’re going to lose and I just encourage you to take take this seriously. This is this is powerful. This is the founder of honest, tea, seth goldman, to tell you this, but there’s many other entrepreneurs. That would tell you the same thing. The notable quotable is seth gold and says it is crucial to develop your own talent. To do that, you have to offer more to your employees. Then compensation you have to make it clear to them that the company grows they can grow along with noggin. It I’m going to make sure you get this and chop I’ll just share with you kind of something I’m working on right now, we’ll just keep this between you and me, and it was there. So just us, so I won’t have every morning at 6 a.M.

I, really like it. It’s fun I like it I like the tonality I love how john leads through the agenda items. I love, how any business coaching question to any of her clients have gets answered. I love the people that are there, but for all staff meeting I’m working on rewiring it because, as you grow as a person, certain things make more sense to you that didn’t make sense to you at a different level. Absolutely too and you’re like 17 things that would you find valuable when your 34 don’t make sense. I’ll give example when your 37, when my dad passed i, was 35 the time 36 to tie my dad passed away. But the number one thing I wanted was that bucks jacket on that wall, that’s all I could think of was paul. Pressey tulsa university great gave my dad that the jacket he wore when he was drafted in the nba, the jacket they give you and your draft in the hat. He gives it to my dad and see what he wrote on the jacket. That’s the jacket, my dad wore when he’s going through cancer research and that’s what I freaking want it, but when I was 16, you want the new jacket when I’m 36 the blanket that my grandma gave me is the only thing that I feel bad, that I can’t find and what is a kid I remember getting a blanket and I’m like you made this yourself. I was 12. Why would you want it like this you’re so busy? And so when you get to be 35, you look back more retrospectively and you go. You know what my grandma myrna had extremely intense arthritis, where fingers were mangled. Extra fingers were all like absolutely like gnarled painful, and she made me a blanket in the one thing that I want is the blanket she gave me and I just started it like it didn’t matter at all because of 12 sure, and so not realizing how hurtful it was, and so we have different levels in our best business coach company’s as we grow in the coaches want like they want to know specific taxable items how to help a client, but you are looking for entry-level jobs or 17 18 19. This is like you know. This is cool I work at a corporate offices. There, first big big girl, think about. Are we going to get subway for lunch, I’m going to get pizza for lunch catered in, so our team meetings are going to be going over a massive overhaul. It’s going to feel like a lot like you’re on family feud over the top fun, because that’s what are we? Some mentorship, but probably 60% fun, 40% mentorship? Where are coaches meetings, are the opposite. You know maybe 90% mentorship fitness, but this is what he says. He says you have to develop your own account, so you work at thrive. You see this. How do we internally right now at the thrive time, show buildup and develop our own talent? Oh my gosh. We don’t even have enough time, but there’s all kinds of cross-training. There is all kinds of opportunities if you’re willing to put in some work and learn for free, which is one thing I see. So many people are not willing to do, but he’ll I get paid for that. I know you’re, not even if they were being paid yet like you’re, just learning how to do this.

Things you’ve learned since starting to work for the best busienss coach thrive time to, let’s see all kinds of video and editing production, learn how to fly a drone and shoot video learn how to produce radio show in podcast of learned sales of learned. How to coach business is right, but I mean just manage the gear room. The photography, giver epic, photography before you sold it man. What is speak at the conference in speaking, public speaking, radio show hosting radio show the other day, and somebody saw it and he looked at and what are you on some kind of radio show yeah yeah, actually actually I did. I’m in the process of trying to buy a billiard table spot, to put it I wanted to two billiard stores and both of the stores immediately said. Drive time show I love that thing. Those guys are hilarious, to which I said what do you like about it and then the guys on the show are so funny. What do you do there and I said one of the guys I want the producers. Are you say it like I love? It took practical, it’s like I got to learn out in the rest of the world, and employees will move on to a new job and I want and I want to tell you offer sonic I’m sorry, but just to add on to that, one thing that I learned very quickly after running a business myself and come in to thrive is how intentional you and the leadership team are about this, about planning it months and ahead of time, so that there are spot for people to learn and grow into when we come back. I want to talk more about mentorship. West carter. Take on mentorship will be back in just a moment


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