Honest Tea’s founder (Seth Goldman’s) Tips for Staying Focused and Marketing with Limited Resources

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Are you trying to figure how to market on a small budget while staying focused on your core mission. Clay and Dr Z break down power quotes from Honest Tea’s founder, Seth Goldman.

Guerilla Marketing 101

NOTABLE QUOTATION – “We don’t spend our money on advertising the way other companies do. We’re always looking for alternative ways to connect with people, so we engage in guerrilla marketing campaigns that are unique to our sector.” – Seth Goldman (Founder of Honest Tea, who made 15,000 bottles of tea in his own kitchen for an order from Whole Foods)

Make Sure the Main Thing Stays the Main Thing

NOTABLE QUOTATION – “Looking back, our really bad decisions often involved moving away from our core task: to create and market great-tasting drinks.” – Seth Goldman (Founder of Honest Tea, in 2001, had more than half of their offered products made organic)

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Brunch in the world’s best business conferences, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did and your contact information to an for drivetime show.Com. The conversation to thrive time show on your radio and today we’re breaking down the words of wisdom from seth goldman, the founder of honest tea. This guy is business to coca-cola, but before he did, that too, he got to a place was making $15,000. What is that? Okay, the first 5 years in business, he sold a total of 16.3 million dollars a product ii 5 years. He sold 90 million then somewhere along that rain. She teamed up with coca cola’s kind of a deal where they bought 40% of the company, but they really just wanted total control of it. So I don’t have it’s like with google. If you look up google today, larry and sergey own under 20% of google, but they have the majority of decision-making power. The voting shares. What happens we want to be in control of your business conferences and so i. Don’t know how many other parts of the business he sold but I can say the last five years honesty’s than 392 million dollars during the break. Look up what do they, what he sold the business for and totality so we can get to that.

But before we get into what the business conferences was sold for, I want to talk about guerilla marketing, cuz I tell seth, goldman grew honesty. Susie I want to ask you I want ask marshall morris I want ask. What’s carter from her listeners out there who say, I’ve got a big dream baby, but I got a very, very limited budget. What advice would you have for me to grow my business conferences and I’m going to start first, because I have a hot and fresh one? That I think everybody here can hot tub? What up I got a call from mary ann simpson with the tulsa chamber of commerce, and she offered to sell me a membership for about 350 bucks. I called my mom mary clark mom. If you listen how you doing I called my mom, do you recommend that I become a chamber member yeah? My mom’s old advertisement for years-and she said it-makes your ads more effective and people trust it more. So I think you should so I said:okay, I’ll buy a membership, I didn’t have the cash, so I bought a membership about 300 bucks on the membership. Then I decided this is my z. This was my my goal:i read a a brian tracy sales book, he’s, a best-selling author sales sales, trainer and I decided I’m going to go to know from everyone in the chamber, so I literally would go to the breakfast and eat you just couldn’t never ship. You have to go to the breakfast one one event a week. You have to go and you pay like $10. If you remember there’s about 250 people at the renaissance hotel back of the day before they built the renaissance, it was at the doubletree warren duck club, oh yeah. It’s always remember, you must take a note, go see, I walk in I mean he knew everything around i. Don’t think it is these events and my goal was to get to know from every single person at the duck at the chamber event: sidewalk up to I’m, not kidding i, walk up to someone say:hey, are you getting married or you know someone who is, and they said no, okay, great and I would truly would do that.

No shame in the can I would ask everybody. Are you getting married or you know, someone is know and I will try to get a no from every single person and I’m, not exaggerating every single event. I would find you say two to three people to go to my daughters, getting married or ever get married or a friend of mine’s getting play. I am a dj service and I for a hundred percent money back guarantee the best service in town I’d love to meet you to show me how I can dj for you offer better entertainment, a half the price, here’s my card. What’s a good time to call you, what’s your number wow that strong, dude I just got the clothes in that the closing statement right? That I did that, but thing was i, went to the bixby chamber after I got that property looks I’m, paying $3 a year which, like $30 a month and trust me i, knew that I thought about $1,000 a month from this chamber. I know the next one and a friend of mine who I won’t mention her name on the air. She called me, the chamber, slut and i, said it’s a very expensive steak that he really go to every single chamber and you’re. Now known as the guy who asked every single person first question:are you getting married or do you know someone is it? Was people take? What’s your name, I would say, are you getting married or do you know someone who they said? No I’m, okay and I just move on cuz. That was my strategy and it was my dirtiest marketing move that is glenpool chamber of the bixby chamber of the tulsa chamber, so see what’s a better. What’s a guerrilla business conferences marketing movie that you used before you have the budget to do mass-market. Well, what I said was I got the on the tv guide of the newspaper and I did a little small ad in there and in my idea, was to pair of a pair of colored contact lenses pair of clear contact lenses with everything included for $99. Everybody wanted to try some colors are most people do I want you when I look like with blue eyes, what do I look like with green? Why do I look up my schooling for life better with brown eyes? What are my skin was green I like that van morrison song, brown, eyed girl.

What am I supposed to spanish i, wonder if I change my name to eduardo, but you were afraid that they would put a different color on their presents say. What are you doing? My name is my name is eduardo it’s what you will call me at the border between brother I’ve been talking about. My name is eduardo of the back of a pair, and then we fight in los angeles ass in there too, and that was a very small add that got the phone to ring into the stuff going as I know, another fun move that I did back. My daughter is now a doctor might practice. This is a dirty move. Shoes about how old was she 10, tv commercial building, new buildings back in 2002 was he there have been reverse-engineer yes, she’s 10 shot of the commercial is her with the sandwich board out in front of my new office, which is 69th and memorial in dollars, and she looks like cameron goes dad. Remember. You promised me a guinea pig for this crazy. How many people came in and saw me and go? Did you give a guinea pig a child off for a guinea pig lover got it michelin tires uses a lot of babies in the ad says:beckham babies I’m telling you what babies were great and ads puppies were great an atom. You talk about what about a baby puppy like i, said to the puppy? What about an adult puppy? Alright? So, what’s carter, what’s a gorilla marketing move your attorney, your you’re known for offering legal advice for you, but you also your entrepreneurial. What else? What’s my move over the years has been I love captive, audience is so large part of my practice is dealing with nonprofits churches, ministry, small businesses with less money, different rules I would find a conference or somewhere where I could get in front of like 300 ceos new residents at one time to look i. Will you got the painting?

Just let me show up good. Give me 45 minutes, and then my speech would be I would make a list of three things. I want to sell and then figure out how to work. All three days that we could speaker, I was I had to get for speaking. I really want to be a litigator I figured i, don’t like fighting i, like speaking, but i, don’t like fighting so much so speak english, good and you’re right. You can make her break if you get in front of people and you bore them to death and you suck nobody’s going to call you I didn’t get a chance to prepare for today speech. But overall, there’s three things open up for questions like this one chance you get for free legal advice can use from marshall morris day 2. Do you need help growing your business? Take the business conferences challenge. That’s right time. Business coach program will be any marketing firms prices by 50% schedule. Your free consultation today at drivetime show.Com back to the conversation I noticed that attorney and everywhere you sure, you’ve noticed the artwork above your head in the man cave studios appreciated the star wars and some of the older films I just never appreciated the one directly but my head, and we were talking about jim carrey at the break and I noticed jim carrey sitting next to bruce willis quick, ask you marshall what have you noticed to the man cave since the last time I went was like last time you were here. What are some additions? You’ve noticed the man cave. Is there some really big notable edition, since he got back from his trip gone for like 2 weeks, he comes back, I got all decorated, I noticed one that she noticed was that did you notice anything new on the door to your hand.? It is awesome. There’s two signs that say man cave on that door. We got another I’m going to get another door knocker this weekend got chuck norris sign up there, another z on the on the wall hanging up there is this. This is an uzi over here by the door and then we went live at the puts a full size and see the patriot. It’s unbelievable, the same ad as a patriot look to him one of my favorite notable quotable. That was from mr. Clay clark himself, which is bury the hatchet but make sure you can find it again.

That is so totally is julia. So you know what I forgive i. Forgive that person we bury the hatchet I’m done, I’m, a very peaceful, and if someone screws you again, it’s whatever you want 60 days. Is it that long before you have another slight burns? Actually, exactly what folks, if your listing at their you’re thinking i, need to get motivated, I need to get I need to get a fire in my belly headquarters. Yes, and just walk around it and read, the walls had some friends and they were visiting from out of town and i, took him by and they were blown away. That. I, don’t know how many pictures I took what they took. So many pictures of all the different quotes on the walls around get a church from california that visited, and they took a bunch of business conferences photos of the things that I just want to share with. You is that when you listen to the show your understand it, dr. Zoellner’s not just talking a theory, marcia morrison, just talkin theory, west carter’s, not talking to you. The thing that we do is we talked about implementation mean if there is over here. The execution is over here in our entire show is about execution right implementation, and so what we’re doing today is we’re breaking down the words of wisdom from seth goldman, the founder of honesty and one of the things that he says.

This is really really powerful. This is really really powerful. He talks about you need to hire people I know how you’re like a higher level but hire people employed people that love your brand when possible. Whenever possible, he says you what everybody who interacts with your brand to be excited about it. That could mean getting distributors to give you more shelf space or getting your employees to believe in the opportunity to offer and also means making your customers feel invested in the cost. To me, that’s been a power by much more powerful driver, then the financial and send it and sent it. This is seth goldman, the founder of honesty, whose company who they sold to coca-cola and that they did very, very well that. This is where the quote stye in here. I want to make sure we’re getting this. Is he didn’t wipe in all the sports in the wall? Where is bryson to remind yourself to buy them to be more well-known, so I can get him off the island, sure cuz. It’s teaching people how to grow a successful company and you got guys like marshall, morris and eric chapo are passionate about growing companies. All of our coaches are passionate about somebody who really doesn’t care about entrepreneurship. Can on the back in doing some coding, and you don’t maybe see them up front, so the customer doesn’t know but internally it creates a level of dissonance when you have when your your people, that on the back and don’t share that passion for excellence as I wanted to put quotes up there, what kind of polarize and did a fine job of polarizing, tim, duncan kind of passion? Isn’t he was really nice, quiet, passion, journal, passion least two to three people come to me at a conference and say:i have a question:why is marshall morris I get the feeling he’s more passionate about my business. Then I am i. Remember specifically, what’s their names of private conversation? Why is he could have a bonus system? Do you have that guy cuz? He actually seems like he cares more about the business conferences growth than I do and i. Don’t people mention to ask the same question., eric chop some wood fires you up and why are you so passionate a couple things there’s two reasons why I moved moved back to tulsa to come work with you, quiet and work with thrive is number one. Is you started a 7-year campaign to recruit me which included messaging me when I was doing my dj thing up and it was there any hot, tub time machine?

What’s the situation, marshall dj boris at dj connections right and you were on if I’m, if I’m not being correct, you tell me you were about 6 foot 5 as a high, school junior and you were not very good. Your kind of discovering your basketball legs, like a deer, discovers their legs out. What you’re very good. Until about your senior year, you just started discovering the game of basketball. That’s right, I was not naturally gifted, but I worked really hard. It was easy for you and your father is a is a cardiologist educated, come from a great family and he was just asked up during the game. It was getting good until it’s really his seat was in a typical jock I thought guys, probably to talk but I met him. I realized he’s very measured. He’s a thinker I’m going to sky I mean you just easiest tall. Who is? He went off to college I told my wife. This guy is awesome like I totally I could see me in the future. Writing books with this guy and cute utica high school senior, i, don’t know I’m just telling you he is sharp and I didn’t have that epiphany until at the dj connection, the way I decided to guard my heart, so I decided to protect myself. Cuz I would not knowledge the physical presence and or the names of any disc jockeys in the top 10 of the dj connection.Com chart based upon customer reviews. I wouldn’t even know what you said. Never talking to my dad one day we’re doing payroll right and she acts who the crap is marshall morris. Why are we paying so much and I started talking to her all the time and I’m downstairs loading out all the djs load them in high five and who the crap is marshall, morris and then I said brandon? Who the crap is this guy? And that’s when you said what it was the second time I said my name is not brandon. It’s actually marshall I realize that guy sharpe and if you’re a business conferences owner you have to realize you have to surround yourself with highly skilled people. I mean monte, who works at the auto auction dates of the optometry clinic on sidney, monty’s, wife, your assisted they’re, such good people. You going to surround yourself with good people, and so marsha was djing and you are like you, don’t like facebook alive or something I was trying to figure out all the technology to get myself out to the world cup march madness at various clubs, when I was working, clay I was going to ohio wesleyan. This is so ridiculous, he’s so full of crap he’s dj mix is pretty good. It’s pretty good, but they’re. In the background she don’t want can feel her face and then at a time watching and that’s when I do my readings. I get up like at 2 to 3 this morning, I go to sleep at 9 to get up at 2, so I get up at 2 and I go up there and I’m. Trying to recruit you and I see is an app for writing comments. Like he’s the bomb and all the stuff you can’t say on the years.

He look really too terrible, terrible, terrible things that college students around by you and then and I can host lil jon, it’s hot. You know, that’s not what was that song little john it wasn’t too crazy,, not right. You will come to tulsa I’m, recruiting you right now in costa, rica I move to costa rica, and it was this is what captured my attention is the vision for what, because, when I went off to college, the beginnings of thrive were beginning to take place and, and it was division that you had for thrive in helping small business owners, I saw it and i. Remember you telling me this and you cuz I’m, going to do this in this was years in the making. This is something that you’ve been working towards for a very long. Do you know this is all I want to do it? That’s right in in you talked about this very, very early on and so working with you and seeing that vision. When I was visiting my family from costa rica, you I thought I was setting up a business conferences meeting, but what I didn’t realize is it was a disguised recruiting, meeting, ambush and I moved back to you. Would you got promoted pretty quickly and pretty soon you started realizing. You were managing some people that weren’t as passionate about entrepreneurship, as we were. It would be a like having a to be like having a personal trainer for fitness that is training you who’s not into physical fitness. It would be like having a pastor of a church, poopy pastoring, you who turns out doesn’t believe in christ. It would be like it just it’s a disingenuous country that you saw it and in here’s the thing people or people are confused by our program when we are helping business owners grow their business as to why we are so passionate, because it is not believe that somebody can be passionate about the thing that you care the most about without an ulterior motive, and that is really really cool and that’s what I’ve seen working with the number of different classes, they’re confused by you, were so passionate. What do you get out of? It?

Was your basketball coach? That’s right! He was a coach who taught use a certain skills at snell, basketball and you’ve, seen his business skyrocket and grow, and you heard me talking about this guy coach, calvert man. We got to grow his company and you saw that passion. I. Remember one time you to meeting you go. That was my coach and you seen that happen. Call dentist and orthodontist I mean we really do give a crap about. We could we care? We are passionate about growing businesses. Why? Because that is our heart? That is our debt. In our dna we we don’t get to choose within our dna, but that is what are dry, and you know why? Because, probably when we, when we talked about the most excited we get on the show, then we talked about success stories about people to either come to the in-person workshops, her one-on-one business conferences, coaching or people that have been on business school without the bs website. You know down there with the full package media who says we’re selling more in like 3 days that we used to sell in three months. How can you not celebrate that? That’s the american dream. We are getting people the keys to the kingdom. You know I say this all the time with west carter I referred people to west, carter, true story and wes will say this is so funny cuz they wes doesn’t realize we’ll circle back to me and I’ll go west feels like i, really shouldn’t pursue litigation or I should really pursue that because it would cost a lot of money. Super. My best interest he’s actually advising me to not move forward with that. They know that you can make a lot of money by charging that behavior, but you actually care about your clients. Long-term I do know it’s a little different business coaching, but it’s I have the dna that I want to see. My client do well and do the right thing for my client I know in the long run. That’s what’s best for all of us and we come back from the break, talk more about the words of wisdom of seth goldman when he talks a little bit about how management today is mentorship management. Today, major going to manage a group of people today, you can’t just hire them and pay them a salary they’re going to stay forever at the job you have to mentor people say when we come back. Have a super move. Finding employees real quick, like is a quick tip, remove finding employees that are passionate about your business. Are you struggling to find good people? If you are, you definitely want to stay tonight, I run the business. Is it all the time it’s broken


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