How Create Effective Advertisements That Generate Leads

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Doctor Z and Clay Clark teach the magical formula for how to create effective advertisements that generate actual leads and paying customers for your business.

AMPLE EXAMPLE – The Dr. Zoellner Holiday Commercial

  1. Attention Grabbing

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you’re remarkable, it’s likely that some people won’t like you. That’s part of the definition of remarkable. Nobody gets unanimous praise–ever. The best the timid can hope for is to be unnoticed. Criticism comes to those

who stand out.” – Seth Godin (The iconic New York Times best-selling author and marketing guru)

  1. Memorable

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is failing. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.” – Seth Godin (The multiple-time New York Times best-selling author)

  1. No-Brainer
    1. The offer must elicit a call or a stop by your office
    2. The advertisement must irritate your competition
  1. Strong Call to Action
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Audio Transcription

Have you ever struggled to create effective advertisements? You know the ones that actually generate leads and paying customers will. On today’s show, my partner and I, Dr Z, we’re going to be teaching how to create effective advertisements that actually generate leads and paying customers for your business.

Is always ecstasy when you are next to me and I am excited to talk today about one of your favorite topics, which is how to create effective advertisements that convert deals that create business. See The ads that work, Dr z dot. Why is it such a great topic? Before we go into that in the intro, do we really need to point out that our eight kids that you have, Sam? I have some. They have different women, different moms. Oh, I mean that’d be like, I mean, and now I have eight children. Between them, the one, it’s covered. You live from Salt Lake City police should do to make it more clear, we should draw diagrams. We should draw diagrams. We should have diagrams or charts, family, org chart now and now broadcasting from a podcast where they actually their family tree forks that there’s not very much. Not very much.

Okay. Now, now we can get into it. Let’s talk about these. Creating advertisements that convert. Yes, so many people are running ads, advertisements throughout the year that don’t work at all. It breaks my heart and when you talk to him, you say, Hey, is that working for you? And they go, no, I’m just branding, branding. I’m just getting my name out there, my name out there, but you’ve got to convert. You’ve got to convert and you have to make the. There has to be some components, some trigger, something, some special sauce about yet otherwise keep your money in your pocket. Now there are four variables that I would like to break down as it relates to creating effective advertisements, and I’ll go one by one. I’d like for you to break them down. So variable number one, the advertisement has to be attention grabbing, attention grabbing. You’ve got to stand out, you’ve got to be the purple cow out in the field. If you drive by a pasture and it had 100 cattle in there and there was one that was bright purple, it kind of stand out.

Holy Cow. Holy Cow. Right. So you’ve got, you’ve got to. There’s some listened to so many things out there, especially nowadays trying to occupy your neuropathways in your brain that in order for you to get your message and to one of those neural pathways of any significance, you’ve got to stand out. Step one, state it out. So you got to stand out. Okay? So if you’re taking notes at home, Hey, I’ll be attention grabbing your ads. Have to be attention grabbing. And so see, I thought I would queue up an effective advertisement. Oh, this is called a the doctors donor grinch. Her holiday holiday commercial, the holiday commercial holiday come. You’re calling it the efficient, the Dr. done a holiday commercial. Yeah. Just. Well, I just, I like saying holiday. It’s just a fun word. I mean grinches fun to don’t even wrong and I’m sure led me some grants.

Don’t let me down. When did you first recorded this commercial? This beautiful piece of advertisement artwork when they came back out. I mean the grinch has been a childhood little cartoon that they play every year, you know, and it seemed like, Gosh, you remember, seemed like it was on for hours and now you know, your youtube or whatever. It’s like 22 minutes, you know, and it’s like, whoa. I remember as a kid it’s like, at the credit is going to be on this Friday. Oh, it’s so good. So good. But then they rebranded it with Jim Carey, I think the 2000, 18 years ago, this commercial, 18 years old. Yes. And, and that parade became relevant again. And so I thought, Huh, do you read? Do you read? Do we record it every year? And you know, that’s the same. That’s my voice. I will say on this and this audio, you have a very youthful voice.

They’re not raspy, soulful voice we have today. Not that, not that sold this seriously. So I’m going to kill them at coupa commercial. Okay. And as we keep the commercial, I will say we’re in the process right now of renovating Camp Clark and chicken palace. It so you can hear. We’ve got out here cranes in the air, the constructions in the air. I know. And it’s exciting when I find. Because you had been teasing me about a project for a long time and now finally show up here and I smell sawdust and I hear hammering and phlegm and waiting for the first kiss for 36 months of dating. Crazy. Okay. I’m going to cue it up here. So here, here is the Dr. Zellner and wasting. I want to preface it by saying that this was a commercial that I wrote for my optometry clinics. You know, I have, I have multiple businesses, so just everybody there. You’ll figure it out when you listen to it. But this is for your optometry clinic? My optometry clinic, yes. Okay. This is not for your interstellar space exploration company. No, no, no. I didn’t use him. Okay. Let me queue it up here. Now that any further ado, three, two, and

every tolson down in Tulsa, black Christmas a lot, but the grinch who lived just outside of Tulsa did not. The grinch hated Christmas the whole Christmas season, but if you ask me why I think I know the reason you see the grinch could not see it all because his eyes were two sizes too small, so the tolsons of Tulsa, knowing this wasn’t right, wanting to give the grinch of president wanted to give him site, so they sent him to the Office of Dr Robert Zellner. You

see, whereas to pair deal, it’s practically free with Dr [inaudible] one hour service, I say with a wink. The grinch was in and out in less than a blink, but oh, what a new view of Christmas. The grinch. He did find thanks to Dr Robert Zellner. He was no longer blind for now. His eyes were no longer too small. He spread Christmas cheer to one and two. All see

that commercials. Hot hot sauce, but it hits a few of the things we talk about whenever we coach people on how to have effective marketing you. I found her parade. You found something, had instant recognition. People already knew the grinch. They know the gridstore. You’re not having to resell them on that. Y’All are a mean one, Mr. grinch. Okay.

His cut on the Aza. Cactus charming as ms dot degroote.

Mr. People already know. Right? So you find the parade and then I twisted it in a very humorous way to get my core message in there and that is is that we have value that we have when our service and that we have convenience and that. You know what? We don’t want your eyes to be two sizes too small. Did you write all the rhymes? Yes, of course. Are you serious? I’ve written every commercial I’ve ever.

Real quick, real quick. You wrote all the words. Of course. Well, you know what that is or that deserves right there. Two mega points. I get to make a point. That was one. I’ll give you two more to total, right? That’s two mega points there. Now each omega point is redeemable for a mega bank and a gas for gas rebate. You’ve got to mail it in. Yes. You ever received a gas rebate? So good. I guess the thing I used to work for a company on a call center where we made phone calls for Directv and Newport News, the catalogs and the pitch was if you signed up for Newport News, we’re gonna, we’re gonna. Send you a $100 of gas rebates. Now here’s what’s hilarious. You’d have to pump your gas and they’d have to send in a receipt to this address. What once you send in the receipt had to be the original coffee. How come when you will be able to call back six months later, hey, I never got my gas back and I never got my rebate rebate, and we’re like, well, do you have a copy of the receipt? They go, no. I mailed it in. Well, I’m sorry that that’s just ridiculous. I don’t know of anybody that ever.

My entire job is just dealing with complaints. Unbelievable gas rebates. People are calling me going, hey man, well it’s out of Oklahoma. Took us on a pro fingerhut catalog for the gas for rebates and I didn’t get my rebate. Well, what was, when did you mail it fingerhut catalog? Well, uh, when did you mail it? March 15th or people are tracking to spend their calendar and this was when gas was spiking a little bit there for a while and it just, it was the worst thing ever. So anyway, so your, your ads had to have attention to have to be attention grabbing. It’s a m, they’ve got to be memorable, Bam, they’ve got to be memorable. Z, they could be, you can have an ad that’s attention, but if it’s not memorable, I mean you could grab someone’s attention. So here’s a, here’s the way, if you were to run a commercial right now that gets everyone’s attention, which as soon as the ad plays start whispering because no ones that are used to that in a commercial.

So if you go, let me give you a secret. Well that would get my attention, but if what I said from that point forward wasn’t memorable, it wouldn’t help. Right? So you gotta you gotta be memorable. Talk to you about being memorable. Why is this ad so memorable? Well, here again in the buying cycle of life, most people when they hear your ad only three, maybe five at the most percent of them are ready to make a buying decision. Right? Then, oh, this is so good. So you want them to have some kind of memory memory in your brain. I remember one time back when the newspaper came out and they had the TV guide section, there was always a a tire dealership with a tire ad in there. I remember that. It was always, I couldn’t tell you which one it was, but it was the same ad, same one. Boom, boom, boom. And I remember one time I was needing to get some tires and I thought, oh, I know what that ad is because you keep that TV guide or back in the day. Yeah. This was a long time ago when we actually had newspapers on paper. I shouldn’t keep all the TV guide.

You can recycle those. Now. This changes. Just think of the closet space. I’ve been saving those phone books up until right now, so nobody got to go back the number. Write down this tip back to you, so can you. So what happens is, is that they may not need your service today, but this weekend they have a a snowmobile accident and break their glasses and then all of a sudden they’ll be like, oh, can I break down? What’s, what’s, what’s memorable? There’s some ways to be memorable. Rhyming is great. Oh yeah, that’s great. Teaming up with a parade, like you said, finding a parade and getting up in front of it. The concept people already know, like the grinch. That’s great. Yeah. Being funny. Oh, funny. And you wrap all that together. All that together. Now you got. Because that’s how I’m isla, or if you put it all into a rap song.

There you go. Hey, this, this whole. I’m just. I’m just trying to explain this to the thrive nation. You know what’s entertaining? You Youtube, so why aren’t your ads entertaining? I’ll tell you why, because we want to be vanilla. We want option a, b, or c. What do you want? Everyone goes, be people. Everyone wants to be the same. People don’t want to stand out. We’re afraid of being ripped on. Well, the other thing too is that you may be listening out there going, okay, I own a business. Yup. Uh, but I just, I don’t know how to write a rhyme and I really don’t. Can’t think of any parades right now. And Ah, short of spray painting a cow purple. I don’t really know what that concept is. I don’t know what to do. I’m just going to keep

getting on Aaron place to come to my office Monday through Friday from eight to q. We take turns writing boring commercials real quick. Please keep touch with my first born. Of course, this will be for a. usually it’s a plumbing company where they still include the LLC and the name. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, that’s good. If

you’re out there and your name is Ron and you have a plumbing company. I don’t know any. Ron’s the plumbing company. So this is just a vague example. Generic. Did you know what? Ron’s plumbing. We’ve been around since 1978. Call rungs plumbing llc today, but we’ve made it great since 1978. That’s Ron Llc. You did do a little rhyming. He could stay in it. You know what I mean though? I do try to dumb it down. You could. We’re going into the meditative state right now. We’re conjuring up the worst ads we could possibly come up with. My favorite, my favorite or the attorney ads. Give us one good example. Yeah. Do you want. We’ll give you. It gives a good one. Can you bring to the wrong? Yeah. There’s usually like a ron and barnaby and hot. So there’s like three or four partners. Yeah, I remember it. Yeah.

Hello. This is the law firm of Dewey, cheatem and Howe. Have you been hitting you? You been hitting our auto accident? Have you been taken Flemington designed and now you have color catcher. If these things have happened, please call us at one 800. Do we cheat them?

They could spend that 100 percent. How? Those are another one. Another one. I love it. It’s for this. This is the best commercial. Let’s, let’s say that you are, um, a janitorial service or a home cleaning service. Okay? And when you’re going to do is you’re going to die on the hill of being professional and having the best customer service. Oh yeah. So let me the company be Ron’s again. Okay. It’s okay.

Wrongs, janitorial services. We specialize in being the most professional and providing the best customer service costs today at bronze because we offer the best customer service. We’re the most professional, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Me. Do people not here whenever you do. I mean, whenever you say we’re saving the most professional, but it means nothing. Yeah. And you know, we haven’t even,

you got in the car industry, which we want, we don’t have to, they, they make them bad enough as it is. So we went to MTV would go there, but he’s like, oh yeah. Oh yeah. I can’t get through the news without seeing two of them. Oh my gosh. It’s like really come on folks.

I mean there was a guy in a waco, Texas. Why do I wait? Waco, Texas and Texas in general are known for just crazy car commercials. Uh, but this is back in the one nine, eight years old. My Dad grew up in Waco, Texas, so we’d go down there and hippies, insane commercials are watching like the Rangers Games. Okay. And then there will be these commercials. There’s one guy in town who killed it in his move. Was your monster trucks where they would drive over all these old cars? Yeah. Yeah. Every time he’s like, our prices are so low. How low our prices and it’s per partner is always kind of unsure of how low they could be. And he’s like, he’s like, how long are these partners? Like, they can’t get any lower. He’s concerned they can’t get either. We’re going to make them noise, like we can’t make them.

Uh, we’re going to make him Lord. He’s saying our prices are so low that they’re like, this isn’t like inches from the ground. And then it shows him running over cars. We run over the competition and it just cars. And it was this whole thing where he used to always be. They can’t go any lower. And his partner like you gotta make them lower and they’re like kind of fictitiously arguing. Oh sure. But it got stuck in your head and everyone about like those guys, but there’s so many boring car commercials, so many, so many boring commercials as it is. I, uh, you know, super bowl is kind of a fascinating thing. I mean that, that’s Kinda the best of the best advice because like the superbowl of advertising, it is like the superbowl of advertisement and it’s funny because. Do you remember from last year, do you remember some just famous super bowl commercials.

I remember Hump Day, Hump Day came out. That was pretty good. Yeah. That was the one that for me lasted a long time. A, these insurance companies are taking it to a whole new level guide. Some of them are so silly you don’t even know were like, what about that? Some about one guy who just was on like crazy amounts of steroids or something. And he just, his arms get just huge every, every scene. Either you can pick your finger. Yeah. That was a good one. Is that the Bro Guy? I think it was the bro. The proud. Yeah. Remember the pitch, but that was good. Yeah. I remember a guy was still skinny Indian. His buddy was, since he had chosen Geico, he was just getting all swept up, I think or something. I don’t remember when Danica Patrick hit the scene. I don’t remember what year she came out.

Right. But I remember every dude talked about that. They go daddy. Yeah. Oh yeah. Because it was like, it implied that she was naked on their side of the tail and to see the rest of the commercial go to And let me tell you about some dudes who had gone to that website. Oh yeah. Like every. Sorry. Every one of the college guys I knew and they were like, dude, did you see that commercial? That was their whole like, oh yeah, world. That was vito before you had your smart phone. So you had to like go on the Internet, type it in kind of thing. But they go a lot of traffic from them. The www, the. They got a lot of curiosity. So if you’re out there attention, grabbing attention, grabbing to memorable, memorable three in no brainer, you’ve got to have an offer that’s hot and no brainer, and it’s hot.

So hot. Does it need to be easy? Here’s the to. Here’s the two threshold, okay? If you don’t establish these two things, Ooh, it’s not hot enough. Okay, you ready? I’m just enough to print. I’m putting on the show notes. Put it on the show notes. Okay. One, it elicits a call or stop by your place of business. Offer. Must Elicit. It must elicit a call or a stop by her office and that can be virtual or that can be physical uhf. In other words, they could come to your website or they can stop by your office, your brick and mortar place of business. Okay? And the second threshold, it could be metaphysical. No, it can’t be metaphysical. Elicit a call or stop by the office. And the second thing is when your, when your competition, here’s it. They’re upset. They’re stuff there. They’re up there.

That’s not offensive. No, no, no, no. Yeah. Advertisement, whatever your competition and they go in the world is going on. Okay, so let me give you some examples of ads that I’ve done over the years that are so hot. It really irritates the competition. Okay. One is with DJ connection. We did your first Christmas party was a dollar. See that if your competitor so mad at me like what’s he doing? Because what happened was I told Vanessa we this was like 2002 and I was like, we got to get market share. We’ve got to get every guy out because this equipment, I have it. If every system’s not out every night, what are we doing? We’ve got to run it on a, in a warehouse. So we’ve got maybe 40 sets of equipment, you know, and we only got 27. I’m out this weekend, but next week we have 40.

We got to do something, right? So we did a mass mail or saying your first event is a dollar a call. Certain qualifying, certain companies know qualify whatever. And the move was, if it was the weekend that I had openings, I would go boop, boop, boop, boop, pull it up yet. Let me check real quick to see if that weaken qualifies. Yep. Boom. Because my thing was is that I already had a fixed cost already had salaries already had overhead. I had equipment that wasn’t being used. And so these companies that were really not that satisfied with their previous year’s entertainment, they say to me, so you’re going to do our Christmas party for a dollar? Yes sir. And I said, yeah. And then my goal would be to wow you. So next year you would use me for not in our normal price. Right. To do that deal work.

So good. It works so good. It’s a no brainer. I mean, if someone hears that there’s just almost a curiosity factor going, you know what? I almost don’t believe it. So it has my attention so much. I think I’m going to call them just to find out what this game is that another example is, there’s a company out there called justice tumbling. I just talked to these guys today. They came to the workshop, this is a win for America, z. This deserves some cowbell right here. This, this right here is a win for America. These guys, as a result of a hopefully a little bit of art education, they’ve decided to offer the hottest no brainer I’ve ever seen in the world of gymnastics. Tumbling cheer, that world. Okay? That’s the world I’m not that familiar with. So what I’m saying is, I believe you.

I believe you did. Bo was in some sports a little bit, right? Soccer. We’re all your kids in sports or you might. We’ll just do, did tennis and my did soccer. Well you know how like your first lesson you’re like, is this person going to be good or not? Right. And then the second lesson when half the time you’re going, this isn’t good. Yeah, this is. And then the quality gets worse. Lesson three, pretty soon in the coach shows up without a racket no ball and just know what, you know what? Hey, let’s just focus on a focus on being a better person. Yeah, and you just just run up the hill for a while. I’m gonna make some phone calls. That’s how it happens. This and I’m going to answer a few. Seriously. That’s how like most private lessons go. It starts off the first, the first lesson the coach shows up at the racket ball, second lesson to kind of show up late with the racket.

Without the ball, there’s no racket ball and now we’re just doing wind sprints. So this is what they said that they said our program is hot. I said, how hard is your program? And they said it’s hot. So how hot it is. They have the no, just just take a guess at what they’re offering for the first, for the first time customers who are going to justice tumbling to learn how to become the best flippers on the planet. How often do you go and get a lesson? I’m most people go like three days a week. Okay. So I’d say the first week of lessons for a dollar. They’re doing a first. The first month that I was going to go first. No, no crazy. No one does a month and I want to jettison desk, but nobody does it. You know why a month is so good?

Because you can see their character after a month. Yes, you can. Oh, who’s not going to convert to that? I’m just not going to convert. Can we go and take lessons? That’s a sick day. We could. Don’t know that. I will be able to do anything that they would want me to do, but we could go. And who are they? Who are they to stop us? Who are they? Where are we? Are The great gymnast? Middle Aged brewskies? Yeah. All right. Maybe we can start our own circus soleil because another no brainer you’ve done over the years. See that’s hot. Maybe the auction or the optometry clinic. Another hot deal. Well, at the optometry clinic back in the day, back in the day to day had big billboards all around Tulsa and said Lasik, which is lasik eye surgery. Lasik, $1. Oh, that’s, that got, I mean the wheat a and t had to come out and install new phone lines.

Uh, so number one, you’ve got attention. Number two, it got people dialing up to find out what the heck was going on. And there were three. My, my competitors were so mad. I was so upset about that. I, I, uh, I was not, I didn’t get a fruit cake that you, I’ll just tell. I’ll just tell you that. Let me, let me, give me just one more old school. No brainer offer you did back in the day. It could be maybe something you did with the bank or maybe something you did with your auction. Except that I did with my optometry clinic. I had more fun with, with that, uh, old school back in the day I would say come in and buy a pair of clear. You buy, you buy a colored pair of contacts, you get a clear pair of free. And so what that did is it, a lot of people go because nobody wanted to try the colors.

Every one’s a little funk, funk. Everybody wants a little, you know, little. How’s your father? Oh yeah, come on. Get up to tell us about that hot deal. Let’s shake it up and try. You can give you a. There they go. Lay it down. Alright. Come and get a little, uh, you buy any color? Try them on. Come on, get it to color. It can be blue or doing the dice. Game mechanics degree. It can be Brown. Come on by some context. Yes. And a clear period free. How’s it possible? That’s on me. Oh, come on now. Clear fear free. Oh, come on now. Any kinda? Yes, you can see. Oh, the quad skates. Neon laces. Where’s my Jean Jacket? That was hot. That was a hot time in American history. Whereas my Jean Jacket, if I just had my Jean Jacket on, I could have really killed that. Uh, I actually am storing the Jean Jackets with the old TV guides.

That makes a lot of sense. Next door number two, put it very slowly. Well, my mom, my mom pointed out, you know, that a lot of style comes back. Oh yeah. So I think it was. I’m just going to save all that eighties gear. I bad at any moment. I mean, kids were in vacancies, checkered vans, shoes. I mean, women are now wearing jeans that are going way up the waste way up to what have you noticed this? Yes, it’s going, but when? When did that stop being normal and when did it come back? I don’t know. I know was the date I’ve got who decides these things and we can just google it. You know the guys that Glamour Glamour magazine they were saying and

starting quarter one of the month, we’re going to make sure that women now can no longer wear jeans that go above their belly button. That hit fourth and then all the women are like, oh my gosh, what are you doing? Then they

get rid of their genes. Now they’ve got, remember Janet Jackson genes as low cost as you could go. We’re like, Whoa, look how low can you go away? That’s Janet Jackson and now they’re apply again. I know Taylor swift were in the hygiene, says this, that we know about business here. We don’t know about fashion,

fresh, fresh. We don’t know, but we know this fashion drive sales and therefore as a form of marketing and therefore that’s can be talked about

and thus I have a thought here. We are interviewing a lady very, very soon here who used to be the lead editor for Glamour magazine. Oh really? Cool. For Elle magazine and for. Oh, I’m a bad host. I’m a bad host. It’s. There’s another big one, and so we’re going to Ms. Wolf. Those are big enough as it is now. Strong call to action. We talked about this a little bit. The no brainer, you know, again, it’s got to have the offer that’s going to listen to a call or stop by your office, right? The advertisement must irritate your competition and that call to action has to be just obvious like so. Can’t be like super tricky.

It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s sad and I know, I know some people have to listen to that right now or no, no, no. I could never. I could never sell or do something for dollar. That cheapens my brand.

Keep. Keep in mind the second time I went to bankruptcy that did not cheapen my brand at all, but when I go over your work quality, we’re not. We’re not all this stuff. We’re not going to be known as a discounter. Right? How are you doing to get branded that you’ll be branded that the robot can’t turn on my app just to my cards maxed out, but I can tell you that I don’t want to devalue my brain. I know you got to have an awesome no brainer.

You got to have an awesome no brainer and it seems. It seems like a kind of reverse. It seems like it might. You might feel like it cheapens your brand, but it draws attention to your brand. Yeah. It gets people in the door and the door creates activity. Activity. It creates these things. Cold customers. No,

from the root word. Gus, watch your mouth. Boy. Damn it, and I tell you what, I’m going to get better and get yourself them. You could. You could look at that meal. You to watch yourself because you to think cuff Tomer, the negative. We don’t want to talk about customer walk your mouth, you’re looking at me, you’re over there. Don’t give it some thought, blah, blah. By the way, why is soap on a rope a holiday gift? Because when we do a Burrito on the rope, I been, why is that an offer? You know why? Why? Because it is. It is. It is that maybe the soap on a rope. I mean, who doesn’t like opening up a box of that? So I don’t know who thought you snugly. You know what’s going to really sell bigness quarter? We put the rope in the soap.

I don’t do that. We don’t want that soap related. Some dish somewhere or you aren’t you guys. The men of America are tired of not being on a rope. It guess what? Now we can do. We can just to see if you get to show, put ropes will send you a hook. You could take yourself on. The Amish will never figure this out with a bat with her backwards technology. Okay, so again, think about this. Creating advertisements that convert attention grabbing. Does your ad check the box? Is it attention grabbing? Bam. Two memorable. Does it get stuck in your head? Is it funny? Is it compelling? Is it aggressive? Is it something? Does it convey an emotion? Three, the no brainer, does it elicit a call or a stop by her office? And the final point is relates to no brainers. This does the advertising irritate your competition because if it does not irritate your competition, it is not what effective.

It’s not. It’s not. It’s not aggressive enough. And I know that sounds kind of mean. Yeah. Feels and it feels like it’s maybe, well, why would I want to upset somebody? That’s the last thing I wanted to do. The whole thing that is really offensive and it seems a negative. We just hop into top tube of love and we get some ice cream cones, the Ninja competition given model of soap on it and say, you know, tell me if I commercials get too offensive, edit, edit. Yet to bring them soap on a rope to the competition because I’ve already done that. You know what I mean? Now the you, what business is war oof, and I know I preach that a lot on the show. What’d you say again? Business is war

boone. You right now you want to win. I mean it’s like a football game. You want to win and if you’re not doing everything you can to win the game, you’re going to lose that game. You’re gonna lose a game and you’re gonna. End Up living in a van down by the river with you alone, with your soap on a rope, and maybe a fruitcake if you got lucky, that whole TV guide and we could get you a phone book. Don’t worry about freaking Jean Jacket. That’s going to happen to your life if you don’t implement what we’re teaching today. Thrive nation. My name is Clay Clark. That’s Dr Robert Zellner, the author and writer of the best freaking optometry clinic commercial I’ve ever heard. That’s unbelievable. So let’s play it again. Let’s just take it out. Take it out my to not play it again. You know what I’ll do? I am. I wouldn’t be a bad person. Give me just one second. I’ll cue it up

every tolson down in Tulsa, black Christmas a lot, but the grinch who lived just outside of Tulsa did not. The grinch hated Christmas the whole Christmas season, but if you ask me why I think I know the reason you see the grinch could not see at all because his eyes were two sizes too small, so the tolsons of Tulsa, knowing this wasn’t right, wanting to give the grinch a present wanted to get him site, so they sent him to the Office of Dr Robert Zellner. You see, whereas to pair deal is practically free with DrZ. is one hour service, I say with a wink. The grinch was in and out in less than a blink, but oh,

what a new view of Christmas. The grinch. He did fine. Thanks to Dr Robert Zellner. He was no longer blind for now. His eyes were no longer too small. He spread Christmas cheer to one and two. All

so attention grabbing is so memorable and a no brainer and this drug on it. It was awesome.

It’s fine. Whenever you. Whenever you hit one, another one that it really trained, trended very well for me is children now there are work laws on how you can have your kids and then when there’s certain ages to work, particularly get on my commercial TV and a commercial. I did this one fun one, bridget, when she was little and she had one of the boards on and it said, you know, to pair deal $99, you know, I’m from the store and you pull back from her and she said, Remember Dad, you promised me a Guinea pig for this, and so I don’t know how many patients for months come and go. Did you ever hear that Guinea pig? I said, well, heck yeah. Can I, can I share a shaman

must move that I’ve discovered the none of our listeners could use, but so shameless move I’ve discovered absolutely. If you’re ever trying to pass any piece of legislation, like say you want to get the casinos approved, right, right. And, and, and the people are going, no, no, no. Can’t say yes if you say it goes for the kids. Yeah. People were like, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s like we want to build to be okay. Make Oklahoma better. You will do vision 20, 25 when you get a low water dam. When improved downtown. Spruce it up. Build a big. What’s the place? The gathering place? You want to build that thing? I don’t know. I don’t know for the kids. Oh yeah. Isn’t that a move? It’s a move. Anytime you want. We want to raise the airport tax. You want to charge a little bit more to fly here or there?

You want to raise the alcohol tax? Cigarette tax. I don’t know. Now for the kids. Oh, that’s a move is not. It’s a move. Advertising. Using all your resources. Borrow. If you’re like, well, I don’t have a kid. I’ll borrow somebody’s kidney. Michelin Michelin is borrowed. A kid like a baby in a tire. What does it have to do? A tire does a baby. I can’t even drive yet for goodness sake, but it works. It was the fence. It works when you have the kids. I mean, or get a really creepy clown, a clown. That’s crazy, but it works super creepy hitting the noise creepy when you met the Klan wasn’t always a let down and just have always been kind of a little seriously. I’ve always remember meeting the client and I’m like, no, I don’t like the clown. I just had a negative meal. Happy meal has been destroyed in my mind will thrive nation. That is how to create effective advertisements and without any further ado, three, two, one.


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