How Did Colton Dixon Become a Christian Pop Music Star? | The Colton Dixon Story (Part 1)

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F6 Goals

  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. Finances
  4. Friendship
  5. Fitness
  6. Fun

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Lazy hands make for poverty,  but diligent hands bring wealth. Proverbs 10:4

Colton and Annie Dixon –

  1. Colton finished 7th on American Idol
  3. Started dreaming of being a musician at age 13.

The Other Side by Colton Dixon –

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Audio Transcription

However, we talk on the business coach show a lot jeff about the f6. Go that’s right in the world of business, but you don’t have success in the world of your faith, your family and your finances, your fitness, your friendship and your fun. What what? If you really want? If you gain the world financially, but you lose your family right. Would you endorse the strategy of making a ton of mine just financially speaking, making a ton of money and then cutting and cutting it in half after divorce? Is that a financial business coach strategy that you could endorse? I do not endorse that I would not endorse okc might recommend staying married. We both do agree with that. Choppa me do disagree with that. So we did. We would be brought a case study on today show, we’re studying this man. This is a man, who’s christian pop star kind of a guy and chip. We can relate to him cuz. He has talent right, I can play the wood block I upgraded to the chime recently, where I can actually sing in his wife can sing. They too were together. It’s copacetic I’m excited to welcome inside the drive time, show studios mr. Colton dixon, sir. How are you I’m wonderful? How about you guys I’m excited that you and your wife I think it’s but I work with my wife and my wife is more intelligent than me. I, don’t know if this is true for you, but miss annie.

How are you doing two or three cities where you at all around the world, all the time you play wake up in a hotel sink? Where are we, where we have you been recently were the highlights for the southeast of I was actually just in boise idaho off the west coast wheel of the west coast because of the weather, but yeah we really just too or any and everywhere. United states I know your story, because my office are obsessed with your music and so I sort of know, you’re strong, but to the listeners out there who aren’t aware of how you got your quote on quote overnight. Success talk to me about the the journey before the over success. I want to hear about that conversation about the grind. When did you first one to become a musician professional? When did that happen? Like a lot of young kids or business coach to piano lessons, starting at 8 years, old I was 13. My piano teacher kind of force me to sing at a recital. It was very uncomfortable and awkward, but I do try to meet every kind of thing that I wish I like that. No but I sang mercy, me song, I can, only imagine. You did, which is really hard song to sing when you going through puberty I’m. Just lay that out did you smash it, or did you get smashed by it? It actually went really well, and that’s honestly, the moment I knew that music was it for me, I’m just kind of felt, like you were, how old, again this time, 13 13 years old and when I graduated high school, that’s whenever I was really putting in the time time of day.

Are you practicing at this point at least 2 hours working on music a day some days more, some days, probably a little less at least cuz I’m, not sure if the bible has anything to say about work, I think it probably doesn’t that book? It’s pretty much about just non-applicable spiritual things. Bakery is not about work. Ethics, recordable hear proverbs, 10:4, diligent, hands, bring well or people, don’t practice, don’t get better, be lit practice get better soon practicing practicing practicing everyday I did make 13 14 15 16 17. How old are you right now 26? When did you get on the tv show to explain the listeners out? There was a tv show that you found yourself on how did have the attitude that occur yeah when I was 19 to 20 years old I did american idol american idol never heard of it. We don’t. We don’t know what that is. What is horse store to get his good? You finish last. Did you throw your other people that we kind of you know business coach people who are not aware, they’re, not good, and therefore passionately performing and order? Were you good? How would have been meet somewhere in the middle in the middle I didn’t finish first, because you two didn’t vote but I finish. 7 is annie. When how old were you when you guys met there, I was 20 when we met okay, I’m really funny story. We were out in los, angeles i, just come off of the tv show. I was out there rehearsing for the business coach tour that takes place after the show we met through a friend of a friend. I was not old enough to go inside this venue and los angeles I’m telling the story baby bear with me. So I had to bump someone else’s id to be this guy perform in this venue and I won’t say who it was just for his sake, but he got inside the venue to say:god works in really funny ways so I’m at my wife inside this club in la, where we saw a guy named jamar rogers, and it was awesome and much more hit it off my wife and I the dude, the right one, the right fit I mean was it was at the hair.

Is the hair? Is the hair and what was the deal kind of thing? I didn’t watch the show so I kind of got to know him for who he was just you know without all of that. But then we just kind of talked about. You noticed things about ministry and stuff. The more I just thought this is a really cool guy to get to know. So how did you get onto american? Idol? Did you just like you know, lay around hanging out doing nothing to sleep in until noon. Everyday eating cheetos not practicing all the sudden bam you’re in there or do you have to go business coach audition? What was the war of the steps to get on that show? There’s quite an audition process, for you even make it on the first round of television. There are four other audition around the world. Never really sees, however, I wasn’t really wanting to do them. Can I deliver this kind of my sister’s dream to go on the show she seems as well so I kind of went with her we’d watch the business coach show, but I went with her and during that process, you’re going to convince me just to do it with her, we have to lose, was still pursuing music in the meantime. Just didn’t think that would be the avenue long story short. We both tried out. We both made. It really is really crazy. Parents, just ridiculously talented people, musically okay at all, has get on the show. You obviously did well and now we did this become a career where you were able to get a deal a record deal. How did that happen as soon as idol was done? Whenever I was eliminated, I was immediately picked up by the management portion of the show called 19 management, and they had me writing songs, I wrote, probably 50 or 60 songs.

We are at shows from from that to make a record, but it was that summer. So a couple months and I was signed to it. I know your wife sings I want to get this dynamic. Do you, when you write music, even trained classically or provide formal training on how to write songs? Or did you just intuitively know how to do this before? Getting is interesting because I don’t know if there’s not so they’re right or wrong. So I really think it’s just a matter of experience. You’re married right, okay. So this is the problem. I have with my man. Don’t say that like I was confess hear my wife is smarter than me. So what you’ll do it she’ll say? No, that’s not going to work and I’m like how profoundly hilarious. What is the material I have just written, it’s incredible. I’m, going to smash i, go there to speak for business coach hewlett-packard it bob’s, but I use recovery humor. Some smart guy and I start she knows. Does she give you feedback objectively or is it like she? Just let you do what you do? Is there a creative process together now or how do you work together in a marriage with music writing a new part of that? Do you participate in this I’ve learned i, don’t have very good face like fake if I actually don’t like something for me to hide it really careful cuz the creative process is like part of them. So it’s it’s a very like sensitive thing. You got to let him down gently. If there’s something words like that, I don’t know that’s going to, but I mean he’s awesome. He does he’s really great, and you know it’s always fun to come like to hear what he comes up with.

If anything, it’s like I think you can do better, not heard of you before or doesn’t know your business coach audience. We have primarily business owners were in the top 10 here above business coach itunes we got a lot of business owners there working all day, work trucks, work vans, are working, I work at they find more about you. Where would you directing? What’s the single point, when you say go here to hear my stuff at colton, dixon. Com links to social media stuff, you can do that, but it’s got music. It’s there. It’s touring, scott everything. I could just spell that all of her listeners are entrepreneurs, which means that we can’t spell total. So we have no idea really how to spell anything. We don’t know colton, dixon., co., here’s, a tough question, just a question. Why. Did you ask me that why you guys are married and you travel a lot lot of success, lot of fans lot of obligations on social media? What’s the toughest part and he being married to somebody who’s, your name as well known a lot of circle? What’s the toughest part? Is a wife me? What’s the toughest part of that being married to somebody who’s in a experiencing success, as you guys are traveling around the country?

What’s the toughest part, concussion I think now that we’re married? It’s honestly a lot easier, cuz, I kind of see like what’s really going on in the business coach day today, but it’s really cool that I get to travel with him, because we get to share that time together. I think if I was at i, don’t know I think if I was like at home like working full-time and then he’s on the road playing video games, part of the day and then working at night, but even that bad but I think it’s just a challenge, sometimes too, because when you’re in a work environment with your spouse, you know, like things you just have to learn to work together. I’m under pressure and under stress is-and you learn how the other one ticks in. So we’ve gotten a lot better at that and I just tried to like support him and what he does and just kind of be there for him and have his back in if I want to get the tenant to deep diver with your daily schedule looks like as a music artist, I didn’t know, a lot of people want to know.

How does it look on a daily basis? And what time are you waking up? What do you do just a day today, professional musician of music are a lot of people, maybe have a different perspective of what you do if I think you’re sleeping into like what does it look like? What’s it like to be a christian pop music star by can call you that is that, okay, sure? Okay, can we come back from the break where to get more into the, life and times of colton dixon and his incredible wife, miss annie and then clay stairs, america’s million-dollar business coach, former school teacher will join us on second number to stay. 2 attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective  business coach review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t want your contact information to cancel at drivetime, show.Com, nitro, nation, bookbags! That’s right time show on your radio. My name is clay lark on the former ussba entrepreneur of the year. If I take an algebra 3 times to be here with you today, taking the sat impressive I really wanted to make sure that I really dominated it as a business coach. You know until the first time I went into low. Just so I can relate to the other people. Nightcore 17 relate to people at the bottom, how they feel and then I got a 24 cuz I had to go to I had to pass.

It is finally had to do what I finally had to do it. Until today we have a very talented person on the show by the name of colton dixon, but before we get into people have talent and skill. We have play stairs on the show. America’s million millionaire on school teacher I go in there and I noticed that there’s somebody on their knees rifle using the urinal like a drinking fountain and I said to myself. This is got stopped and I couldn’t verify the face. But you reminded me a lot of you and I said chop, and you said it’s not me about the janitorial service, but you can’t be testing that out and using a urinal as a drinking fountain. Are you telling me that we didn’t get water fountains installed in the bathroom? I told you that’s? Why do they look so great because we’ve janitorial service journals? What’s her phone number 671-2048 search a restaurant, something you need to get cleaned on a regular basis. They’re actually can include a deep clean of your high traffic flooring area tile or carpet for all new customer, all new customers and i. Normally other companies are going to add on like $1,000 for that, so they’re going to need it for all new business coach customers, 918-671-2046 v, classic clean the classic clean you only endorsing them, cuz they’re, paying you that’s right and they do a great job and I’ll. Tell you what, if you, if you advertise in her podcast, you get some of your get more money that you’re paying us, because I’m, a shameless and doors are still coming out of sharon looks like in dixon. Colton dixon, who is colton dixon. This guy is a christian pop music star.

My daughter goes to st. Augustine school and I was telling her a little bit about the did. The colton dixon factory in her friend is like texting. What an officer roberta roberta was excited, and so roberta has some questions. She’s our office she’s at she has to do works in her office, and she has some questions for you that she wants me to ask you about the single light bulb and I’m going to interrogate you and imma. Get the water board you enough attention or don’t do you ever get nervous still, while performing on stage? Yes, i, don’t think it would be normal if there was not a little hint of nerves. I feel a bunch of nerves depends on the show at the start of a new tour, pretty nervous, but once you settle into the groove a lot less nervous, however, I’ve had some doozies on stage as well. Silly forgotten words in front of people before it’s not i. Watch the beavers live at bbc four formats. We forgot the words and I thought you know. If beaver can forget, a lyric I now feel good. Cuz I go to church, sometimes and I’m like i. Don’t really remember amazing, but the chorus going to mean so I just will sing,.

You know I’m saying about this and I’ll just kind of mumbling as a business coach, then I’ll get to the course and I’m going to soccer mom. That’s right! Now you are a motivational speaker, you’re, a trainer you’ve spoken for I ping, golf clubs. You share the stage with gary vaynerchuk who, by the way, we’re meeting right, now. I, don’t know! Where is jerry I’m starting relief fund to help you make an extra for as little as $10,000 a day? You too could feed gary vaynerchuk I get nervous until i. Have the microphone in my hand really once I have the mic and I know once I have the mic in my hand, I got it. Yes, we are they going to like me and you are they going to? Are they going to boo or they going to put one side of the mic in my hand, I’ll look at the business coach audience. I go. Oh yeah, I’m, taking you on a ride when you do the worm across this., it’s, really nice shoes in your body behind and i. Thank you and I love it. If, if there are other speakers that have gone before me, because I’m just going I am going to dominate oh yeah, I love, it I love, you I’ll! Let me go after him, please that one time where they said i, like the international bankers association in vegas, they look.

The agendas like joe montana is on there only certain people that you know and then there’s there’s me and they literally announced me and everyone left. Montana he’s talked about jerry rice and win championships. Yeah I’m talking to her i, think I’m talking during cocktail hour. Okay, we got a good thing. You’re performing come naturally to you, or is it something that you had to work towards i? Think she’s asking? Are you on steroids right? The answer that question is no man I feel like everyone kind of. Has there safe place where they just feel comfortable for you I think it would be this amazing man cave that were in right now, I don’t want to leave for me, it’s honestly behind a piano really that can be on stage off stage. Doesn’t matter, I just feel really comfortable behind a business coach piano, it’s kind of how I journals do high school or just comfortable safe place. What’s one of the songs that you’ve journaled, the youth like is the most authentic nadia? Writing? Music? You don’t believe it, but what’s the song where you go to that song really connected with me during a time in my life and when every time I sing it now, it still brings me back to that time and you have a song that kind of was like that. This song right here is my journey. Persona 5 minutes on right. Here you got to hear this. One I think there are several songs that I’ve just really connected with that I’ve written over the years, one that doesn’t necessarily time to my story, but it ties in with my wife and her family story is one called the. Other side, my wife’s brother went I went to be with jesus just a few years ago, a few months before we met how old was here, but it was the coolest thing when andy and I met she was just so happy and she’s all smiles and and from a business coach world’s perspective it doesn’t make sense because of what just happened, but just the perspective that she had the heavenly perspective.

It was just amazing to witness that first-hand so out birth, the song called the other side, just about loved ones. Who’ve gone up ahead of us will be with her soon and when my when my dad passed away from als I literally after the soon as the funeral is over, I went the parking lot in this patrick comes out, he’s like hey, you want to come in, and you know or whatever that thing hang out by the tree. Cuz he’s in a good spot, I’ve been with him this entire time. I’m excited for my electric was like excited and he thought I had like a I mean you I had a psychological problem but just verified it then cuz you’re, not sad at all. The artist I’m so excited I’m going to miss him, but he’s just like this is like if you believe that this is the ultimate business coach prize and he’s just got his unbelievable, and what’s the name of that song that you said you would what’s the name of the song you are the other, side, the, other, side drive nation check out the other side. You got to check it out. It’s colton dixon! If you haven’t heard his stuff, you’re really missing out i! Think too hard about. If you don’t want to ruin your life and throw your life to the complete bottom, go check out:colton dixon., connors, room. Just, throw away an afternoon I mean why ruin your life go to colton. It’s a no go check him out, he’s a great american. We come back we’ll talk more about the day-to-day journey of a pop christian music, starting to get his wife back on the show to get her perspective, stay 2


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