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A listener asks how to gain control of their schedule so Dr. Z issues a throw down challenge…write down what you did yesterday and where you invested you time. This is the time management podcasts you need to listen to.

  • Scheduling time for what matters – Time Management Podcasts
      1. You have to have a calendar
        1. Every day has 24 hours
        2. Think about what you did at 9:00 am this morning
          1. Z – Eating breakfast and day planning
          2. Paul – Finishing a meeting with my A-Team 
          3. Clay – Meeting with my team
        3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you don’t schedule time for specific things, something else will fill it.” – Z
        4. You’ve got to learn to say no to “Got a minute meetings”
          1. Have back to back meetings with no gaps
          2. Show up to the door 1 minute before you need to be there.
  • Learning who to say no to
    1. It’s either “Hell Yes!” or “No”.
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.”- Steve Jobs
    3. There are so many good ideas that you have to say no to in order to get to the great ideas.
    4. If I don’t like someone, they won’t get to even tell me about their idea. 
      1. I don’t like takers, I like givers.
      2. I don’t like negative people.
      3. If they don’t add anything to my life, why should I spend time with them?
      4. People who can’t self-sustain themselves. I don’t like them.
    5. Your default should be “No”
    6. It is black and white. It is yes or no. There is no “maybee” in the equation 
    7. When someone says they have a great business idea and want to “run it by you”, give them homework. I always ask “Do you have a business plan?” Come back when you have a business plan.
    8. When I stopped seeing patients, I started dressing more casually and began saying “no” more.
    9. Always ask “How much time do you need?” and then schedule something right after it
  • Learning what to say no to – Time Management Podcasts Tips
      1. Networking
      2. Chamber events
        1. Talking about house bills
      3. Coffee shop events
        1. Teaching how to be a better citizen
      4. Multi-level marketing
        1. They just want you to use your name
      5. Home fellowship
        1. I don’t want to fellowship in other people’s home
        2. I want to have people over my house that I like
      6. People that want to Shark Tank me that I don’t like
      7. Things that don’t feed my mind, body or soul
        1. I am extremely focused. If it doesn’t have to do with my family or business, I don’t do it.
  • Not discussing religion
      1. I will have healthy debates on certain concepts with certain people at certain places
        1. Every choice has a reprussion 
        2. The law of cause and effect
  • Not discussing politics
      1. Is it good for my bottom line? No.
      2. Is it good for my wallet? No.
      3. We could spend our entire day talking about things that don’t change or effect anything or anyone.
  • Learning to not listen to
    1. There are certain people who shouldn’t have access to you at all.
    2. Ask “How many people can reach you that can actually cause you to call them”
      1. Z – 12
      2. Paul – 15 – 20
    3. I have hired a personal assistant who handles things so that I don’t get phone calls.
    4. I have a meeting with my personal assistant to make decisions
      1. She schedules my dinners, meetings and events
    5. Try to hold out without getting an assistant but it can be useful
    6. Your Smartphone is Destroying Your Life

ACTION ITEM: Write down what you did yesterday. Write it in 15 minute blocks. Honestly look at your day and mark off the things that you didn’t need to do. The things that didn’t help you get closer to your goals. Pick a day and write down what you want to get done in your day with 15 minute increments.

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