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Show Notes

A Thriver emails in the question, “How do I improve my focus. I can’t seem to stay on top of my emails and the constant interruptions. I’m trying to become a more proactive person.” 

  • How to fight email
      1. Schedule it into your day
      2. Don’t just let them attack you
      3. Just because someone thinks it is urgent doesn’t mean it is
      4. Don’t respond to every email just because you get a message from someone.
  • How to stay proactive and to not become reactive
      1. Be purposeful with your day. Have a checklist and a calendar.
      2. Picture a Rhinosnorus. Run straight through your goals.
      3. By getting things done, you will have to react at some point.
      4. Know what your goal and purpose is for that day.
      5. Get great at saying “no”
  • How to find the time to get things done
      1. Stop watching T.V. 5.2 hours per day
      2. Get off of social media
      3. Stop worrying about what people think
      4. Turn off push notifications
  • Got a Minute Meetings and Constant Interruptions


    1. Schedule a time to meet with everyone
    2. You have to plan your day
    3. You have to have a schedule
    4. You have to say “no” to the “got a minute?” meetings
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Audio Transcription

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You have questions. America’s number one business coach has answers. It’s your brought up from Minnesota. Here’s another edition of ask clay. Anything on the thrive time business coach radio show.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dr z’s back in the house. Are you bell right off the bat? How are you? I feel so welcome. I’m great. Hey, can you, can you talk about how, Oh, just the majesty, the excitement, the energy, the, the pageantry, the pageantry, the overall just mood of celebration. Now knowing that you are not allergic to or inflamed by the incredible edible egg. This just, and I know it’s so exciting. Very exciting. It’s very, very expensive guy who raises eggs like I do. Yeah. I mean, here I would figure it’s like in my previous egg gifts I’ve given you might’ve poisoned you. You might’ve been trying to kill me. It’s a, you know, it’s a passive, you know, Siri, I mean, this is good news. Yes. I know. I was just telling the guys, uh, the producers and all the guys around on the team today that I had to, I had an exciting win for America.

You found out you’re not allergic to eggs? I turned out that they don’t inflame me. I was pretty excited about that. I I, it’s the simple things in life because I’ve been battling kind of this internal inflammation thing, so I thought, well, I’m gonna do this test. They draw blood and they, they tested against all these different food groups and then you find out which ones can add to your inflammation process and which ones don’t. When they draw blood, they use pastels or colored pencils and he’s watercolor at this time. I haven’t framed now to eight by tens. Okay. No, we have a question from a thriver out there who wants to know? They said, hey, how to improve focus And they listed out specifically, by the way, someone’s listening right now going, oh my gosh, what does that test? I need that.

What is it? What is it? I just Google do the Google or if you’re a Binger, if you work in Microsoft, if you work in Microsoft, Microsoft, it’s the m r t test, MRT, MRT, and I believe it’s Oxford laboratories and they’ll you call them and they’ll send you a kit and you can go locally, get your blood drawn, send it off to them, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah. And they get your results in about a week and it’s, it’s pretty fascinating. Test you up to 170 food items. Anyway, I never thought MRT, MRT released median, uh, release test MRT. All right, now this just ended question, mediate mediator release test. The question from the thriver is to improve focus? And they specifically wrote down, there’s four areas that are really holding them back. Okay, so area one, I’ll read off the area that you help them.

Okay. They said one email, how do I find email? I’m just, this guy says I’m overwhelmed with email. How do I fight it? You pick certain times, you schedule that into your day and when you attack emails, you don’t just leave emails, just push to you all day long. It’ll drive you crazy and what somebody else thinks is urgent, urgent, urgent, urgent. What do I do with my staff since I check it at certain times, I let them know, listen, if you have something really urgent, you need to text me, hey, check your email. Because otherwise I don’t really check at certain times of the day and go through those and then respond and plus don’t respond every single thing. You don’t act like just because of an emails you, you don’t owe them. Mrs. Sarah Lee, a long dissertation of an answer about whatever

that is. Okay. Okay. That that right there is going to free somebody out too. These are kind of my rules for emails is it? If you’re up a paying customer of mine or somebody that I’m paying, you’re going to get a response. Right. You know what I mean? So if you’re emailing my business and you’re paying us or I’m paying you out, there’s a response there. Everything else is, is really in question, don’t you think? Do you look at all your emails first? Do I get my inbox down to zero and then I proceed with my day? Right, right. But you, but you do it personally. You don’t have somebody else do it. The way it works is John and I share an inbox and so he gets that thing down to zero. Jonathan Kelly. Yup. [inaudible] yeah, I didn’t say it, but the past year and a half that’s worked that way previously I would do it myself. Okay. Um, but now he knows what I’m looking for. One I’m not looking for. So that’s the move. Sure. Now the next era of this thriver says he’s struggling with is staying proactive and not becoming a reactive person. And I would like to get your take on how do you stay a proactive person once you’ve achieved time freedom, how to improve focus and you keep yourself from drifting into becoming a reactive person by good bugs by default. That’s where the world’s pulling you.

Absolutely. And to do two things you do. One is you have to be purposeful in your day. And what’s your checklist and what you need to get done for the day. And I want everybody to, if you’re having that as a problem, I want you to picture this animal. And this animal is a rhinoceros and a rhinoceros when he gets a charge and he just runs straight ahead, just straight at you, just he says, has this focus of just running straight. Just Rhino. Just become a rhino, if you will. Okay. And what I mean by that is, is that in the beginning of the day or the beginning of the week or the beginning of the month, you should have your top things you need to get done and you don’t want distraction to keep you from doing those. I think a lot of people think, I lost my focus because I didn’t get anything done. Right? Right. And so by getting things done, then there’s going to be things you’ll need to react to. It’s just the way life is. I mean, you’ve got to drive defensively. You’ve got to react to things that are coming at you, other people coming at Ya.

Can I a cue up? This is a good time to queue up my rhino charging straight ahead sound effect. Please do. I take, we have it available a long time. I’m not sure we’ve ever heard it. Yeah, this is something I keep around. I’m always ready. Cause I know that that last time that you, years ago you’d said clay never ever forget this moment. I said what? And he said, is this rhinos chasing us and we’re running away. Mic should record this audio. And I thought to myself, oh no you don’t. I never really had that conversation, but I felt like we might have mentally, mentally we did. So let me hit, let me hit play on this conversation that I believe that you and I had at one point. Here we go. Getting Ready. Here we go. Okay. This is the rhino. He’s Kinda, he’s getting ready. You and I are in this car checking out this a, here we go. I’ll kill it on the big screen here. There he is. He’s coming as he’s coming out of sick.

He’s coming out of this guy. He’s, that’s impressive. This guy’s huge. That’s impressive. He’s eight. He’s, he, he, I’ll hear it comes easy. Pigtail coming in. Easy. Big Fella. Z. [inaudible], g. O. O. Z. Have you ever been on with us as far as [inaudible] side? Oh my goodness. Oh Man.

Been on one of those safaris before. Yeah, but I’ve never had a rhino charge. Right. Okay. So back to your point about Rhino charging, I just wanna make sure we’re getting the, the visual and the audio picture in the ear hole. If somebody’s out there.

Well, I mean, as you want to be straight, you want to be forward. You want to know what your goal is. You want to know what your purpose is for the day. You know, what, what do you want to get done today? And if you get that done, then you’ll feel like you had to focus to get it done. And that’ll, that’ll build your focus bucket, your, your focus, your focus, your focus cue.

One of the things that you’re really good about is your ocean focus. Be careful with that tip. I’m sorry. Whoa. Hey, I think like a little one thing you’re really good at is telling people no, you’re really good. Someone says, Hey, you know, could you come over here for dinner? Could you go here for, maybe we go fishing together. Could we go on this trip? Hey, in order for this to happen, we need to do this. I think a lot of times you’re, you’re very, you’re very good at saying, no, I don’t want to do that.

Yeah. And you don’t have folks, listen, I’m gonna free you up from something else. You don’t have to come up with some reason. I, you know, I think I may have something going on in Saturday night. You know, you don’t just say you don’t want to do it. Come on. Just say, be a powerful person. Say if you want to say yes, say yes. If you want to say no, say no. But don’t feel like you’ve got to come up with an excuse to justify your decision. If you don’t wanna do it, don’t do it.

Now the final two areas. This thriver says, Hey, I have Q, I have a questions for you guys about how to improve focus in these areas. This person says, I’m just running out of time to get things done. Yup. That happened. Okay, so again, Z. I would say TV, stop watching TV. That wastes an average of 5.2 hours per day according to Nielsen. We’ll put the link to that statistic on the show notes. The average person is spending over two hours a day on social media, social media and TV. That 7.5 hours per day job, z. Any, any other areas where you see people wasting their time and struggling to get things done? Yes, actually the social media is covers a big area, but so many people are out there concerned about what other people are thinking. Oh yeah, that’s probably at least eight good hours a day. Yeah, just shake. Just shake that up, shake it off, shake it off. You know,

in this to win it. For you and your team and what your team thinks is important, what you think is important, what the inner circle of your life think is important. Other than that, it doesn’t matter. And to get into some argument with someone over social media about whether so-and-so should be president of the United States or not or whatever, it’s just a waste of time and it gets you off your focus. Now you’re focused on something that is really not making any money. It’s not, I love, I love your term, expanding the wallet.

Yes, it doesn’t expand your wallet if it doesn’t expand your wallet. Why? Why waste time on you? If you’re an entrepreneur, if you really have that entrepreneurial mindset, that’s how you should be thinking. Stop watching that TV. So I’ve watched the TV,

I put two hours a day. Stop messing around with that social media for this. Get off of it two hours a day and stop worrying about what people think. And I think too, if you have all these apps, we all have apps on our phone. If you turn off the push notifications, we’ve said that so many times in this show, but it’s true. You don’t want the app controlling you. You want to control the app, and if that APP’s always dinging you all throughout the day, Ding, Ding, Ding, ding, then you’re going to be bombed. You’re going to be lose your focus and your folks are going to be, I wonder what that one who sent me, I wonder what that is. Well, what’s going on? I get like, I’ll just look real quick. Okay. Okay. No, no. Let like I send something back now because they sent me something.

Okay, now dinged them. Oh, did they just dig me back again? Oh my gosh. I gotta dig them again. You know, all this kind of stuff. And the final, the final area of this thriver says, or being distracted as we, as we get into a final one minute of today’s show, they’re saying, I’m always getting constant interruptions. Constant in these. Got a minute. Do you have a minute? Constant interruptions. Phone ringing. I think you’re alluding to that. The dinging, the, the calls, the interruptions. How do you just say, hey, hey, stop interrupting me. Well, the other thing to do, to cover on point for just a little bit more, you have to plan your day. The reason why you don’t have time in the day is because you’re just drifting in your day. Next thing you know you, you don’t have a plan. You don’t have a schedule, so you have to plan out your day and be very proactive in that.

Okay? Now the fifth one is how do you keep things from, it’s those little interruptions. He’s saying like these little like, do you have a minute? Hey, you have to start saying no to those. Do you have a minute? Do you we can’t do it now. We had a lady on the show last week I believe, and she said, what she love to do is be kind of proactive and someone said that she was going to, let’s walk and talk. In other words, she’s going to go somewhere anyway, so you might as well be walking and talking as you’re going to that meeting and then there you know what’s going to start. You know what’s going to finish and you know you’ve got me for literally a minute until I get to where I’m going. But let’s walk and talk. And that’s rapid fire with doctors elder, right?

They’re answering the question. how to improve focus? If you ever have any business questions at all, do not hesitate to email us today and every day to info at thrive time, its [email protected] and now dr z without any further Ed, why are we talking about Todd? I’m going be remiss for someone who has asked me how to improve focus I would say go find your local optometrist if you live in northeast Oklahoma because Dr Zellner and associates eye exam because your focus is also your vision and that we can get you maybe better. So just Google. Tell us optometrist, Dr. Robertson and associates and go there and prove your your focus. There you go buddy. That is how you do it. I know that any further free to

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