How Do You Manage Responsibilities, Fire Poor Performers, Set Your Goals and Say “No” Often? – Ask Clay Anything

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The founder of American Document Shredding, Kelly hops onto the Thrivetime Show to ask how to manage the demands of personal and professional responsibilities, fire poor performers, set goals and say no often.

Kelly Herneisen with American Document Shredding is today’s guest –

  1. How did you/ what are you doing to manage personal and professional responsibilities and differentiate between them?
    1. Clay – Organizational chart, schedule, and boundaries
    2. Z – You have to listen to your family.
      1. The keys is that when you are home you must actually stop working.
    3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Everything is a trade-off. There is no such thing as balance.” – Clay Clark
  2. At what point do you fire employees that are great at job but are on the fence when it comes to morale in the workplace?
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You will put up with it as long as you put up with it.” – Dr. Zoellner
  3. How did you correlate your F6 goals into your “reaching-for-the-stars” goal?
  4. How many times a day do you say no?
    1. BOOK – The Happiness Hack: How to Take Charge of Your Brain and Program More Happiness into Your Life
  5. How do you/ did you change morale in the workplace if everyone is complacent?
    1. Complacency stops when you start the group interview.

What is your Offer to anyone out the listening in Tulsa or OKC?

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Audio Transcription

Do you have business coach questions? America’s number one business coach has answers. It’s your brought up from Minnesota. Here’s another edition of ask clay, anything on the thrive time business coach radio show.

Welcome back to another exciting segment here. We’re interviewing Kelly, the shredder king, the master shredder behind American document shredding on this edition of Ask Clay Z. anything so Kelly, welcome onto the show my friend.

Thank you so much. I’m excited to be here.

Okay, here we go. First question you can ask Dr Z or myself, any question if you choose to ask Dr Z, all the business coach questions.

Awesome. You know, or Bison Burger. We’ll both ask, ask, ask the question. We’ll both answer because clay has a very creative mind. Oh boy. And he sometimes will come up with even A. I hate to admit it, but a better answer than mine. Here we go. There’s a little podcast loud little radio lab right there for you to do that has become teacher. Grabbed the stone from my hand. So here we go. This is an American document shredding. Ask izzy and clay anything. Mr Kelly, what’s your first question?

My first question is how did you slash what are you doing to manage personal and professional responsibilities and differentiate between the two of them?

I am going to tell you what I do. Um, and then chuck, can you pass my clipboard to me because this is what I do right now. This is not a theoretical for me. It’s been very much in those trenches right now. I do have five kids and Dr he has three kids, minor currently all living at home. So it’s a little, you know, little different dynamic. And then he had this dynamic when you have the kids living at home. My wife handed me my new schedule, so it says Monday at 6:30, I’m going to boy scouts, Tuesday 5:30 to 6:30. I’m working with Aubriana project Wednesday from 5:30 to seven. My wife and I do a date Thursday night. I can record as late as I want. Friday it’s family night, Saturday date night, Sunday activity with kids and the times are blocked there. So we have made a schedule and then I do that schedule and uh, that’s how I do it.

So it’s whatever scheduled gets done and then I simply turned my phone off when it’s time to be off. Now when I was building the DJ connection starting out, I did not do that and I can tell you that I personally would not be married if I didn’t change right in my schedule, but I definitely would work until like 10:00 every day. And what was crazy, the irony is once I started to learn the value of systems and how to create those systems, Kelly, I actually found I could work less and get more done. And so now chuck, you know that if anybody has an issue with their paycheck and elephant, the room Friday mornings at 8:00, anybody has an hr problem? It’s Fridays at eight, right? But you can’t just call me throughout the week. Back in the days people could call me when they want, whenever they want it to. Because you didn’t have your guard rails house. I didn’t have my guard rails. I didn’t have set times, didn’t have boundaries. Now I use an organizational chart, so if you have a problem, go to your boss. If you have a problem with your boss, he’ll go to that boss and a problem with him. Go to me. I mean, it’s very, it’s an org chart. My schedule, my org chart and my schedule and boundaries. That’s my big three org chart. Schedule Boundaries. One off me, my friend.

Well you didn’t leave a lot of meat on the bone so there’s a little bit there, a little bit left. I can kind of dig around on there. But uh, that’s one of the biggest questions I get asked by new entrepreneurs because you had this new business and you know, you have to work like heck to get this thing up and running and keep going and it’s your main focus and it’s what you’re all about. And you go, go, go, go, go, go, go. Right? Because if you don’t, it’s gonna fail and you know, long term it’s the best business coach decision for your family, for you, for your personal life, to have your professional life be very healthy, you know? So there are some sacrifices we make early on that we don’t make later on. And I think one of the things that I always told young people or people that are new into business, and I always ask me that question, how do I know when to leave the office because I’m just, I’m killing it and I, you know, I’m working hard and I could just keep working there and I’m a workaholic and I’m a this and that and this and that and this and that, you know?

And I tell them, well listen, that pendulum can swing both ways, but you’ve got to listen to your family. You’ve got to listen to your spouse, you’ve got to listen to your children. And when they say, Hey, we forgot what you look like, Dad, that said, good indication, you need to get your butt home. Okay? And what’s your home? The key is in place, set it. The key is, is when your home stop working.

And I didn’t do that for at least five, six years

going home. It’s like you might not, might not be home. And that’s what they want. They want that attention. You know, they want that connection. They want that one on one. They want that, you know, they want you. Right. And so if you’re thinking about or you’re emailing or you’re, well, I’m waiting for that text from someone so that the bank or whatever, I mean just put all that aside. It can wait.

And probably the worst scenario that I can think of in recent history is this happened multiple times. I’m sure you’ve had this happen multiple times, but it’s where you have a situation where you are awaiting a call and it’s after hours. Yes. And if that’s every day there’s something wrong with your org chart. Something wrong with your schedule, something wrong with your boundaries, but if it’s like once a month, it’s a business owner. It has to happen. So don’t get all. I’m not saying you are, but you can already get legalistic about it because as an example, I’m just years ago I had a situation where we had American Express. We are working with one of our vendors and the money’s these supposed to batch from American Express. You know, it all goes into batching. So you run the credit cards and then at night it batches and it goes into an account after it’s been verified that money and I got the end of a month and it didn’t verify and it didn’t verify it.

It was like the second or third time and I kept missing this hard time batching and I, well I call it this wrap and a nice guy looked just like sean connery by the way. And I said, hey dude, I’ve got like $40,000 here that hasn’t batched. I need that to happen. And he’s like, okay, well I’m gonna have to do a conference call with you and whatever. They got to verify whatever. And so I just told my wife, hey, I have to be available after hours just sitting there. But yeah, it shouldn’t happen everyday. Kelly, does that answer your question

for the, for the most part, I think I’m just, my biggest confusion for me personally is I’m creating the word chart. We’re doing those things. Um, I need to figure out how to tell myself that it’s okay for things to go to voicemail and things to a wait.

Well, if you’re not getting it, I’m getting it. I’m gonna have to turn off. If you don’t get it. I’m a bad teacher. So let me just clarify something. I want you to chime in here. Um, you got to write this down, Kelly, because you gotta you just gotTa get it. Everything is a trade off. There is no balance. So if you turn your phone off, you take your wife on a date, your wife will be happier on the date and the guy who can’t reach you. I get this every week, bro. Just go. Welcome to my voicemail. Welcome to my email every week, bro. This happens. Somebody will say, I called you 25 times over the weekend. Every weekend I have that source. I, I’ve called you six times. I emailed you twice. I was on their day a cost me because I didn’t respond to him on facebook. I’m that kid. He came to our building. Hey Bro, I’ve been emailing you all weekend, you know, sending you facebook messages and I’m okay with that because I’m okay with the upside of the relationship with my wife z. What would you, what were your thoughts on that, that tradeoff, embracing that?

Well, what happens is I think sometimes the most challenging thing, you know, when you’re an entrepreneur, it’s all about making people happy. It’s all about getting their business. It’s all about wooing them following. You want to woo customers, you want to job about wooing. So the idea, the concept of saying no is sometimes kind of counter intuitive. It’s kind of like, wait a second. I, I don’t ever say no because no is a bad word.

It’s kind of like on your wedding night almost. It’s like a, it’s like a business wedding night, you know, the deal could be consummated. You’re super excited.

She’s, I’m just going to call you after six and we can meet up you and I think we were married at the hotel and then when you say hell no, it’s a freeing statement. It’s a freeing term and just like you said, when to let it go to voice, but what you’re doing is you’re saying no to that call then. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You got to say no and that’s okay. Chuck, you had a hot take. Yeah. One thing is that those late night things are those things that you’re feeling or burning fires right now. A lot of times if whoever, maybe it’s somebody on your team,

whether they’re trying to figure something out, they literally only needed 15 more minutes to try and they’ll figure it out, but they called you first anyways, so by letting nothing go to voicemail, a lot of times a lot of these issues, they’ll take care of themselves and then you just got to get up early and follow up in the morning.

What I didn’t realize, I didn’t realize it was like,

it was like late night stuff. I didn’t know there was late night stuff. That’s a whole different candles going. Why would you. What was I born in a barn? Z? Was it? There was so many people in the sauna with ice cream.

Yeah. Bye Bye. Alright, Kelly, what’s your next question from, by the way, we’re broadcasting from a sauna today, so if we sound sweaty, that’s why we are.

Well, actually one of my questions was how many times a day you say no.

For me personally, I will just look at my list and tell you that way. It’s, it’s a real example for today. We had one guy today who I’ve known very well for a long time. He wanted me to come speak at his group, told him no, I’m. We had somebody who, uh, would like to be a guest on her podcast. Told him no. Also told people yes, but just told this person no, not a good fit. Uh, talk to somebody who wants me to sign a longterm noncompete that’s industry wide. Told him no. Uh, my uh, uh, son, uh, uh, and I are going to go out tonight. Got To reimburse them $22 and get him a bike. And so I’m going to tell whoever know by default, by turning my phone off. I’m the guy at Guitar Center’s always trying to upsell me and I will go there tonight.

The ocean up, sell me a new thing. I Love Guitar Center, but I’m not going to be upsold. No, no, no. I’m an up so myself. So I’m gonna say no to the upsale, no to that little extra warranty. Boom, boom. Um, I said no to the text message that came in today from t mobile multiple times. They’re trying to take me, give you surveys that you respond with a two if you’re happy. A one if just, oh, just to. Oh shoot me in the head. Had One member of our business coach team today that all of the single women quarterly, all of the single women, single women who worked with one of my businesses cannot work after five because they cannot find daycare. All of this, which is like why he have them. Wow. This was the statement. All of them cannot. And I said, oh, there’s a business opportunity there. You know what? It’s a national Bernie Sanders month. So we’re gonna make you work because I’m not going to kill her. I’m not going to. It’s ridiculous. I don’t recall it being Bernie Sanders month. I’d be. I don’t recall that. I mean, you’re going to have to think, well, there there’s a mindset that is prevalent among the younger whippersnappers that they cannot find childcare after five and they cannot possibly work 36 hours and so anyway, I say no all time. I mean I, I probably

say no five times for everyone. Yes. Maybe, maybe 10 for every no or maybe yes. Maybe 10 nos for vs Z. I mean, how often do you say no? Oh, all the time. Everyday. All Day long. And that’s what you do because by saying no, what you’re saying is I’m in control of my time. I’m in control of my schedule. I’m in control of my day. I remember as a kid we’d be sitting around watching the brady bunch. I remember the story ready. He was ready. He had a tattoo on his face like his brother and I remember there was this blessing event that would happen throughout the day and that blessing event. Plus I’m going to get a blizzard of music. Got Background.

You’d be sitting and watching the Brady Bunch, one big happy family, and then something would happen. The phone would ring and in slow motion picture it was who could jump up and run. It was just race to the phone because there’s something magical phone ringing. Somebody out there wanted something from somebody this belly down the streets, western bell pep, that really hot girl in school that finally Kentridge

and Karen is is by publishing. Clearinghouse were telling me I want a billion dollar man. I shouldn’t take this call. But the thing about it is backed up. That photo rig would be a race to control it. Like, oh my God, it’s flying. If it’s long distance, oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. You would just put the corded cable box down. I’m going to get that phone. You’re like, mom, it’s, oh, but uh, you know what the good thing about saying no is, is that it allows you to, to do those things like someone leaves a message on your phone. It allows you to then process and have a. When you’re gonna win, you want to do that. Right? And so that’s why we teach. People don’t have push notifications come through on your phone if you’re busy, if it’s a number you don’t know, don’t answer it.

Let it go to voicemail, you know? Now, now obviously if it’s a work number your answer, you know, those are different scenarios. But if it’s you trying to control your day, saying no is how you do that. Satan, yes. Just locks you up and ties you up. And then the next thing you know, you’re having lunch with someone and you’re going, I didn’t even know why I’m having lunch with you, but you asked and I’m here. Alright Kelly, um, couple things I want to pile on here. One thing I’ve heard you say, Z that has, um, helped me, and I remember this and stuck with me, is that you said one time that saying no makes you a powerful person. And that’s kind of what you were saying a minute ago. You’re creating your own schedule. You’re in control of your own life. A powerful person who is making your yes be yes. And your knows me now instead of saying, you know, I’ll think about it. I don’t know,

I don’t know that I can do that. I don’t just say yes or no want to hear. And part of being powerful is that you have to learn how to say no to yourself as well. And so it’s easier sometimes for people to say, okay, I’m going to start saying no to my things on my schedule and my phone calls, but you got to say no to that lazy feeling when you’re trying to push through. You got to say no to the junk food when you’re trying to get healthy, you got to learn how to say no to yourself. Clay, what is the quote on the wall in the bathroom? Um, it’s hard to get ahead when you’re only willing to work when you feel like it.

Yeah. I just as an example, there’s a wonderful guest we’re going to have on this show here and just a, a, uh, a few weeks here. And uh, she is what she was just on, Megan Kelly and she’s talking about happiness. And so she actually worked for facebook for many years. She worked for apple for many years and she was talking about when you’re on a, when you’re on your phone right now, the new phones that are out there, the average phone, your name is, your name is Ellen Petri, by the way, she says that the average person has to get the dish. She, she was the one that she was on. Megan Kelly, explaining that the average person has over 85 interruptions per day according to psychology today on their phone. So they decided to survey the people that spent the most time being interrupted, like the ones who never turned her phone off.

And the ones who did and surprise surprise the people with the most social media connections have the least happiness. The people who had the most uninterrupted 24 slash seven interruptions are the ones who had the least fulfillment. The ones who didn’t turn their phone off at night ever were the ones who were the most sleep deprived. And so she talks about it. It’s not a huge epiphany, but she has the neuroscience to prove that when your mind Kelly can always be interrupted by somebody else. You can never really ever have peace or a thoughtful conversation. The book is actually called the happiness hack and we’ll put it on the show notes, the happiness hack by Ellen Petri. Leanne’s. I believe. So you said early on, but uh, I just finished. Just finished watching that interview. She emailed us the other day to be on the show deep dive and it should be on, in just a couple days here, but I would just tell you if you’re out there right now and you feel guilty about saying no, you just got to have that self talk. Now, Kelly, what’s your next hot and fresh question?

At what point do you fire employees that are on the fence when it comes to morale in the workplace?

I’ll go with z first here.

Oh, this is my topic. You will fire them when you have had your field of their jackass worry and you will wait to fire them until you have them replaced.

So here’s what happens is somebody will listen to our show, not the whole show like half a show, maybe half because they don’t want to rightly divided. They don’t. They’ll read a book about hiring people, but they don’t. They don’t read the whole book, just part of it because part of it, and so we’ll hear Kelly, is you need to fire people when you are, when you’re ready to stop putting up with it, they hear just the first part of the answer. Well, if you go out firing people every time that they really make you, then what happens is, is you don’t have anybody on your team, but if you fire people, when they make you crazy and you can fire them, you have a replacement. That’s a good place to be. And so for encouragement on when to cut players, when to fire people for a good example, because you’re talking about a players, b players, c players, when is it time to cut people? I would encourage you to go to and then click on the transactions button and there you will see bill bellacheck constantly tweaking that roster based upon who is the best option. Not the perfect option, but the best option. So do you remember, did you follow football? Kelly? Do you remember? Randy Moss. Unbelievable receiver, very talented guy. He was awesome on the Vikings. I was. I grew up in Minnesota and he was awesome for us until he wasn’t, you know, mosque grew up on the north side. Stop that.

Dr Z, do you know you, you know that Randy Moss was awesome until he wasn’t correct. Tell me he was great on the Vikings. He was setting every record and then he wasn’t attitude. Entitlement contained, chorus bounced around.

You know what you find that with? That’s a great, a great point. You find that with employees. The challenge is when you have a great employee like you’re talking about, then they become entitled. They, they think, well, you know what? I’m 101 making all the sales. I’m the one driving this thing. It’s all about me, right? If I want to come a little bit late, I want to take a little extra time for lunch. If I want to take a little one, knock out a little early. You know what I’ve, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve earned that right to ever earned that. And so that’s, you’re right. That is the most challenging individual to work with Kelly because, you know, you said then the question, you’re, they’re doing a great job, but they’re also over here doing things that drive you crazy. Um, and that’s, that’s Johnson. That was the Randy Moss. Moss was bill bellacheck calls them. I remember no one’s calling up and Randy Moss, if you remember this rating

was like the highest paid the best receiver and all of a sudden nobody’s calling Randy Moss. This will be like, oh, this is. I actually was able to mike the inbound phone

for Terrell Owens. Agent. Oh really? And he had, these are all the calls he’s been getting recently. This is a Kelly. We’d, we’ll tap the phone. Uh, we can’t verify this as actual wiretap, but we believe z this to be the audio from the most recent inquiries into the availability of trail owens to play on various nfl or just Brian or thriller or Colin Kaepernick. The three of them. This is their phone system here. This is what the wow. The phone line sound like the best sound bite. And it continues like that. Wow. So he finally gets a call. Hey boss, this is bill bellacheck. I am the general manager, had coach of the Patriots. I to offer you as little as I can pay you. And you get a chance to rebuild the reputation. You will play the Patriot way. You will set blocks. You will show up on time.

What do you think? I’m in coach. Oh yeah. Randy Moss shows up that year at dominates fire. Now, if you read any of the Patriots books about the history of the team, apparently they’re on a private jet, flying back from a game. The Patriots plane, the bigger airline, they’re on probably 7:37. They private charter. Those things you can imagine all the football players are all sore and uh, randy begins talking to you about his displeasure with getting the ball nugget the ball enough. Tom Brady’s not spreading out the ball to him. You know, Tom Brady is known for passing to everybody. He just starts sharing, you know, wes welker might get the ball too much or I’m not and you know, he wasn’t really setting a few blocks and so belichick said, you know, again, I’m paraphrasing but you’re not getting the ball enough. Absolutely not tell you that I’m the best receiver.

I’m going to the hall of fame first valid. He’s just going on and on and on. He says, okay, uh, if you watch the subsequent games, he didn’t get the ball again, like at all. And then he went on the team anymore because he had a replacement. And so I’m just saying out there, you could, you, you have to constantly recruit there, Kelly. And when you have a replacement, who is a better option? That’s when you replaced. But one bad apple can spoil the entire team there. So you’ve got to make sure that you never stop interviewing people. You can never succeed. You ever stop recruiting? No, of course not. You can’t, you can’t, you can’t stop recruiting. And I think one thing that’s really fun that we teach in our, in our, in person workshops is this group interview Ryan, and sometimes what you can do is you can get several businesses together and do group interviews.

And there it’s a powerful way to, to, uh, to find good people. And, and also to, you know, whenever you’re out there in business, you’re in, you’re in a different business and someone’s really sharp. It seemed bright eyed, they seem energetic, they seem pleasant, they seem well groomed, they seem all the things that you look for in an employee. You Go, hey, you know, if you ever think about doing something else, here’s my business card. And that’s how I found in the early days how I’d find I’d go to, I’d go to the mall. Cause had worked late hour, used to work in it nights and weekends and yeah, or restaurant is there. Are there any hairstylist at the mall? Can we find some hairstylist because if I can, I will hire you. You’re, we’ll hire them. I’m serious. It’s unbelievable. The, it’s, there’s so many people that apply for a job at elfant the room and they’re super talented and like. But I just want to get off at five. This just did. Most people want to get their haircut and after work. Weird, weird or on the weekends. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. Because that answer your question, Mr Kelly. Okay. So the next question you had, what was your next question? You have hot and fresh, like a hot pocket.

Did you change morale and workplace if everyone is complacent?

Well that is a thing where complacency stops when you’re always hiring. So I’ll just give you an example. There’s a young girl that applied for a job last week. Her name is Chelsea and from the group interview and a Marshall thought she was a great fit. So did John. So did I. So we extended her an opportunity, uh, an offer. Hey, do you wanna come work here the next day from the group interview, we had another shadow by the name of Nicole who is good, but we were already hiring. We already hired Z and so multiple people said, hey, why don’t we hire in both of these people? I said, oh, well, we’re looking to bring on some new people, you know, freshen up the team a little bit, bring in some new folks. And the two people that asked me, you know, the two people asked me, why are we hiring so many people? What’s going on you? The two people asked me fired. Those are the bubble people and they know it. They know what they know and so again, nobody got fired. No one’s no one’s getting blindsided, but the people who are in hot water, they are the ones who came up to me and said, hey, hey, hey, hey, why are we interviewing all these people for this? I mean, it’s just, you can, you can sense the fear that they have. Hey, why were you interviewing for the position of Chop? I was confused by that.


no, I’m good with that. Okay. Don’t worry about cause and effect. Okay, so now what was your next question, Mr Kelly?

A broad, I was trying to narrow it down a little bit, but how do you correlate your f six goals into, you’re reaching for the stars goal, so you have your main goal, you know, the, the, the pot at the end of the rainbow, and then you have six goals going and then how often do you, do you change your, your six goals? How often do you do that?

Well, here is, I’m going to, I’m going to go first and I’ll let zee tackle this here and this on my answer will be the depressing one. Minds like Maury povich episode and then Zeke can chime in with the uplifting ones, the ying and the Yang. Like Oprah, Oprah. So for me, for my life, Kelly, like I’m just as an example, elephant in the room right now. We’ve had a lot of people, a guy fly out last week and wants to look into buying one. We had a lot of ladies fly out when to buy them. I really, my whole life goal is to avoid, Whoa, is it inbound sales leader? My whole goal is to avoid human interaction with dramatic people. That’s my only goal. That’s like my. That’s my number one. So for me, like on Sunday I didn’t talk to a single person and I live behind a wall and I didn’t tell.

I didn’t see a single person and it was heaven and then my wife and kids we hung out. I didn’t go to the gathering place. I don’t want to travel. I don’t want cars. I don’t like to see movies. I honestly am like an amish butter churning guy. And so people say, is that your only goal? My only goal as it relates to business is I want to make sure that the thrive nation, the people out there who are seeking real mentorship can find it at an affordable price as it relates to business. So that’s the only business goal. And so I, I’m not, I, I don’t have, I don’t ever want to buy another house. Like we moved into a gated community. The first I was very uncomfortable with it because I’m very like just this amish, just that’s just my deal and I, I don’t like concerts.

I’m not really a concert guy. Went to a concert the other day and I, I’m not comfortable there. I’m not comfortable. You’ve been working on airplanes, God forbid I saw you at that cost you’re talking about. Did you know that you were pushed up in the corner against the gate as far back in the past at 8:30. They had him gated in. So let’s do the stage like a, like a monk kind of guy. And so my f six goals. My wife is the one who sets those for me because I don’t have them. Like I don’t. I’m just like, I’m very happy with where I’m at and it’s like I’m 37 and if I died tomorrow I’m like, I’m good now. That for some people will be depressing, but I enjoy repetition. So in the way like you’ll meet somebody who has severe autism like me and they liked to do the same repetitive task.

I love doing the same repetitive tasks. So I think we have like almost 2000 podcast we put together Kelly and we were like, well what do you find the time? Like, well I have no other habits or hobbies and I’m good at one thing and so I’ll just do that back to the track to building my wall. And I actually tried and chef knows this, I think you’ve heard about this. I tried to get my wife to allow me to build a Scottish wall using stones because I could do it myself and it would involve like solitude. I just liked that kind of stuff. So my wife will go, hey, you know what? Why don’t we have one goal this month? I’m like, okay, what’s the goal? And so she’s always the one setting the goals. And I married her because she’s an aspirational woman and I admire her and she’s my best friend and I love her.

But you know, for z he has bigger goals and I’m just asking you before we get disease goals and his thoughts on this, what are your goals? Drive nation, what are your goals? I know someone who’s very, very, very happy and very successful who loves to go to la every single weekend. True Story. Every weekend if you talk to them, it’s 45 at 50 weekends they go and I go, what are you doing? Then they go, oh, I just. I love it. Like the water, the water, the weather, the people, the dinner, how could you not like it? They get on a plane, the front tier or something like early morning every single Friday and they come back late Sunday and they love that thing. I got another buddy of mine. He’s an author, very successful, lives on the beach and a is done writing books. I’m like, why’s?

I got hit right in books. It’s funny. I got another buddy of mine who works at remotely. He’s a coder. He is a developer for Peoplesoft. He was employed with three companies simultaneously all on contract and what he is is he’s like a level three code or whatever that is. Basically the company has a problem. They call him and if you asked him like, dude, what are your. What are your goals? He lives on a lake in the Carolinas and he just looks over the lake, have never been married, doesn’t want to be married, and he just lives by himself and he’s really happy and he got a huge, massive dog recently and he could not be happier with it. So I just am saying there’s people out there as either go to every steelers game. I’ve met these people, they will travel with those yellow tags, baby.

I went to the house, I went to Denver versus the steelers in Denver and there were more people at the game from the steelers than there were from Denver is crazy. So I mean the people will travel in a winnebago all the way across the country and that that’s what makes them happy. But you don’t let me put my goals on you or my lack thereof. Don’t let a Chubb, Zealand, anybody. So I’m asking you today, what are your. Are Your goals as he talked to them about the importance of knowing what you want in life and knowing your goals, setting goals. Talk to me because you’re a big goal guy.

Kelly’s you. That’s an excellent question by the way, and you talked about the difference between the two big major, like, you know, go verse your f six. And I think what happens with the f six is, is they are more changeable. They, they’re more adaptable. You know, the, you know, when you, when you look through the f six goals, you know, you have friendships, friendships can change. You don’t. Just because you’re friends with a guy today, does it mean you’ve got to be a guy with tomorrow, right? You know, your, your, um, family. I mean your family can change, but you know, you always have to put time into your family. We talked about that in an earlier question. How do you know when it’s time to be with them? They’ll let you know, but you know, you have to have that your faith. I don’t think your faith changes so much and that’s kind of a kind of a constant in your life, but that is something that you can build on and grow on.

And maybe you changed churches. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you change whatever you know. But the point is in the f six is, is that you can kind of adapt and change that, that big goal that you’ve set out there, hey, this is, this is what I’m going for, this is what I’m working for, this is what, this is the, I put it on my refrigerator and this is, this is the thing that drives me, this is my why, this is my why. When I get up and get going, it’s on my mirror in my bathroom. It’s on the refrigerator. Whenever I’m opening it up to get the milk in the morning.

And the shared goal that Z and I have of this program is to mentor millions, right? And that’s the, that’s the intersection of our two goals. He has goals, I have goals, but we both share that goal. And so we’re going to record content and teach and provide that. And that’s what we do. You probably not gonna find a lot of guys willing to do a what’s coming out to like 12 to 14 podcasts a week. Uh, and Kelly, last time I checked, most people who listen to our podcast didn’t pay to download the free podcast. So it’s a, it’s a thing of you got to know your goals and I would just get back to the question of, well, how do you do this? How do you correlate every single morning? I take an hour and I know z does this in his own way. I take an hour every day I get up, I think about my life, I think about where I am versus where I want to be, and I put it into my schedule every single day. I’m pruning the garden, pulling weeds every single day

and pile on that right there. And then you say no to everything else, bringing it back full circle. Let me say no to everything is not on that list, but I want to pile on business coach Kelly’s question too for you guys and how should you make sure that your f six goals are in alignment with your big goal?

Yeah, I mean does it just examples? If I was a single person, my goals would be very different than if I was a married person, so that that’s just an example. So my wife and I are always meeting about our big goal and I’m just, I’m just. Maybe this is not the positive motivational marital counseling that anybody wanted out there, but there are many times, like example, my wife has said I would like to travel to the beach. So I, as I’ve talked about in previous podcasts, say, you know what, I want to go to the beach. I’m going to a beach, but I don’t like the beach and I never have like the beach and I would prefer to have never seen the beach. I’m happy to be here. I’m not a big beach guy, but my wife would like to go. So recently I’ve discovered that there’s a place called the gathering place in Tulsa, which I would never go to ever my entire life. I would have no curiosity to see it, but it’s like think we should go to the gathering place and I’m going to go. So I you, you just gotTa if you’re married, you got to sit down with the spouse figuring out that big goal because if you’re not careful, they’re different. And so I had 2006. My goal sounds so dumb. Oh, it sounds so dumb. It was so awesome for me. Was to dj every night of the year.

Focus so dumb. I never spoke to anybody about it and I almost pulled it off and like 260 during visit told me to take the 60 shows in one year and I thought, Oh man, I almost did it. So I just kept trying to like. I mean weird events do because it’s hard to get a gig on new year’s. Eve is easy, but new year’s Day, that’s tough. Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, believe it or not, there’s enough events. It’s pretty easy to Christmas Day though. Through like you’re a sick freak. Yeah, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving is a lot. I just loved it. You know what I’m saying? So I’m like, what about Bob of business? Baby steps, baby steps. But again, you just gotta sit down and ask. You got to sit down and ask the tough questions. He, where are we going? Where are we going? How are we going to get there? How are we going to get there? And then figured out the, the, the daily goal to get you there. Kelly, does that help you

appreciate it.

Now you got to see her. Uh, you. Could you maybe, uh, being on the show today, you’ve thought to yourself that is so disturbing. I have another question or maybe maybe we’ve ramped up all the questions. You have an opportunity here. Do you have any other hot and fresh paint us into a corner business or an and slash or life optimization questions?

I will, as soon as we get off.

That’s how. That’s how it works at the doctor’s office. You’re like, oh, I should’ve asked you about that. I actually feel great, doc. Hey Doc,

you forgot your wallet.

Well, Kelly, we appreciate you being on the show today. We will put a link on the show notes to your website. We shred on You have the attention of the thrive nation. What is we shred on

If you want to get some paper shredded

by the master. Now you’ve worked with Marshall as a coach here for about how long? Roughly? About how long ago was it? Two days. Two years.

I think we’re coming up on about seven, eight months. Something like that.

What has that experience been like working with, uh, a man who is so tall? So proportion. What’s it like working with Marshall?

It’s hard because it’s, I get distracted. I, I quit looking at the screen and I started looking at him and

the jawline

back on the screen. It’s really weird, but, um, no, he is fantastic. He’s been patient with me. I’ve had my own business since 2005 and, and so I’ve got a lot of habits that I’ve got a break to get this where we need to be yet. So he is patiently with a hammer. I’m waiting on me every week to uh, to, to bash my fingers in whenever I don’t follow through because I’ll fall back into an old habit. And um, so he, he is really keeping on me and, and, uh, helping us, uh, get on the track that we need to be on and that, that, uh, so it’s, it’s been awesome to work with him.

Are you now a top in Google for the term? Maybe tell us the shredders. Are you in, are you topping google?

We are.

So let’s just reading

between two, between two and one.

Okay. So you’re now on page one of Google. What other ways has the thrive time show team helped you to grow your business and those past seven months

being like, the biggest thing that it did for me was just the processes on the backside, um, knowing where my money’s going, knowing what my numbers are, um, because I’ve, I’ve, I’ve always just been a really good operator and flew by the seat of my pants on the backside of it. So, um, it’s been awesome to see the numbers and, and watch our growth every month. Now, whatever first started with you guys, that was with Marshall. It was, I don’t really know what we’re doing now to be able to see it every month and you get excited about it whenever you see it. And so it’s, I’ve gotten a lot more fire in me again and, and uh, getting excited about doing, being a business owner again because I was starting to get a little bit overwhelming

as far as the percentage. I’m not looking for a dollar amount, but as far as the percentage, how have you grown? Grown since working with Marshall?

We’re right at about seven percent right now. Almost eight percent.

Okay. So now, just so we’re clear, if you’re out there listening, the GDP right now, the average growth rate of the American businesses, about three percent. And what happens is you’ve got to lay the foundation for success. I mean you’re in a situation where you’re having to build the workflows and the systems and so if you kept seven percent going z twice, that’s like a 12 to 14 percent growth, which is somebody out there says that somehow some other might say, wow, that’s five times faster than national economy. Somebody else might say I want to grow by 90 percent one year, but I mean it’s a realistic growth and you’re just now starting to get that framework to z. it’s exciting once the foundation’s laid baby, it’s exciting. Kelly, how long have you been working with the thrive team?

About eight months, but we haven’t even started doing any of the advertising, like we’ve literally just done google and that’s it. I’m at seven percent and like we just started advertising like paying to advertise on Google adwords last month.

Funny that you have learned from the thrive team.

The biggest thing. There’s so many, but probably my, one of my favorite things is the, the upbeat attitude and I guess it would be rewarding employees for their good behavior and showing them gratitude and, and the way that whenever you come into the office and somebody closes a deal, it’s a celebration. And so getting that momentum once a week when I come in there and then bring, try getting that to my office and bringing it into my workplace, um, has been probably one of the best things for, for me.

That’s awesome.

The funniest thing.

Hey Kelly, I had one more question for you here. What offer are you, do you have out there for anyone in Tulsa or Oklahoma City that might be listening and wants to go to? We shred

Um, if you, uh, follow links, click on it, fill up your information. Um, we have the first time services a dollar and we also do a on time guarantee or it’s free

dollar on time guarantee or it’s free, a dollar and on time guarantee or it’s free. That’s we shred on site. That’s Kelly. Take her being on the show. And as always, guys, let’s wrap it up with a business coach boom. Here we go. Three, two, one. Boom.


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