How to 3X Your Sales Leads in 4 Months | The Search Engine Domination Conversation

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Looking to generate more sales leads? Learn how to increase your sales leads by 3X in just 4 months. Breaking down the Stephanie Pipkin Black River Falls story.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Vision without execution is hallucination – Thomas Edison

Watch – Knowledge – 

4 Variables that Influence Google Rank

  1. Canonical Compliance
    1. DEFINITION – Canonical – Established guidelines or rules
    2. Your website must follow Google’s standards and rules
    3. Google Search – Joplin Gyms –
    4. Get the Search Engine Compliance Checklist – 
  2. Mobile Compliance
  3. Most Reviews
    1. Chosen – Yung Knowledge –
  4. Most HTML Content
    1. Add more content than your competitors about your subject
    2. Justin Bieber – Intentions Official Video –


V – Video content

I – Add Images to your Google Map and website

S – Add Search Engine Content to your website

M – More reviews, subscriptions, etc.

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